i really really like nepeta


Here are some from some older upd8s, and here are a bunch of sprites from the newer ones!

Hopefully we won’t be getting any more cat sprites.

Credits to Feastings, of course.

A Realization About Davepetasprite^2

Someone’s probably already made a post about this, but whatever.

As we already know, the words in the Pesterchum handles of the kids and trolls start with A, C, G and T (adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine). As with everything in Homestuck, these minor details, whether by coincidence or not, often figure into the relationships between the characters. The newest sprite is no exception to these shenanigans.

Dave’s Pesterchum handle: turntechGodhead

Nepeta’s Pesterchum handle: arsenicCatnip

Adenine bonds well with thymine, and cytosine bonds well with guanine. Davepetasprite^2 seems to be a remarkably stable sprite, and will probably be a key figure in defeating Lord English.

arsenicCatnip and turntechGodhead bonded surprisingly well, didn’t they?


So I did one of those Hunger Games simulator things and I just really liked these bits :3c

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Okay so I am just sort of sick of Gamzee getting the bad end of the stick because of recent upd8s past. Bluh I don’t want to rant but it all aggravates me because now Gamzee is the butt of the jokes and abuse Eridan’s character used to, and probably still if we’re being honest here, get.

STOP REPEATING THE THINGS GAMZEE DID. Yeah, he did bad, shoving it everyone’s faces isn’t gonna change. Instead hope for some REDEMPTION for this troll. Cuz he’s a great character and I love him and I want to SEE him get better.

bluh semi rant over, sorry about that.


a whole lot of photos i take just dont fit anywhere, so i send them to the island of misfit photos, where not-quite-perfect photos go to live

anyway, heres a batch of misfits! (can you tell how much i like that purple sweater?)

(97) After being Fefetasprite, Feferi and Nepeta started having pale feelings for each other, but Nepeta was still pink for Equius. After they both talked with Equius in dream bubbles, and after Feferi admitting that she had a pale crush on him awhile back, the three of them decided to have a poly moirailaligience. The three of them are the happiest moirails in Paradox Space.