i really really like nepeta

erinepsprite (eripetasprite?) for an old OwO ask that I accidentally deleted… I hope whoever requested it sees this eventually!

Also consider:

OwwO their typing qwwuirk wwould be atwwocious 

Decided to post this on its own after all!!

Originally I just wanted to doodle Nepeta, but then I forgot her horns and just made it humanstuck!

hello naughty children it’s time for murder

anyways if you haven’t checked out welcome to hell you totally should! just be mindful that there’s #murder and #suicide involved! the production blog for the film is here!

anonymous asked:

your sotW alternate ending reminds me of X Men Days Of Future :D

oh my god




Hey, once a cat catches you, there’s only one way for it to go right? Plus she’s a professional hunter. There’s no escaping what comes next.

Commission part 1 for @meddwynn


PART 3 (gore warning)

commission info!