i really really like hair flips

your fave is problematic: moana


A few things to keep in mind as an Army:

-The boys are all extremely excited about these new songs, so they would appreciate your full support of their hard work.

-THE BOYS THEMSELVES CHOOSE WHO GETS LINES. Mostly, anyway. Stop getting angry with maknae line for getting more lines than Hoseok (or targeting Jungkook specifically, bc he already was catching shit for getting a lot of lines even before this comeback). Those boys love each other so much. Do you really think they would make it a situation of “stealing lines”? Do you really think Jeon Jungkook would flip his hair and say “Yes I think I deserve these lines because I’m the best one here”? They probably thought long and hard about line distribution and had a good reason for deciding on Hoseok not having any lines. For all we know, Hoseok could have felt like his voice didn’t fit the song as well as the others. They could have not had a choice. WE DONT KNOW AND WE NEVER WILL SO JUST BE MATURE AND WORK THROUGH YOUR DISAPPOINTMENT RESPECTFULLY.

-THIS IS NOT TO SAY BEING DISAPPOINTED WITH HOSEOK’S LACK OF LINES IS BAD OR INVALID. If you’re disappointed, that’s fine. But BE MATURE and stop bashing the others who had more lines than him. It’s rude and immature and probably causes tension between the members, just as much if not MORE than reading all the gross and sexual comments on their YouTube and twitter updates.

-I think a lot of people forget that Jungkook is actually the main vocalist and therefore it makes sense for him to have a larger portion of lines.

-I know it’s weird to think, but Bangtan is literally made up of grown men. Yes they’re young adults, but they’re adults nonetheless. They know better than anyone what goes into their job, and they can sort through it with the support of each other and the support (not hissy fits and rage filled messages) from Army. They’re stronger than many of us give them credit for.

-There is no “Hyung line” and “Maknae line”. There is so division between those boys other than the fact that hyung line is older. Stop working so hard to make inter-fandom-warfare a thing. We have enough fandoms against us as is. Be mature and realize that Bangtan is a GROUP of seven INDIVIDUALS that deserve respect. All. seven. of them. Deserve. Respect.

-Bangtan Sonyeondan is allowed to explore music styles. Having a different sound that they did when they debuted is a GOOD THING. It means that they’re growing as people and artists. They have more creative control with their music than they did then, which means they’re working together to make it fit their personal tastes.

-Spreading negativity isn’t the way to bring justice to something you think is an issue. To the boys, if they dug around and read comments (which we know they do), it more than likely seems as if a large portion of Army aren’t enjoying the comeback because of one reason or another because of all the negativity being spread. The truth of the matter is: IT DOESNT MATTER HOW GOOD YOUR INTENTIONS ARE IF YOURE HURTING SOMEONE ELSE IN THE PROCESS. Whether it be another Army or one of the boys.

-You don’t have to love all of their music. You don’t have to love every concept or music video. And you don’t have to know every single detail about them to be a “true Army”. What makes you a true Army is respecting ALL SEVEN of those boys and all of their decisions. Musical or personal.

  • I’m the one who taught you how to love. 
  • No need for goodbye. I’ll see you on the flip side.
  • Do you like who I am or do you miss who I was?
  • I’m the only non bitter person at this bitter ball.
  • Cold, manipulative, good hair. You really are my daughter.
  • How’s my dress? It screams safe and predictable. Am I right? Or am I right?
  • I don’t deserve to be loved.
  • Great. Then my work here is done
  • God, you’re hot… now go away.
  • I couldn’t miss it. You really are hot in a suit. I would love to just… 
  • I know not to pet one. 
  • No rules,____. Don’t you remember? No rules. 
  • Yeah… based on your choice in women, I’d say otherwise. 
  • Stop. I already know the question and it’s answer…
  • We’re gonna have so much fun together. 
  • I win, what`s my prize? 
  • You hate me, huh? That sounds like the beginning of a love story, ____, not the end of one.
  • The truth is I`ve never loved you
  • You loved me once, you can love me again
  • Why did you keep this picture?
  • Love, hate, such a fine line. I can wait
  • I guess you don’t hate me as much as you thought you did.
  • I will kill everyone that she loves, while she watches, and then I will kill her while you watch.
  • I love you, ____. We will be together again. I promise.
  • Do you honestly believe that I don`t have a plan B? And if that fails a plan C and a plan D. You know how the alphabet works don`t you. 
  • I will always look out for myself. If you`re smart, you`ll do the same
  • Better you die than I
  • Don`t be such a grump. We`re here together. We might as well make the best out of it. 
  • You can hate me, but we both want the same thing. And you know..I always get what I want. 
  • If it’s any consolation, I’m glad you’re not dead.
  • I don’t know. You kidnapped me remember, I’m kind of out of the loop.
  • Life is too cruel. If we cease to believe in love, why would you want to live? 

anonymous asked:

I just watched the trouble finds you music video and it was close to terrible. The lip syncing didn't line up with the song, it was over filtered (as well as Juliet's voice, I could barely understand her unless I closely listened). It was really just a few minutes of her walking around, flipping her hair and constantly zooming in on her face. It looked like a video that you make in highschool for a project. The song was boring, there wasn't a big climax and it sounded like she was straining.

Yeah, it was really shitty. I like music videos that go along with the song/tell a story, not just someone looking off into the distance and singing. -N

okay but imagine one day in the hall of fire erestor is singing the tale of the fall of gondolin or something

and he gets to the part where the Great Hero glorfindel kills the balrog

and everyone is all enthralled and just really into this Epic Tale of Woe (unlike every other Epic of Tale of Woe)

except for this one elf in the back who is correcting Every Single Thing that erestor is saying

and finally erestor gets really fed up and he’s just like “excuse you which one of us the loremaster?”

and the stranger is just like “whatever loremasters don’t know everything. it’s not like you were there.” *the most dramatic of hair flips*

and erestor rolls his eyes and does elrond’s Eyebrow Thing ™ and he’s like “and i suppose you were there, weren’t you?”

and the stranger is just like ‘yep’

and that’s how glorfindel and erestor meet

Shit that has been said on my exchange starters!
  • "Bitch cuddle me."<br>
  • "No peace treaties, you stole our land!"<br>
  • "This isn't even <b>your</b> land, you came from _!"<br>
  • "Wow, I am really white."<br>
  • "Cuddle puddle!"<br>
  • "Oh my god, I'm the oldest here."<br>
  • "Fucking straight people."<br>
  • "I'm not long enough for this."<br>
  • "You look like an NPC in every picture."<br>
  • "Do you need a painkiller?"<br>
  • "Can I braid your hair?"<br>
  • "I didn't even know you had boobs until today, oh my god."<br>
  • "We all flipped off a statute of a racist, it was great."<br>
  • "Nooooo."<br>
  • "Dew it."<br>
  • "I don't think I've ever heard you swear."<br>
  • "You're so little."<br>
  • "In case you couldn't tell, we're <i>obviously</i> identical quadruplets."<br>
  • "Wow we really don't have any boundaries left."<br>
  • "Hey cousin!"<br>
  • "Mleeeeeh!"<br>
  • "Blip blip blip."<br>
  • "I miss my cat and her little smush beans."<br>
  • "I wish I got along with my brother/sister/sibling as much as you get along with your brother/sister/sibling."<br>
  • "Hey sib."<br>
  • "I swear, I can not stress this enough, I'm the older one. I came first, okay, we got that out of the way?"<br>
  • "I mean, we could date, but when it came time to have sex we'd just take our pants off and scream in confusion."<br>
  • "I think you should buy it."<br>
  • "How to bond: pick up snow, throw snow, repeat until friends."<br>
  • "God fucking damn it I got snow in my motherfucking boots."<br>
  • "What pronouns do you use?"<br>
  • "Is that a doll on your phone?"<br>
  • "You're pretty adult androgynous, I'm just thirteen year old boy androgynous."<br>
  • "We need to have a longer, more complicated handshake then them. It needs to be at least two minutes long, but no longer then ten."<br>
  • "Dude pod squad!"<br>
  • "That thing about one in every ten people being gay is a lie, cause there's only two of us for the thirty other people here."<br>
  • "I'm going to carry you everywhere, this is a thing now."<br>
  • "You weigh like, nothing."<br>
  • "I was gonna draw something from Star Wars but, I like dragons a little more so."

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Yo, in one of your earlier asks you answered someones question on if the s/o was afraid of needles which 2ps would avoid using them and which would like teasing them but would stop before it webt too far. For the 2ps that would tease them what would happen (what would they do) if one day they took it to far and their s/o had a really bad panic attack? I really hope this made sense, sorry if it didn't. I flipping love this blog~

(Thank you, my dear!)

They would all feel extremely quilty. They were just teasing them. They didn’t mean to actually make them panic. They would quickly hug them, run their fingers through their hair, and do anything it takes to calm them down.

They would kiss their lips gently and whisper sweet things in their ear until they calm down, and once they do. They would all definitely apologise. They would never do anything purposefully to hurt them after all.

lamce  asked:

Name: bryce
Gender: trans male
Height: 5'7
Orientation: pan
Age: 17
Eye Color: Blue/Gray
Hair Color: dyed black
Smoking?: idc
Drinking?: idc
Drugs?: idc
Job: not rn
Favorite Color: idk rn
Favorite Band: say anything
Siblings: 5
Tattoos?: i would like some
Favorite Book?: flipped
Perfect Date: what's a date again
Hobbies: drawing and talking and having fun p much!
Why should I pick you?: u don't gotta im doing this to try and make a friend
Why do you even want to date me?: can we be friends

heckie hell yeah we can be friends dude! and this is @ anyone you can send me messages any time im just really awkward lol

you sound really pretty btw? ive always wanted to dye my hair black but i m nea,,, everyone already calls me emo i dont need to further prove it lOL you probably work the black hair tho also those eyes sound gorgeous im jealous

i hav no diea wha a date is halp but drawing and making bad jokes is what i do best

AU: Between The Flowers [REQUEST]

I’ve never written an AU scenario before so I’m not entirely sure how this went but I really hope people like it! I really liked writing it :D Please and thank you!

I left the sex to be assumed to keep it clean for the little ones on here!

Jade xo

Take a deep breath, you told yourself reassuringly, closing your eyes and trying to calm your heartbeat to a steadier pace. “Just go in there and give the man his tea,” you muttered under your breath, exhaling loudly and flipping a couple of loose strands of hair out of your face. Mustering up all the courage you had, you smoothed your apron down and picked up the tray of tea, carrying it up the stairs to the prince’s room.

“Come in,” a loud voice called out after you knocked timidly on the door. For a moment you paused, surprised he even heard the faint knock you made. But quickly you pulled yourself and stepped inside, bowing low immediately.

It was instantly hard not to look straight at the prince, to soak in his attractive face and handsome features. He was sat in one of his armchairs with a book in his hands. Upon your entrance, he looked up, his brown eyes meeting your own, and gave you a little smile before gesturing to the table beside him.

Remembering your place, you unfroze your legs and headed to the table, placing the tray down slowly and then standing up straight with your hands nervously gripped behind your back. “Would you like me to pour it for you, Your Highness?” you asked, hoping he wouldn’t notice to tiny cracks in your voice.

“Yes please,” he replied politely without looking up from his book.

You tried your best to focus simply on making the tea but the handsome prince kept breaking into your field of vision - his long slender fingers peeling the pages apart as he continued to read, oblivious to how nervous he was making you. He was so distracting, you worried that you had messed up the tea.

“Anything else for you, Your Highness?” you asked, presenting the tea on a saucer and then standing up straight up again with your hands behind your back.

The prince paused in his reading and looked up at you, before taking the tea and sipping it slowly. His face lit up brightly. “This is amazing tea,” he exclaimed with surprise, taking another sip. “That will be all thank you.”

You bowed once again to him and then quickly left the room. As soon as you were out and the door was completely shut, you jumped up and down in the air and spun around in circles before sprinting along the halls and down the stairs to the servants’ living quarters where you found your bed and threw yourself in it, squealing in embarrassment and excitement.

Your favourite part of the palace was the gardens, fields upon fields of flowers that were like natural mazes. It was so easy to lose yourself within them, succumbing to the beautiful colours and delicious scents as they surrounded you. Whenever you had a spare half an hour you liked to go into the gardens and hide amongst the flowers, sitting in the grass where you could be alone with your thoughts.

The prince was greeting guests with the queen so the head of house had given you the afternoon off. As soon as she had said the words, you were out of the kitchen and heading straight for the gardens. You had been serving the prince for a month and a little bit of alone time was exactly what you needed right now after all the mixed feelings he made you feel. Maybe amongst the flowers you could figure out what the hell was going on with yourself.

You weaved your way through the multitude of different coloured tulips to the very centre of the flower bed, falling down onto the grass and lying on your back with your face in the sun. It didn’t seem so bad being the prince’s personal maid when you got to experience moments like these. You closed your eyes and started humming a nameless tune while you let your mind drift off into a whole other world - one where the prince wasn’t a prince and you weren’t his maid.

“Are you ok there Miss?” someone asked, pulling you out of your daydreaming rather abruptly. You opened your eyes and was about to snap at them for interrupting when you realised it was actually the prince himself, looking down at you curiously.

Flustered at the sudden sight, you quickly jumped to your feet and smoothed down your uniform, ducking your head to hide the burn of your cheeks. “I’m so sorry, Your Highness,” you exclaimed with a deep bow, feeling the heat continue to rise to your cheeks. “I didn’t realise your duties with your mother were over. Would you like me to get you anything, Your Highness?”

“No thank you,” he replied politely with a smile. Then he moved to sit down. “Please sit down with me.” It didn’t seem like an order but he didn’t ask either. Still you felt inclined to do as he said, following his instructions and slowly kneeling on the grass, your gaze fixed on the floor as you waited for him to say something.

He cleared his throat and loosened the tie around his neck, drawing your attention to the black suit he was wearing. It made him look very handsome, to the point where you were gulping past the lump in your throat. Why could the prince make you feel like this? It wasn’t right.

“I have a request,” he said, loosening the tie completely so he could pull it off. “When we are alone, I don’t want you to constantly refer to me as ‘Your Highness’,” he explained, stuffing the tie in his pocket and undoing the top button of his shirt.

You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and looked up at him. “What would you like me to call you then sir?” you asked cautiously, not wanting to break protocol. You were already doing so much more in your daydreams.

He flashed a cheesy chin. “Just Kyungsoo,” he answered plainly, his name making your heart skip a beat.

“Kyungsoo,” you tested out slowly, almost waiting for him to snap back at you for being so impolite. Instead he just smiled wider, his shoulders relaxing back. “It may take some getting used to but I’ll try sir. I mean Kyungsoo.”

The prince laughed freely, throwing his head back at the sky as his laugh echoed through the tulips. It was the first time you had actually heard him laugh like that – not forced but bright and alive. He seemed to be at ease, with the sun beaming down on him and his usual spotless image scuffed up. It wasn’t something you were used to seeing, but it made you like him even more.

“Is everything ok?” you blurted out carelessly, completely forgetting your place and immediately wishing you could suck the words back in.

The majority of you thought he was going to shout at you for addressing him so casually but instead he just pulled his elbows out from underneath himself and flopped straight onto the grass. “Everything is perfect, as long as you forget about the part where I have to get married next month to a woman I’ve not seen since I was five years old,” Kyungsoo grumbled almost under his breath quite aggressively. You held your breath, not wanting to say anything to make him snap. “I mean I knew my mother would have some say in who I married but I didn’t think it would be like this. I thought I’d fall in love unexpectedly and have to convince her but instead she’s signing me up for marriage to someone I barely know.” He didn’t seem angry, more frustrated as he ripped a handful of grass up and threw it forcefully into the air.

You froze, unsure of what to say. You agreed with him, marriage should be about love and should be shared with someone who loves you. At the same time, he was a prince and the rules of the monarchy were beyond your understanding.

He sat up and ran a hand through his hair. “I apologise for offloading on you. I disturbed your peaceful time too, I’m so sorry,” he said, giving you a warm smile as he got to his feet and brushed off his trousers.

“I didn’t mind Kyungsoo,” you said quickly, scurrying to get to your feet. The prince’s hand hooked under your elbow and helped you to your feet. “Thank you,” you murmured awkwardly, bowing to him.

Kyungsoo looked like he wanted to move closer to you, his mind racing with thoughts that showed so easily on his face. You inhaled swiftly and held your breath, not sure what to do.

All of a sudden, the queen herself came hurrying up the garden path calling out for her son, holding onto her long skirts as she steered herself straight towards you and Kyungsoo, a trail of maids like yourself trailing after her. Her intimidating appearance made you step back away from the prince, gulping hard and smoothing down your uniform. Looking up, you saw Kyungsoo doing the exact same thing, smoothing his shirt front and nervously running his hands through his hair. At least you weren’t the only one unnerved by the queen.

As she approached, both you and the prince bowed simultaneously. “Your Majesty,” you murmured softly, pulling your eyes to the floor as you came up from the bow.

Kyungsoo greeted his mother too and then surprisingly turned to you. “Could you go and prepare tea in my office?” he asked politely, giving you a little smile out of the corner of his mouth. “I’ll be up shortly.”

You nodded your head and bowed once again. “Your Highness, Your Majesty.” Backing away, you bowed once more for good measure and then turned on your heels to head back to the palace.

As you walked away, you couldn’t help but hear the beginning of their conversation. “I don’t want to marry her,” Kyungsoo argued quickly, not giving his mother a second to breathe before he launched into his argument which slowly faded out as you walked further away.

“I’m not going to marry….”

“Heir to one of the biggest empires in the world and yet he can’t put his dirty underwear in a laundry hamper,” you muttered quietly to yourself as you scooped up yet another pair of the prince’s underwear and threw it expertly into the basket in the corner of the walk-in wardrobe. “God help this country!”

As you hung up the prince’s dry cleaning, you thought back on your months at the palace. After your conversation amongst the tulips, you had become more at ease with the prince, no longer a nervous, stuttering wreck in front of him. Whenever the pair of you were alone, he would ask about your day, wanting to know about your family and your childhood and what it was like to grow up as a normal person. You answered as best as you could and in turn interrogated him on what it was like to grow up in the palace. When Kyungsoo became most alive was when he was talking about the trips he would go on with his father – every opportunity he had to leave the palace used to make him so excited. It still did.

Although you could never admit it to anyone, you had become very close with prince, sharing things about yourself that no one else knew. All the time spent with him didn’t help the raging crush you had, especially when he showed you the gentle side to himself. But you were still very far from the delusion that Kyungsoo could actually fall for you.

You were hanging up one of the prince’s shirts when a loud commotion caught your attention. Peeking outside the wardrobe, you watched two guards escorting a very drunk Kyungsoo to his bed. He tried to push them off him but in the process, lost his balance and fell onto the bed, losing himself in the mountain of pillows.

“Your Highness, what happened?” you gushed, hurrying to the bed while the guards quietly left the room. Removing some of the cushions, you found the prince’s face and frowned at his toothy grin. Yep, he was very drunk. “Your Highness, do you want me to get you anything?”

He aggressively threw a pillow in your direction. “Don’t call me that!” he exclaimed loudly, his hands reaching for another cushion.

You stopped him, holding onto his wrists tightly. “I’m sorry,” you quickly apologised, tilting your head down automatically. “Do you need me to get you anything Kyungsoo?” you asked slowly, hoping he soil lash out.

“A new life?” he retorted, sounding slightly in despair.

“Excuse me?”

The prince sat bolt upright, twisting his wrists so he was the one holding your wrists too. “I want to be with someone I love; not the horrible witch dancing downstairs,” he sighed softly, tugging on your wrists so you were sat next to him on the bed. “I don’t want to be king if it means lying to the entire world about who I love. It’s not fair for anyone, especially you.”

“Why me?” you said, looking up at his brown eyes to see a serious look in his eye.

In an instant, his lips were on yours, his nose brushing against yours with the gentlest of touches. The kiss was so soft but it had every nerve ending tingling across your body. His hands let go of your arms and moved up them, curving round your shoulders and knotting his fingertips in the hair at the top of your neck. Your lips were pushed harder onto his and it was then you knew you should have stopped. But you couldn’t. It was completely wrong and probably treason or something that could cause you to lose your head.

But he felt so good, his body knowing how to treat yours perfectly. It was pure bliss.

In the end, your morals won and you regretfully pulled away. “This isn’t right Kyungsoo. This can’t happen,” you told him, trying to back away and give you both some space.

“Tell me one good reason why not,” he said, his words slurring together drunkenly.

You fought the urge to roll your eyes and leaned back towards the headboard, away from him. “Oh I don’t know, perhaps because you’re a prince and I’m a maid.”

“You look like a princess to me,” he replied seriously, moving forward which forced you back to the point where you were lying on his bed. “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. When I saw you between the flowers that day, it was like seeing a beautiful flower rise above the rest. You took my breath away and I thanked every god in the world that you got to be by my side every day.”

“Yes but as your maid. Whatever illusion the alcohol has casted doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m nothing in comparison to you,” you exclaimed, trying not to raise your voice so any guards wouldn’t come rushing in. “I’m not a princess, or someone of nobility or power.”

He moved so fast, climbing up onto the bed and hovering over you, his hands placed on either side of you. “And yet I fell in love with you,” he whispered, lowering himself so your noses were mere centimetres apart. “Don’t give up on us before we’ve even started.”

“You won’t give up, will you?” you asked, knowing the answer already as you looked up at his beautiful face and scowled.

Uncharacteristically he smirked down at you, letting one of his fingers trail down the side of your face. At his touch, your frown fell away. “I’m a prince. I’m used to getting what I want.” And in a flash, he had rolled you further into the bed, kissing every part of your body he could get his hands on.

That night he treated you like a princess and for a blissful second, you believed you were one.

Want more? Here is PART TWO … and PART THREE!


my headcannon for akoya is that he acts really sweet and kind but in reality he is really rude. Like a girl would be about to trip and fall on her face and he would catch her and be like “oh wow be careful i wouldnt want you to hurt that pretty face of yours” and she would swoon but then he would be like “sike!” and drop her and let her fall to the ground and he would get up and sashay away and flip his hair sassily because their can only be one pretty bitch in town and its him.


Foxy is in the midst of passing a kidney stone today - so I was on errand duty. honestly I didn’t care much about what I was wearing, I just wanted to be comfortable for walking around a bunch.  these shorts are chub rub proof and I love them so very dearly.  I also flipped my hair to part it on the other side of my face and I really like the way it looks.  since chopping off my hair I was really favoring the left side of my face a lot more than the right and this is helping for me to love both sides :p

sweater ~ torrid (4)
shorts ~ allihalla via etsy (custom size)

One of my favorite things happened to me today. So I was walking, and I saw a really cute girl. So naturally I started flirt walking, like trying really hard to be cute and stuff. She was looking at me, flipped her hair, and also started flirt walking. We made eye contact and smiled at each other. Your boy didn’t say a word to her because he’s shyer than Bigfoot, but it was really cute and a nice way to start my day.

My conversation with my english teacher today
  • Teacher: Hey Laura! How are you? You look tired
  • Me: yes i am bc i've been studying a lot to my exams in the next days but Taylor liked on Frieday!
  • Teacher: what did she like?
  • Me: my pic *picks up the phone and shows it to her*
  • Teacher: wow that's so cool!
  • Me: ikr! I died and she also follows me
  • Teacher: really!? And i can imagine bc you're such a big fan
  • Me: no i'm not, i'm a huge fan
  • Teacher: yes you are! And i also read the letter she wrote to Apple
  • Me: that's my baby and i'm really proud *flips my hair and tear up*

“Honestly what really happened?–’Cause she came to me crying one day and J never comes to me for anything.”
“Dude it was was weird.. I don’t know.”
“One minute I was brushing her hair and the next her brother–I mean–Your brother.. he kinda flipped on me.”
“Uhh yah. He told me to stay away from her and yah know–I’m not gonna argue that so here I am.”
“Wes, baby. No.”
“You sweet child–You actually listened to that?”
“Ahhh.. what was I supposed to do?”
“Look my brother is a dick, yes, but that doesn’t mean you’re suppose to just pussy out of a situation. Wow.”
“You care about her, no?”
“Yah I really do.. I miss her but–”
“Honestly ‘Nix–She’s in love with me.”
“and I–I just don’t know what to say to that at all.”
“Yeah she mentioned that–But are you really gonna ruin an entire friendship.. or whatever you guys have because you’re afraid to communicate?”
“She’s a big girl, Wes–I think she’d survive.”
“Just don’t be a shitty person.”

Is it me?

Once again thank you to the amazing kmichelletho for checking this for me. I think I’ll probably do a part 2 as soon as I get the chance. This fanfic thing is really challenging me so I really hope you like my writing. I hope this is what you wanted anon! Love you all xx

Prompt: Zendaya listening to her album with Val for the first time and Val asking if some of the songs are about him…

‘Hmmm. Not bad’ Val said with a teasing look in his eyes.

'Shut up’ Zendaya replied playfully, shoving his arm.

'Nah I’m kidding’ Val replied, leaning in to kiss her cheek. 'They’re really good songs, I think your fans are going to love them’

'Thank you. That’s means a lot.’ Zendaya replied, flipping her hair, causing Val to laugh.

Zendaya and Val were sitting next to each other in her new home studio, listening to some of Zendaya’s new songs. Val had to admit, Zendaya was definitely pushing herself from her first album and it seemed to be working really well.

'So, did you have anyone in mind when recording your songs?’ Val asked with a smirk on his face.

'What makes you think that?’ Zendaya replied, not looking directly at him.

'I dunno, your voice has a lot of emotion in it when you sing, you must be thinking about something or someone’ Val asked, slowly grabbing her hands.

Zendaya looked up to see Val’s eyes staring closely at her. They were intense but they also had a sweet, loving look about them.

'Maybe I was.’ Zendaya replied, whilst intertwining their hands together.

'Would you like to tell me who that very lucky person is?’ Val asked, pulling her closer.

'What if I said no?’ Zendaya replied, biting her lip.

'What if I said no wasn’t an option?’ Val replied, pulling her even closer.

'Well then I guess we have a problem.’ Zendaya replied flirtatiously, not wanting to give up. 'Why don’t you guess?’ Zendaya asked him.

Val looked at her with a sparkle in his eye.

'I think it’s me’ Val whispered to her, pulling her even closer to him. Their lips were inches away from each other and Zendaya could feel her heart racing.

Before Zendaya knew what she was doing, she kissed Val gently. The kiss was short and sweet but sparks flew and both Zendaya and Val knew it.

’ I’ll take that as a yes shall I?’ Val said into her lips.

’ Yeah, I think you should,’ Zendaya replied, kissing his cheek.

'I guess we need to talk’ Val whispered in to her ear.

’ I guess we do’ Zendaya smiled at him…..