i really really like beer ok


Ok so no.1: that fight was surprisingly good and McGregor did really well. no.2: I went with mama to a beer festival in town this afternoon and right when we got there we very quickly learned my dress was basically see thru in the direct sunlight. So I had to emergency run back out but I found a dress and it was this one and it was cheap but really cute and vintagey looking. When life gives you lemons or something like that.

Taeyong Dating a Mexican Girl

•this is going to be really awkward and cute •your niño actually would LOVE when you talk in Spanish •even he doesn’t get it what you say •he thinks you look sexy but you’re mentandole la madre y no sabe jejejej •I see him tasting like every typical Mexican food (even the street food, those tacos from la esquina o con todo y cuerito) •that means that se chinga hotdogs del Oxxo con todo y tifoidea lololol •likes to drink agua de tamarindo, loves tamarindo in general ok •your mama thinks really handsome even he’s Asian (Mexican mamas are not used to Asian boys) •Showing his talents, like dancing bachata omgg •He’s in love with the pomada de la campana bc cures anything •drinking beer with your papá why not? He likes him •Not really the best one at his Spanish and try to do it in English •ended awkward and really shy •and wondering why Mexican are really loud… •ohhhh abuelita would feed him like there is no tomorrow bc he’s so skinny •and maybe he would gain a LOOOT of weight 💩(eating so many tortillas) •calling you Chiquita (in his pinche phone “mi Linda chiquita” ughhhhh jesus helpp •your sons are NCT dream ok, so that’s why you’re a lovely interracial couple, learning Spanish and Korean omg how cute (don’t forget English ppl)

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It’s ok if I can’t change the world.
I can read some books that I really like. Watch some movies that I really like. Go to places that I really like. Drink beer with friends that I really like.
Find a girl that I really like. Have some kids that we really like. Give them things that they really like.
I can’t make everyone happy, but I sure as hell can make me.

I see a bunch of posts saying if your asexuality or aromanticism is caused or influenced by trauma or mental illness or neurodiversity or something, it’s still valid.

I see a lot of posts saying asexuality isn’t something that needs to be cured, that a-spec people aren’t broken and don’t need to be fixed. That people are naturally born this way.

I also see a ton of posts telling everyone it’s ok if their labels change, that sexuality is fluid and identifying as something different before or after or now doesn’t invalidate the person’s orientation at any point. That if it’s useful for the person now, they can use it.

But I don’t see a lot of posts, actually basically none, that actually address the point where those things intersect.

If your asexuality or aromanticism is caused or influenced by something, your orientation is valid, and it doesn’t mean you couldn’t have been a-spec without it. Maybe you were born this way, maybe you were made this way, but no matter how you got here, you are still a wonderful valid person.

You are not broken if you do not feel you are.

It is also completely OK for you to feel like you are.

If you feel your orientation is something that is only temporary, because of mental illness or trauma, and you had labels you identified as before and want to identify as them again, you are so valid.

It is ok for you to think something broke and for you to want to repair or mend it. If you have a bowl because the top part of a clay vase broke, it’s ok to want a vase again. Kintsukuroi creates beautiful art out of broken pottery people mended.

It is also so ok for you to feel like some part of you is broken, and to want to let it remain that way. You don’t have to fix it. People make mosaics out of broken glass, and they are far more beautiful than the beer bottles they came from.

It’s also ok to not know how you feel about it. To feel like some days there is nothing wrong with you and other days to feel that part of you is just shattered shards of something else.

No matter what, you are valid and your experiences and feelings about your orientation are valid.

Do, Marry, Kill?

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“He is so cute! I would so totally do him.” You declared to the room.
“What? Who Sheldon?” Dean asked in shock, toeing you in your back.
“Really?” Sam also asked. Sam and Dean were sitting at the head of the bed while Cas and you reclined width wise on Sam’s king size bed. “Ok, ok” he laughed, “so (Y/N) who would you, ‘Do, Marry, Kill?’ out of these guys on the show.” Sam took a long draw from his beer.
“Well I would ‘Do’ Sheldon, ‘Marry’ Raj. Yeah, yeah, don’t give me that look Sammy.  I know he’s probably gay but I could live with that. Then I would ‘Kill’ Howard or Leonard; mmm…neither one of them do it for me.”

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Hello again! Do you know any fics AU - Canon divergent/Future!Fic where Derek is a teacher at a university or college and College Student!Stiles? I tried to search in your tags but coulnd find any. Of course, I found many AU!No Werewolves and such, but not in canon divergent... I think they're really nice, but I only read like 2 long time ago. It's okay if you can't find any, It's just that I don't know any other blog that helps people more than you XD Thank you!

I couldn’t find very many where everyone is still werewolves. Here’s what I found. - Anastasia

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Teacher’s Pet by thedoctorsnextcompanion13

(3/3 I 5,961 I Mature)

Stiles has pined for Derek since puberty, and finally decides to do something about it. He goes to college for automechanics and low and behold, who is his teacher? They cope with a student teacher relationship and the hardships that come with it.

117 Apt. 9 by orphan_account

(3/3 I 10,283 I Explicit)

There’s a boy sleeping on his couch. A boy who smells like beer and smoke and a million other unpleasant smells. Derek should really not be thinking about how attractive he is, he really really shouldn’t.

Or the one where Stiles drunkenly breaks into Scott’s apartment for a place to sleep, but counts wrong and ends up on Derek Hale’s couch.

Woof Woof 101: Introduction to Werewolves by AnneLawrence

(2/? i 15,566 I Mature)

Ok, this has to stop. Stiles had sat through another entire lecture without taking a single note. It wasn’t like he wasn’t paying attention. No. That was part of the problem. He needed to pay less attention. Less attention to the way Dr Hale’s t-shirt clung to his torso under that adorable tweed jacket-y thing he always seemed to wear, and more attention to what Dr Hale was saying.

House of Hale (School for Supernaturals) by ironmuffin

(7/? I 31,891 I Explicit I Rape)

“We had teachers teaching them but they couldn’t take it any longer and resigned,” Peter told him. Derek’s eyes widened, staring at his uncle in disbelief.

“You want me to handle a bunch of misfits on my first day? You gotta be kidding me!”

“They may be lacking in the sense of behavior but they have great abilities, Derek and they need someone like you to lead them”.

Where Derek finally said yes to Peter’s request to teach at the House of Hale, school for supernaturals which was founded by his late mother, Talia Hale.

“Get it Up”- Dean Ambrose

The Song: “Get it Up” By Mindless Self Indulgence

The Wrestler: Dean Ambrose (Of course)

From: My WWE Writing Prompt Challenge

Send me your requests!

Warning: Cheating, Smut, Swearing

“Bye, Seth. Feel free to call me when you feel like being less of a jerk!” I screamed as I got in the cab.
Seth and I had been dating for about 6 months now. He could really try my patience at times but we really liked each other for the most part. The Seth Rollins in the WWE and the Seth Rollins that I was dating were two different people. In the ring he was a slimey, sleezeball but with you he was a total sweetheart. I had even gotten close with his two best friends, Dean and Roman. So close, they were almost like brothers to me.
Seth and I had so much in common until we began talking politics. Sometimes he could even really be demeaning and rude. UGH! I’ve had it.
I looked down at my phone that was ringing. Dean. What does he want?

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Through the Looking Glass - Chapter 2

SPN FanFic

~Sam and Dean burst through your apartment door to save you from a nasty ghost attack. The amazing part is… Sam and Dean are characters on a TV show, so what the hell is going on?~

Reader, Dean, Sam (no pairings..yet?)

4,360 Words (oops!)

Warnings: Reader has a potty mouth. Death of a friend. Bit more Angst.

A/N: I’m totally digging this, I hope you are too! Reviews always loved and welcomed! Thanks for reading!

Go To: Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five - Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten -

Chapter Two- When You Go To The Bunker

So you ended up at a bar after all, and not with one guy but two. Two absolutely gorgeous guys that up until a few hours ago were merely figments of your imagination; fantasy men that you watched on TV almost every day. Characters portrayed by actors, spouting dialogue and backstory written by writers in some office building across the country. But here you were, sitting in a dark, dirty bar with Sam and Dean Winchester, having a beer and enjoying the hell out of it.

Every so often you had to take a moment and remind yourself that you were quite possibly dead and should enjoy this before it ended. You sat at a round table equidistant from both brothers, and you spent most of your time bouncing between them, staring intensely at each in turn.

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Barrel Aged Imperial Cherry Stout (Breckenridge)
Brewery : Breckenridge
Beer : Barrel Aged Imperial Cherry Stout
Style : Stout / Imperial Stout
Variance : Brewed with Sweet-Sour Montmorency Tart Cherries from Washington State and Aged in 50% Whiskey and 50% Port Wine Barrels

9 / 10

Ok, ok, ok, ok, I’ll admit it. Ever since selling to InBev I haven’t really sought out any of Breckenridge’s beers but now I just feel like a huge fucking asshole that I ever doubted them because this beer is killer. I really didn’t think it was possible to barrel age a beer especially in 2 separate barrels and still have it be smoother than Emma Robert’s butthole but somehow these guys pulled it off like a used condom. Unless some of you readers leave it on afterwards which makes you really friggin’ weird. A super silky chocolate covered cherry flavor starts things off with a very light alcohol flavor with more milk chocolate mixing in quickly after with a mix of sweetness and a slight tartness from the cherries before ending with a mix of whiskey and wine flavor with more of those chocolate covered cherries joining in to wrap things up. Breckenridge straight up knocked this one out of the park and regardless whatever your feelings might be about breweries that are purchased from the axis of evil, this is still 100% worth your time and is absolutely fucking delicious. If this is your first in the style consider yourself the luckiest bastard alive because this is an incredible intro into barrel aged beers and imperial stouts in general so make sure you pick this beauty in the Brewery Lane Series up ASAP. As for you members of the bastard drinking crew, get off of your fucking high horse and pick this up because it absolutely kicks ass.

Written by: Steve B.

im sorry

(written and submitted by: @mayoffnaise <3)

Chapter 1.

AN: Special fangz (get it, coz Im goffik) 2 my gf (ew not in that way) Lira, ackerchou666 4 helpin me wif da story and spelling. U rok! Justine ur da luv of my deprzzing life u rok 2! MCR ROX!


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3. Mother Hen

Had so many requests for protective Harry, who happens to be one of my favourites so here we go. Harry’s texts in bold, yours italicized. 


Today you had both been busy, therefore neither of you had had a chance to see each other before your night out tonight. You were spending time getting ready and Harry, well he was scratching about doing nothing, if he had a night off he ached to spend it with you and he normally did, not tonight though, apparently as you were with your friends. 

Where are you going tonight? Xx

XOYO, why? x

Harry had been to XOYO a couple of times, he knew the type of music and type of stuff that went on there, fuck it, he himself, once, had done the type of stuff that went on there. But you doing it scared him, any of it. 

Are you going to do drugs? Xx

Nah, Harry you know I won’t, the girls have some coke though, but don’t worry about me xx

Hmm, not arguing with you, look after yourself? Don’t drink too much sweetheart. Xx

Harry attempted to seem chill, he completely didn’t feel chill with it. He knew you wouldn’t do it of your own accord but if you were spiked or peer pressured into it, it couldn’t be helped. He also knew your friends wouldn’t look after you very well if they were coked up, but he tried to swallow his doubts. They were your friends first and you loved them before you loved him. 

Okay Dad will do xx

Come back to mine after? So I know you’re ok? Don’t mind if you’re really pissed. Xx

I suppose so, may not be until really late though, don’t wait up xx

Deal. Have a nice night with your girls, I’ll quit bugging you now, watch out for predatory men. Xx

He was only slightly put out when he didn’t receive a reply, he couldn’t criticize you for having fun. What was wrong with him tonight? He felt like a fucking mother hen. In the end he caved and sent Niall a message simple message that read ‘Busy? Beers?’ He knew full well the Irish man could not turn down the offer of a beer when he had nothing else to do. 

“You’re bein’ proper wet tonight buddy ya know tha’?” Niall interrupted Harry’s train of thought. Hours later both men were relaxed on Harry’s large corner sofa’s catching up on the golf, and each other. Harry had his phone clutched in his hand the whole night which had not gone amiss by Niall’s keen gaze. 

“I know, I just am worried about her is all” Harry muttered, tossing his phone aside on the couch, which bounced and settled a foot away. 

“Actin’ like she’s ya baby or somethin’ “ Niall wasn’t an emotional man, he preferred to tease but seeing one of his best mates so endeared left him feeling a little fluffy himself. 

“She is my baby” Harry shrugged, finishing the last of his corona and planting it on the coffee table with a thud.

Around quarter to one he caved. 

How’s your night my love? Xxx

You took another half an hour to reply, which had Harry restless and practically pacing like a caged tiger, Niall had been thoroughly weirded out when Harry started collecting beer bottles. Harry heard his phone go from the kitchen and raced through to grab it, a text from you. 

Sdooo gooddd misss u lov uax xxxx

Wow, legible, glad you’re having a good time sweetheart, love you too, what have you drunk? Xx


Easy, baby. Xx

Harry didn’t get a reply, but he supposed he didn’t expect you to in the dregs of a sweaty club after several shots of tequila. Niall took off around two, he could tell Harry was tense and gave him a slap on the back and a hug as a means of ‘chill out will you pal.’ 


“I DON’T FEEL GOOD” You practically yelled at your friend, who was too high to hear you let alone register what it meant for you, she just nodded and carried on dancing.

“Ugh..” You despaired, at her and the violent churning in your stomach. 

“I’M GONNA GO HOME” You’d lasted until three, which was no mean feat. She seemed to have heard you. 

“ARE YOU OKAYY” She hollered back, you weren’t but she and your other friends wouldn’t be of much help. You nodded profusely. 


“WANT ME TO COME?” She was absolutely buzzing, you shook your head with a sloppy fake grin. It would do no good for her to leave right now. 

“IM OKAY, TELL EVERYONE BYE, LOVE YOU” You yelled with all your breath, yearning for some cold air and a drink of water. You were still so drunk you weren’t hungry. Your friend grabbed you, engulfing you in a ridiculously tight and overzealous hug and kiss on the cheek. You weaved your way through, you couldn’t think about anything but fresh air. The bouncer nodded you a good night. 

“You have a taxi sorted?” He asked kindly. 

“I uh… doing it now” You slurred, your voice was almost lost and you were thoroughly drunk. You somehow managed to get in an uber and 20 minutes later stumbled across Harry’s driveway, the spare key was as was and you jammed it in the lock, too drunk to even notice if lights were on or not. 

Harry leapt up out of his sleep on the sofa as soon as he heard the noise in the hallway, blearily tripping through to find you stepping in, you did not look so good. 

“We ‘kay?” He said, his voice low from sleep. Stepping forward to take your bag and steady you as you took your shoes off, which you seemed to need. Your breath smelled sweet like spirits and he got the scent of your perfume as soon as he was close. 

“I’m fucked” You admitted, he frowned at your voice, how hoarse and slurred it was. 

“You are” He agreed. 

“Shall we get you to bed?” He offered. 

“I feel sick..” You said again, your face curved into some kind of confession.

“How sick?” He asked. 

“Very..” You whimpered. 

“Okay my love, this way” He steered you hastily towards his downstairs bathroom and made sure you didn’t drop to your knee’s too violently, easing you down with firm and gentle guidance. You leaned over the toilet, just in time to be violently sick. 

Harry wrinkled his nose attempting not to see or smell the nasty concoction of all you’d knocked back that night, having gathered your hair up into a ponytail in his hand, being sure to grab every strand of fringe.

“That’s it sweetheart” his other hand rested lightly on your back he rubbed a soothing pattern until you were done. 

“Well done my love, it’s all up” He mumbled, letting you sit back and handing you a tissue to wipe your mouth, he tucked your hair behind your ears letting his cold palm rest for a few seconds on the clammy back of your neck. You whimpered, swallowing weakly. 

“All up?” You managed to croak, which made him laugh, why was she asking him, it was the contents of your stomach not his. 

“Don’t laugh” You whimpered, about to burst into tears. 

“I’m not!” He protested, holding his face seriously. He nipped from the bathroom quickly, grabbing a bottle of water and returning to you. He sat down with you on the tiled floor and you slumped against him with a small whine. 

“Have some of this” He coaxed you to open your mouth and take a sip. His hand was on your upper arm, which was goose bumping at an alarming rate. You were incredibly reluctant to move and every time he attempted to pick you up you whimpered, threatening tears that he couldn’t handle right now. So he let you pass out against his chest, taking you to bed when you were well and truly out of it. 

At least you were with him though, and he was able to keep an eye on you, which was really, all he wanted.

1. The most beautiful thing you can do is smile.

2. Embrace whatever genre of music you enjoy listening to. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s “not music.”

3. But just know there will never be a better song than “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.

4. It’s OK to think another woman is beautiful.

5. Don’t be catty to other women. You’ll need them when we all overthrow the world together.

6. Don’t let any man convince you that he is powerful enough to change you.

7. Even if he bought you dinner, you owe him nothing.

8. The amount of pride you feel when you look good in your bikini for 20 minutes is far less than the happiness Taco Bell can bring you. I promise.

9. Develop a lust to see the world around you.

10. It’s OK if you don’t want to play princess or put on makeup.

11. But it’s OK if you do, too.

12. But at least try rugby once for me.

13. Make sure your life is actually as fun as your Instagram profile makes it out to be.

14. Don’t smile if you don’t mean it.

15. You really don’t need another girl to go to the bathroom with you.

16. Be blind to gender, race, sexuality and religious beliefs.

17. People are people.

18. There are few things in life that candles and Fleetwood Mac can’t fix.

19. Don’t let any man whistle at you on the street and get away with it.

20. If you can’t wear sweatpants and be beer bloated around them, they aren’t really your friends.

21. Find friends who are OK with holding your hair back.

22. Be there to hold theirs, too.

23. Never let a location be your excuse.

24. You can be the best from wherever you are.

25. Develop a voice, and make it loud.

26. Your success is not my success. It’s yours and yours alone.

27. Even if you’re tall, wear the damn heels.

28. I would really like it if you read Jane Eyre.

29. But if you end up liking Twilight, that’s cool too.

30. No 50 Shades of Grey, though.

31. That sh*t is terrible.

32. Please, watch Friends.

33. At least consider joining the Peace Corps.

34. Go antique shopping.

35. Keep the ticket stubs.

36. Always wash your face before you go to bed.

37. You don’t need to bathe yourself in perfume.

38. Go swimming with your clothes on.

39. Go swimming with no clothes on.

40. A juice cleanse is never, and never will be, a good idea.

41. You’re obligated to watch The Lion King with me at least five times in your life.

42. Believe in guardian angels.

43. Make wishes on fallen eyelashes.

44. Be passionate.

45. Be overly passionate.

46. Be so passionate that people think you might be a little insane.

47. Feminists aren’t scary.

48. Learn to play the game Spoons.

49. And Euchre.

50. Don’t stretch yourself too thin.

51. Never shrink yourself.

52. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s a phase if you don’t think it is.

53. Your sexuality does not define your morality.

54. Go to a music festival at least once.

55. Don’t dress the way fashion editors tell you to dress, dress the way they dress.

56. If your job or your success emasculates him, he isn’t worth it.

57. Find a man who has more balls than you do.

58. Or woman.

59. And that’s OK.

60. If a guy talks to you in clichés, run.

61. Your value does not come from your appearance, age or size.

62. It never will.

63. High school is not the best time of your life.

64. College is.

65. The question “What are you thinking?” will work wonders.

66. Dance like a maniac in your room with your headphones in.

67. I won’t laugh.

68. Meet someone who makes you laugh so hard you pee.

69. Hold onto them forever.

70. Go barefoot.

71. Don’t be naïve.

72. Sometimes being classy is overrated.

73. Keep your head up.

74. Believe in magic.

75. Don’t regret the times you feel sad. How else will you appreciate the times you feel good?

76. Everything in moderation.

77. Even moderation.

78. Coffee is good for your soul.

79. Be unapologetically honest.

80. Connect to music on a level deeper than even you understand.

81. Wake up early.

82. Find a good gay best friend.

83. He’ll let you sleep in his bed and borrow his eyeliner.

84. Don’t let anyone push you around.

85. Surround yourself with colorful, beautiful people.

86. Remember that not everyone will think like you.

87. Never pass up an experience in favor of sleep.

88. The painful truth is always easier than a messy lie.

89. Drink champagne and dance on the table.

90. Make a Bucket List.

91. Make a Nectar List.

92. Always say “I love you” before you leave.

93. Never ignore what’s in front of you in favor of taking a photograph.

94. Learn how to successfully get to the front row of concerts.

95. Go camping without worrying about how dirty your hair will get.

96. Learn to love the way you laugh.

97. Laugh often.

98. Be cheesy.

99. When you feel a good moment, absorb it.

100. Find beauty in everything.

101. Don’t let fear hold you back from anything.

Supernatural inspired starter sentences
  • “What would you rather have? Peace or freedom”
  • “You know, you really suck at goodbyes”
  • “This is the last we will see of each other for a very long time
  • "I don’t want you to save me”
  • “Every fibre of me wants to die”
  • “I made a promise”
  • “If it’s not to late, I think ill like to take you up on that beer”
  • “it’s ok. It’s going to be ok”
  • “This was a test”
  • “I chose family.”
  • “endings are hard but then again, nothing really ends, dose it?”
  • “You gotta promise not to try and bring me back
  • "Go live some apple pie life”
  • “It has been a year”
  • “beautiful loser”
  • “You cant have it all”
  • “Get the salt”
  • “I am not here at the moment”
  • “You have the eye of a tiger”
  • “Something…not natural”
  • “I have had some crap jobs”
  • “you have been poisoned, what ever thing you think you have been seeing, it’s not real”
  • “I was expecting a hug, some holy water in the face, anything”
  • “You have no idea what is in some peoples walls. It could eat them alive”
  • “I think she likes you”
  • *distant screams*
  • “What the hell was that?”
  • “im…coming…for…you”
  • “Call it a hunch”
  • “Pig n a poke”
  • “What was that sound?”
  • “careful is my middle name”
  • “Thats not a demon, is it?”
  • “The light is flickering. Urg, got to call an electrician again.”
  • “…sulfur”
  • “Are you hunting something?”
  • “You have yellow eyes…”
  • “Add a little spice to all that sugar”
  • “You cant outrun your past”
  • “Carry on my wayward son”










从o゚ー゚从<やめてよ~みんな アイドルだから飲まないよ~ 









从o゚ー゚从<いつかね いつか

Maasa: As I do’t drink alcohol that much- 

Saki & Miyabi: Huh? You do, definitely. 

Maasa: No, I don’t. 

Saki: You shouldn’t tell a lie. 

Miyabi: You’re the strongest drinker in Berryz, aren’t you? 

Maasa: I can’t handle much alcohol- 

Saki: That’s nonsence!

Miyabi: Maasa is the legendary woman who’s never get drunk despite having as much alcohol as any members.

Saki: Maasa’s face has never turned red.  

Maasa: Stop it, you guys! I don’t drink as I’m idol. 

Miyabi: Yes, yes, yes! You don’t have to conceal it anymore. 

Saki: Don’t worry. It’s OK.

Maasa: Ahhh, I really love booze! I love booze very much! 

Saki & Miyabi: Maasa loves it indeed and it doesn’t matter since she’s an adult over 20. 

Maasa: Booze is really good. 

Maasa: Still I don’t like beers so far. 

Saki & Miyabi: I see. 

Maasa: But, I suppose, probably I’m gonna have a beer after every performance instead of having Oronamin C sooner or later. 

Maasa: Someday, I mean.

Story time!
The thing is that I went to see Faith No More for the first time yesterday. It was amazing. I got to be front row bc we were the very first people to be in the line so it was awesome. People were crowd surfing and mosh pitting behind us. They pushed us a lot! And the setlist was just perfect. THEY PLAYED ZOMBIE EATERS! And Everything’s Ruined and Gentle Art and This Guy’s in Love with You. They came back to play another song because the crowd was so energetic and screaming so much they didn’t resist. 2 fucking encores. Chinese Arithmetic at the very end. And well I’m all bruised and tired.

Anyways, here’s the story of how this picture happened!

I got to go backstage (thanks to my lovely friend Gabriela💚) with the band and met them all but I didn’t really talk to them just to Mike because they were talking with other people or they were in the other room and I wasn’t gonna tell them “AY HERE NOTICE ME” haha. Billy offered me a beer so I couldn’t say no, and then another one. I was so afraid my English wouldn’t pay it off but it did and I was amazing plus the beers helped me cuz I had hours of not eating ANYTHING lmao. Then she told me “let’s go and talk with Mike and take some pics” so I was like “ok let’s go”. I was so nervous? and also fangirling my ass off in my insides but calm really calm at the same time. He gave me his hand but I grabbed his arm and was like “No Mike I have to hug you” and he was like “Oh yeah you can get a hug too” gave me a really tight hug. He was very nice and he was honestly cracking up with any fun thing I said! Even we took some fun pictures, one where I’m choking him and he said “are you gonna choke me?” and I said “i’m gonna choke you to death”. I also told him it was the best show I’ve ever been to (I’m not lying this is serious, plus I’ve haven’t been to many shows so yeah) and he was humbled he loved the crowd and the energy and he didn’t even care if there was 2000 people there the energy was just spot on, Puffy said the same thing. He was surprised also when I told him I was 20 years old and he said to me “You’re a niña bebita!” and “I said yeah I’m a baby” Mike also asked me if I played any instruments or something and & I said I was a bassist and told him I was a beginner. he asked me if I knew how to read any notes or if I was in a band and I told him that no I was just getting on the path and he said I knew you played something and tickled my tummy! I told him I played by ear bc I didn’t know how to read notes and stuffs and he said “well yeah we’re two then” and I was like “ohhhh nice” and he said “you’re a natural and that’s good” and i told him “i got it from my dad” and he asked me if he lived with me and i said no he lives in the states! and i live with my mom here and he asked me what did my dad play and i said “oh he plays bass too” and he said “no no i mean music what kinda music he plays?” and i told him ohh he plays jazz and blues and he was like that’s “really cool amazing!!” He talked with Gabriela a while about a Tomahawk gig in México he couldn’t attend and then said “Tool! nice” and I said “I love them they’re my 2nd favorite band” I was wearing a Tool shirt so yeah. Then some guy asked him if he could sign his ticket & Gabriela and I asked him if he could sign ours so he did! He also forgot my name, bc yeah let’s face it it’s kinda tricky for mostly everyone so he said “what was your name? and I said Tisha! and ge said “oh Tisha… I just remember about this… no nevermind” and Gabriela and I were like “C'mon tell us” and he said he had a friend who had a pitbull called “Tishal” and it was a really nice dog and he started doing doggy mannerisms and I was like “Ohh haha it’s okay” then we literally said goodbye and I got to hug Puffy and Billy when they left. I didn’t talk to Roddy that much or Jon they were in the other room so I didn’t get to talk to them.

Oh shit… it was a great night the best night of my life.

Six Months {Dean Winchester Imagine/One Shot}

Fandom : Supernatural 

Character : Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count : 2,201

Warning : Angst and Swearing

Also please request for more imagines/one shots here http://tragicallybeautiful97.tumblr.com/ask , I would love to hear what kind of one shots you would like to see!

Unrequited love was a shitty feeling.

I had never experienced it before; my lifestyle of a hunter made sure that I never got attached to people. Of course, I grew fond of men but I always knew that my relationship with them would never be more than a fling. It seemed that God was punishing me for my promiscuous ways as now I found myself in love with the man I had been hunting with for months.

The feeling had crept up on me slowly, at first the guy had irritated the hell out of you with his cocky smirks and impulsive attitude, yet the more I got to know him the more my feelings had grew. I scolded myself once again, trust me to fall in love with the one and only Dean Winchester. The man who was currently leaning against the bar, deep in conversation with the little blonde bartender Jo. The moment they had looked at each other it seemed that I had become invisible, Dean no longer flirted with me, no longer gave me that soft little smile that made my heart swell - no, instead all his attention was diverted to Jo.

“Hey, you ok?” Sam questioned from beside me. He was sat on the barstool next to me, his bicep pressed against mine as he gripped his beer bottle. He had been watching me for the past half hour, his brown eyes flickering between me and his brother as he watched me flinch every time he touched her or laughed at something she said.

“To be honest, no, I’m not ok at all.” I admitted quietly before reaching for his beer. He let me take a sip, a concerned frown on his lips.

“You like him don’t you?” Sam guessed, although part of him already knew the answer.

“Yeah, I really like him.” I nodded before pinching my eyes closed in attempt to stop the tears that were desperately trying to escape, “And it really fucking sucks.”

“[Your Name]” Sam sighed as he hesitantly wrapped an arm around me. I allowed him to pull me so that my head rested on his shoulder. I closed my eyes, the wet moisture of my tears soaking his neck as I attempted to reign back the tsunami of tears.

“I can’t stand to watch him with her.” I confessed sadly, “My heart feels like it going to fall out of my chest. I feel like I can’t breathe.”

“Oi, Sammy!” I heard Dean call out suddenly, “What’s going on over there? Is she crying?”

I jolted away from Sam and quickly swiped at my face in attempt to rid my face of any trace that I had been crying. Dean and Jo were both looking at me, Jo’s pretty face frowning with concern while Dean just looked confused, his eyes flickering between Sam and I.

“I’m fine.” I stated coldly before I stood up and headed for the exit.

“Wait a sec!” Dean called again but I ignored him, slamming the door behind me. I started walking towards the impala before groaning, realising I didn’t even have the keys. I huffed and started walking down the pavement and towards the motel we were staying at, I would rather walk then have to go back into the bar to ask Dean for the keys.

“[Your Name]” I heard Dean yell behind me, loud and angry footsteps following my own hurried ones, “Wait a damn second.”

His hand closed around my wrist in attempt to get me to stop but I tugged my arm out of his grasp. Part of me was happy that he had bothered to follow me while the other half scolded the fact that that thought had crossed my mind.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?” Dean snapped angrily, “Did Sam say something to you?”

I whirled around, “Sam has done nothing to me!”

“Whoa,” Dean said, raising his hands in defense, “I was only asking because one second you were talking to him and the next second you were crying.”

“Sam was trying to be there for me!” I explained furiously, “You’re such an idiot! You can’t even see that you’re the fucking reason I’m upset!”

“Me?” Dean blinked in surprise, “What the hell have I done?”

Anger coursed through me as I lurched towards him. All I saw was red as I hit him in the chest, small pants and growls of frustration bursting from me with each vicious hit. Dean managed to block a few punches but I noticed he flinched with pain whenever my fist collided with his skin. My attempts ceased when he finally grabbed both of my wrists, my vision blurred with tears.

“I fucking love you.” I sobbed, “I fucking love you Dean.”

Dean paled, his grip on my wrists loosening as he took a shaky step back, “What?”

“I love you, I don’t know why the hell I do, but I can’t help it.” I ran my hand over my face as I shook with tears, “But you don’t even see me anymore do you Dean? You’re too busy fawning over that perfect little blonde back there!”

“You love me?” Dean repeated, his voice barely above a whisper.

“For fucks sake Dean!” I screamed, restraining myself from hitting him once again. I looked at him, the way his green eyes were firmly fixed on the ground, his skin pale from shock as he ran his hands through his windswept brown hair.

“[Your Name], I don’t know what to say.” Dean finally said.

My heart dropped and a choked sob escaped my lips. Rejection and shame washed over me as I realised how deluded I had been. I had created a romance in my head out of nothing; Dean felt nothing for me, he never had. I had ruined everything, even our hunting partnership had been destroyed, I couldn’t live and hunt with them if I felt like this every time I looked at Dean.

“[Your Name], I’m sorry.” Dean took a step towards me but I quickly backed off.

“Don’t Dean.” I whispered, “Go back inside, Jo and Sam are probably worried about you.”

“[Your Name]-” Dean protested but I cut him off.

“I’ll see you back at the motel.”

I walked away and forced myself not to look back, I could never let Dean see how broken I was. I knew that he was watching me as I walked away, yet he didn’t chose to follow me. That’s when I knew he had never loved me, maybe he had never even cared for me.

I never went back to the motel.

Instead I did what I did best - I ran.

Six Months Later

I leaned back against the porch as I waited for my old friend Bobby to answer the door. It had been years since I had seen the guy but when he had rang me up about a hunt I couldn’t turn him down. In the few encounters I had with him he had made me laugh more than ever with his sarcastic and dark humor.

Bobby had said he had suspicions that hell hounds were around town and although I had been reluctant to agree I had finally given in and told him I would drive down to meet him at his house. I had been hunting on my own non=stop for the past six months, ever since I had left the Winchester brothers. I had received texts from them for about a month after I had left, but I had ignored them, convincing myself I was better off on my own. Besides I could never face Dean after he had rejected me.

I scolded myself as the familiar creeping of sadness took over me as I remembered my last encounter with Dean. I hadn’t been able to bring myself to think about him since I had left; it was too painful.

“Hey kid!” Bobby greeted me after he had finally answered his front door.

He pulled me into a gruff hug, his large hands patting my back before he released me. His hands gave me the once over, his eyes showing some slight concern as he noticed how thin I had become. It hadn’t been intentional, I had been so intent on throwing myself into hunting that sometimes I forgot to be human and eat.

“It’s good to see you Bobby.” I smiled.

“Come on in, let’s get you a burger or something.” Bobby smirked as he invited me inside.

* *

“Is she really here?”

“Yeah, it took me a while to convince her to come down here though.”

“She’s stubborn.”

“You got that right. Listen, I still don’t know if this is a good idea…”

“Bobby?” I called out sleepily.

I quickly looked around me, taking in the blanket that had been thrown over my curled up figure. I must have fallen asleep on the sofa after having some food with Bobby. The sound of voices had woken me up.

“I’m in the kitchen.” Bobby called sheepishly.

I stumbled over to the kitchen, still drowsy from my nap. I yawned and ran my fingers through my bed head as I opened the door.

The sight before me caused me to gasp lowly. Bobby was stood in the kitchen, a worried frown on his face as he clutched his beer bottle.. The six foot something giant that I had missed so much in the past few months was stood on his left, his hair longer and shaggier than ever. Sam was looking at me with soft brown eyes, his expression anxious and happy all at the same time. My eyes flickered over to the slightly smaller man on his right, the man who had broken my heart. He was running his hands through his hair, his telltale sign that he was nervous. His green eyes were all over me, taking in my messy hair that he had always thought of as sexy, my thin figure that showed nights of skipping meals and the bruises around my wrist that I had gotten when a demon had thrown me against a wall a couple of nights ago.

“[Your Name]” Dean breathed.

He took a step forward and I took a step back.

“What the hell is this?” I hissed, my eyes glaring at all three of the men, “Did you plan this?”

“This was the only way we knew you would show up!” Sam explained hurriedly, “We were so worried about you! We tried finding you so many times but you were always too fast for us.”

“Maybe because I didn’t want you to find me!” I yelled angrily.

I didn’t expect for Dean to lung forward and grab me by the bicep, practically dragging me out of the kitchen and through the front door. He let go of me as soon as he had forced me onto the porch, although his green eyes were blazing.

“How the hell could you do that?” Dean questioned, his voice laced with strained anger. “How the hell could you just leave?”

“I wanted to.” I shrugged.

“You wanted to?” Dean repeated incredulously. “Is that seriously all you had to say?”

“What did you expect me to do Dean? I told you I loved you and you said nothing. I didn’t really want to stick around for all the awkwardness that was bound to come.” I explained angrily.

“You didn’t exactly give me a lot of time [Your Name]” Dean hissed furiously, “I was in shock. I didn’t know what to say. Listen I needed time to think which is why I let you walk away. I was going to talk to you back at the motel, but you weren’t there.”

“What are you saying?” I questioned in confusion.

Dean took a deep breath before he walked towards me. His hand slowly found my own, his fingers hesitantly interlocking with my own as he pulled me towards him. My breath came out shakily as I searched his green eyes, my heart hammering my chest in anticipation.

“I was an idiot for letting you walk away, and ever since I’ve regretted it.” Dean brushed my cheek, his fingers hot against my skin as he bowed his head so his lips brushed against my own, “I should have told you six months ago that I love you but I was too scared, so I’m going to finally be a man and just tell you. I love you [Your Name], I love you so mu-”

I cut him off by slamming my lips against his. His arms wound around my waist, crushing my body against his. His lips moved passionately against my own, our feeling of the past six months finally expressing themselves as we clung to each other, our hands running through our hair and caressing skin. My heart was pounding against my ribcage so hard I felt like I was about to explode as I became intoxicated with Dean who was kissing me the way I had always wanted him to kiss me.

“I love you.” Dean breathed against my lips, his hands running through my hair affectionately.

“Better late than never.” I smiled before he pulled me in for another blissful kiss.

Lucky Stars

Word Count: 3228

Pairing: Bucky/Reader

Warnings: Super wrong astronomy. Probably won’t bother you unless you study astronomy.

Summary: Bucky takes an interest in an art project that you’ve been working on, and you’re more than happy to share it with him. 

Note: So my main fic that I’ve been working on has become really angsty and I still have some dark bits to get through. So when I got inspiration for this fluffy one shot, I went with it.

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