i really really like beer ok

It’s ok if I can’t change the world.
I can read some books that I really like. Watch some movies that I really like. Go to places that I really like. Drink beer with friends that I really like.
Find a girl that I really like. Have some kids that we really like. Give them things that they really like.
I can’t make everyone happy, but I sure as hell can make me.

i’m really sorry i keep doing this, but if you miss the story, none of the texts will make any sense! 

if you don’t like it, don’t read it! very simple. fuck.


Redhead: I told you I brought beer.

He Tian: well i brought more. This stuff is really good, so try it. 

Redhead: ok, hand it over and sit down.

He Tian: ok, i’m down.

He Tian: so what happened?

Redhead: pretty much exactly what I told you. she think’s i’m seeing someone else.

He Tian: well…are you?

Redhead: NO!

He Tian: and told her that

Redhead: she didn’t listen 

He Tian: why did you ask me to come

Redhead: I just…needed someone to talk to…I guess

He Tian: why didn’t you go to one of your friends?

Redhead: Whey didn’t you tell any of your friends your dog died.

He Tian: because they wouldn’t have given a fuck.

Redhead: exactly.

He Tian: what makes you think I give a fuck?

Redhead: Then drink the beer and get the fuck out of here.

He Tian: …

Redhead: I don’t know. I guess i just thought…in some stupid way that you might care. that was stupid of me, please just go. and i’d really appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone about this.

He Tian: I do care. 

Redhead: why would you?

He Tian: she made you unhappy?

Redhead: …yes.

He Tian: do i make you unhappy?


He Tian: I think one is enough, don’t you?