i really really hope no one will remove the caption


Pastel Fall Out Boy Quote phone backgrounds! I’ve always wanted to make something cool and I think I did? I hope I did! I really really really love them so I hope you guys do too :D

These are all real quotes from the band members and I must say, it was a bit tricky finding ones from Joe and Andy but I did it

Please please please please please do not remove this caption or repost the pictures w/o giving me credit. These come free, just save them :D


The Book Thief by Markus Zusak 

( really excited to read it )


another one of the phan oppressed phone model wallpapers!! this one is for iphone 3, at the request of alex draco-lester i have love-hate relationship with this one too much going on hope you like it! if anyone wants this they can download it too for themselves ^_^

also it has come to my attention that someone has removed the captions of the last wallpaper i posted and it really upset me. please don’t remove captions or repost stuff guys! it really hurts to the people who made it :( i dont want to put watermarks or anything bc its going to ruin the whole aesthetic of my work :(

send oppressed phone model wallpaper requests to me on my ask!! <3