i really really enjoy this show

…finally i am allowed to show the whole illustration for one of the coolest jobs i was allowed to be part of so far. i admit i am really proud of this work. the sheer volume of this work was frightening but it was a blast ‘cause i  enjoyed an unbelievable amount of freedom and trust working with a bunch of really cool and nice people. thank you very much tori, adam, jefferson and ed for your guidance and your patience.
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Name: Cindy
Age: 23
Country: United Kingdom - England


My name’s Cindy, I just stumbled across this blog and thought this was a really great way to connect and meet new and different people around the world and thought I’d give it a try. I’m really open to speaking about anything, creatively or politically- anything in general, I’m not fussy.
A little about myself, I’ve graduated from university studying Graphic design - Visual Communication and I like listening to music, mainly 90’s rnb and hiphop although I am currently loving the Hamilton soundtrack. I enjoy watching a few tv shows; my favourites currently being game of thrones, supernatural and brooklyn nine nine. I have recently tried to start reading again and is currently reading: Game of Thrones.
In need of a stimulating interesting conversation!
Don’t be shy, hope to speak to you soon!

Preferences: I’m not too picky, anyone 20+? but I don’t particularly mind if you’re not. Male or female welcome!

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Re: 14th Light Dragoons and French Hussars. Thanks for the quick Response. However, Dighton is usually highly reliable. He was at Waterloo some days before and after the battle and also in the Peninsula. Usually his work is taken from life viz. his Portraits of spanish guerillas. The Picture showing the Life Guards in cuirass etc. is the exception, it depicts the 1821 uniform and seems rather to be painted "a la mode". The Hussars of the Royal Guard of Naples had a rather similar uniform ...

You are welcome! I really enjoy his detailed works! And when I looked at the French hussars in question they really looked familiar but something was off… The white dolman and the golden lace really look like the Neapolitan troops under Murat but I think they were deployed in Germany rather than in Spain. In fact Osprey says that of the Neapolitan cavalry troops in Spain the 2nd Chasseurs a cheval were there which have rather different uniform.

Here’s the hussar of the Royal Guard, the difference in the details is significant and I doubt this regiment saw action in Spain. But I guess that would be the closest real life equivalent to these French hussars.

dreaming again of a lonesome road - zenelly
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: dreaming again of a lonesome road

Pairing: Leopika, Killugon and HisoIllu (if you blink)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: discussions of canon-typical deaths, etc

Author’s Note: Written for @hxhbb17! God, i had so much fun with this (even if it was a crunch at the end lmao). I’d really like to thank @shalnarkonice and @gonfreacss for putting this event together, because I really, really did enjoy writing it. I’m gonna preemptively thank my artist(s) because they are automatically wonderful. 

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Summary: As it turns out, finding the trail of a mythical creature that does not want to be found is exactly as hard as Kurapika expected it would be. When he finally does, things, of course, don’t go as planned. That would be the universe being too nice, and it’s never done that for Kurapika. But things have a way of settling out in the most unexpected fashion.

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I'm sorry I'm back again but the fluff you did in the au you did for me was so BEAUTIFUL! can you do a really fluffy story where Veronica and JD have a child? That would be absolutely amazing~!

Of course I can! I had a lot of headcannons for this! I hope you like it! I really liked writing it it was cute and fun! Enjoy!!!!!! Sorry it’s so long! I had to cut it because it was long, so let me know if the cut messes up and cuts off then story and won’t show half of it. Sometimes it does that.

“Veronica have you- VERONICA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?” JD screamed. Veronica was standing on top of a rolling chair trying to get something off the top shelf. “Ronnie get down from there, you’re gonna kill yourself!” He cried.

“I need to get the case report for the trial.” Veronica explained. JD came up behind her and got his pregnant wife down. He then went to get the report himself.

“You are nine months pregnant, you can’t keep running around like some sort of… I don’t know! You just need to start taking it easy!” He scolded her. “Why did you even take this case? You’re due in less than two weeks.” He had anxiety in his voice.

“I wasn’t due in less than two weeks when I took the case.” She reminded. “In fact I wasn’t even pregnant when I took the case. Murder trials go on for a while.” Veronica reminded. JD huffed and crossed his arms.

“I’m just saying, you may be a lawyer, but you’re gonna be a mom soon too. You need to start being careful.” He explained. Veronica just made a face at him and went to reading the file. “Maybe you should take a break for a bit? I can make you dinner and you can sit down for a while.” JD offered.

“Oh my god.” Veronica ignored him and pulled out on specific piece of paper. “That sounds so nice JD and I love you but I have to go see my client right now!” She exclaimed, and ran out of her home. As she darted out she passed all three Heathers who were holding boxes and decorations for a baby shower.

“Well hello to you too Veronica.” Duke rolled her eyes and the girls let themselves in.

“I told you she wouldn’t have time for it.” JD smirked at them. Heather Chandler put one of the gift boxes on the table and rolled her eyes.

“I guess… do you guys know if it’s a boy or a girl?” She asked. JD shook his head.

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Oh yeah I love A Series of Unfortunate Events, the way the adults just [clenches fist] consistently disregard children’s allegations of abuse and allow them to remain in increasingly perilous situations, a word here which means “dangerous and hard to watch”


“Rapunzel, from the moment I first met you and you knocked me out with that frying pan, I knew it was love. You’re my light, you’re my best friend and I want to be your partner in all things […] I love you Rapunzel, and I wanna spend the rest of our lives here together.”


I love Diego. Diego is very funny. He’s a very cool guy, quite a smartass, and I really appreciate smartasses. He used to make fun of me for the stupid backpack I wore. There were a few situations where I couldn’t [wear the stilts]. [When] I was on a cliffside or running in water and stuff like that, I had to wear this backpack with a telescoping head that came off the top, and it was really stupid looking. And the first time I wore it, it was like the first day we shot in Jordan. And he said [Puts on Diego Luna accent.], “Something terrible has happened. Ever since you put on that backpack, you have depressed the entire crew. It’s very sad.” He just went on about, “Please, for God’s sake, please take it off. For the love of God.” Anytime I put it on, “Everyone respected you just one moment ago. But now, it is evaporated.”

As they walked along the bridge Adrien glanced between Marinette and the locks shining gold in the afternoon sunlight. “My father would say this bridge is an eyesore…” Marinette looked at him in surprise. “well not the bridge so much as all the locks. ‘An immature, sentimental act committed by delinquents that ruins the bridge’s otherwise elegant appearance’ - or something like that.”
“Oh…” Marinette gazed at all the locks with a slight frown.
“I like the locks though,” Adrien continued nervously, “there’s a lot of negative… ideas associated with locks: having secrets, being locked out, being trapped…” he looked down at the wood planks as they passed under his feet, and then at Marinette walking thoughtfully beside him. “but someone decided to use them to symbolize something good: safety, commitment…love… it’s just… it's…” Adrien’s voice trailed off as he watched Marinette tuck a strand of hair behind her ear and wrap her arms around herself.
“Romantic?” She finished, looking up at him with a smile.
Adrien felt his face warm and he looked away, “Yeah.”  

(Artist note: I imagine Adrien has had a lot of bad dreams involving locks and has looked up the symbolism behind it. Marinette probably has had some such dreams herself, but not nearly as bad or as often.)


BBC Three

I’ve been really behind on posting to tumblr, aah! I promise it’s because I’ve been working on some very cool secret stuff. This assignment was a nice break! 

I made this set of three gifs for the BBC Three show Clique. I really enjoyed making them, and indeed watching the show–it’s glitzy and pulpy, but I found myself instantly sympathetic to their struggles, and I found their complex relationships so intriguing! Thanks, BBC!

I did this for a friend of mine ! She just Really like this Show , and i can not disagree with her ! I really enjoy it too , Mob is just so lovely don’t You think ? Haha even If he looks a little angry on it ;)


I know she isn’t much, but I made an OC for the @thebbros universe hehe

This is Marnie the munchkin cat! (jumping on the bandwagon of short ocs pfft) She’s a little sweetheart who runs her own little B&B full time, just wanting to help give people a place to stay when they need it. Marnie’s a little too kind for her own good, though, always putting her guests first and making them happy, even it means staying up all night to cater to them all, or letting people stay for free if they can’t afford it (often getting taken advantage of). she doesn’t really make much of a profit, but that’s not too important to her.

Little facts!

* she rarely gets angry/really stressed, but when she does, it’s bad

*she also loves baking and enjoys giving guests complimentary muffin baskets

*when she feels nervous/awkward, she touches and re-adjusts her glasses a lot

*marnie is extremely caring and tends to ‘smother’ the guests, annoying them with how much she checks on them

*she loves old musicals/shows c: