i really quite enjoy this photoshoot


I have finally time to post some pictures of my Underfell!Papyrus cosplay after my convention in Sweden, Närcon Vinter.

I think making this cosplay was somehow challenging but as I had everything I needed, it was actually quite easy in the end.
It was warm but comfy enough to be in =W=

I also met @missladytale   and took a little photoshoot with her outside but those pictures will be taken care of by my friend before I’ll be posting some here laterz~
Must say they’re awesome XD

But yas, I hope you enjoy these pictures for now  =D=

Oh and my next cosplay will be UnderSwap!Papyrus~ I just really want to make him too aaaaa! :D

Underfell!Pap cosplay © @dyingstararch
Underswap!Sans cosplay © @missladytale


What was it like working with the animals on set? I really love animals and enjoy working with them. It can be quite hard. It’s very hard to tell a dog, “Do it again, you weren’t sitting in the right position.” You have to be quite patient because Fang drools everywhere. It takes ages to get off your robes, and Hedwig flies in the wrong direction. Most of the time they get it right, which is absolutely amazing! Their trainers must have the hardest job ever.


I don’t mind if there’s not much to say
Sometimes, the silence guides your mind
To move to a place so far away


We did a Team Nice D photoshoot. Sadly I haven’t gotten around to editing the photos all the way through. So here have two! I really do enjoy being the bois, also Dan is a pretty top Gavin. It was quite fun to switch off cosplays and characters.

As a friend, I’m a good listener. I think I give good advice and I’m loyal. I’m quite reserved – I enjoy listening more than I enjoy talking. And I’m usually really difficult to break, I have a guard up. I don’t know whether that’s because of the jobs that;I’ve been on or whether it’s always been there, but I’m always really quiet to begin with.


 I love hiking. At the moment I have been pretty much hiking every morning. When I have been in LA there’s some great hikes and stuff, and I am a pretty outdoors person, yeah. Because of the kids I love being outside and we’ve been in LA quite a lot so a lot of time in the park and swimming and everything so it’s really lovely and I enjoy that. And I am from London really so not all the seasons you’re able to do that.