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Freya Cosplay from Chobits
Debut: Otakon 2016 @ Hilton Inner Harbor
Photographer: Zero Serenity

Well, here’s my cosplay of Freya from Chobits. This was moreso my girlfriend’s idea since she wanted to do Chii’s white lolita dress, so she conscripted me to do this version of Freya alongside her. To be honest, I really enjoyed this cosplay A LOT! We had a blast walking around together as the two. That and the staggering amount of heads we turned in the process…just wow!

Again, I just want to point out that I don’t wear makeup at all with my crossplaying…mainly because I’m quite literally too blind to put it on in the first place. hehe That said, I’m equally surprised that so many people thought I was a woman. Oddly enough, it really boosted my confidence a great deal. So…yay!

C: I was walking at night & I saw a black girl with her child walking in front of her. When she saw me, her smile disappeared and was replaced with complete fear. She grabbed her child and put her head down as we crossed paths. I know its a natural reaction, but its really been on my mind everyday now. Its always a little more upsetting when its a black girl because she should feel welcome around me. I’m always self-policing by keeping distance & avoiding eye contact to appear less threatening.

B.A.P Confession / They ask you out

Bang Yongguk: When it comes to this serious topic, he wouldn’t play around. He noticed how much you mean to him, how much he enjoys  spending time with you and when he realised that he really loves you, he would treat you to dinner. After that, both of you would walk through the moonlit park. He would hold your hand and smile a little bit. Eventually he would stop and both of you would admire the night sky. He’d stand behind you, put his head on your shoulder and place his arms around your waist. 

 "Y/N, I really like you.. and I want you as my girlfriend.“ 

 Kim Himchan: Like Yongguk, he’d be very serious about it. But the way he confesses to you will be so romantic. He will just appear in front of your door. Dressed in a suit and with a bouquet of your favourite flowers in his hand. He’d take you to a quiet, special place. A hidden pond in your favourite park, maybe. He’d place a blanket on the ground and sat down with you. Himchan would place himself behind you, pulling you gently onto his lap. When you weren’t paying attention to him, he would place a silver necklace around your neck. You’d be surprised and look at the little trinket that was dangling from it. 

"H for Himchan. So that everyone knows that you belong to me.” He’d nervously clear his throat and just hope that you understand this message. You’d laugh. 

“I love you too, Channie." 

 Jung Daehyun: He would hide little messages in your apartment. You’d find one in your drawer, in your bathroom, in your favourite cup, in your shoes, even in your refrigerator.  They would range from romance-novel-quotes to cheesy pick-up lines. You’d laugh so much, secretly you already knew what he wanted to ask you, but seems like he couldn’t do it in person. That’s what you thought until your doorbell rang and when you opened it, you weren’t surprised to see Daehyun. 

 "Baby, on a scale of 1 to 10: You’re a 9 and I’m the 1 you need.” He’d grin broadly and place a kiss on your cheek. 

“Okay, I’ll date you, buy only if you stop using these corny pick-up lines. ”

Yoo Youngjae: It already felt like you two were together for an eternity, so he wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it. Whenever he’d visit your place he’d leave some of his things. He would put his shirts into your wardrobe, leave his shampoo bottles in your bathroom and he already claimed the most comfortable spot on the couch as his. When you asked him about it, he’d just shrug it off and give you a cheeky kiss on the lips. 

 "Why? Is my girlfriend bothered by the fact that I’m slowly moving in?“ 

Moon Jongup: He asked Daehyun for help and regretted it so much. Soon the whole squad was involved and everybody gave their best tips and advices. Actually they would be so nice and helpful to invite you over to join a dance practice, but then, strangely enough, they all had to leave, except Jongup. So he had to be on his own. He decided to be straight forward. He didn’t want to prolong. So he walked straight towards you, took your hand in his and put the cute bracelet he secretly bought on your wrist. 

"Will you be my girlfriend, y/n?" 

 You said yes. And the rest of B.A.P loudly cheered from behind the closed door.

Choi Junhong: He would take you out to join his favourite activity, you were currently learning: Skateboarding. Zelo made sure you felt safe on the board, before he let go of your hand and let you perform a trick you learned. Suddenly you slipped, but Zelo was fast enough and catched you. Completely out of his mind, because of the shock, he looked at you and said: "I’m glad you fell for me, y/n.” As soon as the words left his mouth, his cheeks turned red and he giggled. 

 "You spent too much time with Daehyun, huh?“ You brushed a strand of hair behind his ear and he nodded. 

 "Look at me, being the girlfriend of a boy who takes advices from someone who googles pick-up lines.” You laughed and shook your head. 

 "Wh-…what do you say? Girlfriend?“ His face lit up and he showed you his biggest smile. 

 "Of course? As you said, I fell for you. Literally.” You’d find yourself in Zelo’s arms as he spun you around and placed kiss after kiss on your cheek.


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*** Fun fact: I really love Kozik and in my head, he never died, just went back to Tacoma***

You were sitting at the bar when you felt someone rest their hand on your back and put their arm around you. You looked to the side to see Kozik smiling at you. “Hey babydoll, can I talk to you outside for a minute?” “Sure.” You hopped off the stool and walked with him out of the clubhouse, leaning against the table by the entrance. Kozik stood in front of you and spoke in a low voice. “So uh, I really want to patch SAMCRO again.” You smiled at him and reached up, wrapping your arms around him in an excited hug. You’d gotten to become pretty good friends, much to your Old Man’s dismay, and you would love to have him permanently in Charming. He was sweet, he was loyal, he was protective and he was carefree, just what the club needed but Tig had hated him since you'd known him and his hatred only got worse with Kozik’s flirtatious but harmless attitude towards you. 

He wrapped his arms around your waist with a smile, hugging you too but pulled back. “I can’t get in though.” You pulled back as well and pouted. “Why not?” “Tig.” “He still won’t vote you in?” “Nope. This is the second time they’ve voted. They voted like 2 weeks ago and Jax said this morning that they’ll vote again tomorrow. I’ve really been trying everything to get him to change his mind but he just ain’t budging.” “Why don’t you just ask your brothers in Tacoma if they can request him to go on a run up there? Come up with some shit for him to handle with Hap, then you vote in while he’s gone.” He looked at you blankly for a second before laughing. “You sneaky little girl. I want to do it by the books though.” “You want to get patched SAMCRO or you want to do things by the book? You can’t have both, not with Tig in the mix.” He smirked at you as you said that and you gave him a side eye.

“What…” “Well that’s really what I wanted to talk to you about. I thought that maybe you could convince him for me.” “How am I supposed to change his mind to vote yay? He hates you.” “He hates me, but he loves you. Just convince him for me ya know. Take him to bed, do whatever he really likes, make him feel like a king and right when you’ve got him like putty in your hands,” “Ask him to vote you in.” Kozik smiled widely. “Exactly.” You shook your head with a laugh. “I doubt that’ll work.” “Oh I’m sure you can come up with something.” “What’s in it for me?” “I’ll owe you one.” You snorted at his wink and playfully pushed him away. “I’ll see what I can do.”


“Tiggy baby, come to bed.” “I will in a minute, I just gotta finish cleaning this gun and then I’ll be there gorgeous.” “But I want you here now.” “Patience is a virtue.” “What the fuck do you know about patience?” “Not a god damn thing but I’m almost done.” You whined and rolled over on the bed, your stomach pressed against the mattress. You folded your arms beneath your head and thought about how to handle this. Kozik needed your help and we weren’t about to give up on him. You tried to think of the something that would make him weak, like putty as Kozik had said and then it hit you.

You smirked as you rolled over, onto your back and slowly ran your hand up your body. You slid one hand down your hip and pulled up your nighty a little while the other hand roamed over your breasts. Tig looked over at you when he hadn’t heard you make a sound for a bit and his eyes widened. He’d always asked you to touch yourself in front of him and you’d always said no. He’d practically begged you, bribed you with things to get you to do it and everything had proved to be unsuccessful. Now you were the one that was going to do the bribing.

Tig placed down the gun and watched you as your brought up the nightie higher, your panties exposed now. “What are you doing?” “Well if you don’t want to come to bed then I guess I have to do it myself.” He swallowed loudly and turned in the chair to get a better look at you but stayed seated. You slipped your hand into your panties and let out a breath as your fingers made contact with your smooth skin. “Is this what you want baby?” Tig nodded slowly both yes and no, obviously confused. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what that was.” “Yes.”

He stood up and got on the bed, crawling over your body and kissing your neck as he let some of his weight rest on top of you. He grabbed the hem of your nightie, roughly pulling it up before he grabbed the waistband of your panties and slide them down your legs. He grabbed your hand and placed it on your mound. You got the hint and let your hand roam between your thighs, touching your most intimate places and causing a soft moan to leave your lips. You wrapped one arm around his neck, bringing him down to you and he slipped the strap down of your nightie, beginning to kiss down your chest.

His mouth worked on your breast and you were so focused on the pleasure, you almost forgot why you were doing this in the first place. You let him continue, wanting to wait until he would really have no choice but to say yes to patching in Kozik to stop him. He grazed his teeth over your nipple once more before he sat up slightly, reaching down and pulling his own boxers down as he stared down at you pleasuring yourself. He grabbed himself and just as he began stroking, you pulled your legs shut.

He looked up at you in total confusion. “What’s wrong?” “I need a favor.” “What is it?” “I want you to vote yes to letting Kozik patch SAMCRO.” He starred at you in disbelieve for a moment. “Absolutely not.” He grabbed onto your knee and began to pull your legs back open but you closed them again. “It wasn’t really much of a question. I want him patched in.” Tig let go of your thigh and looked at you, his anger immediately bubbling to the surface. “Why, you fucking him?” You rolled your eyes. “Of course not. He’s a great friend to me and he’s a good Son. He’s so carefree and light, which is exactly what this club needs right now. He’s a good guy and no matter how much you hate him, you can’t deny that he’s good brother. Let him have this. Whatever beef you guys have, leave that shit in the past, where it belongs. Vote him in. You’re the only one saying no and it’s ridiculous. Everyone else knows he’s good enough to be SAMCRO and so do you, you’re just being stubborn.”

Tig looked to the ceiling. The bastard had his girl doing his dirty work. He looked back down at you. “You really want me to patch the fuckin guy in that bad?” You nodded innocently, running a finger over your own nipple, Tig letting out a breath. “Fine. Fine! You’re gonna pay for this though.” You smiled widely and reached up to kiss him. “Thank you Tiggy. I appreciate it.” “Yeah whatever. All fours.”


It was around noon when you woke up the next morning, sore but well rested. You turned over and reached out for Tig but his side was empty. Then you remembered that he had to be in early to take the vote for Kozik. You smiled to yourself and sat up, getting out of bed and going to take a shower.

When you got out, you checked your phone and saw 2 missed calls from Kozik. You called him back eager to know how the vote went. “Hello?” “Hey, you called me?” “Yeah! Just wanted to tell you to rest up before you come to the club house. The guys are having a little party for the newest member of SAMCRO.” “Really?! You got in?” “I sure did and I owe it all to you.” “How’s Tig?” “I don’t know, he sulked off to his dorm after we voted.” You laughed and shook your head. “He’ll get over it. Congratulation’s.”

Something New | Oh Sehun






 “How many sugars do you want in your tea?” I called out from the kitchen, soon to hear him let out a long groan from the living room.

“Please can we go out to get bubble tea instead?” He asked, putting on a sweet tone as he walked into the kitchen and slung his arms around my shoulders, whilst resting his chin on top of my head.

“You’re about to come down with a cold and I really don’t want to be the one who sets it off” I sternly spoke, stirring in the sugar into my own tea.

“Well technically…” He moved down to nuzzle his neck into the crook of my neck “It would be the bubble tea that would set it off” He pointed, beginning to place small pecks on my cheeks.

“As logical as it doesn’t sound at all,” I began, slowly untangling myself from his arms “You need to drink this tea I don’t have to hear your whiny complaints and commands from when you do get sick” I quipped, turning to him and handing him his mug and leading him to the living room. We sat in front of the TV, wrapped in a fluffy blanket and silently dipped our tea.

“What are you trying to do, repel me from catching a cold like… Ever?” He chuckled amusedly, his comment immediately being followed by a sneeze

“Yes and I’m pretty sure my efforts are useless right now” I played along, running my fingers through his hair and mimicking his eye crinkling smile.

“Thank you so much for taking care of me” Sehun suddenly piped up, placing his hand on my cheek and staring at me with a caring gaze.

“Sehun I always do that, it’s no big deal” I shook my head, looking down as a light blush tinted my cheeks.

“I mean I think it would make a lot more sense if you were around more often, just to make sure I don’t get sick, much to your horror” He mindlessly suggested, twirling a strand of my hair between his fingers

“You mean to say?” I prompted, propping myself up to place my head on his shoulder.

“I uh have something for you” He said, shifting in his place to pull a small box out of his pocket

“Please can you close your eyes and turn around” He requested, my instant reaction being to shake my head. “Come on, please” He pouted

“Sehun the last time you told me to turn around and close my eyes, I got sprayed in the  face with something I still don’t know” I whined as he began to laugh hysterically at the memory.

“Trust me on this, I swear I won’t do anything that would hurt you” He reassured rubbing my shoulders. I gave him a little hesitant nod before turning to face the other side with closed eyes. After a few seconds of shuffling, I felt a cold piece of metal in between my collar bones and my hand instantly flew up to touch what felt like a…key.

“Sehun, wha-what is this?” I turned to him with wide eyes as he continued to give me a huge smile. “What is this a key for?” I asked, fiddling with the key,already having an idea of why it was with me

“Well, you know how I said I wanted you here more often? I meant like I wanted you… To move in” He shyly explained, pulling out an identical key with his plushie key ring attached to it.

“Sehun I don’t know what to say” I admitted, looking down at my potential future with Sehun as I simply held it in my hands, waiting for me to accept it

“Jagiya I know this is a huge step, but I really feel like we’re ready but I understand if you don’t-” I cut off his pointless rambling as I placed my small hands on his cheeks and pulled him into a kiss to reassure him of my happiness. He sighed in relief as he kissed me back, having an even bigger smile on his face.

“So I’ll take that as a yes?” He grinned, running his thumb over my cheek as I smiled and nodded back at him. This was definitely a something new and I was glad Sehun wanted to take this step with me.

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A/N: I hope the anon who requested liked this :) Thank you all so much for reading <3

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Wrong Name (Junhoe Smut)

Warning: Smut, marking (biting/hickeys) kink. Tbh this request got my super excited, so yeah. I won’t spoil it, just read for yourself, enjoy ;) I hope this turned out good, I think my expectations for my writing were too high and this really didn’t turn out that well…oops :\

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I walked into my room to find my girlfriend fast asleep in my bed wearing one of my shirts. Though she was sleeping she was still beautiful. I put my bag down, trying not to make too much noise. I started changing as I heard y/n shifting in the bed behind me. “Mhm.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at y/n having a dirty dream about me. I mean I’ve had my fair share of them about her, she’s probably heard me once before. “Mhm, B.I. Right there.” I snapped my head around looking at her as she shifted in my bed once again. Did she just say B.I?

I didn’t bother to finish changing as I walked over to the bed. I slowly lifted the shirt, exposing y/n’s panties. I slowly ran my fingers up her slit, causing her to moan softly. I couldn’t help but be upset that she was getting off while dreaming about B.I. I slowly pulled down her panties, she was still sleeping as I turned my attention to her clit. Her moans a bit louder now, her hands getting tangled in my hair. My tongue circling her clit while I slowly began pumping a finger into her. “Mhm, B.I.” I pulled my mouth from her clit, biting at her inner thigh. She winced, inhaling a sharp breath. I looked up, her eyes slowly starting to open.

I pulled my finger from her, licking it clean. I moved my face up toward hers. Her eyes finally opening, a look of embarrassment and shock coming over her. “June!” “Oh, you don’t mean B.I?” I gave her a cocky grin raising an eyebrow. Before she could respond I began biting at her neck while I pushed two fingers into her. “Oh my god. June.” Her hands gripping at the sheets. “I don’t want to ever hear his name come from your lips in this room ever again.” She hissed as I bit down on her collarbone, sucking, leaving my mark. “You’re my girl.” I continued kissing down her body, occasionally sucking and biting, making sure to leave my mark.

I pulled my fingers from her, holding them up to her mouth. She proceeded to suck on them as I reached into my shorts pulling out a condom. I pulled my fingers from y/n’s mouth as I pulled off my shorts along with my boxers. I proceeded to rip open the square packet, sliding the condom onto my length. Without warning I pushed myself into her. “Oh my god, June!” My thrusts fast and hard, as she wrapped her arms around my neck. My teeth finding their place at her neck, making sure there I would leave my mark. “What was your dream about huh? B.I made you feel good?” “It was just a dream. He could never make me feel the way you do.” She pulled my head from her neck, crashing her lips to mine, moaning into the kiss.

I could sense her closing in on her climax as her hips were trying to meet mine. Soon her walls tightened around me as she reached her peak. I continued to thrust, she rode out her orgasm as I was reaching mine. My last few thrusts were the hardest, my teeth biting at her neck as I had reached my peak. We lay in silence, our breath slowly getting back to normal. Once we had come down from our highs, we both got out of bed, cleaning ourselves up while I disposed of the condom.

Y/n left to go to the bathroom as I pulled some clothes on. I stood in the doorway waiting for her as B.I came out of his room. Y/n walked into my room and B.I’s eyes widened as he saw her neck. “What the? You heard her moan Bobby’s name again?” He chuckled as I walked back into my room closing the door, but stopping to answer. “Nope. Yours.” His smile fading and a look of shock coming across his face as I closed the door.

I looked at y/n sitting on my bed grabbing her neck. “Babe, you really bit me hard. My neck really hurts.” “Well you wanna know how to fix that?” She laid down pulling me close to her. “How?” “Stop moaning the other guys names!” She turned away from me embarrassed, and we drifted off to sleep.

Luke Hemmings- HAAM

There were a lot of requests for me to do a Luke version of HAAM, so here you go! Hope you like it!


Luke walked with his shoulders slumped and his fists clenched. It was the championship game for football and time ran out with the other team winning. People around me either cheered or booed. Some were arguing with the referees to rethink some of his calls. I just watched Luke. He put his hands up to his head and looked at the ground. I bit down on my bottom lip and climbed off the bleachers. I made my way towards the field and towards Luke. I pushed past people walking towards me, whispering an apology that didn’t really have any meaning. I just wanted to get to Luke. When I was a short distance away, he looked up and saw me. His eyes stayed with mine for a few seconds before he looked away and shook his head. I jogged up to him and grabbed his arm, “Luke.”

He pulled himself off of me, “Don’t.”

“You still played a really good game.”

He turned around and gave me a pissed off look, “Are you fucking serious? We just lost because of me!”

“Hey, it wasn’t your fault. You played an amazing game. You just didn’t have anyone backing you up.”

He groaned, “I still could have done better.”

I reached for his hand and this time he didn’t pull away, “Come on. Everyone’s gone, get your bad and go to the locker room.”

He nodded and we walked over to the bench and he got his bag and we walked back towards the locker rooms. Cars were already leaving along with players, some of who beeped at us as we walked by. They shouted things like, “Nice game, Hemmings.” Or, “Told you that you would lose.” Which only made him angrier. I squeezed his hand and we kept walking until we got to the locker room. I let go of his hand and let him go in, but he just stopped walking and turned to face me, “Where are you going?”

“I can’t go into the boys locker room.”

He laughed, “Come on, there shouldn’t be anyone in here.” He held his hand out.

I shrugged and grabbed his hand and we walked in as the coach was walking out.

“Luke,” he said, “I thought everyone left.”

“No, sir, I need to shower and get changed.” Luke answered.

“You know how to lock up right?”

Luke nodded, “Yes, sir.”

“Alright just lock up when you’re done.”

Luke nodded and the coach left without even a second glance at me. We walked in and Luke placed his bag on the chair and then took off his shirt. He has some bruises on his torso from the ball hitting it a few times or from a few kicks. None the less, he looked flawless. He had some dirt on his face and his forehead was still sweaty. I licked my lips and blinked a few times, drinking in his appearance. He looked over at me and smirked, “Aren’t you going to come join me?”

“W-what?” I stuttered.

“You heard me. Take off your clothes and come join me.”

I swallowed hard, but I obligated. I reached down and slipped my shirt off my head. His demanding voice turned me on a bit, not to mention he was naked and under running water. I took the rest of my clothes off and joined Luke in the shower. Before I could even get my hair wet, Luke grabbed my hips and pressed me against the wall. His lips were on my neck immediately and my head fell back against the wall. I could feel his hard member poke my upper thigh. I glanced down and saw his tip was red and dripping with pre-cum. I so badly wanted to reached down and lick it off for him, but something tells me he wants to be in charge. He nipped at my skin, leaving his mark visible for anyone to see. One of his hands left my waist and ventured down to my clit. I sucked in a sharp breath when his finger pushed my folds apart. I wasn’t really wet yet, but I was definitely getting there. He slowly started rubbing circles on my clit and I let out the breath I was holding in. By habit, I reached down and gabbed hold of Luke’s dick. He stopped his movements and pulled away from my clit. He slapped my hand away, “Did I say you could do that?”

I blinked a few times, “N-no.”

“You will not touch me or yourself until I say you can.”

I nodded, “Okay.”

“Good.” He said and dropped down to his knees, “Remember, you can’t touch me until I say so.” And then his lips were wrapped around my clit. I tilted my head further back and moaned out Luke’s name. I felt around the wall for something to hold on to, but I couldn’t find anything. The only thing I could hold onto was the shower head. I reached up and held on as my knees became weak. His tongue lapped around me and his hands gripped tightly onto my ass. I want to reach down and grip my fingers into his hair but I’m not allowed to. He pressed himself closer to me so his nose was just above my clit. He licked everywhere around me, his tongue darting in and out at random times. God it feels so good. So fucking good.

“Luke.” I moaned and begged. I begged him to let me touch him. But he just shook his head against me which caused me to shudder. His tongue just grazed my clit which was almost teasing. I’m so close. So damn close its driving me insane. I whimpered and bucked my hips forward. But he just pinned me against the wall and ate me out at a rapid pace.

“Fuck.” I muttered as I felt myself on the edge of exploding.

He hummed against me and I cried out louder and louder the closer I got to my state of bliss. He looked up at me and my eyes locked with his. My face was scrunched up and my eyebrows were knit together. He started to move his head up and down side to side which sent me over the edge.

“Shit, Luke!” I yelled out as I came all over him. My knees became weak and I almost fell to the ground if it weren’t for Luke hold me up and me holding onto the shower head. He licked me clean before pulling away and letting me go. It was then when I fell to my knees trying to catch my breath.

Luke stood up, “Since your down there, I’m allowing you to touch me.” He leaned against the wall.

I breathed heavily and looked up at him to see his member right in front of my face. I grabbed hold of it and pumped him a few times. I watched as his head fell back against the wall and he let out a small sigh. With the water fall down on us from the shower, it made it easier to pump him. I made sure it was slow and teasingly pleasurable. The water washed off his pre-cum which slightly disappointed me. I swiped my thumb over his tip with was extremely red with anticipation. I leaned forward and licked the water that was dripping off of him.

“Stop teasing me.” Luke said in a low voice.

I ignored him and removed him from my mouth and continued to pump him slowly. Eventually I got too anticipated and I wrapped my lips around his tip. I sucked gently, but not enough go overwhelm him with pleasure. I slowly pushed him further into my mouth until I couldn’t fit anymore. I bobbed my head up and down and pumped what wouldn’t fit in my mouth. I heard him sigh of relief and I felt his hand on the back of my head. I swirled my tongue all around him as I pumped him hard.

“Look at me.” He whispered, but I didn’t listen. I just closed my eyes and focused on pleasuring him.

“I said fucking look at me!” He commanded and I opened my eyes and looked up at him through my lashes. His face was dripping with water and his hair was flat on his forehead. His bottom lip was between his teeth and his gazed stayed with mine. I blinked a few times to get the water out of my eyes which caused a moan to escape past his lips. I hollowed my cheeks and pushed him further into my mouth until I was basically gagging. I moaned onto him which caused him to growl in response.

“Fuck, Y/N, get up.” He said.

I released him from my mouth with a pop noise and I stood up. He grabbed my hips and spun me around so I was pressed against the wall. He lifted my leg up around his waist and pushed himself into me with no warning.

“God.” He whispered and placed his face in the crook of my neck. I reached around him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Don’t touch me until I say so.” He reminded me and I pulled my arms away from him. I reached up and held onto the shower head as he slid out of me and then rammed back in.

“Luke…” I moaned out and let my head rest against the wall. He fit so perfectly inside me, filled me up completely. And he always hit the right spots. He pulled out of me and slammed back in over and over again. His tip brushed against my g-spot and I shrieked in pleasure. My grip tightened on the shower head as I fought to keep myself upright.

“Don’t stop.” I silently begged.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” He growled and went faster. I breathed out loudly and then back in to only release it faster. My breathing was quickening which each of his thrusts and the pleasure started to rise in the pit of my stomach.

“Oh…oh god.” I moaned, “Let me touch you. Please.” I begged.

“No. Not yet.” His grip on my waist tightened.

One of his arms moved up and around my back, holding me closer to him.

“Are you close?” He asked.

“So, so close.” I squeaked out.

He went faster and used his over head and reached down and began rubbing circles on my clit. I moaned and bucked my hips forward, feeling the edge of my orgasm approach.

“Cum for me, Y/N.” He whispered into my ear and kissed the base of my neck. The feeling of him rubbing me and kissing me sent me over the edge. I cried out and came over his fingers and his dick. I pulled hard on the shower head to keep myself up, but it couldn’t hold. It broke off and I fell on top of Luke. But he held me close to him, not letting me fall. Water sprayed everywhere and the shower head fell to the floor. He slowly thrust in and out of me riding out my orgasm. I shuddered and held tight to Luke, fearful that I might fall. He pulled out of me, but still held onto me. After I caught my breath, I realized that Luke never came. I came twice, he didn’t, not even once. I lifted myself off of him, “Lie down.”

“Excuse you?”

“I want to pleasure you like you pleasured me.”

He hesitantly nodded and lied down on the floor. I hovered over him with my legs on either side of him and I crouched down.

“Can I touch you?” I asked.


I placed my hands on his chest and leaned down, placing my lips on his. It didn’t last very long because I moved my lips to his collarbone and started kissing down his chest. I sat up and grabbed his member, aligning him up with my entrance. I sunk down on him slowly, watching his head fall back onto the ground. Water was still spraying everywhere, but neither of us cared. Neither of us wanted to turn off the water, not that it mattered. I bounced up and down on him, letting my head fall back from the feeling. I leaned back and rested my hands on the floor and bucked my hip forward.

“Shit.” Luke muttered.

I swirled my hips in a circular motion which I knew drove Luke crazy.

“Oh fuck.” Luke sat up and grabbed my waist, pulling me up with him. My legs were still on either side of him but I was lifted off the ground more and Luke was pounding into me. I whimpered and rested my head on his shoulder.

He bit down on my shoulder, just another mark to add to the many others. His movements were fast and hard and I felt another orgasm rising in the pit of my stomach. The feeling was indescribable, to have Luke inside me and so close to me. I clenched around him which caused him to moan.

“Do that again.” He said into my skin on my shoulder.

I clenched around him again and I felt him twice inside of me. He reached down and started rubbing circles on my clit just like before, but it still brought me the same amount of pleasure. My orgasm hit me faster than expected and I cried out and hugged myself closer to Luke. I squeezed my eyes shut and felt the breath leave my body. Luke moved his fingers away from me and gripped them onto my waist and he sped up. I reached up and gripped my fingers in his hair which sent him over the edge.

“Oh, fuck!” He yelled as he shot his load into me. His movements slowed down, but he whimpered with each thrust. I was still out of breath and holding onto him. But I used one of my hands to reach up and turn the water off. I slowly tried to stand up, but failed miserably and fell back onto the ground. There’s no way I can walk, my legs are too sore. Luke laughed and picked me up and walked me over to the bench where our clothes were. He dressed me and then dressed himself.

He knelt down in front of me, “Are you okay?”

I laughed and pecked his lips, “Yes, I’m perfectly fine.”

“Can you walk?” He asked.

I bit my bottom lip, “No.”

He turned himself around so I was looking at his back, “Piggy back ride?”

I hooked my arms around his neck pulled myself onto his back and he walked out of the locker room. I placed a kiss on his cheek and he smiled. Maybe he should lose games more often.

  • “i work at starbucks and wow you have either the weirdest or coolest name i’ve ever heard, but i can’t spell that so i’ma just write Bae” au
  • “the drummer totally threw the drumstick to me, LET THE FUCK GO, I’LL FUCKING FIGHT YOU” au
  • “you’re like the tallest person at this concert and i’m p sure that i’m the shortest and people keep shoving into me, help” au
  • “my leg is broken and i just fell and can’t get up, you’re literally the only one around, just put your damn book down and help me up” au
  • “i’m a lifeguard at this pool and i was being stupid and fell in and hit my head and you come to this pool like every day and so you jumped in and saved me” au
  • “you were on a walk and i asked if i can pet your dog, pLS HELP IT’S HUMPING ME, STOP LAUGHING” au
  • “i’m out with a group of friends and thankfully none of them noticed the really embarrassing thing i just did, but you won’t stop laughing, please just ignore me” au
  • “i spent all day making these cookies for you since you just moved in next to me, and what the fuck do you mean you don’t like sweets, eat them” au
  • “you’re really hot and work at an ice cream shop and i dropped my ice cream cone like the moment you handed it to me and you laugh until i point out that you have to clean it up” au
  • “i work at a library and you’re always here studying or something but you always put the books back in the wrong section and i have to reshelve everything, seriously wth is your problem” au
  • “i had a really mean boss and so i quit by pulling a bunch of really extreme office pranks. that boss got fired like a week after i quit and you became the new boss and i want my old job back so now i have to sit with you and explain all the things i did when i quit” au
  • “maybe you got here first, but i’m v tired and had a long day at work, so i’m gonna take this last bottle of soda” au
  • “you got impatient while i was crossing the street and honked and almost hit me so now i’m just standing in front of your car and drinking my smoothie, WAIT WHY ARE YOU GETTING OUT” au
  • “i was hardcore jamming out while driving and you saw me dancing and started laughing and apparently we were driving to the same place, pls stop mimicking my dancing” au
  • “i’m in detention every week and you’re new but i keep seeing you in detention too, i’m pretty impressed tbh” au

You were in the girls shower cleaning yourself off after doing a swimming practice. No one was in the girls change room so you decided to have a (peaceful) shower. With no one around you thought it would be good to start singing. You first started humming to; Silhouettes - Of Monsters And Men. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3B1gQyRZpg (Listen to it, it’s really good)

You close your eyes starting to sing turning on the water putting your towel over the wall singing louder. “Letting go, I’m finally at peace but it feels wrong, slow, I’m getting up. My hands and feet are weaker than before.”

The girls bathroom slowly opens reviling Lydia poking her head around the door. She looks ahead hearing you sing, she smiles slowly walking up to you with out you realizing. “-are folded on the bed were I rest my head-” Lydia then realized, the closer she got, the more she felt like she was in a trace. She stared walking closer her eyes flickering black. “There’s nothing I can see, darkness becomes me.” You sing perfectly, still not noticing Lydia. She stops walking shaking her head. 

“What was that?” She mumbles she looks up and see your naked back. Her cheeks go red and her eyes widen. “But I’m already there, I’m already there-” Lydia’s eyes stay black a little longer only hearing you sing one line which was. “Where ever there is you, I’ll be there too.” 

“Where ever there is you, I’ll be there too.” Lydia says monotone. You turn around to face where the voice came from. Your eyes widen and you scream loudly seeing Lydia standing there with no expression on her face. You try to reach out for the towel but she was in the way. 

While on the other side of the school Scott heard you scream. He looks up slowly his eyes flashes yellow. “Coach I gotta go!” He says quickly running off without waiting to be excused. 

“Oh no.” You mumble waving your hand in front of you strawberry blond hair friend. “Not again.” You sigh, you roll your lips in making a straight line looking away innocently. “What am I going to do?” I ask yourself still trying to cover yourself up, but knowing she going to forget all about this when you remove the trace. 

“(Y/n)?!” You hear the door being violently being swung open reviling Scott. 

“Scott?” You question hearing his large footstep quickly tap there way to you. “Don’t look!” You screech pushing your body to the wall. Scott turns the corner taking a second for him to look away.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you and Lydia saw each other in that way.” He sheepishly says taking a step back. Your eyes widen and you shake your head which was still on the wall.

“N-no! S-she-” You try to make up a lie to Scott not wanting him to know about your supernatural or knowing that “Mythical” creatures exist (you didn’t know that he and your friends knew about the supernatural and most of them were supernatural). “Heard me sing, a-and now s-she was just leaving.” I hiss trying to control her to move, but all she did was take a large step closer. 

“She isn’t leaving.” He says noticing Lydia’s heartbeat wasn’t there, he noticed straight away that it sounded like you had two heartbeats. “I’ll take her away.” He says pulling her away. You gulp closing your eyes shut trying to constraint on snapping Lydia out of the trace. Your eyes turned black under neath your eye lids. Lydia took a few deep breath before breath properly. Scott then noticed Lydia’s heartbeat back, and you having one heartbeat again. He frowns looking at you, you were also taking deep breaths. You look over at Scott who had a confused face. 

“W-what am I doing here?” Lydia breath out. Looking around seeing you naked cramped up to the cold tile wall. “(Y/n)?” She asked then shook her head. “T-that is, so strange.” She mumbled out, while Scott couldn’t stop looking at you knowing something was up with you, and just realizing, your smell wasn’t a human smell.          


“She’s not human.” Scott says to the pack which were now in Scott’s house. Stiles sighs running his fingers through his hair licking his lips. 

“You say that one more time I’m going to shove my hand down your werewolf throat and rip out your vocal cords.” Stiles hisses at him. “Then you can try to ask (Y/n) out.” He smirks licking his lips nodding his head. Scott head flings to Stiles direction growling at him a light tint of red spreed to his cheeks. 

“Shut it Stiles.” He mumbles feeling embarrassed. Lydia rolls her eyes slamming a large pile of books on the table. 

“While you guys are talking about crushed on my best friend and repeating the same sentence of ‘She’s not human’ and using boring comebacks about Scott being a werewolf.” She pauses picking up a green book called ‘Myths and legends’. “I went to the library picking up books about all myths and supernatural monsters.” She smiles throwing a book to Stiles and Scott, who easily cough it while, Stiles missed picking it up from the floor.

“Why don’t we use a thing called ‘google’.” Stiles hisses picking up his laptop which was on his lap shaking it slightly. Lydia bit her lip and gulped slightly.

“Books are better.” She shrugged picking up a book.

“You forgot that the internet existed didn’t you.” Stiles sighed putting the laptop back on his lap. She sighed mumbling a few things under his breath. 

“Anyway, Lydia please tell me what was happening in the girls locker room with (Y/n).” Scott says flicking through the book.

“I’m not sure, I just heard mumbles in my head just repeating the same thing, I could feel (Y/n)’s heartbeat.” She mumbled thinking. “And I was listing to what they were saying to me, some were different, saying different things, like the quite side would say, ‘wake up’ while the other side would say ‘why wake up when you feel more alive, take a step forward’. Or something like that.” She sighs as Scott stopped on a page about sirens. “But it wasn’t a random voice.”She says catching Scott’s full attention. “It was her voice.” She says looking up at Scott. 

“She’s a siren.” Scott blurted out. 

Dragon’s healing Spit

The first daily drabble is now out! This idea was given to me by @567random . Anyways, here you guys go! this was really fun to write!

Rated: K

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 477

“Put me down!”


Lucy, safely carried in bridal-style by her Natsu, glared arduously at him, her rage nearly manifesting around her as she spoke through gritted teeth. “Put. me. down. Now.”

Natsu only shook his head, a grin still plastered on his face as he opened the door to her apartment with his foot and sashayed in. “No can do.”

“Natsu!” Lucy cried, struggling against the iron grip the dragon-slayer used to keep her to his chest. “Let me go! I can still walk! I only hurt my shoulder!”

Ignoring her protests, Natsu proceeded to carefully place the raging blonde on the couch. “Wait here a sec, I gotta go grab the first aid kit.”

Lucy only groaned as she watched him; She had merely harmed her shoulder when taking a stroll in the forest, her partner really needed not to worry, or exaggerate, so much. She could still walk perfectly, it wasn’t as if she had broken some bones, either.

She simply tripped on a root and fell…

The sound of her bathroom door opening brought her back to reality, and she nearly groaned once more as she covered her face with her hands.

“Natsu,” she sent him an unimpressed look. “That’s not the first aid kit…”

“Huh?” Natsu lifted the box he carried to his face and examined it. “What is it, then?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Lucy sighed exasperatedly as she left the couch, walking over to her best friend and taking the box from his hand. “Just go grab the first aid kit. It’s in the last drawer.”

“Alright, but only if you go back to the couch first.” he told her, as he obeyed, and Lucy found herself complying with another sigh.

“This is it, right?” Natsu said, emerging from the bathroom after a few moments and holding, this time, the right box.

“Yes, Natsu. It is.”

“Great,” he said, settling himself next to her. “Now gimme that shoulder so I can heal it.”

Rolling her eyes, the blonde did as told and twisted her body around for the other to have access to what he wished.

She watched calmly as the dragon-slayer carefully applied the ointment before wrapping it in an ace wrap.

She simply closed her eyes and let the boy do the work, knowing that he would not desist after having set his mind to it. But her eyes shot open and she jumped away when she felt something wet on her skin.

“What are you doing?!” She cried, vibrant scarlet decorating her cheeks once she realized he had leaned down to give her a kiss.

“What?” He tilted his head quizzically, approaching the blonde. “You didn’t know that Dragon spit helps to heal?”

“What?! No! It doesn’t!”

“Yes it does!” Natsu leapt at her, attempting to shower her injury’s with kisses.

“Noo!! Stop!!”

“Lucy! Come back here!”


Cameron Dallas imagine *requested*

I sat on the couch hoping cam would take us home soon. Party’s are awful and I don’t even watch football. One of cams friends were hosting a small party to watch football and hang out with a few friends but the word ended up spreading and now the party is a lot bigger then I expected.

“What’s up y/n?” Nash asks as he walks over to me and jumps on the couch beside me.

“I’m just tired and I don’t really want to be here. I haven’t seen cam all night and I just want to go home. He said he wouldn’t leave my sight.” I explain to Nash.

“Want me to drive you home?” Nash asks.

“I don’t think Cam would like that.” I giggle.

He puts his arm around my shoulder and pulls me towards him. I rest my head on his shoulder and I close my eyes. He grabs my hand and squeezes it.

“Don’t worry y/n… Want me to find him.” He asks.

“No he will be here soon just stay here.” I smile at Nash.

He looks back down at me and smiles back. Just then I see cam walk in the room. He looks at me then at Nash and curls his hands into fists which I have noticed he does when he’s mad.

He walks over to me and grabs my wrist really hard and drags me off the couch.

“We’re leaving.” He says and continues holding my wrist. Pulling me outside. He grabbed me so tight I was almost positive I was going to have a bruise. I felt a single hot tear tickle my cheek from him holding my wrist.

“Cam please let go of my wrist.” I say. Apparently his head was filled with too many thoughts cause he didn’t hear me.

“CAMERON ALEXANDER DALLAS YOU ARE HURTING ME.” I shout at him interrupting his thoughts.

He looked at me and down at my wrist and let go immediately.

“Y/n I’m sorry I was just mad.” He says with wide eyes.

“YOU? YOU were mad?!?!” I say surprised.

“Yeah you can’t keep your hands to yourself y/n!” Cameron says with his voice raising on every word.


“So because I wasn’t there you decided that you would just cuddle with Nash right? Oh no Cameron wouldn’t care right?” Cam says loudly but not shouting. I feel another tear start to fall but wipe it away before Cam could see.

“Are you crying?” He asks calming down and looks at me concerned.

“No.” I say lying, but as soon as I say it all these unexpected tears appear.

He looks at me as if he were to say ‘really? Not crying?’

“Oh where did these come from.” I say wiping them away again.

“Don’t cry.” He says grabbing my arms and pulling me into his chest. I put my face in the crook of his neck and cry again. I don’t know the exact reason I’m crying. Maybe cause I got in a fight with the boy who means the most to me, maybe cause my wrist is still stinging or maybe I’m crying cause I know what I did was wrong and I should have never made Cam feel that way.

“I’m sorry Cameron really I am. I’m also sorry I got your shirt soaked.” I say laughing a bit at the end. I hear him chuckle. “We can go back inside of you want.” I suggest.

“I’d rather go home and watch Peter Pan with my girl.” He says putting his arm around me and walking to his car. I smile at the mention of Peter Pan remembering my favourite movie of all time.

“I’d like that.” I say still smiling.

How did I get so lucky?

Sorry it’s so late but here it is 😄


Innes looked at her innocently. “Why, do I need a reason to woo my lover?” He asked. He gave her a nice sultry smile.

“N-no…” She replied, she took off her hat and set it aside, letting her hair curl around her face. He had never really tried to woo her before… it was unexpected. She removed her boots as well, she didn’t wish to really disturb the effort he put in

She walked towards the bed, the flower petals a nice touch. This was all very intimate, “I just want to know what’s going on in that head of yours, melar...” The way she said lover in her native tongue, she rolled the ‘r’ sound like it was a purr.

You’re safe with me. Jack Barakat imagine

Can you please write a jack Barakat imagine where you’re dating and it’s really late and you’re walking through down town together and you’re really scared so he keeps you close and puts his arm around you and tries to reassure you and promises he will defend you ?


“You ready to get going sweetie?” Jack asks, finishing his drink.

I nod and kiss his cheek. He gets the check and quickly gives his card to the server before I can.

“I hate that you do that.” I say quietly, still resting my head on his shoulder. “Thank you though.”

He wraps his arm around my waist while we wait for him to sign the receipt. “Anytime beautiful. You deserve it.” He says, kissing my forehead.

The server quickly comes back and tells us to have a great night. Jack tips generously and we make our way out of the restaurant.

It’s a bit nippy out, but it’s nice. I grab my phone and pull up my Uber app.

“Y/N, why don’t we just walk?” Jack asks, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me in.

“Are you sure? It’s a bit of a walk.”

“I’m okay with that.” He whispers, kissing my neck gently. He grabs my hand and we start walking.

Unfortunately, looking nice doesn’t mean being comfortable. I wore a really cute, strapless dress that goes to my knees so I’m freezing. I cross my arms to help keep me warm and Jack soon notices my goosebumps.

“You want my jacket?” He asks, but before I can answer he’s already taking off his jacket and placing it on my shoulders.

“But what if you get cold?” I ask, extremely relieved by the sudden warmth.

“I’ll be okay.” He smiles.

I love walking at night, but I tend to get a little paranoid. My mind likes to trick me into seeing things in shadows or hearing things behind me.

I thought I heard someone behind us so I quickly look and see nothing. I grab Jack’s hand and squeeze a little.

“Are you okay?” He asks, squeezing my hand back.

I nod and move myself closer to him.

“Y/N, you know you’re safe with me right?” He says, pulling me even closer.

“I know I know. I’m just paranoid.” I assure him, kissing his cheek.

We’re finally on our steer and I’m at ease a little. After a few short minutes we are safe and sound in our cute little house.

We both change and collapse into bed. I rest my head on his chest and he wraps his arm around my shoulders.

“Y/N?” Jack says quietly.

“Mhmm?” I say struggling to stay awake.

“You do know I would never let anyone hurt you, right?” I can tell he’s trying to be serious.

I tilt my head a little so I can see his face.

“Of course, sweetie.” I promise.

“I just don’t want you to ever feel like you’re not safe with me. I would give up everything just to make sure you were safe.” He whispers. “I love you so much, Y/N. I would never, and I mean NEVER, let anything happen to you ”

“I love you too, Jack.” I smile, kissing his cheek a few times.

“To the moon and back?” He whispers.

“To the moon and back.” I whisper back before dosing off.

*I hope this was okay! Please send in requests!*


My only Vietnamese place was sold. I am kinda bummed. I enjoyed their menu. It was limited in choices but it is Long Island so the fact that there was one good Vietnamese restaurant around me was a miracle in and of itself.

I haven’t been around much posting lately. I have been around but not typing. My head is in a weird place at the moment. I’m trying to figure out some things about myself and I am really at a strange place.

I am starting to walk the streets at night again. I have to stop that. I like being the only one, seemingly, out on the road in the early morning.

It takes me out of one place but puts me in another. Hit or miss if that other place is better or worse. All I know is it is different than where I was.

Anyway. I’m still here and this has been an update.

Those streets ain’t gonna walk themselves…or something like that.


You grabbed Sam’s last two fries before he could take them and stuffed them into your mouth.
“Hey!” Sam laughed.
You just gave him your sassiest grin before leaning back into his shoulder.
After the shopping tour the both of you had decided to take a break before driving back home and so you sat down on a bench half an hour ago. 
Sam had bought you two something to eat but now that you were done eating you started to watch the other couples and people who walked by.
“Sammy look. These two guys over there”
“What’s with them?” Sam asked while putting an arm around your waist.
“For a second I thought they were Cas and Dean.” you laughed.
You could feel the light vibration of his chest behind your head as he softly laughed at the sign of the two guys kissing in front of him. “They really look like my brother and his personal guardian angel”
Now it was on you to laugh aloud. “I should write that one down for the next time I’m going to tease Dean about Destiel.”
All of the sudden you remembered the box inside your bag. “Oh! By the way Sam. I have something for you!.”
You handed him the box and chuckled at his wide eyes.
He always thought about everyone else but the sign of others doing something for him, even if it was something as small as his girlfriend giving him a present on Valentine’s Day, was still surprisingly for Sam.
He opened the box and smiled immediatly when his eyes landed on the collection of his favorite sweets.
“Thank you so much (y/n)" 
Sam kissed you before grabbing one of the cookies.
His face lit up at the taste of it but he left you confused when he closed the box instead of eating more.
Normally he would eat at least half of them right away and not just one cookie.
"I got something for you too”
You stared at your boyfriend “But you bought me flowers already.”
“I bought you the flowers because I saw them on our walk and thought you would like them” he answered “But they weren’t your actual present.”
“Oh” was the only thing you were able to answer.
“Give me your hand.”
You placed your small hand in his big, gentle palm.
With his other hand Sam took a little golden bag out of his pocket and opened it in front of you. 
He turned it upside down and the silver necklace fell into your hand. 
You lifted it up and smiled at the sign of the small paper airplane.
“I know you want to travel around the world and you want to get out of this life as much as I want to. I don’t know if it will ever work out, I can’t promise you that but I can promise you that I will try my best to make your wish come true some day. We are allowed to dream and I hope the necklace will always remind you of that.”
Your boyfriend turned the necklace in your hand and you saw a small text engraved in it. *Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason*
“Sam…” you were close to tears now.
He took the necklace from your hands and smiled at you. “May I?”
You nodded and turned around. Sam lifted your hair up and put it over your shoulder.
As soon as the lock was closed you threw your arms around Sam and kissed him deeply. 
“I love you so much” you whispered breathless.
Sam placed his forehead against yours and grabbed you tighter. “I love you too”

I love black women!

Let me tell you a story about how all black women look out for other black children. So this happened during the winter time and it was really cold outside… I’m a college student and my apartment is right across the street from the school, with a gas station in between. I was walking to class one morning and as I was walking through the parking lot of the gas station I heard a lady say “Hey sweetie put that hood on your head” I turned around and there was a black woman pumping her gas talking to me. She then said “baby it’s cold outside you gone get sick, put that hood on your head”. So like any child that was raised by a black parent I obeyed and put that hood on my head! That whole encounter made me feel so special because I could hear my mama saying that exact thing to me! In that moment she was like my mom and that made me feel like I would always have somebody looking out for me. Even if I didn’t know them!

Moral of the story: Black women are caring and nurturing people and they are so under appreciated!

Everything I was thinking in my head but couldn't put into words.
  • *My mom and I watching the Fosters episode 1x04, the scene where Callie comes downstairs in her dress*
  • *Brandon turns around and sees Callie*
  • Mom: Oh, she looks pretty. She looks really pretty.
  • *Talya walks in*
  • Mom: Oh she dosen't look nearly as pretty.
  • *Talya notices Brandon gawking at Callie*
  • Mom: Ha ha mean girl, her hair is prettier than yours, her dress is prettier than yours, and your boyfriend likes her better.