i really neeeed this

Fridays are the worst for trying to be productive. 

I finished about half of my tensors notes (not bad for three hours worth of work) but I’m too tired to do the next half. Weekends are my time off, so I’m not going to work on it over the weekend either. So I’m calling it quits for today and moving on to blogging since that’s much more enjoyable (and my hand hurts from writing too much).

Next week, my focus is going to be 100% on Cosmology. I neeeed to do really well in that test. I do have a small computational project but it’s literally a something I did in 1st year physics so it’s no big deal at all. I just want to do well in Cosmology.

is it just me or does anyone else sing their problems ? like i’ll be walkin around the house like “feeeellliiin ca-rappyyyy” “soo much-o anxieettyyyy” “i really reeaaally neeeed him rightt nooowww , but i kindddaa never wanna sEEEE HIIiimm agaaaiinn”