i really needed it right now

I’m absolutely terrified about this ~goat craze~ going on right now because I’m positive people are willy-nilly adopting goats without any idea of how to care for them.
Goats are not normal pets like dogs and cats, they’re farm animals and have VERY specific needs and their symptoms for illness can be incredibly subtle and someone who isn’t well-versed can EASILY kill a baby goat without even knowing what they did wrong, or maybe even worse they’ll let the poor thing suffer it’s whole life because they try to treat it like it’s a normal suburban pet.
So please please PLEASE don’t buy baby goats as cute, quirky pets. Don’t buy them as “pets” at all, even! They’re livestock and you need to treat them like it! You can love them as your family but you need to know they’re FAR more complex than a kitten.
If you’re really that interested in goats please READ UP! Not just on Wikipedia, I mean actual books about caring specifically for the breed of goat you’re looking at. (Different breeds can need different things!!) Make sure you have TONS of space and adequate browsing for your goat, and memorize what kind of plants a goat can/cannot eat and KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE

Update- Thank You Everyone

My bank account is all right now.

Thank you to everyone that donated and commissioned, it really helped me out. At least I know once I get my paycheck it won’t go all into paying overdraft fees.

I’ll still take commissions from anyone if they wish! But the crisis has been adverted and there’s no need to send me money for that reason in of itself.

I really really appreciate all the help I got. Thank you to each one of you. :)

I would also appreciate if you guys could reblog this post too, so that others can see and not spend their money when there is no longer as urgency to.

Thank you so so much again! :)

because it’s 10:45 at night, i think we need to talk about that end scene.

I know that a lot of people are going to say that ohhh Darvey totally sunk, and all that jazz, but am I the only person who thinks that this was a really really good thing?

The entire episode we saw a parallel between Harvey and Donna when they first met and Harvey and Donna now, and also how Donna and Louis are now. I think we can all agree that Harvey and Donna in the beginning is totally magic and the Harvey and Donna we love the most. And one of the things that stuck out to me was the fact that there’s an obvious shift in their relationship recently. And it might be because I think that Donna feels like Harvey doesn’t need her anymore. Not really. I mean before she was sort of his moral compass, telling him the things he didn’t want to hear, even though he knew they were right. He has Mike now, and Rachel. But in this episode, Louis needed her. Louis was there for her. And Louis pointed out all the reasons why they were working, why the thing between them had actually become something akin to the thing she has with Harvey.

(Except not really, because Donna/Harvey is something else all together, but Louis and Donna have gotten a lot closer in recent years, and they both care of each other.)

In that end scene, Harvey’s got this whole speech prepared, and it’s obvious where it’s headed. “You’re the most amazing woman I know, and even though I don’t-.”

You don’t what? You don’t love her? That’s not true, he said he loved her, and we as the viewers knew he meant it. Why? Because of his face, but I’ll get into that more later. Perhaps let’s take a leap and say he was going to say something like he’s not in love with her.

Donna cuts him off immediately, she’s not going to play this game with him. The game where they dance around their feelings. I’ve been saying for a whole week that Donna would not put with Harvey trying to bullshit her, and she didn’t. She immediately tells him that they aren’t working and she can’t do this anymore. When she tells him she’s going to work for Louis, you can literally see Harvey get punched in the gut.

(All I could think of was that line “People don’t leave me” that he shouted at her once.)

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anonymous asked:

I understand not wanting to follow first world feminism (even though I disagree, I respect your opinion), but I'm just curious, how do you feel about the feminism in other countries that need it (for example, Malala fighting for a girl's right to education)?

Oh, I’m all for women’s rights in other countries that need feminism. Women have every right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as much as men do.

By definition I am a feminist, but I try to distance myself from that label. Western feminism has been warped into something grotesque, hateful, hypocritical, and ironically degrading, and that’s something I don’t want to be associated with. It’s like communism in theory versus communism in practice.

From my perspective, I think that feminism has become obsolete in places like America and Canada. We really don’t need it anymore since women have all the same rights as men now.

There are still some cultural separations that won’t be overcome easily. There are still repercussions from thing-ist’s past, but they are by NO means as urgent and serious as people make them out to be. We can work on it, but we need to be constructive about it and not resort to bully tactics.

If you picket a funeral screaming “GOD HATES FAGS,” if you pull a fire alarm when others have the right to discuss in private if they are being oppressed, if you kill people in the name of your faith, if you strip top-naked and mock a Catholic priest trying to pray… You are not an activist, you are not “progressive,” you are a bully.

As of right now, we have to find somewhere new to live by June 1st.

My parents had a court date/mediation session with our landlords February 12th, the results of which were understandable but not at all good for us. We’re currently behind at least 6 months in rent. We can’t even pay our current month, let alone start playing catch up. Our situation hasn’t changed since I last asked for help. To reiterate:

In the beginning of October, my dad lost his job. It hit us hard, as we used his paycheck primarily to pay the rent while my mom’s smaller one went towards bills and necessities. After parting ways with his employer who promised they wouldn’t contest his unemployment claim, he filed only to be denied as they went against their word. For a month and a half we lived solely on my mom’s income while he appealed their decision until he finally won his claim, awarding him a month and a half of backlog. It seemed like we struck gold at the time, as we were able to pay both October and Novemeber’s rents, only to have it run out a week later. Since then, he’s been making sandwiches at a highschool for a quarter more than minimum wage, three hours a day, as he searches for something else. As you can imagine, it’s not doing much at all for our situation.

This would all be bad enough if he hadn’t been previously let go during a mass lay-off in February of 2013, which caused us to ultimately fall six months behind on our rent. He was unemployed for over a year, and this was during the time when congress was debating whether or not to keep the unemployment benefit extensions in effect since the national unemployment rate was back down. They eventually neglected to pass the extension, which meant from the time his benefits ran out until he was finally hired in March of 2014, we were living off my mom’s sole income. As a family of five, it was no where near enough to allow us to pay everything we need to.

Our income hasn’t increased in the past month and a half and now the situation is becoming dire. If we don’t start paying regular rent AND start paying back our previous debts, we have to be out of this house by June 1st. The problem is we don’t have the money or credit standing to move. We can’t afford a new place, obviously we can’t even afford the one we currently have, and that’s on the cheaper end of the spectrum. We can’t afford moving expenses. We can’t afford a security deposit or the first two+ months down payment on a new place. There is a very real possibility that if we move, my family has to split up. My mom would have to go to her friend’s, my brother to a relative, I’d go god knows where, my other brother and father somewhere else, and that’s not even considering our four cats, each of which has special needs. One of the worst things you can do in this situation is splitting up a family, tearing away the support structure for multiple people, upsetting a carefully crafted routine. Especially when 4/5s of the family has emotional(etc) problems, including anxiety, bi polar disorder and autism. (In addition to psychological issues, there’s also a myriad of physical ailments to consider- my mother is a cancer survivor currently neglecting check ups and scans that she needs to have done to ensure she stays cancer free because we simply cannot afford them right now.)

This is URGENT. This is an EMERGENCY. I am DESPERATE. I don’t know where I’m gonna be living come June 1st. I don’t know where I’m going to put my cats. I don’t know what’s going to happen to my family. If we’re forced to split up, it also means giving up a majority of our belongings which have been accumulated spanning the past 31 years my parents have spent together. It means getting rid of the bits of my childhood I didn’t lose the last time we lost a house. It means selling, donating or throwing away boxes and boxes of belongings and memories because we can’t even afford a storage unit, which we have also lost in the past due to nonpayment.

I’m BEGGING for your help because if we can start paying off our debt, our landlords have agreed to ignore the eviction papers. If we can start paying, REGULARLY month-to-month and THEN SOME, we get to stay.

We are trying our hardest. My dad still goes to a high school every day, making sandwiches for three hours on minimum wage, because he is continually told he is both OVERqualified and UNDERqualified to work in a field he has worked in for 35+ years. I am losing hours like crazy due to my job being largely seasonal, and I’m trying my hardest to pick up more hours while finding other jobs but I have health restrictions that keep me from applying to 80% of jobs currently on the market that I have qualifications for. My brothers are struggling to find work, as well- my oldest brother is routinely overqualified, while the other one doesn’t have enough experience. We cannot live on my mom’s salary alone. We’re barely paying our other bills. We’re on a state-run energy assistance program just to keep our heat on. We’re on food stamps that we run out of in the middle of the month because it isn’t enough. We can’t do this alone anymore. It isn’t working.

$10,000 is a lot to ask but I wouldn’t if I had any other option. Each month of rent is $1,500- that’s $6,000 from now til the deadline (March, April, May, June) and $4,000 we can start paying back with if we reach the goal. Everyone was so helpful and so generous in January and I have to impose on all of you again. This is a matter of a family losing shelter, of five people (four of which have mental illnesses, two have dietary restrictions, and one is a cancer survivor) potentially becoming homeless. This is desperation. We need help now more than we have even needed help before. Please, anything you can contribute would be a HUGE help, even $5 or a signal boost. We need help and I don’t know what else do to.

If donating doesn’t sit right with you, I’m also a freelance illustrator open for commissions. More information can be viewed here and you can email me at amlcommissions@gmail.com with any questions.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Okay let’s be real here, Clarke is so determined to get into Mt. Weather because Bellamy is there. Yes she wants to save her people, but she is really really determined and frantic right now. And I’m willing to bet it’s because she sent Bellamy in there. Lets be honest, she has the strongest bond with Bellamy and although she wants to get them all out, the reason she’s clinging so hard is because she needs to get Bellamy out. She fucking needs Bellamy and I don’t give a fuck about Clexa because I know that Clarke and Bellamy need each other, they balance each other, and they get shit done together. That is how you build a ship.

You will survive this. You will make it through tonight, and you will make it through tomorrow, and you will keep doing this one day at a time until it doesn’t hurt anymore. Fate does not control you. The cards that life give you are not the only ones that exist; have some up your sleeve for whenever destiny decides to be an asshole to you. You are not defined by your demons that dwell in the shadows but the light that you show to others. You will succeed in everything you put your mind to and you will come out on top. You will love without boundaries and you will laugh more times than you cry. Your heart will abound with more joy than sadness ever resides in it and nothing that anyone says can ever dull your beauty. You. Will. Get. Through. This.
Change the Damn Station Already

Thanks to some persistent people this was written. I know that right now tensions are high among the Clexa shippers but have faith that they will work it out. In the mean time here’s part three of my epic walkie-talkie saga. 

Part 1 Part 2

Lexa-“Commander Badass calling FSP.”

Clarke- “You really don’t need to call me that, Clarke is fine Lexa.”

Lexa-“I think Fucking Sky Princess suits you but if you would prefer Fucking Clarke…on second thought I prefer Fucking Clarke.”

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You're pretty awesome, OK?

Seriously - if I’m following you, it’s because I think you’re pretty awesome. Heck, there are some pretty awesome people I’m not following, so if I’m still following you that should tell you something, right? Right.

I know some of you - a disturbing number, actually - are having a really hard time with life right now, for a variety of reasons. So, just in case you need the reminder, here it is: You’re pretty awesome, and my life is better for you allowing me to share a little bit of yours.


I miss playing GW2 I wanna play it’s been a long time. I miss playing with Blaine and Tabby

Same with Skyrim

and I wanna try Fallout 3 again cause I barely got into it the first time

and like 500 other things

But I need to finish Tales of the Abyss and Ni no Kuni. The latter of which I haven’t played in about a week

why so many games

So apparently Monty hid while the others were being caught and while a woman got killed? And he cried because of survivor’s guilt?

I really need someone to let Monty know that it’s okay

You can’t help anyone if you get caught too, that just adds a prisoner instead of keeping an asset clear

Hiding while others are caught is only shameful if you then do nothing to rescue the people captured, which we all know is not going to be the case for Monty

Monty sweetie, hiding was the right thing to do even if it felt awful and cowardly, because now you’re free to help bust down the doors and break the chains

newtdragon asked:

Do you have any updates on the show you were interviewed about Lolita for? I believe the working title of the show was "Weird Threads" I live on the east coast and I was interested in watching it if it's not local to SoCal TV

It’s going to be on a channel called Fusion ! I’m pretty sure it’s nationwide, maybe international,that I’m really not sure of yet but you can check and see if you have the network :D

I recently got to see the cut of it and it’s really good! They did a great job debuting the fashion and I can’t wait for it to air! They are having some problems right now with images they are using for history of the fashion and some photos of people overseas. They thought they had clearance to use them but I guess now need different permission or photos.

TRUST ME THOUGH as soon as I have more information on when it will air I will post everywhere :) thanks so much for your interest and support!

I am torn between wanting Ward to give Skye the cold shoulder when he sees her again or have him be the better person and help her but not trust her either.  Or a combination of both, a cold shoulder at first before being the bigger person.

I know I have said this before but I really enjoyed the scene between Fitz and Skye.  Fitz is a precious angel that needs to be protected at all costs.  He was amazing in the previous episode and I really enjoyed the friendship between him and Skye, she needs one right now.