i really needed it right now

Hey guys, I am in a really tight spot right now, I’m offering commissions because I really really really need to get enough money to cover my rent. As of right now these prices are not hard and fast, if you want something but aren’t quite sure if you can afford it PLEASE let me know and we can work something out. Honestly at this point I need all the money I can possibly get.

If you are able you can also donate to my paypal which is megvice@hotmail.com.

Here are my commission options. Normals rules are off for now, I will draw ANYTHING AT ALL, Fanart, ocs, nsfw, you name it. Again keep in mind that I am able to be flexible on prices right now if you would like something you’re not sure if you can afford.

If you cannot donate or commission me, please at least reblog this post.

Thank you guys in advance. I will try my absolute hardest to have every commission done within 24 hours of starting it. 

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You seem to reblog that project more than you write funny posts. Maybe you should promote it via your personal blog, or stop promoting at all. You've reblogged it so many times that everyone should have read it.

Okay I’m actually starting to get a little bit irritated with these asks. They over-exaggerate and they’re entitled (again, you don’t provide us with anything - we just give you jokes because we can and want to.). We also promote it on our personals.

Not everybody has read it. You want some evidence for this?

When those two numbers more or less match up, I’ll think we don’t need to promote it any more. Right now, this show could really do with being signal-boosted - it’s incredible, you’d all love it, and it’s indie to the point that it’s painful. It needs the kind of support and signal-boosting that we’re giving it. Please let us have this. It isn’t hurting you, and if it is, blacklist it or unfollow us, because I refuse to stop supporting an incredible upcoming YouTube series just because we have one or two grumpy followers. Sending us messages like this isn’t fair and it isn’t cool. Stop.

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I really need to get this message of my chest right now!! I finally realized I'm gay and I've never felt better! I got trained so hard to like boys but when I first fell for a girl it all made sense and love is suddenly beautiful! I love being gay!!!



I just realized that I’m following a blog that literally every other post is hate on either Misha or Danneel and I s2g I have never in my life hit unfollow so fast

Does anyone know a way to make yourself eat? I’m in the middle of a depressive episode and during these the idea of eating makes me want to barf. I’ve had a burger in front of me for two hours and I haven’t even finished half. Is there a way to make yourself really hungry or? Because I know I need to eat, but I just feel like I can’t right now.

Prayer request

Hey friends! @christianstuffs @trulymadlysydney @tayloralisonstyles13 @thepositivetumbler @smut-reading-mum @blackgirlalmighty Prayers please! In the process of being approved for a surgery that will greatly improve my quality of life. I’m doing what needs to be done, but could use extra prayers! Really sick right now and could use prayers for success, healing, and any support/love you’ve got. This surgery involves removing a major organ, could effect my heart and kidney, and the prep involves me being VERY sick.

Know I’m not alone, but feel that way a bit. All this is very painful and scary, and I could just use extra love in my corner! Love you all!


I bought my ticket.

I was perfectly fine right up until the part where I saw the departure time and I realized that would be it, I’d really be leaving, one way.  Then I started losing it, looking for a way out, breathing funny, crying.  Change does that to you.  I’ve been wanting to go for months.  So much has led up to going.  Now that I’m really going, even though I know it’s what I need to do, it’s terrifying.

Everything that brought me here has been painful.  When people ask me why I want to move I try to say something cute like, “Have you seen how much a box of cereal costs on this island?!” It takes a long time to say what I mean, even just to myself, alone, when no one else can hear me.  This is the first step to sewing my heart back together.  It already hurts like a motherfucker.

Not valdaya related but...

I know I don’t post often, if at all. Most of you may not even recognize me though I’ve been here since the beginning. But I just need to get this out. I found out yesterday that my cousin died. It’s assumed that it was an overdose and I’m just in total shock. He was only 28 years old and though we weren’t as close as I wished we were it’s hitting me pretty hard. This tag is always so cheerful and optimistic and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for keeping it that way. During some really difficult times this tag has been a place I can look to for a smile or a laugh, and that’s exactly what I need right now. So thank you everybody, you guys are rockstars

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Awww poor horny Bucky. It would be so mean to take advantage of that. THAT HAVING BEEN SAID: When has Tony been the loudest for you in bed, and what did you do to get him to loose control like that? I bet whatever you do later is going to easily top that.

Tony: I’m taking full advantage of it now.

Bucky: Generally any night he’s the loudest. But…hmm, I guess my birthday he was, when we got engaged, our wedding night. Difficult to pick one, but I’m always tryin’ to make him loud every night. Usually goin’ hard, but slow, really makes him lose it…

Tony: Why do you look so smug right now?

Bucky: *holds up broken handcuffs* Durable huh?

Tony: Shit, I need to go back to the drawing board, again.

Bucky: Not now you’re not. I gotta’ get rid of this horny feelin’, and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna’ be a while, darlin’.

Tony: …oh boy.

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Hi Tara, I’m sure you’ll agree that the Trespasser wedding focusing entirely on Cullen and the Inquisitor is really Bioware’s invitation to imagine anything we want happening right outside the shot. So, any thoughts on Cullen and Rose’s wedding you’d like to share? Thank you and have a nice weekend ♥

Oh, Lenny, Lenny, Lenny. You have the most uncanny ability to send just the right messages at just the right time! I was sitting here having a crummy, pms-y, grumpy day, and then BOOM, now I’m thinking about cute wedding stuff. Someday I’m going to write a proper fic dealing with all this, I promise.

Much as I really quite love the whole concept of the wedding in Trespasser (and I LOVE THAT PROPOSAL, it’s perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing), there are a couple of things that I just HAVE to change. (And I get it: they couldn’t devote so many resources to animating everyone there.)

First: There’s no way the wedding is not officiated by the Divine. I don’t care how busy she is. In Rose’s case, that’s Cassandra. My Cassandra ships Rose and Cullen with the power of a thousand suns (and/or Varric serials). No way she’s not going to make that a priority. (To say nothing of the fact that Cassandra is the person Cullen would most want standing up with him.)

Second: More ruffles, more flowers, more color on that wedding dress. One thing is quite spare, however, and that’s jewelry. Rose wears the pendant she had made of Cullen’s coin. It’s plain next to everything else, but she wouldn’t have that any other way.

Third: All their friends are there! I mean, everyone is in the vicinity, and may not be ever quite that collected in one place at the same time ever again. Dorian would pitch a fit if he weren’t told–nay, if he weren’t the one standing up with Rose. He’s so friendly with both of them! Of course he is there!

Fourth: given how much time is made for other little companion interludes, of course they all head to the tavern and have a party afterward. Nothing fancy, nothing snobby. Drinks and food and a moment of levity, given how serious so much of the stuff around them is at that precise moment. Varric suggests Wicked Grace. Cullen threatens to murder him. As a wedding gift, Leliana insists she will hide the body where no one will ever find it. Bull mixes mean drinks, but cuts everyone off before they make themselves useless the next day.

Fifth, which is purely Rose headcanon: Her father doesn’t spend all his time with the Inquisition after the events of the game, but he does make a point of coming to Orlais this time. Which means the very moment a wedding is mentioned (and no one gossips like soldiers, especially when it’s their commander getting hitched), a letter goes winging back to Ostwick. Of course there’s no way the family can get to Halamshiral in time, but let us just say this letter sets wheels in motion that lead to a much more elaborate party in a month or two, when everyone gets back to Skyhold and finds Grace and Calla eyeballs deep in silk bunting and floral arrangements.

Sixth: there is a much more elaborate party later. He’d never admit it, but Cullen actually enjoys himself, in spite of all the attention. And dancing. Rose, as to be expected, spends the whole night floating around on a cloud. (Not literally, in spite of the lightning magic.)

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idk I wanted someone's opinion but I'm 14 and my brother is 25 and i rarely see him and growing up we lived in different houses bc our parents divorced and he lived w my dad I lived w my mom and now he's has a fiancé and i just feel so jealous and I really like him but it's ok bc we didn't grow up ALL our life together right? I really do like him like a lot and I'm so confused because I kissed him and he got really mad but I can't help that I love him in more than a sibling way.

Bih don’t be coming to me with this disgusting shit. The fuck I look like? A psychologist. Because what you need is therapy goodbye!

I’m seething angry right now. I injured my hip a few weeks back. The pain was excruciating. I was unable to move, could barely speak, and had to go by ambulance to the hospital. There I had X-rays. The doctor concluded that it was “a really bad contusion.”

My pain was so bad I needed a bed pan. I couldn’t even flex my feet, or shift my body weight. Also, I have absurdly high pain tolerance. It’s a known thing in my family. So the fact that I couldn’t move was a big fucking deal.

So I disagreed w the ER doctor saying the degree of pain must indicate a micro- fracture. He responded with “you’re young and healthy so it’s probably just a contusion.”

It’s been about 6 weeks now. The pain is essentially gone, I can walk moderate distances. And when I lift my leg from a lying position there’s a massively loud pop, and I can feel a displacement in my hip. Thankfully no pain is associated (then again there may be pain but I don’t feel it). However if it was simply a “bad contusion” then what the ever loving fuck is this? Contusions are fucking bruises (which I barely had a visible bruise when I was recovering). How is a bruise able to displace my hip that badly after being (almost entirely) healed????

I stg I’m about to go off. If yet another doctor degrades my health by dismissing me Ima fucking snap.

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I know this is super random but I wanted to know I said this, in case you ever have to delete your blog for work or other personal reasons: it's been a pleasure to follow you and and see you on my dash. I really hope good things happen for you in the future because you deserve them to. I'm sending you good vibes and I know things will work out; you're strong and smart and I'm 110% sure you could fight your way through anything <3

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some of the bigfoot stuff youve been posting comes off as kind of racist/antiblack to me? like the 'you are a sasquatch' chart

oh shit i didnt even look closely at it ill take it down. thank you for bringing that up im really sorry about that i need to be paying closer attention. has there been other things youve noticed? ill look through my bigfoot tag right now anyways just in case

hi friends!

i really hate to do this, but i’m in a pretty bad spot right now. i was unexpectedly fired from my job. the store was recently sold and there have been issues with the new management, and i was fired.

i live in a very small, isolated town. my job was local, but there aren’t a lot of jobs locally available. i recently purchased a car, which has unexpectedly needed work on it, and between buying it and fixing it and paying insurance, the little savings i had is completely gone.

i also don’t have my license, as i grew up too poor to afford drivers training. i’m working on it, though. my road test is scheduled for monday and paid for, but if i don’t pass, i don’t have the money to take it again. i need to get my license to get better employment. (i do have a back up plan for local employment if i don’t pass, but i don’t want to take it until i know i can’t get work elsewhere, as i’m also planning on moving once i have the funds)

as it is, i have about $80 left to my name and that will have to last me until i get employment and get a first paycheck, which could be as far as three weeks away. my phone bill is paid through that time, so i just need money for food and gas.

if you have even just a couple dollars to toss my way, it would help me out tremendously. i’m really embarrassed to ask, but i’m frankly broke and desperate.  it’s thankfully temporary, but it doesn’t make it any easier in the meantime. anytime i’ve had a disposable income, i’ve given money to help people out.

my paypal is sierra.n.morley@wmich.edu

i have little to offer in return except for my genuine gratitude and a promise to continue paying it forward when i’m back on my feet.

thank you, i love y’all. <3


I need to get rid of some dragons. I have too many and I want new ones so sadly these guys didn’t make it through this lair purge. :c Please feel free to make offers!! I really want these guys gone, and I don’t have the time to train and exalt them right now. D:

“Cari” Seafoam Iridescent/Rose Shimmer/Pink Smoke - F Imp - 20kt
“Umi” Sky Iridescent/Cornflower Shimmer/Cornflower Crackle - F SD - 20kt
“Shuilan” Seafoam Iridescent/Teal Shimmer/Seafoam Gembond - M Coatl - 13kt
“Ellie” Shadow Bar/Rose Daub/Rose Underbelly - F WC - 20kt
“Hanzou” Royal Bar/Purple Daub/Royal Underbelly - M Coatl - 14kt
“Khayman” Pink Iridescent/Rose Shimmer/Pearl Underbelly - M Coatl - 22kt
“Sylva” Pink iridescent/Rose Shimmer/Pearl Underbelly - F WC - 22kt

I’m always willing to haggle or take other forms of payment. Feel free to message me on FR!   

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Thanks for the answer! It's always really fun to get more insight into your favorite fics. Hope you don't mind me asking, but since steve entered the mcu timeline so early, is he gonna make friends with sam and possibly natasha a bit earlier than the avengers too, through his work with shield? and would tony meet them then also? And by the way, I really love identity porn as well, but I just feel so bad for the two of them, especially since steve desperately need new connections in the present.

You are absolutely right about Steve needing connections.  I always think about that point in TWS when Sam asks him what makes him happy and he can’t think of anything.  I think, here, the thing that makes him happy is being with Tony, but he is still very much trying to process things and come to grips with what he has lost.  

As for the others, while right now Nat and Clint are on the East Coast Shield brigade, it is very possible that familiar faces will show up, though I’m hedging a bit because I don’t know how far into all of that I will get.  Obviously, from the flash-forward, you know that Tony is friends with Rhodey and has Pepper working on SI stuff, but the how of that is still to come to pass.  

Thanks for the questions!  I love talking about my fics, so very much appreciate the thought-provoking asks.

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Honestly I find it really nasty when people try to defend their pedo ships. Especially father/daughter ships. No. Just... No. Why?! That anon has lost their right to argue with you, and so you should just ignore them now.

The weird thing is that I hadn’t been saying anything bad or negative against their ship, but they felt the need to randomly show up and defend it LOLOL And there was no arguing going on. Gintoki loves Kagura as a daughter and Kagura thinks of him as Dadtoki, end of discussion.

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What do you think about Peter being whitewashed in x-men? People talk about mcu whitewashing the twins (and they should), but I've literally seen only one post about whitewashing Peter, and it has three notes. +he's magneto's son, so like... Couldn't they get a jewish romani actor to play him? I'm honestly feeling really annoyed now I hate whitewashing so much (looking at you mcu) and I hate it when people praise Evan's Peter 'cause he's whitewashed??? Idk I really need to hear your opinion

The whitewashing discourse is important 2 me honestly like yeah it’s messed up, and a Jewish Romani Peter would have been greeeat (same as w a Jewish Romani Wanda lmao) but I don’t know; I think that Hollywood just doesn’t care about not whitewashing? As my family says in mocking, “white is right”. So Hollywood probably figures white = more $$ so. Yeah.