i really needed it right now

Okay I definitely understand what this episode is about right now

I no longer need to be held for fear of Homeworld attacking the fuck out of Beach City.

I now need someone to hold my hand and root with me for Pearl. I dunno if this is about her really leaving the past behind or if she’s actually feeling something for this human or what, but… We gotta root for her.

Seeing all the hate on our favorite youtubers lately! 

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I’m very disappointed, this isn’t the community that I know and love! 

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Come on you are all better than that! 

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Jack has done so much for us, he makes us laugh and smile though his videos! 

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I really don’t care if people don’t agree with me at this point!

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I’m going to continue to support Jack <3 


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(and people who still love Jack for who he is as a person then here’s a kiss)

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(and a Jack hug, we all need one right about now)

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Souda is such a bro with Komahina

Haha of course, they are my friends after all !

…Me too?

Hm? Well yeah? I mean sure we didn’t start really well but I like to think that it’s behind us now and that we are cool now. No?

No, no. You’re right ! It’s just…I didn’t know you consider me as your friend. I know I can be a bit strange sometimes…

Well yeah, I would be lying if I said that I never found you strange.

But it’s okay. I understand now that it’s just a part of who you are, so weirdo or not, we are still friend !

….Thank you.

Eh, no need to thank me for such a thing !

For Now

A/N: I had quite a few requests on here and AO3 for a follow-up to Eventually. So here it is. Enjoy! :) <3 @coveofmemories and @jaycee374 


“You okay, kid?” Morgan asked, looking across the room toward Reid who was sitting in a stupor. 

Spencer shook the feelings off, leaving the notepad in Y/N’s desk and returning to his own. Today was going to be a really long day. All he wanted to do right now was run down the stairs and to Y/N’s apartment. He had so much he needed to say. So much he needed to know. So much he needed her to know. All sorts of emotions were running through his head like a freight train. Not only did he have eight hours until work was over, he had to battle his brain so he could actually do his work. The end of the day couldn’t come soon enough.


A new day. A fresh start. So why did you feel like hell? Did you make a mistake? Should you have just fought your feelings until they went away so you could continue doing the job you loved? Sure, you were honored to have been sought out by George Washington University, and you loved the subjects (obviously, you had a Ph.D. to show for it), but you loved your job at the BAU. Why did life have to be so complicated? Why did you have to develop feelings for Spencer?

As you walked out of your bedroom, you wondered what you were supposed to do for the next month. The job at the University didn’t start until the beginning of the fall semester, but you figured you’d take that month to get your emotions in order. Until then, you had no idea what you were going to do. Your weekly therapy appointment was today, so there was that, but otherwise, you were going to be sitting around the apartment thinking about what would’ve happened had life gone differently.


Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the end of the day came into focus. Originally, Garcia had mentioned possibly going out together for dinner, but everyone was in such a numb mood from the loss of their friend that everyone just decided to go home. That was better for Spencer anyway. If everyone had gone out, he would’ve ducked out so he could go talk to Y/N. 

During the 15-minute-long drive to her apartment, he went through all of the possible things he could say to her. Where was he supposed to start? Did he start by asking why she left? Maybe why she left without telling him? Should he just come out with it and tell her that he loved her too? He tried to formulate a plan, but his mind jumped all over the place until he found himself parked in front of her apartment building. 

As his knuckles rapped against the wooden door of apartment 17, his heartbeat raced. “Why?” he asked, his deep, thought-provoking questions flying out of his head upon seeing her face.

“Hey, Spence,” she replied softly. “Why what?”

“Why did you resign without telling anyone? You used to tell me everything. How could you not mention that you were leaving?” Again, he imagined having a calm conversation with her, but his brain just vomited every thought he’d had over the past day.

She hesitated, not sure what to say. “My family needs…”

“You tell me everything,” he said, cutting her off, “You’ve mentioned that your grandparents are getting sick, but you never made a mention of your parents needing help. Unless you didn’t tell me that too.” The pain in his eyes made her heart ache. “Y/N…you left a notepad at work. In one of the bottom drawers.”

A look of recognition dawned upon her. She brought her hand up to her mouth and attempted to stifle the embarrassment, but she couldn’t stop herself from blushing. “You saw…what I wrote?” she asked, looking down at her feet as she shuffled them back and forth. The image before him was one he wasn’t used to; the Y/N he knew was confident and in control, not the small, embarrassed woman he saw now.

Spencer nodded. “You didn’t l-leave because of me, did you?” he asked, the thought beyond his understanding. 

“I couldn’t be around you every day knowing you’d never see me that way…it hurts too much. I’m sorry, Spence,” she said. She started to cry, turning away from the door and attempting to close it in his face.

His arm reached out to stop it in his tracks before she could fully close it. “Y/N,” he cracked, “I could understand that if that were the case, but I do…love you.” A tear dropped from his eye as a light came back into her eyes. “What would make you think otherwise? Why wouldn’t you just tell me how you felt?”

“Because I’m a coward,” she said directly. It was the most confident she’d spoken since she opened the door. “The idea of you not wanting me was enough for me to say nothing, but saying nothing got too painful, so I looked for a way out.”

Before he could tell her just how ludicrous she sounded, he grabbed her hand and pulled her toward him. He couldn’t stand seeing her so hurt. On cases, he’d seen her sobbing for a victim, but this kind of hurt -the kind that just tugged at her heartstrings and left her numb - that he couldn’t stand seeing. As his tears mixed with hers, he slid his hand into her hair and brushed his lips up against her skin. “But I do want you,” he whispered, sliding his tongue into her mouth.

A whimper escaped her as their lips met and she wrapped her arms around him. “Why did you give up your job because of me?” he asked again, cradling her head in his chest. She said nothing, instead just swaying back and forth in his arms in the middle of the hallway. “Do you really want to work at GW? I mean, if you do, I’ll learn to live without seeing you every day at work, but if you don’t even want to work there I’m sure Hotch would let you come back; no one wanted you to go anyway.”

Y/N just cried, getting as close to him as she possibly could. “I have no idea about anything anymore,” she laughed, wiping the tears from her eyes as she brought him into her apartment. “I thought I knew about your feelings for me. At one point, I thought I wanted this teaching position, but now I don’t know anything. For now…just kiss me. I’ll figure out the rest of it later.

jack hasn’t been on social media all day today. although i understand that he might’ve needed to take a break from everything going on

still, i really hope he’s doing ok right now…….


hey guys, @katie-hime is having a rough couple of days, and trust me when i say that things are really shitty right now. if you can, just please tell her that nothing is her fault and that people are there with her and care about her, because i think she really needs that. thank you so much.

My Twenty One Pilots concert is this Saturday, I’ve been so excited for it and just living for it. A thought ran through my mind tonight that when Saturday is over, what will I be living for? I’ve been staying strong for months just for these boys so I can see them again Saturday. I just don’t want Saturday to be over. what really will I be living for?

The “We’re broken people” keeps running through my head. It’s never really sat in what that verse really means to me till tonight. I’m so broken, but Twenty One Pilots has put me back together and telling me I need to stay alive and that it’s worth it. I’m gonna be completely honest, at this time in the world it’s so hard. Knowing that their music is what’s keeping me on the safe edge right now is what’s gonna keep me going. Knowing that they want me to be safe and happy is keeping me going. I can’t wait to see the boys that’s literally saved my life over and over again, again on Saturday. To be with so many people who know how I feel and how their music has saved their lives as well is gonna be amazing. Im gonna keep living for them. So should you.

My eBay account
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Feel free to message me on here if you have any questions. Also, I’m willing to prematurely end auctions if you’re interested in buying something right away.


My mind and heart are really messed up right now. I think it would be best that I don’t start a relationship right now. I like you a lot, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with you. I promise. I just don’t think I am ready for this. Not yet. I think I just need to focus on my work and other things right now.

I know you won’t see this, but I wanted to try and write this and see if I can muster up the courage to tell you. Like I did on here.

I am truly sorry. You are a wonderful human being and deserve the world.

- Loveless 

190217: 2053


thanks for your email. i contemplated several times these few days if i should email you but i didnt want to burden you with my problems. i appreciate that you reached out to me first.

among all who knows me, you are the only one who knows me best. you are the only whom i trust with my heart and soul. yet, i seem to have hurt you the most too. i am sorry for that.

right now, i really dont feel like talking or meeting anyone unless its work related, and i have no choice. i cannot always depend on you to make myself feel better, so im quite determined to get through this myself. please pray that im strong enough.

i hope you understand, hyung. i need to be alone for now. but i promise you that once im better, you will be the first i will go to.

manager-hyung found out about our email communications and warned me to be careful because email accounts can be hacked by our fans easily. im just tired of being told what to do, who to meet and where to go, hyung. i just need some time to figure things out for now.

this will be my last email to you for now. once im in a better place, i will definitely allow you in. you know i can never let you stay out of my life for too long, right?

“ … even when the last autumn leaf takes its final flight and fall to the ground, the tree and its roots stays grounded and strong, waiting and welcoming the next fall…”


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okay i need some help: me and my friend are kinda awkward and tense right now. this is mainly my fault. I've become horribly envious of the fact that she gets more recognition for her art. She also looks down on me because im not the best at concentration or school. I dont know what to do. I cant express and release my envy because she and my other friends will basically shun me. This as caused the emotion to build um in unhealthy amounts and im really just stuck.

Forgive me for being so bold, but why are you friends with them if you can’t let your feelings out?

Friends are there to help you grow as a person. They’re also there to keep you in line, yes, but if something is bothering you, you should be able to say it so they can help you get over or through it.

I know if I’m having a bad day, and I tell my friends to lay off the slapstick humor we enjoy so much, they’ll lay off until I let them know I’m feeling up to it again. Because they care about me as a person.

Perhaps if you can’t be open with your friends, you need to find new friends. No one should endure a relationship where they feel belittled. It’s not healthy. 

I’m not saying friends can’t disagree, but they should be able to be honest. If you can’t be honest, what’s the point of being friends?

@jams-jamming replied to your post: i’m kinda liking that they stopped hypocritically…

And one of their main problem is splitting the season into 2 parts. So they have to move stuff along faster. So the episodes are rushed. If they utilized all the episodes for this season instead of splitting them,they would have more time to explore these story lines.

I don’t think splitting the season into 2A and 2B is really the main issue here tbh. Because they could still take all the time they need to develop the story AND the characters. Which they actually wanted to do in the first place. Like, slowing down the story and concentrating more on the characters. When in fact… this really didn’t work out most of the time.

If you ask me, I think the biggest “problem” right now is: they are trying too hard to please the book fans (the way Clary acts, Jace getting more cockier, the whole angel plot, …) and to somehow still keep the show fans invested. And honestly? This is not really working in my eyes. That’s why it feels rushed and so confusing. Something that I didn’t encounter in season 1 actually.

So yeah, hopefully they will slow things down in 2B and concentrate more on their characters. And stop with ending every fucking episode with a damn cliffhanger. That really gets boring after a while. Siiigh.

You know what really bothers me???

The fact that there are people lurking around on Tumblr just waiting for the opportunity to hate on someone. Seriously…I’m bored half of the day myself, but I’m not so bored as to send anons and rip someone’s life apart. It breaks my heart to see my friends feel like they need to delete their work or to delete their blog because of these people.

To the hate anons (I know you see this), go find a job or volunteer somewhere. Actually, I’d like to see you write a really good piece of fiction, or draw some fanart. I dare you to do something productive. You idiots don’t know how hard we work on things, so stop the hate and go do something good. Get off of Tumblr.

Buy a tarot/pendulum/rune reading and Custom Sigils help me pay off hospital debt?

I got a bill for some time I spent in the hospital last month. They’ve taken a large amount off as a low-income waiver, but there are still some expenses left over.

I’ll be doing:
Pendulum readings: $2 for every Yes or No question. I can only take yes or no questions for the pendulum.

Rune readings for $3

1 card tarot readings for $3.
3 card readings for $5.
I will do/attempt any spread or large card reading for Donations of more than $5.

I’ll create Sigils for $1 each.

I’m not charging a lot because I know people are broke, but I REALLY don’t need any more debt right now.