i really needed it right now

alright y’all i’m gonna be gone all weekend bc i’ve dedicated the next few days to working on a painting of Aelin that i have been DYING to do since i read a certain scene in EoS

still message me if you’d like but i prob won’t be on much until like tuesday

hope everyone has a fantastic weekend :)

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What do you think makes a person punk rock? Is it the way they dress or a certain way of thought?

I really need to make a FAQ page:

Punk is an attitude, it’s an ethos, it’s a mind frame, it’s a way of life. Studding your clothes is a fun part of it if you want it to be but you don’t have to.

Now stop caring about what other people think about your ‘punk credibility’ and go do some good. Fight for what is right, protect those who cannot protect themselves, love the music


do not re-blog or i will block you instantly

transcript: “hey emma, i’m wondering if you can do me a favor? my family has prevented me from going to therapy and blocked me from using the wifi in my home because i’m gay and i’ve had to use data (that i only have one bar of). my dad had said that if i don’t abide by his rules (meaning stop being a lesbian) he’s kicking me out and my whole family has been watching my blog to make sure i don’t post anything about this situation. i really really need help. can you please post a screenshot of this on your blog so that any of your followers who might be able to help me monetarily will see it and message me? but please specify not to reblog the post because i’m not safe at all right now and i fear for my life if any of them see this. thank you so much if you can help me & thank you for listening”

i will not be transcribing this user’s name in case this user’s family attempts to search it. please contact this user if you can help, or contact me if you can’t read the screenshot and want me to tell you the user’s name in a private ask!

edit: user has more info to share

*also i forgot to mention: if it absolutely comes down to it i have a friend i can stay with but he lives 4 hours away and if i’m unable to find a place here any donations will go towards bus fare and food. if i’m able to find a place here (there’s a domestic violence shelter i may be able to stay at if they have room or i may be able to rent a place if i get the job i’m applying for) the money will be used for food, rent, and transportation. you can update the post with this if you think it’s necessary information. also communication is really difficult right now due to not having internet but i really appreciate the people who are offering to help or just offering moral support

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All I want to do is cry hysterically bc my mental health is just non-existent anymore. I left a bad job and managed to get a new one but since I had to balance the two for a couple of weeks the learning period at the new job got all messed up and now it's like I'm still on my first day bc I keep forgetting everything and I feel like I'm annoying and I'm going crazy. It's like I'm emotionally constipated though and can't cry for real.. But believe me, I'm bawling my eyes out on the inside. -_-

Take a day off, it sounds like you really need it right now!

Emercency Commissions-HELP ME FINISH COLLEGE

Hey Guys, Like my work, you want to help me a little?

Emergency Commissions are up. Even though it’s gonna be tough I need some extra money to be able to keep my studies in the USA.

Please consider commissioning certain types of artwork below:

Sketch Commissions

15 dollars for cell shaded characters, 15$ per character, here are some examples:

Pokemon Commissions:

Cell shaded Pokemon Characters, Pricing depending on it’s complexity, Examples below:

NSFW Commissions:

Info and Examples at: 


Commissions can be ordered right now and will be ready alongside the month of November and December. 


Message me through PM or through Note on Deviantart:  http://dragonfoxgirl.deviantart.com/

Thank you!

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NEON AND VONNIE! Can I get all your Kasamatsu headcanons? He's my favourite character ever!

You and me both, anon! You and me both! How about some sibling headcanons because we never hear about Kasamatsu‘s brothers much!

  • When Kasamatsu was younger and his mom got pregnant the first time, he was super excited
    • “We’ll play games together and ride bikes and go outside! He’ll be the best brother ever!”
    • “Yukio, what if it’s a girl?”
    • “W-What, no way! I want a brother!”
    • Safe to say he was really glad he was right in it being a boy
    • However, he was immediately disappointed with the fact his new baby brother could not play with him right away
  • Despite having younger siblings, he’s not too good with taking care of kids
    • He needs a bit of control and obedience in order to stay calm and toddlers just weren’t made for those two things
    • Used to get in trouble a lot as a kid because he resolved sibling arguments with yelling
    • Now he resolves them through gritted teeth and a solid noogie to the head
  • The eldest of his younger brothers is always teasing that he’ll get a girlfriend before Kasamatsu does
    • Though he’s never said this out loud, with how nervous Kasamatsu gets around girls, he actually kind of agrees with his brother
  • When Kasamatsu moves away for University, his brothers make it a point to video chat with him every week
    • They have a talent for calling him just as he’s about to study for an exam/quiz
    • They refuse to call back if he says he’s busy; they want him to talk now
    • Despite the heavy groan that he gives them in response, he always complies and chats with them before he studies
    • This results in late night/early morning study sessions by himself
    • One time his brothers forgot to call him one week because they were busy
      • Kasamatsu got nervous that something bad happened so he called them instead
  • If either of his brothers are in a sport, he’ll make sure to go to every game he possibly can, even if it isn’t basketball
    • Doesn’t exactly cheer for them, but he watches closely and you can practically see the pride in his eyes
    • “Good job out there today.” “Is that all you’re really going to say? How were you the captain with such a shitty victory speech?”

Hey guys! 

As a new student it really isn’t that surprising to find I’m in a real financial bind right now. I do have a government loan to cover my tuition and most of my living costs (thank god) but the payment schedule clashes horribly with my rent payment schedule and long story short, I need to get my hands on at least £300 to cover my January rent payment and keep myself alive for the rest of the year, as well as pay for my monthly prescription of testosterone that I need desperately. It sucks and since I’ve started, this situation has done nothing but kick my mental health to smithereens and unfortunately I don’t have the time/flexibility to get a job any time soon.

So I’m updating my current commission info and also throwing up my paypal link just in case anyone would like to donate to that instead. I also have a redbubble if you’d like to buy something from there!

 I don’t know how many slots I’ll be able to take on but I’ll try do as much as I possibly can!

More info:

  • Lineart - £15
    Flat Colour - £25
    Full Colour and Rendering - £35
  • £5.00 per additional character (max. 3)
  • Half body + £5 - Full body + £10
  • NSFW/Gore is allowed within reason.
  • Payment is via paypal only.
  • Payment will be requested after sketch approval.
  • Check my art tag for more examples of my work !

If you’re interested, please send me an email at:
majornp [@] live.co.uk
or throw me an IM about what you’d like and I’ll give you a quote. 

Don’t send an inbox message as tumblr eats those on the regular and it might get lost.

Please signal boost if you can, thank you <3

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For the meme thing, fenhanders dialogue 7 or 14 (or both mixed together)?

“You’re really drunk right now.”

“No I’m not, you’re just blurry.”

Anders bit his lip and tried not to laugh. He didn’t want to give Hawke the benefit of actually rewarding their antics.

Meanwhile, proving less successful, the most strained snort came out of Fenris’ direction. Anders glanced at him and shook his head.

“You need to stop encouraging them.”

Fenris just feigned shock and adjusted his hold around Hawke’s middle.

“Me? Encouraging? Never.”

“Fenris appreciates my humor.” Hawke cooed and reached over to grip the elf’s chin, wiggling his face slightly.

Fenris scrunched his nose and Anders, once again, found it almost impossible to fight off his laughter.

“How’d you let them get like this anyway?” the mage asked as Fenris half-drug Hawke past him. “Usually they can still walk after your card games with Isabela.”

Fenris shrugged and paused at the foot of the stairs, considering how to get Hawke up them in their current state. The mage shot Anders a look over their shoulder, grinning cheekily, before reaching to grab Fenris’ behind. The elf’s ears twitched but he managed to give them the benefit of no other response.

Anders was less successful, forced to slap a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing.

“They like Rivaini whiskey, apparently.” Fenris replied dryly before simply deciding to scoop Hawke off their feet and set off up the stairs. “Come on.”

“Me?” Anders asked, raising a brow.

Fenris shot him a sour look over his shoulder.

“Yes, you.” he grumbled, unable to avoid Hawke’s drunken affection as he climbed the stairs.

“Someone has to read a bedtime story.” Hawke this time. “Plus, you’re the cuddly one.”

Anders just laughed and trailed up the stairs after them. Perhaps, just this once, he could leave his manifest early in the evening. If only for such a good cause…

hey so

i have a passport appointment this thursday (which is gonna help me get out of my abusive home + out of the states) and i need $20 usd for the last little bit of the passport fee, i was relying on birthday money and i never got any and i’m just $20 shy of being able to afford my passport right now

if you can donate, please donate to http://paypal.me/hospitalrot

please please help if you can, i really need this

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You need to give us some serious art tips right. NOW. and don't say practice! because your art is way to amazing for just practice!

Originally posted by bambina97

I’m sorry little anon i’m horrible with words. Any tips I try to give will end up being gargled gibberish ;u; and it really is just practice…Just draw everyday and you’ll start to notice things you don’t like or look out of place and naturally begin to fix them. 

I think this just about sums up the last week.
My body has finally realised that it can ovulate of it’s own accord, so that’s a bonus, however it’s not back to normal, and I’m fuming.
My lack of general direction has got me really down and I’m looping back into bad habits again, I’ve weighed myself morning and night for the past two weeks. So that stops now, food is not what I need to control right now, my job and my future is. Which starts with me applying for PhDs tomorrow so that I can get the job I want, not the job that I can get.
I am fucking bawling my eyes out over this stand up to cancer thing. Dear lord. That’s why I do science. To improve people’s lives. Science isn’t well paid, you do it for the spiritual reward. In a way it’s a good thing, it means it’s not done by everyone who doesn’t care simply for a good wage.
10 miles tomorrow. I have a tension headache (day two!) and a throat infection. I could not be any more run down if I tried. I am mentally exhausted.
21st October 2016

I need a place to watch Once on Sunday, because we have no tv, no internet, and goddammit, Once is the only thing keeping me alive right now.

(And I’m aware this is Tumblr. If you happen to be a murderer, that’s really okay too. Just let me watch Once before you kill me. Oh, and if you still wanna murder me after the show, I would appreciate it if you did it quickly.)

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1 + spOCKO!!! ( i was gonna send 8 but then i had flashbacks to spock tomato™ and i dont think we need that right now.. ..... )

honestly I started out with a funny comic but got distracted by my music and ended up with this instead

Spock in a pile of leaves [20 min sketch]

Thanks for the ask!! :D

Autumn drawing meme: send me a number + a character?


“you don’t sound fine.” 

blunt as always, i see. “really, yoshikawa, i just need to be alone right now.” 

“it is you, then. last night you were a mess and-” 

“this really isn’t our business,” the other voice whispers. 

“there’s something still going on, you know.” reina can see yuuko turn her heel from her stall - or, at least, she assumes that it’s yuuko. “i’m still part of the trumpet section, even if i sold it years ago.” yuuko stomps her foot. “you get that, right?! don’t you?” there’s silence. “i’ll just have whatever you have during dinner. i need to talk to her.” 

“you really don’t,” reina forces out. she can practically see yuuko glaring at her from the door. there’s the sound of footsteps leaving the room. 

“alright, kousaka, spill the beans.” reina reaches up and unlocks the stall. yuuko stands over her, eyebrows raised. “you look great, by the way.” 

“don’t gloat.” yuuko sits down, hands curled around her knees. 

“i guess i’d always figured that you’d keep that prissy ‘i’m-better-than-you’ attitude forever, what with the fact that you actually stayed in music and stuff.” yuuko tugs at her scarf-ribbon again. “i was wrong, huh? you look like crap.” 

“i made a mistake.” 

“yeah, well, that’s what you do.” yuuko leans against the wall, hands folded in her lap. “that’s what dumb teenagers do, at least.” 

“you’re terrible at comforting people, has anyone told you that?” reina chuckles, wiping her eyes with the now-damp sleeves of her coat. 

“yeah, well, i’m not exactly good ole’ comforting oumae, shoving herself into everyone’s problems.” reina flinches at kumiko’s name. “right, i probably shouldn’t have brought that up.” yuuko pauses for a moment. “what’d she do?” 

“the better question is what did i do, yoshikawa.” reina traces the tiles of the floor with her pointer finger. “i don’t think that kumiko did anything.” 

“oh, i’m sure that she did.” yuuko’s face takes on a nostalgic expression. “y’know, she once straight-up said that she doesn’t like me. not that great with subtlety, that one. this stuff isn’t usually just one person screwing everything up.  it’s a team effort, ruining someone’s life.” 

“i’m assuming you speak from experience?” 

“no comment.” yuuko smirks. “you’re not bad company, kousaka.” she stands up, extending a hand. “you’ll figure out whatever it is, i think.” 

“thank you,” reina murmurs. 

“don’t mention it.” yuuko unties the ribbon, holding it out to reina. “take this. i doubt you’ll see me again, i can’t stand this town. i only came to this thing because i wanted to see everyone again. i hope they’re all doing well.” 

“i can’t guarantee that.” yuuko firmly takes hold of reina’s shoulders, looking her right in the eye.

“you’ll figure it out, kousaka, if only because you’re a stubborn asshole who doesn’t ever let anyone get in her way.” 

“thank you, again.” yuuko steps outside. 

“now, i think my dinner’s getting cold, so i’ll see you later. or not. bye, kousaka.” reina’s left to stand in the open stall, a yellow ribbon in her arms. 

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"I got... I got so scared..." Nico whispered, loud enough for Will to hear, but quiet enough that the gods wouldn't. Will just held him closer and kissed the top of his head. "It's okay... I'm here. I'm right here..." Will whispered back.

Will hated that he hadn’t been there when Nico needed him, but he was here now and he needed to make the best of it. “Where’s Carter?” Nico asked quietly, peeking out around Will’s shoulder to try and spot his son.
“He went to my mom’s. He had a really hard time sleeping last night and was practically dead this morning. Though he still had enough in him to argue with me for almost an hour about coming with me.” Will smoothed down Nico’s hair when he shook, and rocked them both gently. He didn’t know if Nico had another episode while he was gone, but he didn’t need one now. Will really hoped the cardiologist would come back soon. “How are you feeling?”

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So I have a 10y/o boxer who has a huge tumor on his neck, and the vet says it's cancerous. They also said it's $2500 to get it removed and I just don't have that much money. One of my friends said I should start a gofundme and I'm really considering but I don't like the idea of asking family and friends for money. I don't want people to think I'm lying or think it's not worth it since my dog is already old. Asking for money is really a tricky subject :/ what are your thoughts? Should I do it?

Honestly there’s nothing I understand more than the struggle of asking for money. Right now i’m in a good place where I work hard and can afford anything I need but sometimes I consider opening gofundmes or paypal donations for people who want to help me do things for Charlie and I always guilt myself out of it because I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to use them or scam them. But if you truly honestly care about your puppo and this is the only way you there’s nothing to lose by trying so go for it.