i really need to work on my gif making

Here. Have a running, stumbling raphxmona-baby! <3 I just felt this unexplainable need to make some sort of animation to satisfy a burning creativity, so this happened. 8D

I’ve never really done any serious animation before, so I looked at some work by Glen Keane to get an idea of the process. The first thing I realized was that I had to simplify little Irrilia if I ever would dream of getting this done within a realistic time frame. Hence why the carapace under her skin is less prominent than it should be, and the color of her eyes are a bit flat.  

But at least she’s moving. \( O7O)/

Link to this on DeviantArt: http://fav.me/d9vo266

Here is that one Splatoon gif I was making! It’s a mix of one of Cowboy Bebop’s most memorable scenes, and for some reason I thought it be a good idea to animate it in Splatoon for fun! During late night Skype chats with my buds I’d hear them playing Splatoon while I was working so I just need to do something Splatoon related! This was a pretty big challenge with all the colors and what not, but I think it really kicked my butt back into shape to start animating again! I hope you enjoy it! It was a lot of fun to make! 

FYI: Never played Splatoon in my life! heh! heh!

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Ravi – Chained Up (The Show)

18 Signs You’re Actually An Extrovert And Not Just Attention-Starved

When I was younger, I was generally the center of attention whether it was when I was with my friends or just at home with my family. And that happened whether I wanted it to or not. I didn’t ever try to be in the spotlight though so it really bothered me when people thought I was doing things just to get attention. It was just how my personality worked.

I was always loud, vibrant, and felt the need to be around people and entertain, but I didn’t quite know why. I hated being by myself and felt tired whenever I was alone. I felt the need to talk all the time and constantly engaged with strangers in public because I just had to. Once I heard the term extrovert, I knew that was me.

See extroverts are not attention-starved or purposefully over-bearing. We literally need to be around people because it makes us feel good, unlike introverts who need to be alone to get the same feeling. And you might be an extrovert too if you exhibit the following signs.

It’s just barely the start of the new year, and despite all the stress that life has been piling onto me, the one thing that has kept me somewhat sane has been the rp blogs that I have been managing for not that long. I’ve hit milestones on all my blogs && finally decided to do a little thank you to all of you for making my rp experience such a blessing and for meeting and writing with all you amazing people because you all make me really enjoy each and every one of my muses. Not only that you all put up with my muse difficulties and my lack of writing and still stick around. Which I am more than thankful for && very much appreciate && what better way to do that is shower you with nice things !!

Let’s let down to business;; HAVE THEM RULES

1. Must be following ( ANY OF MY BLOGS ) and no, that doesn’t mean follow be for the giveaway then unfollow me, I know who follows me so please don’t try and be sneaky!!
2. Must be a roleplay blog
3. Likes and reblogs count, but please no spamming reblogs, no one wants to see that all over their dash, srsly.
4. Giveaway will end FEBRAURY 12TH 8 PM Pacific GMT

Now for the goodies;; THE PRIZES 

( FIRST PLACE ) : A custom made layout of their choice, with added color scheme, font choices, quote and whatever text/quote/lyrics/etc wanted {disclaimer; layout/coding made by the lovely Octomoosey;; I only make the theme design on photoshop}, 30-50 Icons of their muse(s) {total} && a promo banner

( SECOND PLACE ) : Choice of (2); A custom layout (w/ same additions as above), 30-40 Icons of muse(s) && a promo banner

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