i really need to work on drawing hands

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I'm kinda ashamed to ask this, but could you make a tutorial on how to draw hands? ;A;

omg dont be ashamed at all!! Hands are generally tough to get used to, lots of artists struggle with it! so dont be ashamed i feel you.

and I actually have made a hand anatomy guide before in fact! If you want to get better at drawing hands I def recommend you learn the basic anatomy first. Please check out the ones I made, I try to make it simple and easy to understand:

There’s my guide to the anatomy, but here’s some more tips that I’ve noted to myself that I’d like to include

First off, I’d like to just note on the fingers: if you pay close attention to your own hand, you may notice the fingers are ever ever so slightly curved inward. It’s a very subtle detail, but I noticed that, despite how slight it is, it can make a hand look more lively, and less stiff.

Second, the “M” on the palm! Your hand moves in many ways, and because it does it creates creases in your hand. The most prominent creases appear to make an M shape; this is handy to remember for what I’m going to talk about next. (It also could be a “W” I guess, or to be more specific a “ )X( “; just think of it in whatever way helps you remember!)

SO now that you see the M, draw your hand as a basic blocked shape and add your details. As you do, you can see that the M divides the palm into four basic parts!

When the hand moves, parts A, B, or C of the palm, alone or in different combos, will create the general poses that the hands do normally. These parts are the parts that move, with D being stationary, no matter what!

Here’s a chart of all the possible combos. Once you have down what part of the hand moves for a certain pose, you can change up the fingers and tweak it a bit to do what you need to make it more specific!

This is simply my method of drawing hands. God knows there are hundreds of tutorials out there by other artists, but personally, this way helps me the best (after learning the anatomy first). 

This way I can divide the hand and combine the parts in any such way I need! 

Hands take a lot of effort to grapple, and you need to practice them a lot, especially foreshortening of the hand; that’s really something you need to learn through your own studies. Look at your own hands, draw hands from life, from magazines, shows, comics; just draw hands! You’ll eventually figure out a method that works best for you. So to get better at drawing hands; draw hands!! And don’t stress over it, have fun with it!

Rare Collection of 100 Introvert Quotes That Will Make You Feel Understood

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Dear introverts, it’s difficult to understand you. Many people don’t comprehend that solitude and feeling alone are different things. As an introvert, you know that your solitude is a sacred space where you can recharge. We encourage you to have a look at these amazingly thoughtful and profound quotes, which will resonate with all introverts.

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Demon Lord Byron

I only intended for this to be a doodle but I got carried away… as such, I drew this on a scrap piece of paper (which explains why it cuts at a weird place). 

I have never physically suffered because of a drawing until this one. xD Strained my eyes with the details, got a cramp in my hand (which has worsened because I thought I was fine enough to finish it), all that good stuff. :’U 

@pumpkin-cinderella and I have been saying that Byron kind of fits the image of a demon lord… and I finally got to drawing it. (Also, thanks for letting me spam you with my WIP XD)

@lustfullyleocrawford, thanks for putting up with my whining, as always. :v

Please do not repost elsewhere, thank you. Reblogs are a-okay. (~_~)

I was thinking about Blind!76 without his visor and I remembered Toph Beifong and the levels of sass that 76 would have without his visor reminded me of her. I mean imagine it.

Someone: “76, when I was in town, I found something that you’re not gonna like.”
[holds up a paper] 
76: “Well it sounds like a sheet of paper, but I guess you’re referring to what’s on the sheet of paper.”

Someone [defending his drawing]: “Those are his horns!” (hangs head) “I haven’t seen him in a while, okay?”
76: “It looks just like him to me!”
Someone: “Thank you! I worked really…”
Someone: “Why do you feel the need to do that?”

76: “Look there it is!”
Everyone: [Goes to look. Nothing there]
Everyone: “…”
76: “That’s what it will sound like when one of you spots it.”
[waves hand in front of his face with a smile]

Take a Break

Pairing: Lin x Reader 
Warnings: masturbation, being consensually watched while masturbating   sexting, degradation, sloppy sex, vibrator, lin works too much someone please comfort him
Word count: 1803
A/N: I’M ALIVE!! I haven’t poseted a fic in SO long I’m SO sorry but here’s a good one for y’all. This wasn’t a request, just something my sinful self thought of. I’m planning SO many fics (most of which requested) so please look forward to those!

Tags: @hamil-lins @gonnamurderyou @itsjaynebird @aceplaysbass

It had been three weeks since you and Lin had had sex.

Which, in reality, was understandable. Due to your busy work schedule matched with his performing and writing schedule, it left very little time for you to be alone in which you weren’t simply sitting beside each other, working.

So, you sat there, mindlessly typing away and entrenched in your work. Lin sat at his desk beside you, working himself away. You glanced at him and smiled, he was always working so hard, never giving himself a moment to really relax.

“Hey,” you said, turning to him, spinning your desk chair around to face him, “we should take a break.” You suggested, playfully cocking an eyebrow at him. Yes, you wanted him to take some time to himself– to do something other than work. But, part of you– the more selfish part of you– wanted to have him to yourself for the day. You had been on edge for the last two weeks of the three, and it was starting to get to you. “You know, we could go and…”

Lin turned to you and let out a small chuckle. “As much as I would love to fuck you senseless,” he interrupted you, smirking, “we both have work to do.”

“Yeah but,” you leaned forward, crawling onto his lap, placing a small peck on his lips, “you could just bend me right over your desk and fuck me now,” you teased, kissing his lips again while you rolled your hips over his.

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What title? Eheh.

So I haven’t been drawing a lot recently and I have some original comics that need my attention, hence what good way to train these rusty hands than drawing another short Wrightworth comic strip? I love drawing angsty comics. 

@nimpnawakproduction I absolutely adore your Mafia Baker AU and I hope you’d consider this my gift to you (despite my messy lines and wishy-washy backgrounds). Your work is brilliantly lovely. I hope this makes your day in any way.

I’ll most like be working on other works and originals, so I might not able to post more wrightworths often. I’ll try my best gyahahahahaha.

After all that tension and angst, even it’s my preferred ending, I really couldn’t resist gracing this comic with a happier alternative ending. So ta daahh~

And now the aftermath

Edit: Fixed some minor grammatical errors pfftt.

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Analogical. The two of them taking turns getting the other one to come to bed and get some SLEEP OMG.

Yessssssss. I’m going to throw this into my university au that just sprang to life fully formed in my head in my last ficlet. 

It was Virgil’s turn tonight, apparently. 

He turned off the TV and rose from the couch, stretching, feeling his joints cracking. He expected Logan to already be in bed, but when he passed his roommate’s bedroom, the light was still on, and Logan was hunched over his desk, scribbling on a notebook. 

Virgil glanced at his watch, and frowned, before pushing his way into the room. “Logan? Dude, it’s like…two in the morning. Don’t you have work tomorrow?” 

“Huh?” Logan tilted his head in Virgil’s direction, but kept his eyes stay trained on the paper until the last possible moment. When they did finally raise to Virgil’s they were red-rimmed and exhausted. 

“I said, don’t you have to work tomorrow? It’s two in the morning.” 

“Oh.” Logan sat back and scrubbed his face, rubbing his eyes behind his glasses. “Yeah. I, uh–yeah. I guess. I lost track of the time.” 

“Shocker.” Virgil moved into his roommate’s (boyfriend? could he call him that yet?) bedroom, coming to stand behind him and putting his hands on Logan’s shoulders, massaging gently. “What’s so important, anyway?” 

“I’m covering McDouglas’s class next week while he’s out for his surgery,” Logan said, leaning back into Virgil’s touch with a sigh. “I’ve got to figure out a lesson plan.” 

“He didn’t have one already?” 

Logan’s mouth twisted into a wry grin. “McDouglas? You kidding me? The man couldn’t plan his way out of a wet paper bag.” 

Virgil snorted, smirking. He fucking loved Logan’s snarky sense of humor. He still couldn’t quite believe that when he’d first met the grad student, he’d thought he was boring. “I’ll take your word for it.” 

“Hm.” Logan leaned back with a sigh, reaching up and grabbing one of Virgil’s hands in his own, lacing their fingers together. “It’s just a little while longer,” he murmured. “My first stipend is supposed to be in soon, and I should be able to go to part-time hours at the library.” 

Virgil bit his lip. It was hard–so fucking hard, sometimes, to watch Logan working himself to the bone, when he had the means to help, but Logan wouldn’t accept it. He found himself trying again anyway: “You know, Lo, I…I know you said no, before, but…I really honestly don’t need any rent–”

“Verge. Stop. We’ve been over this.” Logan shook his head, drawing his hand away, and Virgil kicked himself for bringing it up. But then Logan stood up and moved to face him, leaning his weight against his desk and holding out his hands. Virgil took them and moved closer. “I agreed to move in with you on the condition that you let me pay my share. I’m not a freeloader.” 

Virgil actually snorted at the idea that Logan–Mr Worked Two Jobs Since He Was 14–could ever be mistaken for a freeloader. “I know you’re not, Lo. I just…I wish I could see you more. That’s all.” 

Logan’s face twisted a little and he sighed, nodding. “I know. But hey…grad school isn’t forever, right?” He gave Virgil that little smile of his–that one that Virgil knew and recognized so well. It was the smile that said, I’ll tell you what you want to hear now, because I know it won’t matter in the end, since you’ll get bored with me and move on before long

He stepped forward and took Logan’s face in his hands and said firmly, “Right.” Then he kissed him, long and hard, until Logan was pressing up into him and making those little noises that Virgil adored so fucking much. When he drew back again, Logan was looking more than a little dazed. 

“Now,” he said, stepping back and grabbing Logan’s hands, tugging him to his feet, “It’s time to go to bed. Okay? McDouglas’s class can watch a goddamned video or something.” 

Logan released a bark of startled laughter, and dragged Virgil into a long, tight hug. 

“Thank you,” he whispered, and Virgil swallowed the lump in his throat. 

“You’re welcome. Nerd.” 


“C’mon,” Virgil said. “We’re using your bed tonight.” 

Doodles (kagehina) - Rated T


((For my dear @tolhinata who gave me this idea a couple weeks ago.))

Hinata likes to draw. Some people would call it doodling, maybe; he can draw people and trees and things (he’s gotten really good at shading apples and other fruits in still lifes), but he’d rather draw patterns.

Once he got to second year, coach informed him that he needed to work an art class into his curriculum before he reached third year or he’d have trouble meeting requirements to graduate. Yachi had suggested drawing when he’d told her, and once he started his first class he found he actually kinda liked it. He was surprised he could find something he could get excited about… at school.

What he really likes to do, though, is draw on Kageyama. 

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Rn I'm living on kind of a toxic house for idk how much longer (trying to move out asap) but a lot of things make me anxious/angry/feel all kinds of negative emotions. Could this affect my magic? If so, what can I do to fix that? I can't go anywhere else to do magic and I have to be discreet, my parents are hardcore Christians. I don't want to stop doing witchcraft tho, I really enjoy it even if it doesn't work, it kinda helps me feel better.

It can if you think it will. I assume that’s already a worry in your mind, since you’re asking this question. It’s like how we say doubting your spells can actually help them fail - this is sort of in that vein of thought. If you think it matters, that it will have an impact on your impact, then it can.

A lot of people talk about not needing to be in a calm / positive state when it comes to your spellwork - it really comes down to your frame of mind. Some spells require those emotions to fuel them - mostly curses, but certain spells call for you bring up those things to bind or banish them as well.

So, at that point it’s a matter of letting yourself believe and know that it will not affect your magic, and trying to keep the doubt from your mind. And I know it’s easier said than done, but as long as you keep trying, keep pushing those thoughts, eventually one day it will just be that way (the whole “fake it ‘till you make it” mantra, right?). 

You can still research magic and call yourself a witch, even if you’re taking a break between castings. I mean, it’s been, like, months since I did a “proper” spell, with candles and crystals and herbs and stuff like that. But here I am, still a witch, just focusing on expanding my knowledge at this time. That can be an option if you are willing to wait until you leave the house to do magic, so the negativity won’t impact it. And it makes me feel better too, I feel you.

Otherwise, you have a couple of other options as well.

You can [cast a ward] (tw: gif) around your bedroom - think of it like a layer of thick and potent energy coating your walls, as close to them as possible - so as not to allow any other negativity from the rest of your house in. Here are some more options for warding techniques:

Alternatively, here is this post: [Transmuting Energy: An Alternative to Shielding] (tw: gif as blog header).

From there, [cleanse often] to keep any negativity out of your space, and from you. A discreet cleansing is open up a window and direct the airflow to come in, sweep up any negativity, and bring it back out again. The “light visualization” is also a wonderful way to cleanse a space with no tools. You can also [decontaminate people before they enter your space], an amazing idea brought forward by @stsathyre​.

Self cleansing is also great to help with any negativity you may have picked up in the meantime - you still have to interact with the rest of the house right? Shampoos and body washes can be enchanted simply to help you cleanse as well as clean in your shower. My favorite method of self cleansing is standing out in the rain as it falls - and it’s getting to be better weather (at least where I am), the ideal time for this! 

Discreet practicing comes down to a lot of [energy work], in my opinion - you don’t need any tools, really, just your own body and an understanding of working with energy. I do spells with my intent and tapping debit machines to make them load faster. I also draw down rain by willing it, and some subtle hand gestures. 

Here are some more resources on discreet magic:

* not my choice of title

So. That was a bit of stuff, lol. I hope it can help you or give you some more ideas. Best of luck, anon! :D

Shapeshifter Prompts

cricketsqueen said:hey, do you have prompts for romance between a shapeshifter and a human? //  Anonymous said:Good afternoon! So you think you could write some more shapeshifter prompts? (P.S. I love your blog!)

 Anonymous said:Your prompts are fantastically inspiring! I was wondering if you had any prompts for a character telling their best friend that they aren’t human (skin walker in this specific case but it can be general)- thanks so much! 

Anonymous said:Could you do some NSFW between a prince and a shape-shifter who keeps shifting into a dragon to “kidnap” him

1) “I know it’s you,” they said. Glancing across at their lover with a smile. Different faces, different faces, different times across their life that on first glance was entirely different people - but the heart that pumped beneath it all never shifted. “But nice try.” 
How? How do you always know it’s me?! You must be cheating somehow. You’re going to slip up one day.” 
“Because the utter adoration in your eyes when you look at me doesn’t change even when everything else does.”
“That is not the reason,” the shapeshifter huffed. 
The human got a bit more stuck with the fact they didn’t deny utterly adoring them.

2) “My pet just turned into my best friend.”
“I can explain everything-”
“And killed a man. Without so much as flinching.” They were starting to rock a bit on the spot, staring at the blood splattered across their hands. 
“It’s called skin-walking,” they said carefully. “And I did it to protect you. It’s alright.” 
They startled back and the skin walker froze. 

3) “So you can turn into any animal, so long as you have its pelt?”
“That explains the weird obsession with taxidermy. Honestly, I was a bit worried it was a Norman Bates situation. You’ve been acting so strange.” 
“Are you okay? I know it’s a lot to take in.”
“It’s bloody awesome. Don’t suppose you can do, like, dragons?”

4) “If you’re going to keep doing this,” the prince said, watching as dragon shifted into a more humanoid form. “You’re going to need to actually build a treasure hoard to make it convincing. Though they’re probably going to ask me to slay you soon and-”
The shifter took a few steps forward and kissed them without delay. A searing, still slightly too warm to be human kiss. One wing, still in the impatient process of turning back into an arm, wrapped around them.
“You are treasure, what have I need for more gold when you’re already the most precious thing in the world to me?” A claw made short work of the prince’s clothes before transforming back into a nail, warm mouth immediately lavishing affection to the revealed skin. 
The prince groaned, distracted. Hands flying up to touch, to draw closer. 
“Stop worrying,” the shifter said. “You wouldn’t be able to slay me if you tried - I’d just end up keeping you.”

5) Running across central park a wounded tiger was really not the world’s most discreet course of action. Screams filled the air, and the people after them pursued. They’d been found. The adrenaline coursed through them, the fear making it impossible to turn back human. The next second, their limbs went heavy. The next second, their enemy was there, smug and delighted in having caught themselves a shapeshifter. Their enemy knelt down and scratched them behind their ears, petting them like they were some domestic cat, before the world went black. 

Next week is the premiere of “Tangled Ever After”. About two years ago I was approached by then art director, Shane Prigmore, about coming on to be the animation supervisor for the show. The idea was to make the most organic, hand drawn looking, harmony asset based animation ever for television. We worked really hard to give Mercury Filmworks everything they needed to make those rigs capable of the most beautiful and graphic possibilities. This meant doing some very atypical things for TV animation. Over the next week and a half I will be posting drawings I did in effort to push in to this new direction.

Mistress of Flame Challenge

Here we go: IDW’s Mistress of Flame! @cavalierconvoy suggested the subject matter, I suggested the two week deadline, and @erikaskerzz suggested showing off our progress steps. There’s certainly a contrast of styles among the three of us!

I’ll start with with Cav first because she’s been live streaming this. She went with watercolors, and the end result is a very bold and vibrant masterpiece that’s getting framed very soon. The best part is the metallic gold accents she put on last. The hi-res scan actually doesn’t do it justice, but her photo of the finished piece caught the sheen very well. Below are the sketch, inks, ambient color, and final.

Up next is Erika’s work. I have no idea how she’s able to achieve such clean lines; I need to learn more about this myself! Her final coloring shows great depth, dynamics, and mood as she contrasts the cool glow of the moth to the warmth of the mistress, and the composition with the cape and the cropping is very powerful, too! Below are inks, base color, and final.

And finally my take on the Mistress. No, it’s not one of my Inktober doodles. I went with my Heavy Metal style for this. The triple circle composition with the swords, portal, and cape frame her in, and the crisscross of the hammer, cape, and far right sword draw you toward the flame. Trust me, holding a flame in her hand and circles in the background weren’t criteria for this piece; it just so happens that my wife and I think a lot alike. I used to do all my coloring in Photoshop with airbrushes, masks, and way too many layers, but now I do it by hand with colored pencils for one-step blending. Below are the rough, graphite, colored pencil overlay, and final.

I can honestly say this challenge worked for me. I’ve been in a rut and needed to get something done. I was a bit nervous about giving myself a tight deadline, but I actually finished with five days to spare. Never considered drawing Mistress of Flame, but I really like how we all did. Like Ironhide and Trailbreaker in an Indy 500, with a run-in by Skywarp, the winners are us!

thinking all love ever does is break, and burn, and end

So the awesome @tall-butt sent me a prompt from this list: ‘exes meeting again after not speaking for years au’. It was gonna be like 5k but when do any of my fics ever go to plan!? SO here it is, 19k of pain.

Eternal thanks to @the-pontiac-bandit and @startofamoment for letting me yell about this/proof reading.


December 23rd, 2018

Text message  11/29/18   19:53


When are you coming home?

Text message  11/29/18   20:09

Jake Peralta

New lead in case. Will b late.

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what fanfic writers would you recommend on tumblr?

@ellieljade she is a goddamn brilliant writer. I really enjoy reading her work. There’s also a bonus of being able to read her answers to asks, which, let me tell you, are absolute gold. 

@tayegi another one of my favourites. Her writing just draws you in and she has some great content. She’s also relatable as fuck. 

@workofteaguk has hands down some of the best works I have read in my life. She comes up with very unique plots( hint- check out her Yoongi soulmate au) and honestly, she has my heart. 

@dailydoseofdia she is a sweetheart and I could die for Carousel. You need to read her works now! 

@baeseoul‘s Protégé is a work of art and if you have not read it till now….well, read it now. 

@bang-tan; special mention for being the most hilarious person I know of, on tumblr. She doesn’t do fanfics (not that I know of) but her fake captions are mind blowing. Not kidding. 

*EDIT: @bang-tan does write fanfics on ao3!!!

Kissing Tropes (SLPB) Part II

Your patience and love astound me every day, my dears. I hope y’all like this second part!

Here is a link to Part I 

Here is part two, please enjoy.~

1.  pulling back just for a second to try to regain control before realizing they don’t want to be in control and diving back in

- Mitsuhide

You yawned softly, rolling over onto your side, smiling softly at your lord. You stretched your body, relishing the comfortable soreness born from a night of lovemaking. Mitsuhide’s kind eyes seemed to light up looking at your form. You reached out entwining your hand in his.

The day was just beginning.

“I love you.” He breathed, pressing his forehead to yours, affection bleeding from his tone.

“Mmmhm” You snuggled against him. “I love you too.” He kissed you softly, a gesture you returned. Breaking apart and coming back together several times.

You needed to get out of bed, you knew it. But you didn’t want to. The kisses grew more fervent, your ardor only enhanced by the fresh sunlight of dawn.

“It is almost time to get up.” You whispered sadly against his lips. You knew that he knew, he was never far from his responsibilities, but he said nothing, only drawing you in for another kiss.

One last time you pulled away, knowing you should stop, but one look at his face, and the need in his eyes, set fire to your blood and thrill to your heart. The ache of your muscles was replaced by a different ache, something only he could fix.

You kissed him this time, drawing as close as you could to his warm.

You could both be late today, a final thought before giving yourselves up to your desires.

2. tender eyelid and nose kisses before finally sealing the deal.


“You’re such a beautiful girl, aren’t you?” Delicate but strong fingers trailed up your arms before finding their resting place on your face, tilting it up so that your eyes locked with his. “Like the freshest flowers of spring, a cherry blossom in full bloom.” You stared at him, transfixed by glow of sunset that seemed to create a halo around his flaxen hair. At that moment he was so ethereal it took your breath away.

“I don’t think I’m the beautiful one here.” You breathed, twirling a piece of his hair around your finger. He shook his head, placing a kiss to your forehead, pulling you against him.

“You shouldn’t tempt a devil like me that way.” He all but purred, placing another kiss on your cheek. You smiled, your eyes fluttering closed as he continued, a shiver going down your spine as he kissed your eyelids and nose, showering you in kisses.

“Mm, Kenshin.” You giggled softly, his lips tickling your skin. “What are you doing?” When you opened your eyes you met his smoldering gaze.

“You’re so sweet.” He said simply, a languid smile on his face. “I can’t help myself.” His hands were tangled in your hair, pulling your lips against his. When he pulled away he winked at you. “But I think I know something that is even sweeter than your lips that I’d like to have a taste of.”

3. person A realizing that they were just kind of joking when they kissed B but then holy shit do they ever get sucked into it and when A finally pulls back they are absolutely stunned by B


He was joking with you again. You pouted at him, his grinning face and mischievous eyes for once leaving you unaffected. Frankly, it made you irritated, a flash of annoyance flashing on your face.

You just wanted him to take you seriously!

You huffed, looking away, crossing your arms. He grinned, grabbing your arm, looking at you with wheedling eyes.

“Don’t be like that.” His tone was teasing. “I’ll have to figure out a way to wipe that look of your face, you know.” You stuck your tongue out at him, having a hard time staying made.

“I’d like to see you try.” He looked you up and down, a contemplating look on his face before he leaned over, pressing his lips to yours, catching you off guard.

His lips were on yours, pleasantly warm, soft, you pressed your own against his, leaning your body against him.

Two could play it that way, after all.

Your hands tangled in his wild hair as you pushed his body against the wall behind you. For a moment it was all hands and tongue, and soft sounds. Finally, you pulled away, smirking at him.

He stared at you wide-eyed and panting, a look of lust plastered on his face.

“W-What was that?”

“I don’t know, Milord, what was it?” You replied coyly.

“Whatever it was I want to do it again.”

4. that moment where the world just stops and A stares into B’s eyes and they know they shouldn’t, but they kiss anyway


“What are we up to, little lady?” The voice made you jump.

“S-Saizo?” You stuttered, whipping around to look at him. “You scared me!”

“Did I now?” He smirked, tapping your nose with his finger. “Maybe we should pay more attention to our surroundings, hm?”

You blinked, looking around, the bustle of the maids in the kitchen providing a comforting background noise before raising your eyebrow at him.

“The only danger to me in this kitchen is you.”

“Is that so little lady?”  He took a step closer, his hands resting on your waist. You blushed.

“Saizo, there are other people here.” Your voice dropped to a whisper as your hands found his.

“Ah, why does that matter?” He chuckled in your ear and you shivered at his closeness.

“Saizo what if someone else sees?” you all but hissed under your breath.

“Sees what, little lady?” his question was met with the silence of your realization; he’d caught you in his trap. “It seems like you’re the only one with impure thoughts.” His voice was teasing, making you blush.

He was right. You stared up at him, biting your lip thoughtfully. Now was not the time, and yet…Your hand brushed his cheek, and he looked at you in surprise.

“Is that what you want, then?” He asked, dipping his face close to yours.

“Yes.” Your voice was the softest whisper as his lips pressed against your own.

Funny how he tasted of dango when you hadn’t even finished making it yet.

5.the desperate pant/groan of surrender when either party knows that they are sooooooo done


You smiled softly, dropping yourself into the lap of your lover, enjoying the clatter of his dropped scroll.  His arms came around to hold you to him, a sort of awkward exasperation in his eyes. He smiled, brushing your hair out of your face, drawing you nearer to him.

“Precious girl, unfortunately I must finish that reading.” He gave you a look. “Those papers are important.” You only smiled, placing your hands on his chest.

“Milord Kojuro, I think you’ve been working too hard.” You really did, he had spent the better part of the week in and out of meetings with Masamune’s retainers and his lord. He needed a break. Not to mention you were beginning to miss him in…certain ways.

“I promise only a few more hours and then I will give you my time.” He countered, but you continued undeterred, trailing your hands up to his neck, burying them in his hair before trailing them back down. You planted a kiss on his cheek, pressing your body to his.

He called your name, a sudden edge to his voice as you breathed against his ear.

“Let me help you relax.” You licked the shell of his ear, smiling at the low groan that left his lips.

“You’re going to be the death of me.” He breathed, grabbing your hips and flipping you over, planting a searing kiss on your lips.

He never did finish reading that night.

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I know youre tryna write about the golf video but ... any thoughts on this sims episode??? oh my god I laughed so much.

i don’t foresee myself writing about it at length bc i don’t think there’s a ton there to analyze but i just watched it and wrote down my thoughts as it happened so i’ll just share those lmao. mostly i just love the 2017 branding which is still completely dominated by flirting and sex jokes. what is the world we are living in honestly. 

more thoughts: 

  • i am 3 minutes in and i’ve already paused to replay things like 15 times because wtf PENIS jokes. they’re just so comfortable with this? dan barely blinked as he delivered that “we like cock everyone” quip? and phil’s little tiny twitch of a smile showing that he definitely heard it, definitely GOT it, definitely is okay with dan saying it!!!!!! fucking hell.
  • why is phil so excited about transforming things, why is dan so adorably fond of him? 
  • also. dan loves bragging about phil’s english language degree so damn much. like i’ve def heard HIM mention that degree far more times than i’ve ever heard phil mention it.
  • this video is basically another instance in which dark!phil is determined to rise. i’ve said in like several video responses now that they’re trying to kill innocent!phil with fire and i think this is a great demonstration of that–he’s like actually GLEEFUL about the idea of ruining the pancakes’ lives and i’m lowkey living for it. 
  • manny vs. nanny. phil’s internalized gender binary … yike. i like that dan pointed out that ‘nanny’ isn’t an innately gendered word, that u don’t really need to draw a distinction by saying ‘manny,’ and phil agreed. his instinct was towards gendering it but with dan’s input he quickly realized the implications of that and seemed to backtrack (or at least explained why he said it. good stuff. i imagine this might be representative of how many of their conversations could go, if/when dan alerts phil to being less aware than he probably should be. very gentle, really, and effective.)
  • 5:34: dan shutting phil up by grabbing his hand and pushing it down. nice. they are really hellbent on working casual touching into every video now, so much that it is barely even a thing anymore. i’m so proud. i’m so emotional. i love this.
  • what the hell even is the banana exchange. why is 2017 phil branding going to be bananas? is this yet another penis joke? why did phil just stare into the camera after he said the banana he ate was really tasty. why did dan give him that sidelong glance. why. def a penis joke. ok.
  • 8:13: phil’s babysitter anecdote. dan just stares at phil for like 10 seconds before saying “golf games?” why does he sound,,, so weird. why did he ask if phil grabbed her boob what th e fuck dan is weird af is he jealous of a babysitter that phil had years ago?? ?? i don’t understand 
  • dil expresses a need to share insecurities, dan concludes he needs a “domestic interaction.” nice. he associates vulnerability in that way with domesticity and i’m HERE FOR THAT. 
  • 14:43: “ask career. ass career.” thanks phil. rly tho, angel!phil is dead.
  • “our audience is emotionally attached to this apartment.” INTERESTING. i wasn’t sure up till this point if this is something they’d think about or care about at all, but dan just said it so instinctively without thinking which indicates that, yes, were they to consider moving (they are considering it and going to do it this year, make no mistake), then one of the factors is ALL OF US and the level to which we feel connected to their current flat. that makes me feel a lot of feelings and think a lot of thoughts, but i suppose i shouldn’t be surprised by it. audience perception and awareness seems to have seeped into so many aspects of dnp’s lives. 
  • dan confirms that phil is not an angel. i mean we knew that, but thanks for making sure we got the message babe

this was a good and cute video. dan and phil love bananas and cocks and they also love flirting. those are my central takeaways. 

(dil burns the pancakes: sims #36)

Dear Artists

My beloved Spawn Child wants to grow up and make video games. To this end, he draws, a lot.

But he has been getting really upset about his inability to draw hands. He’s neurodivergent and has a really hard time coming back from self-criticism.

Will you please reblog this with things YOU have difficulty drawing? I want to show him that all sorts of people find a couple of things they need to work on.

im so glad being a teacher for a couple years has gotten my mind right when it comes to how to amplify marginalized voices in the classroom like

probably 80% of students in my grad program are women and there are still occasions where male voices dominate in the classroom or theyre called on more after raising their hands basically the same # of times as women in class and like

just knowing what the classroom looks like from the front now, and understanding that literally all you have to do is turn your head and look at a woman as she’s raising her hand in order to draw attention away from men and increase the likelihood of her being called on or like

even when teachers are egregiously ignorant of that, just raising your own, male, hand knowing you’ll be called first and saying “i think [name] probably has a really good point to make” and doing the work for the teacher will like, probably vastly improve not only the sense of equity in the classroom but the depth and quality of everyone’s learning and perspective-sharing like this isn’t even something you need to go to some kinda /ally/ training for and you really could mold this to support any other student of any marginalized dimension identity in the classroom 

anyways im rambling have a blessed day

anonymous asked:

do you prefer drawing traditionally or digitally?? i really enjoy traditional but i wanna color and do art like digital artists do, and want to do animatics as well :,) im just kinda torn and wanna ask how you dont feel so torn between drawing traditionally and digitally?

In fact, I prefer the traditional drawing. also trying to use both methods because it is hard to draw a picture with a computer yet :/

This is my way of working from last year. First, I draw a picture with my hand. I think I need a little skill at this time. Well … I spoke a few times, I’ve learned art for a long time. (and still practice myself :D)

If you want to have a watercolor feel on your computer, it’s a good idea to try the watercolor before that! The only thing I can say is that to develop painting skills is to practice constantly! I hope it helped! Have a nice day!