i really need to upgrade my ps


These are the custom King Agdar & Queen Idun 11″ Disney Store dolls my sister made for me for my birthday!! She made their outfits, styled Iduns’ hair, sculpted Agdar’s hair, and customized the box (back side is full of Agdar/Idun/family photos!), while I painted their faces, made Agdar’s moustache and painted his hair. It was a total surprise and the really came out so lovely! She is so good to me! Anyway, the photos don’t do them justice (my camera really needs upgrading—it’ from 2010, and they look so much better in person) but I wanted to share them with you! Idun is from an Elsa base doll, while Agdar is a Flynn Rider 2015 doll. Aren’t they gorgeous?! My sister did such an excellent job! I’m so grateful to her!

PS I forgot to take photos of Agdar with his crown, except for when I put them back in the box. :) Ah well! I guess, he hardly ever wore it anyway, right?! :laughs: