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The Reasons Why


- Twitter hates him
- EatJin
- Culinary blog
- when i am wearing suit, i feel like young master of the rich household
- His fingers
- If Yoongi is the King of Sass, Seokjin is an Emperor of Sass
- Robotic dance
- Traffic control dance
- The guy can sell you everything just by the way he looks at you
- But he also can sell you everything with the way he talk
- He is so LAME!
- He is handsome
- He will tell you that
- And you will agree
- When he was a kid, he sported those small funny glasses
- Hoe dance
- Did I finished talking? Did you do wrong?
- Tall
- its tragic, just like my face
- laserguy
- yeah. handsome. I think, me too
- He can do deep voice
- And he can do angelic voice
- He also can do that voice thing, like in School of tears or We are bulletproof, that will fuck you up for good
- His covers
- His dog is small and white and fluffy
- that guy uses internet explorer in 2016, somebody save his soul
- Marple story
- His background is his photo, and you cant blame him
- when they filmed Butterfly, he cried on perfect time, but that was only a repetition
- he played it cool
- flappy bird hands
- Hello, i am rapmonster, an i am crying
- i think its spread
- He was casted by sm, but he escaped
- the sound of his voice when he is laughting his ass off
- he can boss Yoongi around, and scare the shit out of him
- Inside jokes with Namjoon
- His eye twitch
- Nose twitch also
- he can do popping with his toes
- i was akward since i was born
- he is helping economy by collecting marios
- Gayo track,.norabang.“ Southbond train”
- He is evil
- He is really evil guy
- But he also fluffball
- You cant trust him
- He wakes Kookie up by twisting his nipples
- Jinda
- i dont know what bad skin is, since i was born handsome
- food or bangtan? - Cant i choose both?
- what do you want? - money
- pink hoodie
- he ran to Namjoon, because he thought he was crying
- when Yoongi wants to watch a movie, he would watch it with him, but then Yoongi is always falls asleep
- when it comes to cleaning he acts like a grandma according to Kookie and Hope
- why cant you clean it today?
- that one time when he was a slave
- he tried to bake a bread, failed, and told everybody to go and buy bread from the store
- he cant dance, but he is trying really hard to keep up, and he doing it good
- like hell, he danced to Danger, shut the f up, he is perfect
- the most beautiful man in the universe
- he dont even need Naver filters
- snowbording
- he played with Taehyung so hard, he hurt his fingers
- he may be the oldest, but he doesnt act like one
- he is really annoying if he wants too
- father, thank you for my ability to cook this meat
- model walking on idol olimpic 2015
- but not all the time
- cant be mc, it doesnt stop him
- wait, why am I suddenly Yoongichi? - I am trying to be cute for you
- looks good wearing red dress
- will look good even in a trashbag
- naver car door search
- he raps like jay z. Period
- No, really he is such a drama queen
- it is my first time wearing a beanie, i am little worried
- mom, tell him! - you see, Namjoon, fire can be very dangerous
- he can put a lot in his mouth
- mom, my company ordered food for me
- Did i mention that he looks like a prince? Sounds like a prince?
- Goofball
- cant be cheesy to save his life, not really
- but he thinks he can

criticalum’s prompts

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soooo these are some prompts that you can request and please give credit if you use these; just tell me the number and boy you want and ill try my best to write it  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

1. “i can always tell who you are by just your eyes, but now all i see is a completely different person

2. “no one ever listens to me, so why do you?

3. “i may not be able to call you mine anymore, but i can miss you all i want

4. “you are not allowed to use me

5. “please don’t leave

6. “you can say sorry all you want, but you cant take back all the hurt and pain you caused

7. “i dont have hope anymore

8. “im not scared to love you, im scared to lose you

9. “ive told you so many times but you dont even listen

10. “i havent played a single note or uttered a single lyric ever since you left

11. “waking up to an empty bed hurts every morning and still i do nothing about it

12. “is that my fucking diary?!

13. “you dont know how to love me when youre sober

14. “maybe its time to call it quits

15. “please tell me that its fake

16. “do you not love me anymore?

17. “i will not date you, so stop asking me to

18. “i get that were not dating anymore but i kinda left my most favorite thing in the world in this apartment, and i need it back, like pronto

19. "it’s four am and youre probably sleeping but im sitting here crying

20. ”stop being cute im trying to be mad at you

21. “we’re like parallel lines, close but never together

22. “i wish i could believe you

23. “i was doing so well until you showed up

24. “i really shouldnt have read our old texts but i did and now i miss you a lot

25. “you never even told me why

26. “ive tried to move on from you but you always stop me from doing so

27. “i’m not tired because i need sleep im tired because of this relationship” 

28. “so i meant nothing to you?” 

29. “are you ashamed of me?” 

30. “tonight i will love you, but tomorrow you wont even care

31. “id rather you yell at me;the silence is worse

32. “um, this is a box of your stuff i had after we broke up and im returning it now because well its been a year and a half

33. “out of all of the people in the world, it had to be you, a limpet of a human, to be my soulmate

34. “if you keep straddling me like this i am not responsible for what im about to do to you“ 

35. “god, you annoy me” 

36. “youre so soft and warm and i could cuddle you all da—hey stop trying to leave me! baby stay with me some more” 

37. “is that all i am to you?” 

38. “hold my hand and never let go” 

39. “i never thought itd be you im having this conversation with” 

40. “i could totally beat you at a contest to see who can go the longest without kissing the other” 

41. “one day im gonna call you mine” 

42. “i feel empty without you” 

43. “can i do your makeup, baby?” 

44. “if you want to break up with me, dont be a wimp and just do it!” 

45. “it doesnt matter how much i drink, how many people i fuck, how often i get high, it’s always you on my mind and i hate that” 

46. “ive hated you since the day my eyes landed on your gremlin face so why do i have the sudden urge to kiss you?” 

47. “you have me but i dont have you” 

 48. “stop messing with my feelings” 

 49. “do you seriously love me or is this just your sarcasm again?” 

 50. “i miss having you in my arms” 

 51. “i refuse to be the little spoon, dont do this to me” 

 52. “im not saying i love you because im drunk i promise you i mean it” 

 53. “i never learned how to say goodbye because people often leave without saying it” 

 54. “i believe that we can be extraordinary together instead of ordinary apart” 

55. “i thought you were different” 

 56. “i never thought it would end like this

 57. “i dont care about your boyfriend/girlfriend! i care about you and i just wishes you cared about me the same way” 

 58. “youll regret breaking my heart” 

 59. “leaving you was the biggest mistake ive ever made” 

 60. “its either me or him/her—choose” 

 61. “did you just call me babe?” 

 62. “you make my heart ache and my head hurt but i still adore you

 63. “why wont you let me love you?” 

 64. “grab your keys because were going on a drive to clear our minds

65. “what do you mean you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?” 

66. “i havent seen you since our breakup but um wow you look very nice like really really nice” 

67. “can i kiss you or would that be weird?

68. “i didnt know you could sing!” 

69. “is that what i think it is?” 

70. “id rather you break my heart than any other guy/girl” 

71. “i wish you were here with me” 

72. “you’re physically here but not mentally and that kills me” 

73. “are you really that blind?” 

74. “i just need you to hold me” 

75. “i shouldve kept my mouth shut” 

76. “we never got closure” 

77. “i think you have the wrong number” 

78. “i can just sense the sexual tension“ 

79. ”are you trying to make me jealous?

80. “i could kiss you forever and i would never get tired of it

81. “i snapchatted you for nudes stop sending me selfies of you using the worst filters

82. “take your shirt off

83. “i dont get it, im literally throwing myself at you but you still dont acknowledge me

84. “im not playing hard to get im actually just really hard to get

85. “this is not the time for your terrible sex jokes, we are literally lost in the middle of nowhere

86. “did you just throw a ball at my head to get my attention?

87. “i cant date you; you’re my best friend’s brother/sister

88. “im not who you think i am

89. “youre my home

90. “i cant believe i gave you the power to destroy me

91. “why have you been avoiding me?

92. “stop quoting my songs or i am leaving you

93. “we are gonna look back at today and all we’ll feel is nostalgia

94. “i miss being yours

95. “i know we arent exclusive but it breaks my heart to see you with him/her

96. “im better than this. i deserve more than this half assed relationship

97. “do you ever miss me?

98. “do you really think you can sing to me to fix what you did wrong

99. “what do you mean that you hate my band?

100. “that was the worst pickup line ive ever heard