i really need to stop giffing musicals


                            I liked classic music since I was young. When my mother turned on classic music, I stopped crying. […] I didn’t have interests in hip hop. However, I listened to background music of my friend’s blog and I thought it was really my style. I thought that hip hop could be sentimental like that. 

Six movies I’ll always watch

I was tagged by @tennantsforever, thank you! So, those are my six movie passions… no particular order, I think.

1. Star Trek - Into Darkness

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Because despite my first inner battle of reservations and giddy anticipation, Cumberbatch ROCKED as Khan and the rebooted crew still rocks like they did in the first movie!

2. The Phantom of the Opera

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Because I’m a BIG musical nerd and this was my first ever musical and when the movie version came out, I was so delighted. It’s the closest and most perfect alternative to the real stage version and the actors are amazing and the music… and I stop fangirling now…

3. The Bone Collector

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Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie are amazing in this one. It’s thrilling and emotional and one of the best roles (in my eyes) Jolie ever played.

4. Lethal Weapon

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Does it really need saying??? 

5. The Children of Huang Shi

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That’s the only gif I could find of it… Anyway, it’s an emotional tale based on a true story. A war journalist forced into caring for a group of orphan boys, forced to undertake one of the longest and most dangerous journeys of their lives. Always leaves me in tears.

6. Star Wars Episode 4-6

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The last one was hard, because I actually have quite a few movie obsessions I go back to again and again… But in the end, the classic Star Wars trilogy is one of those I come back to most often.

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let’s look at this gif right here

you know how girls in music videos tend to be very thin? i just noticed now that this girl is not.

5sos already did this sort of thing in the slsp video– showing all different body types instead of just one and i really think there needs to be more of this in the music and entertainment industry.

it also makes me really happy because so many people look up to these boys and knowing that they’re not superficial like other artists is actually kind of comforting.

maybe 5sos will change things for the people who don’t have a model’s physique.

not my gif, credit where needed

A Little Fall of Rain (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Gif Not Mine

Summary: Death is peaceful when it’s in the arms of a person you love.

Word Count:1067

Extra: I know…i know. Another imagine based on a musical, i really need to stop but the theater nerd within won’t let that happen. So heres the link to the song. A little fall of rain

warning: The reader dies

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[1/?] Favorite Music Videos: Up&Down (Exid)

                                         Stop teasing me and give me some clarity
                                                       I don’t need useless words
                                                    I need your truth not your jokes
                               Don’t make me stand at a crossroad, don’t make me cry