i really need to stop giffing musicals


                            I liked classic music since I was young. When my mother turned on classic music, I stopped crying. […] I didn’t have interests in hip hop. However, I listened to background music of my friend’s blog and I thought it was really my style. I thought that hip hop could be sentimental like that. 

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Could I request a match up? I'm mainly quiet and avoid new people, but with those I'm comfortable with I open up and talk a lot more as in rambling a lot. I laugh either really loudly or really quietly. I'm academically smart, but lack in common sense. I draw, sing, listen to music, bake, write, and read. I'm a scaredy cat, can't even watch horror movies. I often bury myself in pillows and blankets. I listen to others when needed and try to give good advice. If you need more info I can send more

Youuuuuu got KIRISHIMA!!!!! (i love this boy)

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(lol I gonna start adding gifs)

I can see you and Kirishima for so many reasons man

-          He would go out of his way to get to know you, 100%

-          You can’t stop this boy, he sees you and he’s like I wanna be their friend but then once he starts really getting to know you he falls head over heels

-          Loves it when you ramble, will never try to stop you if you’re really on a roll

-          He could just sit there and listen to you talk for hours (he has)

-          Loves your laugh no matter what volume, always tells you jokes so he can hear it and once he starts running out of his own he starts looking them up and keeping a list on his phone

-          Bake for him, pls, just do it

-          Honestly he’s a scaredy cat too so he won’t force you to watch anything scary

-          If you’re ever going to build a fort you better tell this boy cause if he comes over and finds you did one without him he’ll get all pouty

-          Always coming to you for advice no matter what, even on rly small things like what he should eat for lunch (cause he just likes talking to you and making you happy)


[1/?] Favorite Music Videos: Up&Down (Exid)

                                         Stop teasing me and give me some clarity
                                                       I don’t need useless words
                                                    I need your truth not your jokes
                               Don’t make me stand at a crossroad, don’t make me cry

A Little Fall of Rain (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Gif Not Mine

Summary: Death is peaceful when it’s in the arms of a person you love.

Word Count:1067

Extra: I know…i know. Another imagine based on a musical, i really need to stop but the theater nerd within won’t let that happen. So heres the link to the song. A little fall of rain

warning: The reader dies

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let’s look at this gif right here

you know how girls in music videos tend to be very thin? i just noticed now that this girl is not.

5sos already did this sort of thing in the slsp video– showing all different body types instead of just one and i really think there needs to be more of this in the music and entertainment industry.

it also makes me really happy because so many people look up to these boys and knowing that they’re not superficial like other artists is actually kind of comforting.

maybe 5sos will change things for the people who don’t have a model’s physique.

not my gif, credit where needed