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@resistancepilots and I have no self control and could not stop thinking about Accidental Pirate Obi Wan Kenobi and how he got his start. This isn’t really fic, it’s more like… aggressive headcanoning. Cheers to @albaparthenicevelut @forcearama @fireflyfish @jerseytigermoth @writegowrite @lurkingcrow

Obi Wan and Rex travel to Tatooine, with Obi Wan feeling like he left his heart in pieces on Mustafar and Naboo where Padme’s funeral is currently happening. Singing to infant Luke with Rex watching his back (he doesn’t need the help, but he’s Tired and the Force feels painfully empty now).

They arrive on Tatooine only for their transport to be seized by the Hutts, who don’t hold back anymore now that the Republic is dead and their old trade agreements are moot. So the Hutts seize this transport and take all the sentients on board as slaves, and Rex is like um sir,,, we need to do something.

Obi Wan is in a state of “I fucking give up” and so he doesn’t want to do anything. They all just shuffle into whatever dank cells the Hutts have set up, cold, sad, and dejected.

And then Luke starts screaming. He’s an infant, after all, and no Skywalker has ever been silent in expressing their displeasure. And this infant Luke is driving Obi Wan up the wall and Obi is like good GOD this Skywalker already hates slavery and if we don’t get out of here I’ll kill the kid myself.

Obi doesn’t… kill the Hutts but he defeats them all and you know it’s even more suave and Cool than when Luke does it twenty years later. He just takes over and sends the Hutts to become regular citizens. He maybe chops a couple limbs/tails off, but he’s got a wailing baby on one arm, a long line of tragedies in his heart, and not a whole lot of patience left. By the time he and Rex free all the sentients and get out, the palace is on fire and he doesn’t look back as he cradles baby Luke under his cloak (now a bit tattered at the hem) and takes him to Owen and Beru.

He liberates all of Tatooine from slavery but he’s smart so he just uses the Hutt money to free all the slaves instead of freeing them by force. At some point he realizes he’s Ruling Tatooine now so he makes slavery illegal. The previously rich slave owners are now significantly less rich and there’s a lot more gainful employment on the planet.

Anyway so now Obi Wan rules Tatooine and has given tiny Luke to Owen and Beru, but he’s bored in the palace alone (he’s not been without companionship like…ever) and Rex can only do so much. Rex is grieving and getting old too and deserves a life of his own. He helps Obi rule Tatooine tho bc Rex’s face gets him in trouble, you know, since he’s got the clone face, so he can’t exactly be anonymous anymore.

Obi hangs out with Luke all the time and Luke LOVES him and pulls his floofy hair and beard constantly, and by the time he’s three, he follows Obi Wan everywhere. Rex knows to wait up for Luke because the kid will inevitably escape his aunt and uncle and find Obi Wan, even with express instructions to stay put. Even when Obi Wan is nowhere near the old Hutt palace (now Obi Wan’s base of operations) Luke just always unerringly finds him. It must be the Force Rex thinks, setting aside some blue milk for the little one.

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Ok so I watched Ghostbusters this week and I fell in love with Holtzmann I mean oh my gosh I am so gay and obsessed with her it’s embarrassing (I have watched the movie four times just because of her why am i like this). So I wanted to make a sim inspired by her. This sim is not supposed to actually look like her or be her, I just wanted to try if I could make a sim that’s a bit similar to her. 


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Peter Parker X Reader

Warnings: An overwhelming wave of feelings.

Word Count: 1,266 Words

A/N: I really hope you like it, I loved writing it.  If you guys have requests for fanfics, please don’t be afraid to ask.  I am open to anything.  Also, tag lists are always open and growing.  Thanks!


You ran into the facility, tears stinging your eyes.  You were looking for Peter, needing him more than anything.  You needed him to comfort you.  You ran right into him in your frantic rush.

“Y/N, watch out!” He grabbed you and pulled you in front of him.  You looked in his eyes and the tears started to stream down your face.

“Peter, Peter.” You bit your lip and tried to stop the tears.  It didn’t help, the tears kept falling.

“Y/N, what is wrong?” Peter pulled you to a couch and put an arm around you, pulling you close.

“My mom, she just told me.  She is moving to California and is taking me with her.” You sunk your head into Peter’s chest.

“What about your father?” You turned your head slightly and looked at Peter.  His eyes were filled with sadness, he needed to hear this.

“My dad isn’t coming.  My mom got a huge journalist position and is giving me no choice but to come with here.  She says it will be good for me.”. You bite your lip again, this time stopping the tears from flowing down your cheeks.

“When did she just tell you?” There were tears in Peter’s eyes.

“She told us during breakfast.  I went to your apartment, but you weren’t there and I guessed you were here instead.”

“When do you leave?”. By the look on Peter’s face, this was as hard for him as it was for you.

“Tomorrow.”. You looked down and pulled at your shirt, not wanting to see the hurt in Peter’s eyes.

“What?  How could she tell you the day before you were leaving, that your entire summer  in New York as ruined and you were moving to California?”  You looked up at him and the regretted it, seeing the hurt in his eyes.

“What could I do?  Refuse my mother, run away?” The tears started to fall again, blurring your view of Peter.

“What about training? School?” He paused for a second.  “What about us?” You couldn’t look Peter in the eye.  That hurt too much.

“I don’t know Peter, I really don’t know.”

His arms wrapped around you, pulling you close.  You sat there, hugging Peter.  You didn’t want to ruin the moment, knowing that it would be on of the last ones in New York.

*  *  *  *  *

You started at the bags sitting on your empty bed.  Three suitcases and a backpack.  Your entire life packed away in a day.  It was so painful to leaves everything, you could barely stand it. There was a knock on your door, you knew it was your dad coming to get your luggage.  You picked up some of the bags and turned to face him.

“You ready for this?” Your dad didn’t want you to leave but was trying to cheer you up.  You handed the bags to him but didn’t answer.  You grabbed the other bags and left the room, walking down the hallway of the apartment.  This was the last time you would be here for who knows how long.  

When you reached the street, you handed the last suitcase to your dad and turned around to take one last look at the building.  You saw Peter and ran to him.  He wrapped his arms around you in a warm hug.

“ Peter, what are you doing here?”. You pulled away slightly to look him in the eyes.  He pulled your backpack off your shoulders and pulled it in front of him.

“I have to say good-bye and give you this.”  He unzipped the backpack and slipped a messily wrapped package into the backpack, zipping it back up.

 “What is it?” You were curious about what Peter wanted to given you.  You accepts the backpack and set it on the ground, looking him in his chocolate brown eyes.  They were bright with mystery and pain.

“Something for you to have in California, but you can’t open it until you get there.” He pulled you back into his arms and whispered into your ear.  “Tony says he will visit you whenever he goes to Malibu.  Keep training.” He released you and tried to smile.

“Thanks. I will call you as soon as I get there.”  You reached down to pick up your backpack, then you grab Peter’s hand.  As you turn to walk toward the taxi, you hold onto Peter’s hand as long as you could.

As you got into the taxi, you sat next mom but didn’t say anything to her.  A tear sipped down your cheek and pressed your head against the taxi window, the scenery flying by.  Over the next couple hours, everything was just a blur.  Airports, Airplanes, People.  When you finally landed in California and were heading to your new home, you felt empty and lost.

When the taxi pulled up to your new home, you remembered the package that Peter had slipped into your backpack.  You had the urge to rip it open, then and there, but you had the patience to wait until you got into your new bedroom.  You didn’t want your mom to see what Peter had given you.  As you got out of the taxi, you gathered up your luggage and pushed your mom to show you your new room.

As soon as you got in the room, you ripped your backpack open and pulled out the package.  You ripped off the messy wrappings and open the box inside.  Yous gasped at the contents.  Inside was Peter’s navy blue sweatshirt.  The one you loved to steal from his locker at school and wear all day.  You pulled it up to your nose and took a deep breath.  It smelled just like Peter.

Several pictures fell out of the folds of the sweatshirt as you lifted it up.  You picked up the pictures.  They were some of your favorite pictures of Peter and you.  A tear slipped down your cheek.  You pulled out your phone and dialed Peter.

“Hello?”  At the sound of Peter’s voice, a couple more tears flowed out of your eyes.

“Peter?  You told me to call you when I got in.”  You bite your lip to stop more tears from flowing.

“Y/N.  It is wonderful to hear your voice.  Did you open the package?”  You laughed slightly.

“How could you give up your favorite sweatshirt?”  You put happiness in your voice, stopping the tears from flowing.

“Anything for you.  Because Y/N, you mean so much to me.”  That made you smile even bigger.

“Peter, this will work.  I promise you I will try.”  You were determined to not lose Peter.

“There is something that I heard once.  I think Aunt May said it.  Distance means nothing when the person is worth everything.”  You heard the determination and the pain in Peter’s voice. “This will work, Y/N, it will.”

“Okay.  I promise I will try my hardest.”  There was a silence.  Only the sound of slight tears on both ends.

“Bye, Y/N.”  Then Peter hung up and the line went dead.

You picked up the photos of you and Peter.  You hung them up on the board already in your room.  They would be the first thing up and would always stay up.  Then you picked up Peter’s sweatshirt and put it on.  You curled up on the empty bed in an empty room and cried yourself to sleep.  The last thought in your head hurt.

How could you make this work?  If distance meant nothing because Peter was everything to you, why did the distance feel so far?

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frozenbrimstone replied to your post “*looks at all the hockey reblogs, coughs awkwardly* oops…?”

I’ve also been having the same thing. like, okay, when did half the people I follow become hockey fans and why was it all at the same time.

batwynn replied to your post

I WAS WONDERING TOO. My entire dash is hockey, all day, all night. Hockey all the time.

My dudes, for real. All at once! One day my dash was Sterek and happiness, and how it’s hockey guys being all…hockey guys. Whatever they’re like, I don’t even know, because who cares about hockey.

spawn1644 replied to your post

From what I can tell, fans of Yurie on Ice and CP started watching actual Hockey (possibly because of curiosity or because they needed more knowledge for fic writing/reading), and then people just got really into it. At least that’s what I’ve seen from the people I follow who started posting it.

rhysiana replied to your post

So basically, a certain contingent of the omgcp fandom decided the Penguins were basically the irl Falconers and got super hardcore into watching their games. So you get a lot of Crosby as Jack, Malkin as Tater, and (not a Penguin, a Dallas Star) Tyler Seguin as Kent. And now they’ve started doing RPF. It’s getting a little extreme.

So it’s not Bing Crosby we’re talking about here. Lame, but I understand. We can’t all be swingin’ from a star, carrying moonbeams home in a jar.

Also this really isn’t making me want to even try to enjoy CP, I’ve gotta say. Invading my dash with hockey, of all sports, is so not the way to do it.

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Yuri!!! ON ICE is a “someday” anime

(This was a super long ramble I wrote in like 10 minutes. Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense?)

You know when queer people say “we have to support representation,  so that someday, that won’t be needed. So that someday, we’ll have stories about queer characters that aren’t focused on their sexuality or have a terribly tragic ending. So that someday, by chance, it can just be a story about love.”

When I first started watching Yuri!!! ON ICE, I was overjoyed with it! I thought: here’s an entertaining anime, with relatable characters, a great storyline and breathtaking animation!

I was also 100% sure it was going to end up with absolutely no confirmed queer relationships.

As a queer person watching anime (or any kind of show, really, queerbaiting is mostly a Western phenomenon), I don’t really have high hopes for shows with “really close friends”. I’ll write fanfiction, I’ll joke about “how gay it is”, and I’ll fight everyone who tells me those two people aren’t completely head over heels about each other, but I will never believe we will actually see it acknowledged in canon.

I’m used to “bystander representation”: short snatches of a side character self-identifying as queer, maybe as a comedic purpose or with actual depth to them, in the best of cases, to the inevitable question of “dude, are you like, gay?”, to a complete denial from the creators regarding any character’s sexual or romantic orientation (and I’m not even going to comment on how they shut down any gender debates). 

So I expected Yuri!!! ON ICE to be, well, like Haikyuu!!, to be honest. Really close friendship, maybe a little shiptease, and if we got lucky, an admission that those characters were meant to be together, even if they were friends. 

And then episode 7 happened. Episode 10 happened. Kubo’s tweets, the references to self-identifying queer skaters, the insistence that yes, this is happening, it is not being hidden, they are in love.

I was overjoyed! It was the first time I’d ever seen something like this, to be honest, and I still can’t believe that this is real, that Yuuri and Victor are so obviously meant to end up together and nobody cares. The other characters and creators are not making fun, they’re not denying it, they’re encouraging it. 

But why do I say Yuri!!! ON ICE is a “someday” anime? 

Because it isn’t real. Someone always cares, someone always hurts you, someone always makes fun. For the lucky ones, those “someones” are people they don’t have to be with, meddling strangers, local pastors and annoying classmates. For the unlucky ones… it’s your family, it’s your friends, it’s your everyone.

I’m not saying Yuri!!! ON ICE is bad for not portraying homophobia, for not showcasing the still much alive struggle that queer people face every day. I’m not even saying, like Kubo told us (I’m rebelling), that it’s set in a universe where people can love whoever they want, without fear.

I’m saying it’s set in “someday”, the someday we’ve always talked about, the someday I’ve always wanted for myself, personally. In my opinion, there are many things that  must happen before we reach that time, before we can feel satisfied with our place in the world, and I doubt it’ll ever be as idyllic as Yuri!!! ON ICE. But I also think that representation like this anime is just, if not more, as important as realistic representation. Because it shows that this can happen, that we can love  whoever we want without having that nail-biting worry at the back of our heads constantly. And we’re much closer to achieving that than we were years ago. 

Yuri!!! ON ICE is important to me because it’s a story about Yuuri Katsuki figure skating, and he happens to fall in love along the way. It’s important because I think, “Will we get to see their wedding?” and not “Are they ever going to actually admit they’re in love?”. It’s important because it brings me hope, because it makes me realize that the amazing reception to it means that people can see queer people as simply, people.

 It’s important because, although I want to fall in love and be with the person I love, I also want to have a life of my own, a passion of my own, just like Yuuri has. Queer people have dreams, hopes and boring nights without any romantic drama. Sometimes it seems as if creators will write a character who’s queer and who has no flaws or problems except discrimination around them. As if they’re saying “well, they’re already queer, they’ve suffered enough for the day.”

It’s important to me because the “someday” that Yuri!!! ON ICE brings seems beautiful.

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bless you for your voltron headcanons they make my life so much happier, esp. the lance & keith ones

here’s some more buddy

  • in pidge’s words: “you two are a positive feedback loop of bad ideas”
    • both are (semi)reasonable people independently but something about the presence of the other just makes half their brain cells die off lol
    • all one of them has to do is say “i bet i can….” or “what are you scared” and suddenly common sense takes a fucking vacation
  • “lance we need to talk” “okay I don’t know what you heard but whatever it is keith started it”
  • they’re the cause of 68% of Shiro’s headaches
  • *the two of them have a Moment* keith: “so are you gonna remember this one or”
  • lance keeps a passive aggressive little bucket list of movies and shows keith has to watch when they get back to earth
    • pretends it’s to catch keith up with the times but really he’s just mad that keith doesn’t get his references
    • but also keith hasn’t seen lilo and stitch???? what the fucking fuck????? what the fu
  • keith likes to pretend he’s above lance’s shit but he’s actually equally as petty
  • keith: *makes joke* lance, throwing himself on hunk: “our little boy’s just. growing up so fast” "why are you like this”
  • lance can spot keith’s mullet literally anywhere. like, even in a huge crowd
  • *dinkleburg voice* “keith”
  • lance: *comes up with a plan and tries to explain it to keith* keith, literally two seconds later: “oh hey wait why don’t we do [insert lance’s plan but in slightly different terms here]”
    • lance: *looks into the camera like he’s on the office*
“Yuri!!! on Ice” and the evolution

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I’m horrible when it comes to writing, but let’s talk about “Yuri!!! on Ice” because I have no friend and I need really want to talk about it.

When I started watching “Yuri!!! on Ice”, I had a mindset that this is an anime revolves around figure skating. I carried the thought that this anime wouldn’t have the “longevity” to leave big impression on me because it doesn’t focus on figure skating as much as I expected. I was too wrapped up in the sport that I made a grave mistake: I completely bypassed the characters’ developments and personal conflicts.

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Something Y'all Really Need To Note About Chapter 18

Sangwoo, was the last one to text Jieun, it WILL show on her phone records from her phone company. If police look into her case after she goes “missing” they’ll check them and see Sangwoo was the last txt message. They’ll probably question him, but knowing how lax they are, how outwardly Sangwoo is a “good boy”, and how some of them like him as soon as he comes up with an excuse they’ll probably believe him.

But! As I said in a previous post, guess who won’t? Officer Seungbae, if he hears of it I bet he’ll once again be suspicious of Sangwoo and start REALLY looking more closely/watching Sangwoo.

This is something people really need to note because this could very well be the start to Sangwoo getting caught.

  • me: man i really need to start getting to bed earlier
  • my brain at 1 a.m.: are we gonna have a problem? you got a bone to pick? we've come so far why now are you pulling on my dick? i'd normally slap ur face off and everyone here could watch but im feeling nice so here's some advice- listen up biotch

also!! i’m really happy isak told eskild to not watch even like he’s a baby because even is still the same 19 year old young man he’s been from the start, he doesn’t need someone constantly holding his hand so he can do things and isak knows that. and it makes me happy because it makes me believe that they have a healthy dynamic where isak is there and he’s 100% supportive but he’s not overbearing and he wants even to have as much independence as is good for him, because he knows even and he knows that’s what even wants. isak is handling things really well and i’m so happy to see that in the middle of the last episode because it just makes me hopeful for their future :) 

I was re-watching the previous episodes and i saw this……

so i was wondering….was he referring to the banquet here??

Yuuri was effortlessly dancing with everyone here and those moves definitely required a lot of stamina…so don’t you all think Victor was thinking about the banquet???

and then he even started pole dancing……half-naked….where did he even learn that?????

Seriously…….The end credits of episode 10 changed everything…suddenly everything makes more sense now…everything has a hidden meaning….God………..i really need to get over this episode….but how exactly am I supposed to do that?????????? It was so perfect…………

advice for the signs
  • Capricorn: you work yourself waaay too hard.. take a break
  • Aquarius: you're too distant from your friends, let yourself trust !!
  • Pisces: stop thinking about love all the time
  • Aries: go somewhere peaceful and watch the sunset. it will help i promise
  • Taurus: if it was meant to happen it will so chillll
  • Gemini: you need to stop talking about it ok. people will get bored
  • Cancer: whatever they think it doesn't fucking matter, follow your heart
  • Leo: stop trying to please other people and start trying to please yourself
  • Virgo: you need to let people in or they won't understand
  • Libra: big decisions can't be ignored forever, you need to take some time to really think
  • Scorpio: it's time you told them how you feel before the time has passed
  • Sagittarius: maybe its time for a change? a new look for a new you

After rewatching ep 5 for the thousandth time, I noticed this moment and it legit brought me to tears because, as far as we know, ONLY Yuuri KNOWS THAT HE has already decided to retire after this season. But then this child, who is a fan of Yuuri’s, gives him a glimmer of reconsideration while also reaffirming Yuuri’s feelings that he is loved. 

And if you haven’t already found yourself adoring this child, you really need to start. Minami is but one of many encounters that Yuuri will keep on having that subtly let him know, “you are loved”! and who is he going up against next? His long time friend Phichit who will no doubt also leave Yuuri with a feeling that he is loved. 

Minami has sparked an even deeper feeling of love within Yuuri, for himself and how others view him, and I’m excited to watch it bloom even more as the series continues. 

smol things that Viktor and Yuri do together that I need:
  • Them holding hands while walking together
  • At night, watch some film with Makkachin and but both sleep together before the end of the movie on the couch
  • Bathe Makkachin
  • Help Yurio with his feelings for someone he really like
  • Smol house cleaning competitions
  • Playing with Makkachin
  • Taking photos doing funny faces 
  • Cuddling
  • Flirting 
  • Going to karaoke
  • Buying things for their sonYurio and his cat
  • Choosing some music to dance together in the living room
  • Competition of who stays more days without taking the engagement ring of the finger
  • Drinking a good wine until both get drunk and start to say silly and embarrasing things to each other
  • Laughing together at some shitty pun
  • Sharing ice cream
  • Kiss each other hands
  • Food war at home
  • Use dusters and brooms as a microphone while cleaning the house and listening to music
  • Warm conversations when choosing who is going to do the dishes
  • Watching the rain falls outside the house through a window while they drink coffee or tea together
  • Pillow war before bed
Native Russian speaking of Yuri on Ice russian references

After watching Yuri on Ice I started reading some fanfiction and there I realised that now the English-speaking world is trying to master some expressions from my native language. Seeing it is both adorable and really funny sometimes (because MISTAKES), but still every time I look at the cyrillic alphabeth in english texts I feel so glad that finally the culture of my country interests more and more people.
So, thanks YOI for that and also some help in understanding Russian speaking traditions (if needed):

- in Russia friends never call each other by full names. So it won’t be Yuri and Viktor, but Yura (Yurochka) and Vitya (Vit'en'ka, Vit'usha).

- while addressing the elderly we usually use ‘otchestvo’ отчество (patronimic), so if your father’s name is Ivan, your otchestvo in russian will be Ivanovich/Ivanovna *for example Andrei Ivanovich, Anastasia Ivanovna

- ty (ты) is the informal form of you, vy (вы) is polite, you address those who are older or have higher social status with it

- idk about you but personally I love learning other languages curse words, so…
we all know these ‘suka, blyad’’, but here are some more, like ‘mudila, mudak’ мудила, мудак “moron”; ‘ebanutiy’ ебанутый “lunatic, crazy-ass”; ‘pidor’ пидор “faggot”; 'tupitsa’ тупица “dumbass”; 'debil’ дебил “idiot”;

Please note/reblog if helpful.

If smb needs some more info, feel free to dm, I will be happy to help :)

Why I Stopped Babysitting.

(warning: very long story)

The last day I spent with Addy started with a long novel of a text message at six am. His mom, Kathy, had an out of town family emergency. She was incredibly vague about what was actually happening, but insisted that it was urgent, and that I really needed to watch Addy for the day. Since I was on break, and I liked Addy slightly more than I disliked Kathy, I told her I was on my way. When I stepped in the door, she stepped out. She looked disheveled, to say the least.

“Thank you so much sweety, I’ll be home as soon as I can.” Without even waiting for a response she got into her car, and I closed the door.

Addy was on the ground surrounded by a sea of legos.

“Hey, what are you building buddy?” I got as close as I could without crushing anything and squatted down.

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