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the end is where we start from - 100indecisions - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies)
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Relationships: Loki & Thor
Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Post-Ragnarok, Thor: Ragnarok spoilers, Missing Scene, well basically just expanding a little on the existing scene
Summary: “If you were really here,” Thor says with his painfully familiar half smile, “I might hug you.“

anyway I accidentally a post-Ragnarok ficlet when I should’ve been doing other things but I really needed to make myself feel better about my favorite idiots

(btw @portraitoftheoddity you wanted fic about the hug that definitely happened; @jaggedcliffs you might be interested in this too)

I got tagged by @fractalabomination - thanks Kye!! :D

“What to do:
List any (or all) works you have in progress - be as detailed (or not) as you please. :-)


1) “Flightless”. It’s a guardian angel AU with Lance as the angel and Keith as the poor guy with a shitty life that could really need some help :’D I want to rewrite the first chapter and start on the second chapter soon - as soon as my exams are over/it’s less hot.

2) “Count of Three”. It was my general big bang fic… ‘was’ because I had to drop it after I had grown to hate it a lot. I still like the idea though - Lance and Keith wake up in prison on an alien planet with most of their memories lost - and it’s 3/4s finished (at ~36k words) so hopefully I can work on it again after a break^^

3) a continuation for “24. I like you”. This fic got such a strong response that I couldn’t help starting on a sequel :’D Lance didn’t do anything wrong. It was a misunderstanding. He loves Keith a lot. So yeah, in the sequel Keith will get a present similar to the one he has given Lance^^ I have it all planned out, I just need to start writing it.

4) a (very lighthearted ♥) continuation for “Talk It Out” about the team finding out that they are together now. I’ve had this one planned for ages though so idk if I’ll actually write it… it’s definitely not in my priorities :’D 

5) a new magician AU!! It doesn’t have a name yet but it was supposed to be my fic for the klance big bang - until I realized that I would have to write the majority of it during exam time so I dropped out here too -___- It’s about wizard Lance who’s finally allowed to get a familiar. But… he doesn’t summon an animal…… and then lots of stuff happens as they are trying to figure out how the fuck he got a human familiar :P 

6) a robot AU!!!!! like 4) it’s not in my priorities though so idk when/if I’ll get to write it… especially with the other multichapter fics I already listed^^’ It’s planned out though and the first chapter is already written………. so maybe….. hmmmMMMM

apart from that I have tons of fic ideas that aren’t planned out yet. 3 more multichapter things and 4 oneshots that might or might not get developed if I have enough time. SDJKNFGHDKS WHY AM I LIKE THIS SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM ALL THESE IDEAS I’LL DROWN IN THEM,, ,,,,,

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Some good news

I’ll be taking the blog off hiatus mode. 

There will be a comic update today and I’ll start posting art again.

Thank you for being patient with me, things are better here. 


I was tagged by @gelopanda to do the 6-selfie thing for 2016 (plus 3 extra ones for the ppl I’m tagging, I really need to start taking pictures WITH other people more often).

A LOT of shit went down this year personally. For all the good, there was a lot of bad. And I hope that the lessons I took from the bad shit help propel me in a much better place next year. To continue to grow and meet new people, to be more secure in my abilities, my living situation, my finances, and my social life.

Here’s to 2017 being better.

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Man i really need to start watching Stranger Things ; (

doooo eeeeet, it’s so fucking RAD. the music is great, the acting is amazing, and all the geeky references are so nice. the episodes are only about an hour, and season 1 only has 8, while 2 has 9

kittycatoreo  asked:

I'm not trying to pry or anything, and it's fine if you don't wanna tell, but is everything alright. I saw your tags in your "." Post and got a little worried. Sorry if this is annoying 😣

You’re definitely not annoying, thank you so much for caring enough to write me! I’m sorry for making you worried. I just needed to vent a bit.. 

I just made a really bad call, and said some stupid things… I feel like I should have just shut my mouth, and not made it worse than it seemed to be, and I’m worried that he’ll start to hate me or something like that, since I’ve done it before.. I’m a bit better than I was before. 

Thank you so much for writing me, I really appreciate it.

Can we just take a moment please to appreciate the perfection that is Francis Valois right now.

I mean seriously. After everything Mary has put him through, he would still happily surrender his throne and give up his life if he thought Conde could protect her. He would sacrifice his own life for her’s in a heartbeat. Ugh this whole pregnancy thing better be a trick because otherwise i am so done - he does not deserve all this shit. I just want to give him a hug because i feel he really needs some love right now. Mary when are you going to open your eyes and start appreciating everything he’s doing for you? If you’re not going to i will!

Where can i find myself a Francis?

Surprise me

I’ve never started one of these before, but I thought it looked fun and I needed something to make me feel better, so. When your tagged, reblog with five things you bet your followers didn’t know about you (or just five really interesting facts about yourself). Then tag five people and pass it on. I just want to know more about the people I talk to here! I’ll start:

1. I do traditional Irish dance. You may have known that, I’m not sure.
2. Up until my junior year of high school, I really wanted to be a fighter pilot. I thought it looked dangerous and exciting and I was going to be a national hero and all that. I gave that up because a) my eyesight isn’t good enough b) my vision of the role was completely unrealistic c) I decided I wanted to be a teacher instead
3. I really dislike tropical climates. I don’t like insects, snakes, spiders, etc. and I REALLY don’t like heat. So y'all can keep your Hawaiian vacations; there’s a beach on Prince Edward Island with my name on it.
4. I’m an auditory learner to an extreme degree; I can not only mimick accents pretty well but I adopt other people’s speaking patterns when I’ve been talking with them for a while, and I have very high auditory recall (meaning, I remember things I’ve heard at a much higher rate than most people).
5. Anytime someone asks me if I want kids someday, the answer is “yes, at least three, five would be even better.” I think that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend (well, partially); they get scared by how serious I think about my future.

I’m tagging @everyjourneylove @tolkienswiggityswag @jennybaneni @little-red-83 and @hobbits-hobby-jess   but anyone can fill it out; I want to know!

We were a huge chunk of that $4 million - which is an incredible amount for any organization, let alone a hospital that can now upgrade its equipment, better pay its workers [hopefully?], & how it serves people in need.

Mark’s words are so true: we can change the world for the better - thru gaming.  Mark has gathered such an army for good & we’re starting to really make an impact.

A year ago, this didn’t seem like it was possible.  I was cautiously optimistic.  I thought that we would achieve amazing feats possibly in two years.  But after 100k happened… things just started really picking up. More fans showing up to livestreams.  More money being made during the livestreams.  More people contributing in the tags, boosting awareness for the donation sites even if they couldn’t contribute themselves.  More subscribers pouring in from I don’t even KNOW where & now… we’re well over a million.

I know that some people are a bit skeptical about how we’ve acquired these means.  I’ve seen the “well people are only donating just to get items / recognition / senpai to notice them,” but ultimately that doesn’t even matter. Because dollars are dollars - especially when they add up like this.  Ultimately we’ve helped this hospital gather 4 MILLION DOLLARS.  Mark has given his blood, sweat, & tears & a lot of US have to.  So yeah so what if people are giving to get recognized?  We’re still a force for good.  We’re still making an impact.

I love Mark.  I love his passion.  I love his amazing amount to give.  I love that he always strives to be a better man than he was the day before. He inspires me so much.  I just will forever have feels about him.  In the distant future, if or when Mark decides to settle down with a family or some other profession… we will still have this.  We will still have each other.  & we will still respect him.

8 years, Part 1

I was watching Girl Meets First Date and decided to make an eight year ‘plan’ of Riley and Lucas. I mean, with my own twist and with prompts of The 100 ways to say I love you, but eh. I was in an inspired mood.

From the 100 ways to say I love you:

1) “No, no. Its my treat.”


Riley’s plan to end up happily married with Lucas did not have its best start. First they had to get to know each other.

And what better way than going to a Museum of Arts that both she and Farkle had wanted to go to.

It was a start, and like that Riley could get a sense of his thoughts on things.

So far so good, right? Wrong.

“Mom, do we really need a chaperones?” Riley asked for the eleventh time that weekend since Cory and Topanga had told the kids they would also tag along with Auggie and Ava.

“Of course not, honey.” Topanga said with an understanding smile. “We just want to go, too. And I know it meddles us in on your quality time with Lucas” (Riley blushed here) “but I swear it was unintentional.”

Riley sighed, feeling like a jerk for thinking that her parents had ulterior motives. Maybe it was because it sometimes felt like everyone chose what she learned and how much she knew. Sure, Riley was innocent and believed too much in things others didn’t, but she didn’t need to be coddled. And she wished that they would stop treating her like she did.

But she put on a smile and beamed at her Mom.

“You’re right, its not all about Lucas and me.”

“Part of it will be.” Maya reminded Riley when she wrapped a hand around her shoulder, appearing almost out of nowhere.

It was. Partly. Since Cory didn’t keep from glaring at Lucas every once in a while whenever he could. When Riley and Lucas were left alone observing a beautiful painting. Or when they sped up ahead amazed by everything and wanting to take it all in. That was mostly Riley, but Lucas was a champ and kept up with her.

Topanga and Maya quickly put stop to it, of course.

It was toward the end of their outing and had reached the gift shop. They were all ready to go and eat, but everyone was enjoying looking through all the little trinkets and shirts and decorations that it seemed they were never going to leave.

Riley was almost done perusing the whole shop when she saw a small square tablet, about the size of her pinky finger, and engraved in the brown glittery surface were the words: “Make your own history.”

She stared at it entranced, the little thing making her so happy and ready to achieve that. Riley Matthews was going to make her own history.

She was debating buying it, when Auggie ran to her side.

“Riley?” Auggie looked up at her with an adorable pout. Uh oh. Riley sighed softly, giving him her whole attention.

“Yes, Auggie?”

“I want to buy a shirt that has the picture of some of the paintings, but I don’t have enough money.” He explained waving his arms to illustrate his point. “Can you help me pay for it? I’ll pay you back. I promise.”

Riley thought about this for a moment. “Show me the shirt.”

Auggie led her by the hand to the shirt stand full of awesome shirts and pointed to the one he wanted. Riley looked through the pile only finding medium sized shirts.

“But they’re all too big for you, Auggie.” She pointed out turning to her little brother.

“That’s even better. I’ll be able to grow into it. And I’ll have it forever.”

Riley was impressed by his way of thinking.

“So, you promise that you’ll keep it for a long time?” Riley asked, but she knew in her heart she was already going to buy it for him.

“Forever and ever.” Auggie promised. Eyes wide and gleaming with excitement. Riley glanced at her parents who were watching along with Ava and then where the little tablet was before nodding.


Auggie gasped in delight and jumped in her awaiting arms. Riley laughed holding on tight. And together they went to pay for the shirt.


They grabbed take out and went to the Matthews apartment to eat. Auggie could barely sit down to eat since he kept looking at his new shirt.

Everyone was enjoying all their small souvenirs. Even Maya, who had bought new color pencils, and Farkle who bought a book full of artwork. Lucas had bought a cup that said “Life is a painting.”

Riley didn’t feel bad she hadn’t had enough money for her small tablet. She could go another day and get it. She was glad the rest of her friends were happy. That’s all that mattered to her.

And that’s when it happened. Lucas appeared by her side and Riley smiled at him. Not being able to help the butterflies that appeared in her stomach and her sudden shyness. Lucas was her friend, but it was hard acting normal when butterflies and shyness took over.

It was another reason she wanted to be cool like Maya.

“I got you something, Riley.” He began to dig through his little museum baggy where he stored his cup, and pulled something out. Something small, small enough to be covered in his hand.

“What is it?” Riley asked, barely keeping her voice neutral and her mind from jumping to conclusions. But her smile, it won its way out and she knew what it was even before Lucas revealed what was in his hand.

Lucas smiled back, knowingly, and opened his hand for Riley to see.

“Oh, Lucas. Thank you!” Riley cried out taking the small tablet in her hands and smiling up at Lucas. “You didn’t have to!”

“No, Riley, I wanted to. It’s my treat.” He looked down at the small brown, glittery tablet and shrugged. “It makes you happy and that’s all that matters.“ He stood up and squeezed her shoulder before going to sit with Farkle.

Maya arrived then and she gave Riley the widest smile.

“How you doing, honey?”

“I’m so happy, Maya.” Riley showed her the small tablet. “Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?”

Maya looked down at the small engraving and wrapped a hand around her shoulders. “It’s true, too.”

They shared another smile, before they joined the others as they discussed what was the best part of their outing that day.

Riley couldn’t decide. Today had been very special to her.


A/N: this was supposed so be a long one shot of eight little prompts taken from the 100 ways to say I love you. Since I thought I could pull it off. My other ones had been short, so I thought why not? Apparently, now that I know what I want to write about and have a purpose it became a little longer than planned.

So, I’m going to keep them all in different postsfor now. Which is fine. Each of these sayings deserve their own post. Hope you guys like it.