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Thank you for playing Far From Noise Sean.

I’m going through that beginning adult phase in my life as a 21 year old where I know what I want, but the journey getting there just seems so long and overwhelming, that I kinda just shut down at the first sign of a struggle, and then I feel like shit after, like I failed or that I wasn’t strong enough to take the necessary steps I needed to get there. And like you said, taking that first step is always the hardest, and it is always very difficult for me to really push myself to start it, not even because of fear of failing the outcome, but just the long arduous journey that looms with the unknown. 

Part of that is anxiety as well, and fear of hardships, and part of it is lack of real concrete motivation to start due to depression and the feeling of pure tedium. And it sucks because what I want to do is something so gosh dang exciting to me, but it isn’t like any other career. Acting is something that you have to keep pushing at throughout your life, and keep looking for new roles and opportunities. And I just get in this head space, like what you said, ‘what if I’m not creative enough?’ That fear keeps me from starting. 

This is exactly the kind of game I needed right now, I’ve been dealing with a lot of very similar thoughts that this game discussed, and how this game explains dealing with them and how it gave some much needed advice in helping with my anxiety, such as to look outside of the situation, to breathe and just take in the moment also really helped. And it helps me reflect a whole lot more, on really going out there and trying and when I do get overwhelmed to breathe and take small steps.

I dunno. I’m probably just rambling at this point, but I really appreciate you playing this game. Seriously. I love games like this and I hope to see more like it in the future.


Sometimes things are great! Sometimes… they’re really, really not. This is my personal plan for fixing everything when I don’t know what to do, and I thought other people might find it helpful. If you identify with this sentiment, but don’t think this is the right way for you to work on the problems you’re facing, that’s totally fine, and sometimes these aren’t things to work through by yourself.

This is what works for me, but really consider what your goals are and consider this as less of a how-to and more of possible framework to figure out where you want to go. A lot of this also refers to managing things within my apartment that aren’t super applicable if you aren’t the one responsible for your own groceries say. Use what’s useful and skip what’s not. You’ve got this.

Step One: Breathe, baby. This probably feels awful, whatever’s going on. Icky maybe. And that’s something that should change, but before the visible problems can shift, take a look at how you’re taking care of yourself right now. This step is the reset button - just a beginner’s step in areas that are central and maybe stressing you out. Stop the cycle of whatever was throwing you off.

I like to start with the executive function stuff. There might be a lot you feel like you have a lot to do - it’s been a while since things have been good about notes on all those readings, right? But unless there’s something absolutely 100% immediate and pressing, this first:

  • Drink some water. Wash your water bottle or a cup you like to drink from. Just one dish. The rest of them can wait just a little bit longer. Keep remembering to drink water. You’ll feel better.
  • How’s your room? Can you do some laundry? Get some things in the trash? Make your bed? Start with a single task that will get some things off the floor, but doesn’t feel scary. Leave the rest of it. You can fix it later.
  • When was the last time you ate something? Has it been a while? If there’s something at home, good. Eat that. If there isn’t, go pick something up from somewhere you feel safe. Worry about vegetables later. Eat anything right now.
  • Find somewhere you feel comfortable. Pick something acheivable. Do that thing. Whatever you’re ready for. Nothing scary. Nothing heavy. Spend some doing enough work that you feel like you’re being productive again; like you’ve finished something because you have! Then come back. Do you feel better?

In the interest of space, the rest is under the cut. :)

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Pairing: Nalu

Rating: K+

Summary: In a world where meeting your Soulmate is what brings colour to your world (quite literally), Lucy is an anomaly. She is very much in love, and very content, but can see only in greys.  That is, until someone else does colour her world. A Nalu not-quite-a-Soulmate-AU Soulmate AU one-shot.

Genre: Romance, hurt and comfort

Notes: A.k.a where I continue indulging in my guilty pleasure of messing around with popular tropes. A super big shoutout to @x-benihime for her support and all her Post Its (I’m keeping ‘em)

‘The sky was a wonderful azure, one as clear as her beautiful auburn orbs.’

Lucy stifled the need to roll her eyes. Again. 

What did azure or auburn translate to anyway?

After pausing a beat, she quickly stole a glance of the sky outside the window of the train she was in, before mentally telling herself off for actually checking. 

It had been as it always had - a nice, light, calming grey. She hadn’t met her supposed “Soulmate” yet, after all. 

Not that she really cared. 

Lucy smiled softly at that thought. She didn’t really care, because she was in love anyway. And while she couldn’t see greens and yellows, he had brought colour to her life in every other way that mattered.

She was in love, and she was loved back. 

‘Natsu,' she mused, absently toying with the fairy shaped locket around her neck. 

Their first meeting was rather unceremonious. They were classmates in college, and that had been the only thing they had in common. They were in different groups of friends, different clubs, even had different ideas of what was fun. 

They had absolutely no reason to actually meet. 

And so they didn’t – not really. 

Not until they found themselves landing the same internship. She to report, him as the cameraman - the both of them began bonding over their cranky boss and a shared determination to tell stories, and tell them well. 

She began packing him lunches when he couldn’t afford food from the canteen.

He would ensure he dropped her home on particularly late nights. 

Before they knew it, they were best friends. 

She knew his tastes, could predict his change in mood and was the only other person his pet cat Happy got along with. 

He knew her routine, her favourite books and just how she liked her coffee depending on the time of day.

They quit the internship together, helped find each other new jobs.

She was there for him when news of his missing father having passed away reached him.

He was the person who helped her run away from her abusive home. 

Moving in together seemed natural - as very platonic roommates of course. 

Though somewhere in all the making and cleaning messes, playing with Happy, cooking together, tucking each other in bed and winter-time cuddles, their feelings changed, evolved. Platonic didn’t fit anymore.

One night, sitting on their balcony and under the stars they realised why. 

“I think I love you,” he had said, as soon as the thought occurred to him.

The clarity those words brought was everything Lucy’s heart had been searching for. She thanked him for it with their first kiss.

It wasn’t short, nor very gentle. And when they parted – only for need of air – Lucy found herself lost in his wide eyes. 

Wondering just what colour they really were. 

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Eager Lovers: Horny Devil

Summary: You thought Steve was going to be a one night stand, one and done, but you found yourself drawn to him, like the proverbial moth to the flame. He was so much more than the tattooed, beer drinking, bar owner you thought he was. But somehow the headlong rush into love wasn’t turning out like you’d hoped.
Word Count: 1,614
Warnings: Language, alcohol, smoking, explicit sexual content, praise!kink, little bit of dirty talk… It’s an AU, anything and everything will probably happen.
Author’s Notes: This fic wouldn’t be possible without @captain-rogers-beard and @climbthatmooselikeatree Their help and beta work has been invaluable. Thank you.

Don’t steal my work. It’s rude.


The glass you had been drinking from was still there, so you quickly finished it, and tugged some cash from your back pocket. Steve tried stopping you, but you weren’t having it. You grabbed his belt loop and tugged him into you, shoving the money in his back pocket, and giving his ass a good squeeze.

You kissed him thoroughly, arching your body into his, moaning at the feel of his hands on your ass. “See you around,” you purred against his lips. Spinning in his arms, you shoved his hat on your head and sauntered out of the bar, leaving him with his mouth agape, eyes wide, desperately craving more.

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It had been three days since Y/N strolled into his life and gave him the best head he’s ever had. If she could make him cum that intense with just her mouth, he couldn’t imagine how it would be buried to the root, her thighs wrapped around his waist, nails digging into his back, head pushed into the pillow, obscene moans falling from her mouth… fuck, he was hard just thinking about it.

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Gone ∾ a.s

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posted 4/24/17

request? yes
   “ Can I request a 13rw Alex x reader where they get in a fight when Bryce aggressively hits on Y/N and Alex gets all up on Bryce and after he leaves Alex and the Y/N fight over because they can protect themselves and Y/N leaves and ends up getting in a car accident. You can decided the ending. Thank you so much!

pairing(s): alex x reader

warning(s): mentions of death & some pretty bad writing

a/n: i have no idea what i was writing, so let’s just pretend that i do know so i seem smart

You lay comfortably on Bryce’s couch, legs laid across Alex as you scrolled through your social media. Bryce and Zach enter the room, each of them holding up bottles of Hennessy and vodka. 

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the signs as shit said at my school

Aquarius -
Person1: Why am I needed here then???
Person2: You aren’t, u just walked in here and started criticizing us….

Pisces -
These fireballs from behind are really fucking my wizard *talking about a game*

Aries -
Person1: How do you connect the subject to the first solution?
Person2: By adding conjunctives…?

Taurus - Vaseline is gay

Gemini - the big supermarket puts tomatoes in the vegetable section, therefor it is a vegetable.

Cancer -
Person1: *calling someone* Hey John
Person2: where are you seeing John ???

Leo - *While trying to practice for a debate, the instructors start messing with the mic’s and making animal noises*

Virgo - *isn’t allowed to use the toilets after 11pm at home*

Libra - U like porn?? Name 5 sites

Scorpio - Bc ur my meme daddy

Sagittarius - Dicks out for harambe is almost an idiom

Capricorn - I hate it when cars honk at me, I want you to hit me not hit on me

Machetes and Mascara

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, 

Warnings: Fluff, Some slight violence, A touch of angst. Clueless Dean, Confused Dean, Clueless Sam, Smart Castiel, Unsure reader, Attempts at humor, Romance. 

Notes: So I wrote this for @chaos-and-the-calm67 , who wasn’t feeling good and wanted some fluffy Dean to cheer her up! I hope I did this justice!! This kind of fits in with my #LoveYourFlaws challenge, although there is no song. I just went that way with the fic, and I hope that it worked! 

Word Count: 4893

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Can someone pls congratulate me for successfully adulting and finally registering for classes. Finding hours that work at the locations I need is really stressful and I’ve been really bad over the last couple years about sitting down and handling the stress of signing up and working out all the details and always wait until like a month before classes start to register but I almost just didn’t bother this semester so go me for saying fuck you to depression and lack of motivation and getting some shit done

HVFF London: here’s my (way too long, if I were you, I’d keep on scrolling) report! :D

Oh, boy… What. A. Weekend!!! Seriously there are no strong enough words to describe how utterly awesome this whole experience was. But enough gushing, there will be plenty more as I go on. Let’s start this report! :D (I have highlighted the different parts so you can just skip to what you wanna read about)

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2014 Year of the Nyongtory | Part I.

Commentary: I’ve been requested to recap Nyongtory in year 2014, and honestly; it has to be the most maddening request I had ever received, let alone the toughest to complete. However I decided I would. For the significance Nyongtory holds in my life and heart, and for the objective exploration I swore at all times. Therefore kindly be informed whatever follows is not, nor I claim it to be a confirmed timeline of what we call Year of the Nyongtory.

December 30th 2013. A picture of unknown source—to me, circulated among different social media platforms of Kwon Jiyong in route to the United States, as you can see below, sporting one of two infamous hats.

As Kwon Dami updated her own Instagram account with a picture of previous infamous hats, playing her caption with suggestive wording of how good Kwon Children/sons did following to Las Vegas. A lot of speculations implied Nyongtory stayed in the same hotel, and room.

It is to be noted that, by end of year 2013, Seungri fell off the radar of public eyes and been all over the globe to finally be exposed accidently to be in Las Vegas. Once it got out, he started showing on social network platforms, hence his updates in Bruno Mars concert. As 2013 had it’s own dark times before we saw the light.

A video posted by Lee seung ri (@seungriseyo) on Dec 30, 2013 at 6:54pm PST

By New Year’s Eve, it is revealed that Nyongtory indeed are spending these last hours together, for again it is updated through official accounts—G-Dragon actually did.

Only hours later, Jiyong rumored to have met Ms. Mizuhara Kiko as the photo below shows, only to be rebuffed and refused by shippers of Nyongtory among others as stated to not be clear. On the other hand, Ms. Mizuhara have been asked if she met Mr. G-Dragon in Vegas in a press conference gave a very sly laugh and dodged the question and no one were happy.

On said day, they return, Seungri accidently—fans/shippers insists, favorites a tweet about JiKo, said tweet supportive of their alleged relationship to un-favorite it sometime later. For rumor of them meeting still is fresh and knowing Seungri’s habits in which are obvious, he would search and comb for reactions.

Nyongtory flies back to South Korea, none of the previous rumors or perhaps happenings bothering them as both seen smiling genuinely before being caught by public eye.

Shortly they leave to Japan separately; Jiyong on earlier flight Seungri catching up with ToDae’s, for they had concerts to meet. It is to be noted too, Jiyong still sported that one hat, on flights between Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo.

A lot of Nyongtory interactions ensued on said tour.

During said times, Winner TV broadcasted featuring BIGBANG Seonbaes, and for the first time confirmed pet name Seungri used for his Leader: Oppa. Once pointed out then, it became such a habit of Seungri.

Marking mid-January, GDYB flies to Paris for fashion week, it is revealed recently Seungri had been tagging along same trip and yet due to health issues left the party and returned back home. However shippers did discuss the likelihood of Seungri actually being there, before, for one picture of GDYB in preparation, where far in the back his jaw was recognizable—for its the perfect side, of course entertaining such possibility did not find its way into the web however confirmed by later.

Around beginning of February, Jiyong’s dramatic works begun as well. First Gloomy Sunday tweet made an appearance.

As fans went insane with worry as it seemed he is depressed.  Every one around Jiyong kept quiet, as some anticipated Jiyong would eventually delete the tweet as tweets followed only showed exhaustion from work. He did not.

Seungri however days later tweeted How are you?  

Seungri deleted this tweet; it is no longer existent but on fan sites.

Oddly that around BIGBANG started doing Fan meets, first time seen in public after being somehow low key, Jiyong was playful in the airport with Daesung, as he ran to him like a kid but then Seungri, he showed up with a grim expression and then that smile we all know.

It seems they had a lover spat of some kind, showing mostly when they returned from Fukuoka. For some unknown reason for us as shown:

The matter seems to be different at given situation as how Youngbae and Daesung stuck around the leader as Maknae shown courtesy smiles for some time before the aura of awkward reached out. Still we didn’t know the truth behind these speculations. 

However the mood witnessed a lift up once they attended valentine’s fan meet in Hong Kong, pointedly Nyongtory made up—more like Jiyong cunningly made Seungri forgive him as he fed him chocolate, mind you Jiyong said he’d feed his lover chocolate mouth to mouth—that pervert.

A video posted by 페키 (@pe88ie) on Feb 15, 2014 at 6:40am PST

By the way Jiyong liked on Instagram before Hong Kong he is spending valentines without his love.(However I can’t find a solid screencap)

Yokohama fan meet, days later, the infamous Nyongtory moment happened also known as Seungri Koala move.

And all were happy again. However the fan taken picture remain the only evidence it happened, and aren’t we glad YG personnel has no access to our computers to delete the picture? Rumor has it YG fought the spread of any fan taken videos—which I find logical for it is illogical to assume none captured it on video with all these attendees. Seungri mentioned during his MC it is not something to be done during the day!

Let’s just say a lot of hugging and tough love happened during these fan meets. Wait also, we learned how to whisper to you band mate by Kwon Jiyong.

As fan meets started, they were happy times. An incident happened; Jiyong hung out with a Singaporean Actress while Seungri ran for flight to catch up with him for a fan meet.

Of course around this time of year, Jiyong had become such a party boy, it made a lot of his fans, and Nyongtory shippers wary and distrustful.

However Nyongtory was more than okay. Did I mention Jiyong said Seungri twerks better? Yep he did. Our feels wept. Seungri said Jiyong had a hot ass. Same night or following nights, Nyongtory and Youngbae attended Rolling Stones concert, Seungri lost his voice the next day, and cutely saying his voice is dead.

Jiyong updated his Instagram account with Picture of his Happiness. Seungri liked it. Day before he tweeted Have faith. The day before that he updated Live well. In Addition to naughty freaky stuff too.

April was such an easy month or so we thought, Seungri had his Drama, Jiyong had his travels and they did YG Family concerts together, I should tell you they violated each other—their butts had a lot of fun.

But then Jiyong un-followed everyone on his Instagram account and honestly all started panicking because in their eyes it were a sign of suicidal tendencies—I was so pissed off, they made him sound like he needed professional help believe it or not. Fans were shit crazy.

Moreover, Jiyong went for a controversial tattoo at the back of his arms, and it remains mysterious to this day—at least to me, what it is really about. Yet as always it had to be linked to Ms. Mizuhara Kiko.

Supposedly in April, Jiyong and Kiko broke up. Despite their relationship being unconfirmed to begin with. But it really stirred the doubts among Nyongtory shippers. What made it painful, Seungri asking Jiyong how had he been lately?

Oddly, Seungri only had been nothing but there for Jiyong. It felt weird. He waited for him at airports, mentioned him for no apparent reason to the media and asked stupid questions, yet we didn’t understand. Perhaps it is the rough patch Jiyong spoke about recently. Some referred his situation of actually being afraid to be “outed” Pphht.

Jiyong in this month updated his Instagram account with picture of Daisies. Seungri had his twitter account background with same Daisies—not sure who did it first. But they picked Daisies significantly.

May. BIGBANG attended a wedding, Seungri off the radar. Jiyong looked pretty, as always. Jiyong continued to be Twitter Kwon DJ, and they both tended to update their Instagram around each other. Jiyong been all over the globe too; LA, Paris, London and so.

June, BaeRi made Jiyong jealous, he judged them so hard, went back and tweeted MJ’s you’re not alone. Jiyong hung out with some Pandas in Chengdu and it was cute because he paid shit load of money to cuddle with one.

Also his likes using private account are either angsty or sexual. And Nyongtory continued to have their pseudo messages on Instagram; updating around each other. Seungri wore a T-shirt with Youth has not age, oddly Jiyong had updated his Instagram with same quote earlier in April.

Right let’s not forget in June Jiyong’s tattoo Exhale and Inhale made an appearance on his updates while in Busan. Seungri stayed with Jiyong in Busan and they went to the beach together; Seungri missed his flight purposely I’ve heard, what’s more shippers has thought he kept low key but Seungri at this point didn’t bother. We spotted Seungri in pictures and recognized him by his eyebrows—all hail Nyongtorians’ stalking powers.

Of course I cannot mention Nyongtory moments and I am really trying to bring out major happenings in the year 2014, but it is necessary to say we witnessed a lot of hand holding, face cupping, chest touching, etc.

Hanna, Seungri’s sister sung That XX at ANDHere out of all songs in July. It felt exhilarating to be honest. Around that time HoonHyun interactions appeared. Hoon as in FT Island’s Jonghoon; Seungri’s best friend. Also Seungri’s been on Kong Karoon IG Instagram quite a lot too.  Guess what continued to happen? Lovestagram. Jiyong posted a clip from Beyoncé’s Mine Ft. Drake around the time Seungri spent his time with his Thai friend.

July witnessed Jiyong being to Japan, Nyongtory shippers were pissed off—I know I was. Japan meant new rumors relating to Ms. Mizuhara.


Commentary: we have arrived to the end of Part I, I have to remind you again whatever you have read on this is not, nor I claim it to be a confirmed timeline of what we call Year of the Nyongtory. However I did my best to confirm all happenings.

The Absolute Worst Traits I’ve Seen In the Signs.

((in my experience)) (((  This of course does not apply to every single sign, most everyone I know is wonderful (:  )))

Aries- Throws temper tantrums like little kids when something doesn’t go their way. They have to be the best at EVERYTHING they do and it’s exhausting being around this sign for too long like please take a melatonin or something?? Falls in love with every one they meet too and gets angry when they don’t like them back. 

Taurus- Really stubborn and judgmental. All the Taurus’s I know judge every little thing that everyone does and their stubborn nature makes it hard for them to be open minded. Super selfish with material items too and nothing seems good enough for them.

Gemini- Sorry but I’ve never met a Gemini that hasn’t fucked me over so there’s a lot of traits I don’t like. Gets bored SO EASILY and doesn’t care about how that makes other people feel? Also really fond of mind games and I’m not down with that. I feel like 90% of you are sociopaths. Do you have a nice twin at all??

Cancer- Get very attached very quickly, immediately wanna say the L word to significant others and it can be overwhelming. Smother the ones they love to the extreme. Sooo so so so moody and feel like the whole world is against them all the time. Also, eating your feelings is not a healthy coping mechanism… (In general they struggle in dealing with their problems in healthy ways.)

Leo- Similar to Aries, they throw insane temper tantrums when things aren’t their way. Only helps people so that they get something in return, has to be told constantly how amazing they are and also takes wayyy too long to get ready and yet everyone else is responsible for being late..? Have a bad habit of taking their mistakes and blaming it on others. (Both my parents are Leo’s.)

Virgo- oH MY GOD SO CONTROLLING!!!!! Even when messy if one thing is out of place they know instantly and have literal melt downs over it. Have a weird complex in that they are better+smarter than everyone else, but then are also super angry and insecure. A bunch of virgo I know drink a lot too, consider seeing a therapist?

Libra- The worst trait I’ve seen in this sign is being fake. Talks shit about whoever to anyone to move their way up the social ladder, needs to be best friends with everyone and just “doesn’t wanna start drama!!”. Think it’s okay for them to drop people and then come back like nothing ever happened, also really flirtatious and cheat on significant others. 

Scorpio- Try and act tough but are literally the most emotional creatures on this planet (even more so than Cancers). The smallest things can trigger them and they will shut out people for days on end. Very secretive and some struggle in that they can “dish it out” but can’t take it in. Can be very cold hearted when angry. Consider a yoga class?

Sagittarius- Y’all can be some of THE most problematic people I know. I genuinely think they only exist to start shit and for some reason get away with it constantly? Live for drama and are really flighty because they aren’t content with anything. Similar to Libra, they wanna be on everyone’s good side. Will do ANYTHING to get what they want.

Capricorn- Have constant bitch face and although their work ethic is admirable, it can be to a fault in that they forget about those who actually love and care about them- work always has to come first. Although they come off cool and collected, they get angry and react impulsively over the dumbest stuff and are sort of mean for no reason..? ((@ Capricorns it is 100% okay to smile sometimes.))

Aquarius- Aquarians have too many extremes omfg. Either too emotional and clingy or too distant and cold- some more than others but usually each have a bit of both. So flakey and have terrible times committing to even the simplest things? Wanna be friends with everyone despite the fact that they also hate everyone. Have insane issues with the L word. Are you guys even human..?

Pisces- Like Gemini, most Pisces have seriously hurt me. Really immature sometimes and take all their problems out on other people. Don’t wanna help anyone, but are desperate to talk about their own issues. Some of the biggest posers I know too.. Change themselves for others, yet can also drop those people once they don’t have use for them anymore. Oh, and extreme daddy issues.

Again, I’d like to reiterate that these are just some of the worst traits I’ve seen in certain signs, this does not apply to every single person under a certain sign, most people are not shitty!! 

anonymous asked:


Ahaha. Ok. 

I had JUST gotten into Ghost a few days before the concert, spontaneously bought a ticket, and went to the show with my dad and my brother. The venue we went to is an old theater in the area of downtown that has NO parking near it for buses. 

SO. After the show, I meet back up with my dad and brother and we go outside, buy some merch, and when we step out, the bus is RIGHT THERE. My dad and I kinda looked at each other and nodded, because my dad and I are of the same opinion - if we can meet the band, we’ll try. 

So we go over to the buses, and a crowd starts to form and we’re all talking about the show. Then, one of the female fans suddenly is yelling, “DO NOT TAKE OUT YOUR PHONES GUYS THEY WILL LEAVE IMMEDIATELY IF YOU TAKE OUT YOUR PHONE” which was kind of a big red flag for me. 

Until that point, I had naively thought they would come out in costume. 

So suddenly Alpha runs out, completely inconspicuous wearing a snap back baseball cap and short sleeves. He signs like 2 things and then runs back to the bus and never comes back out. Then Earth comes out, and Air, and Aether. They’re all right there and I’m getting them to sign my ticket. My dad is having them sign his shirt and his battle vest. So, Aether is RIGHT NEXT TO ME I could have reached out and stroked his face if I had wanted to - and my dad says to him, “So what kind of amps do you guys play - I love your sound!” and Aether kind of chuckles and goes “er, I don’t know!” and my dad’s like “What? Do you live feed in?” And Aether kind of smiles and goes “Sorry, I can’t say.” My dad is flummoxed and kind of upset but he lets it go. Air walks up to us and he grumbles how no one ever has markers for signing stuff so he goes back to the bus and he gets a pen and he comes back and he starts signing stuff. He jokes about signing my dad’s face at one point. Earth was super sweet and very eager, and I was stunned by how short he was, because he was pretty close to my height, and I’m REALLY short. 

Then Mist came out and she was beautiful and kind and VERY shy and you could tell that she really loved the experience and wanted to keep playing in the band. 

And then, after that whirlwind, suddenly security tells us “Alright you need to line up on the wall, single file” and I’m like “OH SHIT.” 

So we’re all lined up, probably 40 of us at this point, and I’m starting to panic because HOLY SHIT PAPA IS COMING. And my dad kind of cranes his head around and then he goes “holy shit there he is. He’s SHORT. And he has that total rockabilly look going” and I’m sitting there trying not to scream as I look over and THERE HE IS HOLY SHIT. 

He was wearing dark SKINNY - like SKIN TIGHT jeans and dark shoes, with a black leather jacket. His hair was slicked back, and he had just a little bit of stubble on his jaw. 

And I’m now having a nervous reaction, my heart is palpitating and I’m starting to sweat. 

My dad, the smart ass that he is, suddenly turns to me and goes, “You should thank him for the orgasm!” because at the end of the show, Papa gives a speech about the importance of the Female Orgasm, and having sex and doing it FOR SATAN. I immediately refuse because my nerves are freaking the fuck out and I don’t want to make an ass out of myself. 
So he grins and says “alright, I’ll do it.” 

So Papa comes down the line, and he gets to me, and I’m straight up FREAKING THE FUCK OUT at that point. So my brain just blanks out and I do something SO DUMB THAT I’M STILL UPSET ABOUT IT TO THIS DAY 

I ask him about his health. Because during the show, he had mentioned that he was sick. So he kind goes, “oh yeah, I’m getting ok,” and then I thank him for the show and I get him to sign my ticket and then I ask, “Can I hug you?” And he goes “Sure,” and he leans forward and I get THE BEST HUG OF MY LIFE FROM THIS MAN who is probably all of 6 inches taller than me. His jacket was cold, and he smelled amazing. 
And then he turned to my dad. 

So my dad thanks him for the show and then goes, “By the way, man, thanks for the Orgasm.” 

And his face just DROPS. You could tell the poor man was just… shocked. He kinda blinks and then goes, “Uh, I’m glad you had one,” and I’m giggling like a mad woman at this point because the nerves are going fucking NUTS right then and then my dad goes back to thanking him for the show and especially for the fact that Ghost came to OUR town, which NEVER gets good shows - like ever. We have a festival and that’s it. 

My brother had met Papa once before at that festival so my dad points to my brother and they talk about the festival that Ghost played at and he signs my dad and brother’s stuff and then we walk away. 

My dad turned to me, and goes, “That was my revenge for that guy stonewalling me about those damn amps!” 

He wouldn’t know till later that that was Aether. 

I also caught Papa’s cold. I had it for like a week and a half, and it’s the only time I’ve ever been ok with being sick. We cracked jokes for weeks about how I swapped germs with Papa. 


drunk ppl

daichi: acts pretty much the same other than going really red in the face, slurring his words slightly and being prone to giggling fits.

suga: sexual drunk. will start stripping and trying to give his friends lap dances and screaming things like “I LOVE DICK” at innocent passerby.

asahi: designated driver (drinks milk in the corner and watches everyone scream)


tanaka: loud drunk (surprise surprise surprise surprise). forgets how to talk normally and starts yelling everything. probably starts a lot of fights too

kags: soft drunk. all his facial features get all mushy and his speech gets slurred and he gets weirdly emotional and cuddly (will fuck you up if you mention anything about it the day after)

hinata: rlly low alcohol tolerance. passes out after like half a shot (usually joins asahi in the corner milk drinking)

yachi: weirdly confident drunk. starts yelling random disjointed phrases about how villager no 2 don’t need no man and shimizu’s mole when guys try to flirt with her

tsukki: doesn’t show any signs of being drunk other than being oddly quiet but when everyone gets up to leave he’ll stand up and then fall right the fuck on his face

yams: affectionate drunk. clings onto ppl’s arms n shit. i also feel like he’ll start singing really cheesy american love songs to his friends

kuroo: fratboy drunk. gets really raunchy and holler-y but it doesn’t last long because his drinking strategy is going HAM until he vomits in a bush and passes out

kenma: starts crying because he can’t see his phone when his eyes are all blurry. needs to be carried home.

in-a-trans-like-state  asked:

does mace go to kamino and get the kaminoans to stop basically breeding slaves? And then go back to the council and say we should really look into whoever ordered this army seeing how its peace time. Is someone planning to start a war maybe??? oh and the force is telling me to be really suspicious of old palpy so we should totally start the investigation with him…

Mace is both like “errrrgh I am pretty sure we might still NEED THAT ARMY” and also like “oh forcedammit this is literally slavery and if I sign off on this Anakin Skywalker is going to hear ONE MORE TIME that he exists in a galaxy where it is normal for people to be Property” and ALSO probably like “SO HEY FELLOW JEDI LOOK AT THIS INTERESTING PLANET OBI-WAN DIDN’T FIND, CHECK THIS SHIT OUT”. He is large, he contains multitudes. Anakin NO do not adopt the clones. ANAKIN I SAID NO CLONE-BROTHERS. ANAKIN

And then Mace Windu does NOT have a couple million already-produced clone-sons, but the Jedi kinda do, which is proving to be uncomfortably close to the same thing. 

bekartsmierci  asked:

Hi! I just read this cute Bren and popular Ryan headcanon and OH MY GOD, prom thing is my shit so could you write something about it? And also have a nice day c:

Yes ofc!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Ryan definitely asking Brendon some super cute way like maybe a sign with a pun or a giant bear or like, burning PROM? in Brendon’s yard a la FOB
  • Brendon immediately starts shopping for a tux and he wants he and Ryan to coordinate somehow, but not like matching ties or anything bc that’s lame he needs them to be fly as hell. Ryan doesn’t really care what he wears, so he’s fine to let Brendon take the wheel
  • What he didn’t count on was weekly trips to the mall and other shops to get fitted for like ten different tuxes and to compare colors of ties and silk handkerchiefs and what the fuck is the difference between azure and cerulean he seriously doesn’t fucking care
  • Ryan gets Brendon a corsage and both their families take so many pictures like there’s gonna be an entire album just full of pictures of the pair of them standing awkwardly together at different angles
  • When they get there it’s all sparkly and the lights are beautiful and Brendon thinks Ryan just looks amazing and Ryan whispers how beautiful Brendon looks and they dance together all pressed up against each other and slowly spinning bc neither of them knows how to dance and Ryan kisses Brendon so soft and sweet and Brendon just knows he’s going to spend the rest of his life with this boy

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I wanna get into BTS but don't know where to start, which of their songs do you recommend?

oh my goodness!!

Okay lets start with the reason hoseok became my bias!

boy meets evil 

blood sweat and tears 

Go go (newer song, fucking amazing)

Jimin and junkook doing english covers? sign me up

we don’t talk anymore

No video but holy shit, the vocals

House of cards

Lie  (THE most haunting song ever)

hmu if u want more, i skipped a lot of the really well known songs like FIRE, I NEED U, save me, DOPE, etc etc but they’re all fucking amazing.

Chapter 4: Not everyone gets what they want


Shit was popping off on the corners. Niggas was getting caught being reckless and some Gangs was losing money. I needed to ensure that I stayed on top and that my money came consistently.

I pulled up to the tattoo parlor to meet up with Paul Beckon. He was the Chiefs of police in L.A. The reason I chose him was because police was heavy in L.A, and I needed to form a straight alliance. I just needed to make a deal with him. Just one deal. I knew this nigga could run the plan throughout Cali, he had mad connections. I just needed to be in his circle.

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Surprise Encounters

For Anon <3 

HES SO PRECIOUS. I decided to do this oneshot a little different. So please please please, let me know what you think. Feedback is needed and loved :) Also I used his real name because I wanted to change things up a bit. I hope you don’t mind!


Roman Reigns x Reader


Roman’s  (Joe’s ) POV.

I was home for a few days so I decided I would relax. I went to the kitchen to see what I had and just what I expected. Nothing. I sighed and put my sneakers on and grabbed my keys. It was a nice day out so why not go to the grocery store? I could easily make my own food, i just needed food to make.
When I got to the grocery store there weren’t that many people there. Probably because it’s a little early and a weekday. I looked around trying to figure out where I wanted to go first. I didn’t do this much considering I was always on the road but I knew the basics. That’s what really mattered. I figured I would keep my diet clean considering I would only be home for a few days. I walked over to where all the fruits and vegetables were. I grabbed a basket and looked around. I really didn’t know where to begin. I first went to all the vegetables and stood there trying to decide what I wanted to get. I thought about all the different things I could make but the first that popped into my head was an omelet. I went to the peppers and reached over to the roll of plastic bags they had off to the side to put the produce in. As I bent down to put my basket down and grab a few vegetables I felt something strange on my leg. Confused, I looked to see that there was a small child, looked to be about 3 years old, was hugging my leg. I didn’t know what exactly to do so i just pat his head. He looked up to me and jumped up and down.
“You’re Roman Reigns! You’re my favorite!” Aw, he was a fan. My expression lightened and I gave him a warm smile. Just as I was going to say something, I heard a beautiful voice coming towards me and the boy. My eyes were still on my adorable little fan so I hadn’t looked up to see where the voice was coming from.
“Oh my God, I am so sorry..” She picked up the boy and I looked at her. She was beautiful. I was at a loss for words for a second but finally worked up the nerve to say something to her.
“Oh no, it’s okay. I don’t mind. Happens all the time.” She smiled and I swear I could’ve fainted. She looked amazing.  “I’m Joe..” I held out my hand for her to shake and she took it.  “No! You’re Roman Reigns!” The boy called out from her arms. I laughed and nodded.
“I sure am.”
“I’m (Y/N) and this is Jeremiah.” A beautiful name to match a beautiful person.
“Nice to meet you both!”
“Can you sign my shirt!” I smiled and nodded when Jeremiah leaped down from (Y/N)’s arms. He handed me a marker and I signed his shoulder.
“I’m gunna go tell mommy!” He ran to another woman and I grew a little confused. I guess she noticed, she answered the question I was thinking.
“He’s my nephew. I’m staying with my sister for a few days. Family vacation.” She rolled her eyes and I let out a small chuckle. “I’m really sorry about that. He gets excited very easily.”
“It’s okay beautiful.” Shit. I need to think before I speak. She smiled hard and I took a deep breath. “Um.. I would hate to take away from your family vacation but…” She started to play with her hands, I don’t know if I was making her uncomfortable or nervous but she was biting her lip and it just made me nervous. “.. Uh I would really, really love to get to know you.. You seem great and you’re gorgeous too.” There I go again. My heart started to race and she smiled again. A smile that would send you straight to heaven.
“Yeah, I’d like that. Besides they want to play board games all night and they like to cheat.” She giggled and I smiled hard. How was she so perfect.
“Great.” I gave her another smile and we exchanged numbers. She said she would text me her address and I said I would pick her up for dinner. She waved and walked away. I couldn’t go through the entire day without thinking about her.
I approached her house and I was beyond nervous. I knocked on the door and a few seconds later she opened it. She looked incredible even if she was dressed casual. Earlier, I asked if she wanted to go to a diner and just sit and talk, have coffee and maybe a burger or something. She loved the idea.
She smiled and said hello. She closed to door and we were off.
Everything was going well, We got to know each other and things were going smooth just like I had hoped. We laughed and talked for a few hours and my nerves were finally at ease.
“You’re amazing (Y/N)..”
“You’re not so bad yourself!” She smiled and looked down. She looked adorable when she blushed. She really was perfect. We continued to talk and from there on, I knew she had to be mine one day. I was going to do anything to make her happy, anything to make her mine. It’s not everyday you meet an angel in a supermarket.

slightly-awkward-cactus  asked:

for your 3 sentence meme: sterek on a plane :) thank you!

[i wrote 1k words, just so you know.]


“Maybe you should talk to him –”


“Stiles, we’re going to spend an entire week in Hawaii, just talk to him.”

“Well, he should’ve thought about it before throwing away my Star Wars box set.” When Scott opens his mouth to reply, Stiles covers it with a hand. “The Collector’s Edition, Scott.”

“It was an accident!” Derek replies from his seat behind them. Stiles made him trade with Scott and so now he’s sitting next to Allison, trying to get Stiles’ attention every five seconds like a grumpy cat.

“Scott, tell him I know he did it on purpose because he’s always been jealous of my love for Star Wars.”

“For God’s sake, Stiles.” Derek huffs, flopping back on his seat. “I didn’t complain this much when you scratched the Camaro!”

“It was a ding!”

“That’s beside the –”

“Gentlemen.” The flight-attendant calls, raising an eyebrow at them. “You’re disturbing the other passengers. Maybe one of you should move?” She says, but the look on her face clearly states that it’s not a suggestion, but more like an order.

“Fine.” Stiles huffs, standing. “I’ll sit next to Boyd, at least he doesn’t talk to me.”

“That’s because he doesn’t care!” Derek replies, childish, before Allison is punching his chest.

Even though he knows Allison has a mean punch, Stiles absolutely does not feel sorry for him.

At all.

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Hey, did you wake up today with your beliefs still in tact?
‘Cause these are times when people can no longer even trust themselves.
The only thing they can do is let these words ring in their heads:
“Lie! You just have to lie to yourself.”
They can’t even figure out
that that’s exactly what’s breaking them.

But I’m different - there’s no way in hell am I gonna forget.
What’s the meaning of living if I quit being myself!
So I’m gonna keep screaming and singing, shouting my damn lungs out
until my voice reaches you, until my throat is ripped to shreds!!
I dare you to try and stop me!

It doesn’t matter who’s depressed or upset or dead,
you continue to turn and spin without any sign of stopping.
Let’s just say I got really sick just to see your reaction…
Of course you wouldn’t give a shit! But neither does life,
and that’s how the rest of the world is lulled into false bliss!!

Just who the fuck is gonna put an end to this?!
Even if someone did, it’d only be the start of round two, right?!
I should wish for a better miracle now,
'cause I swear you’re gonna need it someday!

You tell me over and over that it’s pointless,
but you need to forget about that
and focus on the things you need the most right now!
Am I wrong?! There’s still plenty of time left!!
Set your sights on what’s in front of you,
because there can only be one hero in this book–
this is the start of a story that’s yours and yours alone!!