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Rogue One Beach Headcanon

Beach headcanon


- But for real Jyn gets burnt so easily
- Jyn red as hell: IM FINE ow ow ow IM REALLY OK ow

- Baze can’t swim and Cassian has to teach him how

- Chirrut - “I enjoy the force, long walks on the beach, and ice cream”

- Seriously, Chirrut has huge sunglasses and over 3 ice cream cones

- Bodhi spends his time making a huge sandcastle

- It’s so extravagant and he’s so happy and “Perfect!” *giant wave crashes* *sighs* *restarts*
- Baze with sunglasses tan lines

- K-2SO couldn’t come because if he went in the ocean he’d shut down

- He does send really salty com messages Cassian: (over com) I’m going for a swim, bye K2. K-2SO: there’s a 33% chance you’ll drown

- Jyn wears snorkel gear and it’s way to big for her face

- When Cassian laughs Jyn dunks his head underwater

- Bodhi hates boats he gets so seasick

- Cassian tries to fish and catches nothing

- Chirrut fishes and catches everything

- At sunset the whole team collects seashells together and trade them

- They decide to give them all to K2 when they get home

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