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modern au - luffy interrogates his older brother's weird boyfriends

“Hey,” says Luffy says, and given the way his voice is clear, he’s probably leaning backwards over the couch again. “When’s the food gonna be ready?”

“Have some patience,” Ace says, stirring the sauce. “It’s almost done.”

“But I’m hungry!” Luffy complains.

Ace just hums and tunes him out. Luffy is always hungry. “We can’t start without them anyway,” he calls back, and spoons up a bit of the sauce to taste.

It’s off. There’s something not quite right with it, but he can’t figure it out, either. It doesn’t need more salt, the consistency is right…what’s missing?

“When are they getting here?” It breaks his concentration, and he looks up. Luffy’s wandering into the kitchen. That’s a bad sign.

“Any time now,” Ace says immediately, then checks the clock to find out if he lied or not. “Why don’t you go–” he casts around for some way to end that sentence, and thankfully the doorbell rings just then. “–go let them in?”

Luffy bounces out of the kitchen and Ace sighs. Good, that’s out of the way; maybe it’s rosemary? He tastes the sauce again then picks up the container of rosemary and sniffs lightly. No, that’s not right. Pepper? He tastes and sniffs again but that’s not it either–

“Hiya!” comes Luffy’s voice. “Are you a pineapple?”

Ace gasps in horror and the pepper in his hand goes straight up his nose and into his lungs. He lunges for the sink and loses several minutes to coughing fire.

By the time he can breathe again, he’s a mess. Tears and snot got everywhere, he’s all wet from sticking his head under the faucet, and his nice new shirt is a total loss. But there’s also a warm hand on his back, just between the shoulder blades, and it helps.

“You okay?” Sabo asks, and Ace looks up at him through streaming eyes.

“Yeah, fine. Just, y’know, maced myself,” Ace gets out and shit, his voice is raspy.

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it really is incredible that skam, a show from Norway has gotten to me to watch a show completely in subtitles, constantly refreshing a website, watching or reading updates I can’t fully understand without help and learning Norwegian along the way.

it’s proof that there are so many things that we think we need to relate or communicate with each other, but at the core, we go through a lot of the same things and can relate on a much more basic level through our experiences.

as heartbroken as I am that it is over, I am eternally grateful for how this show has made me feel and think and learn and grow. for the stories it’s told and things it didn’t shy away from. the way they really gave us honest, real and complicated human stories.

while not perfect, as nothing is, it was beautiful and incredible to be on this journey. and while I’ll be sad for a long awhile that it’s over, I will always, always be so happy to have experienced skam.

takk skam. may we one day meet again.

The Washuu and the Band of the Hawk

It’s been awhile since I have last written a meta for Tokyo Ghoul (:re) and in the time that I didn’t really touch any matters of analysis, I read Berserk. In an odd moment of sudden realisation my brain made the connection between Yoshitoki and Griffith, two characters who don’t really seem to have much in common but when I spent more time thinking about it, a parallel between them actually makes perfect sense to me.

For all the people who are familiar with Tokyo Ghoul but not Berserk, I will explain all relevant information you need to fully understand what I’m talking about but there will be several spoiler ahead, as well as possible trigger for death mentions and emotional abuse, so please read this with discretion.

Griffith is one of the main antagonists in Kentaro Miura’s manga Berserk, he is first introduced to the reader during a confrontation with the main character Guts in which later tries to attack Griffith, the reason for his rage isn’t explained, it’s only mentioned that they have known each other for quite a while.

It is later revealed (during the Golden Age arc), that Griffith used to be the leader of the mercenary group Band of the Hawk. What you need to know about the Band of the Hawk is that they were a group of over hundreds of people (men of all ages with only 1 woman in their ranks, but she was second in command and well respected and beloved by the soldiers) under the command of Griffith, Casca and Guts. 

Griffith’s reasoning for forming the Band of the Hawk was his dream to one day rule over his own country, or as much simpler explained with these 2 two screenshots that were provided by my dearest @linkspooky

Of course Griffith is way more complex than that but most of it will be relevant in later parts of the analysis so let’s get started.

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Camp Camp Max Analysis

Alright, i’m doing a sequel analysis because I love bad television shows and in depth analysis of characters who don’t really need it. This last episode was GOOOOOD.

Alright, so continuing on the vein of “max has a tragic backstory”: Lets talk about the gift he received from his parents. 

So, Max receives a package from his parents, with a short postcard. Inside the package, is the exact sweater he already wears. 

This is the most obvious part of this scene- How I’m reading this is that his parents seem to be going through the motions of parenthood, and making half-hearted gestures to keep up the charade- buying something that “made them think” of their child, which has little to do with their interests or personality, but rather. is a purely aesthetic trait- Their kid wears a blue jacket —> Their kid likes blue jackets—-> Buy their kid a blue jacket. No work has been done here- Clearly, Max’s parents are at the very least, emotionally neglectful.

…And, as is evidenced by Max’s lack of food in the opening, possibly physically neglectful as well. He doesn’t eat much, which could be either a sign of depression or a sign of being used to not eating.

Great, so we now have solid evidence that Max is being neglected by his parents. Let’s take a look at that postcard.

Some things that jump out at me right away:

- It’s typed.

-5 words total. Concise, and impersonal.

-Signed, in an oddly formal fashion, “Your parents”- stating a fact, rather than an emotional connection. They might as well be saying “The people that birthed you.”

-It’s SLOPPY. The letters aren’t straight, the words aren’t on the lines. It’s a rush job of an afterthought.

Thinking more about the post card itself, we can assume that Max’s parents ship him off to summer camp every year so they can travel- Implying that they have a lot of money to throw around, and probably pay off their kid to keep him from complaining too much. Buy him really expensive shit that he doesn’t really want or need to keep him from complaining, but don’t make an effort to make his life actually comfortable or enjoyable. 

I bet he grew up in one of those houses where everything is beautiful and clean, and he wasn’t allowed to touch anything. Jesus, imagine being a grubby kid like max in that environment. No wonder he’s so cold towards someone like David.

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How did you learn to draw anatomy so well?

Thank you! but I still have so much to learn about anatomy! I struggle with so much stuffs!

I love drawing the human body, it is one of my favorite subjects. I have literally tried to learn the names of the bones and muscles.

Making these sort of studies help me a lot. I did this for all parts of the body. I’m really a nerd. but I still struggle a lot with hands. Urgh drawing hands is a thing I need to practice more often.

My drawings are usually stylized, but learning the anatomy cannot be avoid! I don’t draw all muscle in my regular drawings, but it is important to be familiar with them. 

I also read books about anatomy for artists and gesture drawings. I just draw a lot, you know. and it’s because the human body fascinates me :) Maybe you find this post interesting ^^ http://blvnk-art.tumblr.com/post/158329283219/anatomy-studies-1-anatomy-is-scary-but-once-you 

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I think ur Hercules and jefferson look awesome... GW looked a leeeetle too similar to Burr imo, but even so he still looks gr8. I dont think ive seen madison? But madison is never conveyed as what he really was in animatics (at least in the ones ive seen) which is sickly. Thats why Oak is so much softer as Madison (he was trying to be all frail and stuff which i didnt realize until I read Lin's book about the play)... if that helps with developing his character...

ya i still have a long way to go and need to learn!! thank u for the critique!!

Bated Breath

Anon said: Can I request a smut scenario with a submissive Jooheon, please?

Jooheon/ non-gendered reader; sub!Jooheon, dom!reader;  Word Count: 1300

A/N:  I wrote this in 5 hours and it might have some errors but I’m sleepy and was denying myself sleep until I finished.  I got a little emotional writing this and I really can’t explain why.  Jooheon is just soft and needs to be loved thank you :)

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thank you @dimsumdamsel for these strong words. I really want this to be read by my followers. There is one thing I want to really point out.

“I’ve seen so many people saying he’s begging for attention”

yes. HE IS, everyone with depression is begging for attention. we all need to be reassured the things will be fine. we need to be reminded of how much we are worth, how much we are loved and supported. we need reminders that there is help, that people do care for us and want the best for us. for anyone who says that idols\anyone is doing things for attention when they have depression, I say, yes they do so pay attention!!!! open your eyes that people need help!

there are so many forms of depression, and maybe not all want “attention” but don’t we feel comforted when someone actually listens? don’t our minds clear up — even for a second — when we are reminded how worthy we really are? when we are in a rut and can go to someone to vent on, don’t we feel better? (as much as most of us hate to admit) but it’s true. showing attention and support to people really reminds them of their values and how much care and love they have around them.

it is true that we don’t know the “idol” life, and we don’t know these people. but I say to you, my beautiful followers, I don’t know you either yet I care and love for each one of you. I’m here to listen to you and remind you of how much of a difference you are making in life. just because we don’t know each other, doesn’t mean we can’t love one another.

it breaks my heart to see anyone have to go through what I go through everyday with depression\anxiety\ptsd. I would never wish upon it on anyone, and to know that so many people suffer from it and are afraid to be heard…it really breaks me into pieces.

so please, please….support each other, love one another and share it with everyone. remind people how beautiful they really are, remind people that you are there to support them.

our favourite moments together -y/n

recently, a coworker asked me about my favourite moments with yoongs. i figured that everyone here should see my answer hehe.

(i don’t really have photos for most of these so bear with me and pretend it’s me and yoongs) 

1. sometimes we read.

it’s one of those things that are just so peaceful and calming, giving that silence we need but so rarely find time for in the midst of our jobs

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2. mornings.

i obviously don’t have photos of both of us sleeping but here’s yoongs from eons ago. (i’m really glad he got rid of this haircut goodness gracious)

there’s something about waking up together, especially now that we’ve moved in together, that kicks the day off to a great start. 

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3. this is supposed to be a travel blog, so obviously, i like our trips.

i’ve got to give credit to grumps for driving most of the time whenever we do road trips. it’s not easy, and i always offer to drive, but he shoots me down every time. (the day after is always one of the rare times when i don’t poke fun of him for sleeping, though i do usually sneak some pictures in hehe.)

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4. fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

kay, even i find this creepy but i apparently have a LOT of footage of him eating… so enjoy.

-if i remember correctly, this was him imitating me. i swear i don’t eat like that but who’s gonna believe me??? -.-

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-lol so he had an interview with his band a while ago, and he got so nervous that he just stuffed his mouth with strawberries the entire time. 

Originally posted by bts-jimin16

-he says he doesn’t like ice cream, but he orders it all the time “for me” when i don’t even want it…

Originally posted by syubie-hyung

-this was pretty recent, actually. idk just something about him in his primal hungry state is so weirdly adorable. (i had to pretend i was taking a selfie or he would have made me delete this lol)

Originally posted by sugasuite

-he always complains about other people being particular about eating habits, but he does the same thing… i’ve gotten so many lectures on how to properly grill meat that i think i could get enough credits for a degree???!!??!

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that’s it so far!!! hope you enjoyed this hehehehehehe it was fun to make. -y/n

It’s 5.30am and i snuck out of bed to read the article and i have Thoughts i need to parse through so quickly:

1. That was a fucking heartbreaking interview. I wasn’t sure at first, I thought i didn’t like the way the reporter seemed to delight in pegging him as an underdog, but it felt less malicious by the time I’d read everything Louis himself had had to say.

2. I can’t believe he resisted the break, for some reason i never thought he had, and now i really wonder why I’d thought that.

3. I will walk through fire to show him he’s talented and great and deserving of all.

4. I just wish that interview had been longer, really.

5. Someone needs to help that boy quit smoking STAT.

went to a concert with my brother and grandpa it was eh but afterwards i showed my brother the remix i was working on and then got on a tangent about philosophy and the goals, aesthetic, and concept i have in mind with my album

when i started discussing how i’m trying to channel the inspiration that plato’s idealism and other concepts i’ve been inspired and brought up some coughcoughnotsgapcoughtcough lyrics and discussed them and their appeal to me, and he said i basically sound like him when he was 19 in that he was really into reading plato and descartes and such which inspired him a lot. it’s kinda funny. anyway he thinks i need to stop comparing myself to others.

Shout Out

So, I hit 7,000 followers this week and so I wanted to make a few honorable mentions and why they mean so much to me and this blog. Here we go. 

I’m going to start with @laviette 

  • Romi is my Kihyun, and she is incredible
  • She is so pure and supportive of Monsta X and she needs to be protected from this world I swear
  • So, this gem has been really amazing recently as she has been reading my Changki one shots before I’m posting them next month
  • She is Changki trash like me
  • Literally is the reason I got the confidence to start writing Changki content 
  • Changki July is dedicated to her
  • Her messages always make me smile, I mean it
  • She is so kind hearted and soft and if anyone is ever mean to her I wiLL FITE
  • She has done selfie tags before now and I’m not kidding she is actually stunning 
  • I need her secrets
  • She has actually written a few Kihyun one shots on her blog that I have read and loved so you should all go and check those out
  • She loves Monsta X and I lover her
  • Support Laviette
  • She is my fave

Okay so my next victim is @molberto

  • She is my favorite nun
  • She’s pure and innocent and sweet and again if anyone is mean to her I wilL FITE
  • Voldemort is out child (don’t ask)
  • We’ve met through skype/ facetime kind of thing and like, she’s so amazing?? I can’t?? 
  • She’s beautiful and her accent is so cute ok
  • She never fails to make me laugh
  • I am useless and don’t message her a lot sometimes but she still puts up with me and I just-
  • She makes the most amazing fanart
  • One time, she drew me once and honestly I nearly fell over it was amazing
  • She is the kindest person and you should all go and follow her and support her 
  • Support Molberto
  • She is honestly one of the most amazing people you will ever meet

My final mention is going to go to @stitch-xiu-up

  • We know each other in real life, we’re best friends. She knows all my secrets, please don’t #expose me
  • One time, we went to see Block B together and I think it’s the best day of my life and I spent it with my best friend
  • Aside from being incredible she also tortures me on a daily basis
  • That awkward moment when Yixing wrecks you and stitch is there to mAKE IT WORSE 
  • She has no mercy
  • But she’s also the kindest person on the planet, she would do pretty much anything for anyone, she’s pure when she wants to be
  • Her writing is #goals and I will fite anyone that says otherwise
  • An actual queen
  • I am a certified stitich-xiu-up enthusiast 
  • She is my Hufflepuff friend and I am a Slytherin
  • Slytherfuff is an accurate representation of our friendship to be honest
  • She looks like a cinnamon roll and she is a cinnamon roll
  • I’m the Chanyeol to her Baekhyun
  • She goes from 000.1 to 100 real quick
  • Literally goes from “I don’t understand *insert obvious innuendo joke here*” to “he’s daddy af” 
  • She is the reason I still run this blog to be honest, she’s such support and I love

Okay so that’s the end of this before it gets too cute. I love everyone else as well, especially those that I talk to, it’s just that I know these ppl are a really important part of this blog and I wouldn’t be where I am without them to be honest. I can’t believe y’all put up with my shit to be honest. 

Thank for standing by me. I love. Bye. 

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I'm crying I have this really great idea for a drabble it's been 2 hours already and I'm not done I want to show it to you so badly but I need to polish it 😭😭😭

aAAA!!! i can’t wait to read it once you’re all done oh my goodness! and dont sweat it my friend, the best part is having all that time and hard work pay off ❤

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My brother has ADHD & has trouble finding ways that work for him to study and learn at school. I've noticed that he's INCREDIBLY good with directions & has a high spacial awareness for his age. I was just wondering if this means anything for the way he learns. Is he able to tap into a specific part of his brain or is he a visual learner ? How can this can be applied to the ways he can study to help him see the results he wants at school. I know he can do it & just needs to find what works.

This is really interesting. It could be that he’s a visual learner, but he may also be more kinesthetic since a lot of spatial awareness has to do with knowing where your body is in space. Good ways to study could include walking while reading or listening to audio of notes/textbooks, or coming up with ways to organize notes on the page so that one specific area is always definitions of new terms, another is important people to learn about, etc.

Followers, what would you recommend?


Do not take, share or search for photos of BTS wherever they are.

Please, let them enjoy this small break they have. Do not let Bon Voyage happen again.

If you see photos - do not share them. If you see the members - do not share their location, take their photo or follow them.

Please. Do not be a part of the reason as to why they feel they always have to stay in their hotel.

If they wanted to share their location with the fan base, they would have. Right now, I do not feel they want this information to be known. Thus, whatever the reasons are, I feel we can respect that.

College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams



Cassian grunted in pain, but lifted his bloodied hands—to cup her face. “I have no regrets in my life, but this.” His voice shook with every word. “That we did not have time. That I did not have time with you, Nesta.”

She didn’t stop him as he leaned up and kissed her—lightly. As much as he could manage. Cassian said softly, brushing away the tear that streaked down her face, “I will find you again in the next world—the next life. And we will have that time. I promise.”