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Confessions from my Perfect Life

Louis Tomlinson is living the dream: a lavish penthouse, loving friends, and family, a cuddle-bug dog, a well-paying job with high-profile contacts. Best of all, he’s married to Harry Styles. He lives in the moment and doesn’t really worry about the future. He knows Harry has it all under control.

That is, until everything goes wrong.

Pairings: Harry/ Louis and Liam/ Zayn

word count: 82k

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Special Thanks to @seasurfacefullofclouds  

Sea! thank you so so much for reading it as I wrote and telling me where I needed to work on scenes and situations. thankyou for helping me with the fic :))  You are amazing. Love ya x

Drop Everything Now (Meet Me in the Pouring Rain)

Summary: Phil never planned for a rainstorm to intrude on Dan’s second ever visit to Manchester–but maybe that’s exactly what they need to push them closer than ever.

Rating: G

Word Count: 5108

Warnings: vv light hurt/comfort

A/N: Literally when I saw the art for this fic, I just knew I had to write it–cuddly 2009!phan on a rainy day? Sign me the heck up!! Huge thanks to Jess @furryhowell for the simple yet wonderful idea and Courtney @danceswithsweaters for her lovely support when I got stuck and for giving this fic the finishing polish it needed–and both for putting up with my busy procrastinating ass! You can find Jess’ fantastic art here and I really hope that you love it as much as I do because it’s the softest damn thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t not scream about it. I hope you enjoy!!

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Thankful for those who can "read" people easily, recognise when people are hurt and need help even if they're smiling, and recognise when people need to be left alone.

Those people are great man and I am very ~proud~ to say I have developed that skill myself. 😆
It’s a good one to have, it really is.
-Mel (the Slytherin)

Anastasia Rec’s Stuff

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may your path be the sound by magneticwave

(1/1 I 13,321 I Teen I Melissa/Sheriff)

This may make Melissa a terrible mother, but things were so much easier when Scott and Stiles were unpopular and spent their weekends on either her or John’s couch, playing Mario Kart and talking about all of the stuff they were never going to be cool enough to do. Scott and Stiles’ weekends now mostly involve blood and Derek Hale.

I 1000 percent ship these two. (Also his name is John. The end. Move on, Jeff.) But I don’t usually read het fic. So don’t let that get in your way if you don’t either. It’s so adorable. It’s from Melissa’s POV and there is some really delicious pining and a little angst thrown in. There’s also some Sterek seen from the outside and everyone knows except them kind of thing. 

If you need some fluff and grown ups and a bamf!Mama Mccall read it. You’ll thank me. Yo prometo.


There are uh… well there are somethings that I always assumed didn’t need to be said.  But you know, it’s 2017 so I guess we should all get used to stating things that seemed patently obvious a few years ago.  So um… y'know, let’s start with don’t murder anyone guys.  Like, murder is bad.  And that’s not just my opinion.  I have spent a lot of years reading a lot of philosophers and admittedly, that wasn’t really me investigating the moral nature of murder, it was for bigger questions but I can tell you, almost universally Murder is seen as a moral wrong.  It’s one of those cross culture/cross time things.  Murdering someone is bad.  This still feels like a thing that shouldn’t need to be said, especially not on a blog called Who I Want to Fuck Today but… hey, 2017.  If you wonder what brings this up it’s because Deepika Padukone has a price on her head.  That would be upsetting enough but it was placed there by members of the ruling party in India.  There is a lot going on there and it ranges from classic bigotry to slut shaming and I don’t need to go into it because I think it will tempt a lot of my readers, you know, Western types, to engage in some monocle popping and snotty comments about that’s how things work over there.  There being not in the West.  It’s all very condescending and I want to avoid it.  But I am going to admonish India a tiny bit.  Stop it India.  Please stop giving terrible people over here ideas.  Like… I don’t need the people who were protesting on my very street about Confederate Statues starting kick starters to murder actresses for daring to uh… exist?  Again, I do want to stress that murder is generally considered a moral wrong.  Like the most famous philosophical dilemma of our time is the Trolley Problem and if you are familiar I want to point out the problem comes from the idea that killing is wrong so there is no good solution.  It isn’t a maximizing your score thing.  And you might wonder why Tumblr needs to know this, tumblr is woke as fuck and on and on but it does come down to a more important problem that tumblr has as well. Use your words.  If someone forwards and idea or thought you disagree with use your words.  Not violence.  Ever.  I know it seems like a lot of fun to punch a Nazi but there is a different between being self righteous and right.  And if you want to know what I mean I mean that when you resort to violence you debase not only your argument but those who stand with you.  And you might say who cares, I don’t care what anyone thinks who would worry about Nazis.  And well, that’s the self righteous part.  You get to feel good.  You get to feel superior. You have changed not a single mind and you have not made the world a better place.  You’ve just made yourself look good to a small circle of people who already agreed with you.  Rhetorically, the only way to combat an idea is with a better one.  This is what changes minds.  And it doesn’t matter if you think it’s fair or not, when you resort to violence it doesn’t make you look right.  It makes you look like someone who knows they are wrong and the only option they have is to silence the other side.  It makes those you disagree with look like oppressed martyrs.  It’s a thing to think on.   Anyway, Deepika Padukone is beautiful and I have never posted her because I have never seen her in anything.  I watch Bollywood movies because I consider Bollywood to be a greatly unappreciated genre the fuses musicals and cabaret and just… they’re epic.  But I don’t see that many.  I will be seeking out Padmavati if I can because hey, it’s a legend I am not well versed in and it’s the best passive aggressive way I can protest a stupid bounty on someone’s head because you disagree with art you haven’t seen before.  But I know who she is because she’s a popular actress and beautiful and so I figured why not post her because we live in an era where it has become important to stress murder is wrong.  Even when it’s a woman so beautiful it makes you feel funny in your pants and that makes you angry.  Still wrong.  Today I want to fuck Deepika Padukone.

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Can you please please do a Eric fluff where he gets the girl he likes but the he's always super insecure in the relationship? Then y/n just lays him down one day and smothers him in kisses and praise and reassurance? I think Eric really needed that in life and I need my feels punched

I had to do this request as soon as I read it. I completely agree with you. 

Please, everyone, remember to tell the people that you love how you feel. Give compliments to strangers, smile at people you pass on the street, make someone’s day. You never know how much that can mean to someone. 

Anyway, with my PSA aside, thank you so much for the request! It’s more of a blurb, but I hope you like it! <3 

Every day of his life, Eric found himself thinking about you, your relationship, and how he was possibly able to get you. You were perfect in his eyes; an angel sent to him from who knows where, and he spent every day thanking whoever was listening that you were in his life. He knew that you loved him, he really did, but he couldn’t help but get jealous any time you spoke to another male.

Even when you were attached at the hip, he couldn’t help but feel like maybe there was somewhere else you’d rather be than with him. You somewhat knew of his insecurities, but had no idea how intense they were.

He lay on your bed, staring at your ceiling as you sat at your desk, flipping through a textbook. He sighed heavily, and you ignored him at first, thinking that he was just bored.

“Y/n, why are you with me?” Your pencil practically dropped from your hand as you slowly turned towards your bed, looking over at Eric, who was still looking up at the ceiling.

“What do you mean?” You asked, furrowing your brow.

“You could be with a guy who’s way better than me.” He said. You frowned, getting up to walk over to your bed. You lay beside Eric, wrapping your arms around him, gently stroking your fingers through his hair.

“I’m with you because I love you, Eric.” You said. Your heart hurt as he looked up at you and you saw his dejected expression.

“You are unbelievably smart,” you started, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “And you’re hilarious. I’m always in stitches when I’m with you.” You then pressed a kiss to the tip of his nose. “You’re so polite and respectful towards me. I love how much you love animals.” You pressed a kiss to each of his cheeks. “You’re extremely handsome and sexy. You’re fun to be around. I love everything about you, Eric.” You cupped his face in your hands, making him look at you.

“I don’t deserve you,” Eric said; his voice coming out almost as a whisper.

“Eric David Harris. I love you. I choose to be with you. I want to be with you and no one else.” Eric leaned in to kiss you softly, clutching onto you as if he was afraid you’d disappear.

“I love you, y/n. I love you so fucking much. I’m sorry.” You shook your head, kissing Eric once again, stroking his hair.

“Don’t apologize. Just remember that I love you and I’m always here for you,” you said. Eric nodded, relaxing a bit as you continued to run your fingers through his hair, placing sporadic, soft kisses to his skin every so often, whispering sweet nothings into his ear.

*long sigh*

Ok listen up. This is incredibly important, so I’d appreciate if you’d take the time to read this. I am NOT the original creator of the witch bendy concept. The original concept belongs to @bon-bon-bunny-and-friends I ended up being inspired by the idea and creating the blog. Then I realized I never gave them proper credit. The only things I own are the character designs, the art, the character personalities, and the story. I do not own the original concept ok? Please go give my friend some love for coming up with witch bendy. I’d really appreciate it. Besides they need some love

-mod M.

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Hi Emma! Is it okay to ask questions that aren't study-related? You're always so full of positivity for us all and I need advice :( I like reading tarots, not for fortune telling but to understand myself and kill anxiety. I don't own a deck, I really want to buy one but I need to ask my mum because I don't own a credit card. The problem is, my mum is afraid I do some dangerous rituals and stuff I DON'T do and wants me to quit tarots completely! I don't want her to worry but I don't want to quit!

Hey, absolutely! Maybe educating her on what you do, what you enjoy about it and that you aren’t doing it dangerously could help reduce for worrying about it? I can understand why she’d be apprehensive - there are a lot of things that are connotated with spiritual readings, both good and bad. I’ve never had my cards read, my mum has though! About having a credit/debit card, in the last week I have received my own card which allows me to buy on the internet! I am yet to find something to purchase though hah!! xx


So I haven’t used Tumblr to post like, ever. For the most part, I read through posts and such, but I felt like this was important to talk about? If anything, I needed a really good rant. This is probably the only time I’ll post about it since it’s a big news item. If I have said anything wrong, or something you disagree with, or you would like to correct me - please do so. I’m not too familiar with this whole net neutrality but after an hour or two of research, I think I have a general idea. So anyways, here it goes.

So, if I gather correctly, and I’m just going to leave this short and sweet, repealing Net Neutrality would not even potentially, but almost certainly, end the access to all websites equally? By this I mean that we, the consumers, may be subject to paying more money to access, say, Twitter, Tumblr, ext. So if I’m wrong, tell me. But if I’m right, then it must be safe to gather that…

Corporations can potentially slow service, if not entirely block, access to websites that they disagree with politically? So, hypothetically speaking, if Internet Carrier Y is strictly Democratic then the door is opened to Internet Carrier Y denying access to Republican Websites. And same goes for if Internet Carrier X happens to be strictly Republican - the potential for them to block access to Democratic newsfeeds is possible as well. And not simply Democrats blocking Republicans or Republicans blocking Democrats, but politically-alligned Carries blocking access to information from all parties in between if they don’t agree with it.

And beyond that, this can spell doom to small business who rely on the internet to make sales. Say that, hypothetically, Carrier Y has a contract with Big Corporate Company X. Carrier Y then might, potentially, block or slow service down to any content that isn’t related to Corporate Company X because Carrier Y is obligated to endorse whatever product Corporate Company X is selling.

And let’s not forget that the internet is one of the biggest sources of political expression for many people. Not many people have the know-how, or even the funds or the time, to mail a letter to their Congressman/woman (not to mention that this takes time). But almost everyone has the know-how to tweet at their local representative and that tweet is received almost, if not completely, instantaneously. So therefore anyone who cannot afford to buy an ‘expansion pack’ that allows for the usage of social media outlets such as Twitter or Instagram are denied an important part of the political playing field and their voices are somewhat stifled. That in itself is oppressing the lower classes, right?

Now, I don’t have a degree in Political Science NOR do I claim the extensive knowledge that most others have. HOWEVER, from what I gather this repeal will strip many less-fortunate people of their ability to be politically active and ISOLATE/SEGREGATE them from the political — and even educational — playing field (let’s not forget that almost all of our college applications are online!). 

The Internet is vital to small companies, the less fortunate, and many other people who rely on it for information and my thought overall is that it seems ridiculous that five people hold in their hands the ability to strike down something that can affect a nation of millions.

Thank you for your time and if you wish to have a conversation with me, please feel free to message me.

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You’re an idiot and needy for attention. I’m sure you’ve heard it 100 times but that whole situation had to do with the tan line on jungkooks face that made him look dirty. That’s the whole reason they thought the picture was funny. Don’t read it as them thinking his dark skin is funny because that’s not it at all. I don’t ever excuse the bad shit bts does but you completely overreacted and reached as far as you fucking could with this situation.

let’s reason now

why would we want negative attention, meaning:

  • hate
  • ignorant messages
  • losing followers

i’m sorry to tell you but we really don’t need to do shit to get attention

it’s one thing for them to think the tan line is funny. it’s another thing for them to say that the whitewashed version of jungkook is not funny anymore, that now it looks good to the point where they would be promoting him. that means that they think they whitewashed version of jungkook is better than the original version. which as we have been saying here for over 2 years now. is. colorist. 

and how do you know if they don’t think darker skin is funny? 

literally, they already did that before, just as we already pulled some reciepts. so apparently yes, they do think it’s funny. 

this blog is about whitewashing and colorism. specially within kpop and obviously focusing on bts. so when we see bts members involved in a colorist situation, we point it out. we don’t care if it’s going to draw attention or not. 

Admin Gloss

Apparently I’M inconsiderate when I ask my mum as nicely as I can for her to turn down her phone volume cause I think not having it on high will help her talk softer and not practically half yell while speaking to me or READ OUT LOUD THE FUCKING STUPID TEXT SHE WAS WRITING. IM JETLAGGED AND I JUST WANTED SOMETHING SLEEP BUT MY BROTHER WAS PLAYING MUSIC SUPER LOUD NOT 20 METRES FROM ME AND TALKING LOUDLY WITH A FRIEND AND SHIT. So I fucking got out of bed after my brother finally left the house and sitting with Mum in the living room and there’s the THHHH-WUP THH-WUP OF MUM MOVING PIECES IN A GAME so I ask her to turn it down (and mind you I’ve already a headache, tired af, and probably hormonal) but I ask nicely. THEN IM FUCKING RUDE APPARENTLY. It’s probably on the highest setting for sound and she’s been talking really loud but thats understandable because she’s been out all day and you just get louder when you’re out and about. But when you get home you gotta calm down and USE A FUCKING INSIDE VOICE WHEN THERES PEOPLE TRYING TO SLEEP. If this cenario was reversed I would have been like, oh sorry, then make an effort to talk softer and put my phone on silent. And in fact this was reversed the other day at the airport. I had gotten 1 message that went ‘ding’ and instantly she says to me “turn your sound off, some people don’t like to hear the ding” which is stupid since we were in the middle of a public place and the sound is meant to alert me???? So anyway after a asked her she starts going on about how rude I am??? As if I had told her to shut up (which I hadn’t) I was happy for her to talk just not fucking talking like there’s 20 other people in the room talking over her.

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I just wanted to say hi to you. I've recently found your writing and been reading it!! You have so many stories that I'm dying to read! Thank you for that. I really enjoyed your newest one the hardest hue to hold. Very good idea - Thor definitely needs some special help controlling his power XD I'm slowly trying to work on a Thorki fantic of my own. But anyways thank you for writing <3

Thank you so much for writing to me, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying my stuff! <3 And keep up the writing…the world can always use more thorki. :D


Keith and Shiro decide to go to the beach. During the day, Keith gets a spider-man popsicle (because is nerd af) with temporary tattoos in it. Shiro suggests to use them, he loves his boyfriend so much.

Do not take, share or search for photos of BTS wherever they are.

Please, let them enjoy this small break they have. Do not let Bon Voyage happen again.

If you see photos - do not share them. If you see the members - do not share their location, take their photo or follow them.

Please. Do not be a part of the reason as to why they feel they always have to stay in their hotel.

If they wanted to share their location with the fan base, they would have. Right now, I do not feel they want this information to be known. Thus, whatever the reasons are, I feel we can respect that.

College!AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams