i really need to practice this shit

  • Jack: Hey Shits, I was wondering if you could help me?
  • Shitty: Sure bro, what's up?
  • Jack: I'm planning on proposing to Bitty soon and practicing would help so could I practice on you?
  • Shitty: First of all, why didn't you tell me sooner that you were planning on proposing to Bitty, DO YOU KNOW HOW BIG AND FUCKING AMAZING THAT NEWS IS??
  • Jack: I was obviously going to-
  • Shitty: AND OF FUCKING COURSE YOU CAN PRACTICE ON ME! Let me just get into character.
  • Jack: Thanks, this means so much but really, all I need you to do is stand-
  • Shitty: *clears out his throat and bends his knees until he's about Bitty's height before speaking in a terrible Southern accent* Oh Jack, my darling.
  • Jack: ...Why are you like this?
My Reaction While Watching the Never Ever MV

T.W. Lots of cussing

  • Holy fuck its starting
  • ohh the group outfits look on point
  • Why do they look so emo??
  • Jackson GOT FIRST RAP
  • Ohhh now JB is sining okay okay I can survive this
  • Nope now Im dead but Mark looooooks really good
  • Jackson needs to wear turtle necks more often
  • Why are you letting GOT7 drive!? You clearly didn’t see them practically fail the fuck out of their driving test
  • Bambam looks so breath taking 
  • Damn Jackson trying to a Superhero and smash through that wall.. told y'all in my imagine he would have super human strength and ruin shit
  • The choreography looks really spot on
  • Oh god mark no stop right now
  • Jinyoung you look like a lost child sitting in that thing
  • More group shots #imdeadinside
  • WHERE THE FUCK DID YOUNGJAE GET THAT HAMMER!? Don’t hurt yourself but you look so cute though
  • Mark is the only one who dived into the water to save Jinyoung. 
  • MARKJIN IS REAL!! All of y’all are fake as fuck friends, this is why he hates y’all a majority of the time
  • Yes keep putting JB in the center of the group dances, I like suffering
  • “I wont make you cry again, don’t worry”  Im sorry Youngjae I can’t hear you over my loud uncontrollable sobbing
  • Oh no not Yugyeom again
  • What do you mean I belong to you? I belong to no one
  • ohh okay more dancing
  • Sooo Bambam is that the new type of vaping or what?? But your eyes look good
  • OKAy group dancing I GET IT Y’ALL DANCE
  • OMFG WHAT WAS THE MOVE!?!? Thought that was some exorcist type of shit or something
  • Ahhh back to a dead Jinyoung
  • Bambam looks so pretty just standing there… He belong in an art museum 
  • Of course a fucking dab
  • 15/10 acting
  • give them an oscar, golden globe, grammy, GIVE THEM EVERYTHING
You've Got It All Wrong //Draco Imagine//

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Requested by: doctor_takashi 

 Plot: the reader, a Mudblood Gryffindor, meets Draco’s parents 

 Pairing: Reader x Draco 

 Warnings: mild swears here and there 

 A/n: you asked for a twist so I hope this works okay! 

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The idea that we need to never ever discuss sex or sexual desire in LGBT spaces because minors need to be protected from ANY discussion of sex in ANY context really rubs me the wrong way! Like look, I volunteer on a hotline for teenagers (to call in, most of the people who staff the hotline are adults, though not all of us are) that provides non-judgmental, researched, practical, advice about sex and dating that prioritizes teaching about consent and safer sex. Kids NEED this shit because, surprise, teenagers are curious about sex. Acting like all adults who want to say even a single word about sex to teenagers, including as older people who might have some insight into having healthy and safe relationships, are all nasty sex-obsessed predators who are getting off on these interactions is not only inaccurate and gross, it disproportionately stigmatizes older LGBT people who might want to give advice to kids who are in situations that they were once in IN ORDER TO PROTECT THOSE KIDS from homophobic and/or transphobic abuse, and it creates an environment where kids can’t ask questions about stuff they NEED to know about, like condom use and other methods of safer sex, intimate partner violence, pregnancy, STIs, etc. There absolutely needs to be safe, non-predatory places where adults can offer kids insight and advice and kids can learn about sex. I’m not saying it’s appropriate for adults to like, tell minors about their own sexual fantasies or whatever, but there’s a huge difference between “spaces where adults are engaging in sexual behavior with each other and doing other adult things are not appropriate spaces for kids to be” and “kids can’t hear anything about sex ever and especially not from an adult”. A lesbian asking someone how to use a dental dam with her partner at an LGBT community centre does not make that community centre unsafe for kids. You know?

okay but Quill having to deal with a shapeshifter baby and also the fact that around the same time she realises she’s practically adopted Tanya so she’s like “well shit I really am a mum now”

Tanya being like “I’m this kid’s big sister ok” and her and Matteusz and Charlie helping out with the baby

give me this family please I need it

Ok but like…high school rockband Lams is so fucking cute. Just imagine ok

  • Alexander as like the new kid
  • Him being super like self conscious and like really quiet in all his classes at first and hears about this academically great guy Aaron Burr
  • So one day he finds Aaron Burr and practically knocks him into a locker bc ‘holy shit this is the guy who’s smart and can help me get ahead’
  • Ofc at first Burr is just like ‘who the hell is this kid’
  • Then Alex just goes off on a ramble and doesn’t realize that the bell rings making them both late to class but Burr is just smiling at Alexander
  • So once Alex stops rambling, he realizes they’re late and the ever so observant Aaron Burr is just like “It’s lunch. You’re in my period right?
  • They go off to lunch and once they go to sit down, there’s just lots of banging and laughing and stuff
  • Alex looks and sees the revolutionary set and is immediately lovestruck seeing Laurens (who is def rocking out on an air guitar but Alex doesn’t notice so)
  • Burr notices Alex staring and rolls his eyes
  • “Hey you know how I’ve been telling you stuff that’ll help you get farther? Avoiding those three would be a good move.”
  • Alex immediately starts asking questions if they’re bad or something
  • Burr is just like “no they’re fine, smart and admittedly attractive but still-”
  • Cue their conversation being cut off by Laf just shouting at him
  • So they go over and like the revolutionary set just pokes fun at Burr and Alex is just staring at Laurens
  • “Oh hey, who’s this making heart eyes at Laurens?” and Alex just tries to hide in his sweater once John looks his way
  • Meanwhile John’s just grinning like crazy and nods at Alex who’s completely incapable of forming words
  • Burr notices and just rolls his eyes and nudges Alex in the side
    which earns a mumbled “My name’s Alexander Hamilton.”

Just….cute little nerdy love songs, and music and Alex being flustered I……….///

Okay. I feel the need to freaking mention a few things here. First off, is there a need to be that close to each other? I mean seriously, guys! Why would you stand that close together especially in those get-ups! What gives? Some people like to make shippers feel insane and dirty, but look at you! You have crossed each other’s personal space and are practically inside of the other by how close you are.   

Secondly, really Rhett? You’re on camera and you are practically brushing your crotch on Link’s arm. Another inch and their would be friction on your nether regions. Either: A. you don’t give a shit who sees your thirstiness, B. you are unconsciously doing it and that’s a whole other story C. it has become second natural to be that close to your boyfriend that it is just pure habit. or D. You’re doing it to get a reaction or create “awkwardness” as Link put it in the AMA.

I absolutely love these two. And I adore the fandom. Sometimes, I feel like this is just an exercise in creativity.  A way to make gifs/fics, have fun and connect with other like minded people. But then I see shit like this and it makes me do a double take. Like is there really something to all of this shipping. I feel like there is more to this relationship than even we (we, shippers) like to imagine. It really makes you think. 

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Tsukishima gets little burst of affection and must act on them so it's normal to see him leave his little group in the middle of practice to hold Yamaguchi really close to him and kiss his head a bunch and then so back to practice like super gay shit didn't just happen. No one even comments about it anymore they just let them be cute kids in love.

I feel like karasuno is just a do what you need to do kind of team like if that helps you do the volley it’s chill

~ Mod Han

I feel like everyone is making a huge deal about Jungkook’s acne and it’s starting to piss me off and I really feel the need to talk about it.

1.) he’s a young boy; he just turned 19 like four months ago and is still developing

2.) he’s a hardworking idol and his schedule is crazy as shit! Like, he’s constantly practicing and rehearsing, probably getting very little sleep (which sleep is a crucial factor into having nice skin), plus the amount of makeup that he wears/ the plethora of performances he does that requires him to wear makeup creates bacteria on his face.

3.) EVERYONE HAS ANCE! So stop acting like your the pore-less, air-brushed god/goddess of the universe!

Like, I’m tired of seeing news stories based around an idol having acne and the whole fandom acting like War of the Worlds is happening outside!

All that being said, focus on an idol’s talent and hard work rather than the pimple on their cheek.

SDR2 77th Class in Microbiology Class

SDR2 77th Class in Microbiology Class

Microbiology lab—each student works in their own fashion in the micro lab which lasts for 1.5 hours twice a week.

Here’s a headcanon of the 77th class in their microbiology lab class and what the students would typically do:

  • Hajime Hinata—the average student but frequently finds himself doing other student’s shit. As such, he’s a pushover. He reads the lab the night before, keeps a decent notebook, and frequently asks for the professor’s help if he finds a discrepancy in his test results. He is the most punctual student and ends up staying the entire 1.5 hours of the lab each day. He studies really hard, but only gets B’s on all the practicals and lab quizzes.
  • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu— “fuck science.” “I don’t need this shit.” “Fucking nerds, anyway.” Literally does nothing. At all. Just sits on his stool with his lab coat and gloves on and just bitches and curses during the entire lab period with his arms folded behind his back, feet up on the lab bench and a scowl on his face.
  • Akane Owari—the most energetic of the group. She runs around the entire fucking lab, gets everything she needs, but then she forgets to label her shit, and thus becomes confused when she has to analyze her plates. Also, she tries to eat the bacteria and the agar solutions.
  • Sonia Nevermind—one of the most efficient students. She is the one of the few who actually reads the lab several days before and highlights all of the important shit. She frequently works with Gundham and is THAT student who will point out every discrepancy in the lab manual. She always keeps a flawless notebook.
  • Kazuichi Soda—the awkward third wheel because he so badly wants to work with Sonia, but she always pairs up with Gundham. He went to the teacher to get lab partners reassigned, but he grew frustrated when the teacher reassigned Sonia with Mahiru and him with Komaeda. He often forgets to make sure his sterile loop does not have a film of bacteria before he flames it. As such, he produces a lot of airborne microbes which may get Komaeda sick.
  • Byakuya Twogami (or Mitworai)—If Mitarai, he has the best four quadrant and other streaking methods because he has a very steady and controlled hand. If Togami, he would attempt to control the classroom and probably get someone else to do his work (probably Hajime).
  • Teruteru Hanamura—most flamboyant and show-offy with lighting the Bunsen burner. As such, he never fails to light it on the first try. He frequently sexual innuendos with “hot plates” and “inoculation needles” and stabbing the needle into the agar.
  • Mahiru Koizumi—one of the more efficient students in the lab. Takes no shit from the unpreparedness of the other students. She is paired up with Hiyoko frequently and is the only force capable of making Hiyoko do actual work.
  • Peko Pekoyama—silent as fuck. Does all of Fuyuhiko’s work and her own silently by herself. Only slightly smiles when she overhears Fuyuhiko bitching up a storm.
  • Hiyoko Saionji—the noisiest one in the lab. Constantly complains about science and “icky bacteria.” Is the most grossed out by the very smelly bacteria smells, and likens these smells to Mikan. Shouts at Mikan for tripping and hitting her with the agar plates. Also, she may sabotage another student’s work.
  • Ibuki Mioda—sings to the little microbes in the hopes of getting them to grow much better. Surprisingly, it works! She gets a lot of growth and separation on all of her plates and cultures.
  • Mikan Tsumiki—clumsy as fuck. Commonly trips over air and spills chemicals over herself and throws agar plates all over the lab. Also, she breaks a lot of test tubes.
  • Nekomaru Nidai—one of the more energetic students. He frequently gives pep talks to the microbes to get them to grow faster and survive longer. He has the best plates overall since the bacteria do not dry out even when the plates are several months old. As such, he creates immortal bacterial cells.
  • Gundham Tanaka—most efficient of the group. Has his hamsters fetch all the supplies he needs for each lab. For labs with multiple parts, his hamsters do some of the easier jobs, and he does the harder ones. He’s always the first to leave the lab.
  • Nagito Komaeda—never wants to light the Bunsen burner himself because he never does it right on the first try. As such, gas accumulates and it might explode, so he gets Hajime to do it. Tries to give a hope speech to the bacteria to get it to grow after seeing Nidai give his pep talk, but his cultures either die very quickly or become contaminated with another culture such that he has to re-streak all of his plates. He has the highest rates of false-positive and false-negative tests.
  • Chiaki Nanami—does a very, very good and accurate job, but she works at a slower pace than others because she’s a tired little small. Consequently, she is always the last to leave the lab.
Cliché AUs

These AUs may be cliché, but they’ve won a way into all of our hearts: 
1. There’s only one bed, and now we have to share it… 

2. I was abandoned on my date, and you, my best friend so happen to be around to comfort me. 

3. I asked you to be my fake s/o because I my ex was around. 

4. You were really drunk, and confessed your feelings for me, oh shit. 

5. We were in the middle of an argument, and you shouted “It’s because I love you!” 

6. You got your period and I want to help, but I know nothing about this. Actually fuck it, tell me what I need to do. 

7. I was crying over something stupid, and even though you practically hate me, you’ve decided to comfort me. 

8. We always jokingly flirt with each other, but none of us make a move until our friends decide to get involved. 

9. You put on a scary movie so I’d cuddle with you and shit it worked. 

10. We were playing truth or dare and of course someone dared me to kiss you.

the fact that it’s some kind of radical statement to say that we need to have ethical standards as a religious community -standards beyond “always be nice and polite to everyone uwu”- is really telling and really, really sad.

we need to be able to tell each other “hey, what you’re doing is kinda fucked up” without the other person immediately acting like they’re being attacked, going on about “tumblr gone wild!! damn sjws!! this is isfet!!!!” its just childish at this point.

i honestly dont give a damn about people “Doing Religion Right” and Proper Respect for the Gods and all that shit the rest of pagan!tumblr is so preoccupied with; thats yalls own business. but it’s crucial that we can tell the difference between trying to dictate how people practice their religion, and having standards for how we let people in our community treat each other. how’s it overstepping one’s boundaries to say “what you’ve said is racist, please acknowledge that and apologize”? how’s it “isfet” to say “we will not tolerate antisemitism of any kind”? how does it harm our community to say “our concept of correct treatment of others from antiquity (ma'at) discourages this kind of behavior”?

tl;dr: people will go on and on about how “the kemetic fandom’s” preoccupation with jokes and puns about the gods is impious and limits our development into a more adult, developed religious group, but the refusal on our part to really examine what our religion says about how to treat one another, about ethics and practical application of those ethics, is limiting us in a far more profound way.

I did! A thing! 

First of all, let me be very clear in saying I didn’t actually draw this. I just lined and colored my best bud @bucketofchum ‘s original sketch. If you like this one, pls go like its origin! 

This was really really fun. I know my pitiful attempt at shading is just that, but I still liked playing around with it. Also don’t talk to me about hands because wow that shit’s hard I really need to be practicing generating my own sketches and such…but probably don’t be surprised if you see more of this sort of thing. 

ok but for real this time

i get that we love self-deprecating and negative, even suicidal memes, in 2016 they became a trend and were practically everywhere and ofc it made the usual depression life a bit more interesting and shit but we really need to stop and consider who we’re affecting.

you most likely have mentally ill followers - some of them might be very young too, some of them in the process of recovery. i know im preaching to the choir here since most of you are mentally ill too but listen to me. we need to stop normalizing these posts because kids see them. kids see those posts and think “hey, being suicidal is normal, so there’s nothing weird about it, no need to bother telling people”. people in recovery see these posts and might be triggered into a relapse.

we really need to stop normalizing these things to kids - those children looking at a meme about therapists being useless do not know that e.g. you’re on meds, that you tried therapy and it worked partly, they don’t know any of that - they see it and think - therapy doesn’t work anyways, i shouldn’t bother. 

for how much we wanna defend our coping mechanisms, it’s also time that we think about how these coping mechanisms affect other people around us. you can tag these posts w warnings so people can blacklist them, but please think about how you might be influencing the people who follow you.

Yuri On Ice AU

Yo wassup okay lemme tell you the story of a skittish yet tough ice skater named Eggsy and his charming mentor who is in love with Eggsy’s passion named Harry.

Because I keep talking about YoI on my omgcp blog with @kirkaut and TBH this AU needs to be in every fandom. Also because @oggalahad got me into this shit in the first place.

But really, so like, Eggsy is a bomb ass bitch okay. Well, he was, one year prior to this story. He practiced every day like a mofo because you don’t get to the top by just skating through life, no you practice your ass off until the most difficult technique is muscle memory and you own that shite. Low key he’s trying to emulate his idol, one Harry Hart, but at the same time he’s kinda got shite nerves. Like, he’s worried about failure and what would happen if he fucked up and during his Grand Prix routine he made eye contact with his mum in the crowd and screwed up because he had an anxiety attack thinking about what would happen if he let his mum down.

Spoiler alert: he did let her down.

Don’t get me wrong, Michelle is super proud he got as far as he did. She knows he puts in the work to be a good skater and also a good brother and head of the house. But to Eggsy, he’s failed her and he’s failed Daisy, and worst of all, he’s failed himself.

He thinks back to his mum’s ex-boyfriend, Dean, calling him a loser and a failure and he just loses all sense of worth.

But lemme tell you, Harry Hart is in LOVE. Well, not love, more like intense skating lust with a side of lemme wrap this smol egg in a burrito because god he’s so great but also i wanna make him feel better

So Harry shows up all, “I saw you skate, but I think I can make you skate better.”

And Eggsy is all “please make me ;)” but also at the same time he’s screaming on the inside. Because this is Harry Hart the greatest and most handsome silver fox to own the ice and lord help him because he doesn’t think he’ll survive having Harry as a coach

But it works out in his favor because Harry is making him work hard but also being super cool and chill and….all attractive and shit. And Eggsy reallllly really wants to make him proud.

So begins the adventures of Eggsy and Harry. Loosely based on Yuri on Ice but definitely featuring Harry putting lip gloss sensually on Eggsy’s lips with his fingers. Face touching. Harry embracing Eggsy from behind and whispering all hot and shit in Eggsy’s ear. Lots of flirting. And I mean, LOTS OF FLIRTING.

And, above all else, featuring Eggsy announcing on live television that he’d be skating to a theme of love because he fuckin loves Harry Hart and he is literally telling the entire world right now.