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anything (kol mikaelson au)

Plot: You just failed the one class that you needed to graduate and Kol was coming over in less than an hour for your usual antics. You wash your face and clean up your messy ass apartment, giving him your brightest smile the moment he stepped inside. You pulled him in for a kiss, wanting nothing than to forget and go unnoticed. Of course, Kol noticed and demanded that you tell him what was wrong.

Pairing: Kol Mikaelson x Reader

Warnings: panic attack, fluffy Kol

A/N: I love Kol Mikaelson and I haven’t written anything for him yet. Pls enjoy this lil fluff piece! Let me know what you think! (no gifs are mine!) (ps sorry if I explained the panic attacks in a really bad way, that’s how it feels for me)

Your apartment was finally clean. You took a shower, dressing in just panties and a t-shirt afterwards. You decide you need a glass of wine to relax a little before Kol comes over. You needed Kol tonight more than ever. You studied weeks for that stupid final and you still bombed it. How is it possible to practice something so religiously and still be terrible at it?

“Something worrying you, love?” Kol’s voice startles you, causing you to drop the glass in your hand. He, of course, managed to catch it before it hit the ground.

“Kol,” you whisper, plastering a smile on your face as he hands you the glass. “I’m fine, I just missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too,” he wraps his arms around you, placing a gentle kiss on your head.

“I needed tonight to happen more than ever,” you lay soft kisses against his neck and place your wine glass on the countertop behind him.

“Is anything bothering you?” He proposes the question again and you shake your head, kissing his chin as he sighs.

“No, I’m–”

“Let me rephrase the question: what is bothering you? You’re tense and easily startled and–”

“Well that’s all part of being human, Kol,” you chuckle and lift your tired eyes to meet his. “Trivial matters.”

“Look. I know you and I have this sex agreement, but you’re my friend above all else. I care about you. So,” he pulls away and crosses his arms. “No sex-related actions until you tell me what’s wrong.”

“What?” You whimper, frustrated as all the emotions you’ve managed to bottle up are all about to unravel. “But that’s what helps me forget. I need it.”

“Trust me, love. I need it, too. But like I said–”

“So I’ll go to the bar and ask someone,” you bluff and Kol’s eyes grow dark at the thought of you with someone else.

“You will do no such thing!” Kol growls, slamming his fist on the marble countertop behind you. In all the time he’d known you, this is the first time you’d tried something like this. He can’t believe how much it hurts him to even imagine someone else’ s hands on you. “All you have to do is tell me–”

“But I don’t want–”

“Is it something that you’re willing to lose me over?”

“What?” Your eyes widen as Kol’s features soften, the pain and anger all over his face.

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“Are you so hell-bent on not telling me what’s hurting you that you would risk losing me?” He whispers, eyes not leaving your face as you look down and remain silent. The answer presenting itself in your silence. “Well then.”

Kol moves away, the heartbreak evident in both his voice and his face as he heads to the door.

“I’m not going to be able to graduate on time,” you speak, your voice barely a whisper as you fall to the ground, the realization of it all just hitting you.

For a second, you’re not sure he’s heard you. Nothing happens as your eyes grow wide in a panic, you lift your knees up and press them against your chest as your breathing becomes heavy.

“Y/N,” Kol whispers, lowering himself next to you.

You grow cold, hands clammy as you find it harder to breathe. You turn your head to look at him, and Kol nods slowly, recognizing your actions.

“I’m gonna lift you up and take you to the sofa, okay?” He whispers, gently lifting you as you feel tears run down your face. Your breath is coming out in shallow wisps as the pressure crushes your chest.

“Listen to my voice, okay?” Kol gently rubs your back, pushing your head between your knees to help you breathe. “I’m right here. Breathe with me, love. In, two three four. Out, six seven eight.”

He counted and rubbed your back until your breathing was back to normal and your face had regained some of its color.

“Kol,” you whisper, unable to look at him as you try to keep calm. “I’m not going to graduate on time. I studied my ass off this past week, I’ve barely gotten any rest and I still failed that stupid Biology exam.”

“What happened?” He whispers, leaning back and pulling you into his arms.

“I panicked,” you clench the material of his t-shirt as he rubs your back soothingly. “I knew everything going in, but the pressure of it all got the best of me. I don’t know.”

“Have you asked your professor if you can take the test in a different environment?” He brushes the stray hairs out of your face and you tilt your head up to look at him. “Some professors allow students extra time or a separate test area. I can talk to your professor and ask him for you? You can retake the test in a less stressful environment.”

“Y-you’d do that?” you whisper, eyes not able to leave Kol’s beautiful brown ones.

“You know I’d do anything for you, silly,” he chuckles, pressing his forehead against yours as his nose nuzzles yours. “We can stay like this for a while, and then I can make us some popcorn. How does that sound?”

“It sounds perfect,” you smile softly, placing your lips against his in a calming kiss as his free hand cups your face.

“Anything for you.”

Happy International Kissing day ♥ !! I can’t help it, they’re really cute >3<

I ALWAYS imagine them giving affection ;3; ….
Hope you like it!!!

Ps: I don’t like the color of Nighteyes e.e I need to practice more!

No spoilers, please. I know who is Bee, ending of Fool’s fate, and a details of Fool’s assassin and Fool’s quest. In fact, I know everything that happens to the Fool. Fool’s fate will be published in 6th july …

Robin Hobb © The Fool and Nighteyes

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wait you're just 16?!? and your art is just amazing! when did you start to draw? which school do you go to? ps- I'm just 15 and a lazy potato

ahaha yeh im 16 ;v;;; thank you so much! //though age shouldn’t matter too much ahaha but practice does ( ‘ v ‘ )b

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I put effort into strange things…

But, anyway, I was thinking of doing a version where the Mew Mews dress like the Sanzo party…! Eventually. This took longer than I thought it would, geh.


I’m sorry @tidusyumemiru and @samurulantis / @cynicaldjinn but you fell victim to my chibi practice today. I am so slow and i need so much more things to work out regarding my art, plus i make really noob mistakes in PS and filesaving lately… I hope i didn’t miss so much with the details, i tried to sheepishly dig through your blogs for references…  But i hope you guys at least like them!

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🐙: What do you suggest to beginner artists in terms of work ethic? 

hmm in terms of work ethic. I think it’s easiest to be productive and improve when you draw what makes you happy! Also I always tell myself that my drawings can’t magically improve on their own and if I don’t draw I’ll always remain at the same skill level and that keeps me going! oh also if i have art block I’ll do some figure drawings from reference just to keep my hand loose and figure drawings are always a good thing! Good luck! (PS. Get plenty of sleep! My drawings really suffer when I don’t get sleep haha take care of yourself to take care of your drawings! >:0 )

☂: What do you hate to/can’t draw?

I really want to be better at drawing animals! I need way more practice haha wish me luck!!

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Nonpowered!AU - Tony's cat often sneaks using the emergency stairs to the apartment below and Tony's been feeling kinda jealous here, so he attaches a message on her collar to whoever's been bribing his cat with expensive cat treat. To his surprise, he got a reply and he began corresponding with the guy who turned out to be interesting and smart. One day there's a knock on his door and it's the mystery guy with his cat and an invitation to dinner. (and maybe there's kittens?)

A/N: Didn’t get the kittens, but I hope you still enjoy! - Taylor

You can also read this on Ao3!

“Jarvis!” Tony rattles the cat bell again and strides into the kitchen. “Here, kitty, kitty!” The expected jingle of Jarvis’s collar and the light click of his nails over the tile floor doesn’t come, and Tony’s frown deepens. It seems his cat’s snuck off yet again.

Resigned, Tony crosses to the east wall of his condo and heaves one of the windows open to reveal the fire escape. “Jarvis!” He calls again. For another moment, there’s no reply.

Then the metal stairs creak lightly and Tony grins at the sight of his cat trotting up them. “Hey bud,” he says as Jarvis jumps gracefully back into the apartment. “You’re giving me a complex here. I spend tens of dollars on cat toys and it’s still not good enough for you? What does that dude have that I don’t?”

Jarvis sniffs gracefully and proceeds to ignore Tony in favor of curling up in a patch of carpet warmed by the sun. Tony rolls his eyes and sits down at his drafting table. Rent’s not going to pay itself, after all.

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Girl Meets World Post

I want to start this post by saying: Yes. I am a twenty something year old who watches Girl Meets World. To be completely truthful, I watch it with my mom and older brother. We used to watch Boy Meets World when it used to come on TGIF, way back when.

That preface being done, I just have a few things to say.

First off, sure many people would like the show to be on any other channel but Disney. And I understand where they are coming from. But do you realize how many family sitcoms there are on these other channels?? For the most part, the plots would be more or less the same while the actors being different. Being on Disney, I think they are able to do more with it to make it different. Weird thinking, but I truly believe it.

Secondly. What people need to realize is that this show’s target audience is not the ones who were fans of BMW, but the new generation. Therefore, comparing the two is practically ridiculous. It plays on our nostalgia for sure, but it shouldn’t be forgotten who this show is really for. Different generation, different situations. Although fundamentally, they are both strong at their heart. Ps. The first few seasons of BMW were not as great as the later ones… so give this show a chance to grow like BMW did.

Third thing. I have really come to see a recent trend in television shows lately where the writers try really hard to keep the best friend relevant that the main character falls to the wayside. And that really bothers me, don’t know if it does to anyone else. I am sick of how the main characters are only just there to prop up their best friend. The narrative of the show, from the beginning, seems to make Riley all about Maya. And I understand that, and I love their relationship don’t get me wrong. But there is so much more to Riley, and people often confuse being good as being boring. Complexity comes in all varieties, hence being complex. Just because she doesn’t act out or that her parents are lifelong sweethearts who got married young, doesn’t mean her problems and her experiences are any less valid than Maya’s. It is not fair to compare them and rate them on their character sheets. Here the writers have no problem giving all these explanations for Maya’s actions. But what about Riley?? Why, or even what, makes her so good and only see good in other people?? Why does she want to help her friends all the time?? What made her the Riley we see??

This past episode, and everyone’s reaction to a couple scenes, really made me wonder about Riley and fans reaction go her and how it feels like they don’t understand her. A lot of shippers of Lucas and Maya had countless of gifs made about the interaction between them. But what really interested me was how Lucas had mentioned “I never do anything”, as his reason to go with Maya. Farkle wanted to have fun, and Maya just led the pack. Despite all of that, she let them choose. She didn’t stop them from leaving, nor did she follow them.

I think in regards to shipping, or even just regular platonic friendship, scene was the one where they kidnap Riley. She didn’t run away as soon as they put her down. She told them they looked ridiculous and gave them wipes. The dialogue between Lucas and Riley showed the very thing Lucaya shippers said Riley lacked when it came to Lucas after watching Girl Meets the Secret Life episode. She saw Lucas as the person he is, not who others see him as. Just like he sees her for what she is. The fact that neither of them would call each other the name their friends clued them during the detention proved that so beautifully.

And that shows how their relationship is growing. It’s changing and making each other better and helping each other understand their own selves better. And isn’t that what being in a healthy relationship supposed to do?? With Maya and Lucas it’s always the same. Something happens to show a different side of Lucas, she cracks a joke and calls him names, they move on, the wheel keeps turning. There is nothing new about their dynamic. At least as far as the writing has shown us so far. I know all this sounds biased because I really like Riley and Lucas together, but there is only so much banter between two people because they totally like each other troupe a person can take before it gets old fast.

Thing is, as a viewer of a lot of television and aspiring writer myself, I am well aware that at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much of a fan you are of the show. shows do not belong to you the same way it belongs to its creators and writing team. They have the story they want to tell, and we are just here along for the ride. We can critize it and analyze it all we want, but at the end of the day it’s not ours in the same way it’s theirs. Therefore, whatever direction this GWM ride goes, I am going to enjoy the view.

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You seem to understand anatomy REALLY well! Do you use any references, if so could you send the link, or are you naturally amazing at it? *o*

Hmmmmmm, well I mean I’ve taken a life drawing class and I’ve done gesture classes back when I was in college. So really whatever understanding I have of anatomy now is due to practice and study. I can tell you what we did and give you a few links though that could definitely help!!

When i had life drawing what we actually did was start out by doing several studies of skeletons. Eventually we had to do a fully rendered one w/ like shading and stuff. I’d recommend practicing drawing skeletons + muscles bc i mean that’s whats under your skin! (I need to do more muscle studies oo ps.)

But then gestures are just those 30 seconds-2 minute drawings you do to get the fluidity and life of a pose. So that’s minimizing your drawing to only the most necessary lines and that’s REALLY good bc it makes you think on your toes quickly while still drawing from life. 

And i mean like with anything practice makes better! I still have a looooong ways to go, but I’m also studying different animators/illustrators who have distinct styles and sort of taking from them as well to try and develop a style of my own! And while just doing things from your head is fine referencing is also your friend and use it to your advantage hell yeah!!!


http://artists.pixelovely.com/ (gesture drawing tool + now figure drawing)

http://artistshospital.deviantart.com/art/Library-reference-Humans-24705651 (giant art reference post)

http://senshistock.deviantart.com/ (good reference photos for free!)

http://www.scott-eaton.com/category/bodies-in-motion (very good for action poses to see the muscles and whatnot)

http://www.scribd.com/doc/17518033/Force-Dynamic-Life-Drawing-for-Animators (AMAZING BOOK)

http://characterdesignlinks.blogspot.com/ (a bunch of different artists showing and talking about their styles. Good place to go to practice drawing and taking inspiration from others.)