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Punish me (Smut)
I did a thing. I figured it to be best if this was EXO member optional, since with this storyline you could end up with any EXO member really. God forgive me for I have sinned. 

Pairing: EXO member x Reader (You will have to choose one at a certain point, or read it nine times)

Genre: Smut

Edit: Apparently the first part can be classified under ‘humour’. My sister read this and she was laughing her ass off? I did not intend for this to happen but yeah… If it’s the same for you, enjoy.

Word count: 4670 words

Warning: Phone sex, Oral sex, explicit language.

Punish me:

“No, I’m not a free phone sex service!” I shout annoyed through my mobile and immediately cut the call, throwing my mobile onto the kitchen counter. Once, just once, I had been spotted in public with the members of EXO and that was the result; forty calls a day that begin with either “What are you wearing?” or “Tell me how wet you are”.

My mother is the fixed cleaning lady for the Exo dorm, but she broke her leg a few weeks ago. In agreement with SM, I replace her until she gets better. It is summer holiday and that way I don’t need to search for a summer job.

The guys from EXO are my age, so of course the relationship between EXO and me is different than the relationship my mom has with them. Whilst my mom is more a motherly figure, I am more of a friend. That’s why a few days ago, they asked me to go out for dinner with them.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, 7goodangel. I am here to ask you about PaperJam as a shy, smol and innocent being (mainly thegreatrouge made him be). There has been some conflicts regarding his trait. Some said his canonical personality is a jerk, like what you wrote in his bio / info and some said that is severely wrong and being shy, (which made him shipped with Fresh), is his canonical personality. What are your thoughts about this? I mean, it is your character and people are taking control of it. Don't you disagree?

Well… I have talked to people and seen public conversations and this has happened several times to me over months. I guess I’ve gotten a little numb to it now… or maybe it’s due to school that I haven’t given it the attention that it deserves. Probably due to school. 

I just can’t update constantly like others - even though some others in school were and are able to update constantly. I can’t keep going around and holding up my bio of PJ and police people. It’s exhausting to me… it really takes up the small bit of free time I have. 

I think after I get a solid job that I’ll be able to go around better… but anyway - back to your question. 

While I love seeing interpretations and do not want people to be limited by something and have their imaginations go forth… it’s proving that a huge con comes with that mentality - which you have pointed out. A lot of people swear that PJ is the cute, innocent interpretation that really, did get PJ popular in the first place. While I did have him as a jerk from the beginning - I kinda kept that info to my RP blog - so you could say it is my fault this is all happening and I do think that. I could of done something to make it not as bad as it is now… 

It’s just like the NSFW stuff… people just assume the first thing and run with it. And it really does make me feel like I really am not needed for my own character at points. 

It’s a struggle - I don’t want to have people stop interpreting PJ within AUs… but I also don’t want people to just see him as an innocent child to ship with Fresh. 

And I’m still trying to find the best solution to it. 

But… I feel like the damage is already done. It’s too late for me to talk to all of these people going around swearing on their life that PJ is canoncally like Rouge’s interpretation/AUs. It feels like an hopeless battle to me. 

And I guess I needed someone to ask me this question so then I can fully say my thoughts on this. 

So in short, while I love creativity and don’t want to snuff it out (considering some people would probably think I’m doing that already with saying “No Sin”), I still don’t like it. It irritates me, irks me, frustrates me, and I feel like even as the person who thought of PJ in the first place, my voice isn’t enough. Communities seem like they don’t care about artists unless they reach a ‘certain goal of popularity’ or seem like they have a more professional style of art. I know I do not reach either of those titles. 

People misspell my username all the time - I actually claimed ‘7goodangle’ on tumblr for that reason.

People still say “I’m too lazy to find who made PJ” when they clearly mentioned they looked at the bio on the wiki. 

People still go around arguing others on the canon ship of OmniPJ and swearing that FreshPaper is the true canon ship, when all people are pointing out is that they need to keep the canon ship in mind when going around with information.

Even just basic personality traits… and these things are happening on sites that I do not nor want an account for. 

I still want others to have fun - to be happy; but I don’t know… I guess I’m cutting out my own happiness to get everyone else happy? I want to eventually write a version of PJ within his own universe and story… and he is more like the version I created within the UT verse. Not exact - but close. Though who knows… I might shove PJ to the side and replace his role with another character. I’m still weighing options.

Cause PJ was the first character I ever put this much time and thought into… my first character that was balanced, well rounded…

And what happens?


You said it Anon. 

They took it - changed it (initially as an AU but now people think it’s canon) - and I can’t do much about it. Due to school and not much free-time… due to how many don’t know the true creator… and just back talking anyone who is just mentioning it to people who swear by it. 

As an artist and a character designer…

It makes me not want to show designs, characters, and stories ever again online.

Considering if this is how I was treated on the first one… why even take a chance at a second one? If it has brought me so much stress, frustration, and time… why even try it again?

I said I was only going to do fanart so if anyone stole it, it didn’t really matter. 
I think I should have stuck with that thought process. 

In conclusion, there are some major things to take away here. First – that yes, I do not like how it has skewed this far to the point of arguing over a fandom version with the canon. Canon is canon and I get the different AUs – this is too far. Way too far. I am emotionally drained from this – from this whole mess that I have been defending throughout majority of PJ’s lifespan. I will state this – Paper Jam is my character. He is my original character that I created more than a year ago. And the UT AU fandom took my character and warped him to something he is not and all of his original meaning is lost. I do not like to hurt others or make other sad – but I must put my foot fully down. This miscommunication needs to stop. I am tired of repeating things over and over and I have past my breaking point time and time again. I just want people to see PJ how he really is… and I wish that people could be focusing more on the reality of him instead of the alternate that they all claim as truth.

Final words: I still like Undertale – I still like creating characters and having fun – but the Undertale AU fandom is ridiculous now. The Amino UT community is insanity in an app, and there is a lot of stuff that has made many artists and creators to their breaking point and leaving the fandom entirely. Everyone in this fandom needs to take ten steps back and look at what they are doing. Go back to the game. Play it again – watch your favorite let’s player’s videos of it again. 

And just… food for thought… please don’t jump the gun on someone else’s OC’s personality and actions. 

I do not want anyone to experience what I had.


its really hard to draw when there are so many goddamn games to play, i am so sorry lol…trying to get some semblance of consistency back ahaha trying ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

i love the character designs in this game…also everyone is unnecessarily beautiful??

May Dragneel

I don’t have a properly title for this, but it’s what it says.

May Dragneel belongs ot @keiid​ . It’s her Zervis daughter.


Year X802, Magnolia. Inside a little house, a pink haired man and a black haired little girl were playing a card game.

- You win again, May - said the pink haired man -. I have nothing to invalidate your hand.

- I knew I was going to win since we started playing.

- You really are like your mother.

The little girl smiled. In that moment, the front door opened, and a blonde woman entered in the house.

- Mama! - yelled the little girl while running to the woman.

- Hello sweetie! - said the woman, taking the girl in her arms -. What are you doing here, Natsu?

- Larcade asked me to watch over May - answered Natsu -. He needed to go to a mission.

- Do you know something about Zeref?

- No, nothing. Sorry, Mavis.

May’s face changed when she listened the name “Zeref”. She was mad.

- She’s still mad for what happened a month ago? - asked Natsu.

- She really wanted that fairy doll, and Zeref promised it to her, but…

- I know. I was helping Zeref to find it for a week.

- He’s been missing since that.

- I should go. Lucy will yell at me if I’m late to lunch today.

- Tell me if you know something about Zeref.

- I will.

- Bye, dragon! - yelled May.

-  Bye princess.

Natsu left the house, leaving mother and daughter alone.

- You can’t be mad at your father forever, May.

- He said a Dragneel never breaks it’s promises. He did. I won’t forgive him.

Mavis hugged his daughter. She knew very well how much May wanted that doll.

Later that evening, the door opened slowly. A black haired man entered in the house, trying to not be discovered.

- Zeref Dragneel! - yelled Mavis, seeing the man -. Where have you been this month!?

- It’s long to explain, but short to demonstrate.

Zeref went where May was and put a fairy doll in front of her. She was still mad at him, and didn’t want to look at him, but she looked at the doll.

- That’s not the one I wanted - said May.

- I know. You wanted the black haired doll, not the blonde. But I couldn’t find it anywhere.

- I don’t want that one.

- I have a compensation for that. Can you look at me for a second?

May looked at her father, with anger in her eyes. But her eyes sparkled when she saw what her father had in his hands.

- Now, tell me. Why do you need a fairy doll with black hair when you can be a fairy? - asked Zeref.

- I love you, daddy!

May jumped and hugged Zeref. Then, she took the fairy costume and ran upstairs.

- Well, two promises less - said Zeref.

- You didn’t promise her any fairy costume - said Mavis.

- I promised a fairy to you.

- May is not a fairy, even with a costume.

- Are you sure?

May ran downstairs, with the costume on. Mavis put her hands in her mouth and cried.

- How do I look, mama? - asked May.

- Like a real fairy - answered Mavis.

- I told you - said Zeref -. Our daughter is like a fairy.

- You don’t have anything to say, Zeref?

- Happy late birthday, May.

- Thank you, papa!

BTS reaction to their S/O wanting attention while they are playing videogames

requested by anon


“Babeeeeeeee, I just persuaded them into playing Mario Kart with me. They never play Mario Kart with me!

“Then hurry up and beat them. Make me proud babe. I’ll even give you a kiss.”

“Well, I have no choice now, do I?”

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Yoongi would just stop playing the game and focus on you entirely.

“HA! You lost hyung!”

“I may have lost this round, but I won in life. Heuheuheu, later nerds.”

*Yoongi out*

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Namjoon would be so thrown off by the prospect of kisses that he loses the round.

“Hey, I still need that kiss! My self confidence is damaged and it can only be healed by you affection.

“You are ridiculous Namjoon.”

“Is it working?”

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“I can’t just stop playing right now!”

“Nintendogs isn’t even a real video game! Just put it down for a second and give me a kiss.”

“GASP! The obstacle parkour is no joke!”

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“Game? What game? You were saying something about kisses?”

“Jimin, the boys are winning.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Kisses?”


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Tae would be very torn. He really wants to kiss you but he just can’t let kookie win again.

“I’m never going to hear the end of it if he wins now!”

“Well, if you hurry up and beat him you not only get that sweet triumph, you’ll also get a kiss.”

“Prepare to die Kookie.”

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Yeah, not happening. Kookie doesn’t even notice you are in the room until the match is over.

“Have you been sprawled over my lap the entire time?”

“I am dating a 12-year-old.”

“No, wait! I won, you have to kiss me!”

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Cousins- Car game

Posted anonymously

When I was 11 I would always make up games with my cousin who was 7. There was one game where we pretended we were driving and I would always tell her she needed a seatbelt on and I would wrap my arms around her. This one time she had on a little sun dress and when I wrapped my arms around her I placed my hand on her crotch. She moved it away but I put it back and said it would make her extra safe. With every twist and turn of the imaginary road we were on I would rub her little clit just a bit. Nothing much else happened that day but the next time we were at their house she grabbed my hand and said she wanted to play that game again and she took me to her play room. I sat down on a chair and she jumped on my lap grabbed my arm and wrapped them around her then she shoved my hand on her crotch and said that she needed to be extra safe because we were going on this really ruff road. After a couple minutes of her bouncing around I felt her shorts move to the side and my hand was against her warm, soft smooth pussy. She never even said a word she just kept moving and bouncing on my lap. My fingers started to explore her small pussy when I came across her little clit I started to rub and caress it she started to slow down and seemed like she was really starting to enjoy it when her mom called us down for a snack. Every time we seen each other after that day that was all she wanted to do unfortunately they moved away just before she turned 10.
Fast forward to present day. There was a family wedding I really didn’t want to go to but my mom convinced me to at least go to the reception afterwards. I was sitting there boarded out of my mind when someone comes up from behind me and covers my eyes and says guess who. I knew as soon as I heard her voice who it was but played dumb and asked who it was. She replied with your best driving friend in the word. Next thing I knew she was sitting on my lap and my cock got hard instantly. We talked for a few minutes about how crappy it was that she moved away when she told me that her biggest regret was not doing more stuff with me. One thing lead to another and we decided to bail on the reception and went back to my place. We have done everything I can imagine this weekend and it’s been amazing. She just left to drive back home and asked if I would come visit her next weekend. Best part is that she told me she has a daughter that’s 9 and she loves the driving game. Looks like I’m taking a road trip!


warning: triggers apply. mentions of suicide and rape present. read and reblog with caution.

❛ And this time, absolutely no requests. ❜
❛ No return engagements. No encore. ❜
❛ I hope you’re ready, because I’m about to tell you the story of my life.  ❜
❛ And if you’re listening to these tapes, you’re one of the reasons why. ❜
❛ I’ve heard so many stories I don’t know which one is the most popular.  ❜
❛ Betrayal. It’s one of the worst feelings.  ❜
❛ Where’s my bike? ❜
❛ This was in front of the library? ❜
❛ What about the student honor board? ❜
❛ There’s some justice and some closure. ❜
❛ I couldn’t watch. ❜
❛ People can be fucking assholes. ❜
❛ I thought we had like another week for that. ❜
❛ Listen, I could, if you wanted to, I could help you finish the paper. ❜
❛ We only have like twenty minutes before the first bell rings. ❜
❛ I Googled everything. ❜
❛ Well the founding father’s did grow and use hemp, but it wasn’t weed exactly. ❜
❛ Sometimes books are more reliable for this kind of stuff. ❜
❛ Everything I publish is personal to people. ❜
❛ Still, it feels wrong. I’m just being honest. ❜
❛ What are you working on? ❜
❛ This is so cool. I’ve always wanted to set you up with someone. ❜
❛ Maybe I was stupid to keep hoping. ❜
❛ That is shocking. I’m shocked. ❜
❛ Wait a second, how do I know you’re telling the truth. ❜
❛ Come on, what do you say? ❜
❛ Then again, they almost always do. ❜
❛ Did you want to see if the rumors were true? ❜
❛ Why did you do it? ❜
❛ Thanks for helping me, that was really nice. ❜
❛ I’m just saying if you’re getting fat shamed then don’t be fat. ❜
❛ It’s always best to give compliments face to face. ❜
❛ Sometimes the silly things can mean more than anybody knows. ❜
❛ It’s kind of soul crushing, you know? ❜
❛ We all need it. Human contact. ❜
❛ You’re going to have to wait, just like I did. ❜
❛ Let me know if you need to talk, anytime. ❜
❛ I’m going to play mind games with you, just like you did with me. ❜
❛ That’s a whole new level of lonely. ❜
❛ You were kind that night. You just sat there. ❜
❛ I’m sorry about _____. He’s/she’s just a dick. ❜
❛ Want to see a trick? ❜
❛ You got to get the positioning just right. ❜
❛ After the way you played in Saturday, it’s on me. ❜
❛ Take it easy, okay? You’ll feel better tomorrow. ❜
❛ I wonder if you ever felt what it’s like to be lonely. ❜
❛ Have you ever noticed us? ❜
❛ How many of these did daddy make you? ❜
❛ It’s okay. I’m over it. ❜
❛ I never got the chance to say something. ❜
❛ The thing is you were the Valentine I was hoping for. ❜
❛ I don’t know if you’re doing this on a dare or whatever… ❜
❛ I like you for so much more than that. ❜
❛ The fact that you don’t even know. ❜
❛ This shit that happens to you, I think some of it you bring on yourself. ❜
❛ Thanks for the insight genius. ❜
❛ You said something stupid and I yelled at you. Big deal. ❜
❛ You didn’t like that someone told you no. ❜
❛ You should of just let it go but you didn’t. ❜
❛ I just needed to be alone. ❜
❛ You’ll do anything to keep up your perfect reputation. ❜
❛ I’m a fucking weak, pathetic loser. ❜
❛ They’ll just laugh at you like they always do. ❜
❛ Come out, come out, little girl/boy. ❜
❛ We’re protecting ourselves. ❜
❛ I’ve got no plans. I’m good to tell the truth. ❜
❛ It’s only a matter of time before we’re all screwed. ❜
❛ Nothing we did compares to what he/she did. ❜
❛ You’ve been doing it for weeks now. ❜
❛ My God, _______, you should fucking listen to yourself sometimes. ❜
❛ You want to know what’s worse then being a rapist? Hiding behind one. ❜
❛ You want to get the story straight? We all know the story. ❜
❛ The honor board, because you are all so honorable. ❜
❛ This happened off campus so the only alternative is the police. ❜
❛ It was no ones fault. It just happened. ❜
❛ I mean, maybe I was driving a little too fast. ❜
❛ I’m taking some fucking responsibility. ❜
❛ Maybe it’s all your faults, has that ever occurred to any of you? ❜
❛ Who’s going to believe a dead girl/boy? ❜
❛ You know my motto, no cheerleader left behind. ❜
❛ I’m always looking for the wrong person. ❜
❛ I thought you said you didn’t do it? ❜
❛ I’m telling you, the worst is yet to come. ❜
❛ You’re calling me a pussy, after what you did or didn’t do. ❜
❛ Oh, so, if I kill myself then I kill you guys too? ❜
❛ Why are you asking me about this? ❜
❛ I don’t know what your truth is. ❜
❛ Get your dirty ass feet off my notebook man. ❜
❛ Do you want to talk in there? ❜
❛ Maybe there’s even a message from beyond. ❜
❛ At that moment, everything was perfect. ❜
❛ I know you felt it too. ❜
❛ I wanted you to do everything you were doing. ❜
❛ What happened? I thought it was okay. ❜
❛ Just leave me alone, you should just go. ❜
❛ Part of me never wanted to see you again. ❜
❛ You walked out the door like I told you too, why’d you have to leave? ❜
❛ Your name does not belong on the list. But you need to be here. ❜
❛ I didn’t deserve to be with someone like you. ❜
❛ I would ruin you. It wasn’t you, it was me. ❜
❛ There’s that word again. ❜
❛ The kind of lonely feeling I’m talking about is when you feel like you’ve got nothing left. ❜

After we won the Bundesliga in 2011, I got a text from my agent:

“Hey Nuri, Real Madrid wants you.”

It’s kind of funny that it just happened like that. Through a text. It wasn’t like you imagine when you’re a kid.

I had heard my name mentioned in transfer rumors before, but never with Real Madrid. And now, here they were. The white kits, the Bernabéu, the history. And I remembered the promise that I’d made to myself all those years ago. There was a part of me that wanted to say no. Dortmund had given me so much — how could I leave them? It was hard to think about. I lost sleep. I talked for hours with my wife and family. But I had to speak with Dortmund’s manager, Jürgen Klopp, before I could decide. I will remember our conversation forever.

“Nuri, it is your choice,” he told me. “But if you leave, you must know, I will always be on your side. You are my friend forever.”

“If I stay,” I said, “I will think about life in Madrid. I will be in Dortmund physically, but mentally … I’ll be lost. I couldn’t live like that.” And I told him that I only had one life to live — that I didn’t want to regret any part of it.

Jürgen understood, and he told me to follow my heart.

A few hours later, I announced my decision. My wife, who was four months pregnant, moved with me to Madrid. We had to start over, sort of. I spoke Spanish, but we had to figure out being pregnant in a foreign country. And then I got hurt in my first training session with Madrid — life in Spain did not get off to a great start.

From pitch level, you can’t even see where it ends. It’s just … yellow, as far as the eye can see. It’s the greatest sight in sports.

In September 2011 our son arrived. He was perfect. And I was so thankful to be a father. My mom and mother-in-law flew down to be with us, and while they were there I kind of realized how much I missed home. Dortmund wasn’t just a club or city, it was where the most important people in my life were.

I tried to recover from injury as quickly as I could, but at when a club like Madrid is winning and playing well it can be very tough to get back in the team. I was out for six months, and when I was getting close to coming back, Dortmund called and asked if I wanted to come back. I hadn’t come to Madrid to quit. I went on loan to Liverpool to try to get back to the level I knew I could play at.

In England, I felt even further from home. I wasn’t playing well — something was missing from my game. I couldn’t really figure it out. But then it sort of dawned on me: I wasn’t missing something from my game, I was missing something from my life. I needed to be part of the family at Dortmund again. The people there are the reason I played football like I do.

My agent made some calls, and a few weeks later I was on my way back home.

I wasn’t sure how the Yellow Wall would receive me when I came back. It had hurt them when I left, I knew that. I was a substitute in my first match back. I was warming up on the sidelines, and right before I was going to head onto the pitch, Jürgen called me over:

“Nuri … close your eyes. Can you hear that?”

I turned to the Yellow Wall and closed my eyes. They were singing my name.

“I really thought they were going to hate you,” Jürgen said. And then he let out his classic booming laugh. He messed up my hair, pushed me out onto the pitch and the crowd erupted.

That bond that I have with the people of Dortmund will never be broken. I know that now.

—  Nuri Sahin via theplayerstribune.com 14.08.17

Sherlock: “hello Y/N, please do sit”

Y/N: “hi Sherlock, Mycroft how are you?”

Mycroft: “fine and you?”

Sherlock: “stand up Mycroft, Y/N clearly wants to sit”

Mycroft: “why don’t you give up your seat?”

Sherlock: “because it’s my house and my chair”

Y/N: “I can stand really, I’m fine”

Sherlock: “you can’t, not with what I’ll be needing your help with”

Mycroft: “and what might that be, brother mine?”

Sherlock: “cluedo”

Y/N: “oh no, I’m not playing that game with you again”

Sherlock: “come on Y/N, show us you can beat us”

Mycroft: “it has been a pleasure but I’ll be going now”

Y/N: “no way, if I have to play this stupid game you do too”

Mycroft: “fine, one game and no more”

Try Again

Summary: Derek has to egg a house to be part of the popular group. Too bad the house ends up being the Sheriff’s.

Notes: I couldn’t resist this fake exes AU. This is also my 100th fic, whoo! (On AO3)

Derek knows it’s a bad idea, but he wants to fit in so badly.

Ever since Laura graduated last year, he’s had no one to talk to. Everyone seems set on ignoring him now, glancing away quickly when he catches them looking, and he always ends up sitting alone at lunch.

So he’d joined the lacrosse team, hoping to make some friends, but had discovered that it was full of cliques and in-groups. There were jokes and pranks and even secret handshakes, and Derek felt like more of an outsider than ever.

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I honestly truly can’t stand Debbie. Like she has had some iconic moments but she is so narcissistic, like girl you were blindsided both times you played early into the merge so to act like your opinions carry so much weight is such garbage, and she’s also THE MOST bitter juror, and has already said in her ponderosa that she won’t vote for Sarah if she makes it to the end regardless of her gameplay. Oh and she looks like the turtle from kung fu panda.

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So, patrochilles

Here is three facts I know:

1) In The Song of Achilles, Achilles plays the lyre that was from Patroclus family (not gonna get into details), and it was a metaphor of the gentle side of Achilles that is not discussed and Patroclo saw

2) I, because I fell into this pairing  hell again, reread the Illiad and is indeed canon that Achilles has a lyre, that he plays on the camp for Patroclus (and is really cute)

3) I was reading  a recollection of mythology by some guy, and he said that the sorrow for Patroclus death was soo much… and the war was overshadowed by the need to calm Achilles down (that is true, funeral games everyone) and he mentions that phase, that if I heard you all get to hear,  that the sorrow Achilles felt was so deep, nobody since Orpheus lost Eurydice felt it.

Please go back to point 1 and 2.

Patroclus is Achilles’s Eurydice confirmed. You can all cry now.


So I’m playing Ib for the trillionth time, and each time I play, I notice something new that occurs if you backtrack quite often.

Not sure if a post has been done on this before, but I mean… Why not?

If you go back through the whole museum as soon as Garry is added to your party:

Added dialogue for Liars Room, hide and seek room, and you can now get sassed out by that friggen ant. He will also be slapped by the naked lady painting. It made me laugh, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s just the thought of Garry being like “lol bewbs.”

Also, read all of the artwork in case you get the black key during the second playthrough. (I highly recommend it. More Garry action!) Most paintings have extra Garry dialogue. Psst more Garry = win/win situation.

If you go back as far as possible as soon as Mary joins your party:

You now cannot look through the mirror.  As if Mary didn’t mess up enough, now she cuts you off from Garrys’ face. I was so pissedu. 

New conversation about the porno book. This also made me laugh. Probably because such similar situations have happened to me in the past. Cries.

If you also backtrack after the lights turn off on Mary and Ib right before “Separation”, you get new descriptions for what is inside the art boxes. It makes it all nice’n creepy. 

Yey well that’s just what I found tonight, and I felt the need to make a post about it. XD But really, the little details added here and there in games like this, are what makes them so enjoyable to play again and again. 

*Flashes Luigi death stare*

Peace outu.

Like A Fun Idea

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Title: Like A Fun Idea

Summary: The reader catches of the eye of Dean Winchester and tries to win her over.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1105

Warning: I can’t think of anything, but I always like to be cautious. So warning in general. 

Credit to Gif maker - who is not me. 

  Dean looked across the bar to this bombshell wearing a fitted long sleeve shirt, which raised high enough to see your belly button and toned formed and the type of ripped jeans that you knew all the holes and tears were made from experience. He thought you were stunning, but that wasn’t what drew him in. You were hustling these guys from the bar in pool and they didn’t care because of your smile and laughter. Looking at you, he could tell you had a lot of experience with hustling vulnerable guys at a bar.

               “Check this out,” Dean tapped his brother. Sam swerved his body, looking in the direction Dean was gesturing, “This girl is hanging these guys out to dry.”

               “Oh, I know that face,” he smirked at his brother, “She would eat you alive.”

               Dean shrugged, still staring at you, “I don’t know, I’d just might like that.”

               Sam pushed his arm, “Dude.” The game was over and you were racking up the balls. Dean stood up, finishing the rest of his beer, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Sam yelled after him.

               “Hi,” Dean leaned against the pool table, staring at you, “Can I buy you daiquiri or something?”

               You looked up at him with a straight face, shrugging your shoulders, “I don’t know,” you stand straight leaning on your stick, “Can I dump it over your head afterwards?”

               He raised his eyes at you, “Alright, how about we play a game? And if I win, you let me buy you a drink of your choice?”

               “And if I win?”

               He placed a wad of cash down on the table, “You can take my cash.”

               “Dude,” Sam groaned from the bar.

               “You know him,” you gestured towards his upset brother.

               Grabbing his stick, chalking up the tip, “Nope, now are you going to play or just brew in a corner some more?”                

               Your eyebrows shot up, a little taken back by his sudden confidence. He must have quite the experience with this kind of behavior, “I’ll let you go first, looks like you haven’t gotten a win in a while.” Dean cocked his head to the side, wondering what you meant. Sam picked up his drink and moved closer to watch the scene unfold, hoping his brother didn’t lose their money. Dean focused on the game, the intrigued feeling in his chest pumps adrenaline into his body, and he was excited.

               Walking up to Sam, you went to shake his hand, “I’m Y/N.”

               Sam gave you a smile, “Sam,” he looked at his brother, “Go easy on him, he’s not as douche-y as he seems.” Dean hit the rack, balls flinging in every direction, turning to you and grinning. He looked so proud of himself, “Alright, he can be.”

               You smile at him, turning back to Dean, who was doing quite impressively. Sam got up to go to the bar and Dean had about two balls left with the eight ball. It wasn’t your style to lose, so you had to use one of your tricks. You walked over to Dean’s beer. When you started to walk, you noticed it always catches his attention. It especially caught his attention when you lifted his beer to your lips, taking a gulp. After putting it down, you bit your lip, trying to look coy, “I’m so nervous, I just needed a little more libations to calm the nerves. You don’t mind Dean,” you paused, “It is Dean, correct,” you leaned on the table, letting him catch a glimpse of your cleavage.

               He just nodded his head, “Yeah, it’s Dean,” he struggled with the words. And right then, he lost his edge and missed his shot.

               Sam returned with two beers, passing one to you, “Why thank you Sam,” you smiled at him, cheers-ing in his direction.

               Instantly frustrated, he looked up at you, “You’ll accept a drink from him,” he asked.

               “One,” you said taking a gulp of beer, “He didn’t ask, he just got me one. And two,” you pointed to Sam, “He got me a beer, not some girlie fruity drink. He knew what I wanted,” you wink at Sam. He just shakes his head, taking a seat again, “Mine turn,” you ask.

               Dean nodded, taking his drink with him to sit next to his brother, “You are letting her play with you,” Sam said to his brother.

               Shrugging, Dean watched you bend over the pool table to take a shot, “She can play me anytime she wants,” he smirked, “Plus, I think she likes me.”

               Sam rolled his eyes at him, “Oh yeah, I’m sure she wants you bad.”

               It wasn’t soon before you were on just eh eight ball. You looked up at Dean, he drank his beer, and bit his lips trying to look sexy. He had several attempts before this moment, bending over to pick up his wallet, etc. It didn’t work, but you were entertained. And somehow this stranger, like fungus, grew on you, so right before you sunk the shot you sent him a wink.

               Sam clapped his hand and Dean rolled his eyes, “Take the money,” he groaned.

               You smiled at him before walking over to him, grabbing the cash, and pulling Dean into your lips for a passionate, spontaneous kiss. Right as you pulled away you said, “Nah, keep it. Who would I be if I hustled a fellow hunter,” grabbing your beer and finishing it.

               Dean was still taken by the kiss, but Sam stopped mid drink, “Hunter,” he questioned.

               “Your Sam and Dean Winchester,” you smiled at him, “Jody told me I could meet you here,” I sat next to Sam, meeting eyes with Dean, who was currently in shock, “I need help on a case.”

               “So you knew who we were,” Dean asked, “And this whole pool game?”

               Shrugging, “It seemed like a fun idea,” you smiled at him, “Plus, you were really cute playing that whole playboy douche-y type. It works for you Dean Winchester.”

               Both Sam and Dean’s eyebrows shot up in shock. Dean just looked at you, not knowing if he should be offended or grateful, “Since I gave you your money back, are you going to buy me that drink.”

               Cocking his head again, Dean nodded in agreement, “Fine, but I’m getting you a girlie fruity drink.”

               “Hey,” you yelled back after him.

               Sam pulled out a chair for you, “Don’t worry, he’d be too embarrassed to order a drink like that. You really know how to make a splash Y/N.”

               “Sam, I think this is a beginning to a beautiful friendship,” you smiled after Dean.              

Smooth Criminal ✘ Sebastian Smythe Imagine ✘

✘ A/N: Here I’m! Guys, you won’t believe. I passed by a break up, pool party and exams lately, puft. I’m fine sz

For real, I have a weak spot for Sebtana, I love it so fucking much, sexual tension while they sang Smooth Criminal was like WOW. 

I know it’s a lesbian and a gay, it’s my only crackship :’) At laest my others ships on Glee happened o/

(and nop, just bc I ship it I’m homophobic like some people think)

ANYWAY, I really like that scene and this one was kind hard to me to write, but I hope you like it!

~There’s too much of the show, so I’d say it’s a free adaptation?

@lyss-91, thank you for beta!




✘ Request: Could you do a Sebastian Smythe imagine where instead of Santana and Sebastian singing Smooth Criminal it’s the reader and Sebastian and they kinda have a thing for each other and instead of her getting slushied at the end he kisses her. By the way, love your writing!

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Your high heels in contact with the ground made some clicks, the repetitive melody of your footsteps and the shadowed silhouette, which could be seen from inside the room, were the only signs that you were coming. 

‘’Hey, Andrew McCarthy. Don’t now if you heard, but Blaine may lose an eye. The same Blaine who was just besties with most of you not four months ago.’’ You shot before all the Warblers entered the room, staring at Sebastian. 

 ‘’Wait, are you serious? Is he gonna be okay?’’ Trent asked, catching your attention for a few seconds.  

‘’Well, sure, if he doesn’t care about seeing in three dimensions.’’ You answered ironically and crossed your arms, it was for Santana to be here, not you. But she had an important training of the Cheerios marked on last minute, and couldn’t miss.  

Soon, the Latina explained the plan and you agreed, even though you didn’t have much choice when it came about Santana, and if it were to be honest, she also gave you insult tips and said what song you should sing.  

And, of course, forced you to wear a hat and her clothes. You really did feel like you were in an 80s movie. 

Well, anything to help long-time friend.  

‘’Trent, I got this. Bummer about Blaine, he was pretty. He shouldn’t have gotten in the way, though. That slushy was meant for Kurt.’’ Sebastian said impassively, as if the pain he had caused in Blaine was only a side effect, something common like buying pizza at a pizzeria. You wanted to beat yourself for having a thing for such a mean person.  

‘’You may look like the villian out of a cheesy ‘80s high school movie, but you should know that I am fully prepared to go all Danny LaRusso on your ass. Admit you put something in that slushy. What was it, huh? Glass? Asphalt?’’ You asked, trying to stay focused. You could not control what came from your heart or your instincts, but you could control your body. 

‘’Red dye number six.’’ Sebastian said simply, his hands clasped behind his own body.  

‘’You’re a liar.’’ You accused him, the words coming out of your mouth like snake venom.  

‘’She questioned my honor.’’ His tone was ironic again, and you really wanted to kick his pretty stupid ass for that. He looked at the Warblers smiling and rested his gaze on you. ‘’I demand satisfation in Warbler tradition.’’ Sebastian approached you and you held your breath. He had hurt Blaine and you had to fulfill Santana’s plan, focus!  

‘’You want to have a duel?’’ You also approached him in order to intimidate him. Two could play this game. You turned your head to two men sitting in the yellow chairs. ‘’Cello guys, can you hang back for a second? I’m gonna need you for this one.’’  

‘’Everyone else clear out. I don’t  want you to see me make a girl cry.’’ The leader of the Warblers asked, maintained his cocky posture and his natural sarcasm.  

‘’Let’s just keep this on point.’’ you nodded and smiled wryly, tired of little games.  

The cellists began to play their respective instruments, you walked away from Sebastian and sat in one of the chairs comfortably, crossing your arms and legs right away. You moved your head slightly to the side, a shade of defiant smile on your lips, as a signal for the him to begin.  

Sebastian paced between the chairs, occasionally putting his hands on them as the instrument players dueled a battle of intense looks and precisely fast touches.

Uh, as he came into the window

It was the sound of a crescendo, uh!

Meanwhile the Warbler sang, he didn’t take his eyes off you, going in your direction. You, of course, wouldn’t not look back.

He came into her apartment

Sebastian moved closer to the chair where you were, leaning over and touching it.

He left the bloodstains on the carpet, uh!

As he sang the verse, you watched when Sebastian took his touch off the chair to your body, running his hand a little down your arm and shoulders gently, something you never imagined he could be. That simple touch made your heart race and your hands sweat, damn body.

In the second Sebastian finished uh, you turned your head quickly to follow where he was going, his mouth half open with the simple act that had just happened, the effect it had on himself.

She ran underneath the table

He had his back to you, trying to catch his breath. After all, that was a difficult song to sing fast, and the overwhelming feel of touching you does not help, at all.

He could see she was unable

Sebastian quickly turned with force, returning with his fearless stance, letting the music take care of footsteps.

So she ran into the bedroom

He gave a quick, provocative smile to you, which you responded by tilting your head to the side and rising from chair.

She was struck downIt was her doom

Sebastian opened his arms, as if exclaiming an event, but his eyes never lost sight of you.

Annie are you OK?

He turned his head when followed in his footsteps as a leopard chases its prey, his emerald green eyes darkening while the intensity of his gaze on you, like did his smile and the challenge itself.

So, Annie are you OK?

You continued the singing of the chorus, leaning on the chair of a cellists players and running your hands over it, going to Sebastian, all while you and he held a war of looks, smirks were a part of their expression.

Are you OK, Annie?

You got rid of the chair and your body walked to Sebastian and his did the same for him, you were like a positive and negative magnet: attracting to your opposing poles, to your difference which completed everything that was missing.

Annie are you OK?

So, Annie are you OK?

You and Sebastian came as close as two humans could approach without touching each other. And then turned 180 degrees, continuing to look at each other, as if you two were in a parallel world, completely different from the earth planet, perhaps even in another solar system where only you and he were living creatures and so they feared to abandon each other’s image.

Are you OK, Annie?

Annie are you OK?

After the spin, both of you started to walk backwards, moving away from each other. Even that you two preferred the way it used to, you had to admit in the deep places of your mind that this was even fun; Fleeing and coming back, felt like an addiction.

So, Annie are you OK?

Are you OK, Annie?

Sebastian and you stepped into the middle of the chairs again, heading toward each other, as if the distance to be beat was to offer a valuable prize.

Until you were so close that in just a half step your lips could meet, but they did not. This fact only gave more air to your lungs and made you sing with the greatest determination ever seen in that room.

Annie are you OK?

So, Annie are you OK?

You pulled your tie violently, but not hurting, and you took a turn, bringing your hand up his arm in the process. Adrenaline was palpable in the room.

Are you OK, Annie?

Annie are you OK?

Will you tell us that you’re OK

You walked back and Sebastian followed you, like you both were playing tag.


There’s a sign in the window

Again, you were so close you could feel each other’s breath as the song unfolded from their tongues to the outside world. Sebastian let his gaze travel all over your body, checking you out.

That he struck you - A crescendo Annie

You shoved Sebastian’s shoulder when you realized what he was doing, resisting the desire to do the same.

He came into your apartmentHe left the bloodstains on the carpet

Once more approcheing, eyes (Y/E/C) and gree united.


Then you ran into the bedroom

You were struck down

It was your doom

Annie are you OK?

So, Annie are you OK?

It was he’s turn to walk away from you and you follow him. And so it went on.

Are you OK Annie?

Smythe stopped and looked at you, waiting for you to reach him.

Annie, are you OK?

You, involuntarily, threw a provocative glance at Sebastian and turned away from him.

So, Annie are you OK?

He looked at your butt, checking you out again. Human instincts sucked.

Are you OK Annie?

You turned your face to Sebastian, the moment he looked at your face: symmetrically.

Are you OK Annie?

You moved away again, waiting for Sebastian to follow you, you returned to your home position and found himself next to you, singing aggressively.

You’ve been hit by

You leaned toward him, showing 0 percent fear.

You’ve been struck by

A Smooth Criminal

You two walked away again, following opposite paths between the chairs. You looked at the floor for a few seconds as your fingers touched the wood of a chair, but Sebastian was just looking at you. They both ran for a while, touching distinct chairs, until you stepped away from the object.

I don’t know!

Annie are you OK, Will you tell us, that you’re OK

There’s a sign in the window

Sebastian began to chase you at varying strides, the fight between the instruments was obvious and beautiful.

I don’t know!

That he struck you - A crescendo Annie

I don’t know!

He came into your apartment

I don’t know!

Left bloodstains on the carpet

The impromptu cinematographic chase went on, you slammed your chest without strength and raised your voice.

I don’t know why, baby!

Then you ran into the bedroom

I don’t know!

You were struck downIt was your doom - Annie!

Annie are you OK?

Stirring the bare part of the hat of your hair, you tried to steady your own quick steps without falling or losing tone.

Dang, gone it - Baby!

Will you tell us, that you’re OK

Dang, gone it - Baby!

There’s a sign in the window

Dang, gone it - baby!

That he struck you - A crescendo Annie

You bowed again, in order that your tone might reach even more Sebastian like the Black Canary with her cry.

Hoo! Hoo!

He turned a chair, pulling it out of his way to take you.

He came into your apartment

Dang, gone it!

Sebastian walked to one side and you went the other way, in a circle. What was left between you was, basically, a small circle made up of a few chairs and cellos.

Left bloodstains on the carpet, uh!

Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

Then you ran into the bedroom

Dang gone it!

You were struck down

Sebastian approached and made a gun signal with his hand, but you did not panic or bowed your head in front said: you have moved forward.

It was your doom - Annie!

The leader of the Warblers let his eyes travel all over your body one last time until he fell on your face, never losing his rhythm.

You’ve been hit by

War of looks had reached a new proportion, his height making him look down and yours you face up, but now it was the end: the great finder of the winner.

You’ve been struck by

Distance between two of you was dangerously small.

A Smooth Criminal

For the first time in the history of choiral duels, there was no winner.


Just like it was a draw the war your tongue was waging with Sebastian’s, an aggressive kiss started by the boy. He had something for you and you had something for him, it was obvious. And with a song like that and such a performance, the result couldn’t be any different. As soon as the last syllable was sung, Sebastian kissed you and reciprocated.

The noise of the door opened at the end of the cellos, the Warbles released nothing but their breaths: their leader was voraciously kissing the girl he would make cry.

Sebastian’s hands tightened on your hip and brought you closer, wanting to enjoy every bit of that kiss distressed by the wait, and you pulled closer to the nape of the neck, caressing a small part of his hair.

None of you had felt that way when you kissed someone: fully alive. It was as if every atom of you had resolved to give a ‘hello, I’m alive and here’, and it felt so good.

You took your lips from his for air, but you could’t let Sebastian out of your arms, okay, he didn’t seem to mind either.

Meanwhile, Trent threw slushy into the trash, his leader would probably not need it, anyway.

Wrong Place Wrong Time (35-Final Part)

Final part of the WPWT series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25 Part 26 Part 27 Part 28 Part 29 Part 30 Part 31 Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Click for the WPWT Sequel.

Word Count: 2,700 (More or less)

Thank you all so much for reading this series you’ve all been great. I enjoyed writing it for you all so much! 

Everyone stared at Junmyeon in disgust, he had to be crazy.

“So you thought that you had the right to decide whether or not we lived our lives. You’re not my mum Junmyeon, the last time I checked, my mum was dead!” Sehun hissed, pushing his chair back standing up. “And what about the two innocent people in the house? Y/N and Ara. You were going to have a baby burn to death. I thought so much better of you!”

“Y/N’s no more innocent than you or I. She killed the professor. Whether it’s one body or 100, a kill is a kill. She’s corrupt too, and how was Ara really going to enjoy life with a dead mother and a criminal father one day she’s going to figure out how many people you’ve killed Kris and she’s going to hate you.” Junmyeon said coldly looking around the table at all of the scowling faces, wiping the blood dripping from his nose with the back of his hand.

“No! Don’t you dare! This is not Y/N’s fault she’s not corrupt. She did it to save herself not because she had a choice. If you never suggested she went to that hotel it would never have happened.” Chanyeol banged his fists on the table rising to his feet too.

“AND IF YOU NEVER BROUGHT HER TO THE CLUB SHE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN IN THIS MESS!” Junmyeon shrieked, having enough of all the blaming and arguing. “I didn’t make this decision because I hate you boys! I did it because I love you. They say when you love something let it go and so I was letting each and every one of us go…”

“Bullshit!” Minseok shouted. “If you love something you pursue and you don’t fucking let it get away! And I would expect you to know that you’ve lost 3 people that were dear to you Junmyeon, how the fuck could you do this to us. Don’t we get a chance to decide whether or not we want to live!” Minseok was crying silent tears now. Not because he was sad but because he was angry. They could’ve all died. He nearly lost Sehun. He nearly lost Y/N.

“How can we live in this world any longer, we can’t just integrate back into society, this is not a fucking fairy-tale. We need help, we’re damaged. I’M DAMAGED! I just can’t do this anymore…” Junmyeon wailed, tears falling down his cheeks profusely. He fell into a heap on the floor, his shoulders shaking violently in time with his sobs. This was never the way that he wanted his life to turn out. He wanted to graduate and go on to better things. Have a good job, travel the world get married and have three kids where they would all live happily ever after off the coast of some sort of sea.
Not this.
He didn’t want to be the leader of an underground squad. The amount of stress he had gone through just short of a decade. The things he had seen, the things he had to deal with, the operations he had to organise. He was the most damaged out of them all and he was never allowed to share his worries, because he was supposed be strong he had to make sure the boys were okay. His health came last and that had taken a serious toll on him. He was broken beyond repair how he was still standing he didn’t know. But he just wanted to end it all, he was corrupt and no longer worthy to walk on earth. No longer worthy to call himself a member of the Kim family.
“I just can’t live anymore…” He sobbed into his lap.

“Junmyeon stop…stop that.” Chanyeol rolled his eyes and went over to rub Junmyeon’s back, guilt getting the better of him.

“You think I feel sympathy for you?” Kris hissed, “YOU SHOULD’VE KILLED YOURSELF YOU BASTARD!. You’re not seriously thinking of letting him stay here are you?” He turned to face Minseok, glaring intensely.

“Well…I…I can’t just kick him out.” Minseok stuttered, looking at a crying Junmyeon curled up on the floor.

“Well If he’s staying, then I’m going. If you think I’m staying in the same house as a man that tried to kill my daughter you’re fucking crazy! I will fucking come for you Junmyeon!” Kris shouted grabbing Ara from Kyungsoo and walking out of the dining room.

“Kris, come on, wait a minute!” Tao shouted after him, but the front door banged shut. Minseok rolled his eyes and let out a sigh.

“It’s okay he’ll probably come back soon, there’s only so far they can go, he has nowhere else to go without a plan so it’s only a matter of time. Look Junmyeon…” Minseok walked over to where the man was slumped into a ball on the ground and crouched down in front of him. “We’re a family okay? That’s what we are. I consider all of you my brothers, nothing less. We’re going to get through this together Myeon, yeah we all need help but we have each other to get through this. We just need some healing that’s all and maybe we can’t throw ourselves into society straightaway but slowly and gradually we will be part of the ‘outside world’ again okay?” He hugged Junmyeon close to his chest patting his head, reassuring him that everything would be alright from here on out.

“But Kris has got a really bad mean streak. What if he comes back for us. He’ll kill us with no mercy. You know what he’s like.” Jongin murmured.
Everyone stayed silent. It was true Kris had the potential and he was playing no games when it came down to Ara.

Moments later Baekhyun traipsed down the stairs sauntering into the kitchen. 

“I think she’ll be okay. She’ll be needing a good few days of rest though.” He looked around the kitchen. Everyone looked an absolute state. “What’s been going on down here?”

Y/N’s P.O.V:

You heard a knock on the bedroom door, breaking you out of your thoughts. You knew for a fact that Junmyeon was the one that did all of this and you were wondering what his reasoning was.
“Come in.” You said softly your throat still extremely sore and your chest still feeling tight.

Your eyes widened a little bit when you saw Sehun step into the room.
“Sehun? What are you doing here?” It was almost a learnt instinct to be automatically scared of him.

He rolled his eyes in response to you moving away from him to the furthest side on the bed.

“Calm down I’ve not come to hurt you.” He stood staring at you, his face was blank but for once it wasn’t necessarily blank with anger. “I just came to say well…You went back for Minseok in the fire and that…that to me shows that you really care about him. Damn it, this is so fucking awkward…” He cleared his throat rolling his eyes again and focusing his attention back to you. “You went back for him and were willing to risk yourself for his life and I guess anyone who cares about Minseok that much is on our side. So I was mulling it over…and I guess I could be…civil about the two of you. But this doesn’t necessarily make us friends. However if you’re what makes him happy. I guess I can try.”
Without letting you answer, he left them room. Leaving you in a temporary state of shock and awe. You shook your head smiling lightly to yourself. Had you just heard Sehun correctly? Did this really mean that you could try and move forward with Minseok, without him trying to kill you? You only hoped that he would keep his word and not turn back on what he had said.

Your door opened slowly without warning again.

“Chanyeol, what have I told you about not knocking first what if I was changing clothes.”

“Then I would just laugh and tell you that you look ugly without clothes on.”

“Chanyeol! You gasped frowning in his direction.

“I’m joking Y/N.” He entered the room slowly closing the door behind him and walking over to the edge of the bed. And stroking your feet from above the duvet.

“I’m so glad you’re safe Y/N, but promise me to never run back into a burning building again okay. Life isn’t worth living if your best friend’s not living it with you, hmm?” He smiled at you weakly, he looked shattered, there were heavy bags under his eyes making him look ten years older than he was in reality.
“It was Junmyeon who planted it Y/N. He said it was because we were all corrupt and couldn’t live life with the psychological damage we had all experienced, that the outside world was not willing to accept us.” Chanyeol let out a heavy sigh. “You know I feel kind of sorry for him, he must be going through so much at the moment. All those years of having to keep it together. I think he just cracked. He no longer had a need or reason to have to keep it together now that the enemy is gone, so that’s probably the only way he knew how to deal with the issue. Anyway I have better news for you. You’re going back home.”

Your eyes shot open in shock.

“WHAT?!” You half-shouted, Chanyeol laughed at your reaction.

“You’re going home Y/N. You need to get back to ‘normal life’. I was thinking about it for a while and I think the most plausible story would be that you ran away to elope with someone you fell in love with. If you need proof one of the guys can always pretend to be ‘that man’ since it would help their case too. What do you think, I know you must be busting to see your mum again?”

You gave him your brightest smile, the biggest smile that you had worn since God knows when.

“Oh Chanyeol thank you! Thank you so much!” You cried, happy warm tears streaming down your face. He smiled at you warmly again reaching for your hand and squeezing it.

“You’ll need to heal before you go back Y/N, but when you do then you can live the life you were living before I fucked it up. Hopefully we can spend time together again. As friends.”

One month later and you were back in your flat. Your explanation for disappearance worked perfectly, although your parents were extremely angry they were just glad that you were back. You had to find another job too, but that was the least of your worries. You were just glad to be back home. You hadn’t seen any of the boys since you had moved out of Minseok’s 2 weeks ago, but you decided that it was good that you were having some space and time to yourself.
That day, when you had gotten home from work your friend Mia had invited herself over with some Chinese food and Alcohol.

“Umm I don’t drink Mia.” You rolled your eyes, eating from your sweet and sour chicken and special fried rice.

“Oh really? You were gone for so long I forgot.” She said sarcastically, opening both of your beer bottles.  You laughed and joked the whole night with Mia. Whilst she filled you in on all you had missed, which to be totally honest wasn’t very much, but you had missed all the pointless gossip and meaningless chit chat. It was nice to live a life away from crime.

“I really have to go now I have work tomorrow.” Mia rolled her eyes standing up from the couch.

“On a Saturday, that sucks?” You pouted pulling her into a hug and kissing each of her cheeks. “Thanks for coming lovely, I’ll see you soon okay?” You walked her over to the door of your apartment and waved goodbye to her closing the door behind. Not even 1 minute after and your phone started buzzing, her name flashing up on the screen.

“Yes Miss Mia. What have you left behind this time? I can’t see anything though.” You looked around, but all that was there was the finished containers of the food. 

“No, it’s not that Y/N. I’m downstairs now, but I was ringing you to say there’s a weird man lingering outside your house, I don’t know if he’s lost maybe he’s looking for another house but please lock your doors and be safe okay.”

She hung up, weird man. What weird man? It couldn’t be Chanyeol because she knew him.

Just then there was a knock at your door

Your heart was pounding against your chest. 

But you killed Red so who could be after you now?. You walked over to the door opening it slowly, feeling like an idiot for opening it in the first place.

“Minseok!?” You gasped, dragging him into a hug and not letting go.

“Do you think I could come in maybe?” He laughed into your hair. You cringed out how eager you were to be in his arms and forgetting to let him in. You stepped aside and shut the door behind him. As you turned around it was his turn to pull you into a hug, kissing your forehead. The familiar smell of Minseok that you relished in returning to your senses. He held you at arm’s length. Looking you up and down.

“It’s nice to see you happy in your natural habitat Y/N.”
You laughed at him shyly.
“Hey I’ve been doing some thinking since you’ve been gone. Everything’s been so crazy but since it’s all died down and I’ve had a chance to think about things. Y/N even though I’m still not happy that you ran into that building, you did it to save me and it made me realise just how much you like me… and then that made me realise just how much I like you too. The past couple of weeks have been hell…because you’ve not been there. I feel like I can’t really function without your presence it’s odd.” He laughed nervously, looking you directly in the eyes. “What I’m trying to say Y/N is that…I-I’ve fallen. I’ve definitely fallen now. I’m in love with you. I love you. And I never even knew I was capable of such an emotion, because honestly I didn’t even love myself but you taught me how to do that again and now I love you so much it’s crazy that I –”

You cut him off crashing your lips against his, molding them together. The passion was intense. More intense than it had ever been before and you had wholly succumbed to Minseok’s embraced. You had never felt this way about a man in your life, and you didn’t think you would ever feel this way about a man ever again. He tugged lightly on your bottom lip with his teeth sending shivers down your spine. He pulled away slowly from your embrace, looking at you again softly.

“I’m so in love with you Y/N.”

You smiled. “Hmm, I guess I can learn to love you back if I really have to.” You said, making him laugh and kiss your forehead in response.

“I had something else to ask you actually. I wanted to know whether or not…You’d like to get away for the weekend? Just me and you?”
Your eyes widened in surprise, and you smiled just as you did when Chanyeol told you that you were finally coming home.

“I’d love to Minseok.” You spun around, unable to contain your excitement. You didn’t even care where it was you went. But you’d be with the man that you loved and that was enough for you.

“Good I’m glad” Minseok smiled, kissing you on the lips and rocking you in his arms “After all everything will be okay from now on since Red is dead, Right?”

“Right?” You half-answered back looking up at him, slight worry in your eyes and you could see the same look in his.


“Minseok… I don’t think anything is over yet…” You frowned, an uncomfortable feeling creeping up in your system.

“What do you mean?” Minseok squeezed your hand looking at you intensely

“I mean is it ever really over until one of the good guys die Min?”
He stared at you blankly with absolutely nothing to say. Would everything really be okay from now on?

 Surely it wouldn’t life was never that easy?

Especially when you were part of an underground unit.

 It was definitely not over.

The End…For now ;)

Thanks so much for reading guys, please let me know what you think. And I’m so excited for the spin-off I’ve already got some great ideas. It’s not over ‘til it’s over right? Also stock up on tissues next time because I will be brutal I reckon someone WILL die…

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a-sisi-universe  asked:

Hi, I really love your blog and saw you recommend some super fluffy darry fics, and I was wondering if you could do the same but with really smutty fics? Sorry if you've already done this. Thanks in advance xx

Oh ho ho let’s see. I probably won’t recommend something that’s completely smut, cuz I don’t read that often. I will read it, but only when I’m reeaally in the mood. So these fics have smut in them but aren’t primarily all smut.

Balance, Imperfect by Bixgirl1

Rating - Explicit

Word Count - 91,000

Summary - When Harry sustains an injury in the line of work, he no longer knows how to navigate the life he loved, and finds help and solace from the most unexpected source.

Vera Verto by Shewhxmustnxtbenamed

Rating - Mature

Word Count - 282,031

Summary - Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, and it is quite adventurous; He gets in a relationship with his worst enemy, only to find out he is in cahoots with a previously known death eater. Harry tracks him down, leading to a domino effect of complicated situations.
Many things happen in this story. Harry goes back to the Dursley’s to get closure, Draco goes to the Burrow, The Weasley’s go to the Manor, Harry shows Draco the mirror of Erised, Draco wearing Harry’s Weasley sweater (a lot!), Harry tracks down the resurrection stone, Harry and Draco become godparents to someone other than Teddy, Andromeda and Narcissa make up, and there are a few near death experiences.

Starts with a spin by Maxine

Rating - Mature

Word Count - 119,851

Summary - It started with the spin of a bottle, and now Harry and Draco have gotten themselves so far into their own game there’s almost no way out again. Except to keep playing.

I felt nice so these are going to be really smutty drarry fics

Sex, Lies, and Veritaserum by Lettered

Rating - Explicit

Word Count - 17,953

Summary - This fic is one long conversation about sex.

The Impatient Snugglebug by StarRose

Rating - Explicit

Word Count - 8,946

Summary - When Draco is denied sex, Draco can be a bitch, and when Draco’s being a bitch, Harry needs to teach him a little lesson in self control.

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Unmonsterlike (Plotting_Pen)

Rating - Explicit

Word Count - 25,355

Summary - Harry Potter has a tendency to show up whenever Draco’s in trouble. Draco’s not quite sure he hates it as much as he’d like.

Hope you enjoy these delisiously smutty fics as much as I did. They were all amazing.


🎵"Let’s hope this time we can get this band back together again!“
You join the underground cabaret today
(Well hey there, tell me your name)
You try to run and tell the word
But you’re stranded in a darkened cave
(Oh, Henry, we hate you the same)

So listen up my friend
There’s more than meets the eye
You power up the studio
And bring them to life

Now play the beat that trickles
Through the halls
Or else your life is nevermore
Don’t worry chum
It’s not the music that dies
Now listen up!

Our life support machine
Was brought to life by remarkable hands
Forget about the hell we’ve seen
The time has come to revive our band

So bang the drums to a rhythm
Captivating the beat
And press the keys on the piano
For the ritual please

The song’s alive with the night
With your help we’ll revive
The devil’s advocate
Is staring right through your lies

You’re just returning our old strings tonight
I hope you turn on the light now!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
You see the magic of art
It will tear you apart if you knew!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
This magic was fueled by your heart
But the dreams in his eyes were untrue
He had bigger plans for the band
By demand we came back to this darkened cell
You’re gonna break us out of this hell!

We’ve been stars since the rhythm days
But our instruments have all grown tired
And in the end our only dream was to dance
They took the dance away and we got retired

But that was long ago
We have a new change of face
We turned it up a couple notches
With a brand new pace

You think they all just erased us
Betrayed us, enslaved us
But the deed is done
And now we want to get out!
Now listen up!

Ain’t it nice to be underground
With a good ol’ friend like me (Friend like me)
So you notice the sign, we ain’t lying
But sit down and take a seat

There’s an exit for sure
But that’s for shmucks
But a little bit of ink
And a couple of bucks

We can reopen the curtains
And show off the strut
But for goodness sake
You gotta just believe!

You’re just returning our old strings tonight
I hope you turn on the light now!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
You see the magic of art
It will tear you apart if you knew!

Can I get an amen in here? (Amen!)
This magic was fueled by your heart
But the dreams in his eyes were untrue
He had bigger plans for the band
By demand we came back to this darkened cell
You’re gonna break us out!

Go to sleep my little sheep
It’s time to rest your head
Whether alive or dead
I am the keeper of the key
That will set us all free
I bring the demon back to life
(Bring the demon back to life)

There’s a song that I sing that shows us the light
Even in the lighter side of hell
We sing with delight
Play the notes that I require
This will please my desires
You have given me the tools
To restart this fire!

There’s a twisted fate
That controls us and betrays us
My friends have a death wish
And all of this is him to blame!

Now we’ve brought him to his knees
Your only hope to escape this
Is to embrace this
We need your help
To keep this demon at bay!
Let’s end this today!

"You’re the conductor of this performance now, Henry!”
“Will you take their word, or ours?”
“Golly I hope this works!”
“You turned on this machine. Now you have to believe!”

Can I get an amen in here? (Can I get an amen?)
You see the magic of art (Of art!)
It will tear you apart if you knew!

Can I get an amen in here? (Can I get an amen in here?)
This magic was fueled by your heart (Your heart!)
But the dreams in his eyes were untrue (Untrue!)
He had bigger plans for the band
By demand we came back to this world of grey
Welcome to the gospel of dismay!

Welcome to the gospel of dismay!🎵

Song Inspiration: Gospel Of Dismay by DAGames➡ https://youtu.be/2Jco30RGuHo

Help me, my AU ideas are taking over again!

I actually had this done DAYS AGO, but I had homework to finish so I cpuldn’t finish it once I was done with my work first! Now is here and I must say, I’m SO HAPPY how this came out! I really needed to get my head out of school simce i’m always stressing over homework 24/7…

If you know what the game Bendy and the ink Machine and their characters then you can predict who these trio play as. XD

(if not, Tom’s- Bendy, Star= Boris, and Marco= Alice Angel)

(if you have any other AUs for me to do with svtfoe, let me know! ;3 )

Art © me

(I did this not for any profit, but because I love the show and game.)

The idea came from the classical style from the game Bendy and the Ink Machine © TheMeatly

Tom lucitor,Star Butterfly, and Marco Diaz are from Star Vs The Forces of Evil © Daron Nefcy

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