i really need to own it on dvd


Yoshitoshi ABe artbook - Haibane Renmei

Sharing some of my favorite pages, interestingly enough they’re all of Raka and Reki. I finally broke down and purchased something official from the series. I only owned the DVDs until now. I never really felt like I needed more than that, even though I liked the series so much. But after thinking about how much the series has inspired me over the years, and putting so much work into Haibangelion I knew I had to have something else as a souvenir. I actually got to meet ABe once at an SGMS event and get an autograph and photo. It’s still a surreal thing to think about but always makes me smile. When I think back to it, I still find it amazing at how it was even possible. I have so many hopes and dreams, and feel small sometimes. But even remembering that one day makes them feel a little bit closer.

Just a quick note here. You know what’s really funny? Ever since the release of the Japanese dubbed RWBY DVDs and Blu-rays in Japan, I’ve had some anime-watching friends who’ve never heard of the show tell me that the English dub sucks and that whoever voices Ruby needs to “burn in hell” and that all their voices are “nothing” compared to the “original Japanese version.”

I don’t know if I should break the news to them now or let them find out on their own. Either way, I’m sure it’ll be hilarious to see their reactions.

And this is why I write transcripts

Screencaps of the DVD subtitles:

The critical “Redbeard?” line:

(Should be “There’s still reporters outside.”)

Really, Jim?  Criminal masterminds don’t have guns?!  Not even the one with which you blew your own head off?! (But they definitely don’t have gongs.)

These are from the DVD; the BBC subtitles (closed captions) are more accurate.  And I know that the subtitlers aren’t given the script and, like me, only work from what they can hear, but it makes me fret on behalf of those people who need the subtitles in order to understand the story.