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Hi! Is there anywhere you've posted your brush settings? I wanted to check your blog before asking, but my computer didn't let me scroll down so I'm not sure how you keep it organized. Sorry if someone's asked you this before, but I just really love your art and I wanted to see how you do it haha

hey, thank you! i keep all info about brushes, programs, etc. in my FAQ but the brushes needed a big overhaul anyway SO

here’s an updated, more organized list of settings! feat. nichol, amelie, new unnamed OW oc, and dante ;3c

April Studyblr Challenge by @nkbstudies

Day Six:  How do you keep your work organized?

I sort of answered this in this infographic I made and posted when I first made this blog! Each class has its own notebook (math and sciences have binders, technically) and its own color. When recording assignments in my bujo, I write it in the color of the class it was assigned in (history notebook is orange, so all history assignments are written in orange). This system really works for me, so I thought I’d share it! It’s cheap, too. All you need is a $5 pack of rainbow pens or markers and you’re set!

Homemade Fertilizer

Can’t afford to buy fertilizer or just want to make your own? Here is my magic plant juice recipe (proven to yield awesome results)!

You will need:
- A clean jar
- Banana peels
- Egg shells
- Used coffee grounds OR tea bags
- Coffee filter / paper towel (for straining)

1. Chop up banana peels.
2. Clean egg shells of any remaining yolk and/or film.
3. Collect used coffee grounds (or used tea bags, if you don’t drink coffee).
4. Place all of these in your CLEAN! jar.
5. Top with water. Close jar and shake it up nice and good.
6. Leave it alone in a cool, dark place for about a week.
7. Strain the solids.
8. Keep refrigerated. Or don’t. Personally I just leave it a cool, dark corner of my studio. Just make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight.

* Use fertilizer full-strength on plants that really need a boost. Otherwise, you can dilute it with water.
* Banana peels are full of macronutrients like potassium and magnesium, eggshells add calcium, and coffee grounds add nitrogen.

Now go forth and get your plants drunk and happy!!!

viktornikiforow’s following spree!

Hello, everybody! So I’ve just unfollowed a bunch of inactive blogs and blogs which I don’t find relevant to my interests anymore and thought that I should find new blogs which would brighten my dash. And new people, of course!

So if you could reblog this post and spread the word, I’d be grateful. It doesn’t matter how many notes it will reach. I will go through all blogs if necessary.

You get 100% follow back from me if you:

  • post Yuri on ice mostly
  • ship Victuuri/Otayuri and doesn’t hate on ships
  • Make your own edits, I love seeing people’s works!
  • Have a good tagging system, being organized is key!
  • Are up to talking with me and screaming about YoI because I do it A LOT
  • Are fine with me tagging you in edits. Ye, sometimes I need attention, lol

Other fandoms I’m in?

  • BNHA
  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Orange
  • Naruto
  • Onepunch Man
  • Hunter x Hunter
  • KHR
  • Killing Stalking

I just don’t reblog that much of them but I still enjoy seeing it on my dash.

hey sirens

hi  ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

feel free to submit/share your own Sirens here  ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

>>>> @siren-legion <<<<

I really need to keep the emorock blog organized haha- but at the same time I enjoy seeing all the designs and ideas you’re all coming up with so, here’s a separate blog for whoever wants to create their own emorock siren.

And I tend to miss mention tags unless my admins find them for me, so with this blog’s  submission open, I’m less likely to miss these.

Drawings, full texts, stories, anything really, feel free to submit and share them here. I’ll probably doodle them now and then during my free time and if I feel like it. :D

It’s not for a contest or anything, and I’m still not taking in anything or anyone else for the canon storyline yet, but, just have fun with it!

Check the FAQ for more info on Siren rules + a list of canon and non-canon registered birds, I’ll have some help in updating them when I’m able

If you have any more questions about them as well, you can drop an ask there too

more fics about friendships that are structured just like ship fics

specifically like pining ship fics oh my god

  • forced to share a bed becomes “accidental sleepover, I didn’t realize adults could do this and I should be chill about how happy it makes me, but no one’s ever braided my hair and gossiped with me before, but I gotta play this cool because I don’t want to be pathetic, and I don’t want to be the person who likes the other person more, but g o s h, I want us to be friends, and not just friends, besties
  • the coworker at your bakery/coffee shop/library/spy organization who smiles at you every day and asks about your weekend, but you can’t tell if they’re being nice or what, or if they’d actually say yes if you invited them out to coffee to talk about that hiking trip they went on, you don’t want to make things weird but work would be a lot easier if you had a friend
  • you’ve just moved to a new city and you cannot believe how many times you’ve had to knock on your neighbor’s door, but you didn’t pack like any of the things you need, and they don’t seem effusively happy that you keep asking to borrow shit like a vacuum or duct tape, but they also don’t rush you out of the door, and when you return what you borrowed, they ask you how it went, and one time you told a joke that made them laugh and you felt so good about it, you kept riffing on the joke for the next ten minutes and it isn’t until you went back to your place that you realized what an embarrassment you are
  • enemies to friends where you have to work with someone that you hate oh my god you hate them, and then you spend time with them, and then you don’t hate them quite so much, but stopping hating them? almost feels like? defeat?? you’ll stop acting like you hate them when they stop acting like they hate you, and honestly you’d really like them to stop acting like they hate you because they are the only other person you know that’s ever shared your interest for cold war spy thrillers and maybe this is the time for the book club of your dreams
  • your partner has a best friend and you’ve never hung out with them without your partner but now you are coordinating with the best friend for your partner’s surprise party and they are just the funniest, the sweetest, the nicest, the coolest, and suddenly your partner is concerned because you and your best friend are hanging out all the time, which is…great…awesome…….suddenly becoming the third wheel is just the funnest because who doesn’t like wheelbarrows (it becomes a whole Thing, and ends up resolving in a disney channel esque lecture of someone being like "Guys You Can Have More Than One Best Friend”) 
  • you’re lonely and it sucks and it’s not the kind of thing that you can admit because you’ve got your pride, you don’t want to look desperate, you can’t tell people about loneliness without making them wonder what’s wrong with you because shouldn’t you have friends? who doesn’t have friends? but it’s gotten to the point where you look forward to buying groceries because you can make small talk with the clerk, you look forward to work because maybe you can slip in something personal in the course of talking about business, but if anyone asked you how you were doing and if you wanted to hang, you’d panic and say that you were busy. and you want to change. you in fact need to change, but. yeah. it’s not an easy thing. and there’s no easy solution. and this is a 100k fic about you slowly assembling a friend group, while having really zero practical experience with friendship, and it’s a gentle epic with the highest stakes, oh my god, just the highest
  • you and an acquaintance become friends with benefits. things become unexpectedly awkward when you learn that the real benefit………..was friendship 

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I've never seen this discussed, but I was thinking about how the Winter Soldier is a legend and a ghost, always concealed. Yet they sent him after the Starks unmasked. I guess they knew Howard would recognize him and they wanted that, but it still seems a weird thing to do. With Steve it's obvious, they knew it gave WS the advantage because Cap didn't want to kill him, but the Starks hardly seemed a threat. Sure it was psychological, but what was the point if they die fast? Got meta?

Okay, so, I really need to organize my meta. Because I swear I’ve read at least one meta post that talks about the mask and the inconsistency of its use throughout the movies. But I have almost forty pages of meta on my blog and I can’t seem to find it. I may not have reblogged it, in which case I fear it’s lost to the depths of Tumblr. (Can anyone help with this?)

For lack of resources to point you to, anon, let me ramble a bit and see if anything comes out of it.

From a storytelling standpoint, the mask is primarily for us, the viewers, so that we can have a dramatic identity reveal in Winter Soldier.

Or, really, I should say the mask is primarily for Steve because I think pretty much everyone in the audience knew the Winter Soldier was Bucky all along. Losing the mask simply confirmed it. However, the audience wants to see Steve have the revelation for himself, the moment of recognition. (And to this day that moment remains one of my favorite scenes in the entirety of the MCU. It was beautifully staged, and perfectly acted. Chris Evans emoted so much fear/hope/disbelief in one whispered, “Bucky?” and then Sebastian Stan contrasted that painfully with his flat reply, “Who the hell is Bucky?” I could go on about that exchange for ages.)

After that, the mask isn’t really needed. It served its purpose for the dramatic reveal and the story kind of… forgets it. 

Wouldn’t it have been great to have Steve in Civil War realize, “Oh! That guy who bombed the UN? He isn’t wearing a mask and Bucky definitely knew to wear a mask to hide his identity when he was dismantling governments and destroying world order, so that’s probably not him.” 

Give your old pal some credit, Steve. Sheesh. He was a professional sniper and knew how to be sneaky even before Hydra caught him. There’s a reason you haven’t been able to find him for the last two years. 

But I digress. 

Ostensibly the reason Bucky doesn’t have the mask for Civil War is again for the sake of storytelling. We need Howard to recognize him and say his name and for the Winter Soldier to look straight into the security feed so there’s no doubt whatsoever that James Buchanan Barnes, Steve Rogers’ best friend, killed Tony’s parents. That makes it possible for Tony to react immediately, without having to pause to question whether or not it’s actually Bucky (it thus prevents Tony from thinking things through and reacting with a clearer head). It serves the heat of the storytelling more than it serves a common sense, fully developed backstory for the use of the mask. 

I mean, we could say that Howard’s death is the inciting incident that makes the mask necessary. The Winter Soldier was both recognized and caught on camera on the night of December 16, 1991. It was apparently a big enough deal that detailed Hydra records led Zemo to seek out that specific tape, sight unseen, knowing without a doubt the rift it would cause between Steve and Tony. 

I wonder how much trouble the Winter Soldier’s handlers had to go through to get that security tape into their hands? (Because please imagine them freaking out about Peggy Carter finding out Bucky was still alive and a brainwashed captive of Hydra. She may have been getting on in years, but I have no doubt Hydra operatives were still actively terrified of her. She was there when Steve vowed revenge for Bucky. Steve died to avenge Bucky. There’s no way she wouldn’t take it personally if she found out Bucky was still alive. Same goes for the rest of the Howling Commandos.)

That being said, it seems kind of silly for Hydra to make that realization so late into the game. Even petty thieves know well enough to obscure their identities. 

So, we could say Howard’s death is the inciting incident, but it doesn’t make much sense if it was. Because that leaves about forty-odd years where the Winter Soldier was operating without a mask. And the chance he’d be recognized by former friends and family was a lot higher earlier on in his “career.”

At one point in the past—there’s no way to know if it was before or after Howard’s death—the Winter Soldier was photographed with his mask on. In Winter Solider, computer-incarnated Zola shuffles through a series of historical images, including this one. 

It’s hard to tell for sure, but the Winter Soldier seems to be wearing the mask here. Of course, the irony is that the arm and the star make him 100% identifiable. The difference being the arm identifies him as a weapon and an agent of Hydra, not as a person with a name and a history of his own. It doesn’t particularly matter if anyone sees the arm and, in fact, adds to the chilling mythos of the ghost story. Regular men don’t have metal arms. Monsters without faces have metal arms.

The mask obscures Bucky’s identity and it dehumanizes him. (It’s also an inverse of Captain America’s helmet, which I think is simply brilliant costuming.) Not only does it serve a practical purpose in keeping anyone from knowing who he is, it furthers Hydra’s subtle fear tactics by making the arm the Winter Solider’s identifying mark. Hydra had every reason to want to use the mask from the very beginning. 

If we try to make sense of the use of the mask in the context of the marvel universe, without breaking the fourth wall, and setting aside its presence (or lack thereof) as an obvious function of targeted storytelling goals, I think we’re only left with two options: Either Hydra deliberately sent the Winter Soldier after the Starks without a mask, or Bucky took the mask off himself. 

Bucky’s not really giving us any clues here, so…

Reasons Hydra might want to unmask the Winter Soldier, knowing he’d be recognized: 1.) To throw Howard off, just in case he was armed. The man built weapons for a living. It’s not unreasonable to assume he might be armed with something that could kill a super soldier. But if that super soldier was a former friend and ally? He might be less likely to defend himself and less likely to attack, thus giving the Winter Soldier room to maneuver. 2.) Sheer pettiness. Wanting to gloat. Letting Howard know with his dying breath that Hydra was still alive and well and that his obsessive work on duplicating the super soldier serum wasn’t going to create another Captain America, but something much worse. 

Reasons Bucky might have taken the mask off: Depending on how long he was out of cryo, his memories could have been coming back. Some part of him could have remembered the name of his target and he might have wanted to be identified—either to be saved or punished. But the programming was still enough in control that he couldn’t stop himself from completing the mission. 

Those are my best guesses, at least. I doubt Marvel’s creative team has given it much thought (though I would be delighted to be proven wrong in subsequent films). Does anyone out there remember any other meta posts about Bucky’s mask? Or have anything more to contribute for this anon? Please reply or reblog with your own thoughts/theories/headcanons! :)

somehow I was reminded of the post with the traffic light on fire, the caption saying driving school didn’t prepare them for that, and an added poem

“Stop says the red light, go says the green,
Wait says the yellow light flashing in between.

and now the poem is stuck in my head


These are the first few pages in my new bullet journal which I have been meaning to start for ages. I skipped the first quarter of the year as I don’t really need it and left space to add in holidays and other important dates. As you can tell, I love the colour blue and am pretty happy with my first few spreads. I tried printing quotes onto post it notes and it turned out quite well.

P.s. Notebook and teal pencil are from a recent Daiso haul.

Looking for a new mod

I’ve become much too busy to really look after this blog myself anymore, so I’m looking for someone else who would be interested in taking my place. There’s already a second mod helping out on this blog, but what I need is someone who:

  • is online pretty regularly - at least two or three times a week, preferably every day or so. 
  • really likes soriel, of course! 
  • is willing to go through the various tags in search of content.
  • will remain unbiased when it comes to the quality of said content. 
  • is comfortable with all forms of content (nsfw, AU, fanfiction) so that none is purposefully excluded.
  • is used to managing a Queue/Drafts in an organized manner 
  • is used to keeping up with a tagging system (it’d be good if you were already familiar with the tags this blog uses)
  • >> someone who knows they’ll keep up with this blog and won’t neglect or abandon it! << Basically if you’re a REALLY big soriel fan and know you’re gonna stay interested of a while and running a blog like this is a real interest of yours, that’d be swell. 

If you’re interested, please send this blog a message telling me how old you are, how active you are on tumblr/how much time you could put into this blog, and anything else you think is relevant! 

Oh, and this blog previously hosted the PunBuddyPrompt event; whether or not this continues is up to the new mod! I apologize to those who liked the event - I just got too busy and this blog became the least of my priorities. 

Okay so I’ve been a content viewer on Tumblr for so many years and I’ve always wanted to start some sort of blog but I never knew what I would post about. Well, with college just around the corner I figured that I could use my upcoming medical and educational transition as an excuse to finally make my own tumblr! So here we are, and here’s what you need to know about me!

For starters, I have Cystic Fibrosis (hence the name). Having CF is weird because people who have it really can’t be in the same room together, so I have always turned to social media for support. However, I am also a student, as I know many other spoonies my age are, and I have been following several Studyblr blogs recently that have helped keep my organized and motivated with not only my homework but also my health. I figured that, since my life is a pretty complete combination of these two realities, my blog should be too! So yeah you can expect a mixture of health updates, spoonie hacks, and study session pics!

Okay so more about me:

-I’m 18 and a senior in high school

-I have already chosen my university next year (one that is remarkably close to my medical care team so that makes life easier)

-I plan on studying Political Science, American Sign Language, and possible Disability Studies next year

-I eventually want to go to law school (but lord knows if that will really happen)

-I really love books and tv shows and politics and musicals and all sorts of nerdy things so beware of the reposts 

-I really just want this blog to hold me accountable for my health and my studies so if I overpost about random routines and stuff sorry I just need to in order to keep myself motivated

And my favorite blogs on here so far are definitely 

@acadehmic @littlestudyblrblog @throughthick-and-thin @toomanysubjectstudyblr @smallstudyblrsunite @paperandcaffeine

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Omg guys someone help me to be more organized. Everything is a mess. I barely can find the papers I need, my college stuff all gone to Narnia I guess!!! Omg aaaargh WHY CANT I BE ORGANIZED WHY

What do you need to organize? I recommend Julie Morgenstern’s Organizing from the Inside Out, it is phenomenal. There are also some ADHD-specific books out there, I think they’re on our reading list.

Organization is HARD. I really like organizing things, but I am really bad at maintaining it. It’s the ADHD. I remember the day I realized that if I didn’t have ADHD, I would be incredibly organized.

Having said that, if you need help organizing something specific, send an ask over at @taskbreakdowns—my blog for this exact sort of thing. I’m one post away from completing my series on filing, in fact! (Not sure when I’ll get to it; time management is harder than organization sometimes.)


does anyone have any good suggestions for character page themes? I’m not really liking the one I’ve got rn and I need to mess with it anyway to add Donna and Amelia

It’d be super cool if I could like have a section for DA OCs and a section for ME OCs but if not that’s fine too

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You did a great job! I'd be happy to submit my fics, but I'm really bad at these things and I don't want to do anything wrong. It's better if I ask you how to do it properly. In the meantime if you ever need help with Italian translations let me know.

Thanks :D

It’s easy! You just click the submit button on the blog’s menu (I hope it’s visible for everyone. It took me a while to toy with the html code to add the button and I’m not sure it worked :P I mean, I can see it, but do other people?). The first box will say “Text”

and you can just paste the link into the message box, or you can click that little arrow next to “Text” and choose the “Link” option and you’ll get this:

Just paste the link into the “url” box and in the description write any info you think might be important: the main pairing, the language of the fic, warnings, things like that. I may be able to find these informations myself, if I know the language or am familiar with the website the fic was published on (so you probably won’t have to add any description if you’re submitting a fic from AO3, because all the info should be there already and I can find it myself), but if you’re submitting a link from a site where this info is harder to find, I’d be very obliged if you if you wrote AT LEAST the main pairing and the language. I suppose most of the fics will be Hannigram, but of course i can be wrong, hence the main pairing request.

You can of course also send links via message. If you want to submit a fic anonymously, you can do it via ask, but you can’t attach links to asks, so you’d have to find a way to somehow go around this.

I hope it’s helpful!

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Yes hello this isn't a request but I was wondering if there was a rotom daily because if not I might make it-

A quick Google search turned up nothing, but even if a daily Rotom blog already existed, it would still be okay to make your own! I know of two daily Totodile blogs, for example. Daily Pokemon blogs don’t belong to a formal organization, so there are no rules and you don’t need anyone’s approval. It’s just about creating content dedicated to a Pokemon you love!

Send me another message when you set up the blog! I really want to see it! And Reuniclus can give you a shout-out.


Sorry I haven’t been posting or doing literally anything at all. I’ve been busy with my ask blogs but also I have been dealing with writers block from hell, my move, my mental health, and now I’m catching a cold from the depths of a dungeon and I’m hoping my life turns around soon but who fucking knows. Everything is really shit right now but I’ll try to be more proactive.

I’m making a network post to link all my networks since I’m in four of them now and I need to organize, I’ll do that in the morning when my head doesn’t feel like weighs a thousand pounds.

Drops chapter … whatever is coming. I promise it’s not abandoned I just lost hope for a while but I’m trying.

Wake up chapter 3 is also coming and also finally introduces Jin -gasp-

Alright, I’m feel nauseous so I’m gonna go back into my cave. Love you guys.


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🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊 x

🎊 @chenbaekery​: fey my love! also in my top 5 exo/jongdae blogs :( she is full of love and just really really sweet♡ also super organized tags which i loVE

🎊 @byunlucid: probably the most extra baekhyun stan you’ll find asdgd ;; sofie is really funny and you should follow if you need some extraness LMAO and of course alot of bbh haha

🎊 @junyixinqs: rin is soso sweet!!! not only does she run a amazing blog she is also the cutest bean you’ll find agshd;;

🎊 @bbaehk: a blog i havent been following for long but absolutely lovE♡ sooooo much baekhyun it makes you cry lmao ;; she also makes super nice and cute edits♡

🎊 @mochibaeks: jelly is the most beautiful and pure person ive ever come across :( her love for baekhyun and just overall behavior is something i really admire! a beautiful soul running a beautiful blog♡

for every 🎊 i get, i’ll rec a blog

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Hi! I'm thinking of role playing. Is there anything I should know about before starting? And If I were to start rping where would I start?

Since I haven’t roleplayed anywhere else, I’m only going to focus on roleplaying on tumblr.

Generally, there are three way to roleplay here: group roleplay, independent (indie) roleplay, and 1x1 roleplay. Each one of these have their own pros and cons, and it’s really up to you which one will suit you best.

1. Roleplay Groups


  • Other people in the group will follow you
  • You get to roleplay with everyone in the group 
  • Being part of a roleplay group gives off a sense of community


  • There are rules on how you should roleplay, which will cover aspects like the length of your writing, the content of your roleplay threads, and the time you commit to roleplaying
  • Sometimes you won’t get along with some of the group members

Misc and Links

2. Independent Roleplaying


  • You get to establish your own rules
  • You have the freedom to choose on how to roleplay and how often you go online


  • Due to the large amount of indie roleplayers, it can be hard to find a good roleplay partner for you
  • Also because of the number of indie roleplayers, it’s hard to get yourself out there and be noticed; dedication and patience is needed


3. 1x1 Roleplaying


  • You get to establish your own rules
  • Since it’s one-on-one, there’s a tendency to have a deeper discussion about plots and characters
  • The replies in 1x1 roleplays tend to be longer in length


  • With the large amount of 1x1 roleplayers, it can be hard to find a good roleplay partner for you
  • Also because of the number of 1x1 roleplayers, it’s hard to get yourself out there and be noticed; dedication and patience is needed
  • The replies in 1x1 roleplays tend to be longer in length


Other Things:

On an even more general level, there are several things to know before roleplaying. It’s best to know the terms frequently used in the roleplaying world (I added links below to help you out).

On tumblr, people roleplay either by script or para. Script-style consists mainly of dialogue with added action indicators (e.g. -laughs- Nah. I didn’t steal the cookie from the cookie jar); action indicators can be enclosed between dashes, brackets, slashes, or whatever your prefer as long as you’re consistent. Para-style is what you typically see in books (e.g. She laughed. “Nah. I didn’t steal the cookie from the cookie jar”). Unless you’re part of a roleplay group, the length is really up to you, but please make an effort to reply with more than a sentence when your partner writes a 500+ response. Gifs are another component you can add in roleplaying, though you will see that gifs are mostly seen in script-style threads.

Presentation and organization are important. If your font is too small or is difficult to read due to font color; your theme is hard to navigate; and links takes a while to find, it will discourage potential roleplay partners from contacting you. It’ll also be nice to have an about page for you and your character. For your about page, add information like activity level, your preferred roleplaying style and length, and topics you would like to avoid seeing. For your character’s about page, write a short biography or anything you feel that is important to know—this will help differentiate you from other roleplay blogs. Apart from that, tag your posts and have a page to keep these tags organized. Have a separate tag for threads, headcanons, interests, and ooc (out of character) things. Look here for an example—the top links are, in order, about the roleplayer, about the character, misc information, list of threads, link to answered asks, and link to open plot ideas. You want to attract someone’s attention, and a great way to do this is by presentation and organization.

One of the biggest pet peeves in the roleplaying world is godmodding. Don’t godmod. Godmodding can mean two things: when your character is ridiculously powerful and when you start controlling your partner’s character. I’m going to elaborate more on the latter. When roleplaying, you only get to decide your character’s actions, reactions, and thoughts. Thus, you cannot write anything about your partner’s character unless your character is assuming or hoping for something. An example is when Character A (yours) punches Character B (your partner’s). You cannot write “Character A punched Character B’s chin” because you’re taking away your partner’s decision on whether or not the attack will land. However, you can write “Character A aimed a blow for Character B’s chin” because nothing is certain, leaving your partner to decide on what Character B will do. Another thing: just because you, the writer, know something about your partner’s character doesn’t mean your character knows that information. 

Know that roleplaying is a hobby. If you’re really active, good. If you’re not very active, good. If something or someone makes you uncomfortable, politely excuse yourself by ending the thread or unfollowing someone. If you need a break, take one. 

I can go on, but there’s already a lot of guides on roleplaying that I’d just end up repeating what they said. 

Getting Started: 

Blogs With Roleplay Tips:

Searching for Partners (goes beyond tumblr roleplaying):


I hope that helps! Roleplaying is a fun hobby—it’ll help you with writing and characterization. And, hey, if you decide to make a roleplay blog, send me the link? I’ll be happy to roleplay with you~