i really need to make one for myself

MOON SIGNS !!! (use ur moon and enjoy💕)

Aries moon: LOUD AF. Have a lot of things to say but stay quiet because they don’t want to bother people. Loyal to their loved ones and would do anything to protect them. Independent and self-sufficient, they the type of people to ask for something and when the person they asked for it takes too long (more than 30 sec bc aries moon are impatient) they go get it themselves and say “Nevermind! I already did it by myself”. They are like scorpio moons but they smile more and look less creepy.

Taurus moon: aesthetic™ soft voice, always there for you when you need something. The one to be full of surprises that make you feel as if you just met your soulmate. Basically, the ones that are always there for a hug. Cute texts with hearts.

Gemini moon: look like they dont give a fuck but they do. Really cute when you get to know them. If you ever hang out with them you will NEVER feel bored because they can talk about any topic. Smart ass. Flirty with you but then will tell you about their crush and you will feel stupid because you thought you were the one.

Cancer moon: when they drunk and you are drunk expect them to be protecting and taking care of you. Probably cooks super great. Can bear with anything, one of the strongest people. Has a big heart and doesnt always let bad situations get the best of them. Forgiving souls.

Leo moon: know how to make you laugh 24/7. If they like you, expect them to touch you always and make sure everybody know you are theirs. Gets extremely offended if you say something bad about them, even if you are joking around. Probably watching anime all day. Everytime they go out their house is an adventure. Have multiple squads.

Virgo moon: calm a minute, laughing really hard the next minute. That kid in class that stays quiet for hours but when they see an opportunity they drag you in front of everybody. Says the truth out of nowhere. Not that funny, they just calm 24/7, but inside they probably thinking of their future and sex.

Libra moon: hard to make them angry but when you do, RUN! Yes, indecisive, but it is because they analize everything and can see some solutions other people cant even imagine about, and thats a good thing. Poker face but they are funny and their laugh is even funnier. That friend that texts you memes all day to comfort you.

Scorpio moon: stares at an unexistent point and looks like their pet just died. Can appear really funny but just because you tell them something funny, not because they are having a great time. Always ready to fight somebody that comes to them. Even if you stare at their eyes for minutes, first, you will never know what they are feeling, and second, probably you wont last 1 minute staring at them because they will scare you the fuck up when they tell you “What?” With their calm voice.

Sagittarius moon: goofy af, that kid in class that makes jokes with teachers. Always looking carefree and as if they cant kill a fly, but dont provoke them. Hate when people tell them to shut up. Loves getting head.

Capricorn moon: the boss™. Look like they have their shit together but they dont, most of the time. When they cry, they do it alone. Can intimidate you with one stare. When they grow up they start to feel (finally) how it is to be a child, because they grew up too fast. Learns easily anything. If they trust you, you lucky. Protect themselves from anything. Mental “to-do list” of the day or their future.

Aquarius moon: they arent emotionless, they just dont have the need to be on their feelings 24/7 and let that ruin their days or even their life. Loves animals. Can do anything if they think about it and work hard for it. The ones that will support you on anything, and the ones to hype you up if you are the hoe friend. They dont talk/text to you everyday, but when yall see each other its like you get in touch with your old self and you feel happy and lucky to have them in your life.

Pisces moon: suffers a lot and hides it. Probably writes about memories, either good or bad. Cant accept when they have done something bad. Look like as if they are in another universe. If their friend suffers, they suffer a little too. The type of friend to see you for a few seconds and ask you “whats wrong?” Because they have sensed something is happening and affecting you.

@hallowsims‘s NEWSEA MORE THAN HONEY CLAYIFIED by @landgraaab

this is my first and possibly last clayified hair. i don’t really use these in my game because they aren’t “maxis-match” enough but i wanted to try and make one myself! it isn’t amazing, please keep in mind this is my first time! but i hope you’ll enjoy. comes in all 18 ea colors

you need the mesh: here



it’s fine tho really


I have had enough. For the first time in my years online I am dissapointed of what has become of this community. I can’t believe that you’ve allowed yourself to be torn apart by the scheming rumors of a few. I can’t believe that you’d ignore the greater cause of why we are here for your own personal satisfaction. I can’t believe that you’d think that I am worth squabbling over.

If you think that this community is about any one individual’s standing over anyone else, including myself, then you are in the wrong place. If you have ever belittled, threatened, insulted, or berated anyone else in the community FOR ANY REASON then you are in the wrong. I don’t even care if you think I’m missing the point of why you’re waging your own personal war. IT ENDS TONIGHT. And more to the point let me ask you one question that you really need to reflect on:

Are you making the world a better place?

If you want to squabble and bicker about gossip and problems, take it somewhere else. Here. Right here. We build each other up. We never bring each other down. We NEVER threaten each other. We never attack those whose opinions may differ from our own. In this community we hold ourselves to a higher standard to show an EXAMPLE of what a true community should be to the rest of the world. I will not stand for this pointless arguing. I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT. 

And if you think for even one second that I’ll allow this to continue then you are dead wrong. I may want to make the world smile but you can be DAMN sure that I’ll protect what this community represents with my life. We are better than this. We are stronger than this. It’s time to change. And it starts tonight.


Because someone (*cough* @koko-ai *cough*) updated their fic and had to remind me that Mikleo pulled an I Will Wait For You at the end of Zestiria:

I have to wonder, if, at some point, he was glad he was a Seraph and not a human, that it’s okay that it would take Sorey centuries to purify Maotelus and restore Glenwood to its former glory.  Because he’s a Seraph, and he would live that long, he just has to be determined enough to make it alone without Sorey until he wakes up.

It makes me wonder if he ever got into a tight spot in his journeys and explorations, and he tells himself, “I have to keep on living, I won’t die here, not until I’ve seen Sorey again”.  The times he’s having a bad day or a rough time but he keeps pushing forward anyway because he has to see Sorey again.  And he does this, day after day, year after year, decade after decade, until it becomes centuries, and Alisha and Rose and Sergei are long since dead and buried, just moving forward as little as possible, only doing the things he has to, documenting the ruins he has to because even time is still moving ever forward and nothing lasts forever.

And new headcanon time:  At first, Mikleo tries to change nothing about how he looks, how he dresses - he wants to make sure Sorey will recognize him when he wakes up.  But after a few centuries (two to be precise), he realizes he’s been changing a little at a time for a while now, so he slowly changes his outfit and his appearance to mark the passage of time.  First it’s the longer hair - between Lailah, Edna, and Zaveid, he learns to care and style it, and how to fight without it getting in his way.  Then to further mark the passage of time, he starts adding another cape to his outfit for every century that passes.  The others know what he’s doing - the general public, once the resonance level of humans start going up generation by generation, thinks he looks very distinguished and graceful and beautiful.  But to the ones who’ve known him the whole time, they still see the baby Seraph they’d met centuries ago, holding himself together one day at a time in hopes of the day he’d be reunited with his One and Only.

And then it finally happens, and just … that look on his face.  It’s pure love and joy and maybe a small part relief all rolled up into a cascade of emotions and … and … and you know he totally cried while hugging Sorey to death afterward.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go empty this house of tissues.  Again.


So I played the demo of UnderTale and it’s such a cute game :o 

I haven’t been in the best mood so I made this to remind all of you (and myself) that you are filled with determination

Stay Determined~


So for this whole month I haven’t gotten to really sit down and celebrate Halloween, and at the rate things are going, I don’t think I’ll get to do much on the actual holiday either. To make it up to myself, though..well, you see what happened. 4 times. ..With 13 characters. 

Anyway; had a huge amount of fun doing these! Don’t count out the chance of another one showing up before the holiday’s over! 

Oh Captain! // Steve Rogers x Reader (P1)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x POC Reader, Nat x Bucky (WinterWidow)
Word Count: 2k+
Warning: Language, Fluff, Smut, ‘Captain’ kink. This is a bit of a slow burn. I’m not sorry. 

Summary: How is Steve supposed to resist you when you call him Captain like that? How is anyone supposed to resist those god-forsakenly beautiful thighs? Naturally you both have to fuck it out; your only choice really. WinterWidow makes a brief appearance. Bonus: Tony Stark’s seal of approval.

A/N: Idk why my fics keep starting in the gym, maybe it’s a sneaky way of telling myself I need to work out more. Lmao, ignore me. I’m so sorry. This was supposed to me a short 500 or so word one shot but I’m a goddamn wordy ass ho with no self-control and a shitty understanding of the word ‘short’. Happy New Year everyone 

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Happy 2017 everyone! Lets hope this year goes better than the last one…

I’m making a commitment to be more true to myself this year. I have spent so much time putting others’ needs above my own, and the anxiety and depression is literally going to kill me one day. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do everything I want, but I’m definitely going to put more into my appearance! Anyway, on to the pictures :)

This is one of my favorite sets! I love the way this dress looks on me, even if it is a little short. And my poses here worked really well. 

I’d love to know what you think!

Slowly making progress on a long overdue MAP project :’D

Just another beautiful day to remind y'all that

Mark Lee is probably the most talented person to ever exist and everything he does is cute and wonderful ,, and that i love him with every atom of my body ♡

I bet you Sherlock and John were pen pals when they were little, they just don’t remember it. Like Sherlock would have really cute bee stationery his mum bought him  - without lines, because he’s too old for lines - and one of those address stickers but with bees on them. And he wouldn’t really want to have a pen pal at first, because who needs those, and also, the name is stupid, his mum makes him write in pencil anyways. Which is okay because he has one with honeycomb designs. But his mum signs him up anyways and he gets a letter from John in the mail, and his letter has pirate stationery and Sherlock thinks this is so cool and Sherlock (Billy) writes to John about pirates, and John returns with another letter complimenting him on the bee stationery and asking him how he made the address sticker, and it just goes on until they get a little too old for pen pals, or John moves away. And years and years later they’re living together and in love and Rosie starts getting older and Mrs. Holmes thinks she should get a pen pal too, but who even does that nowadays, like no one, it’s an old-fashioned concept, but Mrs. Holmes gets her these fancy address stickers and Rosie just needs to use them, so she does. And she shows John and Sherlock her first letter and asks them to take her to the post office to mail it out and they both see the bee address label and think….oh

Tfw a Mercy focuses on you, a Pharah, and revives you even if you’re the only one dead and not really needed, and compliments you and you have to figure out if they’re Gay™ or just recognizes how op Pharah and Mercy are together

Lineart by Raimugurin Otaku a.k.a Nico, an fb friend of mine

ahhh… it has been a while since i last use watercolor instead of the usual marker…. i guess i need to practice more in case my marker got dried, in fact, my marker really do dries fast. watercolor coloring is more time consuming but its cheaper.

Sorry Nico, i used ur lineart instead of drawing one myself

this art done mostly because i lose a bet against him. yeah i might rp as uno…. but i totally dont have good luck like he did! so dont ever make a bet with me anymore! ………*sigh* one more drawing to go…also losing bet with another person….. *stare at @madarashin and pouts*

nico, i hope you’re still around even though i know your account has been deactivated again and again. hope you’re satisfied with this coloring.


You ever lay awake at night after not having spoken to anyone that day. You didn’t speak to anyone not because you couldn’t but simply because you’re alwaysthe first one to make an effort and that day you just didn’t? You start to think to yourself, “I’m just not gonna talk to anyone. I don’t need anyone else but myself. If they really cared then they can contact me first”. Then time goes by and you pick up your phone and contact one of them. After having made that big speech to yourself you give in.You know deep down that they’d have never made an effort to talk to you. They don’t care as much as you do. The sad part is as much as we hate to admit it, even if we did go so long without talking to anyone we would only be hurting ourselves more than them because we are the few people in this world who actually care…

because im tired of having people criticize me 
because apparently everyone hates me
because maybe i wasnt designed like everyone else
because maybe i give too much and really only hurt myself
because sometimes im mad more than sad
and maybe i dont know why im mad
i like covering up my emotions because when i dont im called sensitive 
but when im mean im strong
maybe i need to be told that im good for once
that im doing okay
that im not as fucked up as they all make me seem
maybe if they spent one day saying only good things instead of five days only saying bad
sometimes i too need someone who will gloat me with complements and make me feel good for once 
im tired of being rejected and called out for all my flaws
i feel like people are ashamed of me
or because maybe ill just end this poem here.
—  because maybe
Just Breathe [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: Reader has an anxiety attack and Lin is there to comfort her.

Word Count: 517

Warnings: anxiety tw (?)

A/N: this is a short one, something i needed to hear/read from someone, actually this is a really personal fic that felt necessary for myself. i know many of you also suffer from anxiety and writing this made me feel better, even though it was only for a few minutes; i hope it makes you feel a bit better too. Love y’all, guys.

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The air seemed non-existant. The tears started rolling down your face, and you didn’t know why… You weren’t exactly surprised though. You had anxiety since you were a teenager, but it has improved so much, specially since you started dating Lin.

You had a few nights here and there, where the attack would come out of nowhere. Combined with your messed up sleep patterns, anxiety could be a real bitch, but this was the first time it was happening with Lin sleeping right next to you.

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Hi y’all, I’m a new studyblr!

Hello! My English name is Claire and I have been stalking studyblrs online for quite some time now, and I have finally decided it is time to make one myself!

Why am I doing this?

1) To keep on top of my studies and stay motivated.

2) To help develop my studying skills.

3) I really need a hobby 😂.

A little bit about me.

1) I am South Korean, living in the United States for highschool. I have dual citizenship in these countries, and love them both in different ways.

2) I am 16 (today is my birthday🎉) and a sophomore at a private catholic high school (I’m atheist, though I don’t have any problems with religion.)

3) My favorite subject is Chemistry! I am madly in love with it!

4) I play sports. I am captain of the cross-country team, and I do cheerleading and distance track as well. Sometimes it’s hard to balance sports and school.

5) I’m a lesbian, but happily single. I’m not really interested in dating during high school, or in America for that matter. I’d much rather focus on my studies!🤓

Some of the studyblrs that inspire me are

@starcat101 @lukasandjana @studypetals @studyaesthetic @coffeeteastudies @universi-tea @uglystudies @studentstudy @bulletjournaljungle @bulletjournal @bulletjournaling101 @emmastudies

hey everyone...

i really didn’t want to making this post, but my families situation is getting worse.. we really need help. my family has gone down to just myself, my mother and my sister. my sister and myself are both in highschool, and are incapable of getting a job as no one in the area will hire us, and neither of us have the mental health to be able to juggle both school and work. my mom sells insurance, but her company isnt giving her any leads, so she hasnt been paid in almost a month, even though shes been fighting for it.

we really need help. our phone bill is due, and we owe last months as well. if we dont pay our phone bill, at&t will also cut off our internet since theyre the same bill. my mom’s entire job relies on the phone, and with my sister and myself both in high school, and her applying for local colleges, we need the internet. its also my only solace from my life at school, which is really high stress and im not good at coping with it.

we really need 500$ by December 16th, as that’s the last day we can pay our bill, before they shut us off. please help us. all of the little money we have right now is going towards keeping our utilities on, and for gas and food. our ebt card doesnt refresh till the sixth and were almost out of money, so were living soley on ramen and the little thanksgiving leftovers we have left.

i have a paypal account (my email is daniellemadeapersonal@gmail.com) and a square cash (my cashtag is $daniekw) !! im considering making a gofundme for the larger expenses we really need help with (like my recently broken laptop, and were behind on our mortgage), if you feel more comfortable donating that way !!