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BTS Reaction To You Praising Their Tan Skin

Anon asked: Since the bbmas happened and bts whitewashed their last pic (and it made me really sad) I was wondering if you could do a reaction where you constantly praise their beautiful tan skin   

!!!!!!! absolutelyyy the boys need support. Their tan skin looks absolutely beautiful I hate that they feel bad for it D: In this post I really tried to find gifs that showed of more of their natural skin. It was actually harder than I expected, but like the search system for gifs isn’t that great in the first place. Anyway, enjoy! -Spice

Rap Monster:

It’d immediately brighten his day when you complemented him on his skin tone. Your complement would also make Namjoon realize that he shouldn’t feel ashamed of his natural skin at all, and that you would love him no matter what.

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In his brief moment of self consciousness, Seokjin would be happy when you reassured him about his skin. He would realize that he could count on you to bring him back around to his confident self any time he needed it, and would love you for it.

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He’d never vocalize his self doubts about the beauty of his skin, but you could tell in the way he would avoid going out in the sun for an extended length of time. When you out of the blue praised his tan skin, Yoongi would get a little embarrassed that you noticed his self consciousness, but would be happy for the reassurance.

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Hoseok just made a simple remark about how he wished he wasn’t getting so tan; he didn’t expect for you to explode half in anger and half in love, ranting about how his skin was absolutely beautiful. He’d interrupt you mid rant and just hug you, words not being enough to express how much he appreciated you.

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Like Hoseok, Taehyung wouldn’t expect you to immediately defend and praise his tan skin. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling as you did so, and would say, “Thank you Jagi, your skin is beautiful too!”

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Having struggled with self confidence issues in the past, Jimin would feel overjoyed to hear you say that you loved his tanned skin. It wouldn’t make him feel 100% confident immediately, but having your love and support would make him feel so much better.

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Jungkook would probably try to act confident, but it wasn’t hard to see that he was using more sunscreen and going out less than usual. When you told him you thought his tan skin was beautiful, he’d smile shyly but still pretend he didn’t know why you were complementing his skin.

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What a beautiful Friday! While learning more about myself and what I need, I am trying to listen to my intuition. Sometimes, it is easy to forget. Especially as I enjoy meeting people and making them happy. I have to remember to keep my boundaries and that my happiness is important too.

While talking with a few gentlemen about going out this week. I realized that a few of them really irritated me during initial conversations. When I compare these experiences with current positive experiences, I realized I would much rather spend time by myself than to ignore or settle on my needs.

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Omg you always talk about how lemon rice is so good and I really wanna try it pls post the recipe? xx💘

listen carefully: my mom doubles the recipe bc more lemon rice is always needed AND make sure u replace the water with chicken broth (or veggie broth) it tastes soo much better that way AND ALSO my mom adds the zest and juice of 3 lemons so its really lemony and flavorful 

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One thing I've always worried about is becoming involved in politics as someone with mental illness. Do you think this is possible and that our society is currently open enough to embrace neurodivergent politicians?

The first time that I came out publicly with my mental illness was in 2000, during a presidential campaign event, when I was chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. It was unplanned. I just got caught up in the moment. But sharing my struggle publicly for the first time really did set me free. When people share their stories, they help create a safe and welcoming space that will make it more likely that our brothers and sisters who are struggling with a mental health condition like bipolar disorder, or a substance use disorder like alcoholism, will step forward and get the treatment they need and deserve. I think my family’s experience has been indicative of the common struggle that many of us face.

Stigma against these illnesses unfortunately remains pervasive. But by stepping out of the shadows and being willing to serve in politics, together we can and will make a difference. I know personally I was encouraged to be joined by politicians from both sides of the aisle at our event in the Kennedy Caucus Room this past January. Many of the lawmakers in attendance spoke to having a personal or familial connection to these illnesses. Don’t let your experience with mental illness make you shy away from public service. We need voices like yours. – Patrick

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I stopped watching the flopdread after lexa died but now I hear Clarke has a kid? How did that happen Pls tell me it's not baloney's pls

When two gay people love each other very much they kiss and make babies that look twice their real age. The sex on 3x07 was even more magical than we thought. That’s all you need to know.



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To the anon that said other groups take BTS credits. Since I am an ARMY and BTS is my favorite group I would like you to explain me who did that and when. Give me concrete examples. If you can't do that shut your mouth and stop being a disgrace to the fandom and BTS. BTS highly respects and adores their seniors. Have you seen V and Minho, Jimin and Taemin. Have you seen how SHINee supported BTS. SHINee debuted 9 years ago. They are part of the 2nd generation and helped make K-Pop more famous.

I understand the need to hype your favs up and praising them, but it really irks me when people call Bts (or even exo for that matter, they haven’t debuted too long ago lemme just be real) legends or kings and act serious about it.
With so many groups disbanding, it should be a privilege for us to enjoy groups like Shinee, who have worked amazingly together for so many years, who love their shawols with all their heart, who continue to amaze us with their comebacks and solo activities…and to have people discredit them and step on them bc they couldn’t handle that they got more attention than bts, that just makes me mad.

Go ahead and hype them up and show them your unconditional love, but don’t fucking dare step on other idols who have worked harder and longer to achieve everything. You’re honestly a disgrace to the group if you’re out here sending death threats and putting down people for having different opinions than you, and you really should be ashamed @ whoever just told me shinee copied bts lmao

patronage i // yoongi x reader + jungkook x reader

patronage {part i}
yoongi x reader + jungkook x reader // pg-13 // 1497
you are an aspiring artist; you paint, you write music, you recreate life with every measly tool you have. it is a life filled with passion, but passion does not fill your needs. imagine your surprise then, when a man younger than you–but surely of a higher status—approaches you and offers his patronage.

a/n: this fic exists to make @justanemptydream suffer. but, no, really. this fic will not exist without her! i mean look, she even made a banner for me. she’s also an amazing writer and an amazing person, so do check her blog out. :’)

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Lestat, what's your biggest regret of your immortal life? Or mortal life?

♛There are many regrets, so many to choose from. You like to cut to the quick, don’t you, anonyme? Alright, here’s some blood for you.

Of both, it would be Nicolas. Not being what he needed. Not really understanding him. I could have. Should have done more… I should’ve told him what I was from the beginning, when it happened, I should have had those conversations that would have hurt, but would have been less than the hurt I caused him. I’ll always remember him and regret the way that went. If not for this, the later regrets might not have ever happened. And yet, if not for this, the later joys might not have happened, either. We make hard choices. It is what it is.

[^fanart by @garama]

I’m scared of love and fear being left. I feel like I don’t deserve anyone really. My anxiety makes me overthink 24/7 , so I need constant reassurance. My depression makes me sad and unmotivated all the time. I’m unfit and am a burden to anyone that starts catching interest in me because I’ll just become a headache to them. I wish I could be that confident girlfriend. But no. My past has shaped me to become one hell of a human possessing an abundance of problems.

My goal is to take baby steps into thinking more positively and practice positive habits. I think I got this.

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You say that people calling Kj straight would upset him, as he is, you say, outing himself constantly. I really don't care if he's gay or straight, completely irrelevent to me. However, don't you think that, if Sprousehart are together and if they do go public, you calling their relationship a pr stunt would also be hurtful? I think we all need to be more sensitive to this. We don't know anything 100%, so until we do, we shouldn't make assumptions that could hurt other people. Don't you think?

A Sprousehart got told to watch Lili’s stories carefully in the next few days, then this happened. That means it’s a PR set up of some sort.

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Will you be writing more Yondu fics? Or maybe even a sequel to A Ravenger's Love? I need more to read I think I binge read over half of your entire master list.

Oh wow! First of all, thank you for reading my stories! :3 


I don`t have any idea right now for a sequel to A Ravager`s Love, but I do have these requests to write: 

- Smutty yondu x reader (something really cool like someone interrupting and him whistling using his arrow to make them leave as he continues doing what he is doing)

- the reader is somehow stuck with the ravagers and they have to teach her how to fight, Yondu is jealous of others touching her physically but he doesn’t understand why, during a mission the reader gets hurt and he discovers his true feeling and ends up deciding to teach the reader himself… Could be fluff or SMUT

-  a smutty/funny one where whenever the reader & Yondu try to get it on (in various locations & times), wee young Peter interrupts & it’s super awkward but eventually they stop Pete somehow. Fluff with dad Yondu! X

And i`m definitely going to write more when I`m finished with these :D 

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I am curious where life ended up taking you–what do you do for work?

I work full time at a bakery. I’ve been there for almost 3 years now!

I started as a clerk for the first two months and then I alternated between decorating and clerking for another 5 months or something. I was kind of a fill-in person on our work schedule, so that training helped me be more versatile I guess

now I’m a full time baker. I run the ovens and bake stuff like bread, rolls, pies, pastries, and cookies. they trained me to mix dough too, so I can make bread and rolls from scratch, but I’m their primary baker right now and I only mix if they really need me to cover for someone’s shift. it’s been very rewarding and it’s given me experience in a lot of areas. I’ve been able to live comfortably doing something I love and I could definitely make a career out of this!

Ok I really would like to make a 1:4 scale room box, I’ve had it with putting my huge girls in my tiny 1:6 box.

I think I’d like to make the next one have a few more features like a window or door.

I need to figure out dimensions to see how huge it will be (I can’t visualize it) and see if there is any place to put such a massive thing first.

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And now for a truly difficult choice, who do you prefer? Rhajat, or henry?

Uhh… I don’t think there’s a true answer to this question. I have fonder memories of Awakening with Henry (also the fact that he’s from my very first FE game makes him special) but Rhajat’s insecurities make her more relatable. I love their personalities, their designs and color palettes (though Rhajat’s is a bit dull if she inherits dark hair from her mom) and they’re both magic users, which are my favorite type of units.

Now, I have more headcanons and backstory involving my Awakening MU and Henry (and Morgan), comparing to my Fates MU and Rhajat. I really need to work on them…

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I'm sorry if your latest post is in response to my vent. I didn't mean to make you feel shitty. I just really needed to let it out. Believe me. I hate what the antis have turned this fandom into.

don’t worry, you didn’t upset me. it’s more so just hearing about some of the god awful bs that ppl in this fandom pull that just make me so disappointed in it. i’m actually glad you informed me tho bc it’s important to be aware of what ppl in the community are doing imo

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The usual suspects are out there bashing Liam's song because of Quavo's participation (and Migos have indeed been homophobic in interviews so fair enough). I would however just like to point out the double standard again - when Harry himself, not a collaborator of his, was being openly mysoginistic in his songs and a big chunk of his promo, they bent over backwards to defend him and to come up with absurd interpretations that put his songs and his behavior in a more favourable light.

Hi anon!

I really have a problem with “he collaborated with X, who is problematic, so he’s problematic” argument that people sometimes make.

1) We’re all problematic.
2a) If none of us worked with anyone who was problematic, we wouldn’t get shit done.
2b) The reason I refused to friend my coworkers on Facebook was specifically because I didn’t want to know their problematic views because I still needed to work with them.
3a) If we’re trying to act as agents of social change, and we refuse to interact with, speak to, or work with “problematic” people, how are we ever going to change minds?
3b) My brother is a goddamn Trump voter, and you know what? I talk to him. I talk to him more now than I did before he voted for Trump (because of our dad’s condition) and he is, in fact, the most frequently contacted person in my phone. We talk about all sorts of social issues, and he’s coming around on some things. In fact, last night he described a moment of self-realization about something “problematic” he did, and he did it in a manner that showed that he was really thinking about things. Hello, that’s fucking change.

Sorry for that rant, but you hit on one of my trigger issues in people who claim to be into social justice work but then only want to do that work in a liked-minded circle-jerk sort of manner where the only people they talk to agree with them so they think they’re making real change when it’s all just mental masturbation.

That aside, the bending over backwards to change every one of Harry’s het songs to a gay song, or his songs about one-night stands with women to being about coke, or doing a weird chain reaction if he said X then maybe he was thinking of Y and Y did Z so maybe Harry really meant Z thing is exhausting.

Harry is participating in this. He’s actively participating. And he’s doing it to sell shit. 

The end.

(And go stream “Strip That Down.”)

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This is out of nowhere?? but it makes me really happy how accepting you are of other ships despite not being a fan of them yourself!! We need more ppl like u in the fandom honestly..

shdgjakdalhsajkd thank you <3333 this really makes me happy hahaha 

I’m gonna be 100% honest in my early days in the snk fandom I was a lot less accepting of other ships, would get bothered by them and what not…and boi I’m really glad that’s not the case anymore, even just for my own sake lol. It’s just…really healthier? like back then my emotional connection to EM was much stronger and I actually got some positive feels out of that, which has really dialed down compared to nowadays…but at the same time I don’t feel bad seeing ships I once considered notp’s anymore, I made lots of friends who highkey ship stuff I used to literally feel offended by…and having reached this much more neutral, accepting state of mind is probably my greatest achievement over the last year or so lmao. bc honestly spreading positivity is much better than having wank all over the place, for everyone involved, really.  

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[from “Privation”, because what this world really needs is more kink negotiation fic combined with Loki whump I guess??]

“What you said,” Loki said slowly, “about my…making you do things that I may not…have chosen. I do not blame you.”

“I know you don’t,” Natasha said. “That’s kind of the problem.” Loki’s eyebrows pulled together, and Natasha sighed. “Let’s try this another way. When you come to me, you’re giving over control of yourself to me. Putting your body and mind in my hands. But it’s still your responsibility if I do something wrong?”

“It is not-”

“Wrong? Yes, it is.” Natasha rubbed her temples. “I can push you, Loki. And I can push you hard. But there’s a line. I know I crossed it once, because if you start dissociating in bed then something is wrong. And maybe that’s the worst it’s been, but I’d guess not the only time I’ve taken you further than you wanted to go. And if it’s your job to let me know when you’re hitting your limit, it’s my job, too, to make sure you don’t. It’s a balance.”

“I do not want - that kind of control,” Loki said, halting.

“But you don’t want to have none of it, either.” Natasha fixed him with a stare. “That was part of the problem when I drugged you, wasn’t it? That I pushed too hard on the fact that there was nothing you could do. That’s what triggered you, at least partly, and you started responding to me like I was someone else.”

Loki said nothing, but a tic in his jaw spasmed. Natasha softened her voice. “It’s not all or nothing. You don’t have to give yourself up completely, to whatever I - or anyone - wants to do to you, or else have to cling to your control no matter how much you want to let it go.“