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distance - klance season 4

(based on the beautiful art by @badenlily link here  that is sooo beautiful - that you should all marvel at before you read this!! - and this thing I wrote is nowhere near worthy of it, but thank you so much for letting me write it!! This is set somewhere in season 4, I assume? i also posted this over on my ao3 here

“It looks good on you,” Lance says, his elbow propped up against Red’s control panel, his chin held in his palm; looking at Keith in his video feed. “The hood, I mean, it makes you look all mysterious.”

“Hm,” Keith says, looking up from sharpening his blade; he blinks at him, then what Lance had said registers and his cheeks turn a soft pink. He reaches up and touches his hood, “Oh, thanks, Lance.” He hadn’t really thought about whether or not it looked good, he’d been more interested in the durability and practicality of his suit, and how/if the hood would help keep him disguised if he needed it. 

“The purple really brings out your eyes,” Lance says, settling into this, complimenting Keith with a hint of glee; his lips widening into an easy, possibly flirty grin. “It makes them pop.”

“Pop?” Keith repeats, raising an eyebrow. He sheaths his blade then, leaning closer to the screen to look at his own eyes and Lance looks at them too, they are really, really pretty eyes.

“Yup,” Lance says, not explaining further, “Pop.”

“Well, you look really good in your undersuit,” Keith says easily, without a hint of embarrassment at his incredibly embarrassing words. “It makes your shoulders look really broad.”

“W-what?” Lance stutters, his cheeks flushing; he can dish it out with ease, but can’t handle it when he gets it back in return. “Stop messing around, Keith!”

“I’m not,” Keith says back, indignant; confused by Lance’s refusal to accept his genuine compliment. “It looks good on you.”

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the reaction to the Mercy concept art is so fetishy it disgusts me. 'lets have a black guy Mercy omg hes soooooooo hot and attractive and would make all of Mercys ships 1000% better!!!!!1!" Like I'm vomiting in the back of my throat over this shit. Can they not hear how gross they sound???

Oh my fucking god anon you have no idea.

I’ve been scrolling through the Mercy/Concept Art Mercy searches+tags and I’ve seriously had to block over 50 people so far (a thing I do on my main btw, not this one).  It’s all “wah Blazzard is racist” and “mmmmm heal me daddyyyy…….mmmmmm I LOVE BLACK MEN MMMMMMMMMM.”  Not to mention people choosing to forget Lucio exists and that most likely CA!Mercy’s design went into making him…

And I’m glad you bring up the ship thing cause now Gency is 100% okay because it’s two dudes.  So is Mercykill.  Like, nice fucking hypocrisy there guys.  You don’t give a damn about the “toxicity” of a ship, you just want your “hawt yaois x333″ out of it.  Disgusting fujoshis like them make me want to die.

And sorry if I seem really hostile about this, but I’ve been a Mercy main since I picked up Overwatch.  I’ve seen all the hate directed at her, and towards all the people who play her.  And now the fact that she could have been someone entirely different makes everyone suddenly love her him, just gives me a feeling of tiredness that I cannot fully describe.

I would love to see CA!Mercy as a new Support: a single-focused healer, like Mercy, but with a tweaked setup.  We need another support, and it would make sense if more OW Medics answered the Recall.  (Hell, he could become my second main if he’s similar to Mercy lmao.)  But we do not need to bash a company that created a game that has honestly one of the most diverse sets of playable characters I have ever seen for a scrapped design.  Learn how game designing and concept art works in the industry before throwing a shitfit. 

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Keith nearly died twice (on his mission when the Galra ship exploded and when he was going to sacrifice himself to save everyone in the last epi) and the Voltron team has no idea and they treated him so horribly. I have so many feelings, mostly anger lol.

Tbh?? Keith probably almost died a lot more often than that, these were just 2 examples we saw on screen. He was on a months long mission with the Blade (that we saw nothing of) while team Voltron performed shows to gain new allies. I seriously doubt that he only came close to death these 2 times.

About team Voltron… I think what people don’t see is that both sides are kind of at fault here. Look at how Keith acted in episode 1 - he just disappeared from time to time without regard for his friends. The team would have died had Shiro not managed to pilot the black lion and in comparison to the times where Keith almost died on the BoM missions, the team did not choose it.

However, as you said here, the team is also at fault. They didn’t listen to Keith’s concerns ((probably because he said the same things for months already. Keith mentioned that they hadn’t seen Lotor in months in episode 1)). When he came back from a mission, they didn’t even try to understand why he went there or what he went through. Remember the “I don’t need a lecture, Allura”? And Allura was like “no, I heard what happened on your mission, I’m sorry” but then proceeded to lecture him anyways? 

The team treated Keith unfair. Keith treated the team unfair too. There was a serious lack of communication between them. The team never listened to Keith and Keith never listened to them. I think what we saw in e1 was an accumulation of many similar but smaller events that happened over the months that passed between seasons. At the end of s3 the team wasn’t perfect but they were closer than they were at the beginning of s4. 

Just. Yeah. Both parties are at fault here. It just hurts more because on one side there’s the team and on the other side there is Keith, alone, without any understanding of his worth as a person :’) They really need to make an effort to understand each other even when someone isn’t on the verge of a breakdown - because when there’s a breakdown, it’s already too late. 




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i'd love to see pippin or merry!

Pippen (left) and Merry (right)!

I’m actually really pleased with how these came out, since they’re actually very close to how I imagine them when reading/listening to the books :)

Slowly making my way through Sketch Requests :)

In reality though most fo4 fans i see are usually boring with boring opinions to match the boring game, so i guess it makes sense. Like i really hate people saying how including the more harsher elements in fnv are just “gritty shock value” and dont need to be there. You cant just… have opression and conflict in a story without consequences. Because then you get bullshit like synths. You get bullshit like “its too complicated for you to understand” when you ask why the antagonist is doing what theyre doing. You get weird sidequests about drug smuggling when drugs arent even illegal.

I know there is a real issue with games adding “gritty shock value” and claiming it as realism but i dont think thats the issue with fnv, it doesnt really make “grittyness” superficial. Its kinda just there to be there since its…the post apocalypse, but its also taken seriously. People hate you and attack when you work with the legion, do evil things, and kill everyone. And you can also play the whole game without killing anyone. They didnt, idk, make a whole dlc centered around you becoming a raider/slaver boss and leaving the only other option to killing everything. You know.

Sorry but the livestream is more expensive than a subscription to Netflix.. and look how much content Netflix has.. I think they could have waited to do a livestream of the very last show.. that way people who had gone already wouldn’t be so mad about paying to go vs still being able to see it over the internet, and the price could be way cheaper because people wouldn’t be so worried about spoilers anymore.. also there shouldn’t be one time thing, they should make it available to download and the people that paid tickets to the live show could have it for free.. anyways I always feel like they really could use better decision making on their company regarding some stuffs.. there’s plenty of money coming in with book, YouTube red, live show, new merch, how much more money do you need to extort from your fans? 15 bucks just sounds greedy to me.. but anyways it could be worse..


I keep making up aus involving Shadow and Maria so here are some messy doodles of some of them

1 - in this one Gerald infused Maria with Black Doom’s DNA to save her life so she basically becomes the Shadow of that universe…I started with just giving her black and red hair without changing the style much but then I thought of the spikey hair and liked it lol.

2 - villain Maria! I’ve seen villain Maria aus floating around and I really like them!! I drew some inspiration from others’ villain Maria designs as well as just making her a more pointy and evil version of my old Maria from the 3rd one lol. I have a feeling it might look a little too similar to some other ones I’ve seen though? need to work on it more. she uses biological creations rather than mechanical ones and Shadow’s kind of like her henchman.

3 - ARK raid never happened, Maria is cured and gets to grow up and live a happy life traveling the world with her bff Shadow. Shadow is a very different person without having to live with that trauma, he’s very optimistic and happy and a gigantic softie. I didn’t include him but they also helped raise Eggman in this au and he turned out good instead of evil.

can you tell I don’t like drawing details on air shoes when I’m just doodling stuff? :’D

anyway I need to periodically bring it up but wash doesn’t feel bad about shooting donut tbh. he feels regretful for making that choice but really doesn’t seem to care for donut and how it affected him considering in s11 he literally forgot who donut was. the dream in s12 was honestly more about how he views himself than it was about anything towards donut

Addressing bluethepaladin: A master post.

This post, has been needed to be long said, after a couple months of just waiting it out. bluethepaladin is a 22 year old adult woman who runs a voltron blog, with a Lance icon, at the moment. What, I’m going to talk about in this post, is the extremely crappy things they have done to me and my friends. Mind the fact we are all minors, and what she has done has ranged from talking behind backs, and saying ableist things. More under the cut, if you really want to know.  

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I think nearly all of the people who piss me off could be fairly easily summed up as “Realism snobs”. Just the same type of pseudo-intellectual repeated ad naseum across every genre. The ones that think any kind of art is useless if it’s not 100% realistic, and that any and all deviations from the real world are based on ignorance, rather than intent. Who act like the common knowledge the regurgitate somehow makes them more enlightened than an artist who lets their imagination run free.

“What, really? Godzilla’s a metaphor for the atomic bomb? No fooling!”

“So you’re saying that this movie from 1993 ISN’T 100% up to date on what we know about dinosaurs?”

“Wait! So, what you’re saying is, my belly is filled with, like, vital organs that I need and stuff? And that, like, swords are sharp? Holy FUCKING SHIT! What HAVE I been doing with my life all this time?! HERE I THOUGHT I WAS GODDAMNED ROBOCOP!”

“WAIT, WAIT WAIT…. So what you’re telling me… is that giant monsters are BIOLOGICALLY IMPROBABLE?! THE FUCK?! SINCE WHEN?!”



@avidreader1979 re: your question on AO3 – HAVE A GUESS WHO I HATE MORE 😂😂😂 I mean Luke is gross and infuriating but ultimately I can laugh at how utterly pathetic he is…

Jason, however…


I mean, I’d like to personally eviscerate him, but what I really want is for Mycroft to make him feel about 0.2mm tall and just. end him.

He needs to see Greg’s happiness. Fucking. Drink it in, bitch.

I only worked about half the day today. I just needed to not be there after working all Friday and Saturday. 

I did go to crossfit today and yet again had to do a modified workout. My shoulder isn’t hurting anymore, but now it is time to build up it’s strength so I don’t hurt it again.

Today’s WOD

20min EMOM

3 manmakers

I did 3 bar rows and three dumbbell hang squat cleans @ 20#.

I need to figure out how to get some more protein into my life. I figure that I am getting between 110-120 a day and I aiming for 149 grams a day. If anyone has any suggestions for high protein snackage yell it out. Yes, I am using a protein powder already to get some more. 

I think i may need to do a My Fitness Pal tracking week to see where i’m at. I feel pretty confident that I am getting close to enough calories per day. I don’t really like tracking too much as it makes me too rigid in what i eat and it isn’t good for my mental health. If I’m hungry I eat more, if I’m not I don’t. I still eat paleo. It’s not for weight loss or anything other than i physically feel better eating that way. I also have found that it gets rid of cravings. I literally don’t crave carbs or sweets when i am eating this way. Anyway, I’m babbling and need to go take a shower. Throw your protein thoughts and ideas my way.

Anyone wanna read my WIP klaine fic?

I could really use some motivation to get myself more in of a writing mood for this story. It’s not super bad, but I feel a little feedback could help get me more into the swing of things. 

This story is a Klaine Doctor Who AU cross over story. You don’t need to have seen Doctor Who to enjoy it, but it does make the story more fun. But this a AU cross over, so you don’t need to be familiar with Doctor Who to read and enjoy the story I promise. 

As of right now there are 12 chapters fully edited and ready to post. I am waiting until it’s finished to post though. There will probably be 16 chapters in all. I’m about half way through revising 13. 

Drop me an ask if anyone would be interested. I’m not asking for much, a few words, thoughts etc and there’;s no rush to finish reading chapters. 

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Dear paladin, when I was little I was really scared of The Count from Sesame Street. Would you go back in time and maybe like smite him or something I don't know? I mean, he is a vampire.

He’s also a puppet meant to help young children with math, so I think I’ll pass, but if he makes any more math puns, action might need to be taken.

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Carbs aren't really filling at all, eat more proteins or fats and that'll keep you fuller a lot longer

Everyone has their own opinions. I eat high carb, low fat as I find that complex carbs make me feel fuller, protein does fill me up too. Carbs also give your body energy which is why is so important to eat them, if you don’t then your body will eat at your muscles. Personally I try to stay away from fat because it can be very high in calories. Healthy fats like avocado and nuts are important though because your body needs it to support cell growth xx

EDIT: I just want to make it clear that it is complex carbs I am talking about. I don’t touch simple carbs because they often contain lots of added sugar

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So you are studying to become a 3D animator? This is probably going to be a dumb question but do you have to be a good drawer to pursue that career?

Hellll yeah I am! And of course you don’t really need to be a good drawer! I’ve always loved drawing though and I have a 2d animation background - BUT I have lots of classmates that have always hated drawing lol

It’s literally more physics based and having an understanding of the way things move - it’s almost in a way it’s own thing to learn.

However I do advise having good knowledge of anatomy because it helps knowing how things move and what reacts with what yah know? OH! and if you’re into acting that also helps a lot - my teacher always says that an animator is an actor who’s too afraid to be in front of the camera 😎

I Want To Do So Much More!

But I just don’t know how or where to start! I have a YouTube channel, but trying to keep a schedule going, along with running another channel with my friends on top of managing a family and a job, it’s all just so overwhelming! It’s really making me just want to give up on my dreams of eventually being a full time YouTuber. I know that this may come off as whiney to some of you, but that’s not my intention. I generally try to be as positive as possible, but like all people, I have good days and bad days.

I NEVER expected that becoming a YouTuber would be an easy thing, especially in this day and age. However, i feel like it’s virtually impossible now, especially wanting to do gaming and with all the changes to YouTubes policies and monetization. YouTube is definitely not making things very easy for up and coming creators, but I also understand that growing a channel takes time and patience. A lot of these feelings have to do with my self confidence as well. I’m not very a entertaining person in my mind. I’m not inherently funny and I don’t really have anything interesting to say (in my opinion) so I wonder if people will even watch. I don’t want to have to be someone that I’m not in order to obtain views on my channels. I gain a lot of inspiration from people like @markiplier, @therealjacksepticeye, @lordminion, @crankgameplays, @alaskanbluejay and so many more, but the problem becomes how do I make my idea or dream a reality with no real knowledge of how to do so.Another question that seems to be plaguing me is “Am.I too old to be doing this anyway?” I am 31 turning 32 in less than a month. Should I even be attempting to do this? Do I even have the ability to gain an audience? Is the content that I make even worth peoples time? These are the questions that constantly play in my head. Anyway, I’ve whined enough. Hopefully i will be able to pull myself out of this funk soon. Thanks for taking time to read my words. Just that small gesture means a lot. Until next time, Have A Good One Tumblr Universe!