i really need to learn how to do more stuff on photoshop so my stuff starts to actually look good


K, this is gonna be the last of these little development chats.

We haven’t found a house, but not getting to work on my comic has started pissing me off, so i’m just gonna start drawing an interstitial scene I’ve been kicking around.


The last of my little test comics. This is the one where I found the character I’d been looking for, and found out whether the Third Sword could really fight in that coat.

A lot of y’all have asked me about writing process, so I’ll show some of that. I’m a lot less confident and a lot less practiced as a writer than I am as a draftsman. So this isn’t me trying to hand down wisdom or teach anybody the craft. This is just me explaining how I go about it.

So first you get an idea. MY idea was “it’d be cool if she fought some dudes.” Just that. Nothing fancy. I thought about how to give that some structure and make it more of a free-standing scene that felt like part of a larger story. This developed into:

“it’d be cool if she was walking through some sweet ruins, got attacked, looked outnumbered but totally wailed on her attackers, then said something pithy and walked away.”

We will call that my ‘outline.’ It is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s a sequence of events, and that’s enough. I generally outline before I try to actually write anything, even a 2.5 page short. Then I wrote this really rough little script on my phone one night while I was falling asleep:

Clara walks through a ruined city, a place once fearsome and now chilling.

She hears a noise off-panel

Spinning, she brings up her sword to defend against a hideous creature that bears down on her.

She cuts it down, and another springs up.

More fighting.




The creatures, all sprawled out and defeated.

D1: we well come again
D2: when you are alone
D3: in the dark
D1: and without your sword.

Of course you will.  You have before.

I survived.

Walks away.

I know. Pretty sparse. And I’m still calling her Clara because I haven’t come up with a name yet. But I was writing for myself, right? Plus, I always edit a few times, even as I finish lettering in the copy. This is partly because I hate everything I write, and partly because editing is just a good idea. The next day, I worked out the layout like this:

Again. I know. But I was drawing it for myself. And again, I usually change these up when I go to actually pencil in the page. You can see, also, that the dialogue here is already evolving from the script, meaning that I didn’t like it and wished it were better.

I researched the look I wanted for some more dense and ‘urban’ ruins, pulling a lot from Angor Wat and a few other Khmer temples, modifying the stuff to suit my needs. Then I drew it like this:

I drew it in photoshop. I usually do my first lettering pass while I pencil, and I did with this short. I changed a lot of the stuff that went up. Predictably, it ended up being informed by the feelings and struggles of my family at the time. This is what I ended up posting:

As a test, it was mostly successful. I liked the way her coat handled in the fight scene, liked the location, and  I got a LOT closer to the sort of personality I wanted in the character. But I skirted around a lot of design problems.

Like in that last panel, look at the bullshit way her sword connects to her belt. What is that? Who let THAT slide? Oh, it was me, exhausted from drawing a million crumbling bricks. Maybe could’ve gone easier on the environmental detail, girded that sword on, and colored her frigging belt. But no. No, instead I drew every wrinkle in that root system behind her.

So the moral of this story is: I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t even know how belts work. Everything I’ve said these last few weeks is suspect. Don’t do things the way I do things there has got to be a better way to do things.

So find that better way, take what you can learn from other artists’ triumphs and failures to make your own path, and have a really good time on it. And make a lot of fun comics (or whatever you like to make).

Next week I’m posting comics again.


~ giffu tutorial ☆.。.:*

hello i have received many asks about gifs and how i make them and how i color things so i finally decided to go for it and make this. clicky down below if you wanna see the underwhelming magic that goes into my mediocre gifs

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My Sizecon Experience <3

Originally posted by vivre-et-faire-histoire

So Friday morning, I had to tell my family that I was going sightseeing with my friends in NY and I had to keep saying “my friends and I” continuously for them to be reassured. Little did they know is that I flew by myself to NY and met Shay at the airport lol the only one that knew was one of my cousins that’s a year older than me and obviously my mom, she probably has been keeping a close eye on me in heaven because she used to religiously watch crime shows and Law and Order SVU all the time lol. 

Y’all knew that my flight from Houston was delayed so I had a fucking long flight. I watched shows and I watched a movie and then finally we landed in Laguardia. Seeing NY out of the window of my seat was amazing, I’ve dreamed of going since I was young and I wish I had more time to actually really sightsee, but I was satisfied with this weekend. I arrived and met Shay, who was waiting for a while since they arrived early XD their flight was not delayed at all. We go to ground transportation and in my little silly mind, the day before I had booked a super shuttle to get us to the hotel despite not realizing they provided a free shuttle. Long story short, I got that taken care of and refunded and we got on the free shuttle. Only it wasn’t our shuttle. We get to the hotel and get to the front desk and the lady was like, “This is the Marriott hotel, Marriott Courtyard is down the street more”. I was like fuckkkkdj;lashgl;sahdg;sdhg. I was so impressed with Shay because they were so chill and calm but my Houston AND Mexican side was coming out and I was all sorts of frustrated. Thank god that we walked out of the hotel and a Courtyard Shuttle pulled up ironically. The guy even said, “This is your lucky day!” He took us to the right hotel and I tipped him a great amount and we checked in to the RIGHT hotel safe and sound. Got to our room and crashed on the bed. Then we sat up and we’re like holy fuck we’re starving. We ended up ordering from this Italian place that had gluten-free pasta for me and it was really good but………it made me so sick later that night. I was terrified I wasn’t going to be up for the con. So I tried taking as much medicine and trying to get as much out of me (so sorry lololol) as I could. 

After my tummy slowed down a bit, Veronica @jits-gt-trash-blog texted me saying that she was on the way to the hotel with stuff to set up. I offered to help and she was like holy shit yes please! So that night, Shay and I helped the Veronica and the volunteers of Sizecon and helped set up the area. I finally got to meet and hug Veronica, and like it’s like we’ve been besties for a long time?? She’s so chill, I swear. I met amazing people and some people that already knew me?! Like DJ who is Giant Gripper (who’s fucking hilarious btw, like he’s totally awesome), he was my very first commission and holy crap I am so thankful to him. I forgot to hug him omg D: I did get to hug his lovely girlfriend Adriana who is Chibiana, she is the sweetest, most adorable person ever. I met Ben the moderater for panels and let me tell you, he is by far amazing, professional, and wickedly funny. The con hadn’t even started and I was already having so much fun despite feeling like shit (literally lol). 

We said our goodbyes and headed to bed since we were already fucking beat and it was going to be an early morning. I passed out quickly (with bathroom runs in between whaaaaaaa).

Saturday, the start of the first day of Sizecon!

We woke up on time, got some breakfast (who fucking overpriced us), and then we got dressed in our matching shirts that said, “I’m with smol, I’m with tol”. It was cute. We go downstairs and get our badges and start heading to panels. We went to Size and Popular Culture first, which was real interesting. After that was the Ladie’s Panel that I was on. It was me, JulieKat (who is BustArtist’s wife), Chibiana, and Jessica @mythical-cupcake . Veronica was going to join but she got super busy. That panel was soooooo fun and I got to learn more about the other panelists and how no matter what, being a woman in this community, it’s very empowering and we hope to inspire. 

After that I met some people that recognized me???! I’m still in shock ommmggggg and then I met @mapsid and @xyiezjette who bought a commission from me and they are the cutest omgggg, Aim was dressed like a fairy and I applaud her because she looked so beautiful and the costume looked so good. <3

Then me and Shay walked around the Artist Alley and we got a lot of good shit that I already hung up (some nsfw ones I had to put up because I still live with family argh). I bought stuff from @anoka-kon and @mythical-cupcake which are my besties yooooooo, I got stuff from Veronica’s booth (which she brought other giant items to display and I’m like omg I am totally buying those soon), I bought prints from the lovely @bonkalore who is totally chill and amazing, I got a book from Minimizer himself!! and another book from this amazing guy named Syrus that writes a lot about SW work. I also bought a comic from Larry Philby (Giant Toby) and let me tell you, he’s the sweetest gentlemen.

Then was the relationships panel that had a lot of couples that included Veronica and her husband Sergio, BustArtist and his wife JulieKat, GiantGripper and his girfriend Chibiana, and Chris (his handle name escapes me but he’s mostly on coiled fist) and his husband Carey. They talked about their experiences and the key word that rung in my head: communication. It was very enlightening and I totally enjoyed that panel, it was so cute.

After that, we went to another panel that I volunteered to be in, which was about Giant Men. It was actually the only panel with a lot of panelists lol it was me, DJ, Larry, Anoka, Veronica, Dylan (non-verge, who is amazing and I’m glad I got to finally meet him, he’s a really good friend), and Giant Dan (who is pretty cool and chill, I didn’t get to personally meet him and I got to talk to him on the panel and he’s so coooooool). That was panel so fun and we had a lot of input from the audience. 

After that finished, I had some people come up to me (which is still so amazing and makes my heart flutter because I’m like holy crap ppl like me???) and this guy sympathized with me because I had mentioned about my mom and he had lost his mom too. I gave him my condolences and thanked him. And then I met The Reducer, who’s mostly on SW Realm, and he’s so sweet! I’m glad I got to meet him!  

Then Shay and I went upstairs for lunch and ordered from a Mexican restaurant. While we were waiting, I had the talk and communicated like I had heard in the relationships panel. We are still friends, Shay is still my best friend, and it was mutual. I just…I’m still grieving and I’m still messed up. I need to focus on how broken I am. Sooooo we both cried and ate our food together, which btw Shay still does not like avocado lol 

Suddenly I got a call from Veronica to come downstairs. I went to go and found out I had another person that ordered a VIP ticket for me and wanted a commission. I was happy and surprised that another person liked my work. So I sat down with and asked what he had wanted and asked for his information. Then my face dropped. He asked for everything I wasn’t comfortable with and everything I had said on the website I will not do. Since I was caught off guard and I had all sorts emotions going through me, I agreed to it. He walked off and then I went to talk to Anoka and Jessica and my new friend Robyn @goddess-rei about it. They said I needed to reject it and tell Bryan and contact the person. Long story short, everything has been taken care of and I’m just a weenie. 

Later that night, Shay and I met Joe, who is @captainrand and HE IS AMAZING WITH COLLAGING AND PHOTOSHOP AND HOLY SHIT WOW it was great to finally meet him because I’ve talked to him in the slack volunteer group before. Anyways, he had made a green screen video of Robyn growing on Earth and woweee it was like a real life thing. I was so interested so I was like, “Hey Joe, do you do shrinking?” and he’s like “Yeah!” and Shay and Robyn jumped in and were like shrink Vickiiiiii and I was blushing mad. So I get up to the green screen and then Veronica came by, so long story short, Joe made a video of me and Veronica shirinking and holding giant items, her holding a giant spoon and me holding her giant crayon lol it looked soooo amazing omg.

Shay and I enjoyed the night at the con meeting new people that had so many same interests and the sense of community was amazing there. So Robyn was planning to sleep in the hotel lobby but I was like wtf no we have a pull out bed in our room. So we had a sleepover with our new friend ^^

Next day of Sizecon and we lazily get out of bed lol

We pack our bags because we have to check out and our flights are at 5 pm. We took our bags down to the con and Anoka and Jess let us put our bags behind their booths and then we hurried to the last panel we wanted to go to which was the Vore panel. Which I volunteered to be on ehehhehe

It was me, Veronica, Larry, @hypeishimaru (WHO IS AWESOME AND HIS WORK IS AMAZING AND FUCK I DIDN’T KNOW HE LIVED SO CLOSE TO ME LOL), @saftkeur (who is the sweetest person ever and fucking amazing and I’ve loved their work for a long time), and Kreeyz (who came all the way from France and he is absolutely adorable and sweet and I love his work tooooooo). We all talked about our love of vore and I represented the soft/safe vore side. I thoroughly enjoyed that panel. I even got to talk to @misskaneda !!! <3

After that, I bought a commission of @hypeishimaru because yasssssss lol and bought a print of @saftkeur and then Shay and I hung out behind the booth with Anoka and Jess. We were totally crazy omg, we were drawing, dancing, singing oh lawd, then we ordered food and I ordered more of that Mexican food I fell in love with. Then I got two more commissions??! Holy crap, I’m honored and I am still in shock. So freaking thankful.

Just being there, it was like I belong there. I was home. 

However, it was time for Shay and I to head to the airport so we had to say our goodbyes. Sweet welcoming and goodbyes, I cry every time I think about it. I’m glad I met everyone. We head to the airport and Shay and I said our goodbyes and we headed out to our destinations. 

I’m back in Houston and it’s still reeling in my head. 

I am so grateful for this community and the friends I have made. I love y’all so much. I hope to help more in the planning process so we can make a next year’s Sizecon! <3

thecrazydragonlady  asked:

I literally just read your comic from beginning to end. OMG. Like, it's been an hour but I'm still just like reeling from how WONDERFUL it is. You should be so proud of your hard work! *insert thumbs up emoji here*

kfgjkfgkdgj @thecrazydragonlady THANK YOU. i am pretty proud of it ;0;/ the early pages are pretty cringey to me now, but they were a learning process. i’ve really learned a lot about art working on this comic, so feel pretty proud of myself for that XD i do feel bad that i haven’t updated much in the last year but i am hoping to change that going forward ><;;;

also… i love ur username :xxxx

alsoalso…. apologies, but i will be using ur ask as home base for myyyy…


so if i haven’t replied to your ask in the last month, check under the read more. :’D

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anonymous asked:

you have no idea how relieved i am to hear you've been using photoshop for 10 years. i've been using it for like, 8 months and i have honestly sometimes been discouraged looking at how amazing your stuff is because it's so amazing! and I think wow I'll never be that good! but! you've probably had a lot of time to do it. anyway your stuff is amazing. thank you <3

So a lonngggg time ago I had a program called paint shop pro, it was similar to photoshop but I bought it at target for like $20-$30. I then started a website on Matmice.com (no longer around) I started to learn about html and editing photos, text and making graphics. What I made was absolutely atrocious, I wish I still had it all because you all would laugh, I was like 12 but still, it was BAD! I continued to use Paint Shop Pro and struggled to try new things. I did have a website for 3-4 years (no longer around) where I provided backgrounds, brushes, patterns etc. In High School I took a graphic design class and fell in love with photoshop so I purchased it so I could pursue it in college (hella expensive). I actually started at college for graphic design but realized I couldn’t sit at a desk all day on a computer, so I switched to teaching art. ANYWAY, my point to this rant was that I started off really rough it has taken me 10+ years to get here, and there is still so much more I want to learn and try and get better at. Never, ever get discouraged, I make terrible things still to this day, you just never see them :P I love you all, and always feel free to reach out if you need help!

anonymous asked:

Do you have advice for people struggling with their edits? I can only use Pixar and no brushes, I just have textures to layer. It kind of looks old school and I don't know how to give it a more modern feel. There has to be a way to make it more...fancy?

I do, actually. I don’t know if it’s gonna help you, but here it is. I use this program: 

Lots of people assume I use photoshop, but it annoys me that it isn’t practical at all. Even a simple edit demands lots of work. I never heard of Pixar, but this one is simpler, you just have to have the imagination. What I mean is, it doesn’t matter the software you use, because all of them do pretty much the same thing, they all have similar tools the difference is the way you use them. The thing is, you have to know how to use them, you have to learn a way you’ll be able to do stuff.

My process, for instance, is pretty much: I see pictures and I wanna put them together (say, my kiss manip). Immediately, I start to think how I would put them together, using what I have (in terms of tools) and what/how I’ll have to do to make it. That one, I used a screencap I took from Slasher and one from Supergirl. Obviously I would have to change the lighting, colors, stuff like that and usually I pick one of the pictures to look more like the other.

Melissa’s pic was in an orange tone so I had to take off the color and brightness etc etc, I cut her from her picture and put into Katie’s, and then I started making small adjustments to make it more real like re-positioning, making sure they were the same size, etc. And so it finally became this: 

After that, more small adjustments (I’m super perfectionist so I look into every pixel if I have to ashkgdjagshj) and then I merged all the layers, and made the final edit. 

Bottom line: everyone has different ways of thinking. I can’t teach you my way because you have your own, no matter what kind of software you use. The tip I give you is: get to know exactly what each every tool available on the program you’re using so in the future, you can think of how to use them as you get the idea of what you wanna do to finally do it. I feel like started rambling halfway through this, but I hope you got it and good luck with your edits. If the software doesn’t have the tools you need or you think it isn’t good enough because it looks weird at the end, go for another one and learn everything you can about it.

Give it lots of practice and time and you’ll get there eventually :3 

anonymous asked:

how did you make that animatic??? o.O and how long did it take?? it looks so cool!

(the animation)

I drew the background/most of the assets in around 3-5 hours. the animation that was frame by frame probably took a solid 3-4 hours mostly because I tried a couple of techniques before settling on rotoscoping jun’s walk. converting this all to AE and still learning the program took a good 3 hours, but it’s a long shot so it was worth all of this. 

It didn’t feel long to do because nothing was busy work, really

I started with the main composition, drawing everything in photoshop and then getting ready for after effects.  

I used the kitchen to frame everything and figure out what I needed to draw extra of, because really the canvas looks like this:

there’s a lot of overlap/hidden parts, these parts will move more in the panning motion so stuff like the table in the front needs to be completely made.

each bit is on its own layer so it can move at different rates when putting it into AE. The really bright red bits are for masks so I don’t forget, the red on the stove is for their reflections, and the red on the TV is for green screening the news later (need to put it into premiere… lol).

I also did some rotoscoping and animation in photoshop to be carried over.

bai’s head is a couple of drawn heads turning off and on. I added a bit of give to them too.

jun’s walking is a rotoscope (drawn ontop of video) of myself walking.

again! each bit is on its own layer, and it basically turns off and on as the animation goes on. this also applies for their reflections!

now for the after effects bit:

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goldencore  asked:

Would you ever think of posting your sketches or your drawing process, like how you do line art or coloring?

Hey, sorry I sat on this one for so long! I wanted to save it so I could give you a proper response, though it was hard to figure out what a proper response would entail.

In the end, this is what I’ve decided to do: I made up a little tutorial/step-by-step for you, but before I get to that I need to get on a soapbox for a bit. Sorry to tumblr mobile users: this post is very long!

In addition, I decided to make a sideblog just for sketches, since I have shied away from posting scans of my sketchbook to this blog recently, but I do want to share that stuff. I’ll give you guys the link to that sketchblog soon! 

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unaccomplishedcommonsense-deact  asked:

so i have never used a tablet before... like NEVER , and i was wonder if you have any tips for a beginner (like what type tablets and art systems i should used?) oh and coloring i need coloring tips too ....i suck at coloring >.> thanks for your time and i love your comic keep up the good work

Hello! Thank you. :D

Hmm, beginner stuff! I’ll try to split this up based on the questions you’ve asked.

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7 Tips for New Artists Looking to Improve

Look, I don’t claim to be a professional artist.  I didn’t study in the arts and I only work freelance as an artist right now actually (though surprisingly, I never thought I really would get a chance to in my life).  But I have been drawing all my life.  I just didn’t get super serious about it until the past two years, but in that past two years, I’ve learned a LOT and still have a lot to learn.

But for my friends out there who were once like me and wanted to get better at drawing or using computer programs like Photoshop and Manga Studio and the like, here are some little tips I learned along the way that helped me grow the most as an artist.

Maybe they’ll help you too.

You don’t have to have gone to a fancy art school to start drawing.  Hell, I went to an art school for four years and I only took like two art classes.  But that doesn’t mean I’m immune to learning.  Teach yourself the basics.  Get a book from the library or google some tutorials.  Don’t trace and don’t spend your whole life trying to just copy what you can see.  Learn how simple shapes make complex shapes.  Before you leap straight into cartooning or drawing anime girls or whatever, practice some figure drawing.  Like human being figures.  Like sometimes naked people figures.  Get a feel for drawing real humans.  You don’t have to master it, but once you understand that, constructing a lot of stuff gets a lot easier from there.

Simple as that.  Sure you can carve a cube into your middle school desk, but can you reliably draw other 3D shapes?  From other angles besides ¾ths view?  Learn to give basic shapes depth and dimension as well as how to shade them too.  Once again, foundation stuff that will pay off in the long run.

I use to hate drawing hair.  I was bad at drawing hair.  So I made a point to practice drawing hair.  I googled hairstyles and tried to draw them, even if I hated it.  I’m better at drawing hair now and I can still get better.  But I don’t suck.  Whatever your hurdle is, make a point to take some time and overcome it.  Maybe you suck at drawing hands, maybe your eyes always look like creepy dolls, maybe you don’t understand teeth, whatever.  Do your homework and learn to conquer the things you hate and can’t do.

Coordinatng colors is really hard if you haven’t been trained to do it.  Its like trying to pick out the right colors from that rainbow in Photoshop all without making your drawing look like a Liquid Television reject.  Once more, get a book, read up on colors and learn how to make it work.  I say book because electronic screens do not give good use of colors any credit.  There’s a good chance the colors on your monitor suck.  And when you try printing something out, you’re gonna get something thats not what you saw on your computer.  Trust me on this.  Oh, and I also definitely recommend grabbing some books or pamphlets about coordingating colors for painting houses.  A wonderful beginners tool for seeing what good palettes look like.  Get a feel for expressing temperature with color.  What colors make an image look warm?  Cold?  Both at once?  This is important to know.

Practice drawing circles, over and over and over for days and days until you whip out a perfect circle without trying.  Learn to master controlling your line thickness and widths, ESPECIALLY if you plan to draw digitally.  Learn to draw solid shapes without guides and rules.  LEARN TO DRAW STRAIGHT LINES.  These are skills that need to be practiced for months before they become second nature, sad to say, but true.  Be ready to put that time in.

I get it, you wanna have a style all your own.  You see something like Adventure Time which looks wholly original and pleasant but has a stylized simplicity to it.  You wanna draw something in a way no one has ever drawn it before.  To do that, you’re gonna have to draw in a way everyone’s drawn before.  Learn a standard way to draw and the rules that come with that.  Rules of shape, size, weight, and so on.  After you’ve gotten to know these things, then you’re ready to break some rules.  You’d be surprised how many of the best simple designs are age-old designs with simple twists on them.  Plus this will just make you more versatile overall.  Get what I’m sayin’?

Go out and feed your brain.  Read some comics, go to a museum (any kind will do), watch a movie with beautiful cinematography, watch a movie with shots that challenge your mind, pay attention to how cartoons are animated– this is all the stuff you will have to draw from when you’re, well, drawing.  If you’re that kind of person who refuses to step outside your comfort zone of only consuming Japanese media or not watching any movie made before 1996 or some bullshit like that, I gotta be honest with you, you’ll never be as good an artist as you want to be.  The cool thing about art is that art is a culture and culture is influenced by the world and people around it, present and past.  To shut yourself off from experiences is to shut your mind off from new ways of thinking, of seeing.  I think Akira Kurasawa put it best in describing the meaning of art as being unafraid to look at something that might be hard to look at.  Never be afraid of expanding your world view and acknowledging that thousands of people lived before you and will live after you.  And many of those people will be smarter than you ever will be– but that there’s also so much we can learn from them.  That’s how I went from thinking that Westerns were shallow shells of a genre reserved for machismo fantasies to discovering that most of the best Westerns not only paint a beautiful original image of America but also tend to criticize masculine fantasies quite heavily– many aspects that I forever would like to carry in my future works.  My point is, keep an open mind and always give your brain something to work with, even if you might not quite be hungry for it at the time.  After all, the brain is a muscles and you gotta keep muscles in shape for them to work.

Now, like I said, I’m no professional.  I’m still learning a lot of stuff and have a lot more stuff to learn, but I always get people asking me how i do my stuff or how I get started, and well, these steps are a big part of that.  I essentially spent the better part of one of the most important years of my life learning these things alongside others.  I just should hope that I can impart some of what I’ve learned onto my peers and perhaps others beyond that.  I think we all have the potential within us to create something beautiful.  The only thing is, that only begins when we sit down with the decision and the conviction to move ahead and actually do something with our lives.


Hello all! I had such a great time tonight I don’t even know where to begin. I actually really don’t though because I wasn’t able to take notes tonight. So, this post probably won’t be too detailed but I plan to take some notes tomorrow. I’m tempted to say because I don’t have the setlist or other tidbits I saw written down, that this won’t be too long… but we all know that’s not gonna happen. Sunggyu’s my bias after all… we’re talkers lol. More under the cut ^-^

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stagejunge  asked:

Hey I checked your F.A.Q. and I know you kind of answered this but I want to ask, I am not new to drawing but I haven't progressed in years. I draw almost every day but I don't get any closer to gaining any more skill. I can make a really good face, kind of, but I get to the shoulders and fall apart. I have gotten really good at coloring pieces but I can't draw them well. And don't even get me started about my tablet skills...horrid. So any advice?

I really don’t know what activates the progress bar :/ For me it was probably drawing new things? Like, yes, I had tons of problems drawing human bodies past the head as well, I was trying and failing, and then going back to just heads, for years. In the end you fail so many times that somehow it starts coming together? Like, I had problems with drawing hands, so one day I just sat down, got a lot of references (and I mean A Lot) and kept drawing until I finally got the feeling on how hands actually work. Maybe not in one day, but it happened. This post is huge, putting it under read more.

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