i really need to learn how to colour black and white

I’ve heard far too many brown-skinned girls talk about how they stay in the shade when the sun is out because they don’t want to get “too dark”. I’ve heard far too many brown-skinned girls say how they hate summer because their skin turns “browner than it needs to be”. I’ve seen far too many brown-skinned girls too self-conscious to get a sun-tan because of the remarks people will make. I’ve heard far too many white people say that they want to be tanned, but not “too” tanned.

I hope to God that one day all you girls of colour learn to love every inch of yourself and your skin, because it’s the skin you will be in for the rest of your life.

Enjoy summer, does it really matter if your skin gets darker? Sit in the sun, it’s good for you; so what if your melanin glows brighter? Get a tan, what’s wrong with turning golden brown? Or deep mahogany?

Your skin is laced and embedded with such beautiful tones, ranging from soft caramel, to sweet brown sugar, to warm chestnut, to dark chocolate. But yet you can’t see just how breathtaking and rich in colour you all are?

This isn’t just for the black girls, this is for girls of colour everywhere. This is for the latinx girls, who wished their features were different. This is for the filipino girls who played with white dolls when they were younger because that was pretty much the only colour they came in. This is for the mixed-race girls who questioned why they didn’t look like the girls on TV. This is for the indian girls who wished they had blue eyes and blonde hair instead. This is for the black girls who hoped to have lighter skin and wished away their dark skin. This is for the the girls who have been told they’re pretty “for a dark-skin girl”.

This is for all the girls who grew up hating their hair and/or their skin tone because of the Eurocentric ideas of beauty that so many young girls are brought up in this world believing is the only kind of beauty. Embrace your own beauty, your own culture, your own features. Brown is beautiful.