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You're the only good yumikuri fanfic writer like honestly I read one from a weeb called fucking pull it out or something and it wasn't funny but apparently you said it was in a comment? Why do you read crap stuff when you can read better ?

The thing is, I’m not a complete shithead when it comes to lesser skilled writers. I know what it’s like to be there when your skill isn’t so great compared to other writers. So yeah, sometimes I’ll read a YumiKuri fic and I cringe a little, but I’ll point out all the good stuff I noticed and enjoyed, and maybe point out some things the writer can work on that they might not know needs improving. If people had been assholes to me when I started out, and not left really nice reviews despite how crap my fanfics really were, I would not be here writing the quality stuff that I do. So next time you think so badly of a fanfic, maybe consider not saying anything at all and just moving on? We literally don’t get paid for this shit. The least you can do is be a little appreciative that we try and we share. For:

and dude fuck you that fic you mentioned had me busting my ass laughing in genuine amusement. Get the fuck out of here with your unnecessary rudeness 


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Pairings; Bucky x Reader

Warnings; Language, Sex scenes, unprotected sex, “fire” and getting stucked in a place 

Summary; It’s training time and Steve decides that you need to improve your skills in a contact combat, so he pairs you with Pietro (yes, he is alive in my head) for practise. Which doesn’t make Bucky really happy.

A/N: FINAL PART of Starving. I really hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I did writting it. Thank you for all the notes, seriously guys you make my day! :*


Part 3. End

Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo

You are so proud of yourself. You have successfully avoided Bucky for two weeks and three days and you have slept pretty well… If you change “well” for “bad as shit” and “slept” for “not sleep at all”. Then yes, you are doing fine.

With an exasperated sigh you turn in your bed for umpteenth time, you are not getting any sleep tonight and the sooner you accept that, the better. Kicking the sheets out of your body you jump out of the bed with an unual energy for someone who hasn’t get a well rest in weeks. 

Putting your shoes you decide to fry your brain with a marathon of your favourite classic films, nothing better to keep you from thinking too much. The only thing that bitters you is that you have discarted some of your golden films because they are pretty much romances… and you can’t afford seeing any romanticism around you.

Draggin your feet through the floor you wake the system on the cinema room Tony has in his tower. Most of the ocupants don’t know of this space, and you prefer it to be like this because it has become your official Bucky-free-zone. The room,  attired with the best modern sound and image system, counts too with a very confortable seats were you had fall asleep a lot those last weeks. The too familiar sound of the film being a lullaby for you.

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Short hiatus

So, my friends, I’ll be gone for the next two weeks. Probably will just log-in from time to time just to post the Most Relevant Cutiebutt Content(tm) such as the first photos of Naruto Stage and hopefully The Announcement that’s supposed to be dropped on the 19th…

Some of you might already know, if you read my tags, I’m taking an english proficiency test (Cambridge Advanced English) on June 7th and like, my dudes, I’m shit and I only have 2 weeks to prepare and I’d really like to focus on improving my writing and use of english skills.  I can easily pass the test, but the thing is that I need an almost perfect score (200 points out of 210 overall)

That and that I’ll be busy doing college/university stuff the next few weeks because I’m interested in staying in Canada a little bit longer.

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 11)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Recommended you’ve played at least one of Zen’s, Yoosung’s, or Seven’s routes.

Ping. Behind you on the bed, your phone lights up with a new notification. Dammit. You can’t read it from here, but you know it’s about 1:30 in the morning. The notification will be from Yoosung, spouting nonsense again about how he, Jaehee, and Zen are robots programmed and brainwashed by Seven and V. So this is it, then. All your efforts to remain friendly but emotionally distant with Zen are ultimately worthless. You knew it as soon as the 12:30am chatroom hadn’t shown up as it did when you spoke to Zen and reached the eleventh day, but had still held out some small hope that maybe you were wrong…

Unknown will be at your door in a few hours, then. Time to get ready for the reset. This Arabic workbook you’ve been studying from isn’t that great; you should get a different one next time. There’s no need to buy the TOEIC practice books over again… but you should probably get that English-to-Arabic dictionary again on the next loop. It’s been helping you keep up with your English while you study Arabic.

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Teaching My Kids to Play Magic – Five Things I’ve Learned

Around this time of year you may be thinking about gift ideas for the kids in your life, and you may be wondering if now is a good time to teach them to play Magic: the Gathering

Magic is a complex game that adults play at all levels of skill, from beginners to professionals. But despite the fractal-like complexity of the game, the basic rule set and premise of Magic makes it an excellent game to share with kids too. Just keep in mind that introducing young children to Magic can be very different from teaching it to a teen or adult. 

This year, my oldest daughter (age 7) and son (age 5) asked me to teach them to play Magic. It’s been a great experience and we’re having a lot of fun. We’re all learning a lot too. Below are the top five lessons I’ve learned while teaching my kids to play Magic. 

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Sister Zoned - Dean x Reader

A/N: Part Eleven! Getting close to an end! Thank you all so much for reading! I do have to add that if you guys think I could make improvements, or kind of slacked off on a part, let me know! I would love to be able to improve my writing skills! I know there’s some writers who get really upset over it, but I won’t- unless it’s just pure hate. Constructive criticism is always a good thing. Just be sure to point out the parts you do like as well, so I can differentiate between what needs work and where I’m good. I also welcome ideas, and whatnot being sent in. 

That being said, I received a message last night that I really appreciated that mentioned that the actual smut wasn’t as great as I’d built it up to be. So, I went back over it, and have to agree. I really rushed it, and just didn’t put as much effort into it as I could have. So, I’ve been tweaking it and trying to get it to match what I’d built it up to be in previous parts. Listening to all kinds of sexy songs to make sure I had the mood I wanted to create. I’ll be sure to post when it’s updated, so you can go back and reread it if you want! 

Warnings: Swearing. Bit of body desecration. Bit of fluff (not really a warning, but oh well). Some editing, but nothing huge.

Previous parts: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

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Word Count: 3358

The knots were too tight to twist out of, or loosen. But, you’d managed to find a body with a compound fracture. You used the bone to saw through the thin, but sturdy rope. You didn’t focus on how wrong it was, but on surviving. You had no idea how long it had taken, but you’d managed to weaken the rope enough to rip the last portion.. Your arms ached from the movement, stiff from how they’d been pinned behind you.

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October Cheerleader of the Month: Jasmine Owens-Oklahoma State University

Name: Jasmine Owens

Major: Strategic Communications  

School: Oklahoma State University

Years cheering: 7

Blog: http://cheerobbsessed.tumblr.com/

How did you get involved in cheerleading? I always went to my big sisters gymnastic classes and I always copied her, in the 6th grade I started taking tumbling classes at Spirit of Texas and the rest is history!

What is a typical week like for you? I wake up at 8:45 every weekday.

 Monday, Wednesday & Friday: class from 9:30-4:20 with some breaks in there; I watch a lot of TV! Shows like Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Dance Moms, Grey’s Anatomy Scandal, 19 Kids and Counting haha I watch it all!

 Tuesdays and Thursdays: I have 9 a.m. workouts with my team, and then I have class from 12:30-3:15 and regular cheer practice 8-10. If I’m not doing homework I am watching TV or hanging out with my two best friends Anna and Lacy!

Weekends: I go to church, try and make new friends around town and have practice 7-9 on Sundays

What is practice like for you? I carpool with my teammates Anna and Lacy and we arrive at practice about 15 minutes early so we can watch large coed practice (they are all amazing athletes). We warm up with high kicks, jumping jacks, lunges, etc. Then we circle up to pray and then do 5 standing back together. After that we circle up again in our stunt group and warm up 2 straight tosses and 2 full-ups. We tumble twice a week mainly focusing on jumps 2 to full for standing and right now I’m working on my whip punch full for running. We also alternate baskets (just got my double full)! And pyramid every other practice. Then we finish up with more group stunts.

What is your favorite thing about college cheer? One of my favorite things about college cheer is trying new things and my coaches pushing me to always get better! I just started flying this year so everything is so new and a little hard for me, but it feels amazing when I hit a new stunt for the first and my whole team cheers and yells good job! 

How have you managed to balance school, cheer, and a social life? As a freshman I’m still trying to figure out a balance those right now!  This is my first semester of college and it’s so different from high school.  I would say get a planner and write every little thing down in it! That should’ve been the first thing I did when I moved in, because I have forgotten to do my HW a few times. When it comes to my social life, my friends and I try to compare schedules to set up a weekly time to hang out. My friends and I meet 3 days a week for lunch in between classes. Also, studying together is a great way to kill 2 birds with one stone. You actually have so much extra free time in college, if you just finish your homework as soon as you finish class you have the rest of the day to hang out or tumbling, and do whatever else you want!

What were tryouts like for you? Tryouts were exhausting for me, it was a 3 day process of all day stunting, tumbling, and cheering. It was extremely stressful because I was trying stunts I had never attempted as a flyer or base. I had no idea what to do, but I did make a lot of great friends who were just as nervous as me.

What is something you love about cheering for your school? I love the family that comes along with it. We all have gotten so close, when someone is going through a hard time, we all pray for each other. At practice we encourage each other and it is a really positive environment. I already feel so close to my cheer team and it’s amazing to see how much we have already improved since the summer! They are my family and if I weren’t on OSU cheer I wouldn’t have met my 2 best friends!

What advice do you have for someone who is considering college cheer? Tryout! Don’t be intimidated by what you read on their website or see in their nationals videos. Most coaches are will take someone who is willing to give 110% and does not have all the skills needed, over a talented athlete who does not give there all!

What is something that cheerleading has taught you? I learned that being pushed out of your comfort zone will make you a stronger and better person.

Favorite animal: Elephant

Favorite book: The Fault in Our Stars

Favorite TV show: The Originals

Plans for after your cheer career is over? I plant to start coaching at a gym, and pursue a career in event planning and photography.