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“Story Time! Once a guy tried out an app and it changed his life. Thank you, Vine”

Yes, Vine. Thank you for bringing Thomas Sanders into my life! And can I just wanna say that I’m incredibly thankful that Vine was a thing!? And since I’ve done so many I felt the need to do one last Vine related drawing since it ended today!

Thomas, thank you so much for being the stupendous individual that you are and continue to be! It has been an honor and a privilege to watch you grow over these past 4 years!! I’m so freakin proud of you! And with Vine ending I feel we just finished the most recent chapter, that was just volume 1! Your story has only begun, Thomas! And honestly I can’t wait to see where it goes! I love you to the moon and back! ✌🏾️💜💚

Makkachin will be fine!

Yuri on Ice so far has always been an extremely positive show and it will remain as such. Do you really think they would kill a dog? Do you really think they would add this drawing at the end of the episode if they were going to kill him? Cause that would be twisted!

And remember, Makkachin is very much present in the Ending, looking alive and well, and the ending shots haven’t happened yet:

It’s really upsetting that Makkachin is suffering, but I’m pretty sure this was just done as an excuse to separate Victor and Yuuri for the sake of character development (and maybe have Victor finally learn about Vicchan while back in Japan). There’s no need, narrative wise, for Makkachin to die! What would we get from that? Victor being sad and in mourning for the rest of the season, how does that help the story? He’ll be good and healthy in no time, I’m sure.

Dating Castiel Would Include:

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Author’s Note: I haven’t caught up with supernatural because I’m lazy (I still need to watch 2&3) so here is a ‘dating x would include’, this is first one I’ve ever done and I hope you all like it!

  • Cas being really shy because you’re the first human he falls for.
  • Cas holding your hand all the time.
  • Cas giving you cheek kisses and making Dean gag.
  • Cas holding you close when your asleep because he knows about those nightmares.
  • Late night movie sessions to get Cas caught up in his pop culture.
  • Endless stories about Heaven and the Garrison. 
  • And stories of him and his brothers and sisters.
  • You learning Enochian so you all can send messages without the brothers knowing what you said.
  • You teaching Cas how to text.
  • Cas zapping you around the world to see a certain land mark just because.
  • Cas showing you his wings.
  • You telling Cas how beautiful they are.
  • You telling Cas how much you love him.
  • Being Proud of Cas no matter what he’s done.
  • Cas giving you silly nicknames like ‘honey bee’.
  • Making all sorts of angel puns.
  • Cas givng you soft kisses when no one’s around.
  • Laying your head on his shoulder while riding in the back of the impala.
  • Cas telling you he loves you so much.

This is a laptop desk that attaches to the steering wheel of your car, which is all that really needs to be said. But, of course, Amazon reviewers take pointing out what’s wrong with it to the next level.

I should point out that, when we’re done laughing at the stories of people mixing cocktails and eating chili while driving, there are some people who might actually get some use out of this when their car is safely parked. People like claims adjusters or real estate agents, who have to drive from client to client without returning to the office and need to do paperwork in the parking lot.

Not to be a wet blanket and say you can’t cut lines of coke during a high-speed chase once in a while. Just do it responsibly.

8 Stupid Amazon Products With Impressively Sarcastic Reviews

Erin’s guide to BACKGROUNDS

So seeing that you people really like my last background post I decided to make a tutorial on how to cr- i mean draw and colour backgrounds!

I always start with a story board kind of sketch

simple huh? NOPE! I use a graph to get the placements correct and i sometimes ditch ideas like the lights up in the upper left corner.

Then comes the LINEART OF DEATH

I even got lazy and used the lineart tool ( I drew this in SAI )

DONT DO THAT! Take as much time as you need to get the lineart done.

Then I go to flat colours + shading

IMPORTANT! When adding deeper shadows and overlay, DONT LEAVE IT LIKE THIS

This gives the picture less dimension.

What i recommend doing is something like this

Give the picture more colour! Use many layers if needed! This is for the best result.

You can edit as many times as you need to. The finished product will look something like this:

And thats my guide on how I create background art! This method also works for nature and landscapes for example

And thats about all I can really say about drawing backgrounds. In my opinion, when ever your going through a bad time or you have drawing block, look at your surroundings and see what you can come up with. I usually draw these as stress relievers, seeing to how much stress I’m under right now. Other than that… have fun!

Off To The Races Pt. 2 - Stiles Stilinski AU

REQUESTED: Yes, requested by @missconverseshoes ! In all honesty, I kind of wanted to write this second part anyway, but I wanted to see that people were enjoying it before I bothered.

WARNINGS: Swearing, smut (daddy kink, kinda rough)

SUMMARY: So, you made it safely away. You have a new place, a new life. But  not everything’s going to be alright. (Takes place a few months after Pt. 1)

NOTES: Okay, so I’m basically doing a whole tonne of writing today. I’m about a week behind on my NaNoWriMo stuff, so I really need to push on and get past that mid-book crisis I’m having. (The middle is always the worst part of any big story :( )

Also, I have to create a worksheet for my class based off a powerpoint my friend has so kindly created, so that needs to be done.

Anyways, enjoy, and if you want Part 3, then message me! <3

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How to write your book step 193

Take your inspiration where ever it comes.  

I’ve been struggling a lot recently, and my writing has suffered.
This morning i was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I happened upon this quote “The hardest part of success is consistency.” Tyler Wagner 

It was an advertisement or click bait  titled ‘Write What You Love’
And that’s where my inspiration was hidden. Of course I clicked. Although I didn’t read the article. I don’t know who Tyler Wagner is. But it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that in those words alone i felt this twang of feeling, a tug on my heart strings, the want and need to carry on, to get my story out, to write what I love. 

But the key here is really that the hardest part to success..to success of ANY kind, is consistency. That means, not waiting for inspiration like I have done.
It means dedication and self fulfillment. It means to keep on writing. To keep having a go. To keep on, keeping on.
Success is content. Content is success. You just have to put in the time, the effort, the application, the skill building, the consistent continuation of your enthusiasm, even when you think there isn’t that much left..

Just relax and do it.
That’s all.
Just have a go.
and keep on having a go, again and again and again.

I love these cuties. 

After the shitstorm that was yesterday and today, I seriously needed fluffy, comfort, and cute things. So have some soriel from our @royalbluetale blog. 

I have a bunch of other doodles I have done since late last night, but a lot of them are either my OC’s from original stories that none of ya’ll really know or are spoilers from royalbluetale that I can’t post yet. If I make anything else, I’ll post it. 

Hey guys! I am so sorry, I know you all dear fruity goos need my help right now but… long story short it was an awful day, and I REALLY need to start getting better notes or I might lose the year, and I am just STARTING the year!

That means… I’ll answer to y’all once my hw is done! is kinda short I think but I need to stop pushing it aside! 

I am so sorry… I hate school…

It’d be really nice if you guys could pray for me. I have to do three days worth of math tomorrow, along with writing my entire short story. I also have my audition on Saturday, which I’m exceedingly nervous about, and a concert on Monday. I really need to be able to concentrate on my work tomorrow so that I can get it done in time. Thanks!!

Jesus H. Christ, an entire day wasted playing my cutesy feelgood Alphyne Sims 4 household and a chance glance at a single piece of news was enough to bring me down completely and probably give me nightmares.

In happier news, Alphys and Undyne have a toddler.  Also, because I have the city expansion pack, they live in a cute little apartment with a godawful neighbor, and like… idek, Sims 4 neighbors are much worse than the neighbors I have now, so I’m not sure if my RL neighbors are weirdly great or the Sims 4 neighbors are always just unrealistically terrible.  I’d like them to have another kid or two but the neighbor makes it hard for the kid to get sleep, and there’s not really enough room for another kid right now, so they’re saving up to move to the suburbs.

Anyway the toddler hates the neighbor and he yelled at her once and she just shouted right back, tried to hit him (she missed), and stomped off, which was great.  Unfortunately I can rarely get Alphys or Undyne to yell at him when he’s being FUCKING LOUD after midnight.  I tried to get Undyne to intimidate him into shutting the fuck up – you’d think a musclebound police captain in an eyepatch (I found an eyepatch mod.  I found TWO eyepatch mods, actually, so she has her regular eyepatch and also a formal one with spikes and roses on it) showing off her muscles and explaining that her toddler needs her fucking sleep would get him to be less blase about it.

It did not work.  Now Undyne and the horrible neighbor are good friends.  They spar, and he likes listening to piano music, I guess.  But he still gets noisy basically every other night as soon as I’ve gotten the toddler to sleep, and is significantly crankier than said toddler when people tell him to knock it off.

Now Alphys I can occasionally get to yell at him – one time she had to get up during the night to go to the bathroom and then FOUND HIM IN THEIR KITCHEN EATING THEIR SPAGHETTI and she informed him that he would be leaving like, yesterday – but she’s always exhausted at the end of the day so I feel bad having her spend like half an hour arguing with someone at 2 AM on a work night.  Also she has the Gloomy trait so she’s sad a lot for no particular reason.  (Just like how depression works in real life!)  So I was having trouble with her too.

Then I remembered that Alphys has a freeze ray.  So now our neighbor shuts up pretty quickly, and I hope he is enjoying his new side job as a part-time ice sculpture.

(hahaha no I don’t, fuck that guy.)

Writing development tip: If you’re constantly drawing blanks on it, it probably isn’t necessary.

If you’re like me and you LOVE world building then you probably crack your knuckles and go all out. You create the littlest details. And while it is fun at first, it can quickly get boring and you don’t want to get as detailed as you once did. 

If there is a piece of your lore, a part of your world that you dread creating and/or cannot think of, then you probably don’t need it. There are certain aspects of world building that are necessary and boring, but you often get them done regardless of whether or not its fun because it’s actually mandatory. However, if you find yourself really just not being able to create something, then just scrap it! If you’re having that hard of a time then it’s really not going to impact your story that much anyway. 

For example, in a science fiction story I once created I wanted to write down the differences between warships, explorer ships, and cargo ships for each alien species. It was…not that fun and I never did more than two different species. And it never even mattered anyway in my story so it was nothing I needed to even worry about! 

So if you can’t create something, work on something you can and odds are it’ll work out better anyway.

Writing Challenges

hey mentees! we wanted to encourage you to continue writing - every day or once a week, whatever works for you. so in that vein, we’d like to hear from you: answer this with your most frustrating seasons of writers’ block, tell us a story about a time you just couldn’t get the words out, or give us a list of the ways in which you really don’t get it done.

sounds crazy, I know, but sometimes we just need to hear we’re not alone. 

have you had issues with getting the story down? let us know!

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Not seen you much right now. Wanted to how your feel about current storylines. I'm still struggling, still trying to find points in positivity posts. But, dont answer this if you're uncomfortable.

Hello lovely. I totally understand that you are still struggling. I’ve struggle to see the point in it all if I’m being honest. They promised us one thing and gave us another. I’m not really sure where they are going with this story right now but I’m going to wait it out. I absolutely refuse to get caught up in the spoilers and speculation right now. What’s the point? What’s done is done and we just have to let it all play out. 

I needed a couple days to sort though my crazy thoughts. Which in all honesty can be really difficult when you follow people with such opposing views. But I’m not going anywhere. I’m still invested. I never even fully considered no longer shipping them. I still love Robert. HE’S A FUCK UP BUT HE’S MY FUCK UP! When you TRULY LOVE a character you don’t just love them at their best. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THEM AT THEIR WORST TOO. Aaron was my first love but Robert wormed his way in there and now for better or worse we are all stuck together. As you can see my bi pride icon is still in place and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 

I know it might seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel right now, and this is a totally different set of circumstances, but there have been a few times while watching these two that I thought this is it. I can’t do it anymore but somehow ED was able to turn it around for me. I’m holding out hope that they are able to do this again. I know it will be hard but I’m not ready to give up just yet. There are so many amazing people who are really lovely and positive. Try to stay with them and try to steer away from the negativity. Most people are kind enough to tag so if you can blacklist DON’T BE AFRAID TO USE IT AND BLOCK WHEN NECESSARY! Anything that makes your time here less enjoyable. I’m not sure this helped at all but if you ever need someone to talk to I’m here anytime. Massive amounts of love and hugs to you. <333

WIP’s you need to get on.

Dynasty by staggie21
[Explicit] This is a fighting/MMA au and I’m in love. First off, I know nothing about the technical aspects of MMA but I wasn’t confused at all or lost in anything because everything is so easy to understand, and the balance between the fighting, the emotions, the story etc. is done so well. Instant favorite. 

Restoration by pink_ink
[Mature] I was really intrigued by this because I’ve never seen it before. It’s a construction/contractor type au. I mean the summary is “Old house, new love. Construction workers Ian and Mickey meet on a home restoration job.” How fucking cute is that. It’s written so beautifully and I’m really excited about it.

How To Be a Rock Star by BeckyHarvey29
[Mature] It’s gonna be fucking amazing. It already is fucking amazing. Ian’s a writer for Rolling Stone. Mickey is a little closed-off snarky bitch rock star. Ian’s assigned to go on tour with Mickey’s band… and Mickey is like no thanks. I. Am. Excited.

The Harder You Fight by fallingforcas
[Not Rated] This is another fighting au, but it’s centered around boxing. It’s based on the movie Southpaw. And…. oh my god. I honestly can’t even begin to explain how much this fic pulls at my heart. Written beutifully and the emotions are so raw and real that ugh *takes deep breath*. Read it.

La Vie En Rose by AnotherGallavichLove
[Explicit] So, the premise of this is it’s been 20 years since 5x12. And I don’t want to give everything away, but a lot has happened to both Mickey and Ian since –obviously, I mean it’s been 20 years


i normally hate plane rides, but they did give me a chance to catch up on some reading i haven’t been able to get done during this hurricane of a semester :) ft. the hate u give by angie thomas (which was PHENOMENALLY done in respect to police brutality. conservative or liberal, give it a read) and crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo (sequel to a good book™, six of crows)

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Yay it's me - "Not be Mad"!!! Thank you sooooooo much. And yay again! Any time you want to make me not mad again, go for it. I can't tell you without sounding like an idiot how much I have missed this story and this version of Jamie and Claire. You just got them...you know? This story felt so real I will need to check in on them sometimes, see how they and the kids are doing. Guessing that Claire is preggo again from the nursery. Thanks again.

You are very welcome! It gave me a chance to get out of my head and get back to them for a bit, which I haven’t really done since I finished it tbh. I’m really glad you liked it! 

Is Claire pregnant with Bree, and Jenny was just babysitting Faith and her bairns or is Claire pregnant with a 3rd bairn  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  😉

Come back any time, NbM. <3<3<3

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19 F Russia whould you consider making a writing masterpost or what you use to write so well??

Wow well I had an amazing high school literature teacher who make me read the new yorker every week for a year.  she also said if you want to write well you need to read a lot.

I don’t really use anything specifically, I’ve been reading a lot of figure drawing books so … I guess technical writing as opposed to fantastical writing which is what I do, and I also watch a lot of cartoons and anime–not for the show itself, but just to identify story elements, effects, character types and arcs.  I usually skip around.

I think I read somewhere that the differance between you and other people is the amount of work they’ve done.  you right now have really good taste you just need to do work which is why 30 days of writing is a short story exploration because I want to get better at writing that kind of thing.  

I was planning on turning them eventually into novels or lite novels and sending them into contests.

I hope that helps, I kno I rambled a bit.  I will probably not make a masterpost right now, but I’m sure @wordsnstuff has some excellent masterposts you should check out if thats what you’re looking for.

To-Do List

I was tagged by @neverending-shenanigans to do this To Do list challenge, which is pretty helpful because I have to make a list anyway.

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

  • Look over script
    • I’m in a school play which opens TOMORROW and I need to go over the script again to check the parts where I get tripped up. Apparently this is one of the longest student-written plays we’ve done before and it’s really cool
  • Computer Science assignment
    • lol it’s due Saturday I’m not doing that yet
  • Lit review
    • Not due until Wednesday, but it’s of four sources so I should really work on that
  • Laundry
  • Take return to Target; purchase new tights
    • For play, must do tomorrow
  • Check Clothes Mentor for clothes (optional)
  • Start short story (stories) for English
  • Clean room
  • Come up with a costume concept idea by Tuesday
  • Study abroad meeting tomorrow
  • Think about Shakespeare project; plan
  • Get a massage/manicure on Saturday
    • At this point I fucking need one so tired so sore and it’s time for fucking sleep. But I can’t. Because homework.

This is my to-do list as of now. This will definitely change by tomorrow or Friday. I’m back at work next week too, which is going to be a thing that occupies time. I’ll be up at 8 am three days that week (normally I don’t have to get up until 10)

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I tag anyone who wants in on this! We all like to share our to-do lists so we can organize our fucking lives