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Taking an exchange year??

Hey! I am really indecisive and need some advice. I am from and live in Sweden and I am thinking about going my junior year of high school as an exchange student in America. I really want to do this but there is a lot of things that make me doubtful ex. the fact that I will have to redo that year when I get back and therefore will be in a new class. I’m afraid of how my relationship with my current friends will be if I come back and start in another class. Honestly I sometimes feel a little misplaced in my current group of friends in school but I am afraid it’s going to be awkward between me and them when I come back.
I know I would still be able to keep close contact with my parents but I would barely see my little sister for nearly a year :/ (TBH I am also terrified that my cat is going to forget me haha).
If anyone has any experience with doing thisor just has some thought please message me and share them!!

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Yep!  I’m fine!

The owner of the vehicle just backed up into my friend’s car when we were coming back from going Pokemon GO-ing.  It wasn’t too severe so I don’t need to be worried about whiplash or concussion, my friend’s car just got scratched on the side.  She and the other car owner did the whole car insurance swap but it wasn’t too bad when we looked at it when we got back to school.

I’m still a bit shaken up about it, but otherwise I’m fine.  Really does not help me overcoming my fear of driving and getting into an accident X’D;


Lin Manuel x Reader
Words: 1132
Request: could you maybe do a lin x reader, where reader plays eliza and performs burn the night after they found out their s/o cheated on them and actually cries on stage and lin comforts them bc he’s in love with the reader and hates to see them hurt and it’s really super fluffy,,, bc whenever i hear burn i start crying and i need some lin fluff

i’m sorry i’m so mopey i’m just sick of losing all my friends, especially the ones who i thought i meant something to. 
I’m staying up for a while tonight. I’m quite tired, but my friend really wants anthony to notice her letter so i’m staying up for her. i’m going to do quite a bit of writing to pass the time, because i haven’t posted in a while and i feel bad for not doing so. I’m going to get back to normal hopefully. I just have one more week of school and then i’ll have time to myself.

thankyou all for sticking with me even if i’m super whiny and boring. requests are open, take care of yourselves friends x


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Everyone seemed to sense that something was off when you walked into the Richard Rodgers. Your earphones fitted securely over your ears, cutting you off from the rest of the cast. Your usually vibrant eyes were puffy, and slightly red. The smile that usually appeared when you got to work was nowhere to be found. You tried your best to act normal, but it was hard. You felt terrible, alone and betrayed. You were hurt, and you had no one.

When you found out that your partner had cheated on you, the world around you collapsed. The light in your life was gone. You were living out of a suitcase on your friend’s couch, and the couch was as hard as stone. You hadn’t slept since you found out. You were running on coffee and the knowledge that you had a show to complete.

You flinched when you felt someone tap you on your shoulder. You slowly pulled off your headphones, turning. You smiled weakly at Lin, putting your bag down.

“Are you okay?” Lin asked. You nodded slowly.

“Yeah, things are just a bit rough at the moment. I’m fine, honestly,” You croaked, ignoring his concerned gaze. His eyes studied your movements carefully, he gently pulled you into a hug.

“Just remember, we’re a family. If there’s anything going on and we can help, let us know,” Lin said, rubbing your back. You shivered at his touch.

“I… I will. Thank you,” You whispered, pulling away from the hug. “Ready for tonight, Hamilton?”

“Of course, best of wives and best of women,” Lin said, smiling. “I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah,” You replied quietly, picking up your bag again and heading into the dressing rooms.

The show that night was hard. In Helpless, you weren’t even half as lively as usual. You found it hard to feel something for Alexander as Eliza when you felt nothing. In That Would Be Enough, you were flat. You had dreams with your partner, you had planned to have children. You had planned for the future…

Say No To This ruined your night. You had to leave side stage and hide until the song was over. You couldn’t bare to watch. You knew Jasmine was an angel and would never cheat on anyone, but… it hurt. You saw your partner in them. You saw the betrayl. You saw the pain that you had been feeling. For the first time, you saw history through Eliza’s eyes.

You watched from the wings as The Reynolds Pamphlet slowly finished. You grabbed your lantern and paper, smiling weakly at Anthony who had just come offstage. He gave you a supportive smile, standing back and letting you enter the stage.

It was then that for the realisation hit again. There were so many reasons that your partner could’ve cheated, which one was it? You recalled the conversations in your head, the words of hatred towards you. The love that you thought you had shared…

The tears slowly started to slip out of your eyes as you sang. You felt vulnerable, sitting in the middle of a theatre filled with people. You were sharing your experience with them, but they had no idea. You took a deep breath, trying to snap out of it. The tears kept flowing down your cheeks.

“I hope that you burn,” You sang quietly at the end of the song, grabbing the lantern and exiting the stage.

You began to sob once your mic was turned off, trying to compose yourself. Renee and Jasmine came running, pulling you into a group hug.

“That was the best I’ve ever heard you sing that song. We all had goosebumps,” Renee whispered, wiping the mascara from under your eyes. “We need to fix your makeup before you go back on.”

You nodded slowly, clinging to Renee weakly. “I… I’m sorry. I should’ve told someone. I…”

“Told someone what?” Renee whispered, rubbing your back. Jasmine pulled away from the hug, running to get some powder.

“They… they cheated. I have nowhere to stay, I haven’t slept in so long…. I’m hurt,” You whispered. You jumped when you heard the shotgun sound effect at the end of Blow Us All Away.

“We need to talk about this after,” Renee whispered, grabbing the powder from Jasmine and quickly applying it over your tear tracks. “Right now, you need to go witness your son dying.”

You laughed quietly, looking down at your dress. Your eyes widened. “Crap!” You exclaimed, quickly stripping your dress off and stepping into the other one. “Zip me up quick quick quick.”

Jasmine zipped up the dress, pushing you onto the stage. You wrapped your arm around Anthony, letting out your remaining tears.

Once the show finished, you found that almost everyone was hugging you and offering you a place to stay. After removing your makeup and costume, you headed for the stage door, only to have Lin stop you.

“That was the best I’ve ever heard you sing (Y/N). That was incredible,” Lin said, opening the door for you. You smiled politely, stepping out into the streets of New York.

“I was just doing my best. Some of tonight wasn’t that great, I’ll be honest with you. But it’s moments like these when you realise how loving the theatre community really is. I don’t think I’ve ever received that many hugs in my life!” You stated, smiling at the thought of the massive group hug the cast had a few moments before.

“I love the theatre. I truly do. And I love everyone in it. Tell me, where are you staying at the moment? I know you were living with your partner…” Lin asked, shutting the stage door and walking along beside you.

“Friend’s couch. It’s not much, but it’s enough. I don’t have any other choice,” You said, shrugging.

“I think you have plenty of choices. You know, I have a friend with a bed that I’m sure he’d be willing to lend to you until you’re back on your feet. I bet he’d even take the couch instead of you,” Lin stated, avoiding your eyes. He looked at his feet, smiling.

“Your friend sounds amazing. Do I know them?” You asked.

“Well, yeah. You definitely do…” Lin started, trailing off. He hesitated, before adding, “It’s me! I’m the friend!”

You laughed quietly. “That would be incredible Lin. But only if you wanted to deal with my lack of sleep and happiness,” You said.

“Oh trust me, you don’t even know what a lack of sleep is yet. When I was writing the show…”

You continued to walk home with Lin, happily listening to his stories. The week that had started off roughly was ending well, and you sure couldn’t wait to sleep in a real bed again.


However, before you read this please be informed that I have two breaks throughout the school year, the first break being the midterm break and the second break being the one over the holidays. Okay, now you may proceed hehez.

1. GIVE YOURSELF A FEW DAYS OF LIBERTY - It’s a break. Basically, have some time for yourself and distance yourself from any school-related crap you have in your house or room and relax. For example: in my midterm break was for a week so I took a day off from any school-related crap while my holiday break was two weeks so I took a week off.

2. LIST DOWN EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO DO OVER THE BREAK - List down your homeworks, reading assignments, projects, revisions you intend on doing, and if you feel like it, do some advance readings (it really helps, I swear). List down school supplies that you need to replenish so when you get back to school you’ll be once again armed to fight the forces within your school grounds. 

3. SCHEDULE THE THINGS YOU HAVE TO DO - Write down the days up until the day before you go back to school. After that, schedule those things you have to do. You could see I have two tables; one titled Reading Assignments and the second one titled with Revise, HW, MI (projects), and so on. In the list that I made before, I color coded the tasks so when I scheduled them there’s only dots as the tasks with its corresponding color. I shaded with a gray marker the days wherein there’s an event that will keep me from studying.

4. MAKE A TIMETABLE - Make a timetable and follow it. Be a bit strict with yourself. If you’re not able to follow it, it’s fine; however, you’ll be delayed in accomplishing your tasks and will have to adjust your schedule.


hope this helps :))

To everyone who’s been reblogging, I really appreciate it!!!!

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I’m not in physical danger as of now but my dad can escalate and he will definitely destroy my property and I can’t have him ripping up my siddur or tanakh with HaShem’s name. I can’t have that on my conscience.

I’ve been given an ultimatum stop this or leave.

My family (mother, sisters and sister in law) know and are supportive so they can help me but since my one sister and nephew moved back home things have been really difficult and both parents want me to leave soon. I’m 20, looking for work and out of school currently.

I’ll find work. And safe right now. Next couple days is planning and talking with family.

I’m gonna get through this. It’s gonna be ok. Everyone reblogging though is so unexpected and beautiful, thank you guys so much. I really appreciate it.

I’ll keep everyone posted but I’ll need to leave soon.

aclosetlarryshipper Author Spotlight
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Here is this week’s Author Spotlight!!! As always, I post the author’s top three stories! If you want me to spotlight your work, or want me to review anyone else, just throw it in my ask

1. Pi Time (16k)

Harry, 20.
Less Than 1 Mile Away, Active 1 minute ago.
I think when it comes down to it, I’m just looking for someone supportive. That’s all I really need in life. I know this is an app, but we can find people in all the most obscure places ☺ -H.S


Hot, hipster Harry from Tinder is nothing like Louis expected.

2. Mine Now (32k)

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

3. Orange Canvas  (25k)

Few can handle Louis Tomlinson on the dance floor, much less match him in skill and fervor. Louis has obviously met his soul mate; he just never expected him to be wearing a red snapback and to chew gum like an entitled Mercedes owner.


A spring break (kind of) fake relationship AU

Tumblr: @thedarkestlarrie

Haikyuu headcanons

inspired by my life

- Oikawa has a big ass rainbow flag in his room. He bought it at a festival a year ago and loves it very much. That’s also how he basically came out to his mom.

- Hinata has to go to the toilet when he’s in school. Every 30 minutes. It never happens at work or at home but every time he’s in school he needs to pee all the time. His classmates tease him about it and even the teachers think it’s funny.

- Iwaizumi has a body pillow with his fave anime character and can’t sleep without it anymore.

- Terushima’s mood is controlled by the weather: when it’s rainy and cloudy he gets anxious and sad, but when the sun is out he’s happy and feels safe. No one really knows why.

- Kindaichi always complains about his back. It hurts all the time from his job. He takes a bath every day and gets a massage from his mom before going to bed but nothing helps. Kunimi feels sorry for his bf, even if it’s annoying.

- Kuroo loves the “does jumin han is gay” video and watches it weekly

- Bokuto loves to play mk8 online, but hates losing. Every time he’s playing, he puts on loud trap music, which riles him up and makes him better.

- Hanamaki says he loves reading even though he hasn’t touched a book in weeks. (He’s talking about fanfiction.)

- Akaashi often turns on pop music, gets a hair brush and starts singing in front of the mirror, pretending to be at “America’s got talent”.

- Every time Lev texts with his best friend he often uses caps and exclamation marks. He also makes very much mistakes. (For example: I CANYD BELIEVE DTHEY KISSED YAZKU DID YOU SEE THAT YURI ON ICE ENDED HOMOPJOBXIA??!!! WHAT ETHDF. FUCK)


Frisktale #08

Finally, I am back :( SO SORRY for taking another 4 MONTHS to update a single chapter of Frisktale… i am a butt.

And there are few more things:

1. About the Story: Again, really really sorry for taking this long to update. Like I said, I was planning to do the weekly update and there come school stuff and work stuff and other stuff… but no worries, I promise, I will finish the story.  

2. About Q&A: I am really bad in using Tumblr and ASK but for sure I will do a Q&A post in the future. I will probably post it at once when I have enough questions cuz I don’t want to let the Q&A section filling my whole homepage DX so plz don’t get panic if I don’t get back to you right away. If you need a permission or have an emergency, just PM me :D I am a nice person I don’t bite(usually). 

3. The last thing: Thank you, thank you all for liking, reblogging, and commenting my works. I know it sounds like a cliche but really, thank you. 

"For the Love of God Shawn!"

Shawn Mendes
Words ~ 1,300-ish
Summary ~ People need to stop Dabbing
Warning ~ Swearing? I guess?
Note ~ This turned out way longer than I originally planned.

Tonight really wasn’t going to well. When my friend invited me to her “small get-together with some friends from High School”, I didn’t expect to be spending a cold October night locked outside in her back garden with twenty odd slightly drunk teenagers I hardly knew.

As my friend got busy trying to unlock the door, so I went and sat on one of the deck chairs around the pool. I took a sip of the drink someone handed me, instantly regretting it as the bitter taste covered my mouth. I looked around, trying to find a place to discreetly spit out the foul tasting liquid.

My eyes made contact with a - very attractive - guy across the garden. He didn’t even seem to notice the very beautiful girl hanging off his arm, trying to gain his attention. He smiled at me. I could tell he was trying to hold in his laughter, lifting an eyebrow as to question the stupid look that must be plastered on my face.

Well, this is a bit awkward.

I quickly swallowed the liquid and looked away. Suddenly the label on the bottle looked very interesting. I started peeling apart the label when I heard my name being called. I looked up to see my friend waving me over to the small group still trying to open the door.

Sighing, I made my way towards them, briefly skimmed across the garden for the awkward eye contact guy. He didn’t seem to be about, which was good; I didn’t want to embarrass myself further by bumping into him.

A chorus of loud cheers erupted from a group a boys as I walked by. My friend started yelling something in my direction, but the sound was lost over the loud music.

A lot happened in the next few seconds. I could hear the slapping sound as the hand came into contact with my face. The force of the hit knocked me onto the floor, my bottle smashing on the patio where I landed. At first I didn’t feel any pain, but within a few seconds a sharp pain shot through my face.

“Shit, Shawn!” One of the guys in the group yelled. A hand wrapped around my arm as someone helped me to my feet. As if things couldn’t get any worse, I turned around finding the awkward eye contact guy staring down at me.

“I’m so, so sorry.” The guy - Shawn - apologized. I could sense him becoming more panicked as blood started trickling from my nose and mouth.

“It’s okay.” I mumbled as not to get any blood in my mouth.

“Come over here.” Shawn carefully lead me around the broken glass to the better lit side of the patio. He pulled out a tissue from his jeans pocket and handed it to me. I pressed it to my nose, trying to stop the blood from flowing. I felt his hand on my cheek as he started dabbing away the rest of the blood with his sleeve. “I’m really sorry.”

“Seriously, it’s alright. What was you trying to do anyway? I mean, I’m guessing you don’t normally go around punching girls in the face.”

Shawn chuckled, “I punch all the beautiful girls in the face, how else are they going to notice me?”

A pleasant heat washed onto my cheeks, cutting through the pain. Was he trying to flirt with me? An attractive guy just punched me in the face and was now flirting with me. This night was taking a very strange turn.

“I was trying to dab.” He told me. I tried so, so hard not to laugh, “Hey, it’s a lot harder than it looks.”

I completely lost it. I let out an obnoxiously loud laugh, right in Shawn’s face. I clamped my hand over my mouth, a stinging pain followed causing me to wince.

My heart picked up speed as Shawn’s hand wrapped around mine, pulling it away from my face. He wiped the remaining blood from my face. I looked up to find him staring back at me, a giant, goofy smile on his face.

“I think you’ve stopped bleeding.” Shawn whispers. I pulled the bloody tissue away, but he doesn’t move his hands away from my face.

“Why are you still touching me then?” I asked, not that I minded him touching me. His hands where surprisingly warm, which was nice compared to how cold I was.

Shawn shrugged again and dropped his hand. The warmth was gone, replaced with icy cold air. A shiver ran along my body.

“Here.” Shawn unzipped his hoodie. I was about to reject his kind offer, not wanting him to be cold, but he was already wrapping it around my shoulders, “It’s the least I can do.”

I pulled my arms through the overly big jacket, the sleeves extending long past my hands. I caught sight of all the blood splattered across the grey fabric. Jesus, how much blood did I lose? “Do you want me to get this washed for you?”

“I punch you in the face, and you feel bad about getting blood on my jacket?” Shawn laughed. I shrugged, looking down to avoid his gaze, my cheeks burning up. It did sound a bit stupid when he puts it like that, “But if it means seeing you again and the possibility of a date, then I’m fine with that.”

My eyes shot back up to his. I must be hearing something wrong. He seriously couldn’t want to go on a date me after what he’s seen tonight; that stupid face I pulled and my face being all beaten up. And what happened to that girl?

“What about that girl all over you earlier? She seemed really into you.” I already felt stupid for asking. He gave me a confused look.

“Oh, you mean her.” His face lit up as he remembered, “Yeah, I have no idea who she is. She’s been following me around since I got here. I was actually trying to talk to you, but she got in the way.” Yup, defiantly felt stupid now, “So is that a yes to the date?”

My friend cut me off before I could reply. She ran over to us, practically shoving Shawn out the way so she could see my face.

“What the hell did you do to her?” My friend yelled as she grabbed my face in her hands, making sure I didn’t have any serious injuries.

“He was trying to dab. I’m fine, really. It looks worse than it feels.” I reassured her. When she finally stopped fussing over my face, she spun around, slapping Shawn in the chest.

“For the love of God Shawn! Were you trying to kill her!” Each word was followed by a slap, but he didn’t even flinch. Shawn and I couldn’t help but laugh at her over reaction. We were still laughing when she finished her abuse on him, “Well, we got the door open. You better go help her clean up.”

Shawn let go of her hands and grabbed mine, dragging me away before she could start hitting him again. He didn’t let go until we made it to the bathroom. I grabbed a towel from the cupboard and ran it under some warm water.

I looked at myself for the first time since the incident. A blackish-purple bruise was already forming on my right cheek, my lip was bust and there was dried blood everywhere. What the hell am I going to tell my parents tomorrow?

“You got me good.” I joked as I started wiping away at the blood. Through the mirror, I watched as Shawn sat on the edge of the bath; he was looking down, playing with the ring on his hand.

“I really am sorry.” Shawn said a lot more seriously this time. I didn’t know how to reply. I couldn’t just keep saying I’m fine, my face did hurt like a bitch. But I didn’t want him feeling like it was his fault, it was an accident after all.

I threw the blood covered towel into the hamper and joined Shawn on the edge of the tub, knocking my knee against his. He turned towards me, shooting a weak smile in my direction.

“So, when’s that date of ours?”

Better (Jay Park)

Requested by anon

Prompt: “You don’t know me as well as you think you do.”

A/N: This is for all of you who, like myself at the moment, are trying to make difficult decisions and are struggling with school, work, or anything really. You can do it!!

P.S. Wow, didn’t realize what a sucker I was gonna be for supportive older brother Jay Park 😂😂

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    You groaned, crossing your arms on top of your textbook and burying your face in them.

    “You okay?” Jay asked.

    You sighed. “I think my brain is dead.”

    He laughed, reaching over to squeeze your arm. “You need to take a break and come back to it. Wanna go to the gym with me or something?”

    You shook your head. “Thanks though. I think I just wanna get it done.”

     He nodded. “Ok. What subject is it?”

    “Calc,” you said, forcing yourself to sit upright and grabbing your pencil again.

    “But I thought you liked calc?” Jay asked.

    “I used to. But it just takes so long and I don’t really feel like there’s a reason for me to be taking it,” you said.

    “Won’t it be required for a computer science degree?” he asked. “Might as well get it done now.”

    “That’s what I thought, but I’ve been questioning if I even want to do computer science and if I don’t I might not need this,” you explained. “You don’t know me as well as you think you do, Jay. I… I’m not as sure about any of this stuff as I thought.” The question of what you should do with your life had been bouncing around at the forefront of your mind for months and no matter how much you thought and prayed about it, you still couldn’t seem to figure it out.

    “All right, that’s it,” Jay said. “We’re going out for ice cream and we’re gonna talk about this. Cause I got some stuff to tell you that might help.”

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Ramblings cause I can’t sleep. So I’m thinking. We only have 3 days left which is a maximum of 3 clips and a minimum of 2. 

The SLs this season: 

  • Isak/Sana SL: completed 
  • Isak/Emma SL: completed 
  • The locker saga: completed 
  • Isak/The boys communication issues: completed 
  • Isak/his parents SL: completed 
  • Isak’s internalized homophobia: completed 
  • Isak/sleep SL: completed 
  • Isak’s views on mentally ill people (regardless of Even): completed 
  • Isak/Vilde/kosegruppa SL: completed 
  • Isak/Sonja: completed (?sorta? I don’t think they need to meet irl tbh) 

 Things that could be in the next 2-3 clips: 

  • Isak tells Even he loves him (I will die shdhshss even if he doesn’t really have to say it idkk)
  • Even goes back to school 
  • Even gets better 
  • Even/Linn 
  • Some sort of Isak/Even heart to heart? (Although I think the Minute By Minute clip and Even’s text were ICONIC and said everything) 
  • Even surprises Isak during gym class 
  • The boys go see the dance chicks again (idk it was funny okay)
  • Kosegruppa partaaaaay (and public Isak/Even + my death) 
  • Noora/William 
  • Eva????? (Doubt it) 
  • Who will next season be about awww 
  • (notice how nothing negative is in this list. I simply refuse. Bye)

EDIT: Crossing out things as they happen kfsjkdjksjkldjksdkjd

-the signs as Tyler Joseph’s tweets-

Aries: Dear future dime-piece wife, I’m really going to need you to help me eat healthier. I cooked a McDouble over a bonfire once.

Taurus: Got too nervous to say hey to a random kid I saw wearing my band’s shirt today. Hashtag.hey

Gemini: Had to do a presentation in elementary school about my ethnicity and heritage. I told my whole class I was part lesbian instead of Lebanese. 

Cancer: One of my masks ripped and Josh sewed it back together. I’m talking legitimate thread and needle type stuff. #marriagematerial

Leo: I want to get a tattoo of a baby cow on my calf.

Libra: When you say something clever and someone asks, “Haha what’s that from?” Me. It’s from me. I’m hilarious, Mom. 

Scorpio: Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs crawl in your ear and whisper threatening things that make you question yourself.

Virgo: “@ashleyisashark jokes on you I’m done with all my finals” Jokes on you, I dropped out of college. 

Sagittarius: If I “like” or “favorite” anything of yours you can pretty much guarantee that I’m on the toilet. 

Capricorn: When I was little I would use a big stick to smack leaves of trees and yell, “Quit hitting yourself!” :sigh: Now I pay bills n’stuff.

Aquarius: Almost got in a fight at McDonalds. And by ‘almost’ I mean I sat there and pretended I didn’t notice that big strong man splash coke on me. 

Pisces: Songs talking about partying until the sun comes up make me nervous. What an awful party. I’m going to be so tired. Just let me sleep. Please.

Short Announcement and HC

How about the RFA reacting to a bitter MC since the RFA once remarked that they’re not trustworthy and MC took it to heart? And then the RFA attempts to win them over? I need the angst and fluff.

Hey everybody! Uh, sorry for the disappearance hehe… well, Admin Mazz and I had things to deal with in school, and I hope you can all understand that it can take a while to get back on track when it comes to grades! (The only reason why we were gone) We really didn’t plan on disappearing for so long… We really do mean it when we say sorry! And, I’m apologizing on Admin Mazz’s behalf, due to the fact that she felt too overwhelmed to continue writing for the blog, especially because she feels she can’t keep up with school and the blog simultaniously. She’s not gone forever, though! Don’t worry! She’ll be there to type the NSFW stuff, since I’m only here for the fluff ^w^ But! I hope you guys won’t mind me taking over the blog a little bit! It’s good to be back everybody! I’m planning on posting a HC or scenario once a day! Enjoy, Anon, and sorry it took so long! :D ~Admin Lily


  • Jaehee really didn’t mean any harm this angel is so precious and would never try to hurt someone’s feelings on purpose
  • But, she didn’t know MC at the time, so she said something that might have been unnecessary
  • MC just was trying to get to know Jaehee who wouldn’t want to get to know her?
  • “Hm, I don’t think I should tell you anymore about myself too much. You aren’t exactly trustworthy.”
  • Poor, sensitive MC untrustworthy?!
  • Well it’s not like she can trust you either, Jaehee! Don’t hate me for this angel it was requested
  • “Sorry for trying to be friendly.” She’d say coldly
  • First impressions are important people
  • Jaehee is so disappointed to see MC getting along with literally everyone else except her later
  • All because MC took her caution to heart
  • Jaehee tries to make amends
  • “Hey, MC! Been awhile since we talked, just us”
  • “There are reasons why” forgive her, MC she means well I promise
  • Jaehee would apologize for what she said, explaining how she “didn’t mean to hurt MC or offend her in any way”
  • She’s also explains that when they first met, she wanted to protect herself just in case
  • But, now she would like a second chance at being her friend because she sees how kind and genuine she truly is
  • Atta girl Jaehee how can she not love you
  • Well, Jaehee’s MC is easily moved by her persistence and kind words
  • And, after she’s been apologized to, MC forgives her pretty easily
  • Not best friends right away, but
  • Friends all the same


  • Yoosung is very trusting, so of course Mama Baehee Jaehee warned him of the dangers of a hacker, like MC, while MC tried to explain herself and he immediately became terrified
  • What evil plot could this girl be forming?!?!?!?
  • “Wat do yoy want!1??!” He’d ask, complete with spelling errors and all
  • MC continued to try and explain her situation, but Yoosung didn’t believe a word
  • Jaehee’s thinkin “this is what I get for trying”
  • Whenever someone would talk to MC, Yoosung would say “careful” or “watch out”
  • Of course, not being trusted and having things go against Yoosung’s MC would make her feel stressed, irritated, and frankly just hurt
  • She didn’t mean to get here, but here she was
  • Finally, things calmed down, but Yoosung, now paranoid, continuously called MC “untrustworthy” and told her “not to do anything bad becuz I got my eye on u”
  • my not-so macho man <3
  • MC shows her true self to everyone else, staying away from Yoosung to try and avoid conflict
  • He did think she was evil after all, and that hurt her a lot
  • Yoosung began to feel guilty when Jaehee started to tell Yoosung to tone things down
  • “She seems safe now. She seems nice and sweet, so go easy on her, okay?”
  • Maybe he overeacted
  • “maybe”, Yoosung?
  • He’d apologize for being so paranoid and ask if he could try again
  • MC, being understanding and sweet, she accepted his apology and agreed like how can she not forgive him he’s precious
  • But, she’d bring it up to tease him a lot
  • “Watch out, Yoosung! We both know I’m not trustworthy.”
  • “You’re still mad at me for that;;;;”


  • Well, of course, Zen’s a lonely little sinnamon roll
  • So, if he had known MC was a girl, maybe he wouldn’t have been as mean
  • When MC was trying to explain her situation, Zen wouldn’t have anything to do with her
  • “He must be a stalker or a hacker! He can’t be trusted! What do you really want?!? How did you get here???”
  • MC’s obviously an angel innocent and didn’t do anything wrong, so she immediately becomes frustrated, trying to defend herself
  • When Seven texts, “itsagirl” the tables turn
  • Nice goin there pal
  • “Oh… a girl?”
  • “Yes,” MC would send bitterly, “I am, and I’m no stalker or hacker!”
  • Of course, everything’s just a big misunderstanding, but Zen’s MC holds grudges
  • Once she joins the RFA, she literally ignores Zen’s messages all together and it lasts for a while
  • Everyone gets to know MC better except Zen
  • Especially Trust-Fund kid
  • Trust-Fund kid gets to talk to the cute girl, but he doesn’t
  • Like, no he won’t let that happen
  • He finally has had enough of it: “MC, you can’t ignore me forever! I’m apart of the RFA, just like you! Please, give me a chance;; I’m really sorry! I’ll make it up to you, princess! I promise!;;;”
  • MC tries so hard to stay mad but he sends a selfie of himself pouting
  • Of course, he’s too handsome to turn down
  • “Fine!” MC would say, “but, just because you’re handsome, doesn’t mean you can insult me willy-nilly! Don’t call me princess either”
  • “Yes, ma’am ;)”


  • Okay, for being raised in a rich family, Jumin has bad manners
  • I’m not talking about table manners
  • I mean he has no filter
  • Like not even joking
  • Of course, he’s literally the most suspicious out of all of them since MC really wasn’t supposed to be there
  • Zen and Yoosung being adorable: “IT’S A GIRL??”
  • “Stop it, you too. Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’s not here for malicious intend. She can’t be trusted.”
  • Um excuse me?
  • “But, I just saw this app in the App Store,” MC would try to defend herself, “and some guy led me to this apartment”
  • Jumin’s MC is literally afraid of almost nothing so she’s ready to fight if she has to
  • “You don’t even know me, I’m trying to tell you what happened!” MC would continue to say, “maybe I’ll just go”
  • The others Zen and Yoosung immediately went against her leaving because they needed to get things figured out like how she got there and what to do about it
  • She was in Rika’s apartment after all
  • Things eventually get sorted out, but when Jumin offered for her to join, she literally just replied, “not if you’re asking, trust-fund kid.”
  • MC ain’t scared of nothing you don’t openly insult someone like Jumin unless you aren’t afraid to die
  • Jumin’s shocked. No one has ever talked to him like that
  • “Well,” MC would continue, “I was told I was ‘untrustworthy’ and ‘malicious’. Maybe, I would make you feel unsafe if I joined
  • Goin straight for the ego
  • “Well, we don’t need you here. I know I’d be perfectly safe where I am because of my guards.”
  • “Aww, you need guard to protect you, Prince Charming? That’s cute”
  • Jumin’s talking to V like “I don’t think this is worth it”
  • V’s like “no, Jumin, she’s joining”
  • “…Look, I’m willing to apologize for my harsh words, but only for V because I trust his judgement.”
  • “Well,” MC would tease, “seems mostly genuine. Because I like your face, and I like everyone else here, I’ll forgive you and join.”
  • Um, okay? She’s strange Don’t lie Jumin you think she’s pretty cool
  • And, of course, he’ll have to admit later that she’s pretty amazing


  • Seven isn’t supposed to trust anyone like
  • He’s agent 707, Defender of Justice, after all, he has to always be on guard
  • He immediately becomes interested in MC, due to the fact that he had no idea how she was there in the first place
  • she must’ve been a really good hacker
  • “Hang on, I’ll track the IP…Huh? Rika’s house??”
  • Of course, MC was already suspicious for being in the chat, but to be in Rika’s apartment…
  • “Careful, guys, this person could be really bad!”
  • “Exsqueeze me?” MC would type, scoffing, “I’m not bad! It’s not like I wanted to be here tomato head! I’m just lost after this guy led me here”
  • Of course, Seven finds his way to your info and immediately he’s blushing MC is gorgeous how could he not
  • “youractuallycutelololol”
  • Finally, things get sorted out and Seven apologizes for jumping on her so fast, “guess you weren’t so bad, huh? Well, I’m 707, but you can call me Seven~! Guess we’re gonna be buddies now, right? ;D” he’d ask hopefully
  • Not gettin’ off the hook that easy bud
  • MC just responds, taking out her anger in her own unique way “hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but I don’t like your emoji… more maybe?”
  • He thinks it’s cute “Lololol”
  • “Who types ‘lololol’? That’s literally “laughing out loudoutloudoutloud… that’s like me saying rolling over fastoverfastoverfast…”
  • “;;;; I like my lololol! Everyone likes my lololol” she insulted the Lolol?! He thought this was true love?!
  • “But I don’t like you so I don’t like your lololol”
  • But he loves her already he has to win her over
  • Seriously, though, MC doesn’t really care, she gets it, but she’s just stubborn so she teases him for a while before finally giving in
  • ten puns later
  • “You’re cute, so I’ll give you a second chance”
  • Seven’s just like O////O huh?? Okay…
Preparing for Back To School

So I saw the first “Back to School” ad on Amazon today, which means it is time to start reminding people of what is Actually Necessary for the school year. This isn’t a school supplies list, really. It’s more of a guide as to what you should probably have ready before the school year begins.

A planner system that works for you. I like the bullet journal system, but that’s mostly because I have to write down EVERYTHING I need to do or it gets forgotten immediately. Normal planners don’t have enough space for me to write down everything I need to do. If a normal planner works, or if reminders in Google Calendar work, or if writing stuff on your arms works, do that thing. Just make sure you know what system you’re going to use.

A schedule that includes meals and practice and study times. I’m a big fan of including leisure time in your schedule, too. Add everything you know you need to do, plus a little more. I schedule in sleep, sometimes, just to remind myself I need it. I hold my scheduled times pretty much sacred, because otherwise I will procrastinate EVERYTHING. The schedule keeps me from playing around when I should be studying, so I don’t have to study when I was supposed to sleep, so I’m awake enough to have energy to do fun stuff when I DO have time. It prevents a “Give a Mouse a Cookie” situation with my responsibilities and time management.

A sleep cycle that agrees with your class schedule.  I don’t mean you HAVE to sleep 11pm-7am, or whatever you consider an “adult” sleep cycle. I mean you need to get a certain amount of sleep to be your best self, and you need to attend classes. The sleep cycle you need is what allows you to be well-rested AND attend all of your classes. You can probably figure that out on your own. Just make sure to set it up before the semester starts to save yourself some stress.

A work-station that will be useful for you. Do you work well when you have a regular place you use just for work? Do you need to work with other people around you? Does music help or hurt your concentration? Try doing some focused work this summer in a couple different situations and see what is most helpful. Then figure out how to bring that same situation with you to school. If a desk like a studyblr photo is too much effort or doesn’t actually help, then you don’t need to have one! I certainly haven’t managed to maintain one yet. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a good student, I promise.

A list of healthy foods you are actually willing to make/buy. The hardest thing about college is honestly the ubiquity of vending machines, and therefore my favorite snack foods. I live a constant battle against the siren call of the Cheetos that are only 40 feet from my dorm room. My only weapon is the knowledge that I usually feel gross after eating them, and I’d rather not feel gross all the time because of a cheese-dust craving. To fight your own snack demons, see if you can discover a couple healthy foods you’d be willing to munch on the regular. Keep them available and you’ll feel much better during study sessions than you would if your snack was Funyuns.

Being prepared to go back to college in the fall doesn’t require dropping $300 on school supplies, honest. Just spend some time figuring out your own best practices and it will make the start of your school year so much easier.


Just decided to start posting again. I’ve been away from the studyblr community a really long time but recently I came back. I got into my dream uni, I’m studying law and I’m close to my first finals without even knowing if I like law school or not.

This is a fresh start and I hope I get really motivated and create an habit studying cause I feel like I really need it.

It’s good to see you again 💕✨.

Saturday, January 7th 2017 | 4/100 Days of Productivity

Well it didn’t take long for me to fall off the bandwagon, haha. In fairness, I was quite sick yesterday. However, I’m feeling a lot better now and today was extremely productive. Worked on uni apps, caught up on chemistry homework, and got through a part of Fifth Business. I didn’t get everything I wanted to get done, but… that happens and I’m going to call in for an early night because my sleep schedule needs to get back in order for school on Monday.

Just a quick note, though - yesterday I was reading a blog that I love and somebody asked her how she did everything. She’s a student, but manages to work out regularly and travel and work and whatnot and she said that she plans her life really well. She answered that she spends most of her time working so she can do those fun things, and it made me really think about how much time I waste during the day doing useless crap. It’s the work hard, play hard mentality I think, and I’m going to try to follow that more.

Table for One - A.I

Y/n leaned against the counter next to one of her coworkers scrolling through her Tumblr dash passing the time. It was a Monday night, probably one of the slowest nights of the week, but she needed to pick up extra shifts. Her car had just broken down and she didn’t nearly have enough money to get it repaired, but she couldn’t go without it. She needed her car to get her to and from school and work, not wanting to rely on her brother or public transportation because both were very unreliable.

“You seem stressed, hon,” her manager said walking over with his lisp, hair gelled back and too tight on the crotch dress pants, but that was David for you.

“I’m really stressed, actually,” she muttered turning off her screen, slipping her black book into the pocket of her apron with her phone still wedged between the folds of the black book. “It’s been a rough couple of days.”

“Well, I just sat that hunk Ashton in your section. He was asking about you,” David said smirking as she blushed rolling her eyes at him. Sometimes she wish David wasn’t her gay best friend, the two most of the time overstepping the boundaries of a manager and employee getting drinks outside of work right after the shift when she bartender or even crashing on the other’s couch after a night out. “Maybe he’ll brighten up your day.”

“Suck a dick, David,” she said quickly ringing in a bottle of sparkling water knowing he would get it, just as he always did, taking the bottle from the back of the bar, as well as a small wine glass, walking over to the high table he was perched at with his book, glasses resting on the bridge of his nose. “You got a haircut.” His golden eyes shot up looking at her as a smile crept onto his face. “How was your birthday trip?”

“It was alright. I was drunk for most of it, but it was good to get away. Been slow tonight?” she nodded her head placing the glass on his table, opening the bottle pouring it for him. “Decent at least?”

“You’re my second table and I’ve been here for four hours,” she said simply shrugging as he made a noise sighing for her. “I’m surprised to see you on a Monday. You never come in on a Monday.” She closed the bottle placing it next to his small white plate on the table before leaning on the chair next to her. “Rough day today?”

“More or less,” he said back shrugging with a smile on his face. “I hate my job sometimes.”

“Well, it’s not easy being a rockstar. Cudos to you though for sticking with all of it. I’d probably have quit by now.”

“Well it helps when people treat me like an actual human being…like you.” She blushed slightly giggling as she rolled her eyes. “Oh, don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“You’re flirting,” she said back pushing off of the chair. “Do you want the usual? PBR and Chicken Parm?”

“PBR, yes, and, actually, I wanna try something new tonight. What’s your favorite meal on the menu?” Her entire face lit up, not used to having anyone ask for her opinion on the food choices, especially at a high scale restaurant in the middle of the city.

“Probably the scallops in the sherry cream sauce. I don’t know why but it just reminds me of home,” she said practically humming the words out causing a smile to light up on Ashton’s face. From previous conversations they had, he knew she was a complete foodie, loving to go to new places with her friends and try out different things. She could pretty much tell you about each restaurant in the city, sharing what she thought were the better dishes, what to stay away from, which cocktails were completely dangerous and could get you drunk off your ass.

She was a complete nerd, but she’d never tell you that straight to your face; her favorite piece of literature being a Midsummer Night’s Dream and favorite painters were Van Gogh (Before he cut off his ear, off course) and Picasso. Her favorite fantasy series is Harry Potter, but her favorite book of all time being Pride and Prejudice. She’d rather spend her time in a Barnes and Nobles all day and her number one goal on her bucket list is to make it to one of the biggest Rock Festivals in the United States. In Ashton’s eyes, she was everything he could possibly want.

“Then I’ll take the Scallops,” he said smiling softly handing her the menu as she raised her eyebrows to him before shaking her head laughing.

“I thought you didn’t like scallops,” she said tucking the menu under her arm, pushing a stray piece of hair out of her face.

“I could say the same about you,” he giggled back clasping his hands together on top of the table, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“I’m going to go put that in…did you want bread or anything?” she asked already knowing the answer, starting to walk backwards watching as his blonde curls shook with the shake of his head telling her no. She made her way to the computer in the front quickly punching in her number as she felt a body press up next to her already knowing it was David wanting details as to why she was standing with the Aussie for ten minutes, just now coming over to put in his order. “Anything I can help you with?”

“I don’t know why you two don’t just date. He clearly fancies you, you fancy him, and you’d make such cute babies,” he gushed causing her to snort before shaking her head quickly, giggles escaping her lips. “Do not lie to me, y/n. It’s clear all of that boy’s face that he’s smitten for you.”

“Smitten? We aren’t living in the eighteen hundreds,” she said back as he groaned this time, taking his turn to roll his eyes. She looked towards him seeing him engrossed once again in his book as she studied him. “We live two separate lives, and I want no part of the one he lives. He always seems so miserable.”

“Maybe you could change that, you know. He looks so lonely…if you don’t entertain that boy, I will be more than happy to, in more ways than one.”

“Oh my god!” she squealed as he wiggled his eyebrows at her. “You’re disgusting.”

“I bet he loves it up the ass,” he whispered loudly as she walked away from him causing him to roar with laughter once again. She made her way over to the service bar waiting patiently for Emily to pour the PBR, bringing the can and frozen beer glass over handing it to y/n.

“Is this for the loner in the corner over there?” she questioned winking as y/n rolled her eyes for the uptenth time that night. “What? I’m just saying, he’s got the eyes of an angel and a smile that could put me on my knees in a heartbeat.”

“You and David clearly need to start having conversations together because god, you two are just ruthless.” She grabbed the two items, carrying them over to the single man who caught her eye, closing his book once again setting it to the side in anticipation of having her stay and engage in another conversation. She placed the glass on the table, getting a good grip on the can before pouring it into the glass, setting it in front of him. “You know, you should really cut back on all that beer.”

“Should I, now?” he teased smiling as he took a swig as she watched some of the liquid drip from the side of his mouth, mentally stopping herself from reaching out to wipe the excess from his face.

“Hmm,” she hummed leaning against the chair in front of her once again.

“What is going on in the life of y/n. You seem a bit down today. Everything alright love?” he asked pulling of his glasses setting them aside, a small pout forming on her lips at the absence of the frames.

“It’s been a rough week,” she said simply shrugging cocking her head to the side as he frowned, eyes watching egging her on. “My car broke down completely and I have no money to repair it…it’s going to be close to five grand and for that much, I might as well just buy myself a new one.” He nodded his head sympathetically reaching out to rub at her skin with his thumb in a soothing way. “It’s just…there’s so much going on, and I’m practically drowning between school and work. And my car’s just icing on the cake.”

“It’ll be alright. This all wouldn’t be happening if you couldn’t handle it. The universe knows you can handle this which is why you’re in this situation. It’s going to get better soon…I promise,” he cooed, her heart fluttering with every word he said just picturing him holding her in bed saying the same things, running his fingers through her hair. As much as she hated David being right, she knew they were stuck. He was everything she could possibly want. He wasn’t a normal businessman, going to work from 9-5 five days a week, but an artist doing what he loves and what he’s passionate about for a living. He was nurturing and as much as she hated his corny jokes, they were all she needed on a bad day to cheer her up.

“Thank you,” she mumbled as David came by next to her placing his food in front of him. “Can I grab you anything else right now?”

“I think I’m good, love,” he hummed pulling out his fork starting to dig in. She started moving away only to hear in protest with food in his mouth. “Stay.”

“Are you sure?” she asked looking around as he nodded his head. She stood there talking with him well over when he finished his food and before they knew it, it had been a over an hour and almost closing time. “I still can’t believe Luke did that.”

“It was hysterical. Literally just fell over and off the stage,” Ashton giggled sculling the rest of his water. “Is it really almost eleven? Christ…I’ve been here for two hours. I should go.”

“Let me go grab the bill,” she said only to have him hand her his card. “You sure?”

“I trust you enough to know you won’t charge random things to my card.” She nodded quickly moving to the computer to print his bill, as well as run the card and grab the authorization sheets. She made her way back handing him the check presenter with a pen before clearing his table.

“I’m glad you came in tonight, Ash.”

“I am too,” he said back smiling before she walked away with the dirty dishes. When she returned, the blonde was gone having taken all of his things leaving the bill turned over with the pen on top. She flipped it over only to gasp at the 10k tip he left on a $40 bill.

‘I hope this helps with your car issue. Probably better off buying a new one. I don’t want anything in return except maybe a date? Give me a call sometime.