i really need to download a new version of photoshop

flowerfaun  asked:

Hey, bara chan, do you remember how you got photoshop? I've been wanting to use it but I hear it's expensive.

it used to be expensive…like $1k USD per version but adobe introduced a subscription model for their programs a while back, and photoshop is REALLY reasonable now, only $10/mo and you get all the updates/new versions as they come out (you can also download a 30-day trial of the full version if you’ve never used photoshop before.) i always felt super guilty pirating it in the past – my dad is a software engineer, so i know how hard a lot of these guys work – and now that it’s affordable and i use the program for almost all my work, i felt like there was no reason not to go legit. all i need now is for them to make some sort of cheap photoshop + illustrator bundle ;n; pls adobe pls