i really need to clean the bathroom

Reid x reader:
Imagine the reader being younger than Reid.

Warnings: big age difference, fluff/smut???, talking about cases

The team notices right away that something was on Spencer’s mind. It had been for the past couple months. It starts becoming obvious when boy genius himself starts messing up his facts.

“What’s up with you, pretty boy? Who’s got your panties in a knot?” Morgan asked him on the way out of the office.

The two were tired from a long day at Quantico and ready to be home.

“Knot? What makes you think anyone’s been doing anything with my panties? Did someone say something?” The doctor stuttered.

“Wow there. No I can just tell you have been distracted. Is there something you want to tell me?” Derek raises his eyebrows, stopping at his car.

Reid thinks what the best idea would be. He trusted Morgan but he also looked up to him and wondered what he would think.

“I met someone.” Reid’s mouth speaks before his brain has a chance to catch up.

Morgan can’t say he was surprised, he heard something from JJ but they were all just assumptions.

“A little lady caught the eye of Spencer Reid? Now how does one do that?” Derek smirks.

Reid has a silly grin on his face, he shrugs and looks down at the ground.

“She is- she’s pretty amazing.” He brags.

It was a relief to finally get it off his chest. For the past 3 months he’s been having to keep it a secret. He wouldn’t usually be hanging around people like you. Not unless he was on the job.

Not that there is anything wrong with you. Like he said you are amazing; smart, funny, beautiful. Everything he wanted in a girl.

You were pretty much his dream girl, except you are real.

“So when do I get to meet her?” Morgan wonders.

A question Spencer couldn’t answer. Both of your schedules were pretty full. You and Spencer had talked about meeting your friends next weekend at Rossi’s.

“Soon hopefully.” Spencer said before both him and his coworker made their way home.

When you heard the door start to unlock, you put your book down.

You greet the boy at the door.

You throw your arms around his neck before he has a chance to put anything down. He hugs you back.

“Did you get settled in?” He asks, closing the door with his foot.

You nod, you got into town this morning, Spencer was already at work so you have been at his house all alone. You two planned spending the spring holiday together. A whole week and a half of just you and your boyfriend.

You two untangle from each other and he puts his bag on the hook by the door. You loved Spencer’s house, it was what you wanted yours to look like. Books everywhere, almost OCD clean.

A love of books is what drew you and Spencer together so quickly.

“I think I need to shower.” Spencer announces, taking his coat off and hanging it will his bag.

“I think I’ll join you.” You smile and follow after him to the bathroom.
Spencer and you had been enjoying your time here. Times where he was at work, which seemed to be a lot, you found something to do.

You were never really bored, Spencer had an abundance of books and the city was interesting to explore.

You two were laying in bed, you were nearly asleep when his phone started ringing.

“Hello?” He answers, you knew he was asleep because he sounded half asleep. “Okay.” He says before hanging up.

“Who was that?” You ask curiously.

He starts getting up from bed, wearing only his robe.

“We have a case. They need me.” He gets into his dresser.

You frown, “It’s nearly two in the morning.” You whine.

He walks over to you leaning over you. “It’s all part of the job.” He kisses your lips and starts to get dressed.

You begin to doze off, the last thing you remember is Spencer covering you with a blanket and kissing your forehead.

When you open your eyes, the sun is flooding through the window, it’s just past noon.

You sit up, the house still empty. You check your phone and there is a message from Spencer. He says they had to go to New York for a case but shouldn’t be long.

You groan, you had homework to do but you wanted Spencer. You laid in bed for another hour before actually getting up. You made coffee and started right up on your homework.

You only stopped twice, to make something to eat and when Spencer called.

“I’m sorry, this really isn’t what I wanted to happen.” He apologizes over the phone.

“It’s okay, it’s your job. People need your brains.” You smile.

You can hear his laugh over the phone. You missed him, you were happy to be at his house than in your town. At least when he comes back you will be here.

“You doing okay-” Spencer starts.

“Who’s that?” You hear a voice on the other end of the line.

“I- I gotta go.” Spencer rushes.

You exchange goodbyes and hang up the phone. You knew Spencer hadn’t told his team about you. It was obvious why, you couldn’t help but feel he was embarrassed of you but you knew better than that.

You knew Spencer’s feelings for you were real, he cared so much about you and never missed a chance to show you.

Spencer had been talking to you about going to meet some of his friends tomorrow. They are meeting up at a coworkers house and he wanted you to meet them.

You couldn’t help but be nervous. He spoke so highly about his friends, you wondered what they would think.

The rest of the night you read and watched tv on your phone. Spencer of course did not have a tv which you found ridiculous. He was not that into electronics but everyone needs a tv.

You tried to stay up as late as you could, not knowing when Spencer would be home. When you found yourself falling asleep while reading a book, you knew it was time to call it a night.

It was almost 3am and you could barely keep your eyes open. You changed into one of Spencer’s shirts, surprisingly you hadn’t really worn one before. Spencer wasn’t the type of boyfriend who just gave away his shirts.

He doesn’t gets how sexy it is.

With that, you cuddled up in his bed by yourself and drifted to sleep. The next morning you woke up again around noon. You lifted your head up in bed to catch sight of the sleeping boy next to you.

A smile spread across your face, his hair is sprawled out across the pillow.

You roll closer to him and kiss his bare shoulder. You rub his back as he starts stirring. He rolls to face you and you automatically gasp.

“Spencer.” You say.

“Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it looks.” He scrunched up his beaten face.

You cup his face, “This is the thing I don’t like about your job.”

“I know.” He smiles and pulls your head down to kiss your lips.

“Come on, let’s go out to breakfast.” He suggests.

The rest of the day was amazing. You two go out to breakfast then he spends the rest of the day reading to you. Your head in his lap as he reads The Narrative of John Smith to you. You notice he barely has to look at the book but that doesn’t surprise you much.

You two start getting ready to go to Reid coworkers house.

“Are you sure you want me to come?” You look at him through the mirror of the bathroom while drying your hair, a towel wrapped around your body.

“Yes, you are an important person in my life. I want you to meet the other important people.” He comes up behind you and kisses your cheek.

Having him by your side makes you feel better about everything. When you guys load into the car, you take his hand. He smiles at you, you can tell he is nervous too.

He cares so much about his team, if they don’t approve it with crush him. When you get to the nice sized house you park out front. You both sit in the car for a couple minutes.

“I’m really excited to meet your friends, Spence. I just want you to know, if they don’t like me it won’t change anything between us.” You comfort him. You have met the team before, it was before you and Spencer had even met.

“I think they are going to love you. I think it’s just at first they will be… confused.” He says.

You two finally exit the car and make your way to the door of the modern house. Spencer knocks and plays with his fingers while waiting for it to open. When it does there is a Middle aged man on the other side of the door.

He looks at you, then to Spencer then back to you before finally greeting you.

“Well hello. You just be Y/N.” He reaches out to shake your hand. “I’m David Rossi.”

You smile and shake his hands, “I’ve heard great things about you. It’s nice to meet you.”

He invited us in and there are multiple other people standing around the kitchen island.

All eyes go over to you guys and you can see the shock on everyone’s face. You wait for someone to say something and luckily Rossi finally does.

“This is Y/N, everyone.” He introduces you. He tells you everyone else’s name.

You smile at everyone and you and Spencer slowly start to merge with the group.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” Prentiss says.

She seems very nice, you already had heard so much about the team, you felt like you knew them.

“Weren’t you at the college campus we were at?” She asks.

You were surprised she remembered. They came to your college and did a presentation about what they do in the BAU. It’s actually where Spencer and you met.

“Ah! That’s where I recognized you from! You were the girl who knew everything about everything.” JJ jumps in.

You’re honored that’s what they remember about you. It’s not that you knew everything about everything, it’s just no one in your class know much about anything. So when they asked questions you were the only one who really answered.

“Well it’s good to see you again.” Prentiss says.

You nod, this is going a lot better than You’d thought.

“So how did you and Spencer get together?” They asks.

You are a bit embarrassed, it makes you feel even younger to explain how you started seeing each other.

“Well after the lecture I actually came up and asked him a couple follow up questions.” You had already thought he was attractive from the beginning of the lecture. “He answered most of them but gave me his card in case I had anymore questions. So I called him the next weekend.”

Now it’s been a couple months. Time is really flying by.

Spencer walks up beside you, you smile at him. You think he just wants make sure you are all getting along. You actually really like Prentiss and JJ.

“Can I get you guys any wine?” Rossi offers Spencer and You. That’s when You notice almost all the rest of the team has a glass of wine.

You look up at Spencer awkwardly and he scratches his head.

“She can’t uh-” He starts.

“I won’t be 21 for a couple more months.” You finish.

The team is all the sudden quiet, all the conversations that seemed to be had suddenly stopped.

Reid is quite a bit older than you He celebrated his 32nd birthday this last fall.

“So your 20?” Garcia clears up. Her and Morgan are standing together. You so would think they were together but from what You heard from Spencer that’s just how their relationship is.

You nod and everyone stays silent.

“Well I guess Reid isn’t the baby if the group anymore.” Derek finally days.

You don’t know whether to laugh or be insulted. You take a step closer to Spencer. His hand finds yours.

“ I mean we all were joking you would be perfect for him during the lecture.” Rossi says.

“Yeah, you sounded so much like him it was kind of scary. Having one Reid around is intimidating enough.” Hotch smiles.

You think Spencer was right. It was a little awkward at first but after they get to know you, your age difference won’t even be a thought in their mind.

You look up at Spencer and smile at him. He smiles at you and kisses your forehead.

Next you just have to worry about telling your parents.

Passive Magick [Part 1]

As a witch who works full time, suffers from a couple of chronic illnesses, and has two furbabies to care for, I’m finding that I have little time or physical energy to carry out full blown rituals or spells when practicing magick. For a long time, I felt like I was neglecting my practice because I wasn’t “doing enough” until I realized that you can be a witch and do spells with a minimal amount of tools and supplies. I’m not necessarily saying that you don’t need to put in just as much effort, but there are plenty of ways to practice magick in a minimalistic manner.

  • Correspondences - while it’s totally fine to have a physical grimoire that’s beautifully written, it’s not always time effective to flip through pages and pages of notes just to find a correspondence for an item you want to use, regardless of how organized you are. This is where technology comes in. I use OneNote for my grimoire - it’s an app that can be synced across various platforms such as your PC, smartphone, and tablet. There’s the option to add tabs at the top of the page (when using it on a PC), which is great for organizing your grimoire by subject. There’s also a search function, which comes in handy when you want to do magick on the go or need to quickly and easily find something.
  • Apps - I’d dare to say that most people have some kind of smartphone these days, so if you do, find some apps that you can use in your practice. Some of my favorites for Android include Phases of the Moon, Aquarius2Go, Galaxy Tarot and Galaxy Runes, and Runic Formulas.
  • Pre-spell Preparation - if you’ve been practicing for a while, you probably have an idea of the kinds of spells you like to do the most, whether they’re for protection, cleansing, relaxation, peace, grounding, cursing, whatever. With that being said, stock up on various ingredients that you know you’ll use, and separate them based on intent. In the same sense, you can prepare and charge various spell components ahead of time so that they’re ready to use when you need them - things like moon water, powders, and oil blends come to mind. I tend to do a lot of spells for success, so I’ve made a success oil in the form of a roll on perfume that I keep with me at all times - it contains a few different essential oils that match my intent (and are skin safe), a carrier oil, and some gem chips that keep it charged. I dab a little bit on the insides of my wrists when I need a boost, and sometimes I’ll even use it to draw sigils on myself that also match my intent.
  • Use items you already have - this bit is especially useful if you’re trying to cut down on the cost of “made for magick” items, i.e. things you’d find in a metaphysical store. There are tons of household items that can be used for magick that you likely already have - tea bags, herb blends for cooking, vinegar, body wash and soap, perfume, distilled water, etc. You can use these items as is, or combine them to make whatever you need. [disclaimer & warning: be smart about it, don’t go around mixing bleach and vinegar]
  • Speaking of using stuff you already have: Find out the correspondences of the things lying around your house and combine mundane action with magick. Gotta take a shower? Need to clean the house? Time to cook dinner? Figure out the correspondences of the stuff you’re using and make a quick and easy spell out of it. 
    • I tend to do bath magick a lot - everyone has to bathe at some point, so why not make it magickal? Places like Bath & Body Works and Lush are really good about listing the herbal and floral ingredients they use in their products, so pick a few of your favorites and go to town!
    • I use a Swiffer WetJet for the kitchen and bathroom - the liquid cleaning agent that I buy for it smells like lavender, so not only am I physically cleansing my space, I’m also inviting peaceful and relaxing energy into it. 
    • When I go to buy a new candle, I open up my OneNote grimoire and quickly find the correspondences of the color and scent and use it accordingly - so not only does my house smell good, it’s also filled with a particular energy based on the correspondences of the candle. 
    • When cooking, look up the correspondences for both the meal as a final product and the ingredients that go into it - I use olive oil a lot, so sometimes I’ll even draw a sigil in the bottom of the pan or dish to add a little boost.

Look out for part 2 of this post, where I’ll be making an actual list of various ways to perform passive magick and incorporate it into your daily routine.

Save Her

Originally posted by 0chlophobia

Pairing: Hannah Baker x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) cheering Hannah up when she needed a friend the most.

Word Count: 1.929

Posted: 07th of May 2017

A/N: Hey guys! I decided to write some Hannah imagines too. I never received any requests for her, so if you ever want to request, I am accepting them.
I hope that you enjoy this fic. Thank you so much for the love and the support that I am receiving from some of you, I appreciate everything! Honestly. Hope you keep on reading my fics and just request if you want some imagines. Thank you.

- G. x

“Hey Hannah, are you fine?” You worriedly asked her as you noticed that she was crying when she got out of Mr. Porter’s office. You carefully threw the pen on the desk and wrapped your arms around your friend’s body, trying to cheer her up.

It happened that you were in the department’s office as the secretary called you to sign some papers for the administration before going home.

“I’m fine, (Y/N).” She answered as she tried to dry her eyes, but too late because you already saw that she was going through something bad. “Don’t worry.” You broke the hug and you gathered the papers that you had to sign. You observed Hannah and she had dark eyes and a soulless body. It seemed like she was about to give up on her life.

“Nope,” You shook your head as you signed the papers as fast as you could. “we’re going to Monet’s and have a cup of hot chocolate.”

“I’m fine, really.” She flashed you a broken smile and you knew that she felt better, because finally someone stopped her and cared. You knew Hannah and she would never bother people to ask for help.

“No way!” You insisted and you thanked the secretary when you finished what you had to do. “You need to tell me some things and you pour your heart out, because you should let everything out.”

“Thank you, (Y/N).” She gratefully smiled at you and you gathered your backpack that has been thrown on the floor before signing the papers.

“Let’s go.” You grabbed her hand and you excitedly led her out of the office. She laughed at you because of your actions, she appreciated how excited you were because no one ever showed her their excitement whenever they would go out with Hannah. You knew that she needed someone beside her, someone who would give her some attention.

“Hey, (Y/N).” Your friend Zach greeted you as he met you in the middle of the hallway and you smiled at him. “Want to join us at Jessica’s house?” You looked at Alex, Justin and Montgomery, who were standing behind him.

“Sorry, I need to go somewhere with Hannah, maybe next time.” You answered as you chose to help Hannah, instead of hanging out with your close friends. You wanted to make some differences and to help someone who was really in need.

“Go with them, they need you more than I do.” Hannah let your hand go, whilst you shook your head. “Go on.” She uncomfortably looked at your friends and they somehow felt disgusting for what they have done in the past.

“I have priorities here, Hannah,” You smiled at her and declined your friends’ request. You gave a meaningful stare to your friends as some of them had issues with Hannah and they just nodded as they understood what you meant. “and, this time, you are that priority.” You looked at her and she flashed you a wide smile, a true and sincere one.

Hannah has been bullied by some of your friends and you have always despised them because of that. They ruined her reputation and you were trying to fix her once again, trying to help her to find the Hannah she lost few months ago.

“Have fun!” Alex happily said as he knew what you were trying to do. Alex was one of the reasons why Hannah got bullied by some students at school and you hated him for touching Bryce’s list to make Jessica jealous. You hated him, but you knew that he was already feeling sorry about it, so you remained friends.

“Thanks, Alex! See you around.” You smiled at them and you started to walk to the parking lot. You led Hannah to your car and you drove to Monet’s.

You hinted that Hannah was happy to be with you that moment. You noticed her singing softly to some songs that have been played in your car and she would even dance sometimes. Her mood was surely different from her mood in the office before.

“Two cups of hot chocolate.” Skye, a waiter and a student at Liberty High, declared as she carried a tray with two mugs on it. She put the blue mugs on the table and she wished you a good day.

“Thank you, Skye!” You sweetly thanked her and she smiled back at you, relaxing her shoulders a little bit. She started to go back to the counter and you glanced at Hannah.

“Why are you so nice to people, (Y/N)?” Hannah curiously questioned as she took a sip from her mug.

“Well,” You put the mug back on the table as you started to answer Hannah’s perplexities. “I never know what’s going on in other people’s life, Hannah. You should always be nice, because you don’t know what could happen to them or what’s going on with them.”

“Then why your friends never bothered themselves to be nice, not even for once.” Hannah asked as she was referring to your friends’ chaos. You remembered how Hannah spent her time with some of your friends before, but she just ended up crying. All she wanted was to have some friends.

“I don’t know, Hannah. I know them for many years now and they are goofballs and assholes,” You sadly shook your head as you said the truth. “but I really don’t know why they threw their hearts away and be that cruel to you, I don’t know why things happened one thing above the other. The only thing that I know is that I’ve always been here beside you and I will always be here to cheer you up, to stand up for you.”

“(Y/N), everything is just so hard.” Hannah bit her lower lip, trying not to cry. She thought of the events that happened to her, the days when she felt pity for herself. “I feel empty inside.”

“It is Hannah, I can imagine how hard it was. Unluckily, people mess things up and they barely use their brains to think.” You seriously said and you took the cup to sip from your mug. “I can’t undo the past, but you can always talk about it. I will always listen to you and I will never get tired.”

“I am afraid to bother people.” Hannah said. “People don’t trust me anymore, I would get those dirty looks and those meaningful judging looks from the people around me.” Her tears started to roll down her face.

“People suck.” You sincerely said and Hannah smiled at you. She let her tears stream down her face and she took a sip from her mug. “And you know that I will never judge you, I never did.”

“Thank you, (Y/N).” She gratefully said as she looked into your eyes. She found a friend when she needed one the most and you were so happy that you helped someone. Maybe this is one of the steps how to save a life.

“You don’t have to thank me, Hannah. You shouldn’t feel that you are bothering people when you need help, don’t be afraid to seek for some help.” You told her, hoping that she kept it as some good advices. “So, what are you keeping in your heart? What are your problems, maybe we can solve them, together?”

“Uhm…” Hannah bit her lip and she wiped her tears away, drying her red cheeks.

“Whenever you want, okay? Whenever you feel comfortable on telling me.” You caressed her hand in a friendly way. You wanted to make her feel safe and protected.

“No, it’s not that.” She shook her head. “It’s that I want to have a new start, I want to leave my problems in the past. I know that I can trust you and I will always do.” She positively said. Having you beside her motivated Hannah to begin her life once again, to start a new journey, to see things in a positive way.

“That’s the spirit, girl!” You cheered her and she laughed loudly, finally forgetting of the difficulties and the weight in her chest before. “You don’t work tonight, right?”

“Right!” She answered you with a wide smile, her eyes shining and emanating happiness. “What do you have in store?”

“I am thinking of a movie at Crestmont Theatre right now. I heard from Clay that there’s a cool movie about amazing things tonight.” You suggested excitedly.

“Sure, that’s a nice idea.” She nodded her head enthusiastically and you smiled at her. She seemed a little child, excited for Disneyland. “But before that, can we go to my house? I need to change.”

“Yes, of course.” You smiled at her as you both finished your hot chocolates. You both laughed when you had a simple stare. You both felt great and relieved, mostly Hannah. She found someone who really appreciated her presence and a friend.

Once Hannah opened her bedroom door for you, you already felt welcomed in her personal space. You started to wander around Hannah’s room when she entered her bathroom, preparing for your friendly date together.

Her room was clean and rose-scented. The walls were full of posters and pictures and her school desk was clean too, no messy stuffs around. Everything was on their place and the bed was perfectly made too.

“Hannah?” You called for her attention when she got out of the bathroom. You noticed somethings on her desk that amazed you and you were so curious to know what they were all about.

“Yes?” She stopped in front of the desk, putting her eyes on the things that you found on her desk.

“Why are these tapes here?” You grabbed one and you admired it while holding it in your hand. The tape had a cover with some cute drawings on it and there was a number three drawn with a blue nail polish on one side of the tape. “Is it a project?”

“Oh, no.” Hannah smiled widely. “I recorded them just for something.”

“Can I listen to them?” You shook the tape as you were so astonished that someone still used these stuffs. “How many are there?” You put the tape back on her desk carefully.

“No! It’s not that important.” Hannah protested and she took the blue and black shoe box on her desk. She looked at it for a while before she threw it in one of her desk drawers, together with the tape you were admiring before. “There were six tapes in that box with twelve sides, but I might break them because I don’t need them anymore.”

You looked at Hannah and she had a great big smile on her face. She felt good and wanted during that moment, because she finally found someone who could help her, someone who never judged her, someone who wasn’t afraid to stand up for her.

“I don’t need them anymore, now that I have my friend with me.” She winked at you and you both laughed, although you didn’t know to what she was really referring with those tapes.

“Always.” You gave her one true smile and she ran to you to give you a tight hug. You hugged her back and you felt nice that you helped her in a copacetic way.

“Thank you.” Hannah mumbled as she rested her chin on your shoulder, lingering the feeling of having a friend with her. You couldn’t understand for what exactly she was thanking you for but you assume that it was for helping her earlier. “You saved me today.”

Routine (Part 3)

(Camboy AU Parts 1 and 2)

Pairing: Kagehina (NSFW)
Show: Haikyuu!! 

“—it’s three o’clock,” Kageyama says, “on a Thursday. I don’t want beer, I don’t want juice. I want to know why you’re—” he gestures vaguely to Hinata’s whole, squirming torso, “—doing that. What, you got worms? Do you—did you catch something? Have you given me crabs because I swear to god—”

Hinata balks, waving his hands in the space between them to shut Kageyama up.

No, oh my god. I don’t—I don’t have worms, or crabs, or any other…parasites. I’ve just got this, and I’m super excited about it.”

This, as it turns out, is a rumpled piece of paper. Hinata holds it flat on his palm, flicking his eyes between it and Kageyama’s face. He hops a little on his toes, and pushes his hand right up under kageyama’s nose.

“It’s a list!” He goes on. “I thought about it all after our first time, but there was just so much stuff I didn’t wanna forget, so last night, I finally wrote it all down!”

Kageyama blinks down at the wad of paper.

“A…list,” he says slowly. Hinata nods, frantic. “A list of what?”

“Things we can try! Like, you know, sex stuff.”

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When intentions are lost in translation

For @snowbaz-feda day 29. Baz takes care of Simon, and Simon accuses Baz of plotting.


I didn’t want to go off and kill them all, I thought I could fight the beasts and chase them away, but there are too many of them and none of my spells are coming out right and there are cuts across my body where they’ve slashed me with their claws and I can’t. I can’t fight them. The sword drops from my hand, the magic spills over, and I feel the explosion at the same moment I hit the ground.


Snow barely makes it through the door and to his bed before he collapses, his upper body slumped across the bed with the rest of him still hanging off it, knees scraping the floor. I wait for him to heave himself the rest of the way up, but he doesn’t move. I can smell blood, and his shirt is torn in a few places.

I ignore the sensation of my fangs filling my mouth and cautiously step closer.


There’s no answer, not even a groan, and he’s still not moving. I take in the dishevelled state of his hair and the scars on his back, visible through the tears in the fabric of his shirt, and I forget all about keeping my distance and rush to his side. I grab his wrist.

There’s a pulse, but it’s slow and irregular, and he seems to be struggling to breathe.

Up close the smell of blood is stronger, and I can see that he’s unconscious. Whatever it was has seriously hurt him. He starts to slump back towards the ground and I catch him with an arm around his shoulders. I try to figure out how to move him onto the bed with the least physical contact possible. In the end, I scoop him up with my other arm under his knees, and I try not to hold him too close as I lift him up and gently lay him on his back on the bed.

I take out my wand and spell away the tattered remains of his shirt, dropping them onto the floor for him to deal with later. There are cuts and wounds all over his chest, some bleeding quite badly, and his face looks pale underneath all the blood and grime and he looks like he could be dead. There’s a strange ache in the pit of my stomach, and I won’t pretend I don’t know what it is. (It’s the feeling of seeing the one you love close to death, and realising how close you are to losing him.)

I cast every healing spell I can think of, repeating them over and over, until the scars finally start to shrink and the colour returns to his cheeks.

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I want Hallmark to make a card that says:
“I’m sorry for how ashamed of me you must be; I really only want to be someone you could admire.”

I want them to make cards for the friends who don’t hold your hair back when you vomit, but only because you cut your hair so short;

The ones who clean you up and put you to bed after you’ve had too much to drink, and give you two blankets instead of just one.

I need a proper Thank You card for the sort of friends that are few and far between, because a lot of people would just let you fall asleep on the bathroom floor, you know.

A lot of people wouldn’t offer you a cigarette without you having to ask,

And a lot of people would just leave and stay gone after all that shit you tend to drag them into.

You could have spent that night alone;

You could have spent a lot more time bleeding and crying on the street.

You could have said Thank You with your voice and not a Hallmark card because honestly this is getting to be A Little Ridiculous,

But it’s so hard, you know, to say this all out loud, because then you’ll hear it just like it’s happening again, and you think if you let them down one more time that you will just drown and fall to the bottom of Lake Michigan.

And a Thank You card is neater and cleaner and prettier and easier to fit in a mailbox.

Thank You

Summary: Frank hits Ian in front of Mickey, and Mickey’s reaction shocks the whole family.

Word Count: 863

Mickey was thankful that he and Ian were growing closer, but at the same time, he was deathly afraid. Being gay in the Southside was far from acceptable, so Mickey did everything he could to make it so no one ever found out.

Mickey needed to get away from his house because Terry was in an abusive mood. Though he hated his connection to the redheaded Gallagher boy, he didn’t have anywhere else to go so he decided that they could sneak off to get high and fuck like usual.

As he approached the front door of the Gallagher household, he heard yelling. The shouting made him roll his eyes because he guaranteed that the argument had to do with Frank.

Mickey made his way into the house and noticed no one but the kids were downstairs. “Gallagher home?”

“We’re all Gallaghers,” Debbie says with a raised eyebrow. “Why are you here?”

Mickey scoffs. “Gotta see the redhead real quick. Where the fuck is he?” He pushes.


“Wouldn’t go up there,” Carl cuts Debbie off. “It’s World War III between Ian and Frank right now. Don’t you hear all the fucking screaming?”

Instead of responding, Mickey makes his way up the stairs. Ian’s never told him that Frank was physically abusive so he wasn’t too worried about the severity of the argument.

To his surprise though, when he walks into Ian’s bedroom, he sees Frank punching Ian square in the face. Ian was already bloody, so Mickey assumes it wasn’t the first punch that was thrown. Before processing what he saw, he notices Fiona and Lip screaming at the top of their lungs, then his focus falls back onto the redhead who is getting beat up.

Without any thought of who was surrounding him, Mickey grabs Frank by the back of his collar, and then pushes him against the wall. Mickey’s fingers held his throat in a tight grip. He gave a few punches and then inched his face so close that he could feel the older man’s breath. “You ever touch him again, I will fucking murder you. You will never touch a hair on his head again.”


“Never again, Frank. I’ll cut your fucking dick off and force feed it to you before burying you alive. Understand?” Mickey’s voice is intensely threatening.

“Yes,” Frank croaked out.

Mickey then pulled Frank by the neck to the top of the stairwell. “Now get the fuck out,” he said and pushed him down, causing the Gallagher father to stumble.

When Mickey turned back around he saw Ian curled up on the floor. His face was covered in blood. Mickey frowned, and approached the redheaded boy. Once close enough, he sat and gathered Ian into his arms. “You okay?” Mickey said in a loving tone that made the other two siblings jaw drop. They never seen a Milkovich act in love instead of hate– then again no one has.

Ian leaned into Mickey touch and nuzzled into his neck with a smile. “I can handle Frank, Mick.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Mickey laughed. “I knew you weren’t gonna hit the asshole back so I did what needed to be done.” He kissed Ian’s head.

“Protective son of a bitch,” Ian mumbled. “I love you, thank you,” Ian said. He must’ve forgotten the presence of his family members as well because he knows Mickey wouldn’t do this with people around.

Mickey breathes in before responding because he still is not used to love, but he knows he feels it, and he knows Ian deserve it. “I love you too,” he says nervously, like usual.

Ian heard the fear in Mickey’s voice so he picked his head up and kissed him. When they pulled away, the Milkovich boy studied Ian’s face. “I gotta get you cleaned–”

He cuts himself off when he sees Lip and Fiona with widened eyes and open mouths. Ian tenses at the sight because he feels like Mickey’s going to run. To Ian’s surprise instead of running,  Mickey grabs his hand to reassure him that he’s staying, which causes Ian to grin widely.

“What the fuck?” Fiona couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Lip shook his head in disbelief as well. Did Mickey just say he loves Ian? “I fucking knew about you two but, what the fuck?”

Ian looks at Mickey because he doesn’t know what to say in fear of overstepping Mickey’s secretive boundaries. “We’re together,” Mickey says after seeing the conflicted look on Ian’s face. “I’ll let him explain or whatever, just let me clean the bloody asshole up first.”

They nod, but don’t move from where they are standing, which makes Mickey shrug. He helps Ian up and heads into the bathroom. It’s going to be a long night, he thinks.

Suddenly Ian cuts Mickey out of his thoughts with a passionate kiss. “Really, Mick, thank you,” he says. They both know that he’s not talking about getting Frank off of him anymore, so Mickey nods and kisses back.

“Did what I needed to do,” Mickey says again. “I love you,” Mickey says in hope to see Ian’s big smile, which he does.

“I love you too.”

Pic is by my friend who doesn’t have Tumblr.
Yeah I’m pretty sure this is the toilet that’s now closed off in the bathroom. Idk why people are so gross with the bathrooms like people have to go when they have to go jeez.

Anyways, here’s what has happened during my time using the bathrooms:
-found the mcdonalds in the toilet with my friend
-found a HUGE PAD (like overnight super size) on the floor. It wasn’t in the original wrapping, it was just there. It didn’t look like it was used but there was no way I was picking it up because what if it was used…
-there was water on the floor (probably from the toilet) that got on my shorts. That was disgusting.
-the sinks aren’t good in most bathrooms. They usually spray too fast and in small amounts so they feel like needles and other times they are don’t spray enough. Also, the ones without hand dryers tend to not have enough paper towels to make it through the day.
-don’t even get me started on the soap. The bathroom in the fine arts building runs out really fast for some reason and I HATE IT because I need clean hands to play violin or else I just feel gross and sloppy.
-also there’s a freshman girl smoking weed in the fine arts building bathroom. I only know that much because my sister knows her (one of the cellos in her orchestra class). I only discovered this because I’m in the class after her and I did not have a good time when I used them (my asthma got all worked up and I did not work my best that class that day). My teacher locked the door so no one else used it.
-I also think there was something written on the mirrors once in something gross (not sure) but I’m convinced that was a dream. I’m hoping it was just a dream.

I have no idea if the boys bathrooms are better or worse but one time I looked in the boys fine arts bathrooms and the lighting is just as sucky as the girls except it smelled like cologne.

Bad teacher. (Alex Standall)

Title: Bad teacher.

Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: heeyyy i love your account and was wondering if i could get an alex standall imagine when y/n has a panic attack in class and texts alex and he meets her in the hallway and helps calm her down?? if not that’s chill but if you do thank you!! have a great day :)            

Word Count: 800 words

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: Bad teacher, bad grade, principal’s office.

Warning: Panic Attack (it’s on a low level, but I want you to be prepared in case it can hurt someone’s sensibility.)

Author’s Note: I love you all. Continue requesting. I felt like I kind of familiarize with this one because once I had a problem with​ a teacher. And it ended a little messed up. Also, I’m having a lot of trouble with my laptop. It’s just doesn’t work like it should, so it’s harder for me to post. I’m sorry. On Wednesday, I’m not posting anything because it’s my birthday ;) I’ll keep you informed when I’ll post.

Two hours of this class, I never liked it. The teacher hated me, a lot. He always stared at me for an hour while everyone else did the examples he wrote on the board. Then, when I finished mine, he said they were wrong and he never signed anything I did. He thought how bad student I was, and told the director I should reconsider another school to study Maths.

Every week I had this class, I freaked out. I tried to skip class, but Alex always told me it wasn’t the best. Now, here I was.

“Y/n, he wrote your name on the board.” Sheri whispered to me and I at first surprised.

“Mrs. Y/L/N, would you make me a favor and tell me what did you do for homework?” He said rudely.

“We had to-” Everyone was looking at me, and some started giggling. “Check the exam you gave us. With-” The teacher stood up and made a weird noise from his throat.

“I’m tired of you, Mrs. Y/L/N. You can never do something good. I ask you to do a simple task, and you can’t even do that. Are you sure you can even think?”

Some girls at the front laughed and I had some tears coming out already. He laughed again.

“Someone can answer me that question? Because it looks like Y/n, can't​ do it.” He ended and Sheri took my hand.

No matter how much I studied, he just didn’t like me. He wasn’t like this with everyone, only with me. Sheri held me stronger and I felt so weak at that moment. Tears already were on my face and my hands were shaking. The teacher stood up and start to deliver the past exams. I studied really hard and I knew I had a good result.

“Here’s your exam. You’re so silly.” He said while I took my exam from his hands.

I got an F. Really? I studied hard enough for this test, this must be wrong. But unfortunately, before any words came to me, tears arrived first. Something was stuck in my throat. I felt my mouth drier than usual and it was getting harder to breath.

“Sheri, I need to go out.” I told her and she nodded.

I stood up and walk to his seat trying to clean my face.

“Can I go out?” I whispered and he laughed.

“Get out of my class, you’re not doing anything anyways.” He pushed me a little and I went to the corridor on my way to the bathroom.

“Y/n?” Alex’s voice interrupted me. But I tried to keep walking. “Hey.” He touched my arm and pushed me against his chest, and I hugged him. “Clay, can you leave us?”

Clay was here too? Now he saw me crying, but Alex’s chest was comforting. He caressed my back slowly and rested his jaw on my head.

“Hey, I’m here. What happened?” He continued hugging me but I cried again. “You want some water?” I nodded and he took his water bottle out. “Here is some paper.” I cleaned my nose and handled him my exam. He opened the paper and looked confused at it. “First of everything, are feeling better? Take some chocolate.” He gave me a chocolate bar he had in his pocket. “You’ll feel better, I promise.”

I grabbed it carefully, and take a bite of it. He took from his backpack a notebook and take out a paper. Then started to compare it with my exam.

“Come with me.” I held his hand, and we walked. He holding the two sheets of paper, and holding my hand while I ate his chocolate bar. We arrived at the principal office but he never stopped holding me. “Hey, can we talk to the principal?” He announced to the principal's​ secretary. I ended his chocolate bar and he touched carefully my hand. “I promise you’ll be fine.” We waited around 20 minutes, not doing anything just sitting there. Alex holding my hand all the time, or hugging me. I just wanted to have him with all during everything. Sheri texted me, but I ignore the notification and continued waiting with Alex.

We entered with the principal. And he saw us with a concerned look. I had a messed up make up, and Alex looked angry. His grin was usually calm, but this time he wasn’t like the principal expected.

“We have a problem with a teacher.” Alex stated and he put the two pages on the table. “This are the same questions, both are our exams but hers has a bad grade. And it’s unfair.”

And just like that. Mom came to see the situation, the teacher got mad, and they finally took me out of his class.

Alex stayed all day there, holding my hand.

A-Z NSFW: Xiumin

Originally posted by baekhyuntella

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

A = Aftercare 
Xiu’s a very neat guy, he has a freaking tiny vacuum for his bed, c’mon. He doesn’t like mess, so he’s pretty keen on quickly wiping you down with a warm rag or dragging you to the shower and stripping the bed sheets. He works out like crazy, so he knows the importance of taking care of yourself, so he takes great care with making sure you’re not hurt, hydrated, clean, and even is pretty into giving you a tiny massage with sweet smelling lotion. 

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
Obviously Xiu’s pretty proud of his abs and muscles, they really come in handy when he’s in the mood and you don’t really have a surface to do it on…On the flip side, he gets really sappy, he loves your eyes. He may have the muscles in the relationship, but you have the power to render him a mush of compliance with just a glance at him, use your power well.

C = Cum 
Again, Xiumin’s pretty clean, especially his bed, he doesn’t like making a mess so I imagine he almost always cums on like your tummy or thighs, somewhere that’s easy to clean up and isn’t going to make a mess on his bed.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
He hasn’t brought it up yet, and honestly he’s surprised you haven’t noticed. but he lowhighkey likes his hair pulled. He’s been thinking of a way to bring that to light…

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
He’s the oldest, and I don’t buy into his whole cute and innocent act when he turns around and gets on stage and does that shit. Xiumin certainly knows what to do, there’s no doubt about that.

F = Favorite position
He gives me the ‘from behind’ kind of vibe. He can easily reach any part of your body, curl his fingers in your hair, hold you still or pull you back to meet his thrusts easily. Plus wall sex is 10x easier from behind, no one needs to accidentally be dropped.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Xiu’s like a secret goof. He puts on this act, then Baekhyun tries to touch him and it all falls apart lmao. I can see it starting out serious, and then someone can’t get their sock off and it all falling apart and you’re a mess of giggles.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
That boys titties are always out, so thankfully I get a good shot of his tummy. I think he grooms occasionally. He’s, again, a clean dude, and sometimes there’s a happy trail and sometimes not, so I don’t think he keeps up with trimming day to day, but he does keep it neat.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
I think Xiumin would be one of the best boyfriends from EXO, I think he’s really into taking care of you and showing as well as telling how much he cares for you, so I’m positive it travels into the bedroom. I think the showy part of his romance is more for your non-sexual relationship, and the talking is for the sexual part of your relationship. He’s a talker in the bedroom, he’s got his face hidden in your neck, and panting sweet nothings against your skin all the way through sex.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
Once again, he’s a really clean guy. I don’t think he jerks off much, because of the mess. The only place Xiu does it, is in the bathroom, in the shower. That way there’s not mess to clean up and he can just relax afterwards.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
He really likes hearing you. Xiumin loves hearing you breathless, whining for his tongue, his fingers, his cock, anything, he’ll give you, you just need to say it and he’ll comply. He’s more on the dominant side of actions in the bedroom, but he loves you whimpering for him and telling him what you want him to do to you.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Bathtub is a prime location, nice lock, warm bath, some bath bombs, and no clean up. Plus you’re all soft and smooth and smell good afterwards too. Just the bed is a close second, but Xiu really likes the bath.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Back to the Kink, he loves you begging for him. Even if it’s just you and the boys out for dinner, and you start tugging on his arm and whining that you’re tired and want to go back to the dorm, he’s already scheming his way to make sure the boys stay gone long enough he can have you a tired mushy mess in bed again. Something about your voice whining for him, just really gets him going.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Xiu’s kind of shy and a bit insecure(although I think he’s a lot more confident in himself now yay), he can’t even fathom the idea of someone trying to take you away from him, threesomes or some voyeur stuff is 100% off the table.  

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Xiumin? Aka the king of singing? And rapping? And basically anything a human can possibly do? He may not talk much, but that’s cuz his tongue is busy doing something else….69 is more his speed though, he likes pleasure between you two to be matched.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Xiumin’s normally a mix, he’s kind of on the slower side, not really slow but he’s not quick, not particularly rough, but hard.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
A few times quickies happen, they’re usually in the morning when you’ve woken up and Xiu has like a half hour to get his ass moving and dressed and to his schedule. Quickies are just morning sex, to be honest. He’s not against them, plus he knows when he gets home later at night you’ll have more proper sex.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
He’s the oldest, so I don’t really think he cares about getting caught doing anything in the dorm. Outside the dorm is off limits, public sex isn’t a go. But as for anything you can do inside the house, he’s open to discussing and trying if it sounds fun or actually pleasurable. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
He’s pretty big on foreplay to make up for how ‘normal’ sex is with him? Like sex with his is pretty average, the sex itself spans about 10 minutes, and two rounds in a row is a stretch for him. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Xiumin is tip toeing on the line of being a full blown dom, and the boys know better than to touch Xiumin’s stuff so he’s not worried about anyone seeing his secret stash. He’s got various handcuffs and silk clothes to tie your hands together or to the bed, and a few vibrators for foreplay.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
I feel like Xiumin is more impatient than the others, so teasing you is more like teasing him, and he’s not here for it. He’s big on foreplay, but full blown teasing, he normally passes on that stepped.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Xiumin’s pretty quiet, but that’s just because he’s sort of shy. In the bedroom, with you, he’s in his element. He doesn’t hold back, and the mofo is a goddamn gifted singer and rapper, he’s got a voice. He’s pretty loud, to be honest, groan and moans and he’s very vocal, I feel bad for any members that are near, no one needs to hear that.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Shower sex isn’t safe, kids, you and Xiu learned that the hard way. One day of work for you, and an intense schedule for Xiu, you were both in the mood but no one had the strength to go through stripping the bed afterwards, so shower sex was proposed. Long story short, a bar of soap was knocked off the shelf, someone slipped, and a trip to the ER was needed. 

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Nana’s bias lmaoNana…this was a 20 minute convo for her to just give me an answer…According to my ‘dick master’ grandma, Xiumin’s dick is a bit on the shorter side, but he’s ‘thick like a one of those good big German sausages’. I hate my grandma 

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Xiumin’s climbing in the years, so I think his hormones have certainly settled down, so he’s not just a horny teenage boy anymore. I think his sex drive is pretty stable, few times a week you two have sex, or if he knows he’s going away for a while he tries to squeeze in a few extra rounds to make up for the time you’ll lose. But besides that, he’s a pretty average sex drive man.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
After the work he puts in with you, Xiu’s exhausted and ready for a tap out nap. I don’t think he falls asleep quickly, but he’s flopped down, demanding cuddles, and settling down for sleep.

  • Oscar: According to this voice in my head, I’m supposed to go down this yellow brick road with you three. Um, are you okay Mr. Qrow?
  • Qrow: Yeah yeah, kid. I’m doing great. Here we goooooo.
  • *Qrow begins drunkenly stumbling down the road*
  • Ironwood: Ignore Mr. Branwen there. It is an honor for me to escort you, young man.
  • Oscar: Thanks, General!
  • Ironwood: And just so you know, I am willing to lay down my life in order for you to complete your mission. Let the criminals come and slice my limbs off! Let the Grimm come and eat the parts of my body that aren’t metal! As long as you accomplish your mission, that’s all that matters! No pressure or anything.
  • Oscar: Uh....
  • Taiyang: I really shouldn’t be here. I need to be at home training Yang! And then I need to go find Ruby and bring her home, do the dishes, clean the bathroom, grade some papers...
  • *Glynda observes the three men and then hands Oscar a card*
  • Glynda: Here is my number, young man. Borrow one of their scrolls and call me if you ever end up in trouble.
  • Oscar: With Grimm or criminals?
  • Glynda: No, with those three.
Trent| Lucky |Seven

Title; Lucky

Pairing; Trent Seven/Reader

Words; 3256

Summary; “… Because every romcom and sitcom says so! Things would get awkward and weird and then someone moves out and then we never see each other again.”

Warnings; NSFW. Fluff (i think idk i’m bad at it). Smut. Here be no plots. 

Author’s Note: oh hello. its me. doing things again. stuff is happening in the next couple weeks. prepare for some fast and furious stuff. leave some noise and kisses.

Tag Train:

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My chemical romance sentence starters

“I never said I’d lie and wait forever.”

“I’m not okay!”

“Well if you wanted honesty that’s all you had to say”

“Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out of the second story?”

“You wear me out!”

“I held you close as we both shook.”

“For the last time take a good hard look!”

“Forget about the dirty looks!”

“You said you read me like a book!”

“I’m okay now!”

“But you really need to listen to me because I’m tell you the truth! I’m okay!”

“I’m not o-fucking-kay!”

“And they found you on the bathroom floor…”

“I miss you!”

“Singing songs that make you want to slit your wrists.”

“They’re gonna clean up your looks with all their lies and their books.”

“Because the drugs never work.”

“They’re gonna give you a smirk cuz they got methods of keeping you clean.”

“Maybe they’ll leave you alone but not me!”

“You ain’t gonna fit in much kid!”

“Teenagers scare the living shit out of me!”

“Gravity don’t mean too much to me!”

“I’m who I’ve got to be!”

“I’ve got a bullet proof heart.”

“Let’s blow a hole in this town!”

“Stay out of the light.”

“You can sat a prayer if you need to.”

“Another knife in my hands.”

“I’m so dirty,babe!”

“I fall out of grace!”

“A stain that never comes off of the sheets.”

“It ain’t for the money and it sure as hell ain’t for the fame!”

“Down we go,down we go,and we all fall down!”

“And we’ll all dance along to the tune of your death.”

“They gave us two shots to the back of the head.”

“And we’re all dead now!”

“Wait until it fades to black and ride off into the sunset!”

“Got you in my sights!”

“Well I’m asking you cuz she’s got nothing to say.”

“Would I lie to you? That girl/boy ain’t right in the brain.”

“Now I know that I can’t make you stay.”

“But where’s your heart?”

Lazy Lovebirds

Requested by anon ♥

→ Reader x Sehun

→ Normalverse; in which Sehun was a bit more hungry for your attention than you thought.

Word count: 1,1K

Your hands tugged and combed helplessly through your own locks, collecting and leading the strands up into something that could resemble a ponytail. The bass of your overplayed playlist was mild in your ears, pumping just enough excitement through your body to get you light on your feet and ready to do things. You took a short glance over your apartment, breathing the slightly stuffed air and sighing at the dust particles only visible in the sunlight that shone through your light curtains.

“This place-” You sigh once more, dipping your hand down into the hot water that took up the space of the bright pink bucket besides your feet, taking a hold of the cloth bathing in the strong soap before dragging it out. “really needs this.”

“I really need this.” You correct, squishing the excess water out of the cloth before getting started; wiping every furniture, every shelf and every decoration of the dust that had piled on ever since Sehun had moved in. Four months. The thought of it really disgusted you, and you really had no idea how it even happened.. but you suppose; lovebirds will be lovebirds. 

And when thinking about it, lovebird was a very fitting word to describe Sehun. Oh, also: lazy.

The first hour went by quickly; soon your living room, kitchen and bathroom was wiped free of the thick layer of dust and properly cleaned. All that was left was your bedroom, the guest room and vacuuming all the floors. You stood back up, sighing, this time more in a positive fashion. The music was playing loudly, and that might have been why you didn’t hear the outdoor, and let out a loud scream at the sudden hands around your waist. 

“Baby,” Sehun laughed. “It’s just me.”

You groaned, cheeks flushing underneath his heavy arms. “Don’t sneak up on me like that. The music was so loud, you should’ve know I didn’t hear the door.” You struggle out of his embrace, hurrying over to the bucket standing in the hallway and bringing it into the guest room. From your prior place, you can hear Sehun let out a playful, offended sound and shuffle along, hopefully into the living room to relax after his tiring day.

You giggle before yelling over the ever so loud music as you got back to cleaning; “Welcome home by the way.”

Halfway through your own bedroom, your music was abruptly turned off and the culprit stood, leaning against the wall by the door, his eyebrows furrowed. He watch intently as you wipe the surfaces, pick up yours, and his, scattered clothes off the floor and into their respective places inside of the closet.

His lingering presence was almost a bother. After promising yourself that today you would clean the apartment, make dinner, wash your dirty clothes and get everything tidy, you couldn’t have Sehun sidetracking you with his adorable pouts. Although you weren’t exactly sure what he was expecting now. You let your eyes fall on his relaxed form with slightly furrowed eyebrows.

“Sehun?” You breathe out, causing him to perk up, staying silent as an sign for you to continue.

“What are you doing?”

“Uh..” He pushes himself of the wall, eyes wavering before he shuffles out of the room. “Nothing.”

Huh, he’s so weird, you muse internally with another sigh, a light exhale before once again returning to work.

 “Princess? Y/N? Baby?”

“Yeah?” You look up from stirring the mix of vegetables in the pan, coming face to face with your famous boyfriend. His brown eyes are almost sad and his rosy lips are pouting, his cheeks lightly, almost unnoticeably, puffed out. Yet, you only grin up at him, before looking back down at the food on the stove.

“What’s up?”

He sighs adorably. “When did I come home?”

You shake your head, giggling with confusion and wonder. “I don’t know, an hour ago?”

And when you look back up at your taller boyfriend, your eyebrows again furrowed over his weird behavior and questions, he only frowns down at you with - wait, was that disappointment?

He then groans loudly, irritated and walk away, leaving you dumbfounded with only the sizzling sound of your wok and the low sound of the radio playing throughout the small kitchen. Your cheeks warm in embarrassment and irritation and you huff, turning back to watching the food.

“Baby,” Sehun groaned out loudly the very second you closed the bathroom door shut. He leans back in his kitchen chair, pushing his empty plate away from him with a light hand to signal that he was done eating. You swallowed back a sigh, feeling a little embarrassed in the way Sehun acted.

Even though you were at home, safe in the privacy of your own space and there was nobody here to see- at all, you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. You move over the newly washed floor, and grab for his plate as well as yours - only for your boyfriend’s hands to slap at the upper side of your hand. He glares up at you.

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t make me sigh for what is probably the thousandth time today, Sehun. I’m cleaning.” You grab his plate, hastily placing it over your own and walking out into your kitchen. “I’m cleaning up after you.”

“Baby, sorry.” You hear his haste apology from the kitchen and halt your actions, taking another breath, trying a short smile. You couldn’t stay angry with him for long. Never more than five minutes. “It’s okay, Sehunnie.”

“It’s just that- I wanted your attention today.” He speaks, suddenly so close to you, his arms sneaking around your waist just like earlier as you placed the plates down into the sink. You smile up at him, cheeks warming over his words.

“All day during our schedules and practices, I kept missing you a little extra. I don’t know what it was that made me such a lovebird today. I couldn’t stop talking about you to the boys and gosh- I just needed to come home to you.” He smiles warmly down at you, your calm smile, your bright eyes in his soft embrace. God, he loved you. He really, really loved you.

“Really? I’m so sorry, baby. I just needed to clean up in here, I couldn’t postpone it again. We were basically swimming in the dust.”

A shrug of his shoulders. “Yeah, I understand. But hey, you can give it to me now, right? Your attention and love, I mean, of course.”

You giggle, nodding excitedly. “I can shower you in it. And I’ll start right now; I love you.”

A/N: thank you to the anon for requesting and I hope you all enjoy! also I hope I didn’t make it too boring ahah ♥

I wish we could hurry up get through this bullshit of being apart and start our lives together. Instead of snuggling your hoodie and laying my head on your pillow with my tears covering it, I wish I was snuggling you with my head on your chest because I sleep so much better with you. Instead of falling asleep on the phone, I wish I was falling asleep to your kisses. Instead of waking up to your text, I wish I was waking up to your perfect little smile. Instead of your tooth brush sitting in the holder in the same spot where you left it, I wish I was yelling at you because you left it out on the counter. Instead of my floor being clean, I wish it was covered with your clothes because you never pick up after yourself. Instead, of eating pizza rolls and having them all to myself, I wish I was able to give you the last one because I know you really want it. Instead of having my whole bathroom to get ready, I wish you were kicking me out and making me use the small mirror so you can use the big one (even though you don’t need it because you are already beautiful without makeup) Instead of watching movies on FaceTime, I wish we were arguing over the remote and who gets to pick what show we watch. Instead of eating whatever I want for dinner, I wish we were taking hours trying to decide what to eat since you always say “i don’t care” Instead of having my bed to myself, I wish I was sharing it with you and falling off the edge since you take up so much space. In stead of being apart I wish I was there or you were here. Instead of being 600 miles apart I wish we were getting on each other’s nerves from being together so much. I wish I was with you, living our dysfunctional but yet perfect life together

Tease- Josh Dun Smut

You had an early flight in the morning. You and Josh were headed to Columbus for a week to visit his family. Josh has always been a little over protective when it came to people looking at you and today was no different. While traveling you liked to be comfortable, so this morning when you put on a pair of black leggings that complimented you butt and a shirt that showed a little too much of your cleavage, Josh wasn’t all that happy.

“Babe people are gonna be looking at you, and I don’t like when my baby girl gets checked out by anyone else but me.”

You just ignored him because you knew he like your outfit just not for other people to be looking at.

Once at the airport he kept you extremely close. You knew he was jealous that guys were checking you out, but you enjoyed seeing his like that. It often lead to great sex when he got really jealous, so you pushed your limits a few times by brushing against his crotch.

Once landing in Columbus, Josh’s brother picked you up and brought you to his parents house. You were greeted by his parents who were so excited to see you two.

“You guys had an early flight and look tired. Why don’t you go lay down for a little and we’ll go out for dinner later.” Josh’s mom suggested.

Josh didn’t think twice before he held your hand bringing you upstairs to his old bedroom.

You noticed that his usual soft touch wasn’t there. His grip was tight on your wrist and when you got into the bedroom he had you pinned down on the bed before you could even speak.

“Josh what are you doing?” you asked as Josh hovered above you with darkened eyes.

“Y/N you know I don’t appreciate when you wear things that get me excited and other guys look at you. I’m not dumb, I felt you purposely touching me earlier. Your such a tease baby.” he said as he placed kisses to your neck.

“Josh stop. Your parents are downstairs.”

“You don’t get to tell me what to do baby girl.” Josh pressed his lips to yours and he forced his tongue passed your lips and you both fought for dominance. A knock on the door broke you two from your heated moment.

Josh got off you and walked to the door pulling down his shirt in attempt to hide the tent that was forming in his pants. You also stood up walking over to your suitcase, trying to look busy.

“Sorry to bug you guys, but your dad and I’s friend is in town for just tonight and we made plans with them to hang out today. Can we take you two out tomorrow?”

“Yeah no problem mom. Have fun.” Josh said.

“Y/N , if you want there is stuff you can cook dinner with if you want. I know how much you enjoy cooking. The kitchen is all yours.” Laura said.

“Okay, thank you. I’ll find something to cook for Josh.” you said with a smile.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Ashley and Abby are both out of town tonight and Jordan is sick so there won’t be any surprise guests.” Laura added before walking off.

Josh shut the door again and turned to look at you.

“No surprise guest, parents going out for the night, one really hot girlfriend. This night is going to be fun.” he said with a smirk on his face.

“Sure is. So I was thinking maybe we should have Jenna and Tyler over for dinner.” you said.

“Um, no. Tonight I want it to be just you and me baby.” he said pulling you into another heated kiss. You pulled away after a few second and he had a confused look on his face.

“Too late, they’re coming at 6. Be ready.” you said still in Josh’s arms.

“What Y/N no. I want to fuck you. Why do you always do this.” he said annoyed. He was right you loved to get him really excited and horny then make him wait by inviting people over or leaving.

“Because it leads to better sex. Haven’t you caught on yet?” Josh chuckled and walked with you into the kitchen.

“Well don’t expect me to behave tonight.” Josh said.

The house was empty at this point and you had about 4 hours before Jenna and Tyler were due to get there. You decided to make lasagna because everyone always loved your recipe. While making it Josh stood behind you with his arms around your waist, head on your shoulder, and he would occasionally kiss you neck.

He knew not to push you into having sex now because you would cancel all plans of fucking for the night.

Around 5 you put the food in the oven and made your way to the bathroom to shower. You stood naked waiting for the water to heat up. You heard the door creak behind you.

“Josh, what the hell are you doing in here.” you asked as he walked in.

“Come on please Y/N. I need you baby girl.” he said pulling your bare body into his clothed one.

“Josh not now. You can wait until Tyler and Jenna leave. But this is the last time you get a warning before I tell you no sex at all.” you said kissing him and getting into the shower. You could see he was pissed and your plan was still working.

The shower curtain pulled open quickly and you were met with a naked Josh standing outside of the shower.

“I said I can’t wait. Y/N please just something. Anything. I can’t go downstairs with this.” he said gesturing to his very erect dick.

“I’ll make you a deal since you can’t handle a little teasing.” You said with a smirk turning off the water and walking out to Josh.

“Okay what?” he said eagerly.

“We can have a quickie and be done for the night or you can be a real man and wait until later.” Josh stood there for a second contemplating. As much as he didn’t want to be known as not a  ‘real man’, he needed you now. He picked you up tossing you over his shoulder and bringing you to the room.

“God I can’t take it anymore baby girl. I need to fuck you now.” he said kissing you passionately.

“Then do it already Josh.”

With that he lined himself up with your entrance and pushed inside of you.

You let out a gasp trying to adjust to his considerable size, but he didn’t give you much time before he started to move.

“Fuck baby girl. You’re so wet, how did you not want to fuck all day?”

“It’s called control. Maybe you should learn some.” you said moaning.

The look of pleasure quickly changing to anger as his pace began to speed up.

“Oh I have fucking control, but not when it come to you babygirl. Fuck.” he said as his voice cracked a few times. He kept hitting your g-spot and you knew you weren’t going to last much longer and neither was he.

After a few more thrusted you were on the edge of your peak. “Fuck, Josh, I’m gonna cum.”

“Me too. Let it go baby.” he said and you did. Your entire body was taken over by pleasure. The feeling of Josh pulling out brought you back to the real world.

“Fuck Y/N you made such a mess. Maybe you were the one that needed to have control, you squirted all over the bed.”

“I told you the sex is better when I make you wait.” you yelled to Josh who was now in the bathroom grabbing you a wash cloth to clean up with.

“Imagine what it would’ve been if I did wait until later.”

“Yeah, but you couldn’t be a real man. Guess you’ll never know what ”

“Baby only real man can make their girl squirt. I must say it was really hot seeing you make such a mess in the same room I slept in as a child.” he said giving you the cloth.

“Well maybe round two might happen tonight.” you said winking at him.

You both cleaned up and got dressed. You were just applying the last of your makeup when you heard the doorbell ring and the timer on the oven going off at the same time. Josh got the door as you pulled the meal out of the oven placing it on the table.

“Smells great.” Tyler and Jenna said walking into the dining room.

After greeting them with a hug you all sat down to eat.

“Oh my god Y/N, your food taste so good. How do you do it every time?” Jenna said from across the table.

Josh placed his hand on your upper thigh and rubbed small circles on it. Dinner went fine and he didn’t try anything, thank god.

As you and Jenna sat in the living room catching up Tyler and Josh cleaned up dinner.

“So is your plan working?” Jenna asked. You were best friends and told each other everything. When you texted them earlier you told her how you wanted to do this to Josh and she was totally okay with helping you out torturing him.

“Yeah, before you guys came over Josh couldn’t wait any longer so we did some stuff really quick and I told him he wasn’t a real man and he wasn’t going to get anything later.” Jenna laughed.

“You’re so bad Y/N. he’s going to make you fuck either way.”

“That’s that plan.”

“Well you better have my back later when I need to this with Tyler.”

“Don’t worry Jen, I got your back.”  you both laughed and the boys walked into the room.

“What’s so funny in here?” Josh asked as he sat next to you on the couch.

“Oh nothing.” Jenna said and you look at each other holding back more laughter.

“Hey Jenna I think it’s time we get going.” Tyler said grabbing her hand.

You said your goodbyes at the door. As the door shut Josh pushed you against it and started kissing you.

“I have plans tonight and I would really enjoy if you would join me.” Josh said kissing the spot on your neck that made your knees feel weak.

“Oh really and what do those plans entail?” you teased.

Josh started to kiss you again. He swiped his tongue across your lips and you gave him access to explore the inside of you mouth. He moved his hands that were pressed to the door on either side of you head to grip your ass.

“Jump and I’ll bring you to the bedroom and you can find out.” you did as he said and he blindly navigated  his way through the house to the bedroom keeping your lips connected with his.

He put you down and slammed the door behind him. “Undress now. No noises or you’ll get punished.” you quickly shedded all your clothes as Josh did the same.

“Center of the bed, I’m not playing around baby, you better follow all my directions.” you laid on your back in the center of the twin sized bed. Josh crawled onto the bed and resumed the kiss that broke only a few minutes before.

“Fuck Y/n, you had me so hard today and I just wanna fuck you like you deserve.” he said leaving kisses all the way down your body. You were concealing your moans as Josh made his way to your core.

He pulled your legs apart and started kissing your inner thighs. “Damn, you’re so beautiful.” he bit the inside of your thigh before moving to you core. He pressed his tongue to your clit licking it slowly.

“This might taste better than the great dinner you cooked.” he said starting to put a finger in you.

You let a moan come out and Josh immediately pulled away from you.

“What the hell did I say?” his eyes were so dark. You didn’t know if you should answer or not so you just looked up at him through your eyelashes.

“Sluts that like to tease and torture don’t get to make noises. Get off the bed and bend over.”

You did, bending over his lap.

“You’re gonna count for me okay princess. How many do you think you deserve?”

“I don’t know, just do something already.” you sassed.

“God with a mouth like that I think you deserve 20 but I’m gonna cut you some slack, 10.” with that hi calloused hand made it’s way to your ass. You counted each time his hand met your bare skin. When he was done he rubbed the red skin.

“Okay little slut, I want you to put that mouth to good use and suck me off, then you can get your treat.” Josh said standing you up and pushing you down to your knees.

You placed your hand on the base of his cock and start to suck on his tip. His head fell back as you took more of him in your mouth. He thrusted into your mouth and you hollowed your cheeks.

“Fuck, I’m not going to last much longer.” he moaned. “Come here, I wanna fuck you and teach you a less to not tease me like you did today.” he said pulling you up by your hair. He put you on the bed and attached his lips to yours as he lined himself up with your entrance.  

“Fuck you’re so tight baby.”

“Josh, you feel so good.” that was enough to encourage him to go faster and harder. With each thrust it brought you closer to your climax. You felt Josh twitch inside of you and then felt him release inside you. His pace slowed before e pulled out and collapsed beside you on the small bed.

“Fuck, that was great for me. Probably not you though.” he chuckled.

“Josh, please finish, you can’t just leave me like this.” you begged.

“You know, I’m getting tired. Long day traveling and all.” he said as he pulled back the blanket on the bed to get under them.

“I hope you learned you lesson baby girl.” he said kissing your forehead and turning over in the bed and falling asleep.

First 20/5 (I think the 10 minute rest is too long for me, personally) I did the dishes & cleaned the kitchen counters & took out a bag of recyclables. I left the skillet to soak. ( I’m going to have my husband clean it once he is done working)
Second 20/5 I swept the kitchen floor (you can see how huge it is) I have also been sweeping everything in the corner for about a month so I had a HUGE dust pile to get in the trash
Third 20/5 I straightened up the living room & swept the floors & straightened the boxes which need to end up in my husbands office but he was working
Fourth 20/5 I folded the clothes piled up in the bathroom clothes and put them away (normal people put their clothes in their bedroom but we have so much storage in the bathroom I have all my clothes in there)
Fifth & sixth 20/5s were used to clean the toilet (yes it really took 40 minutes on just the toilet)
Seventh 20/5 I cleaned the cat litter box, swept the bathroom & straightened up my make up.
Now I’m done & I am going to finish my movie

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Remember the self harm ask? Could you do something where MC catches seven relapsing and something kinda fluffy kinda angsty ensues? If you're okay with it of course. If you're not comfortable writing it that's okay

i personally feel like i suck at angst but hey, i tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(if you want to read what i guess inspired this, check it out here)

trigger warning: self harm

  • Despite living with both Saeyoung and Saeran, you hadn’t seen neither of them in days
  • Saeran had gotten slighty better mentally since he came home from the hospital a few weeks back, but because he felt bad about his random outbursts of anger, he had locked himself into his room to not yell at you
  • Seven was feeling guilty because he couldn’t help his brother more, and with his agency work in addition, he also locked himself into his room
  • He didn’t even respond to your texts and calls
  • Feeling worried and pretty fed up with his shit, you decided to try to comfort your boyfriend
  • You walked to his door, hoping he would let you in so you could talk 
  • Just as you were about to knock, you heard muffled crying from his room
  • You tried to open his door but it wouldn’t budge, so you found the cat robot to help you
  • With its help you got the door open, but part of you wished you hadn’t managed
  • On the bed, looking like a deer in the headlights, was your boyfriend desperately trying to wipe the fresh blood away from his arms
  • “S-Saeyoung..?”
  • Feeling defeated, he dropped the blade from his hand and hung his head.
  • “I’m sorry… I know I promised you not to, but…”
  • You hugged him carefully to not touch his arms, and he started sobbing on your shoulder
  • “Shh… I know it’s hard, okay? No one blames you for what has happened. I know it doesn’t seem like that, but even Saeran knows deep down that this isn’t your fault. The only one who doesn’t know is you, so please stop blaming yourself. You’re not a bad person, okay?”
  • “I don’t deserve you, MC… You could’ve been happy with someone else, why would you choose me? I’m… I’m sad, I make you sad, I make Saeran sad, I don’t know what to do!”
  • You noticked his breath hitching and saw that he was on the werge of panicking, so you cupped his faced and made him look into your eyes
  • “Listen here, Saeyoung. I know that you are in a lot of pain, we all are, but nothing will get solved by suffering alone. We need each other, okay? I need you so much, and I hate seeing you like this. I love you, and I want to help you. Do you understand that?”
  • He looked down, too ashamed to meet your eyes, and nodded
  • You kissed his cheek and took his hand, leading him to the bathroom where the first aid kit was
  • “Let’s get you cleaned up, yeah? Then all three of us can take a walk to the park to get some ice cream, I think we all need some fresh air”
  • When he saw your sad face as you cleaned his deeper wounds, he wondered how he got so lucky as to have you
  • “I know I’m not particularly good at saying this, but… Thank you. For taking care of me, for helping me, for loving me. I really do love you back, I’m sorry that I’m so distant sometimes”
  • He wrapped you into his arms as soon as they were bandaged up, and promised to always take care of you

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99 + neil / any of the foxes? i love pain

Listen…words happened. Lots of words. I hope this is what you wanted. Maybe you wanted something darker? And more…painful? I am working on being more angsty and painfilled :D

99: “Calm down. I look a lot worse than I am.” (ao3)

Hot Thoughts

Neil slipped into his trainers without untying them around five in the morning. He was trying to be as silent as possible because everyone else in the dorm was still asleep. Regardless of when Neil went to sleep, his internal clock has him up at five am, every day. Technically, Neil had only fallen into bed at three after a night practice with Kevin and Andrew. Kevin was snoring in his bed across the room and Andrew was awake but hadn’t opened his eyes. Neil tried to be as stealthy as possible when he got out of bed, but there was no climbing down from bunk beds without waking the other person, especially not if they were a light sleeper. Andrew was so used to Neil slipping out of Fox Tower around 5:10 am, and running until he was tired enough to fall back into bed for a few hours before his 11 am Stats class, that he no longer started swearing at being woken up, he would just murmur, “phone on,” before pulling the covers over his head and going back to sleep.

Neil took the elevator all the way down in order to take the time to stretch and relish the protesting of his tired muscles. They had gone hard at night practice. Andrew was in an accommodating mood and had the two strikers running up and down the court like mad. He had even let Neil drive home so he could smoke in the passenger seat and look at Neil. Neil had given a mocking little, “Staring,” making Andrew blow smoke in his face. Kevin had started complaining in the backseat about the perils of smoking and what it would do to Andrew’s body. Andrew how will you continue to play exy if you can’t catch your breath? Kevin had finally asked, imploringly. Andrew was completely unimpressed and lit another cigarette, passing it to Neil, before turning up the radio to drown out Kevin’s protesting.

Walking from the elevator to the door, Neil nodded to the tired front desk worker as he planned out his route. He could probably just do a quick loop around campus before heading back to shower and climb into bed with Andrew before he got up for his 9 am Cultural Violence class. Neil took off when he jumped down the last two steps. He ran past the pond, the main lawn, and the library before veering off his course to head towards the Dunkin Donut across from the far end of campus. Andrew’s favorite was the chocolate glazed and he was rarely up in time to choke down an Oreo poptart before class, much less make it all the way across campus to grab donuts before class. He would probably just put them out on the counter where Andrew could find him. There was a level of discomfort Andrew went through when he realized how much he was known at this point. Neil understood that and kind of felt the same way, but Andrew so effortlessly knew Neil that Neil tried really hard to remember the things that Andrew liked. If the radio was on and Andrew took the extra effort to turn the volume up, Neil would us the little app Matt showed him how to use to find songs so he could add it to their driving playlist. Neil wanted Andrew to feel just as known as Neil himself did. Neil didn’t need Andrew’s reaction. He just wanted Andrew to know that someone cared, so picking up donuts and a large hot chocolate with two shots of espresso and whipped cream was easy enough.

Neil jogged in place and waited for the light to turn red before running across the street to the Dunkin Donuts. Halfway through he was knocked off his feet. He was lying on the ground and was trying to piece together how he got down there. He blinked and glanced around before noticing the horrified glances of two girls in front of the Dunkin Donuts holding coffees. He heard a door slam and his eyes swept back to see a black car right beside him and a man running towards him in what almost looked like slow motion. Shock. You’re in shock.

“Hey man, shit. Are you okay?”

Neil couldn’t find the words to ask him what he meant. He just furrowed his brow and stuck his hand in his pocket to feel for his phone. He pulled it out and it was shattered to hell and back. He pressed the home button and when it didn’t light up, he dropped it to the pavement without thought. He was pissed because Andrew had gotten him that phone and now it was destroyed.

“Hey man, I know that you’re probably shook up, but I need to tell me if anything is broken. I want to get you out of the road,” the stranger said with anxiety in his voice.

“I’m not…what happened?” Neil asked, confused.

“Fuck. Okay. Okay. I was texting and I didn’t see the light turn red and—fuck. I hit you with my car. Oh my god I can’t afford this, but I will pay for your hospital bill okay? Oh my god, wait. You’re Josten aren’t you. Holy fuck. Man did I fuck up your ability to play. I watched your interview about how passionate you are about the game. Oh fucking Christ I’ve ruined your life. I fucked my car. I’m going to die right here,” the stranger became more and more shaken as he went on.

“Stop,” Neil said, pulling himself into a sitting position.

“You’re not supposed to move, man,” the guy whimpered.

“Okay, listen to me. I need you to do some things for me,” Neil said.

“Anything, man. Anything. I’m Eli.”

“Eli, hey okay so first, I need you to tell me exactly what happened when you hit me,” Neil said, licking the blood off his lips.

“I was responding to a text. Why did I do that? It’s like so early. Why did I need to check my phone, nothing important happens in the fucking morning and—“

“Eli, I need you to focus. I just need to know what happened,” Neil said.

“Okay so I hit you. I glanced up when I felt the bump and you went up on the hood and you hit the glass. It happened so fast, but you went up and hit the windshield then rolled off. And I couldn’t see from there—“

Neil jumped up and finished crossing the street. Eli yelled after him, but Neil didn’t want Eli to continue talking. He was yelling something about his cellphone number and then Neil couldn’t hear him after he walked through the door, the little bell signaling his entrance. The lady at the counter glanced up and shrieked when she caught sight of Neil. Neil whirled to the darkened window to the rentable conference room to catch his reflection. His knees and one of his calves were skinned up and slowly dripping blood. His white crew socks were staring to soak up the blood. His hands were raw but not bloody. He had some scratches on his cheek, but it was mostly just superficial cuts. Nothing like the bloody torn mess it was after Baltimore. His mouth was bloody from where he had bit his lip when he hit the ground and he probably had a wicked bruise on his torso from where the car made impact. Neil was unfortunate enough to have had broken ribs before in his life, and yes he was sore but nothing was broken.

“Calm down. I look a lot worse than I am,” Neil said.

“Well you look god awful,” the woman informed, gripping the countertop.

“To be fair, I feel kind of awful,” Neil said with a bloody smile.

“Are you like, okay?” she asked.

“I’ve been better, but I’ve also been worse.”

“Um, well. That seems like an unhappy middle. Do you need me to call someone? Or like, do you need anything? Shit, I mean I don’t really know what I can do for you,” she worried.

“You could do two things for me. I need 12 chocolate glazed donuts and a large hot chocolate with two shots of espresso and whipped cream. If possible could I get a small cup full of whipped cream as well? I can pay whatever for it. And then could I just get a small black coffee with French vanilla? Oh! And can you point me in the direction of the nearest phone store? It doesn’t matter the provider, mine just ate shit out there and my, uh friend, will be waking up at 6:30 and if I don’t respond to him he’s going to raise hell until he finds me,” Neil said, getting a little breathless towards the end.

“Oh baby, it’s 7:15…but I can get all of that for you! And it’s on the house for sure. And like two blocks south of here, so left when you walk out of the store is a place you can either get your phone repaired or buy a new one,” she said, hustling around the corner to start making the drinks.

Neil slapped fifty bucks on the counter, “This is for the food and drinks and for the fact that you will probably be cleaning my blood off the floor. Listen, while you make that I’m going to run down and see about fixing my phone situation. I really appreciate you working with me and I apologize about the blood.”

“Please, it’s no problem. Go clean up in the bathroom if you need to,” she said, boxing the donuts.

“I’ll be fine, the phone thing is important,” Neil said, snagging his small coffee off the counter. It stung his lip when he took a sip, but the caffeine was worth it. He briefly thought about jogging the two blocks but quickly nixed the idea, knowing that getting his heart rate up too high would likely only make him bleed faster. So much for sleeping before class.”

He walked through the doors and was met with a few shocked gasps, but walked up to the person who looked most knowledgeable and pulled his phone out of his pocket. “We can talk plans and things for as long as you want and I’m willing to let you talk me into whatever it is you try to sell customers. It’s just imperative that I have an activated phone as soon as possible. This exact same phone if at all possible. I need to let some people know that I haven’t been kidnapped or anything. I was hit by a car and apparently recovering from that took a lot longer than I realized.”

The woman stared at him for a beat, then another, before nodding and picking up his phone and heading to the back. Neil only had time to look over at the weird goggle things they had set up in the middle of the room before the woman came back with a box. She set it up on one of the tables and plugged it in before taking the little sim card out and inserting it into the new phone right before it powered up. She handed it over before walking off to get whatever it was she would try to sell someone, Neil guessed. He quickly put in all the information he remembered from when Nicky helped him set up his last phone and skipped the parts that he did not remember. What the fuck was a cloud anyway? The phone took a few moments to start pinging, and Neil quickly flipped it to vibrate and started going through the messages in the order they showed up in his message app.


hey man, Andrew just text me wondering if i had heard from you?
wassup? yinz having issues or you just forget about the world while running?


Long story. Where’s Andrew?


Neil bb, Andrew says you aren’t answering?? I hope you’re not in the ER lol
Text me


I’m not dead. Is this where I would say lol?


there better be a damn good reason Andrew woke me up at 7 in the morning mister!!


I was hit by a car.


You okay honey?


Yes mom.


The monster said you ran off?


I went on a run. Yes.


Where r u


Getting a new phone.


It’s 7
Where are you
It’s supposed to be Jack who falls down, not junkies
Your location services is turned off
And that means you either did a very stupid thing
Or it means that I’m going to have to do a very stupid thing


I hope I’m the stupid thing.
It’s a long story, but I’m at whatever phone store is by the DD.
Stop at DD first and get your breakfast, I already paid for it.
Once I get my new phone set up and paid for I’ll come outside
Then you can finish the job


I’m on my way
You owe me an explanation


Nicky will have to install the little faces for me
How do you think he gets the little kissy face
I will text Nicky


I should have killed you weeks ago


:* !
;* this one is winking
haha look at this one uwu


I’m going to kill Nicky
And then I’m coming for you


I got us matching phone cases
And two tablets
And I got you these headphones
They were described them as


Come outside before I drag your lifeless body out



Neil thanked the woman as he took the bag from her and pocketed his phone. Andrew was sitting outside in the Maserati and Neil looked down at his bloody legs before shrugging and opening the door.

“I’m taking you to the ER. Tell me what happened or I’ll finally kill you like I should have ages ago,” Andrew threatened before Neil could even get in the car.

“It’s a long story and if you take me to the ER I’m eating three of your donuts and you still have to go to class. It’s your favorite one with that professor that you actually don’t hate,” Neil said reaching for the box of donuts in the passenger seat.

Andrew allowed him to take one donut before he moved the box out of Neil’s reach. “Will you die if I take you to the apartment?”

Neil flopped into the seat. “Nah, most of these cuts are already clotted and the blood is just dried there.” Neil pulled up his shirt. “This however, is ugly as all hell, but I don’t think I have internal bleeding. I mean other than you know the blood that is in me…internally,” he said experimentally poking at the discoloration on his side.

“Internal bleeding isn’t the same thing as the circulatory system, you stupid fuck,” Andrew bit out, slamming on the gas. He was driving thirty miles over the speed limit and Neil just clucked his tongue at him.

“I know nothing about anything,” Neil hummed, finishing off the donut and reaching back toward the box.

Andrew shot him a dirty look. “I won’t take you to the ER.”

Neil gave him a wounded look in return. “You just don’t want to share your donuts, you greedy fucker.”

Andrew rolled his eyes, smoothly pulling into the parking lot at Fox Tower. “You owe me an explanation.”

“I know, and I’ll tell you everything. I’m just really tired all of a sudden now that I know I’m okay. I kind of want to sleep and have someone rub my stomach. My mom used to do that when I was sick,” Neil admitted, trailing after Andrew.

“I have to leave for class in fifty minutes. I get out at 10:15 and you don’t have to leave until 10:45. That gives you two hours and five minutes to rest. Then you’re telling me and then I’m walking you to Stats on my way to Criminal Psychology. Sound fair?” Andrew asked.

Neil slumped against the elevator wall. “Yes that’s fine.”

“I can hear your phone buzzing from here.”

“I told Nicky what happened to me. I’m sure the whole team knows by now. Hell probably the whole state of South Carolina!” Neil said, following Andrew out of the elevator.

“I don’t know,” Andrew stated blandly.

“Yes, but you deserve more than a six word sentence explaining what happened,” Neil responded, waiting for Andrew to unlock the door.

“You’re lucky Kevin’s in class or else he’d take one look at you and shit a kitten. Strip down and get in the tub and start scrubbing the blood off. I’ll be in there in a minute to help you patch up.”

“I’ve always wanted a kitten,” Neil called, walking into the bathroom.

He got in the tub before turning on the water, not bothering to stopper the tub. He passed over his unscented body wash in favor of Andrew’s sandalwood soap and started clearing away the blood and gravel from his legs. Andrew came in with hydrogen peroxide and wrappings that were no doubt bought after his injuries sustained in Baltimore.

“Ugh you know I hate that shit,” Neil said. Andrew unscrewed the lid without responding and immediately started pouring peroxide on his cuts. They all bubbled and Neil breathed in sharply through his nose. He got up right after being plowed by a car, but hydrogen peroxide made him want to cry like a baby.

“Rinse off and I’ll wrap the worst of your cuts.”

Neil soaped up again with Andrew’s body wash and used some of his shampoo and conditioner for good measure since he did go running. He might not get to lay in bed with Andrew, but this was also nice. Andrew toweled him off, being careful of his cuts and bruises and rolled his eyes when he caught a whiff of Neil. Neil made a mental note to start buying scented soaps so Andrew could wash in his one day, maybe. He pulled on the shorts Andrew provided. Andrew methodically and quickly wrapped all of Neil’s cuts and prodded him towards the bed. Neil immediately went to climb to the top bunk when Andrew made a noise and pushed him towards his own bed. On it was a heating pad that Andrew turned on and placed over Neil’s bruised torso.

Andrew left and went to the kitchen and Neil reached over the edge of the bed to the desk where he had discarded his phone. 389 missed text messages. He put it on do not disturb and locked it. Unlocked it and went to make sure Andrew’s texts and calls would still go through, before locking it again and sliding it under the pillow. Andrew came back in and handed Neil a water bottle and a couple pain pills that were left over from his latest injuries. Andrew also handed Neil an ice pack before walking over to shove his books in his backpack and shove all the dirty clothes in the laundry or the trash if they were unsalvageable.

When Andrew walked back by the bed Neil reached out but stopped before he got to Andrew’s wrist, but it was enough to make the other boy pause. “I really am okay. It looks a lot worse than it is. I am sore, for sure, but I would tell you if it was bad. Here come sit and I’ll tell you what I can before class in,” he checked his phone, “seventeen minutes.” Andrew crawled across Neil to sit against the wall beside him.

“It was stupid. I didn’t wait for the light to change and I ran across the street without looking. I got hit. I wanted to get you donuts for breakfast,” Neil admitted sheepishly.

Andrew moved to get up and Neil put out his hand towards him again, but still didn’t touch him. “It was stupid, I know, but please stay. I’m going to fall asleep, but stay for a little bit and I promise I’ll make it up to you later. I’ll tell you more about this morning. I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

“Anything?” Andrew asked, eyebrow raised.

“Anything,” Neil confirmed.

Andrew hummed in confirmation, and the warmth against Neil’s side was really nice and it was lulling him to sleep. The heating pad against his other side was really nice too. Neil was just really warm all over and was falling asleep. Andrew reached out and pushed his hair to the side and before Neil realized what was happening, he was asleep.

The circular pattern being rubbed on his stomach was familiar and soothing. The tiny feet climbing over him, however, were not. Neil blinked away and breathed in loudly through his nose and stretched before slurring, “’Drew?”

Andrew leveled him with a blank stare and said the most confusing thing Neil had ever heard: “Your cat pissed in your shoes. It’s the smartest cat in the world. I didn’t think I had the capacity for love, but it pissed in your shoes and then ripped the net to your exy racquet.”

“The…cat?” Neil asked as if Andrew had started speaking to him in tongues.

Andrew just reached across the bed and picked up the tiniest kitten Neil had ever seen by the scruff of its neck. That wasn’t saying much. Neil had never seen a kitten. It was probably massive by kitten standards, but it was the smallest and most perfect thing Neil had ever seen. He ignored the missing ear and the smushed in face and immediately reached out, only to have the cat take a swipe at him. Andrew made a noise low in his throat and the kitten looked meek and innocent and let Neil snuggle it close this time.

“I think I’m in love,” Neil cooed as the kitten started to wriggle its way out of Neil’s arms.

The cat jumped down and Andrew lay down beside Neil, placing a hand two inches below where the bruising was and gently pulling Neil towards himself. Neil allowed himself to be moved before turning his head toward Andrew, close enough that their noses almost touched.

“Yes or no?”

“You got me a kitten,” Neil hummed, pleased.

“Yes or no?” Andrew asked again.

“Andrew, yes,” Neil said in the softest voice Andrew had ever heard.

“I emailed your professor. Turns out getting hit by a car is a decent enough excuse to skip class,” Andrew said, ignoring the way Neil was looking at him.

“Will you go to Criminal Psychology?” Neil asked leaning forward to kiss Andrew’s neck.

Andrew made a filthy noise and told Neil that it was a review day. When Neil leaned forward to rub his lips gently against Andrew’s, Andrew pushed him away and said, “Not in front of the cat.”

Neil laughed and kissed him full on the mouth before lying back down on the pillow and pulling the covers up. “I say we nap before they inevitably find me. Maybe later we can scar the cat some.”

Andrew rolled his eyes, but laid down all the same.

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Not Good Enough - Josh Dun Imagine

Imagine- Josh, your boyfriend, is on tour and when you call him he yells at you. He knows how much you hate being yelled at.
(I promise it’s a fluffy ending kay)

Triggers- cutting, overwhelming thoughts

Note- Sorry that this is kinda short, i hope you don’t mind. I wrote this in one sitting :,))


You hate being yelled at. Just the thought can make you tear up.
Josh must have forgotten that while you were talking over the phone.
He was upset about something, you could clearly tell. When you continually asked him about it, he yelled at you. And he continued to yell at you.
‘All your friends and family hate you, and now so does Josh,’ You thought, tears rolling down your cheeks.
'When he gets back from tour he’s going to move out. He’s going to move out and find someone else, someone who deserves him. Unlike you,’ Your thoughts started to overwhelm you. It was too much.
You saw were several text messages from Josh saying he was sorry.
'It’s all fake. He doesn’t love you, he never did,’ you told yourself.
'In fact, he’s probably telling Tyler how annoying and you are right now. You can’t even hold your tears in when someone simply raises their voice at you.
You needed an escape, you needed to get away from your demons. Even if it was only for a second.
You slowly got up off the ground and walked to the bathroom, grabbing your razor, sitting on the floor.
You started getting doubts.
'Do i really want to do this? I’m two months clean, do i really want to break that?’
You gripped tightly onto the razor and thought; 'Of coarse you should. You deserve it for all the pain you’ve caused to everyone you meet, including Josh.’
You winced in pain as you pressed the razor into the flesh on your arm. You watched as blood started spewing out.
The dark red liquid against your skin was actually quite pretty. You stared for a moment before picking another spot to dig your razor into.
You bit your lip when you realized you went too deep this time, blood all along your arm.
You just sat, staring for several moments. Until you heard the front door open.
“Y/n?” You instantly recognized the voice. You panicked, quickly trying to find a towel to cover your arm- but it was too late.
You heard a gasp from the bathroom door. You didn’t dare look up, you couldn’t. You would just burst into tears again.
“Oh my god, y/n, i’m so so sorry, i’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it, I’m so sorry,” You felt two muscular hands draw you into Josh’s chest, and you started crying again. Your knees felt weak and you felt like you were going to collapse. You were grateful when Josh sat both of you down on the ground, sitting you in his lap.
He rocked back and forth, pressing kisses onto your head and whispering to you that it would be okay. You believed it.
You pulled back, your face wet with tears, and Josh looked into your eyes.
“I’m sorry,” Is all you could muster.
“Baby, shh, I’m the one who should be sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, i know you were just trying to help. I’ve been pretty stressed recently and i didn’t think about what i was doing until it was too late.”
You rested your head on his shoulder and he continued to rock you.
“Weren’t you supposed to be on tour until next week?” You asked into his shoulder.
“I had to come to make sure the light of my life was alright. I don’t know what i would do without you, y/n. You are so, so important, I hope you know that.”
“I love you, Josh,” You looked up to him, tears in your eyes. Not sad tears. Just so very thankful to have Josh in your life.
“I love you too, baby,” He kissed your forehead. “How about we clean your arm, now?”
You nodded your head and he helped you up.