i really need to buy a turntable



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“Erin? What do you think of this one?” Harry called over to me.

It was a dreary Saturday afternoon, rain clouds had been hanging low, grey and threatening in the sky for hours, meaning Harry and I had continuously put off our shopping trip until we really couldn’t wait any longer. Even though we were supposed to be shopping for a present for Izzy’s birthday, we’d somehow ended up in the men’s section in Fenwick’s department store, and we had yet to buy anything for the upcoming birthday girl.

He was stood in front of a long mirror, twisting and turning each and every way trying to figure out whether the floral shirt he held in his hands would suit him or not. I stopped just behind him, looking at him in the mirror and smiling when his lips jutted into a pout, showing his conflicting thoughts.

“I like it.” I said confidently. “It suits you.” But then again, the boy could wear a potato sack and still look like he could grace the pages of Vogue.

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Dear Jackspedicey,

Or anyone who has any knowledge on this. I really need help. None of my real life friends could help me. So.. Pweaseee….

Okay so I am now very interested in collecting vinyls. I just ordered one for Panic! At The Disco and im planning to buy more of em later. My problem is… I dont know how to chose a turntable. Its so hard to find one in my country so i looked up on amazon.

I found the one that looks exactly like @therealjacksepticeye ’s… So Jaaaaaaack, is it a good player? How do i found out if that is a good player? And did you bought yours on amazon too? Which seller is legit?

I really dont wanna get scammed buying things like this online. The currency exchange is 4x local money…

(74.60$ x RM4.24=💸💸💸 )

And i dont know how to reach out to Jack for any help except here on tumblr. Help?