i really need to be working on other stuff though for other people


/Hello to everyone old and new ♥/

Just wanted to say a few important things, since been a real while I uploaded anything. There’s been lotsa’going on, I’ve been working on Echotale stuff, though. Unfortunately, none of the pages I made (and those were over 50 pages of sketch and lineart) are something I can upload (for now…and some even ever, possibly?). Part of them them needs revision, others have bad timing or reveal information that I can’t make public yet, rest has been torturing my braincells for a while… I’ve been quite stuck with the story - not because of losing track of it (I had already planned it out till the end), but other, more personal things that I can hardly talk about openly. I enjoy writing the story really much and I have NEVER (I repeat..NEVER) had this kind of attention from so SO many people in my life. Even outside country! Reaching hearts of people as far as Asian continent has been something I dreamed about for a long time…now it happened…and I am a bit clumsy at how to handle it @///@;; I’m an introvert that likes to please people, I have lots of surpressed feelings and I’d be at my happiest if I could just make people happy with the little that I can give to the world. For this reason, I have gotten a bit tangled up with how I want to approach and end the story. DON’T GET ME WRONG, IT’S FAR FROM ENDING - it’s the opposite!! I still have so so many things I Want to tell/show. You all have seen just how close Frisk gets to G, but the most fun part of them growing from awkward friends/strangers to closely bonded people still hasn’t been shown, I’m very eager to work on it! ♥ But these upcomming pages are so crucial to how the ending plays out and I’ve had very little confidence whatsover about it all, that I couldn’t move on. I talked to only few people about it who were objective enough to judge it, including a friend who isn’t in the UNDERTALE fandom at all, she’s been a great help and support. The ending is written with best intentions and heart, I know I won’t ever be able to satisfy everyone but thankfully there were souls who reminded me that it’s important to stay true to your self as writer.

I also want to send a huge huge THANKS to the whole Korean/Filipino/Japanese/Asian community of artists and fansYou all have touched my hearts deeply with all the beautiful fanarts that I had the pleasure seeing either here or on twitter! Thank you for the art and kind support in word ^___^//  ♥ It really made me happy so many times! I still can’t process just how big Echotale got, I am very slow at understanding some things… I want to apologize to all the people I’ve hurt in the process, as well (you know who you are, if you’re reading this at all). And there’s also special thanks for individual people on tumblr who supported me when I felt real down, thank you so much, sending you all my grannylove <3! I may not be able to speak to you a lot, but I appreciate you all and think about you with best wishes in my grannyheart! I want to apologize for things like closing up the inbox, not replying to messages or being generally very very slow and unresponsive.

And lastly but not least important, thank you to two very special people I encountered in the past half year>> @nyublackneko for simply being awesome and the little island of peace in my stormy days <333. And @junkpilestuff  - I can hardly word anything regarding you (whyisthatsointenseomghelp), but you really helped me out with all your gutt-kicks swung with care about me and the story and G in general. I will do my best to make the ending good, thanks to your advice and insight.

I had a ton of different plans for the next update but after quite the bunch of long and short talks with @junkpilestuff I might change them a bit. Sorry for continuing my confusion streak!! I might have to postpone the SHIFT chapters for a bit more, same with the Prequel - because I need to change a few things about the writing. So next will probably be Travelers/Wanderlust chapters. These will be very random stories about traveling in various lengths (from just one page to several), working as stand alone chapters.

NOTE: TRAVELERS chapters all happened very short after G and Frisk met, so they might have a different tone to them, please, don’t let it surprise/confuse you! These are placed possibly before chapter  DESPITE EVERYTHING.

WANDERLUST chapters will have the same tone, just happening after the DESPITE chapter, shortly before Flowerfield. Having G and Frisk share the closer bond.

I’m still no good with tight schedules, since I have to draw for money as well and do other things beside this, it can get a bit overwhelming for an introvert snail who needs to rest many times and spend time on their own to regain energy.

Thank you all for everything, I hope this continues to be a fun experinece for all of us ♥ Thank you for your support and take care! Till next update!

Page 4 of the Frans Comic.

Continuation of: http://genocideroute.tumblr.com/post/155831748391/sansxadultfrisk-au-comic

Okay I have something to say here before I go any further? I am sure most of you have followed me because of this comic, and I am glad you all enjoy Frans, but I need to say this:


I get discouraged when nothing else of mine gets any notes but my Frans stuff. I love the ship, but I really would like if people looked and enjoyed the rest of my stuff other than this comic.

I hope though this won’t stop anyone from wanting to continue to follow me because I do like this ship, and I do plan to continue the comic, but don’t be afraid to look at my other works too on here!

Also do not rush me to finish this. It may take me some time but I’m trying. I may not color the rest in, but it all depends.

Thank you to those who support me! This continuation is for you guys!

yoongi’s mixtape

i was thinking about this a lot at work when my machine was down, and i just wanna say this.

whether yoongi uses beats that has been used by other artists (though i think i heard he produced his own beats???), please, please, PLEASEEEEE, don’t go to the original artists’ page and say, “suga did better” or “suga brought me here” or any of such unnecessary comments. i get that you love yoongi and bts and you want to tell the people, show the people, but in all honesty, your doings are just annoying the people. 

it was already sickening enough to see that during all of bts’ covers already, and everyone just needs to stop. even when a video isn’t bts related, there’s stuff about “bts is better”. like what? . _ .

no one is better and no one needs to know from same multiple comments of the same context saying: ___ brought me here. 

if you want respect, you need to respect others too. 

and if you’re going to be one of those who does this annoying stunt, please leave.