i really need to

i’m so scared for them

one day i’ll finally get over the fact that we still don’t know where derek hale is

today is not that day


(via [ENG] 160228 STAR! BTS interview (full) - Dailymotion影片)

But sometimes people need the grumpy old man from Liverpool to be one.

Apparently twitter has some #NationalSuperHeroDay thing and some people posting Johns for it so I made this mess too to glide on hashtag high


I’ve spent a lot of time being angry over the past few days. LET US HAVE SOME FLUFF KIDDIES


Joe delegated them, by means of text, to go and get some groceries. Somehow, Barry had interpreted that to mean, “Eat all the leftovers in the fridge so there’s plenty of room for new food!” and Iris had gone along with it because there was strawberry shortcake in there, and honestly, that wasn’t gonna eat itself.

He was spread out on the couch, eating a slice of cold pizza with his legs slung over her lap. She’d balanced her plate of sweet dessert on his knees. She kicked one of the emptied styrofoam containers on the coffee table and frowned. “Did you finish off my stuffed pork chop from the other night at Le Monde?”

“Nnnnnn-may-yes?” he said with a mouthful of cheese and pepperoni.

She narrowed her eyes. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

He grinned at her.

“We should go back there for our anniversary,” she said.

“Oo, good idea.” He frowned. “When is that? And … which anniversary exactly?”

She opened her mouth, then frowned, too. “Hang on. I know this.”

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That’s twice they’ve mentioned Sam being left alone as a kid while John and Dean went off hunting, making it seem even more likely that it happened quite often.  It’s one thing to leave two children together for days, like that is bad enough, but leaving one, by himself, in some cheap hotel?  Sorry all of you that love John so much, but that’s unforgivable.  No wonder Sam only really trusts himself, only thinks he is right, never listens to anyone else, only depending on himself.   It’s a coping mechanism that helped him survive his childhood.  


Okay so hello everyone, how you doin? good? Great. Okay, so like yesterday was my birthday, BTS dropped something, I got to go to my favorite place for dinner, it was a great day. Uh huh, uh huh, so why am I being weird? Glad you asked. I was going to respond to anon messages (thanks for wishing me a happy birthday yall ily!) after I finished my physics paper that I’ve been talking about, yeah? So like as soon as I got back from dinner, I started working on the paper. But then I was like okay, I also have to do a redo for my in class exam, and i decided to do that one first because i knew I wouldn’t do it later if I finished the paper, since other people’s grades rely on me writing the paper. So I did the redo exam first, then moved on to the paper. And okay so that was at around like 9pm? Yeah, around there. So okay I guess I just lost track of time??? because the next time I looked at the clock?????? it was because the sun was shining through my window????????? guys its 7am i pulled an all nighter and i have a 9am class and an 11am class today and DONT BE DUMB LIKE ME AND WAIT UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE A FIVE PAGE FINAL PAPER IS DUE TO START IT GOOOOSSSSSHHHH

Okay but like no honestly? I feel so GREAT. Like I feel ALIVE. And like guys I don’t know if you know this but I don’t drink coffee or tea bc it’s against church rules and blah blah blah but I also don’t drink caffeine so like im just gonna run on this adrenaline until i friggen CRASH BECAUSE IM DUMB OH MY GOSH. 

Basically, what I”m trying to say is there may or may not be a post today. Love you all, be smart, do your homework, and if you ever meet me, try to knock some sense into me, would ya?


I’ve redone it and made it waaayy easier to read/figure out lol. 

Commissions are greatly appreciated, i’ve been getting less hours at work but i still have responsibilities to pay off and all that jazz, so on my unnecessary amount of days off i’d love to start doing commissions for you guys!


I’m still crying about it. I still can’t believe everything that happened. I’ve been crying every time I listen to them again. This trip has been a reminder of why I continued to listen to them in the first place.
I’m a little sad that it’s over. The moment I’ve been imagining for 8years. The scenarios I created in my head on what I would say if I ever met them in person and saw them live. It was different from what I imagined.
The past few years I’ve been thinking about how I feel like I’m not even a “good” fan anymore because I haven’t really been listening to them. I wasn’t even keeping up anymore. But I forgot about all of that the moment the lights dimmed and they came out one by one. I forgot about how I started freaking out before it started that “What if I don’t even recognize a song?”
When Ruki announced “Last song! last song!” I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it, wanting time to stop, remember their faces in my head, the adrenaline, how close we were to them…
So when the last song was playing I stood there and looked at them one by one, mentally telling them “Thank you for changing my life.” I hope they know how much they’ve helped me. How many people they saved with their music. How thankful I am that they exist.
The reason why I was so affected even though I laughed whenever “You don’t even listen to GazettE anymore. You left them.” Why I felt the need to prove to myself that I still and will forever love them.
“It’s just a band.” But it’s really not. I’m not sure what kind of a person I’d be if I didn’t decide one night to listen to them again after my brother introduced them to me months before that.
I’m glad I found the GazettE. I keep reliving everything in my head and I’m only a little sad because I know that I will definitely go and see them again. Many times.
I hope you continue to evolve as you have been and continue to touch many more people with your music.
Show them exactly who the GazettE is.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.