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Hey everyone!! I’m going to be at the taylorswift concert on May 30 in Detroit, MI! I’ve spent a lot of time on my outfit and sign and it would be super awesome if you guys could reblog this so maybe Taylor could see it! I’ve been a huge fan of hers for years and it would be amazing if she could see this.

I’ll be sitting in section E, row 15, around seat 19.

Thank you guys so much!!

alright real talk though can we stop pretending like religious people saying ‘it’s not my place to judge, only god can do that!! :)’ in response to whether or not they support lgbtq people is fucking acceptance?? like cool you’re not going to judge me but you’re still implying that the fact im gay is worth judgement by your god.

it’s the same old rhetoric as ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ because it still implies that we are still sinners, we still will be judged on our ability to love the people we love and that we are still not worth the same decency and respect as everyone else. 

fuck your ‘only god can judge’ fake acceptance bullshit and stop hiding behind your religion to try and justify your dislike/hatred of us

i want a girlfriend that i could spoil the shit out of. i’m sure that i would not be the best girlfriend ever, since no one is perfect, but damn i would try so hard to make her happy. i would make sure that she would never cry herself to sleep and i would always tell her how much she means to me. i would buy her chocolate and flowers whenever i feel like it and i would always hear her out. i would always be there for her

Imagine Aph England making pot/ions and healing tea for nations who’re depressed or upset.

Imagine Aph England casting spells to try and help other nations who are down in their luck and need a small boost.

Imagine Aph England crafting small charm bags and giving them out to people who he notices really needs them.

Imagine Aph England creating sig/ils for nations and people to help them get through tough times.

Imagine Aph England using his ma/gi/ck for the good of others.


MikaKuri Icon Pack v. 1

Below the cut is a full preview of many MikaKuri icons in an assortment of colors that are up for grabs. Feel free to use them as your tumblr image, avatar, sidebar images, etc… Credit is appreciated, but not required! ^_^

You can download the .zip file here. :)

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Me: *looks at phone* 

Fuckboy: Let me explain my negative and ill-informed opinions about the MCU in four essay length text message! Highlights will include claiming that nothing at all happens in age of ultron, ignoring tony stark’s character development, which I have no idea will be a huge part of civil war, the fact that an artificial intelligence tries to end the world, and the creation of vision!!! Oh, you know what, let’s throw in the fact that I actually don’t think the avengers changed at all!!! The dream sequences went over my head and the fact that the team literally CONSISTS OF NEW PEOPLE MEANS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: (ಠ_ಠ)

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Could you explain to me the crepe family tree? Or screenshot it

Hey Nonny! <3
I’m sorry for this shitty kind of a family tree (& family history, kind of) - hope during my summer break I’ll manage to do something better. 

Soo! The founders are Shamrock Crepe & Clementine Flax. They have three kids, all of them are married by now. The kids’ names go first, their spouses’ go next, and they are listed from the oldest kid to the youngest. Willow Crepe & Neptune Azure, Oasis Crepe & Misty Rain, Ash Crepe & Leigh Teal (who is made by absolutely gorgeous shipofsims). Willow and Oasis are twins, by the way! Willow and Neptune adopted a baby boy, his name is Foggy, and he’s a teen now. Oasis had an alien baby, his name is Sagittarius and his spouse is Sierra Moon. Oasis & Misty have two kids, Hazel Crepe and Finch Crepe. Ash & Leigh’s baby is Rhea Crepe, and currently they’re expecting for their second child to be born. Sagittarius & Sierra also have two children already, their names are Ellie Crepe and Stardust Crepe, both of them are fairies, just like their mother. I hope this made everything clear! I also hope that I didn’t forget anyone! :D 
Message me again if you still have some questions - I love questions! I’m so bad at explaining stuff, but hope it’s not as bad as I think :D And here’s some kind of family tree - I’ll make it better when I have time for this! Here is their family tree <3