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I have.. Failed as Class President……. @askblastymcsplode


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We may be opening emergency commissions soon. My mom sent me a text message today openly admitting to having thrown my mail away. This includes my medical bills and doctors letter regarding the status of the tumor in my freaking head, tax files and anything else I’ve needed. This followed a message last week of her saying I’m being kicked off insurance 6 months ahead of time and gave me a deadline to have surgery to remove said tumor before October or there’s no chance I could afford it. I’m already struggling to pay for the last one as it is. I’ve put in a request to change my address months ago and it still hasn’t gone through.

So, would anyone be interested in buying dad mods art? It would probably be a PWYW thing, idk. I’m so sorry for this post

After nearly two and a half years of managing this blog mostly on my own (with some assistance from the lovely @celmmings who is off having a life right now), I’ve finally decided I need help with the blog. And so I’m looking for a new member or two.

I’ve put all the details/application information under the read more, for those who are interested, because it’s super rambly and over the top (I know it’s just a blog okay! I just have no chill) even though I say at the beginning I’m not going to be rambly! But I totally was.

I’m accepting applications until Sunday, May 29th, and will be making my decision early next week. I’ll be out of town June 3rd - 10th and won’t be able to post much, if at all, so I need help for sure. 

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“What if you’re unaware of the color around you, and you’re just walking through or leaning against the wall, and you don’t realize how electric it is? what if you are how everyone sees you and you don’t realize that the world is exploding in colors behind you?”

And he was like, ”I love that idea.“

My Commissions are open!

I really need some fast cash so I’m doing these ;u;

Send commission requests to idecemberlove@gmail.com or through the tumblr messaging system! Also send any & all details you want done

all payments are via PayPal!   My PayPal email is: isabel_correa@optonline.net

Will Draw:

  • anthro / animals / furries
  • oc’s (with good references!)
  • gore

Will NOT Draw:

  • nsfw
  • mecha

Additional Notes:

  • extra characters will be charged ½ of the total price! example: (the price of 2 full body characters = $37.50)
  • all payments will be sent through invoices on PayPal
  • complex designs may / most likely bump up the price
  • send me as many references if needed! 
  • the drawing will be sent to you in a PNG format (unless requested otherwise)
  • how to pay with PayPal here: LINK

Don’t be shy! I’m really nice I swear (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

tips and requests are SUPER DUPER appreciated!!!  aaaah

Even if you can’t commission me, i’d love it if you could signal boost this!  Thank you!!

Things to keep in mind while I try desperately not to give up on this whole jig:

  • dean referred to cas as the best friend ‘we’ve’ ever had. ‘Our brother’. He kept it specifically to plural pronouns. In 8x17 he made it more personal, with an ‘I need you’.
  • The fact that Jensen said the ‘big scene’ i.e. supposedly that Impala scene would be the one to differentiate how dean and sam each feel about the situation… doesn’t make sense. Because that scene didn’t make any differentiation at all. It gathered Sam and Dean as a single entity and then talked about cas a brother to THEM.
  • So I still have an inkling of hope after having had a bit of a whinge because thinking about it logically, that scene wasn’t the most personal one and didn’t (as usual) outline how DEAN really feels about the situation. The Winchesters as a collective can’t show Dean’s personal feelings about something. 
  • And Cas offering to literally die with Dean was far more personal and had much more of an impact for me than that Impala scene.
  • ALSO the whole season was about DEAN PINING FOR SOMEONE and it sure as hell wasn’t amara since he hates her and she scares him. And there were running themes about dean having this want to settle down, specifically with someone who knows the life as that was brought up several times and mirrored in the hunter husbands.

Full Name: Imani Bre Alexia Brown

Date Of Birth: January 16th 1994 (8:43am)

Star Sign: Capricorn

Birth Place: St. Catherine’s, Jamaica

Nationality: Jamaican

Imani is pretty much the girl next door… Just with a bigger attitude problem. It’s never hard for her to make others smile or for her to get what she wants out of people. With years of practice on older relatives Imani was able to perfect her own little technique. She enjoys listening to music and dancing (fam she’s an island girl ofc) and is never afraid to bruk out. Don’t let that face fool you though, Imani can be a little devil when she’s ready.