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ciara!!! can you draw hunk? you probably know who it is ahdjjfjdjfj I love you girl! do u have a paypal or smthn I could send money to? I feel bad just asking u to draw stuff, could I like too u $10 or smthn? idk what currency you use down there, hopefully the conversion isn't too bad. ily friend 💛

heres a badass hunk for you!! i realised halfway through colouring that i forgot to draw his bayard so now its just an awkward hand lol

i dont have paypal sadly (soon ill get it set up ahh) but it doesnt matter cause this is a request! thank you for sending me one and helping me avoid a depressive spell for another day 💚💚💚

(bonus transparent shieldless version cause why not)

Dan and Phil’s New House! (Map #1)

*puts on my detective glasses* *dragging out my investigation cork board*

Since we’re getting neither a TABINOF-style map nor a house tour, it’s all up to us to map out their new home, so I thought I’d summarise what I could tell from today’s liveshow (the first live show in this house) - especially for the people who didn’t get to see it!

I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone but me - we honestly don’t know much. We didn’t get to see any more than the “TV snug corner”, which is the same corner that this creep shot of Dan was taken, and the rest is mapped by description.

Here are some notes:

  • A room being a “not filming room” does not mean they’re never going to film there or that cameras are forbidden or anything. An example is Dan’s bedroom, which he is not going to film in anymore, but as he mentions, he’ll still film stuff in there if he needs it for a sketch. The upstairs lounge will not be filmed because it’s up the stairs and they are lazy. We’ll still see pictures of it soon, most likely.
  • Phil’s bedroom will look basically the same (and he’s still filming in it), but Dan is totally redesigning his to something he feels represents himself more. It “looks like the moon”. The only things he really kept from his old room are silver, apparently.
  • I don’t know what the room with Dan’s new filming corner is, they didn’t specify what it’s used for except for that. You can see some stuff and furniture through the mystery glass in the liveshow if you want to investigate it yourself. 
  • The gaming video room is originally a bedroom that they’ve just put a desk in. It’s (according to Phil) “about 25% bigger, so we can move the lights around”.
  • “The Hallway Plant” and “The Couch from the Lounge” references their old apartment and where these items were located there. I’m not entirely sure about the plant but it looks like the same one.
  • We have heard no mention of a kitchen or bathroom, so they could be anywhere, and there could be even more rooms.
  • There is apparently plenty of storage closets.
  • Phil introduced the idea of getting a fish in the liveshow. Dan was not ready with a settled answer, but did not seem to be opposed to the idea. He left it up to Phil.
  • “When will you get a dog?” “When a house is bought, I guess”
  • We do not know if they have a garden.

If I missed anything, please tell me, I shall update further when we know more. Evidently, we have to do the job ourselves this time.

i’m tired and stressed so here’s some random thoughts:

i know i could probably write decent (if not fairly good) fanfiction….but i’m just not confident enough to post lmaooo

like, i think i’m honestly decent at writing….and i have a completely unused ao3 account

idk it might be a summer project *shrugs*

Rules: List 10 songs you’ve currently into and tag 10 people to do the same.

I was tagged by @woodstock-in-my-mind thanks Jaze!! <3 or Jazz hehe ;) 

this is basically the songs I always listen to (minus a couple of ones that I like atm) in no particular order

1. Jo Competeixo - Manel

2. Cast No Shadow - Oasis

3. El Seu Gran Hit - Els Amics De Les Arts

4. Romeo and Julietb- Dire Straits

5. It’s In His Kiss - Cher

6. I’ve Just Seen a Face - The Beatles

7. Magneto and Titanium Man - Wings

8. Sugar Magnolia - Grateful Dead

9. Enamorado de la Moda Juvenil - Radio Futura (most early 80s song to ever exist)

10. Malibu- Miley Cyrus (it’s a really summery song, ok??)

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