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Wedge has his X-Wing prepped and ready to go, and is half-way up the ladder when he hears Luke’s voice call across the hangar. He halts immediately, turning round. It doesn’t take long for Luke to reach him, and he leans up and tugs Wedge down into a kiss, not caring who’s watching. “For luck,” he says, and Wedge can’t help but think that it’s Luke who needs luck.


Why can’t y'all just ship your damn ships? Who gives a flying fuck about who OTHER people ship. Is it you?! Nah. Are you dead?! No. So stop giving a fuckkk. I’m honestly tired, irritated, and annoyed when i see fellow shippers bashing other ships. Like, you spend so much time talking about the other ship. Are you sure you don’t ship them?! Considering how much you talk about them, one would think that that was actually your otp. Stop tagging unrelevant ships into your ships. Stop bashing other ships. You absolutely hate it when others bash yours right?! So, why the heck are you doing the exact same thing? Quit your yip-yap and ship peacefully. DAMN.

Here i am ranting about ships, again😒. But i wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t feel the really strong need to do this.

Can someone recommend me some more Cass/Destiel/Misha positive blogs to follow?

Would really appreciate it. I’ve gone ahead and blocked most of the people who regularly post in the anti misha/anti cas/anti destiel etc tag so I don’t accidentally follow them (since I’m super liberal with my follows - i pretty much follow any SPN blog in my recommended section and didn’t want to accidentally follow anyone who hates on Misha/Cass or my OTP) but it left a pretty sour taste in my mouth and need some more blogs to follow to make up for it.


I was editing a WIP and had to cut a bunch of stuff out because it didn’t really fit.  It would be a shame to lose it, so I changed it around a bit into this little piece about perceptions and how Shawnni feels about Corso.

They used to make her angry.  Those who would see them together and feel the need to ask “why him?”.  The question asked as if it was unfathomable that a woman like her could love a man like him.  A woman like her and a man like him? The question asked as if it was wholly incomprehensible that the two of them could be at all compatible.  As if the two of them had absolutely no common ground on which to stand.

They used to make her angry.  Those who told her outright that she needed a partner who was an alpha.  That she needed a partner who was a male version of herself, headstrong and confident, experienced and willing to do whatever it took to get ahead.  They couldn’t understand that she didn’t want that.  One of her was enough.  She didn’t need another.  She needed someone who supported her, who had her back, but not necessarily someone who agreed with her every action.   

They used to make her angry.  Those who said that she could never be truly happy with someone who was a little naive, a little rough around the edges, and a little backwards in his thinking.  They thought it didn’t matter that he was the sweetest, that he was earnest, that he was the most loyal person she’d ever met, or that he would do anything to make the people he loved happy.    

They used to make her angry.   Those who would tear him down in order to make themselves feel better.  It didn’t matter that he was learning, constantly adjusting, that he was overcoming years of his own upbringing.  All that mattered to them was that he was imperfect, and boy did they love to remind her of that. They said it in the way of people who thought everyone should come out of a box, a gleaming example of perfection.  Defects of any kind were a deal breaker.

They used to make her angry.  Those who painstakingly pointed out his each and every flaw while conveniently ignoring all of her own.  She would tell them that she saw all his flaws and accepted them.  She would tell them that he saw all of her flaws and he accepted them.  They were flawed individually.  They were flawed together.  They were flawed and they were happy.  She didn’t need him to be perfect.  She just needed him to be hers.

They used to make her angry.

Now they just make her sad.  

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                                                        it feels like a means to an end

Draw your OTP - Bookcover

Okay, you all know these super kitschy romance/erotic books that no one reads/buys but they exist and there’ll be more so someone has to buy them?

I challenge you to draw these covers with your OTP!!!

And just in case that you need some inspiration:
(Some of them just get really awesome with the title)

(probably not this kind of books, but I was in tears)

They’re gonna kiss …

I just really like the Idea of Shiro and Allura getting closer the more they talk and they don’t realise it until they’re practically millimetres apart and staring at each others lips and … OK I’M GOING TO BED NOW G’NIGHT

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Tag: 5 Ships I’d Go Down With

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1. Rivetra (Shingeki no Kyojin)

I have never shipped any ship this hard before this tragic pair. Too many what-ifs is just beyond your reach and Levi really needs someone to brighten his constipated life. 

And have you heard of the anime team shipping them?~

2. Touken (Tokyo Ghoul)

From the time Touka despised Kaneki until she cared for him, built :re for him, the amount of emotions built up is too overwhelming for me. And have you fucking seen the amount of Touken art done by Ishida Sui?!

3. Ayahina (Tokyo Ghoul)

Used to be a crack ship for me but it’s blown into a full -fledge OTP now. Come on, if you tell me there is nothing going on between those 2 after seeing Ayato screaming for Hinami during the Auction Arc, you need to wear specs. We all know how violent Ayato is.

4. Royai (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Ah yes, like finely-aged wine. Too much tension between these 2. Riza shared her secret, one that destroyed her too (in a way) and allowed no one else to learn flame alchemy. She trusted him with her whole being and Roy, in return entrusted his back to her. 

Damn fraternization rules.

5. Asucaga (Gundam Seed)

Granted, I didn’t reblog much of this pairing but that’s because there is hardly anything on this site. This ship is actually one of my first few OTP that hit my shit-filled ass full force. Though Athrun is an asshole *side glance his harem in GSD*, he definitely still cares about Cagalli. Likewise, though Cagalli was forced to marry that purple-haired monkey, she didn’t forget about him even after putting away that ring he gave. 


I’m really weak for mafia/gang au’s. Like imagine your OTP where Person A is an innocent bystander and B is a gang leader who meets them and falls in love with them. For example A works at a family-owned grocers that B always goes to and they’re just like ‘Hey how’s work going’ or smth and B is just so smitten w them.

But then the rival gang finds this out and uses it against B and just asdfghjkl B doing anything within their power to keep A safe without them knowing about it until eventually it all comes to a head and there’s a giant fight where everything is revealed but there’s a happy ending (bc sad endings are just devastating)

@even-reo-speedwagon fuck yes it is ;A;

@seasaltmemories they’re the fan favorite celebrity couple and after a really important high stakes tag duel (they win with like 100 or 50 LP left) yuya proposes in front of the entire audience RIP yuzu and the fans lose their shit completely they’re the #1 trending topic on Maiami’s version of twitter for fucking weeks ugh

@skittymon holy shit holy fuckin shit hold up i'mma need to sit the fuck down bye this is too cute also just IMAGINE them riding odd eyes hand in hand together NOW oh no oh geez why did you give me this image or even worse yuya carrying yuzu (like he did with dennis lol) while riding odd eyes ahah

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💖, and 💙

ship that needs more love hm… for starters midotsuyu, great ship but little material out there… hopefuly the OVA will change that… MONOKENDOU NEEDS MORE LOVE I MEAN, they totally act like an old married couple ojitooru and kamijirou, their tags are so inactive it hurts me…

A ship that used to be an OTP…. well Takari was my main otp a while ago but Koumi won me over… also I used to be more about katsucha than todomomo but the same happened. And well, I guess naruhina? Really shipped them back in the days ahahaha

Some AUs to consider

- my brother/sister/cousin/niece/nephew/neighbor’s kid is obsessed with this child program and i always watch it with them b/c damn that one person who does story time is really hot and… they… look… familiar… IS THAT THE PERSON WHO JOGS IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE AT 6 EVERY MORNING???? AU

- okay, i know i keep coming into this apple store, but you keep insisting there is nothing wrong with my macbook but it craps out on me all the time and i think my iphone hates me but you’re the only one here who actually has the patience to show me how to find my deleted files AU

- you always stop by the ice cream shop where i work and order the same thing and sometimes we have sassy conversations and will you have my babies, please OH GOD DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD? AU

- you need this taxi. i need this taxi. i understand that we can share BUT IF YOU GET IN THAT TAXI I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL BITE OFF YOUR NOSE i’m so sorry i’m just having the worst day ever. (but you’re not getting this taxi) AU

- i’m a truck driver and i just drove for 36 hours without sleep so i’d appreciate it if you stopped murdering your cat. oh you were singing! ahahahaha well stop please or i will be forced to kill you and your cat. well maybe not your cat. AU

- i only come to this hair salon/barber shop/hair cut place because the hair stylist that works in the station right across from my barber is super cute and maybe i need a trim? oh what do you mean sally isn’t in today? I HAVE TO GET MY HAIR CUT BY YOU! AU

- sometimes i sneak into your backyard to pet your dog and leave him treats i’m not a burglar, i swear AU

- wow this is a super shitty wedding. wait, i thought jim was the best man? holy shit, i’m at the wrong wedding. oh crap how do i leave without seeming rude??? oh no the best man/maid of honor noticed me, i can’t leave now!! AU

- look you’re clearly new here but that’s my seat. i sit here every sunday at 9 and i order the french toast special and they make my bacon and sausages and eggs into smiley faces. and you cannot just sit in my spot. i don’t think you realize how serious this is AU


The Baby Project AU:

Beacon Hills decides that the best way to show their students what being a parent is really like is by making them take care of a “baby”. Some people take it more seriously than others.

Somewhere along the line, Stiles realizes he loves Scott’s earnestness and dedication to a project they aren’t even being graded on, loves the look in his best friend’s eyes at two in the morning when this annoyingly realistic doll starts crying and they stay up all night talking in lieu of sleep, whispering half-forgotten secrets in that vulnerable way of the exhausted. He just loves Scott.

And Scott, well… he was just waiting for Stiles to figure it out.


“Octavia was the only person in the world who truly knew him. There was no one else he really cared about ever seeing again. But then he glanced over Clarke, and suddenly he wasn't so sure." 

I hit another milestone and I didn’t even notice holy moly

don’t have time to do fancy graphics and stuff but I’m gonna give some special people a quick call out and use this as a more official “I’m back u bitchez” type post

so ye i’m back u bitchez

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aaaa alright i think i officially ship kaz/chase now. just got to the android girlfriends episode and chase kept saying "i'm lonely!" but then ultimately he isn't lonely.... because he's spending time with kaz :)

I really wanna make a set of him and Kaz with Moments. Except it would work best in gif form and I CAN’T MAKE GIFS.

I am anger.