i really need a ship name for them

How Do People NOT Multiship?

Seriously I don’t get it. Just looking at Voltron for example here, you’ve got

-Klance, your hate ship, that red and blue, the gay losers who pretend to hate each other but would be very upset if something happened to the other
–Sheith, with all its history and possibilities for angst and comfort
-Kidge, your dumb conspiracy theorists who have no idea what they’re doing in a relationship but they’re trying their best
-Heith, your cinnamon roll lovers
-Kallura, your space power couple and also the way to spite people just for fun
-Shance, your sweet little angel falling for space daddy and it could be unrequited if you like to suffer and I mean Lance called Shiro his fucking hero like can you not
-Pidgance, Punk and Hance, your friends to lovers ships
-Allurance, for crush nerds and could again be unrequited if you’re masochistic
-Shidge, with their adorable and lame support that makes me cry
-Shunk, which is just an even purer cinnamon roll ship
-Shallura, for all your space parent needs
-Pallura, because lesbians are beautiful
-Hallura, the team mom ship
-Shatt, more angst opportunities and the best name

And then there’s your poly ships

-Shklance, where Shiro’s the only sane one and keeping them alive
-Klunk, Kidgance and both at the same time, the purest of friends to lovers poly ships
-Shallurance, which is perfect for Lance angst if you like people feeling like an add on and less important when really they’re just as loved
-Shalluridge, which I can’t even describe how great it is
- Shalluratt, which I don’t actually ship but I get it

Then again maybe is just me I join a fandom and I either ship everything or don’t even ship the Canon there is no in between for me.

Shipper problem 101

Do you ever find that when you’re talking to someone about a series for the first time, you really need to downplay your ship?

So on the outside you’re just like “Yeah, I like these characters. I think they’re pretty cool”.

While on the inside you’re just like “OMG I love them sooooo much! They are my babies! They must be protected and are totally MEANT TO BE! And I can name a bunch of reasons why! But, I don’t want to freak you out, so I’ll just play it cool…“

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Maybe Le Equius or Nepeta cuddle with whoever

i had to shrink the photo a lil bit ri p,, but i think?? this is what you meant :0

Okay, so I’m planning to do a little comic series (stupid at it sounds, shipping one, really short, only few parts) named “The thing about me”, with Black Hat and Dr Flug. The main topic is them going on a date (maybe it will be a consequence of some sort of a game? Also really stupid.) when BH will have a chance to know even more about Dr Flug… And maybe even about himself… Okay, ya know I will not tell anything else.
The only thing I need to know is if anybody would like to read/see this shit. Cause idk if there’s even a reason to try.
Anyway thanks for reading and byee <’3</p>

look im not creative but listen : a soulmate au (bc really as if we need more of them) where you and your soulmate’s combined ship name would show up on your body and when you fall in love with them, it turns a different colour/ smt like that hahaah this is a 2am idea but someone please write this like just imagine all the confusion and feels ugghh

Michael has basically accepted to himself that he’s gay and totally in love with Jeremy, he’s completely aware of it every day but he just doesn’t act on it. He ‘knows’ Jeremy is straight and all he wants is to see him be happy.

Jeremy, though, is in denial. He’s bisexual, so it’s kinda easy to cover up the fact that he’s attracted to dudes, when he’s infatuated with this chick, Christine! He doesn’t actually like her romantically, though, which he can’t figure out. He’s sort of got a squish on her, but he’s liked girls before so he assumed this was the same. He’s loved Michael since year one, but this never really occurred to him until people (Rich specifically) started calling him out on it. Jeremy refuses to entertain the possibly that it could be true, though. He’s attracted to girls, and that’s all the convincing he needs.


Couldn’t (Draco Malfoy)

Pairing: Draco X Gryffindor!Reader
Warnings: Dramione, jealous reader, ANGST!1!1, and a lil’ swearing
Prompt: “I’ve been so alone.”
△ I haven’t really seen any X Reader’s with Dramione present so I decided to make one :))  
You were strolling down the corridor on the way to the library. You were going to the library to do some calligraphy. You would’ve done it in your dorm, but you were pretty sure your roommate, Hermione herself, had Draco over and was probably snogging him and would tell you to leave anyway.

You weren’t exactly fond of their relationship, but whatever made Draco happy, made you happy as well. You had known Draco all your life. He was your best frenemie. Even if you were sorted into the Gryffindor House the Malfoys accepted you and your family nonetheless, you and your family were purebloods after all.

You entered the library, took a seat right next to one of the windows, and took out your sketchbook and your brush pens. You took out a book from your bag and started skimming through it, hoping to find a quote that you would use for your practice. You find a quote and smile to yourself.

You could cut the tension with a knife and kill.


It totally described you and Draco’s friendship at the moment.

You know, all you wanted was to talk to him.

You missed him, you really did.

But you couldn’t. You couldn’t take him away from his happiness. Who were you to do that?

You loved him.

You didn’t even need to question your crush towards him. You couldn’t deny it. You couldn’t.

You were about to put the final touches on  your masterpiece when you heard muffled voices.

Being relatively bored with a hand cramp that was starting to go numb, you decided to eavesdrop.

“Draco! Stop! Someone’s here.”

You immediately knew who was there.

The one and only, Dramione.

Stupid ship name, I know. The whole school shipped them. And that was when your crush, crushed you.

“Hey guys.”, you get up from your spot and head over to them.

He’s got his arm around her, and her head is nuzzled into his neck.

“Hey (Y/N), uh sorry to bother you.”, Draco says to you after a whole 3 months of not talking.

“No! Um, I can leave if you guys want me to? I know how hard it is to find a place all to yourself.”, you fake a smile and start packing your things up.

“NO! (Y/N) you don’t have to. We’ll just go somewhere else, right babe?”, Hermione giggled.

Disgusting, you thought.

“No, it’s fine. I was about to go meet up with Harry anyway.”, you say with a smile.

There was an awkward silence for a moment.
Draco locked eyes with your (E/C) ones.
He didn’t like Potter, everyone knew that.
That’s why when he was suddenly a thing with Hermione, everyone was shook.
You knew this look. All too well, actually.

“I guess, I’ll be going then.”, you wave a hand at them, walking out of the library and making your way to the Gryffindor Common Room.

“(Y/N), wait!”

You turn around and see Draco walking after you,

without Hermione.

“You needed something?”, you say with a sly smile.

“I wanted to talk.”, he says whilst catching his breath.

“About what?”, you reply.

Girl Advice probably, you think to yourself.

About us.”

You take his arm and drag him over to a window.

“Five minutes, Malfoy.”, you say after glancing at your watch.

“What did I tell you about being with that Potter?! You’re my best friend for fuck’s sake! What will your parents think if they found out you were hanging out with a halfblood like him? I thought you would’ve known better than to-”

“First of all, Malfoy”, you put a finger to his chest, “ My parents don’t care who I’m with! As long as the people who I have befriended treat me like I’m an actual decent human being. Just like Harry. Second, you don’t own me, Malfoy. Never did and never will. And last but not the least, you’re with Hermione. Why do you care about what I’m-”

“Because your part of my clique. And I can’t have you associating with that Potter. It would ruin my reputation.”

“So now you own me? *scoffs* And here I thought you actually cared. I thought you wanted me back. I thought you had actually missed me. Just like I did to you.

You lean against the window, blinking back tears.

“Draco, I’ve been so alone. These past few months, have been utter complete torture. Of course you wouldn’t feel this way because you have everyone. And everyone has you.

You sob.

Just like when you cry yourself to sleep, after seeing them together throughout the day.

You are now on the floor, your knees up to your chest with you face buried in your hands.

You wanted him to hold you.

“Hey, (Y/N), I’m sorry. I didn’t know you felt this way and I’m sorry. I’m a selfish git and you know it.”, you hear him say.

He was now sat beside you, looking at you thoughtfully.

You heard footsteps coming towards you two.

“(Y/N), hey what happened?”, it was Harry.

He pulled you up and held you.

You were full out crying now. You didn’t care, Harry was here now.

Harry let go of you suddenly, and next thing you know, he was about to punch Malfoy.

“Don’t.”, you say with a shaky voice, “ Harry let’s go.”

Even though you hated Draco for isolating you, you couldn’t hurt him.

You couldn’t.


Part two is up my lovelies

A Journal of Thoughts

Jughead x Reader

Request: Hi, love your writing! Can you please do one where the reader have been friends with the group for ages and actually set Jughead and Betty up together… and then after they’re dating the reader realises that she’s actually in love with Jughead but it’s too late? Something super fluffy and sad! The ending is up to you whether they get together or not!

Warnings: None!

Word count: 1,226

A/N: This is a bit of a different style, not too sure if it went well. It’s how I write in my actual journal, so i hope it’s not too terrible. But fics two days in a row?! Wow ashlyn who are you


Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

School starts again in a few days, and I’m not sure that I’m ready to be a Sophomore.

I’ve heard some horror stories, especially involving chemistry.

At least we’re moving up in the social ladder of high school.

This summer seemed to have passed by in a blur, and I’m struggling to remember most of it. I should’ve started this journal sooner. Or is it a diary? I’m not quite sure, but whatever it is I want to document my sophomore year, as I have a feeling it’s going to be a crazy one.

The gang and I tried to spend as much time together this summer as possible, but Archie always seemed to disappear and I think Betty was on vacation with her family half the time.

I mean, I didn’t mind hanging out with Jughead all of the time. He keeps to himself, and he’s quite, which can be enjoyable coming from my incredibly loud household.

Even as I write this I can hear my parents trying to keep their volume down to keep me from hearing their fights.

It never works.

Most of the time we hung out at the drive-in, where he works. I tried to convince him to get me a job there, but halfway through the summer he found out it was closing, so there was no point in trying.

I felt bad for him this summer, and when we hung out he always tried to interact with me but I could tell something was off. I think it’s because Archie ditched him when they were supposed to go away on vacation.

We became closer after that, he would always invite me to Pop’s, and he actually began to open up to me. Well, as opened up as Jughead can get.

He’s told me about his dad, about Jellybean, and he even mentioned he might move out to me. He said he didn’t know where, but I know he’s a strong kid and he’ll figure it out.

I started inviting Betty over to hang out, just the three of us, but most of the time she was busy with her family drama so it ended up being me and Jughead a lot.

I think they would be a cute couple, though. Only problem is that Betty is still head over heels for Archie. I’ll have to fix that.

Jughead is an amazing guy and deserves to be happy for once. He always knows how to make me smile and when he lets me read his writing my heart breaks with how hard his words hit and flow through the page.

Betty would love it.

I’ll figure it out. It’ll happen.

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

School has started, and boy did a lot happen in a few days.

Jughead and I have the same lunch period, so we always sit together. I started to talk to him about Betty the other day, slowly but surely.

I brought up the fact that it would be good to have another pair of eyes reading his novel about Jason Blossom and he seemed to at least consider the idea. Then I told him a joke and his hair flopped over his eyes and made his smile seem even brighter.

I think he even mentioned that he wants to try and figure out who killed Jason, which caused me to give him a weird look. I told him I would support him, though. Maybe I can get Betty to help him with that.

School passed slowly after that, as always.

We were hanging out at Pop’s after school, all three of us, and I was pretty sure I saw him glance at her for longer than usual in between his bursts of typing his novel. I could tell he was contemplating letting her read it, so I excused myself and went to the bathroom in the back. When I walked back I saw her hunched over his laptop, right in between them.

I’m pretty sure I even saw him smile at her, but then he looked up and saw me, and his smile seemed to grow.

I shook my head before heading back over to join them. Betty smiled up at me, and I’m almost positive there was something in her eyes that wasn’t there before.

It was at this point that I knew that I had definitely planted a seed for something. I’m not sure if it will evolve into anything, but something is there. I can feel it.

There’s even a new girl, Veronica, who’s helping me with my plan. She started hanging around with Betty a few days after school started. I met her the other day and we gossiped until who knows when about how good of a couple they would make. I knew Veronica would fit right in. She told me I needed to do the first part, and she’d take the rest from there.

What would their ship name be?
Because if I didn’t start something, I know Veronica definitely will. She seems like the kind of girl to make things happen.

I think their ship name would be Bughead.

Friday, August 26th, 2016

The ship has sailed!

Took them long enough.

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Why do feelings have to exist? Why didn’t I realize my feelings sooner?

It’s been a month since I’ve written. I’m sorry.

Although I’m not really sure who I’m apologizing to, since this is my journal… oh well, I guess it just helps that someone might read this someday.

I haven’t written because so much shit has gone down that I’m not sure where to start. My feelings have been all over the place and I’m not sure if I’ve made the right decisions.

I guess I should get straight to the point.

I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but they ended up getting together, but you know that.

I couldn’t believe at first either, trust me.

It took me a few days to really realize that what me and Veronica had done had worked. We helped, but they ended up doing a lot of it on their own.

Like I was so sure that it was just some crazy fantasy I had, but now it’s actually real. It’s been real for a little less than a month.

It wasn’t until about a week ago that everything really processed.

Jughead and Betty are together.

They’re boyfriend and girlfriend.

And oddly, I started feeling jealous. I became jealous of the way that he looked at her, or the way that she touched his arm or leg. I became jealous of the smiles they exchanged and how close they sat together.

I love Jughead.

It feels good to put it down somewhere, to document it. It’s validating.


I want to scream it.

Looking back, it seems so obvious, but I just didn’t know what I had until it was gone.

And the worst thing of all is that it’s too late. I can’t make him mine, no matter how hard I try, because he’s happy, and he’s with her.

That’s all I really wanted, I guess.

His happiness.

Even if it is with her.

So why does it hurt so much that I’m not her?

Could he have been happier with me?

I guess I’ll never know.

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So, I saw Draco’s birthday date, which is June 5th, and I thought about Harry’s, which is July 31th. I realized that if he was born a month after, or if Hagrid didn’t came in time to tell Harry the truth about him and his parents and hadn’t helped Harry to send a owl to Hogwarts before July 31th…
So he would have begun classes in Hogwarts a year after everyone.

Harry wouldn’t have met Ron and Hermione in the Hogwarts express and so, he would have felt very lonely.

Harry wouldn’t have heard bad rumors about Malfoy before meeting him.

He wouldn’t have rejected his handshake and would have been happy to be accepted and befriended by one of his pairs.

They would have grown friends.

They would have passed the trials of the philosophal stone, chamber of secrets etc. togethers.

Harry would have defended Draco in front of his father for not willing to be a death eater.

Harry would have supported him when feeling down because his father doesn’t recognize him anymore.

Draco would have fight alongside Harry during the war.

They would have won together.

Draco wouldn’t have to bear his terrible last name anymore.

Draco would have been loved and considered as a hero. Him, the child “who had no choice”.

Harry would have looked at him and thought that Draco was the best friend in life he could have even wished for.

They would have returned to Hogwarts to repair the damages or the war and find the name of the forgotten students.

They would have maybe become DADA and Potions professor, one wearing soft sweaters, the other always with a “first buttons undone” shirt.

And students would totally ship them (very important).

They would have been friends (lovers???) for their entiery life.

And J.K Rowling fucked up such a great opportunity only for a month.

Just saw on Twitter that some Jensen stan has attempted to make a voter poll to Creation saying that Jensen doesn’t get to talk in J2 panels & that Jensen needs his own solo panel… I do support Jared & I love J2 together, but from my account it’s clear that I’m a big fan of Jensen. So do believe me when I say this, some AA’s really disgust me. I’ve seen so many other of my fellow Jensen stans on Twitter & Tumblr being petty & it’s kinda pathetic. Some stans really give the rest of us neutral Jensen fans a bad name. 

The same thing can be said for Destiel stans. I don’t ship Destiel or Cockles but not all of them are negative either. There is always those select few of you from every supernatural fandom group that goes overboard to make your hate known and public. Grow the fuck up.

First kid down nr1 is Bruce x Violet! Her name is Moonlit and aspire to be just like her dad one day just watermelon themed because gosh darn does she love her watermelons x) @batponybrucemane

Second kid down nr 2 is Pito x Violet! His name is Cody and is just straight out a tsundere gentle soul that loves reading books about plants and of course he loves his mothers to death a mommy boy (secretly cross dresses when the moms dont look) @askpito

Third kid down nr 3 is Fang x Violet! Her name is Loreen and works backstage at any huge rockconcert at night of course making sure all equiptment functions as it should, she is a tall punk @gamer-budders

Fourth kid down nr 4 Reginald x Violet! His name is Hrizzle and he may look a tiny bit sweet from distance but he is truly a rascal, trying to make any item flammable and is overly protective over his work truly a hot headed kid @askstevethepony

Side note for the owners of the original characters, if you wish to keep these oc’s go ahead and do so you can also change their design, name and gender but either way none of them will be related to Violet canonally.

take me out to the black

One year ago today the dear @sroloc–elbisivni​ sent me a message reminding me that we’d brainstormed a vague outline for a Firefly AU. I said “oh yeah that’s right!” and we talked about it for a bit. Then we came up with a different twist on it which inspired me to write about 7k of it in one week. I’ve been sitting on this for a long time, but I finally have part 1 ready for you guys. 

Who’s up for some space cowboys?

Summary: Captain Carolina Church is a turncoat, a browncoat, and the captain of a Firefly Class ship called Valhalla. But every captain needs a crew. 

Pairings: Tuckington, background docnut, implied Yorkalina pining.

When Carolina had been a child, living in the Core she’d looked up at the blank, orange-tinted night sky, and dreamed of stars.

Now she stares out the big bay windows of the cockpit, staring out at the vast and endless stretch of space before her, and it’s the first time she’s felt at peace since the early days of the war, when she’d been so sure she was fighting for the right reasons.”

“This isn’t enough,” Wash says, beside her. “We’ll need a crew.”

Carolina runs her hands along the pilot’s dash. Neither of them are really good enough at flying to handle it long–just enough to get them away from this planet, get them to place where they can start hiring. “I know,” she says. She’s oddly buoyed by the idea, of filling this ship to bursting, of people who look at her and don’t know what her last name means, don’t know her service record or her history, don’t know why Wash has those scars on his wrists.

She sinks into the pilot’s seat, and carefully continues to steer them.

“What’s her name?” Wash asks her.

Vallhala,” she says.

Wash gives her a long, knowing look. The coat he wears is as brown as hers.

“Right then,” he says, and there’s nothing more they need to say.

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Voice Actor Auditions For Galactic Grimm. By, Phantom Glitch Podcasts.

Creatures from the deepest fantasy kingdoms embark into the final frontier on the SC (space cruiser) Wyvern. Also humans but we have been there. Most fantasy creatures are not from earth but inspired myths in this narrative. Also, all creatures in this are non binary unless otherwise specified though their preferred pronouns will be listed. Alright, here are the available parts. Each character has a small blurb about them before the audition lines. If you would like to audition here is what you need to do. Email us at, phantomglitchpodcasts@gmail.com Include your,


Tumblr URL

Do you have a discord/can you get one

Why you would like to be a part of this podcast.

Of course the Voice files If you are auditioning for more than one character please make sure you have put each voice file to the right one.

And please specify that you are auditioning for Galactic Grimm.

Also, if you cannot meet certain time constraints please take that into consideration before auditioning. The Audition lines are below the cut. Thanks, I hope to hear from you all!!!

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hi, i'm @sapphicships and you recently reblogged an edit i made of feyre and mor. since in the tags u thought it was a "friendship" (despite my blog being for f/f pairings and the post exclusively saying "f/f pairing"), i'd like to say, i definitely did not make that edit and ship name for them to be platonic buddies. it'd be fine, but i then saw that u ship moriel, and please never interact with my blog again. that is disgusting—mor is a lesbian and thinks of azriel AS FAMILY. thank you.

Wow I’m really sorry! I honestly didn’t notice it was a f/f post. My tag was just an innocent mistake and I honestly didn’t mean any offense.

Attention, Lapidot shippers

You know the drill - certain people are shitting all over a certain storyboarder again (for something that they didn’t even do).

And yes, of course, now the Lapidot tag is also getting hit by this nonsense.

Don’t try and engage the moronic trolls into an argument or tell them that they’re wrong - they’ve proven time and time again that they’re too stupid and ignorant to grasp basic concepts such as the process of making a cartoon/the role of a storyboarder. It’s not worth your time.

Please, if you can, take a moment to lend your support to Lauren. The Lapidot community is, I believe, the largest shipping community in the fandom - so I don’t see why we can’t outnumber the trolls. Please let them see that they’re loved, because I really don’t think that they’re having a good time right now. Again.

Please remember that you’re talking to actual human beings on here. Real human lives are worth more than your OTP.

As for the ship tag - well, we just need to flood it with positive content again. Art, fanfics, theories, headcanons; you name it.

Don’t be afraid to block people who are toxic. The block button is there in order to help you feel comfortable on Tumblr - so use it. You don’t need to justify this to anyone either, just hit “block” and don’t look back.

Good luck, everyone.