i really need a self timer for my phone

Guys I found out that the camera on my phone has a timer!! So now I can take full body shots without having to ask my mom 😅 anyways, today was yoga so I finally did Day 3 of Yoga With Adriene’s Yoga Revolution. Today’s videos was Practice Honour. She is preaching some serious self love in this video which I really needed today 💕💕 plus, I did work up a bit of a sweat which is good. Can’t wait to see where I am in a few months and do a side by side 🙈(Also please excuse the terrible lighting in my bedroom 😒)

Pros and Cons of traveling alone


  • There’s no need to worry about meeting other people’s needs and desires
  • Your trip will be catered to you
  • Being alone is important sometimes. You’ll have a lot of time to think and figure out your life
  • You’re more likely to meet and interact with new people if you are alone
  • There’s a higher chance of going on a random and unplanned adventure


  • Hotels can be pricey if you’re alone. Solution: air bnb is your best friend
  • You’re more likely to get robbed, scammed, or kidnapped. Solution: street smarts is key, don’t trust everyone you meet. If you ever need help or directions, ask a woman (if you’re a WoC, ask another WoC, trust me on this one)
  • It gets lonely sometimes. Solution: again, air bnb. You’ll meet some really cool people
  • Decent pics with yourself as the subject are hard to pull off. Solution: I personally enjoy propping up my phone on objects, setting the self timer and running into place but you can use a selfie stick or get a phone tripod