i really need a better face tag

i just want to talk about some of the bullshit that makes this post so great:

  • exactly 5 tags (the max number that the post will show up in searches for)
  • one of which is #incident
  • Here’s a thing that happened to one of my friends. I was there.” i could say so much about just this two sentences but i feel its better just presented without comment
  • the perfect spelling & punctuation that actually makes it read as less well written
  • every sentence ends in a period and there’s no profanity in this anecdote about getting beaten up who did op expect to fool with this
  • feeling the need to specify that their conversation was meaningless
  • op is such a better fighter than their friend
  • but I managed to avoid brutalization by going for their faces.
  • the nonchalant tone of the entire thing really
  • just the idea of people driving around a bus in “Down with Cis” shirts and assaulting random bystanders
  • the fucking hypocrisy and gall of a cis person writing something like this about trans people
  • and then it doesnt even end really the post just stops abruptly
  • i just read op’s about page and its exactly what you’d expect
Vigilante (Teen Wolf x Supernatural Crossover) (Part 1)

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader, Winchesters x sister!reader 

Prompt: When the reader’s old friend calls for help, the Winchesters all rush to Beacon Hills immediately, and you immediately see someone you thought you’d never see again. But what happens when your brothers find out that you are best friends with supernatural beings that you all hunt?

Warnings: fluff, violence, language, a tiny bit of angst

A/N: So I started binge watching Teen Wolf and I am now obsessed, so enjoy!

Tag list for Teen Wolf is open!

Supernatural tags: @teamfreewill-imagine, @faith-in-dean, @ellen-reincarnated1967, @sincerelysaraahh, @for-the-love-of-dean, @ofglendower

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“Hello?” you voiced after hitting the ‘answer’ icon on your phone. 

“Y/N?” the, oddly familiar, voice on the other line replied and you racked your brain for a face to the voice.

“Scott,” you whispered, realizing who it was.

“Y/N, we really need your help.”

You pulled yourself out of your thoughts with a shake of your head before responding. “Yeah, okay, I’m heading to Beacon Hills now. I think it’s a better time than ever to have a little reunion.”


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anonymous asked:

ahhh i love your small aus so much!! i was in a super sad mood but the aus helped me cheer up!! ♡ may i request a small au for taeyong? tysm ♡♡♡♡

thank u!!! im sorry you’re in a bad mood, feel better quick!!!~~

  • tech support!taeyong 
  • wears his name tag around his neck with his id and on the back of it he keeps a photo of him and his sister because he’s a soft sweetheart 
  • and he is always really helpful and good at explaining
  • and everyone in the office hits on him because,,,,,like have you seen his face 
  • and it makes him super embarrassed 
  • so he’ll be like “you can switch the capable here or-” 
  • someone: you can switch my cables ;)
  • taeyong: “or-o - o r- o r,,,, o r,,,,,,,um,,,,,excuse me i need,,,to just ,,,, bathroom,,,,,excuse me,,,”
  • he’s basically an awkward mess ,,,, but it’s really adorable and he just wants to fix computers and fix bugs,,,,,let him live
  • and you keep calling tech support on your computer because, yes you admit it, taeyong is really sweet and has a face carved from stone and his voice is like,,,,,,woah he’s just The Whole Package
  • and did you “accidentally” spill all this soda on your keyboard. yes. you “accidentally” did
  • but with you taeyong,,,,secretly really likes helping you because unlike the other people who make him uncomfortable and are just straightforwardly flirting
  • you ask him about his day and if he’s had lunch and it’s nice to be treated like a normal person instead of just ogled at for his looks
  • and taeyong is fixing your keyboard, telling you about this museum he’s going to after work and you’re like !!!!! oh that’s my favorite one in the city their exhibit on egyptian art is my favorite!!!
  • and taeyong perks up and he’s like “i love it too! im a member there, so tickets are free for me on this day!!” and you’re like WOah im jealous
  • and he’s like “you can come with me,,,,,,,if you’re free,,,,”
  • and you’re like OH,,,,,woah,,,,,he never asks anyone from work to hangout omg
  • and you’re like i,,,id love to
  • and you two do it, meeting up to take the train and talking more and it’s totally a first date because when you come back to the office and taeyong shyly waves at you, biting back his lip as he walks past your desk
  • the whole office turns to you and is like: you lucky son of a gun 

lol uhh… another gift from meee

i made it to 100 blah blah. i thank everyone for following for my shitposts :) idk why you guys do but, i’ll try to do better…

in this gift, it’s two base sims (ik they fugly af. no need to tell me lol) and two headshot poses because… why the hell not, right? oh, i used my deffault skin for no “searching for skin” struggle..

TOU i guess

  • just tag me if you use them or the poses. that’s all
  • also… dont put no damn adfly thingy. its aggy

download: SF || sliders i use: SF

closer up on the faces under the line…

again, thanks for following. i really appreciate it, honestly. also, my next gift will be like 150 (i wont make it there) but, imma still drop cc so… it doesnt matter…

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Dealing With Ship Hate

“I ship (not something you ship).”
Ah, ok.
“So I really don’t ship (your ship).”
Um…sure. Ship and let ship, I guess.
“Like, I dont know why people even ship it!”
…no need to be rude, friend.
“*openly blasting their ship out*”
Yeah, I do that too so it’s okay–
“*openly comparing their ship to your ship and concluding yours is worse*”
Hey, hold on now–
“*writing essays on why their ship is better*”
Okay, you dont need to be that rude–
“*writing essays on why your ship is bad*”
Wow, okay you’re an asshole. Block. Ignore.
“I really hate that ship its my NOTP no one should ship it!!!”

Ok but I really want Neopolitian to come back in Volume Four.

I could imagine Ruby just kind of walking around in the woods by herself, just lost in thought, and then the camera looks over her shoulder and we just see Neo just standing behind her, their face just completely deadpan. Ruby does that anime thing where she knows someone is behind her and heel turns to face them.

And Neo is just. Standing there. Her parasol isn’t even on her shoulder, it’s just kind of dangling from her hand, the spike digging a little into the dirt. Ruby, not trusting this at all, draws her weapon, but Neo still doesn’t move.

And then, Neo reaches into her pocket and takes out her Scroll before extending it forward for Ruby to take. Ruby, after a moment hesitation, carefully takes it and looks at the screen.

It’s open on a messenger app, and in the typing field is this message:

“He’s dead because of her. I want in.”

And when Ruby looks back up at her, Neo is clearly holding back tears. “You mean Cinder?”

Neo’s face shifts into a deep scowl as she nods.

“I guess we need all the help we can get…”

My shirt from @jeusus Redbubble arrived! It’s so frickin cute I love it a LOT!!!! Im so happy I went with the grey bg, it looks even better irl than I thought it would :D
(This is an XL men’s T-shirt that I modded into a muscle tank(ish) because normal tank tops look weird on me.)
Oh man I want to wear it EVERYWHERE (0_0)


All right, I’m gonna go ahead and call pre-boarding for all Zabvronians with elite status. Ah… Oh. No, wait. That’s… that’s only me. Suck it, coach trash.

Suitors pt.2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Next part

Word Count: 1034 (hey, it’s a step up from the last part)

Pairings: Philip Hamilton x Reader

A/N: I didn’t have time to proofread this but please enjoy anyway.

“Y/N? Y/N! Are you even listening to me?” You notice your sister staring at you. She seems angry. Wait, you think, Was she talking?

“Uh-I-I was-”

“Of course not! Well, at least tell me what you were thinking about.” She says, staring at you with both intrigue and distaste. It’s an odd expression, and it definitely doesn’t suit her.

As for your own face, it bears the look of a conflicted woman, lost in her own mind. You see, you had been thinking of Philip, multiple fantasies compile in your mind all at once and you simultaneously understand all of them. The human brain really is amazing, isn’t it? The human mouth, on the other hand, has some catching up to do. While it takes seconds to understand multiple complicated scenarios in your mind, to explain them to someone else would be extremely difficult and could take hours.

“Theo, I wish I could explain what is happening in my brain but it appears I myself have no clue.”

“Fine then, don’t tell me. I’ll just read your papers while you’re asleep.” She smiled, standing up to leave.

“You wouldn’t dare!” You shout after her as she slams your door. You can hear her laughter get quieter as she walks down the hallway until, finally, it diminishes. You jump off your bed and head to your desk. Your father thought it improper for anyone, a lady especially, to have a desk in their bedroom but you had convinced him - okay - begged him until he finally caved. He didn’t want you in his study, so where else were you supposed to go?

You had started to write letters to your mother the second she died and continued with them even now, years after her passing. You sat down at your desk. It felt more like a home now than your bed ever did. It was easy now, to see how people like Hamilton could write for days on end.

You picked out your favourite quill and begin to write,

Dear Mother,

Philip Hamilton. What else to say? Many things, I’m sure. Last night I went to a ball with Theodosia to find me a suitor and we happened to make his acquaintance. Okay, I know you don’t believe that, so I will tell you the truth. I did not wish to go to the ball, as I had no reason to find a suitor except for my father’s wishes. Theodosia had finally convinced me to go by telling me Philip would be there and sure enough, he was. I will not bore you with the details of our encounter, I will only say that it was short and sweet.

I’m sure you wish to hear of my suitors but please be understanding. You see, I do not wish to write about those terrible men ever again. Please do not hold it against me.

Today was the first day I ever really thought about the consequences of a relationship with Philip Hamilton. I was thinking about it during a conversation with Theo (I don’t think she appreciated it much) and didn’t have time to explain to her why I was lost in my own mind. Mother, how did you manage a relationship with Father? You were married at the time, were you not? Please mother, give me your strength!

To have this relationship we would have to hide it from Father, and I don’t think I could do that! He is my papa, I can’t stand lying to him! Hiding it from Mr Hamilton may be simpler, however. From what I hear he spends most of his time at the office and rarely makes it home in time for supper. His poor wife.

If father ever found out about our relationship what would he say? Would he give us his blessing? No, I mustn’t fantasise that way. Father would most likely send him off right away and find me a suitor at once, without my consent. What a horrible life that would be! Oh mother, if only you were still around to confide in. You’d know what to do.

Your loving daughter, Y/N Burr

“How did the ball go last night?” Your father asked, staring at you with anticipation. Oh no, you thought, I don’t want to disappoint him.

“It was amazing!” You replied. Theo glanced at you, her question clear in her eyes. What are you trying to pull?

“Well, aside from one thing.”


“The men!” You spat. Your father looked at you with surprise.

“What was wrong with them?” He asked, “I chose only the finest for my little girl.” He booped your nose, an action you haven’t seen since childhood. Your cheeks heat up at the now unfamiliar gesture.

“They have no respect for women!” You say.

“Most people don’t.” Your father replies calmly, “Anything else?” You can’t believe it! Your father has never questioned you this way before. It’s almost as if he believes himself to be superior to you. He can’t actually think that though… can he?

Hoping to appeal to his political side, you say “They all shoved their opinions down my throat!” The only response you receive is a strained laugh. “Then I guess they’ll fit right in with you.” Your father said after a few seconds, “I’m sorry dear, but unless you can’t find any legitimate reasons-”

“I am giving you reasons! You’re not listening!”

“I am.” Your father replied. His cool head was really starting to get to you. No wonder Hamilton hates him. “But you must see my side of the coin. You are sixteen going on seventeen. It is due time for you to find a husband and-”

“And birth his children and be stuck as a housewife for the rest of my wife?” You yell over top of him, “Didn’t you always say that I could do better than that? That I could show the world what a woman could do?”

“You have to keep the family tree growing.”

“What about Theo?” You ask, turning towards your sister, “She’s a year older than me, why aren’t you up in her face about getting married?”

“Actually,” Theodosia piped up, “I’m engaged.”

Therapeutic Thursday - Make Something Pretty!

Okay, gang. So yesterday I mentioned during Washboard Wednesday post that I was going to try something new for Thursdays during the Hiatus. Many folks don’t write or draw, but if you can’t do those things, you can probably get out some crayons and color! 

I will be posting an image or two every Thursday for you to save, print, color and upload (via a snap of your work), or you can upload it to a painting program. Have fun. Share your images with me via image submission on my page or blog it with a tag to me so I can see your pretty work! 

Is this dumb? Maybe. Is it experimental? Yes, yes it is. I just hope it works. It could be that the images are too small and you have to save them onto a larger canvas to print. I can’t really test this without doing it one time…so here we go. If you come up with tips on how to make this work better, please share!  If it works out that this is a bad delivery system and we need to try a different way, let me know and I will get the images to you some other way. 

Let’s relax and do something fun. The Olicity photo has some white space at the bottom where you can add a caption as well! 

If you would like to be removed or added to this list for Washboard Wednesday, Man Face Monday, and occasional other day posts of pretty, please let me know. I really hope the tags work this week. I know it’s spotty. Once again, please reblog if you think your followers will enjoy. Thanks!! @scu11y22, @tinaday3w, @dettiot, @mel-loves-all, @andjustforthismoment, @aussieforgood, @florence-bubbles, @flailykermit, @lerayon, @diggo26, @olicityaddicted, @thewidowpazzy, @melsanfo, @emilybettqueen, @yourviewingparty, @lynslogic, @tanyaslogic, @angelalafan, @coal000, @triciaolicity, @choiceofluthien, @emilybuttrickards, @seaolicity, @supersillyanddorky06, @swordandarrow, @watsoncroft, @jsevick, @readerkas, @yespleasehawkeye, @geniewithwifi, @bluemorgana, @befitandchase, @caedmonfaith, @myhauntedblacksoul, @casydee, @jamyfan-blog, @awesomeziziblr, @bigdeesmallworld, @alemap74, @angelicmisskitty, @almondblossomme, @callistawolf, @miriam1779, @imusuallyobsessed, @vaelisamaza, @mochababychristy, @juliesioux, @pjcmfalcon, @josephine-in-mirkwood, @i-m-a-fan-world, @ms-mags, @red-devilkin, @ah-maa-zing, @itshandledd, @olicityandsteroline, @turn-thy-paige, @wildirish23, @nlh03, @alanna-the-lionheart, @charlinert, @amytosh, @stygian-omada-fan, @multi-fandom-crazy-fangirl, @machawicket,  @biermank, @i-am-wordaholic, @hope-for-olicity, @memcjo, @jaspertown, @itchiygo, @oliverfel4, @tolivers, @ccdimples88, @ap-n, @pleasantfanandstudent, @emmilynestill,  @kainesbitt77,  @anthfan, @lyricalarrow, @laurabelle2930, @ellefraser17, @ireland1733, @mammashof, @chachurka, @somewhatinvisible, @tdgal1, @buffaleen, @suziesammy-blog, @missyriver, @lovelycssefan, @kh2o, @codebreakinsmoak, @letsnevergrowupfan, @memcjo, @bwangangelic, @arrowolicity88, @thebookjumper, @arrowlainie05, @pineprincess, @saebrfan, @olicityinmyheart, @razorbladenitro, @letsnevergrowupfan, @1106angel, @xflarrowbeforebloodx, @omglovechrissie

Embroidery Starter Tutorial

@ridewithblurryface asked for a little tutorial, so I’m going to give this a shot and make one (with a bit of silliness) —

The most expensive any hobby will ever be is at the start, and the great thing about embroidery and other needlecraft arts is that they are a pretty cheap hobby. 


Here are the tools I use on a regular basis:

  • embroidery floss: your paint, usually less than 50¢ each
  • aida cloth: this is what I use, but any fabric, within limits, will do
  • bamboo hoop: this one is 5″ diameter, but you can get them from 3″ to 10″, plastic hoops work too
  • compass: like all the perfect circles I make for my sunsets? that’s thanks to this guy right here. make sure the large joint (connecting the opposite end of the pointy bits) is relatively tight, so the compass won’t slip larger as you’re drawing
  • the threader things: ?? the things you use to pull the thread through the eye of the needle. threaders. (gah, fine i’ll google it …. post-google: wow they are really called needle threaders.)
  • lol i don’t know any of the names and google did not help but this thing is so useful for when i just mess up a lil bit. *linda belcher voice* lil bit. EDIT: @missjoat let me know that this is called a stitch ripper! what a name.
  • embroidery needles: no really, that is their name. next to the tapestry and quilting needles.
  • pencil: for sketching your image, preferably mechanical so that you don’t have to sharpen it
  • white eraser: for when you royally mess up sketching your image, and you need it to be white if you’ll be using white fabric all the time
  • scissors: ONLY FOR THREAD, don’t use them for anything else unless you want rough floss ends (nobody wants rough floss ends)

All that? 20-30 bucks, and the only things you’ll need to restock regularly are the hoops ($1-2 each), the floss (39¢ each at my local craft shop), and the cloth ($3.50 per roll, ~3-5 projects). And needle threaders, ugh. I think I go through about a pack of 3 per month, but they only cost $2 for a pack. Don’t get a fancy one because you WILL be replacing it. 

If you have a local craft shop, just go to the needlework section and you will find all* of this stuffprobably next to all the yarn. 

*except maybe the compass; for that, go to the drawing section


So about your embroidery floss, your paint. You know how paint is stored in those handy, sealable tubes? Ok, imagine if when you bought your paint, it was in a plastic sandwich baggie. Pretty inconvenient, right? Yeah, that’s how embroidery floss is packaged. Two little pieces of paper, wrapped in a tube around the gently bundled floss. Totally impractical for storage. That same section where you bought your tools will have storage options. I use these guys:

(guest starring my very fluffy cat, Basil Mae)

When I started, I didn’t label the color ID numbers on the holder, and man do I regret it. I have good eyes for color, so if I just take the color I need with me to the store, I can find it again, but WOW it would have been so much easier to have just labeled their number right from the get-go. 

I have never regretted owning so many colors of embroidery floss. Never. If I could, I would buy three of each color available.


Don’t start with something difficult. Please don’t. Your first few projects will be for you to just figure out the craft - and that is good! But if you try to challenge yourself too much with that first one, you might end up frustrated and unwilling to try again. 

This is my very first embroidery project:

(Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But it is simple and basic.)

Also, don’t be afraid to trace. In fact, I encourage it. Unless you can find a nice pattern to use, you’ll be making your own patterns (like I do!). I have to remind myself all the time that my skills aren’t in drawing, they are in stitching. It’s okay to use ‘unsavory’ methods to help my end product look as good as it does. (I say this because I really struggled with tracing for a long time. I thought it made me a bad artist and crafter. But the exactness of my projects are what make me especially happy, so I just said screw the haters and start off with tracing now.)

It is unlikely you’ll be able to trace the whole thing anyway. I use the bamboo hoop and pencil to size the edges of the total area, then gently tape the cloth to my computer. I get the image in place behind the cloth, turn up the brightness as high as it goes, and outline the parts that are definite. Because the fabric will shift a little bit, try not to copy everything; the positions of details will be close to impossible to mark during the trace stage, especially if you’re using thick cloth. Here’s a current project I’m working on (oh god it’s such a beast), and how it looked after the initial trace:

As you can see, I have major shapes outlined, but very little detail. After I’ve traced enough, I put the cloth back on the hoop, and fill in the details to the best of my ability. Here’s what it looks like when I’ve finished penciling:

Honestly? This still isn’t good enough with details - lines aren’t as straight as they need to be, some little parts are out of place or sized wrong, but at some point, you have to stop with your pencil. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a greyish fabric from all the erasing, and it will be difficult to see what you need to stitch versus the errors. 

(This project isn’t finished yet - I’ve only just started stitching, but you’ll see the end result soon enough.)

Take your time stitching. It’s the best part. It’s the reason embroidery makes me so happy, because the action of stitching is so repetitive and simple, but over time you have this amazing work of patience and detail. It’s nice to be able to stitch while you listen to some tunes or TV. I have watched so many seasons of procedural crime dramas while I stitch. It’s what I do with my evenings and I love it. I struggle to just watch TV these days - I always want to be stitching!!

If you mess up, that’s okay! Either gently pull the thread back out, or get out one of your “i fucked up” tools. Sometimes, you are going to really fuck up, and you’ll need to start over. This Steve face was actually the 2.0 version. THAT was upsetting and I was pretty grumpy for a solid hour, but I’m so happy I restarted. It looks so much better, and I learned from my mistakes in the 1.0 version.

Alright, I am sure I didn’t cover everything, so as always, you can feel free to send me an ask and I am so happy to help. If you make anything, please feel free to tag me or send me a message about it. 

More Helpful Tips


Haha well I’m promising backstory on DarkpathAU and this is just the beginning of that, the uh… ‘setup’ comic, if you will. 

Hiro might be kinda sorta starting to realize something is a little different about this specific 'imposter’, though his mind is trying to refuse all possibility that this guy really is Tadashi. Though considering he just took a bullet for him, well

Hiro’s a little ticked off to say the least. (Also this kid really needs to stop getting face injuries I mean seriously)


I appreciate you guys and you’re all very sweet to me, but please don’t throw my name at other people/tell people my art/I am better than anyone. I really do not want to be associated with that.