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All right, I’m gonna go ahead and call pre-boarding for all Zabvronians with elite status. Ah… Oh. No, wait. That’s… that’s only me. Suck it, coach trash.

My shirt from @jeusus Redbubble arrived! It’s so frickin cute I love it a LOT!!!! Im so happy I went with the grey bg, it looks even better irl than I thought it would :D
(This is an XL men’s T-shirt that I modded into a muscle tank(ish) because normal tank tops look weird on me.)
Oh man I want to wear it EVERYWHERE (0_0)

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Relationship status: In a relationship.

Favourite colour: Pink, red and yellow, but really, if it’s bright, I like it.

Lipstick or chapstick: Neither, most of the time. Occasionally concede to lipstick or lipgloss if I need to, like the time we put on part of The Trojan Women for our first years and I landed up playing Helen of Troy, which was alarming (how do you play the face that launched a thousand ships??) until I remembered that Helen (in Greek tradition) would have been awesome even if she wasn’t beautiful (ok, not technically true, because of the association of beauty and goodness, but Helen was much more than her looks). Don’t get me started on how much I like Helen.

Last song I listened to: Josh Groban’s Remember

Last movie I watched: Help, I have no idea. I think I’m going to have to find one to watch so that this can have a different answer the next time I do one of these.

Top three tv shows: Anything by David Attenborough. Given that he’s made a lot, I think that fills the top three spots handily.

Top three characters: Er. Um. What sort of characters does one find, exactly, in a nature documentary?

Top three ships: Nature documentaries are not really made for shipping.

Books I’m currently reading: Just finished a re-read of The First Man in Rome, and am moving onto The Grass Crown. I haven’t read them in years and it’s so interesting to come back to them with more knowledge of the first century B.C., and find myself agreeing or disagreeing with some of the painstaking research that went into these books. They’re still tremendously fun to read, and, oh, how I would love to teach a course that looks at the collapse of the Roman Republic - oligarchy, corruption, civil wars, social wars and foreign wars, dictatorships, demagoguery, treason trials, and all the tremendous personalities that drove the Republic to the brink: Scaurus, Marius, Sulla, Pompey, Cicero, Caesar, Clodius, Antony, Octavian, and all the rest.

Name: Nope.
Nickname(s): Kate.
Zodiac Sign: It swims.

Height: 5′7″

Orientation: I had to dig the compass out for this, but the answer is almost due west (282º if you want to be precise). Except that makes no sense because the sun has been rising in the south-west and setting in the north-east then?? 

Favourite Animal: Hrrmmm. I couldn’t possibly imagine.

Average Sleep Hours: Not enough to be healthy. I’ve never been good at sleeping.

Cat or Dog Person: Why choose? I like both. Cats do have the advantage, though, however slight. Particularly the Maew Boran/Thai landrace type cats. 

Favourite Fictional Character: Lucy Pevensie, Hermione Granger (she was me, I was her, loaded down with books, taking more subjects than strictly possible, oversized teeth, and a mane of untameable brown hair), and because I was reminded of her with the lipstick question, Helen of Troy. 

Let me tell you how much I love Helen.

(Don’t let me tell you, but it’s too late, here I go.) 

When we meet her in Book 3 of the Iliad she is literally weaving the story of the Trojan war (weaving is closely associated with story-telling in Greek literature; also the Fates spin life threads; Helen’s porphyry cloth is the colour of blood and shows the Greeks and Trojans locked in battle, so follow the implications and associations and ahhhhh), she sees through Aphrodite’s disguise as one of her attendants at once and tells her that she’s done being her plaything (alas, the goddess cows her, but damn it, Helen stands up for herself), and in Book 6 she breaks the fourth wall of the Iliad to say that the purpose of all their suffering is to make them subjects of song for men to come. 

In much of our surviving Greek literature she’s usually shown as sharp-witted, manipulative, with a forceful personality; she argues for her life persuasively in The Trojan Women; she sees through the disguise of Odysseus when he infiltrates Troy, she recognises his son Telemachus the first time she sees him; she can imitate the voices of many of the wives of the Greek heroes hidden in the wooden horse (ok, this is not that hard when Agamemnon’s wife Clytemnestra is her sister, and Odysseus’ wife Penelope is her first cousin); she deals with a grumpy Menelaus and a sad Telemachus in Sparta by drugging them in the Odyssey; she’s so much more than a pretty face. I love her. She’s a complex, powerful woman who is so often reduced to her looks and played for a victim in modern takes on her story, but she was not seen that way in the original tradition. She was the subject of a hero cult along with her husband Menelaus, as both were worshipped (but mostly Helen) at the Menelaion near Sparta; she was held to have struck the poet Stesichorus blind when he insulted her, and restored his vision when he composed a poem rehabilitating his reputation. Did I say that I love her? Well, I love her. She’s awesome.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: Light sheet on hot summer nights, duvet in spring and autumn, duvet with blanket over the top in winter.

Dream Trip: I’d like to go back to the Pryors and to Shackleford Banks again; I’d love to visit other areas with free roaming horses (the Australian Alps!) and just spend a solid week with each herd taking photos.

Blog Created: Eh. Three years ago? I don’t know. After I bought the mare.

Number of Followers: More than I expected. It baffles me that so many people apparently like the fat Arab pony and the occasional moments when I sound like I’ve swallowed an encyclopaedia.

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she was nervous about the date, tucking a loose tress behind her ear as she finally put on a brave face and looked up at the other. “so, i was thinking. maybe we should get to know each other better? out of fear of sounding like a total fuckboy perhaps we really need to whip out the ol’ twenty questions. luckily neither of us are on the opposite end of the phone so the age old send nudes question will hopefully be out of the equation.”