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I feel so guilty when people add me to a list of beneficial accounts because I know myself. Whatever you see of me online, it’s just that, online. Many people who meet me in real life know how I really am, how my manners are and how much I actually know of the deen. Wallahi it’s just copy and paste, I haven’t memorised much of the Qur'an and I haven’t studied Arabic as much as I can or should. Just make dua for me instead, you don’t need to add me to lists in the future, it plants sorrow in me because I fear that I will be brought to question for displaying something which I am not. Idek if that makes sense but, may Allah grant you all Firdous and may He make me better than what I portray to the people.

Honestly, I understand Rucas shippers being upset but I don’t think the writers ever intended to keep them together. If they did it would just be a complete copy of Boy Meets World. They want Riley to have her own story. They’ve made a point to say the characters will make mistakes and they need to learn what love really is. Riley having a huge crush on a boy she just meets and they stay together forever? Or after years of closeness and learning about each other she falls in love with one of her best friends? It’s just a better story.

Shawn told Angela in BMW “I think you have to be friends before you can fall in love.” Angela told Shawn in GMW “Let what we had make you ready for something.” Important advice and completely relevant to the story happening now.

Farkle and Riley are falling in love.

TUTORIAL: how to avoid a flat drawing

deppered: yay! could you give a few tips on adding depth to cartoonish faces (like how not to let them come out looking flat)?

DISCLAIMER: i don’t consider myself incredibly qualified to answer this- so please keep in mind that this is by no means a complete answer, and you can definitely go a lot more in depth with it! i’ll answer to the best of my abilities :>

you’re creating the illusion of depth, so first you need to understand the mechanics of how it works. otherwise you’re just guessing/copying what you see other people do (which isn’t something that doesn’t WORK but you’ll be infinitely better once you understand the fundamentals)

to start off, we need to acknowledge that there are lots of curves and dips to a human face. (take a moment to slowly run your hands over different parts of your face. it sounds stupid but it really helps to take a moment to examine smth closely) to help visualize the curves a drawing would have, i’ll use a grid

(hahaHA using lance as an example, what a surprise)

an important part (the most important part??) of creating a convincing drawing is understanding and using shadows. if you’re inexperienced, this is something you’re going to have to look up (or create your own) reference for and study. applying some shadow, you can see that they follow the grid i made

[IMPORTANT: if you’re applying shadows, don’t forget about the source of light!! inconsistent lighting leads to messed up drawings]

small details are what’ll really pull your drawing together. consider shadows on things like the teeth/tongue, eyebags, eyelids, EYES, lips, etc

but you don’t always need to add shadows/colour to a drawing it make it look believable! a lot of the time i’ll add a drop shadow beneath the face because it’s quick, i like how it looks, and it’s already a step towards giving a line drawing a little depth.

also consider using varying angles when you draw a character. front-facing and profile views get very boring very quickly, and are probably easier to go flat with. turning a character to ¾, 5/6, whatever fraction u want, that’ll convey a sense of dimension, with or without shadows to help

more examples (u can see that the top two drawings don’t feel very flat):

anonymous: do u hav any tips for developing ur art style + actually being able to draw semi-realistically? (like when u can tell where to put shadows and anatomy and stuff like that IM OSRRY I JUST LOVE AND ADMIRE UR ART AND ART STYLE AND UR EFFORT AND ITS JUST ALL SO AMAZING $!!!!)!)!!

WOW i’m glad i caught this ask like.. while making this tutorial LOL thank u anon, for coincidentally asking smth that falls perfectly in line with the nature of this tutorial- i’ll continue my answer under the cut

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I think we need to just find a copy of 50 Shades and rip out all the pages and replace them with your fic because it's such a better representation of what a dom/sub relationship looks like and I just want to show it to the world.

Thank you love! *gives giant hug* from what I heard about the book, it didn’t really cover the whole aspect of the lifestyle and that made me panic a bit because my friend was telling me to base this fic off 50SOG but deep down it didn’t feel right haha!

Communication is very important guys!

Saezuru and coffee

Nothing’s better than sitting in bed and having good coffee and physical copy of Twittering birds in your hands. 

If you’re a fan of Saezuru tori wa habatakanai and you are able to purchuase a physical copy in your own language or english I really recommend it!! It’s not just about having it at home, but when you pick it up and start reading it, you actually see more details and you became more aware of the characters (at least I am). And now I just can’t wait to order my copy of Vol.3 :D

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Hey! This is the anon from the other day about the phone interview. Thanks for your tips! The interview went great and I got a call for an in person interview. It's supposed to be 3 hours and I'm meeting various people at different times. I'm coming back to you again because you were so helpful before. I've been practicing questions I've found online, but I'm still really nervous. Any other tips for me? P.S. You're amazing ❤

Yay that’s awesome! Same thing, dude. Know why you’re a good fit for the position, have questions ready for them, and bring a few copies of your resume. And obviously dress professionally even if the workplace dress code is more casual, better safe than sorry with that. P.S. My favorite question to ask is, “Is there anything on my resume that you’re concerned about or need clarification on?” so that you can address any potential doubts right there in person.


I’m back from Ireland woooo (by the way, I was in Ireland). Have a jet-laggy Lanyon warm-up drawing!

Lanyon has changed the most over the course of developing the comic (for the better, I think). I’m still trying to really iron out his design tho, not least of all because I’m not used to drawing his particular brand of mixed-race. I don’t really have a short hand for curly hair! That is a thing I need to fix.

I also drew him with Jekyll’s lips, I realize. Lanyon’s lips are more … kissable? Yeah, sure. I’m groggy enough to describe something as ‘kissable.’ Like I’m writing the copy to a lipgloss commercial or something. 



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Hi, black woman anon, no worries, it was an old post I think, with that idiot melancholyblackwoman. It was about the chocolate being used for descriptions of black women, but then it got into discussing stereotypes, and that was where my question was coming from.

Oh! Sorry, ha, I had to go on a search to find what you meant. Apologies. Let me just copy and paste your last ask into here so I can answer you properly!

Hi, I’m a black woman and I would like some clarification if you don’t mind, I might be misunderstanding you, but what is wrong with a black woman being seen as feminine or the damsel to protect in a story? Especially in defiance of the usual stereotypes associated with black women? That doesn’t mean that all black women are the same or should be written or seen as the same. I don’t think it is fair to say that is fetishizing servitude.

Okay, so there obviously isn’t anything wrong with a black female character in a story being absolutely anything. She could be a weak damsel in distress desperate for a hero to come save her, she could be a (literal) sensual goddess, she could be an old crone of a villain, she could be a spy hidden in plain sight, she could be a heroine that defied all expectations, she could be a fairy princess that used the magic powers of loving nature to defeat her enemies with pacifism. It really doesn’t matter, in my opinion. I mean, depending on the writing and context she’d be an excellent or a terrible character, but it’s not a big deal.

The problem with that user was that she created a strawman argument herself to try and argue that it was unfair that she wasn’t seeing a pretty sexist stereotype being used instead of another pretty sexist stereotype. She and her friends were genuinely arguing that someone using the word “chocolate” to describe a black woman’s skin was racist because “food is for consumption,” whilst simultaneously ignoring the cliché use of the word “milk” to describe white women’s skin in literature. What was even more astounding for me was that she and her friends were so angry at the idea of skin being called “chocolate,” then foaming at the mouth when it was pointed out that plenty of makeup companies created and owned by black women happily use the word to describe different foundations, for example.

I look at it like this. “Ugh, it’s annoying to see X stereotype, and I would like to see more of Y stereotype,” is a perfectly understandable and fair personal opinion, whereas, “X stereotype is Literal Racism and Y stereotype is What Is Needed For Liberation” is nothing but deliberate and useless race-baiting.

Plus, to be honest, in that exchange I found it highly ironic that the argument seemed to boil down to, “We’re black women with real struggles and we want freedom and liberation! Why can’t we be stereotyped as weak, vulnerable and needing a man to protect us? That’s real liberation, right there!”

It’s just Tumblr and its irritating habit of taking personal opinions and annoyances and feeling the need to turn them into Big And Important Political Points to try and manipulate others into feeling the same way. Because, of course, if you disagree that something ridiculously minor is Absolute Oppression, then you’re automatically called a bigot.

Things like that just remind me of the ridiculously cringey “Christmas in mostly Christian countries being celebrated in public is literally oppressive antisemitism and/or Islamophobia” arguments. Nobody sane is going to say that black citizens or black women in particular have zero problems, but when there are ridiculous people willing to die on “this is how I imagine that some bad writers stereotype different people and this oppresses me” hills, I really can’t take those people as individuals seriously.

((me: I’m gonna do tags!!
also me: /gets distracted by a stream, cleans up pages instead

Okay so I got a few tags done(I haven’t posted them because I wanna geta  few done before I post them so I can avoid overwhelming myself) and I also:

  • cleaned up the rules page(no real change in its contents, it’s just less messy)
  • separated Loch’s profile and the detailed information into two separate pages(both pages really need cleanup but idk how not to be long-winded as you are already aware)
  • included information about the faceclaim on his main profile
  • Changed some information and timeline stuff to better reflect the way I play him(read: I added words like “sometimes” and “occasionally” to make it seem less like I’m forgetting characterization and more like those things just don’t happen often lolol if his character changes a bit because I try and conform better to what I wrote for his personality shhh just roll with it… .)
  • copied over the team post onto its own page so Loch’s Pokémon are more accessible to other players–will be formatted better in the future so it’s fancier and has cute sprites and stuff)
  • messed with the (unfinished and thus unposted but otherwise easily located) tag page a bit

Aaaand with that I’ll get back to tags and hopefully be able to get a few out hahaha

Oh, also I should announce??? a verse-type thing, which is little more than that Loch will be able to interact more easily with non-Alola-based characters now, as he’ll occasionally be out in other regions for work along the lines of things that @bigcalavera implies in some of their posts, where Skull is expanding to work in other regions.  However, these won’t necessarily be Schädel und Gehirn-based instances, I just have some similarities between the way my Team Skull works and the way theirs does :’D So. I felt it relevant to mention it’s like that.  His travel will be largely plane/boat-based, but Raehela knows Fly(and I take advantage of the implication that Drifblim teleport) so he can also just kind of go wherever as long as he’s been there, so he’ll pop in and out of Alola even in traveling-verse.

I don’t have a verse tag for it, but. I’ll probably work something out sooner or later.  Now to just. Muster up the ability to tag other people. Also I should prooobably do my existing tags before making a ton of new ones. But we all know I can’t do that.))


WTF Mission AU where instead of assassinating and/or infiltrating someone/place, some random client just needed foreigners to become their models and who better than Sakura and Kakashi? Then Naruto gets a copy of the photos as blackmail material -or to make additional money cuz who wouldnt want pictures of kakasaku hotties??? - just cuz he can and

What’s in my work bag? Peds Cardiac ICU edition! 

1. The Harriet Lane Handbook. Honestly, I don’t really need this. I have other resources at work that I would use first. I own a copy, though, so I carry it around in my bag just because. Why not?

2. Reference cards. One is a peds cardiac reference card made by my unit and the other is the PALS algorithms card. 

3. Stethoscope. I don’t actually use mine much anymore, as each patient room has it’s own Littmann. I keep it in my bag in case I float, though.

4. PALS book. I’ve never actually needed this for anything, but I feel better having it. 

5. The Illustrated Field Guide to Congenital Heart Disease and Repair. The absolute Bible of peds cardiac and the one book I actually use all the time.

6. Stormtrooper flashlight. Mostly for checking diapers and IV sites without having to turn all the lights on.

7.  Wee sight. For starting IVs and drawing labs. 

8. Trauma shears. Just because they’re useful. 

9. Calipers for interpreting EKGs. Though, honestly, the edge of a piece of paper works just as well. 

10. Sharpies. For checking drips and multi-color pen to write with. 

11. Chapstick. Because hospital air is dry as hell! 

12. I also usually bring a sweatshirt or jacket for the post-lunch freeze (not pictured). 

Everything else I need for my shift (flushes, alcohol wipes, curos, gauze, tape, etc) is kept in a cart in the patient’s room.

someone brandishing a tattered copy of lean in: you need to be more assertive! advocate for yourself! blah blah blah embody stereotypical male traits and shit

me: i actually really like not being an asshole? and i don’t think it’s my fault if people try to take advantage of that? and while there are definitely situations where i could be more assertive, my way of respecting people’s time and giving credit for their work is a good life/work approach that more people should try to emulate?

someone pushing their copy of lean in against my chest: DO CAPITALISM BETTER.


Hi everyone!! So due to circumstances out of my control, I am jobless at the moment again and really need funds in the meantime in order to buy myself a few much needed personal items (such as bus fare, deodorant, medication, art supplies, and eventually a new laptop). While I’m pretty much always taking commissions, these are gonna be at a special low price for a while in the hopes that more people can afford them and thus, help me pay for stuff I need. 

**Disclaimer: I promise my art is much better than my awful copy+paste image editing skills that you see above (I tried, I really did).**

Pricing is as follows: 

  • $5 for a pencil sketch
  • $10 for line art & color
  • +$1 for each additional character (so, pencil sketch with 2 characters = $6 total)

I will draw pretty much anything, though please be warned that I am not very good at mechanical looking things. Since all my art is traditional, I have no problem mailing you the original physical copy of your commission once completed, as long as you’re willing to pay for postage. Otherwise I’ll just scan it and email you the file.

  • Plush: depends on the size and materials used, but my large Bill Ciphers (17″ tall) are $20 + $5 shipping and the smaller ones (about 6″ tall) are $12 + $5 shipping, to give you an idea of pricing. The larger the plush, the more shipping costs, obviously.

More examples of my art here, as well as plush examples, here. I accept all payment via PayPal. Please email me at abeecharmer@yahoo.com (this is not my paypal email) if interested and we’ll start discussing your commission! Signal boosts are of course very appreciated if you can’t afford anything right now.

Thank you!