i really miss you so much

Tina has to go to a new home today. She’s my favorite cat I’ve ever known and had, and I’m going to miss her dearly. I’m working with a really wonderful rescue that is going to find a better home for her where she can be the only kitty in the house.

Tina wanted to say thank you so much for all of the love you guys have shown her since I got her last year. She loves all of you and hopes that you guys won’t forget her.

Tina, thank you for everything you’ve given to me. You helped me get through some really rough spots in life, and I’ll always have a place in my heart for you. I’m going to miss you following me everywhere, singing and talking to me, and sleeping by my side every night. I’m so sorry I couldn’t keep you, but I know you’re going to a better home where you’ll be spoiled and happy.

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Ok! So hc time! When Eliza finally died, Alexander waiting for her on the other side, maybe like helpless age. And he just kisses her and hugs her then, 'Damnit Eliza!' And she is very confused, 'When I said to you to take your time, I didn't need 50 years! God I missed you so much, we missed you so much.'

She just kisses him, and laughs quietly, ‘I missed you too,’ She starts crying and he starts crying, 'Hey, I’m proud of you. I really am. You’ve accomplished so much, Betsy. You’ve change the world, you’ve made it better. I’m so happy i even got the chance to meet you. I love you, okay? I love so fucking much.’ Then eliza goes, 'i love you too.’ 'Hey let’s go.’ 'Where?’ 'Lets go home. Lets see our family. Ok now i need fanart of this send help.


everyone is crying

including me


Chantilly Lace: *whispers* Keep going…

Merlot: I never should have said those awful things to you. They were horrible and hurtful and you didn’t deserve them. I miss you, Vic, so much. My family doesn’t feel the same with out you, and I know you hate me but-

Victoria: I don’t hate you.

Merlot: You don’t?

Victoria:  No. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. That’s not how family works.

Merlot: I don’t really deserve to be your family. Not after the way I treated you.

Victoria: That’s not how family works.

Merlot: No?

Victoria: There will always ups and downs, but family is never forgotten. Never.

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so i don't see this much but i'm puerto rican and we were in america in the 40's but treated as colored right?? i just want an au where poc! female is bucky's really cute neighbor who likes him and he's totally into her and doesn't give a fuck about her race and just loves her??? imagine the sin??? "fuck doll you look so good riding me" or "god damn i missed you babydoll" so much fluff after too?? "i'm gonna marry you baby, don't matter what anyone thinks, you're my girl" 😩

okay but I had one POC headcanon a while ago about Bucky sneaking around in the 40s to see his girl and I think about that alot 

Sinful Sunday™

okay but do you ever just take a moment to think about andrew minyard? he’s like five (5) feet tall. five. he’s shorter than neil. he’s tiny. but he’s one of the best exy goalkeepers out there. the ravens tried to score 150 times and andrew only missed 13.

no, listen dude, listen. the goal is really big and andrew (5 feet tall) only missed 13 points out of 150 from the best exy team. HE’S SO TINY CAN YOU IMAGINE THE TALENT INSIDE THIS SMALL FRAME HOLY SHIT i admire him so much, woah

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Hi, I saw that Get Together is your favourite EP, but for me it's my least favourite. I was wondering what you like about it in case I've missed a load of content that could make it a lot more fun! :) Thanks, and I love your blog!

Hi darling! I’m not quite sure, to be honest. I think it’s because of the small things like dancing, cafés, walk-in closets and stuff that get me? As much as I love the “extra” gameplay you get in GTW and CL, it’s just not something I really use. But honestly, I like all three expansions almost equally so the other two are close seconds :^)

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I need more music from your playlist🙂

I really adore Blackbears new album digital druglord. 
i miss the old u, do re mi, wish u the best, juicy sweatsuits, double and chateau are my favorites! 

Charlie Puth - Attention 
G-Eazy & Carnage - Down For Me
Mack Wilds - Explore
Tata Carosielli - Holloway Road
Xuitcasecity & No Sleep - Criminals
TOTEM - Hanging On
James Carter - On My High 

idk, this week there wasn’t so much new music I enjoyed 

I hope you like some songs :) 

happy birthday kia!! i hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with all the pizzas you can ask for. 

here’s tewi with some cake (it’s safe i promise… this is a prank-free zone for today)


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Hi bonneyq-sama! How are you? Are you ok? We miss you! Are there going to be any updates? I miss your Gruvia so much! I love to read and reread them all the time! Have you ever thought of writing a pirate and mermaid Gruvia AU? I've been watching pirates of the caribbean to much! hahahaha I really hope Gruvia will appear in the manga soon! Anyway please update your status! Let us know how you are doing!

Hello, Anon! Thank you for the lovely message and the concern! I’m sorry I haven’t been around much the past couple of weeks, my block has reached an awful level. I’ve tried to write a few things but they are pretty awful. I wrote about 1.5k of the next Guns ‘N Buttercups, but I also thought it was utter crap. :/

I’m working on a one-shot trying to shake the block away, let’s see if I can beat it!

Originally posted by drivebyanon

Well, I have written those AUs, but not together! There’s  A Prince and a Pirate, which is complete and Mesmerized - this one is about Juvia as a Mermaid and isn’t complete (I actually thought of picking it back up a while ago but I don’t know how it would be received).

Hopefully there will be some Gruvia soon at the manga. I’ve been passing the pages of Fairy Tail the last few chaptes and I saw Juvia is awake now. AT LAST. Crossing fingers for a reunion!

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Hey I love your writing and I heard that Miss Miracle is going to be your last fanfic for westallen? Is that true? Please say no I was keeping my fingers crossed for a 'The Scientist and the Storyteller' sequel, it's my fave WA fic ever. Have a nice day and praying you continue.

Hey, anon! So this is a kind of a rambly answer:

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Ahhhh!!!! I'm so freaking glad your back and feeling alright! I missed you for so long ;; everyday I would just come onto your Tumblr account just to see if you posted and now, I'm really happy to see your feeling much better!! Have a nice day now! I love ya! 💖💖💖

fheehgz I’ve never thought someone would always come onto my Tumblr blog to see what i posted that’s so nice,,,thank you!

Have a nice day as well!!

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idk how this whole 'blarke is incest' thing ever got any traction. Like, do these antis understand why incest is gross or did they miss biology class in highschool? there's nothing gross or wrong with falling in love with your best friend. it sounds really stupid when you think about it. "They know each other so well, they're basically family. They love each other TOO much already"

Sometimes I’m not sure people in fandom really understand love. And that’s fair because love is a really big concept with many different facets.

In many ways our ideas of love really are influenced by the stories we see, and if we see these fairy tale ideals of the prince rescuing the princess and taking her away from the hard life, or the boy next door who longs from afar, or the beastly warrior who falls in love with her beauty, well these are what we think love looks like. And they’re heterocentric ideas of love because that’s what we see, so even if we switch the genders, we’re still basing our ideas of love on heterocentric ideas.

Slow burn, multi season love based in partnership and friendship is not very dramatic and doesn’t give a lot of fireworks, so we don’t see it in movies and on tv very often.

But Bellarke’s relationship doesn’t fit the standard tropes. So they have to find a place to put it. (Oh come on, we all know they’re threatened by it so the place they found made it not just a taboo but also illegal.) But the truth is there was nothing siblinglike in their relationship ever. There was always a tension between Clarke and Bellamy that is not there in sibling relationships.

Ew. gross, people. Stop that. Siblings. no.

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Thank you very much for making & sharing HQ Revival gifs! I just want to let you know that I appreciate you for doing that because it is not even your responsibility to make these & share them to us, especially since some can really be quite rude & demanding when it comes to these things instead of being thankful. Also, finally seeing Nekoma made me so so happy! I love Nekoma & Kuroken so much! And I love their stage actors just as much. They were serious squad goals. I miss seeing all of them..

I miss seeing them all together too, but they still talk at each other like idiots on twitter, so that still brightens my day~  

Thank you for your very sweet message, I very much appreciate the support that comes in between the demands, and they keep me going almost as much as our beloved boys themselves!  ((HOLLA NEKOMA AND KUROKEN FOREVERRRRR))

What happened?

Why did I abandon this blog? Where did I go? Did I die? Here’s the answer:

So, I originally abandoned this blog to create a new, Christian-based blog, since if you didn’t know yet, I have recently been converted (don’t worry, I’m not some crazy homophobic chick now since I follow in the path of righteousness).

I really did a lot of…bad things on this blog. I excessively used profanity and posted some…questionable things?

But, I missed this blog. A lot. You guys are all very nice and supportive of me, and I love you all to pieces. So therefore, I have decided to come back on here. I won’t be on here as much as I was before, but this blog isn’t dead anymore.

While I was away from this blog, I turned 15, got my driver’s permit, and basically lounged around playing Sims all day. I also spent a LOT of time watching YouTube videos. Things have been pretty good c:

And the most surprising thing about all this. I watched every episode of Miraculous and I love it. I never thought that I would ever say those words!

The only difference that you’ll probably notice in this blog now is not using profanity, even in (at least most) reblogs.

Tumblr, I need your help

This post is different from my normal content, but I’m desperate here.

When my little sister was five and I was nine, we each bought a stuffed animal, a puppy dog. Mine is brown, and hers was cream-colored, and they were great comforts through moving, and growing up in an abusive household, and everything else that comes with that.

My sister lost hers at camp several years ago, and she’s been sad about it ever since. I’ve looked everywhere: ebay, amazon, thrift stores, rummage sales, talked to people on facebook, contacted the camp and the people that went there, tried to find the toy manufacturer (out of business), I attempted to contact the local store where we bought it…nothing.

I really want to help my sister here, and find her stuffed animal, or at least, one just like it. Again, this was a huge comfort to her through so much stuff that happened. It was always by her side, and it made her feel so happy, and since it’s been gone, I know she feels like something’s missing. She loved it so much.

I know that my only tool left to find it at this point is word-of-mouth. So if you would, could you spread this to as many people as you can? Put it on facebook if you want, screenshot it and send it to your friends, I don’t mind. I just want to help my little sister get her comfort animal back.

It’s a 12″-ish stuffed puppy dog, and the brand is Caltoy. Here are some pictures of mine, so you can see what hers is supposed to look like:

The only differences are that hers was a light yellow-cream color, and I think the ribbon on hers was blue (though I could be wrong about that).

More specifics:

It was sitting up, and had no tail. It was all the same color like this one, no dark ears/paws/etc, just the dark nose. It was made by Caltoy in or around 2003.

I would really like to find this for my sister, so that she can have that comfort again, and she definitely needs it right now. 

Please share it as much as you can, to friends or followers, whoever you can. I will be so grateful to all of you who help. <3

My contact info: starshipme (at) gmail.com, Askbox, and feel free to use tumblr messenger as well!

I miss you.

You’ll probably never see this but, I miss you. I really do. I miss you more than anyone I’ve ever lost. I miss you so much it hurts. I miss you so much my heart aches. My head hurts from thinking about you all the time. I just miss you so much.

I miss us. I miss how we used to be. I miss our eight hour long conversations on the phone and our little secret adventures we’d go on that only we knew about. I miss us together. I miss the days where we were to lazy to do anything but hold each other. I miss waking up at 3 am to talk to you because your mind wouldn’t let you sleep.

I miss your smile. Something about the way your lips would curve ignited something in me. Whenever you’d glance at me and smile, my heart would skip. I miss that. How you’d sneak glances at me whenever you could. Even though I never understood why, I loved it. I miss our energetic mornings and our lazy evenings or the days where you’d drag me to some new restaurant because, like you’d say “The food is to die for.”

Overall, I miss you. Everything about you, from your smile to the mole on your thigh. I miss the shade of your eyes and freckles on your cheeks. I miss everything thing about you, but the one thing I miss the most is your heart and your mind.

—  quotes-134, I miss you.