i really miss this show okay

  • Every John green book: my name is Kirk assgun and I m not cool or popular and I'm bullied everyday because I fuck comic books and I watch this really cool show called the Big Bang theory. But it's okay because I at least have 2 other bros and 1 convenient negro friend. You see that girl over there? That's kaydence Tigerlilly Dookieson. SHe is the love of my life. She is misunderstood and like really cool indie bands like Coldplay and she's been smoking since she was 7. She's not like other girls. If only she would realize that the missing key to her life was me, a greasy white boy

A: Honestly, after everything that’s happened the past few months, I could use a vacation.
K: Let’s do it. Let’s go on a vacation, just the two of us, anywhere you want.
A: Really? Okay. I’ve always wanted to see what the Spirit World’s like.
K: Sounds perfect.

Happy Two Year Anniversary, Korrasami fandom! (Dec 19th) °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

so okay… let me get this right… a guy can never respect u, lie to u constantly, say he misses objectifying women, be sexist, be a misogynist, have LITERAL SLAVES, have considerable power on the planet that has slaves, not do Shit about said slaves, and ACTUALLY end up being forgiven? being considered a redeemable character? get the girl he never Once put before his interests?

alright, supergirl writers. alright, the cw. i see what kind of message u want to show all of the girls tuning in to see their favorite hero. i see what u would really rather have over a woman being independent and valued as a person. we all do

I watched Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children last night with my friend who bought the book but haven't read it yet
  • *Enoch shows up*
  • Me: *Gasps* *Squeal* *Cant stop smiling*
  • Friend: Are you okay?
  • Me: yeah.
  • *Enoch speaks*
  • Me: *more gasps, squealing and random movement*
  • Friend: are you really okay?
  • *Enoch breathes*
  • Me: oh my god. I love him
  • *Enoch kissing Olive*
  • Me: *gasps* no
  • *Enoch holding hands with Olive*
  • Me: noo. 💔

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Myungsooooooooo please ^^ - squishymyungsoo

Okay @squishymyungsoo and @blacksuffering your request has been heard and here I am to fulfill it!

And by happy circumstance, this concides with Myungsoo’s 26th birthday!

Let’s start out with full honesty here: When people hear INFINITE, people think of Kim Myungsoo. Everyone knows INFINITE’s L, usually for his striking visuals. But I really want to show the different sides of him that others might sometimes miss.


Myungsoo debuted in 2010 as INFINITE’s visual member, and it’s not hard to see why. The boy has all-natural, flower boy good looks as if he has stepped out of the pages of a manga. But what may often be overlooked is his vocal ability. He may not have the most lines in songs, but especially in recent albums he’s proven that he’s more than just INFINITE’s visual. He even appeared on King Of Masked Singer and shocked everyone with how good he was. Watch the grand reveal and revel in his lovely voice below:

Then there is his special solo stage from INFINITE’s concert, the Korean version of Love of My Life:

What I’m trying to say here is this: look how much Myungsoo has worked on his voice!! Coming from debut when he was often overlooked as ‘just handsome’; he has overcome all of the negative comments regarding his abilities as a performer and proved to everyone that he can sing, and boy does he do it well!


Where to begin, where to begin? Myungsoo has been acting in dramas since 2011, where he made his acting debut over in Japan. This drama - Jiu - gave us the still iconic line “I’M HERE!”. Since then he has been cast in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, The Master’s Sun, Cunning Single Lady, My Lovely Girl, The Day After We Broke Up/One More Time and more. Not only does he slay everyone with his visuals, he’s proven to be a talented actor, able to portray many different characters with ease. My personal favourite drama Myungsoo has starred in is Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and if you haven’t seen it then pleeeeease do yourself a favour and watch it! 


Myungsoo may have this ‘cool city guy’ ‘chic man’ image, but those of us who’ve followed INFINITE closely for a while know that there is a difference between his L Cosplay and the real Kim Myungsoo. Although he has incredible charisma and stage presence, he’s still a little strange, let’s be honest here. Just a few examples I can think of are as follows: all of this mess on Sesame Player, these clips of him falling over, the time he hit Dongwoo with a water bottle, when he fell over on Birth of a Family, changing from L to Myungsoo and just this incredible image-ruining moment on INFINITE Showtime:


There were three main points about Kim Myungsoo, INFINITE’s amazing, strange and talented visual. But what else? Well, let me tell you:

  • Myungsoo plays guitar and he’s good at it and it makes everyone’s hearts flutter tbh
  • He has a really pretty cat called Byul who looks like him
  • Myungsoo does a lot of charity work, but usually keeps it pretty lowkey. Here he is at a home for disadvantaged children
  • His love of photography!!! Myungsoo has released two photo essay books so far, L’s Bravo Viewtiful 1 & 2. They’re full of all his own photos and doodles and comments and they’re absolutely gorgeous. He really has an eye for photography and you can even see that from the arty shots on his instagram
  • He went through a lot of hardships in the past, including a dating ‘scandal’ in 2013 which he spoke about in INFINITE’s movie Grow. Thankfully the other members and the fans stood by him at this time and he got through it
  • He chose the stage name L because of the character in the manga/anime Death Note - he looked a little like him when he had longer hair

And so we have reached the end of this little post full of love for Myungsoo. Hope you guys enjoyed it and #Happy26thLkimDay !! Please give Myungsoo lots of love, ‘cause he’s a precious button who needs it. 

See all the About IFNT posts here.

God that finale was so emotional. Felt a lot while watching it. Such a great to go out.

I just realized this is going to be the last time I ever watch a brand new Regular Show. Really going to miss this show a lot.

JG Quintel you have really inspired me with this show and I thank you so much.

Still going to be one of my favorite shows ever. 

Farkle Minkus Season Three: OOC or Just Unhappy?

Girl Meets World is, for the intents and purposes- an extremely meta show. A metaphor here, subtlety here… I’m a huge fan of “she’s reaching your honour” for most fandoms but with this one- well, every little thing really does seem to add up to something at some point. The writers enjoy their teasing, knowing that we’re going to start analysing every little thing. In the process of this; we seem to miss the things that are right directly in front of us. Stuff like Farkle definitely not being okay. 

It’s certainly arguable that Farkle took a step back so far this season, his role is definitely a lot closer what his semi-regular season one character did than what we saw him doing in season two. Season two Farkle had more substance and depth, he became more than the nerdy genius who loved Riley and Maya. We watched him really develop into their friend, somebody who’s open and emotionally there for them. Season three reverted him to that, without actually doing it. A huge chunk of Farkle’s lines in the first half of season three was a reminder that he loves both Riley and Maya equally and his moments became time dedicated to helping Lucas sorting through his feelings. (Sorta like he was to Riley in season two I mean what.) Yet when the triangle- which Farkle and Zay as well had done so much to work with- came to a very unclimatic end, they had nothing to do except sit around a look pretty. That doesn’t mean Farkle isn’t being written, this is Girl Meets World and things don’t exist by accident.

So as I said- GMW is a very meta show, which means that all metaphors have meanings. So let’s talk about Pompeii from 3x07 for a second-  specifically, how “Pompeii” aka Maya didn’t really explode. This would make Cory’s entire life lesson nearly unrelated and we know that doesn’t happen. Which leads me to believe- the volcano is still getting ready to burst.What was it that the class said about it?

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  • Robb: We will all be together again soon, I promise.
  • Ned: *gets beheaded*
  • Cat: *gets throat slit*
  • Robb: *killed at wedding*
  • Jon: *two feet away from bran TWICE but misses him*
  • Sansa: *journeys to castle black right as jon leaves*
  • Arya: *leaves the Eyrie seconds before Sansa goes outside*
  • Bran: *can view his family with his powers but can't communicate with them*
  • Rickon: *gets captured into Winterfell right after Sansa escapes*
  • Me: *looks into the camera like I'm in The Office*

I’ve seen some people do this, and I really wanted to show some appreciation for my favourite simblrs.

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Harley’s Daughter Headcanon

Request: (anon) You are amazing! Can you do a head canon of Harley teaching her daughter how to use a gun and fight for the first time?


Harley tries to teach her daughter how to use a gun and learns how much like her father she is when she won’t stop being reckless with the weapon and almost blows up the house.

 → ↓

♦ “Baby ya gotta be really careful with this. It’s not a toy!”
♦ “….okay well yeah it is but just don’t blow me away or nothin baby”
♦ Her daughter immediately swings the gun around making blast noises and dropping bullets everywhere
♦ “I got it mom!” and she shoots the floor barely missing her feet.
♦ She doesn’t even give it a second thought and aims at the practice target firing away mercilessly.
♦ “Ya gotta aim hun, keep the trigger slightly to the right and you’ll be able to eye a head shot.”
♦ Harley uses her bat to point and show her how 

♦ She rolls her eyes at her mother continuing to fire everywhere
♦ “When did daddy teach you how to shoot?”
♦ “Oh please! I taught him!”
♦ She laughs so hard and fires a shot into the ceiling and Harleys grabs the gun out of her hand.
♦ “Oh c’mon Mom! It was just getting fun!”
♦ “One hole in the ceiling is enough babe.”
♦ She runs over to the weapons stash and digs through throwing Harley’s mallet on the floor to get to the main attraction.
♦ “Oh no baby you’re not ready for that!”
♦ She points a bazooka at the target.
♦ “BABE!”
♦ “Ya know dad said it was just like riding a bike!”
♦ She fires and blasts the entire wall
♦ They both drop to the ground to avoid the rubble 
♦ Harley looks over and sees her daughter with a huge grin on her face.
♦ She can’t help but smile thinking of how she turned out just like her father

Night Surprise

Smut. Jungkook X Reader Okay. It had been months now that Jungkook had been on tour. I missed him dearly but still got to see his face everyday at least. Today I was in a particularly playful mood. “Baby I miss you so much. Only three more months to go!” His voice dropped lower from earnest to desperate. “and I’ll be home to show you how much I’ve really missed you.” My head fluttered and my stomach clenched, I closed my eyes and let my mind run wild with what could happen when my love finally returned home. I was pulled out of my thoughts by a low groan. “Baby that face, cmon I’m with the guys you can’t get me like this. Ah fuck.” I smiled before I opened my eyes to look at him, squirming in his seat. I bit my lip and closed my eyes again, throwing my head back and sliding my hands down my stomach, making my way further down, making sure he could see my every move. I could hear his sharp intake of breath and I had to stop myself from giggling. I licked my lips and moaned slightly, but the moan that escaped jungkooks lips nearly made me cum right then. “Baby what are you doing to me? Please, please stop. I can’t, I’m about to perform I can’t be thinking about this, fuck I need to go sort myself out.” I laughed and opened my eyes looking at him again, holding my hands up showing him I’m not doing anything anymore. He lifted his laptop up to look at his crotch, I saw his eyes widen in shock and the laptop was put back down very quickly. “Fuck I’ve really got to go baby. I love you so fucking much.” “I love you too,” I sang, then dropped into a whisper. “Think of me.” I winked and shut the call off as he groaned and bit his lip. I loved teasing jungkook while he was away, it made his return home sooo much more interesting and passionate. Although he was only a half hour away, my work meant I wouldn’t go visit him, but at least he was close. After having a bath and changing into some silk pants and loose top I climbed into bed and turned on YouTube. Watching Bangtan Bombs before bed made it easier to imagine he was still here with me and not on tour miles away… After watching about 8 videos I felt my eyes start to close and he body sink as I fell into peaceful sleep. Jungkooks pov I held the key in my hand, my body shaking with excitement. After the show tonight our Manager told us that we have two days free to go home or explore the city so of course I came home right away. I didn’t bother telling y/n because I wanted to surprise her. I shook my head, cmon she’s right in there stop being so nervous! I pushed the key in to the door and quietly opened it. All the light were off but I could hear faint noises coming from her room. She must have the tv on, I rationalised. I shut the door slowly and walked to our room. I peered in, hoping to surprise her but she was fast asleep, her laptop nearly falling off the side of the bed. I took two quick steps and caught it before it fell, she was watching videos of me how cute. I turned it off and placed it on the side. My plan to surprise her tonight didn’t go as I wanted so I change the plan. She’d just have to discover me asleep next to her in the morning. Well, that was the plan until I heard soft moans leaving her lips, her body jolting and grinding against the sheets. She was having a wet dream. I smiled so wide. New plan. I pulled my top over my head, kicked my shoes and socks off and pulled the covers off her. I just stared at her body, squirming and moving like that, I could feel myself getting hard. I leant over her, careful not to wake her. I kissed along her jaw and down her neck, causing little moans to fill the room. “What do you want baby?” I whispered, almost inaudibly. “Your mouth.” She whispered back. Looks like this is an interactive dream then. I smirked as I pulled down her silk pants and exposed her. My eyes nearly rolled out of my head. Man I missed this pussy. My tongue stuck out before I was even near, far too excited for my own good. I flattened my tongue and licked a fat strip up her slit, moaning as she gasped. I curled my tongue around her clit fast, harsh, desperate. Her legs bucked and nearly strangled me. I laughed and grabbed her thighs, painfully gripping my fingers in so she wouldn’t move. “Jungkook?!” Y/n POV “Jungkook?!” I didn’t even need to open my eyes to recognise that tongue. I thought I was dreaming but I lifted my head and there he was, smirking head between my legs, his lips and chin wet. I stroked his hair, and smiled at him, god I missed him. He kept staring into my eyes but lowered his head once again, licking and sucking so hard I couldn’t breathe. I arched my back to give him better access and threw my head back, unable to keep the screams from flowing out of my mouth. As if I wasn’t crumbling enough under his tongue, he added two, three fingers, stretching me obscenely. I could do nothing. I was frozen in place, being abused so roughly and passionately. A pain built up in my chest and I realised I hadn’t been breathing. I took in gulp after gulp of air until I was panting like crazy. My legs were starting to shake as I got closer and closer. “Oppa! Oppa! I’m going to c-cum p-please ahhh” I squealed as the abuse somehow got more intense, he bit into my clit with such force I thought I was bleeding, but the pain only fuelled my pleasure, my need for release. “Cum for me” he growled. I could do nothing but follow the orders, my body completely slaved to his mouth. Tears rolled down my face as I hit wave after wave of release. Finally he pulled away, licking his lips he stared up at me. He climbed so he was directly above, his dick was solid against my thigh, harder than I have ever felt it. “You taste so amazing baby. So amazing.” I sucked onto his fingers and licked them clean. “Mmmm.” He sighed. “I missed you so much.” I gasped. He sighed peacefully, his breath just as ragged as mine. I felt my eyes closing, my body exhausted after the abuse. I heard him chuckle. “I’m not done with you yet baby girl.” My eyes flew open as I felt him thrust against my entrance. His jeans were harsh against my already sore core but I craved the friction. He lifted my top over my head and started pawing at my exposed tits. He groaned deep in his throat and thrust harder against me. He bit down underneath my breast making me cry out, jungkooks pain kink was starting to rub off on me and he was basking in it. I could feel the probably purple swells he was forming under my boobs, marking me, claiming me. “Now, now jungkook. Please.. please..” I begged. His eyes rolled back in his head as he moaned, I drank it up, catching his lips in mine, trying and failing to momentarily dominate my lover. He smiled at my outburst, before throwing me harshly onto my stomach, two quick and loud smacks to my ass. Punishment. I bit the sheets, oh I love it when Kookies home. I felt him poking at my entrance before he thrust into my fully. An empty scream left my mouth and tears fell from my eyes but I couldn’t deny the pleasure that followed. He rammed into my mercilessly, chasing his own release. He dragged me up onto all fours, still pounding. His kisses on my shoulders were sloppy and wet, he was close. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my head back as his bit my neck, body going stiff as he came inside me. “I love seeing you cry over my cock.” He whispered against my neck, licking up my tears. His words were all it took to trigger my own release, making me collapse, completely limp. Jungkook rolled off of me and lay by my side, stroking circles onto my bare back. “I love you so much. I hope I wasn’t too rough tonight.” I looked over to him, eyes half closed and panting. “No Oppa, that was perfect.”

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Okay guys so my boyfriend is like, the sweetest, ever. Two weeks ago he left for a senior trip with his school all the way up the coast to New York and back. This trip lasted 10 days and he knew I’d miss him, and you know what he did? He told me he wanted to bring one of my stuffed animals with him, so it’d be like a little piece of me was on the trip with him. (This stuffed animal is one I’ve had since I was four, he’s missing an eye and his name is Brownie.) Anyway, every day, Boyfriend sent me a picture of brownie to show where he was in the world and all the things they were getting to see. And when he got home, he re-gifted brownie back to me and I’m probably going to frame all the pictures they took. Long story short, this is really friggin sweet and thoughtful and made me miss him a little less???? Y'all. Actual otp okay.


“I didn’t think you’d show.”

Westley shrugs, his eyes lighting up at the sight of Madeleine’s beautiful, beaming face. “I thought I told you, Maddie. I’d like us to be friends.”

“Well good,” she grins and tucks her arm around Westley’s bicep. “Because as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve really missed you.”

He nods and takes a deep breath, desperately trying to quell the throbbing of his heart as it races through his chest. “So what is this place?” West asks in what he hopes sounds like a cool and collected tone of voice. “Some sort of carnival?”

Madeleine gasps and swivels around to face him. “How have you lived in Bridgeport this long and never been to the boardwalk?!”

“I didn’t know it was here?” he says, chuckling at the look of astonishment on her face. “What’s so great about it?”

Shaking her head, Madeleine grabs his hand and drags Westley forward. “So much to do!” she mutters. “So little time!”

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Guide to Produce 101

(based on s1)

This is generally how Produce 101 season 1 went. Season 2 will most likely have a few changes and probably some improvements (or quite possibly some downgrades), so don’t take this as a guide to how season 2 will run. This is just for anybody curious about how the show went down.

I would recommend watching Season 1, as it was really good and emotional, and I.O.I are actual treasures on this earth.

If I am missing something, let me know! If anybody has any questions too, I will definitely answer them! I love Produce 101 so much, and I’m hoping for this season’s success as well!

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I need to find a friend of 7 years that I’ve met online, and lost due to a big misunderstanding, she is one of the biggest fans of the show, and now we don’t have any contact anymore, she knows me by the name Serge, and I know her by the name Luna. I want this post to go viral so that she can see this, she is a really big fan of Supernatural and this is honestly my last hope, I started watching the show cause I miss her so much, it hurts. THIS IS NOT AN ATTENTION SEEKING POST. I AM LITERALLY BEGGING FOR HELP RIGHT NOW. Please help. I am willing to do anything for her to see this. Something that I want to clear out is that Luna isn’t hiding from me, I pushed her away because I was mad at her, because of the misunderstanding and I only got to know about the truth after she was gone. People who think that I’m hounding for her or something, I get it you’re concerned about her safety, but this is just for her to see this, I did not share any of her private information and I won’t so how is it hounding? You don’t know how complicated this is so please don’t comment on something that you don’t understand, it’s really discouraging. Expecting a post to go viral like this is stupid enough, I know how stupid I look doing this, but like I said this is my only hope, I am not trolling, it’s upsetting that posts like this has become so unbelievable, but if you don’t believe this then please just walk away instead. For those who think I’m doing this for attention and followers I won’t post anything else on this blog and I will delete the blog once she has contacted me if that helps.

Luna, if you see this, please activate your account. I want to clear everything and it’s okay if you don’t forgive me. Please hear me out, one last time. I don’t know where to find you anymore.”

It’s Love: Tom Holland x Black Actress

I know I’m already writing an Imagine based on the song ‘Can’t Help Fall In Love’ with Peter Parker but this imagine came is inspiration after listening to the song on repeat and sobbing. 

Reader is on Ellen and her and Tom have been apart for 6 months. He sends her a little surprise to remind her that he misses her and is still in love. 

You had missed Tom dearly but realized that you both had jobs to do. You both had been apart for 6 months, 13 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 30 seconds but you weren’t counting. 

You had Facetimed him before you got to Ellen’s show. “Hey love!” He said. “Hi.” You smiled. “You ready to go on?” He asked. “Yeah, I just really miss you so I thought I’d call you before I go on.”

“Okay, well if I could watch I would but I’m sending you all of my love.”, “Thanks babe, I’ll talk to you later?”

“Umm, I actually have to be on set for the rest of the day and I won’t be-”, “That’s fine. I’ll just call you tomorrow.”

“Okay. I love you.”, “I love you too.” He smiled and hung up. You thought it was weird how he was always busy on set as of late. It was a bit unusual for a production to do that. 

“Y/N, you’re on in 5.” You put on your happy face and waited for you cue. You heard your name and you danced your way out to Ellen. You gave her a hug and waved at the audience. “Welcome back to the show!” 

“Thanks for having me again! I’m actually surprised you wanted me back, you know after-”, “We’re going to forget about that.” Ellen joked causing the audience to laugh. 

You were there to promote your new movie and also just to chat. “SO how’s Tom?” She asked. “He’s great. But we’ve been apart from each other for 6 months-” the audience awed. “I know I miss my bay.” You said poking out your lip. “That has to be hard because I know you both are extremely busy and not seeing each other. I can’t imagine.”

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charmed meme → episodes [1/7] ✘ it’s a bad, bad, bad, bad world
“It’s okay. We’ve been through worse. We’ll get through this. We’ll figure it out. And if you get back to the future and we’re in jail, you just have to bust us out. You just go back to that beautiful, peaceful world that you helped create. I’m really gonna miss you.”

Unoffical Big Brother

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Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Avatar!Reader

Warning: tad bit of violence, swearing

Summary: When HYDRA captures a teenage girl to wipe her memories away and use her powers to kill, Bucky feels it’s his job to free the girl. There’s a connection between them, it’s not love, he’s protective of her.

Word Count: 1539

A/N: I made up a birthday and an age, I hope that’s okay! And also I don’t really have any knowledge of the Avatar, I just used what I remember from the show!

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Silvia: I would love to. Can we do that next week sometime. I kind of… have plans…

Danny: Plans? 

Silvia: With uh..

Danny: With Zach? Is it Zach Silv? 

Silvia: He apologised. He said he was sorry and we’ve been talking everyday. He even sent flowers to my house to show how sorry he was. He’s really sweet. Danny. But we can go dancing because I really liked it and I really missed spending time with you. 

Danny:… Okay Silv. Just… take care of yourself, okay?

Silvia: Of course! I’ll see you.