i really miss this guy


finished all that i was missing like a #GoodSudent AND all the icons for a separate account

now j just need to finish capping/editing and guESS WHO CAN BE ACTIVE HERE AGAIN…

important q though: should i stream all of miraculous again this weekend?

Jayme Update|| Semi-hiatus

So, since I have arrived and started school, I have been really busy! I got my two jobs back, have all my classes, I am going to start my research for my capstone again,  and I will soon be starting an internship (hopefully) at the Nursing home down the street as my service learning. Needless to say, I don’t have alot of time to come on here

However, I really do want to continue this! It is my relaxer whenever I have the chance to come on and I still really love Souji as a muse. I would miss you guys too much if I didn’t. I’m setting this back to a Semi-hiatus! I am sure that I’ll hop on once i have some time to breath and I will happily start working on those replies that I owe!

Till then, Thank you for your patience and please take care all of you! -kisses-

introducing hong younghee 😂 


JEONGHAN: ah, since joshua’s here, let’s have him do the younghee thing too
JOSHUA: …am i younghee?
SEUNGKWAN & JEONGHAN: ???? why would YOU be younghee? *LOL*
SEUNGKWAN: okay then hyung, you can be younghee! get ready… start! younghee-ah~
JOSHUA: oh, you’re here? (◕ᴗ◕✿)
MEMBERS: …what the heck…
JEONGHAN: *asking younghee* what were you doing?
JOSHUA: i was leaving *LOL*
DOKYEOM: Nagasaki~ (play on words: ‘get out’ in korean = 나가 = na-ga)
JOSHUA: Nagasaki~~
MEMBERS: *dying*


Here, have Casca giving food to what’s probably the spirit of her child using the full moon, that time of the month where magical forces are at their strongest, to have one night of freedom away from Griffith/Femto who used his material body to reincarnate. 

Y’all need this, they’re just super cute; that boy saved his mommy (and his daddy too) so many times that he totally deserves to use the full moon to spend time with her and cuddle.

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Oli is me around friends in relationships being all lovey dovey.

Amanda’s Follow Forever

I have been meaning to do this for a while now and since Drafts and stuff are being screwed over by tumblr somehow I figured why not now! I have been writing as Felicity for over a year and a half, and just over two months ago I moved blogs and here we are with 240+ followers already and while I might not get to interact with all of you, but I love each and every one of you. Unfortunately I can’t actually tag all 200+ of you so I will have to settle for a select few I interact with on a regular basis that hold a special place in my heart.

My flash fam

you guys are the best, every time my phone lights up from our skype chat it makes me smile. every time I see you guys on any dash of mine makes my day. from Lanie who was one of the very first people I ever interacted with on this website. to grace who’s snapchats make me grin like an idiot all the time. Jules with her sin and amazing characters all the way to my wife, Deli, I just love you Deli I don’t even know if I can say anything else about you wife <3. All of you are amazing.

@ofblankexpressions . @spacehce / @alwaysxlate . @vimvitae . @nerffighter  

My Hubby

@ofemeraldarrows gets a special spot cause without them this blog wouldn’t be nearly as good. They inspire my felicity and went above and beyond for hours to help me with my theme and icons for like four different blogs and I can’t thank them enough. 

My peeps

You guys are the ones I get to interact on the reg with if you are tagged here. You are all baes and I am gonna keep you forever.

@winniisms / @geneticiism . @a-flick-of-a-wrist . @ofscarllet . @harriscnwclls . @grexnarrow . @alexvalentiine . @ericbrandonrp . @dammitqueen . @ofdwarfstars . @gliderofgold . @icecoldsnart . @savedsuperman . @keepmcving . @missgoldenglider / @anomalxy . @offershope . @plurcspopulus . @scarlctspeedster . @scarletspeedstxr . @shirtclad . @the-queenfamily . @a-flick-of-a-wrist . @theoreticalguardianangel . @thosewhofavourfyre . @tofindjustice . @agentofspyral . @championofhope . @deadlycomposer . @doesnt-play-well-with-others . @happinessisanillusion . @vitess . @her28thyear . @itmeanscanary . @minshaytan . @newfrequencysamecry . @ofcoldguns . @stolenscarlet . @theoneandonlytommymerlyn . @ofcanaryisms

My Felicity’s

I have such a strong apprechiation for this character that when I find others who do too I can’t help but love them and their blogs. These two at the very least are the most amazing felicity’s I follow and are super awesome muns to boot!

@smoakinoverwxtch . @oxerwatch .

Those I love from afar

These are the blogs I follow but don’t interact with either cause we are not mutuals or I am SUPER shy and afraid to talk to but either way you deserve love and shoutouts cause you are amazing 

@aterxumbra . @backinaflcsh . @barryiism . @chcpchcp . @darcylewisinaction@disasterdanvers . @emeraldxvigilante . @saraqxeen . @fourfxld . @goodbyebarry . @harrisxnwells . @viindicat . @iriswect . @nevaramon . @ofheatguns . @ownfear . @thedeafarcher . @underoosed .

and I hope I didn’t miss anyone but I love you all and thanks for being here and making my tumblr experience fantastic! 

I really miss the Sangheili Zealots from Halo CE.

These guys did not fuck around.

They were an incredibly well designed enemy because the second you saw them you knew what you were up against, and they always spawn in confined locations (narrow hallways and bridges) to send you into an instant frenzy of having to change up your tactics as they bulldozed towards you.

The second you saw that shiny gold armour with the glowing blue sword, you knew you were in for a bad time.

From both a visual and gameplay standpoint, they’re really well designed enemies - in fact, Halo CE’s colour scheme for the Sangheili really works well in terms of differentiating each rank and role they play - Minors are dark blue, Stealth Sangheili were light blue, Majors are red, Zealots were gold.

I’m really not a fan of how much the Zealot has changed over the years. They weren’t in Halo 3, but they were pointlessly redesigned in Reach to be red for some reason - the same colour as then-newly introduced Officer rank, which replaced the Major. That’s carried over to the Reclaimer Saga, and while their armour design has improved, they really haven’t been this distinct, fear-inducing enemy since Halo 2. Their AI design has lost purpose and function over the years, so they don’t stand out.

          hey, it’s been awhile. a um, really long while. and, frankly, i don’t really know what to say other than this: i’m putting this blog on hiatus until further notice. 2016 has been a lot for me, both school wise and health wise, and since then i have lost my connection to kera. maybe it’s just the overwhelming qualities of this blog such as it’s number of drafts, it’s number of followers, the people i once knew and the anxiety that comes with all of that, or perhaps it’s the changes that have gone on in this environment and in myself and in my writing, but as far as i know, i don’t think i will be returning to this blog entirely.

          i’m really sorry it’s come to all of this. i really love kera with all i have, she’s very important to me, but i can’t keep her up any longer. it’s been two years, and, hopefully one day, i will be able to restart her blog anew and bring her back into the community. i really hope that i can bring myself to revive her status in my list of blogs in the near future, but for now i feel like it’s not right to do that.

           again, i’m really sorry it’s all come to this. as i stated before, things have just changed too much here and within myself for me to be able to  come back, but i do have three (and a fourth on the way) private ocs i will be reviving really soon, and they are available to those who are willing to ask for them ( i will be selective with the people i allow to have knowledge of these blogs, though, since they are meant to be private. )

          i suppose that’s all i really have to say here. i’m sorry to leave this blog like this, but it’s been a wonderful two years. i appreciate how much you’ve all contributed into kera’s life as well as my own, and i will really miss being here. thank you for the 2k, thank you for the two years, thank you for finding an interest in my writing and my character. i wish you all the best, and i hope you all have a nice day/night/week/month and everything else. please take care of yourselves and remember that it’s okay to rest, that roleplaying is a hobby not a job, remember to take your medicines and drink water and eat and take a shower. don’t forget to take care of yourselves, mentally, physically, and emotionally, and just do whatever makes you happy.

                   thank you for sticking with me for so long.
                     i’ll see you guys sometime soon, i hope.

So it would be great if you guys recommend good fanfic to me today (yours or your favorites), I want to do something super special for tomorrow and just reblog as many good fanfics as possible or just comment on them in A03 for the writer appreciation day tomorrow.

Just message me or reblog this or whatever you want, I just need to find as many stories as possible and it would be great if you give me a heads up on the good stuff if I missed something.