i really miss these moments


Okay I have a lot of thoughts/feelings and they all came from THIS:

Spencer Hastings has spent this entire series defending, protecting and just honestly being Number One Fan of Emily. We’ve seen them clash as Emily came into her own and Spencer found it hard to step back because she was so used to fighting for Emily. 

She stood up for Emily in the face of so many threats, including their own friends and love interests. No love interest has really been good enough for Emily in Spencer’s eyes. 

And this? This right here, where Emily is focusing on other people, as she does, and minimizing her own pain, as she does, and Spencer can’t NOT comment on it. Because Emily matters. Because Emily’s hurting and it is CANON that Spencer won’t stand for Emily being in pain. Jfc, when Spencer is the cause of that hurt at one point she starts to spiral again like, damn.

I will really miss seeing these small moments on my tv.


5 Casts: Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler: [After her series wrap] The thing I will most is the everyday with all of you, just the very simple everyday. The “hellos” and “goodbyes.” The in-between moments. The moments we’ve had here on set with all of you, I will really truly just miss all of those small moments and getting to see you all everyday.


I really have no words to express how I feel about this.

Kenan is such a refreshing and complex character to me and his character development is just amazing

S4 Wishlist (pt1)

That incident where Benedict Arnold, no joke sent Ben a letter to invite him to swap sides, and Ben’s immediate response was to send it on to GWash.

While completely freaking out over that Arnold would have at all thought his letter would be favorably received. And being offended that Arnold would come to him, of all people, with this offer.

Complete with GWash’s reaction, which was essentially, “Chill, Benjamin, I know you’re loyal. Good call ignoring this creep.”

Then again since this is TURN we’re talking about, I have zero doubt they’ll find a way to dial up the Angst™

lifeasbritney  asked:

Funny how 2x06 was the first straight "I love you/I love you too" scene. They are such a show more than tell couple

Exactly. It didn’t really occur to me either how rarely they say it until I was looking through transcripts to find all those moments. They show their love for one another through so many different ways, that – funny enough – a ‘I love you’ is never really missing. 

There is this moment in the fourth book, Drums of Autumn, that touches upon this subject. I couldn’t help but think of it, so I’m posting it right here (don’t worry, it’s spoilerfreeish): 

“Jamie,” I said hesitantly. “Do you believe I love you?

He turned his head and looked down at me for a long moment before replying. The moon shone on his face, picking out his features as though they had been chiseled in marble.

“Well, if ye don’t, Sassenach,” he said at last, “ye’ve picked a verra poor time to tell me so.”

I let out my breath in the ghost of a laugh.

“No, it’s not that,” I assured him. “But—” My throat tightened, and I swallowed hastily, needing to get the words out.

“I—I don’t say it often. Perhaps it’s only that I wasn’t raised to say such things; I lived with my uncle, and he was affectionate, but not—well, I didn’t know how married people—”

He put his hand lightly over my mouth, a faint smile touching his lips. After a moment, he took it away.

I took a deep breath, steadying my voice.

Look, what I mean to say is—if I don’t say it, how do you know I love you?

He stood still, looking at me, then nodded in acknowledgment.

I know because ye’re here, Sassenach,” he said quietly…


“It’s cold, Sassenach. Come inside.” He turned toward the house, but laid my hand on his shoulder to stop him again.



Should I—would you—do you need me to say it?

He turned around and looked down at me. With the light behind him, he was haloed in moonlight, but his features were once more dark.

“I dinna need it, no.” His voice was soft. “But I wouldna mind if ye wanted to say it. Now and again. Not too often, mind; I wouldna want to lose the novelty of it.” I could hear the smile in his voice, and couldn’t help smiling in return, whether he could see it or not.

“Once in a while wouldn’t hurt, though?”


I stepped close to him and put my hands on his shoulders.

“I love you.”

He looked down at me for a long moment.

“I’m glad of it, Claire,” he said quietly, and touched my face. “Verra glad. Come to bed now; I’ll warm ye.”

blue night radio ♡ 170206
translation: fantaemsie

a listener sent in a message talking about wanting to see their family when they’d be abroad and asked jjongd if he ever felt the same way.

jonghyun: of course. when being abroad i’d have a lot of fun, but i would feel like going back home and resting, too. also: i’m not really someone who enjoys traveling. that’s why, once i end my work, whenever that would be, i’d think: “let’s go back now”. however, i don’t have those thoughts while working. i’d only feel like going back home when i had just ended work - right in that moment! i really miss my house’s puppy when i’m abroad. of course, i’d miss my family a lot but i always …, the one that welcomes me, reflecting on the opaque glass, shining, that child’s silhouette, wiggling her tail when i would just come with my carrier and when i’d just open the door …, my puppy’s silhouette shining through the opaque, half transparent glass is really, really cute and pretty. i’d have thoughts of wanting to quickly and see exactly that.

There was a moment, the type where you can feel the unsung words lingering on their tongue.

“Do you ever miss him when you’re really tired?” I finally asked, the moment that lingered stretched to close the distance between us.

Finally, unflinching, the words I held so much stock in left her lips.

“I miss him all the time,” her eyes flickered from the steering wheel to me. “I don’t have to be tired.”

So it appeared, my heartbreak, was a bit easier to endure than hers.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write