i really miss these moments


5 Casts: Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler: [After her series wrap] The thing I will most is the everyday with all of you, just the very simple everyday. The “hellos” and “goodbyes.” The in-between moments. The moments we’ve had here on set with all of you, I will really truly just miss all of those small moments and getting to see you all everyday.


I am screaming. I didn’t know if I could pull off Kobayashi but here I am

Exhausting phonecall - aoimotion - Zootopia (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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“Apart from that… I don’t dislike you.” She said that as if it was huge admission. And it probably was. “Even if you would deserve my hatred, there is… ah, never mind.”
“There is no way you could hate me?”
“… I’d have phrased the concept in another way.”
Jack wasn’t smiling. And yet, he felt as if he was. Or, at least, as if he had a reason to do so. It was warm inside his chest, somehow. It was gentle… and it was undeserved. All things mixed up caused an unfortunate slip of the tongue. “You know, Walker, I think I really like you.”


Have some Jack/Cynthia missing moment I needed to write because I’m trash. Right after Black Jack’s chapter 4

it’s 12:24 am and I’m laying here thinking how much I love bap like??? Holy shit they’ve given me 5 amazing years and I hope they’ll give me another 5 ??? and today I got asked about them n I was really anxious beforehand but !!! god the moment I was asked about them I felt so excited and happy and I was really emo because I thought about the concert and how I got to see them and meet them n idk I’m just so happy I have the 6 best men in the world to be my biggest source of happiness n I can’t see anyone else taking their place


I really have no words to express how I feel about this.

Kenan is such a refreshing and complex character to me and his character development is just amazing

Where There’s Smoke

NurseyDex, 3600 words, Rated Teen, Fluff/First Date/First Kiss (here on AO3)

For day six of @nurseydexweek! There aren’t nearly enough fics about the SMH folks going to WaterFire, so here’s my contribution.

“My sweet, sweet frog.”

Dex groans, the noise muffled into the pillow that he’s holding over his face. “I’m not doing so great, Bitty.”

“You’re gonna be fine.” Bitty climbs onto his own bed and sits against the wall, pulling Dex’s legs over his lap. “I still think that for your own sanity, you need to do something.”

Dex pulls the pillow away so Bitty can get the full brunt of his expression and how much he does not appreciate that suggestion. “Um, no. We’re, like, living together and actually getting along, and I don’t wanna do anything to screw it up.”


“I can’t just ask him out!”

“And why not?”

“Because the thought of it makes me wanna throw up.”

Bitty sighs and pats Dex’s shin. This is a familiar argument, but usually Bitty gives up sooner. Not that Dex can blame him, really, with how often he slinks across the hall to Bitty’s room just to whine about his pathetic crush on Nursey.

“Then you need end up on a date without actually asking him on a date,” he says firmly, and Dex raises his eyebrows.

“That seems like a clichéd, awful idea.”

Bitty rolls his eyes. “I’m giving you an opportunity here. Jack and I have been meaning to go to WaterFire, and y’all should just come with us. There’s one this weekend.”

“I have no idea what that is,” Dex admits.

Bitty waves his hand. “It’s this public art installation thing, there’s a lot of fire and it’s really romantic. And it’s right up Nursey’s alley, he’ll totally be up for it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Trust me.”

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BTS Reaction / Hyung Line - Coming Home Late/ Not Spending Time with You


For the past few weeks Namjoon has been coming home late and it was becoming unbearable. When he came home he was either to tired to even spare two words to you or went straight to his home studio and didn’t come out until the next day not even acknowledging your existence. This started to deeply bother you to the point where you started questioning your attractiveness to him or if he just didn’t care about finding time to spend time with you even if it was for a short while. This evening was no different, him coming home and hiding away in his room burrying himself in work but you had enough of this because you couldn’t the last time he even kissed you, so you decided you were going to confront him about it whether he liked it or not, storming into his room spilling all your thoughts and concerns that bad built up over the past few weeks almost on the verge of tears. Realizing how you had felt all this time he deeply regretted not giving you the attention you deserve, it deeply hurt him to find out that you had felt this way. He without hesitation embraced you in his arms soothing you from your near break down then attached his lips to yours to calm your breathing, you cherished this long overdue moment and started to calmed in his embraced missing feeling his touch.

“I promise I won’t let it get that far again”

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Jin was never the type to get to distracted by work or other aspects in his life to the point where he had no time for you but the past few days had been different, it being near his comeback and all he stayed back late at practice working extra hard on his dancing and singing to make sure he was his best.  You understood how serious it was for him and the other members to practice and make sure everything is perfect but you were a little sad disappointed even that it was taking your boyfriend away from you, you knew this is what you signed up for when you started dating an idol but you couldn’t deny the fact that you wish he had more time to spend with you. Just like every other day for the past week or two Jin came home late but instead of usually doing the usual and going straight to shower then to bed he realized you looked down and was being distant instead of usually asking how his day was or if he needed anything. He approached you in your current state, slumped in the couch mindlessly flipping through the channels on TV not even sparing him a glance, he asked you what was wrong and you broke, not able to hold back how you were feeling these past days. Feeling completely guilty for the reason you felt this way he sighed disappointed in himself for letting it get to the point where he barely even had time for you. Feeling the need to make up for all the time he missed with you he sat next to you and pulled you into his lap wrapping his arms around your waist, he placed a kiss to your temple promising he will make time to spend with you. Feeling better you smiled at him and embraced him a loving hug missing having your boyfriend in your arms.

How about we go on a date tomorrow night”

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Yoongi was known for getting sucked into work late at night without even thinking about the environment around him or what the time even was and sometimes even spending the night at the studio.  Most nights he would come home pass midnight with the same excuse as always, he got sidetracked and didn’t realize what time it was, this was getting absolutely frustrating and you couldn’t take it anymore, you missed having him around the house and even in the bed you both shared at night. So when he came home after 2 in the morning with the same excuse as always, you were absolutely livid. You refused to even open the bedroom door to let him in, your mind made up that he was going to have to sleep on the couch. Yoongi had realised from previous nights that you didn’t like the idea of him coming home so late but he never thought you were this mad about it. Yoongi was pleading for you to open the door apology after apology coming from the other side of the door but you tried your best to ignore him not wanting to give in that easy you held up your fascade still mad with him. After awhile it had gone quiet and you thought he had given up and went to sleep so you hesitantly got up from your spot on the bed and slowly peeked open the door, what you saw made your heart drop, there was Yoongi leaning up against the wall, his head in his hands with a look of distress on his face, when he realized your presence he immediately stood to his feet and pulled you into him almost on the verge of tears apologizing for him coming home so late so often, not being able to stay mad at him any longer you sighed knowing that he truly was sorry and happily hugged him back.

“Forgive me y/n…..please don’t ignore me”

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Hoseok was never the type to come home in the wee hours of the morning but it was starting to become a regular these past few days. At first you weren’t worried too much about it because you knew his type of work was hard and consisted him having to spend hours upon hours practicing but as it was starting to happen everynight you started to get a little annoyed. You missed him coming home and spending quality time with you if it was watching a movie or just cuddling on the couch until one of you gave into the temptation of sleep. This present night was no different, you purposely stayed up until Hoseok  came home just so you could have a serious talk about how you felt about this whole situation and as expected a few minutes after 1 in the morning your heard the creek of the front door signaling he was home. You weren’t angry with him just a little disappointed but you still made sure to tell him your concerns.  You waited for him to get settled in, taking off his shoes and putting away his gym bag, he approached you to greet you placing a kiss on your cheek while questioning why you were still up. Using this as your opportunity you explained to him about how you were worried about him coming home so late and barely having anytime to spend with you. His shoulders slumped, feeling guilty for causing you to feel this way. He knew you two weren’t spending as much time together like before and he admitted that he knew it was his fault for getting carried away with work. Sighing he lead you to your shared bedroom and sat you on the bed taking a spot next to you, he taked your hands in his gently rubbing soothing circles on the back of your knuckles all the while trying to find the words to apologize. He didn’t have to say anything, sorrow was written all over his face and at this you expression soften and what little worry you had dissolved, you couldn’t stay upset at that face. With a sigh you wrapped your arms around his neck and planted a firm kiss to his lips showing him that he was forgiven. He smiled into the kiss returning your gesture and kissed you back honestly missing these type of moments you both shared.

“I really missed this”

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S4 Wishlist (pt1)

That incident where Benedict Arnold, no joke sent Ben a letter to invite him to swap sides, and Ben’s immediate response was to send it on to GWash.

While completely freaking out over that Arnold would have at all thought his letter would be favorably received. And being offended that Arnold would come to him, of all people, with this offer.

Complete with GWash’s reaction, which was essentially, “Chill, Benjamin, I know you’re loyal. Good call ignoring this creep.”

Then again since this is TURN we’re talking about, I have zero doubt they’ll find a way to dial up the Angst™


Aziraphale: *held out his hand*

Crowley: *takes it* 

Russian translation:

Aziraphale: *held out his hand*

Crowley: *shakes it*

Russian translators: