i really miss the snow


At the end of another day, another shift, she looks down at her husband, lost to his cursed slumber, and she feels the weariness right down to her soul.

She hadn’t known she could feel so tired, so… she doesn’t want to think ‘defeated’, but Gods…

It’s time for her to kiss him awake, to take his place, his turn in their shared-but-not life, and she just doesn’t want to.

He’s just as worn out to the very heart of him, she knows. Just as done. He needs her every bit as much as she needs him, maybe even more.

The Evil Queen could not have cursed them better if she tried. 

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how can i say no to a little bit of winter when it’s finally July!?!? I CAN’T!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 so i was reading @kyluxinferno and @kyluxtrashcompactor ‘s modern AU fic “Balance” over on AO3 ~ and there’s this scene in chapter two (no spoilers) where Hux and Kylo are talking and it’s just… so… KYLUXY!? like… “i’m bitter and full of sass but i’m into you” hahaha!! XD and i just loved the imagery so much that i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do some snow, big coats, and dramatic lighting!!! HEHEHE!! ((O  w O)) <3 drawing these two is becoming so comfortable it’s therapeutic… (= //w//=) <3 i really like it… *sigh* <3

Never again...

… will I defend the writers of Once Upon a Time in saying that surely they wouldn’t stoop to certain plot contrivances to cause unnecessary angst in a happy, healthy relationship. Or that surely they will allow a singular happy moment without the urge for either tainting it with aforementioned cliched plot contrivances, or someone dying/disappearing five minutes later. 

This shall join the list of offenses with “assassination of characters for plot” and “magic rules? what magic rules?”

Honestly, I wish they’d just ended the show with Rumple dying and taking the Darkness with him (it worked in 3A finale) and still having Emma say “I love you.” and #scene.

At this point I’m only watching because Captain Swan are so cute, I loved 6x3, the Snowing montage was what I’d been missing about Snowing, and to see if they are going to jump velociraptors and rainbows in addition to shaks


“They’re working together, they’re fighting together but it’s just all that frustrated, built-up tension and sexual attraction that they don’t know how to be adult about” - LP (x)

33/365 Days of Outlaw Queen 

anonymous asked:

So i'm from chicago and we have gotten snow the last few days and it was snowing this morning and I got to school and literally like 13 of the teachers were out (it's a small hs) so like 100+ kids were sitting in the cafeteria and library with nothing to do so i just got up and went home and went out for breakfast with my mom instead

Awwww that sounds kinda fun haha. I really miss snow days. I don’t get them anymore

WestAllen + Facebook Part XVIII 

In which #justwestallenthings makes a return to Facebook after an awkward hiatus