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Cuba pt. 1 | March 2017

As some of you may remember I spent two weeks in Cuba in March. Well, I finally managed it to edit some of the pictures I took there and decided to share a few with you because right now it’s snowing again and I really miss those warm and sunny days… 

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Once upon a time | The Snow Queen

Should we write on your headstone that you loved all the things that destroyed you?

Christmas Present Time!

I’m sooooo sorry this is late @niffty24, but it’s done! I hope you enjoy this. Also thanks to @gloriousginger thank you for taking the time to edit this. 

“Oh I call dibs on the ice planet!” Lance raised his hand high above his head. Stretching it like a child in a classroom.

“Why do you want the ice planet? I thought you hated the cold?” Pidge raise a brow at him wondering if this was the right Lance in front of her.

“I enjoy the cold with the right thermal wear,”

“Well your paladin armor should keep you warm and toasty,” Coran placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“ In that case I’m sold one ice planet for Lance please!” Lance threw his arm in the air in victory.

“Alright, then I will go with you. Hunk and Keith you guys have the desert planet,” Shiro turned to Allura awaiting approval.

Allura nodded her head, “ That’s alright with me. First Gather data and Pidge and I will organize it. Once we have it together you can go Planet side and see what we find,”

“Alright sounds like a plan, Paladins let’s move out,” Shiro placed his helmet under his arm and walked to his lion chamber.


Lance couldn’t stop the small grin that appeared under his visor as his view screen showed the snowy mountains. He felt a twinge of homesickness, looking at the blanket of bluish white.

He couldn’t help, but start to hum a familiar tune while following the black lion.

“… Lance are you humming It’s beginning to look a lot Like Christmas?” Shiro asked over the comm. a smile in his voice.

“… Maybe. Ok yes I am. It’s just the snow makes me really miss home and it’s probably Christmas back home by now,” Lance sighed watching the data being sent back to the castle.

“I know. I kind of miss it too… It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere you go,” Lance couldn’t help but smile as he heard Shiro sing one of his favorite songs.

Lance loved hearing Shiro sing, he didn’t do it much but when he did it always put him in a good mood. With out skipping a beat Lance joined in he laughed into the lyrics, his light voice filled with love and happiness.

“Ok you Christmas carolers. Allura and I got enough data about the planet. What’s our next plan of action? Pidge’s voice broke their merry singing.

“First, rude for interrupting our singing, and two, I thought we were only gathering data?” Lance placed his blue lion in standby.

“From the data it looks like it’s safe to land. There’s no wildlife and so far no inhabitants… which is weird the Castle computer says there should be some kind of civilizations,” Allura spoke clearly confused.

“It has been 10,000 years princess, what your castle has stored might not be the same information. Lance and I will do a quick survey and head back.” Shiro said

“Ok That should be fine I will tell Hunk and Keith to do the same then, Good luck Paladins.”

“Alright Lance you heard the Princess, lets land and do a basic perimeter of the area,”

“Alright… just saying if a snowball hits you in the back of the head Pidge made me do it,” Lance grinned heading towards the surface. He wondered if he could get Allura to land and the others to see all the beautiful snow. He knew they all missed home and this would help a bit.

“You know I’m not surprised if Pidge did set you up for- Lance look out!”

Lance didn’t even see what Shiro was warning him about, before he knew it the black lion rammed into his pushing him out of the way of an on coming blue blast. Lance gritted his teeth as he tried to stabilize his lion.

“Shiro!” Lance yelled over the comms, but received no reply as he watched the Black lion fall towards the soft ground. He winched as he watch it crash into the snow Lance noticed parts of the lion where iced over.

“Shit. Shit. Major shit. Allura or Pidge really anyone would be great right now,” Lance heard warning signs on his dashboard.

Quickly flying out of another ice blast he zoomed in with his view screen and noticed a fortified building covered in white. Metal sparkled in the sunlight showing where the attack was coming from.

“Lance… ar… there,” Allura voice broke in and out in his helmet.

“Yes, but your breaking up princess,” Lance avoided another on coming attack and fired back.

“Pi… work… on it. Oh there is goes Good job Pidge. Lance what’s going on the Black lion isn’t responding.”

“The hell is I know. Some ice blasting thing came and attacked us Shiro pushed me out of the way and his lion was hit. He… he’s not responding,” Lance bit his lip as he fired a direct shot into what looked like a camp.

“ YEAH! Ok whatever that thing was that attack us I taken care of it, but I don’t know what other friendly people are on this planet,” Lance checked his surroundings before heading down to Shiro.

“Agree I am sending Keith and Hunk to your location. Only problem it will be a few ticks. Can you attend to Shiro and keep as low of a profile as you can?”

“I can try Princess I mean two giant robot lions is pretty hard to keep hidden, but I will try my best,”

“I will try to keep the line open, but there is a jamming frequency I have to keep on fight. Be on your guard Lance, they are still around,”

“Ok I will… tell the others to hurry,” Lance closed the comm. his focus right now was Shiro.


Landing the Blue lion he unbuckled his seat and walked out. “Ok Girl I need you to put up something to protect us… I don’t know what just something until I get Shiro out,” Lance patted the side of her paw he felt a rumble deep in his soul and he smiled back.

Lance bit his lip as he walked over to the still Black lion. Ice cased the wings and some of her thrusters, but she looked to be in good shape. For some strange reason her particle barrier wasn’t up and that worried Lance. He heard a crackle of energy and he pulled out his Bayard ready to shoot down anyone who stepped a foot in his direction, but he noticed his guard was misdirected. Blue created a practical barrier large enough to protect the Black lion.

“Good girl,” Lance grinned as he walked to the mouth of the other lion.

Knocking on the front of it he spoke to the silent leader, “Hey Black I really need to go in there and see how’s Shiro doing. Can you open up for me I know you must feel like shit, but I need to do this… to make sure your paladin is alright,” Lance placed his palm gently on her nose. He was amazed of how much bigger she was to the rest of the lions. With a creaking sound she slowly open her mouth her eyes glowing for a bit then dulling back white.

“Thanks I have to get you a wash… wait would you even like water. No focus Lance, Shiro first questions about cat like robots later,” he walked into the lion a shiver failing down his spine as he was meet with the cold frigged air.

“Shiro, you ok buddy,” he called walking towards the dashboard.

Lance felt his stomach twist, he had distracted himself with the other task not wanting to think about Shiro. The thought of him injured scared him, he didn’t know how to take care of a situation like this he barely remember first aid. He walked up to the pilot chair and held in a gasp, he was leaning over the dashboard limp, gently pushing him back against the chair he took a deep breath. Shiro looked ok, he just seemed to be knocked out. Though his shivering form and slightly blue lips didn’t help him feel any better.

“Hey Shiro can you hear me?” Lanced reached out and cupped his face, he ignored the cold and clammy skin.

“Lance?…” Shiro scrunched his eyes together trying to open them, but was having trouble doing such a simple task.

“OH Thank Lord, yeah it’s me. Can you move?” Lance placed his other hand on his face.

“…cold,” was all he could say. “Yeah I know buddy come on let gets you in Blue it’s a lot warmer there than here,” Lance grabbed his arm and placed it over his own shoulder and carefully pulled him up.

He tripped over his feet not expecting the heavy weight off Shiro against him. Holding down his blush he slowly walked Shiro out of the lion. He heard the shot of firing once he reached the mouth of the Black lion. Pulling out his Bayard he saw white like aliens attacking the barrier.

“Fuck not this too,” he grumbled cursing as he dragged Shiro towards Blue. At least in there things will be ok.

The barrier fizzled a bit as the inhabitants fired the same kind of ice ray at the practical barrier. Lance ignored them as his only task was to get Shiro to safety first. He cursed not sure how he was going to get Shiro up to Blue he had taken the pulley down, but he couldn’t do that holding on to Shiro… no he had to at least try. He called for the pulley and held Shiro close to him grabbing onto the pulley he held on tightly as Blue lighted him up. He felt his muscles protest at the strain of holding on to Shiro and the bar, but he ignored it. After today he promised himself would train and work out more with Shiro and Keith. After grueling moments of pulling Shiro in he collapsed on the floor breathing hard and holding his aching arm.

“Shit, I’m going to be feeling this tomorrow. Damn you should be happy that I love you,” Lance said as he pulled Shiro to the dashboard propping him up against it.

“Did I hear that correctly or did you just say, you love Shiro,” Lance heard Pidge voice over the comm.

“I thought you were working on other things,” Lance face darker as he stumbled over his words.

“I said I would leave the line open, you just forgot,” he heard Pidge giggle.

“Damn gremlin… just don’t tell him ok,” Lance mumbled as he looked for the first aid kit there had to be some kind of blanket in there for Shiro.

“Does that go for me to Lance,” Keith spoke up Lance groaned hearing the smirk in his voice.

“I guess that means me to… well I already knew I just was waiting you to find out yourself,” Hunk beamed over the comm.

“I hate all of you,”

“No you don’t you love us,” Pidge laughed again

“How about you get your butts here and help me I got not so friendly aliens knocking on my door and I don’t know how long Blue can hold up the barrier,” Lance grinned in victory as he found an emergency blanket, he quickly placed it around Shiro. Shiro looked a lot better he wasn’t as blue looking and his shivering had stopped or well in his case had lessen.

“We are about to reach you in a sec. Hunk and you will take Shiro back while Pidge and I cover you,” Keith spoke taking lead like a natural born person.

“Alright sounds good,” Lance bit down his doubts, Keith was a lot better at this then he was. He shook his head nope couldn’t focus on that ether. He turned his attention back to Shiro watching his chest rise and fall, yes he could focus on getting him home that was more important then his feelings of doubt.


Lance found himself back in the med pay, it was the 5th time he had checked on Shiro. After the others arrived they easily handled the hostel fire and got Shiro back to the Castle and into a pod. Since then Allura had asked him what had happen and he explained the best he could do. Coran offered him a cryopod, but he refused he wanted to continue the planning with the others. They attacked them for some reason and he wanted to find out why. Coran told him Shiro would be alright he had a nasty bump on his head and a small case of hyperthermia, nothing the a pod couldn’t fix.

Lance frowned seeing Shiro pod empty, he sighed happy that he was out but also sad he wasn’t there to greet him. Letting out another sigh he sat down on the couch the placed in the med room. Coran found it touching to see the paladins care so much for each other to sit in wait till one was better. He moved a few pieces of furniture to make they wait a least comfortable. Lance leaned his head back and closed his eyes his thoughts traveling back to his confession. The others promised not to tell Shiro, but Lance had his money on Pidge spilling the beans first.  

“Thought I might find you here,” Lance jumped hearing that smoothing calming voice.

“Sh_ Shiro your out I’m glad to see you are better,” Lance faced blushed as he looked everywhere but at him.

“Yeah got out not to long ago…,” Shiro cleared his throat and moved to sit down next to lance. Lance instantly froze oh lord why now.

“I want to thank you for today. You really took charge and saved my life,” Shiro placed a hand on his shoulder squeezing it tightly.

“What? Oh that yeah that was nothing don’t even think about it. If anything I should thank you for pushing me out of the way,” Lance held back his smile.

“No really Lance you handle yourself well in that situation…,”

“yeah I guess… thank Shiro,” Lance took the chance to look up he instantly felt his heart clench at Shiro smile.

Shiro nodded and stood up “Any time… oh and Lance,” he looked back down at him “the feeling is mutual,” Shiro bent down and gentle kissed Lance. Standing up he smiled and left Lance was to dazed to see Shiro own pale skin brighten up to a cherry red.

“I’m going to kill Pidge,” Lance held his face in his hand a smile forming on his lips.

how can i say no to a little bit of winter when it’s finally July!?!? I CAN’T!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 so i was reading @kyluxinferno and @kyluxtrashcompactor ‘s modern AU fic “Balance” over on AO3 ~ and there’s this scene in chapter two (no spoilers) where Hux and Kylo are talking and it’s just… so… KYLUXY!? like… “i’m bitter and full of sass but i’m into you” hahaha!! XD and i just loved the imagery so much that i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do some snow, big coats, and dramatic lighting!!! HEHEHE!! ((O  w O)) <3 drawing these two is becoming so comfortable it’s therapeutic… (= //w//=) <3 i really like it… *sigh* <3

cheekgirlxxx  asked:

I have really missed u John and we had snow in Gloucestershire

“There have been quite a few interesting weather configurations over the United Kingdom in the last few days.” John comments, pulling up his map to take a look at the progress of the snow clouds and at the high tides some coastal areas have been experiencing. Everything seems in hand though; no need for International Rescue to take any kind of action.

“It’s sure been white down there.” He notes, “Makes me glad I’m up here with temperature and humidity controls. The Lady Penelope was sending me selfies with her snowmen…”

WestAllen + Facebook XXI

Some competition arises, but WestAllen is literally relationship goals


“They’re working together, they’re fighting together but it’s just all that frustrated, built-up tension and sexual attraction that they don’t know how to be adult about” - LP (x)

33/365 Days of Outlaw Queen 


And this is why I love heechul and the rest of the members !! No matter what happens, bonds will never be broken !!! They will continue supporting each other no matter what !! I totally went crazy when heechul’s Pic with Hangeng was out because we all know that it’s OMG HANCHUL !! And then heechul uploaded this photo of him and Kibum on Instagram and it totally made my day !! I really do miss all the Snow White and Cinderella moments !!! I will always keep on hoping that they’ll all be reunited on one stage in the future !! FOREVER LOVING ALL 15 MEMBERS OF SUPER JUNIOR !!


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