i really miss my grandma


♡ overflowing with love  ♡ 

Trying my best not to cry and Play some Taylor music. But the house I grew up in, and lived for many years , my grandmas , is getting so old its falling apart . My one grandma passed away so now its belonged to my other grandma. And the waters been leaking from all the old pipes so the water bill is almost 2,000 a month . And so the waters going to have to be turned off , and no plants or anything can be watered anymore , the once beatiful garden and like nursery/ farm my grandparents had that I played in everyday will be all gone. Its just really sad to me . :( I miss my grandma and I miss that house its just such a unique and pretty place everyone had always loved with a pond and water wheel , a bbq house and all. Just feel 💔💔…

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it was my grandma’s favorite.  We girls would spend all of Wednesday there getting food ready for the next day.  My sister made desserts; I made the dressing (and usually pumpkin pie, which was ironic, because I don’t even like pumpkin pie).  The dressing recipe wasn’t complicated, but it was very slap-dash a-bit-of-this kind of thing.  I tried to get Grandma to write it down once, but it basically started with “some chicken and a few celery stalks” and went from there.

We would stay the night (when I got older, I was the one who got up super early to put the turkey in the oven) so that we’d be ready to get everything going the next morning.  There always seemed to be enough food to feed three times the number of people we actually had coming (although there was never too much cherries jubilee).

I still make the dressing every year, a way of still bonding with someone who isn’t here any more.  And while I’m making it, I always sing her Thanksgiving song.

Thanksgiving Day is here at last
And all the children shout!
“Hurray for the turkey, me oh my!
For cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!
Thanksgiving is here at last!”