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I was wondering if there were any pacific rim fics?? xx

Yes! I found so many for you. - Anastasia

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( I know this gif doesn’t have anything to do with TW, but omg so cute! Did you know she couldn’t pronounce his name properly so she called him Totoro? I can not handle the cute. I’m going to go lay down while you read your fic.)

The Future Is Bright by paeanrela

(Complete I 780 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Stiles and Derek were in San Francisco when the first kaiju came through the Rift.

(Once More Unto) The Breach by chewysun

(½ I 1,333 I Not Rated I Sterek)

He’s been working up and down a twelve-mile stretch of the Wall for eight months when Marshal Argent finds him on a Tuesday.


a Pacific Rim fusion AU where Stiles’s Raleigh meets Derek’s Mako on a rainy day in Hong Kong.

Drift by Saucery

(1/? I 1,845 I Teen I Sterek I Grief/Mourning)

Derek doesn’t want another co-pilot. Fate has other plans.

Drifting Away by rakel

(1/? I 2,513 I General I No Pairing)

Stiles didn’t mean for any of this to happen. As usual, the world doesn’t care.

Pacific Wolf (or First Comes Chemistry, Then Comes the Drift) by foreverhermit

(Complete I 2,666 I General I No Pairing)

Inspired by a tumblr post: Stiles and Lydia are drift compatible.

Triple Drift by rosewindow for daunt

(Complete I 2,691 I Teen I Stiles/Allison/Scott)

“A triple Drift - particularly among non-relatives - was practically unheard of.”

The Verge of Defeat by bleep0bleep

(Complete I 2,918 I Teen I Sour Skittles I Polyamory)

Pentecost looks at Mako and then quickly at Derek, his steely eyes glittering. Derek knows the Marshal purposefully left him off that list for a reason– he knows exactly why Derek never wanted to get in a Jaeger again.

But there’s both Scott and Stiles turning their heads to look at him, faces both lighting up in recognition, and Derek doesn’t really need to think about it all that much.

nothing but the tide by drazet

(2/? I 5,948 I Teen I Sterek, Scisaac, Allydia, Christopher, Berica, Kali/Ennis)

Stiles Stilinski is incapable of drift compatibility. Derek Hale is incapable of smiling. They fix that.

Or, the one where they save the world and fall in love (but not necessarily in that order).

we are the resistance by callunavulgari

(Complete I 6,836 I Mature I Sterek)

“So,” Stiles says after a moment. “Werewolves.”

“It’s a thing,” Derek murmurs sleepily.

Stiles chokes on a laugh. “Yeah, I realize that now. I just, I don’t know why I expected anything different. We live in a world where giant aliens attack every few weeks through a trans-dimensional portal at the bottom of the Pacific, why wouldn’t werewolves exist?”

Canceling the Apocalypse by Cuddle1023

(3/? I 6,557 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison, Jydia I Character Death, Slow Build)

Derek Hale, Jaegar pilot, is desolate after the loss of his sister and co-pilot. But with the impending apocalypse looming over everyone’s head he is dragged back into the world by old friends and one Stiles Stilinski. A man whose connection to him could mean everything.

Storm & Drive by VultureCat

(4/? I 8,092 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison)

Stiles isn’t the happiest when he’s driven out of his home due to the Kaiju infestation.

Derek isn’t happy when he’s told he needs a new partner - specifically this skinny, annoying, maybe beautiful - Stiles.

They’re both in the same boat.

(We Left Ourselves) In the Drift by omelet

(Complete I 12,809 I Not Rated I Sterek, Jydia, Scallison)

In the middle of the Kaiju war, Stiles finds himself without a co-pilot.

we’re all together in the same robot (in life) by kellifer_fic

(2/2 I 14,277 I Teen I Sterek, Scallison, Jydia)

Stiles is not a Jaeger pilot groupie, but he does what he calls keeping tabs. He reads articles, goes over stats and scours the feeds. Everyone watches when a Kaiju attack happens so it’s not like it’s weird, but what people do find odd and are judgemental about is when Stiles breaks the fights down after, what went wrong and right and what could have been done better.

It’s a hobby, that’s all.

Breach Below Lionheart by Lion_ness

(15/15 I 144,451 I Mature I Sterek, Scallison)

After five years the rift in the Pacific re-opens and the Jaeger program launches with more ferocity than ever before. A new team with fresh pilots is built around the world and Stiles Stilinski is recruited to be a part of the revolution. After leaving Brown University, Stiles is thrown into a life he never saw himself living, a life full of amazing new friendships, brutal battles and incredible bonds.

reminiscing over 3a

can we just appreciate how much of a gem season 3a was, it was the season in which we had it all.
•we had the original five, all alive and well
•we had our lil cinnamon roll isaac lahey
•we had recurring characters such as chris argent, deaton, braeden, cora, danny, boyd, ethan and aiden, most of which are loved by the fandom
•we had beautiful stydia and scallison moments
•i felt that we got really interesting plot lines such as the alpha pack, the darach and the introduction of the nemeton
•we had ‘motel california’, aka, the episode in which we had one of the most emotional sciles scenes which shows us how strong their bond is and the line “scott you’re my brother”
•we had a lot of great sciles, allydia, scisaac friendship scenes and scott x derek and pack interactions
•we had melissa x papa stilinski x chris argent scenes which were nice and how touching it was how scott, allison and stiles would do anything for them
•we have great lydia development and we find out for definite that she’s a banshee
•we had comedic scenes such as coach handing stiles back his condom, the coach being sassy to scott who put up his hand to answer a question, stiles attempting to fool danny into thinking he was dreaming + loads more
season 3b was also really good but idk i prefer 3a.


Allydia AU: Lydia is the daughter of one of Satan’s highest ranking demons and Allison is the daughter to one of God’s highest ranking angels. They do the impossible and fall in love with one another, even though they are sworn enemies. When their people find out the pair is in love, they try to run away, causing a bigger fuel to their family’s hatred and one of the worst wars ever fought by angels and demons. 

what i love about fanfiction is that we create entire worlds where being gay is accepted, normal, expected, unquestioned, shunned, misunderstood, challenged, etc.

all these little worlds are so different, but one thing unites them, a need to fill the void of LGBT+ characters that don’t exist in our media to a very large extent.

so whether you write fanfiction about sleeping warrior, wincest, sterek, allydia, johnlock, annaby, destiel, or swan queen, you contribute to helping those who want to discover themselves, discover who they are, and what they like.

and really that’s magical. 


merry christmas madison!!! you deserve an awesome day, i love you lots and i’m so happy that we became friends this year :** i hope have a great holiday break and i hope that 2016 is full of lots of happiness and excitement and basically all the beautiful things in the world

Positivity Project: Day 2

Today, I want to highlight one of my favorite tumblrs: the0verlooked

This tumblr is awesome for two reasons:

1. it is a positive blog that finds awesome graphics, fanart, ficlets, etc  that somehow slipped through the cracks. tumblr is huge and you can miss so much, and some awesome things get missed in the fray. but this blog goes and purposefully looks for those things, which is just awesome, and a great way to spread fandom love imo.

2. there are AMAZING things on it that i don’t see anywhere else (bc they’ve somehow slipped through the cracks). there are so many talented people’s fanart, graphics, and other stuff showcased on this tumblr, many that i think deserve 1000s of notes instead of the 200 or 600 they have.

there are so many things on this tumblr i just want to be like PPL REBLOG THIS, like:

i like that this tumblr focuses on the creative ppl who have made awesome stuff that for one reason or another didn’t get the love and attention it deserved.

i just find this blog really positive and awesome. it’s multi-character, multi-ship - it’s not associated with any subset of fandom; it’s just awesome teen wolf stuff.