i really love this too

Season 3 is confirmed for september and i want to play more with Lotor’s design  

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who do you think will win the nationals? and who do you want to win? love your blog💕

If Fukurodani doesn’t win the nationals I’m suing is2g. And not to jinx it but I really think they will could because:

  • Karasuno’s main goal was to GO to the nationals. And they did.
  • Nekoma’s main aim was to make the battle of the trash heap happen, and the foreshadowing has been so strong that it’s basically obvious that they will face each other. I don’t know who will win, but probably is gonna be the crows, since they never won against them. Or they could lose, but Nekoma eliminating Karasuno….mmmh…I’m not sold on this scenario tbh
  • When it comes to the final, I think it’s gonna be Karasuno vs Fukurodani. Fukurodani has been introduced as the “positive enemy” (as opposed to Shiratorizawa), the strong team with a heart of gold. It’s the perfect and very fulfilling way to end the arc. Plus, in Karasuno’s eyes, no one is stronger than Fukurodani. 
  • Bokuto said that he went there for three years straight without winning,  they as a team don’t have anything left to accomplish
  • I don’t think an “unknown” team will win
  • Karasuno to lose the nationals is a great sprint to make them go of it next year as a renewed team
  • Also Karasuno already accomplished A LOT in one year…winning the nationals too when a strong team like Fukurodani or Shiratorizawa never did…just doesn’t feel realistic at all
  • Bokuto’s character arc deserve it. If you think about it, he’s a character that didn’t have any development, his purpose was to inspire and train two of the main characters, Hinata and Tsukki. But it can’t be just about that. In Hinata’s eyes, Bokuto is the ace he aspires to be, and winning will just increase the majestic aura that surrounds him. it’s the perfect ending for his character, that otherwise will honestly go to waste.
  • If he ended up training the ones who’d defeat him during his last chance on the national stage…it would be…just very sad. It’s an arc that would have fit Oikawa way better than Bokuto tbh
  • I think another possible scenario is that Karasuno will lose in the semi-finals and the final is gonna be Fukurodani vs ??? and we’re gonna see it thought the eyes of all the people watching them
  • We still have the big Itachiyama question mark. They’re gonna pop up again sooner or later, maybe in the final ??? And Bokuto will have his revenge ??? Or Sakusa and Kags are gonna face each other ??? who knows
  • Another person I’m sure will pop us is Kiryu. We still have to know who Fukurodani and Nekoma are playing against, so it’s possible that someone is gonna meet him, after all it’s a 5/6 matches long way to the final, we just have to wait and see. 

Long story short, no matter if Haikyuu will continue or not after the end of the Nationals, the only thing that I’m sure of is that, as much as I love them, Karasuno winning the Nationals is a scenario that won’t feel right in my heart

I think they will, eventually, when Hinata and Kageyama will be in their third year and THAT would be the perfect ending of it all

levi is the only one i can draw semi-consistent, so i figured… why not draw a bunch of different levis so i can confuse myself?

i haven’t read @valisi-clark‘s fic smack[x] yet, so i’ve spent the past couple of days reading through this novel-length monster. i’m one chapter away from being caught up. it’s quite a fucking ride, i gotta say. very, very good. i’ve been tickled that our interpretations of levi have been so close when i haven’t read this fic before–so i wanted to sketch my final tour[x]!levi along with canon!levi to see how different each levi can be. i’m not really happy with smack!levi yet, but there will definitely be more fanart to come, so i’ll figure it out.

don’t worry guys. i start some figure drawing courses tomorrow, so hopefully i’ll Git Gud at this soon.

I’ve just realized/remembered that:

-I was an hardcore Natza Shipper during Phantom Arc
-I was an hardcore Nali Shipper during Edolas Arc
-I was an hardcore Nalu Shipper during Eclipse Arc
-I’m an hardcore Gratsu Shipper now

And nothing… now I like everyone of those cute pairings! (*´꒳`*)

Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve: Confessions of a First-Timer

Give me the strength not just to wait patiently, because I know I can do that, but to stay positive in times of uncertainty. Let me love not too hard or too fast even though there is a lot to give. I need freedom to escape from this prison-like environment where stress, worry, and negativity are always-present factors; and the knowledge and wisdom to prevent myself from being too naive and making too many mistakes. But I have grown and improved so much, worked my hardest to be even better for all of us; How many people notice them or will stay with me long enough to see them more, I cannot say. But what I can say is this: I do love you and care a lot more than I ever knew I would. And I do trust you, even though at times I get a little curious and scared. I do understand you; but being pulled apart and stuck here for so long, please me hear from you again. Thinking back to your first anything should help you to understand me, too. You said you love me, and I can only believe that this is true; when I say it, you can bet that it is, too. I’m not sure what you’ve heard from other people, but sometimes their opinions don’t matter since it’s not their relationship and they don’t have such emotions attached. No matter what they may have said – we’re different people, yes perhaps that comes with age and experience. But that doesn’t mean they overshadow what we share in common; after all, we can teach each other and learn from both. If love and care are still there, why shouldn’t other things fall into place? There’s no need to blame another for not being 100% perfect all the time. No one is; in fact, a relationship is oftentimes just that: two imperfect people existing together and loving each other. Sometimes there is beauty in that, adding depth to a person, character even – like covering cracks with gold like the Japanese did with handmade pots. I think back to the beginning often, the budding of our relationship learning new things about life – that we should treasure moments, not things – and learning new things about you – like your love of cheesy French fries and poetry, of night markets and crab rolls on the pier, of trying new things like soba noodles and okonomiyaki paired with tea and sake – and new things about myself, as you told me, and I loved a lot of the same things you did, too. As new and exciting, I would be so glad to create more memories that can last even longer, even if it means this time reaching out more to you. But for now I will wait until I have your permission, and hope for the best – that we can create something even better, to be even stronger and calmer and happier together than ever before.

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im so excited for the 20th anniversary movie im gonna cry i didnt keep up with the b/w or the x/y series so i cant wait to see it go back to its roots...

Yeah!!!! I’m really excited too ;; I love the art style for it so much…

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You like Jaspis? OMG that's awesome!! I also really like Bellow, too! Anyway, have an awesome day. I LOVE your art :)

I love any gem ships but mostly, Bellow, jaspis, lapidot, HollyPearl, And some others random gem ships. (No human unless it’s the mystery girl.) 👌 thank you for loving me art.

Allen Fan Art

His hair makes me think of Dr. Pepper Cherry flavor soda… I like how this watercolor turned out, I hope you do too ahhhh I really love your version of Allen. Couldn’t stop myself from making fanart right away ♥ヽ(*´∀`*)ゞ


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Hi! Can I request some random Zoe hcs? I love her too much and your writing's really good! :)

- zoe was quite a jokester before the infection
- she would always ‘hack’ lucas computer
- which causes her to be on the fuck u list
- she thinks he’s so immature
- but she loves him
- she really likes pixar movies
- no idea why she just does
- she likes finding dory
- she knows how to use a gun
- for self defense reasons
- she will threaten to use it
- ( but she won’t cause she has no reason to )
- she adores eve
- they hang out a lot
- when eve got older zoe teaches eve the alphabet
- and numbers
- so far eve can sing half of the alphabet and count to ten
- tbh Zoe would make a good mom
- she finds the rooms under the house kinda
- interesting
- she explores them a lot
- marquirete is like no please zoe
- “there’s a morque down there zoe, what if a dead body is inside
of those drawers”
“mama calm down–”
- when she had long hair marquirete would braid her hair
- and put pretty flowers from the greenhouse on the braid
- she honestly misses those days
- she braids eve and mia’s hair sometimes
- and puts flowers in it
- people are honestly surprised she can braid hair
- considering she has short hair
- and also she acts tomboyish
- so it’s very unexpected
- but it’s a cute idea so
- shes more of a dog person than a cat person
- but she still likes cats
- to the point she’ll let them inside her trailer
- she doesn’t like chocolate
- it’s too sweet for her
- she likes dark chocolate tho
- i guess because it’s bitter
- she hates her job
- fucking lauren goddamnit
- always steals her white paper
- then print out her fave celebrities
- who tf?? does that??

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Hey, I love your blog and think you're a really cool person too. I was wondering how you achieved your success on Tumblr? How do you have that many followers? What steps did you take? Thanks love


Thank you so much, that is so kind of you :) 

I do have a page where i’ve given my tips you can check it out here 

someone: here is my art! its an animal but its doing things that animals dont normally do. look it’s a frog wearing people clothes.. haha

me: oh cool! thats really neat, well done i love it

someone: here’s my art too! it’s a tiger fucking an elk because im into that .3. x3 :D ~3~ murrr… :3 hehe